One In A Milian: A Rulehater Quickie

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Hello readers, its Rulehater, the author of the critically acclaimed series “Dangerously in Love” and “Damon’s Chronicles” (at least the 5 or 6 people who read them think they are). This is just another standalone story I decided to write as a special treat for my fans (you know who you are).

A big thank you goes to Hardguy for helping me come up with this concept and inspiring me to write this story featuring these two beautiful women. Thanks also to KMB, as usual, for his support, ideas, and feedback. Of course, TRL and Voodoo Joe have written signature quickies of theirs in the past, and if not for them,
I wouldn’t have been challenged to write mine, so appreciation goes to them too.

If you are under 18, please refrain from reading this. To the rest of you, note that this story is completely fictional, and all similarities to real life people and occurrences are strictly coincidental.

ONE IN A MILIAN: A Rulehater Quickie

A knock on the door of her dressing room brought Beyoncé Knowles back to life. She’d been seating on the couch and staring into space, totally lost in thoughts she’d rather not be thinking. She hurriedly wiped the tears that had found their way down her cheek, and hoped no one would notice she had been crying.

‘Who is it?’ she snapped.

‘It’s the jellybeans you asked for,’ came a nervous female voice.

‘Oh come in,’ she said absently as the door opened and a freckly red-headed girl came in holding a bowl, which she quickly brought to the singer.

‘I asked for red jellybeans,’ Beyoncé said exasperatedly, ‘You people just never get anything right.’

‘They usually come in mixed colors,’ stammered the poor girl, who’d had the misfortune of being assigned to assist the starlet on her first day on the job.

‘I only eat red jellybeans,’ Beyoncé said defiantly.

‘I could sort them out or something,’ the girl offered.

‘Well, go ahead then,’ said Beyoncé, as the girl hurried to a section of the room and began to remove the non-red jellybeans from the assortment in the bowl.

‘I’m being such a bitch,’ Beyoncé thought to herself, ‘If only ‘Hater could see me now…..’ No, she told herself, that was the one person she did not want to be thinking about at this point.

‘You can leave the beans alone,’ she told the girl, ‘I’ll manage them.’

The girl hurriedly thanked Beyoncé and left without any further word, as the singer reclined on the couch. ‘Hater had always teased her about being a diva when they were still together, and had always insisted that she be nice even to the lowliest of staff. Beyoncé didn’t think she was such a diva, although she did herself being rude and inconsiderate whenever she let the constant pressure get to her. And lately, she’d found herself feeling more and more pressured by everything. Things had been so blissful and simple when she was with him.

She missed him so much, yet she had to accept the fact that she’d probably lost him forever. She wished she’d been there for him more often, that she hadn’t put her career before him. It had been three months now, and it did not feel any less painful. She still had all the good memories – the early days of their relationship, the good times they had together, the wild sex on tour buses, the frantic phone sex when they were apart. Unfortunately, like all good things, it had been forced to come to a crashing halt, and hard as they tried, they couldn’t do anything to abate the degeneration of their relationship. Despite his move to the United Kingdom, they had tried to make things work, but it had been too hard, and ultimately, she didn’t feel too surprised when he inevitably left her when circumstances made it impossible for him to stay. She wished him all the happiness in the world, and she didn’t hold any grudges against him. But she couldn’t help blaming herself for it all. If she had done so many things differently, perhaps she wouldn’t be alone in this dressing room lamenting his loss.

But she didn’t want to think about all that right now – it did not do too well to get too down before a show. She’d reluctantly agreed to go on a six-date tour a few months ago, and she had been unable to pull out of it. So she’d been on the road for the past ten or so days, and she couldn’t wait till it was all over tonight. She really was in no mood to go on stage and gyrate and deceive the world into thinking all was shiny in her life.

To worsen matters, she knew she’d have to step up her game tonight, as some moron had come up with the genius idea of having Christina Milian as her main back-up act for the final two dates of the tour. It had been so embarrassing two nights earlier in Fresno when Christina had gone all out to give a show that brought the house down, which stood in sharp contrast with Beyoncé’s rather muted show immediately afterwards. Beyoncé had been so annoyed that she had snubbed Christina’s attempt to make conversation after the show.

It wasn’t that she was jealous – why would she be jealous of some greenhorn who, truth be told, had achieved nothing in comparison to her? What irked her was the fact that Christina was the latest in the line of young R&B singers who were trying so hard to be her. Hadn’t anyone heard of originality? She had been amused the first time she had seen the video to ‘Dip it Low’ but subsequently, each time she saw Christina dressed like her, styling her hair like her, singing and dancing like her, her patience was tested. Now, Christina, who was her opening act, had had the nerve to upstage her by being a more convincing version of her.

Once again, her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. As she wasn’t expecting anything, and all of her staff knew better than to disturb when she was trying to relax, she wondered who it could be. She inquired to that effect.

‘It’s Christina,’ came the voice from outside, ‘Can I come in?’

‘Sure, go ahead,’ she said unconvincingly. What did she want?

‘Hi,’ said a smiling Christina as she stepped inside and shut the door behind her.

‘Its Mini-Me,’ Beyoncé said stoically to her visitor, ‘What do you want?’

‘I just came to…I wanted to…’ stammered a baffled Christina, surprised to meet such a frosty reception.

‘Wanted to do what? Come here and find out some more stuff about me to copy?’

‘I just wanted to stop by and say hello and good luck before the show,’ Christina said firmly.

‘Good luck? What would I need that for?’ Beyoncé snapped.

‘Never mind then, I’ll just leave,’ mumbled Christina, making for the exit and closing the door behind her.

Beyoncé felt guilty, perhaps she should have been nicer to the poor girl. But the feelings of guilt dissipated within moments. This was a catfight business, a survival of the fittest, and she couldn’t have anyone encroaching on her territory. It was bad enough competing with the Ashantis and Brandys of this world; the last thing she needed was another wannabe thinking she was established enough to stop by her dressing room uninvited.

She got up and started to prepare for the show. It was the last night she’d be touring for a while; she might as well give them a show to remember.


Christina Milian fought back tears as she made her way to make-up to get ready for her opening act. She had never been so humiliated in her life. How dare Beyoncé treat her like she was a nobody or just another star-struck fan? Sure, she was far more successful and popular than she was, but that did not give her the right to act that way.

At least until tonight, Beyoncé had been one of the people she looked up to in the industry. Christina had never actually had the chance to meet Beyoncé in person, and when the chance came to open for her, she had eagerly grabbed it. She was only a year younger than Beyoncé after all, and there was no reason why they could not become fast friends. Beyoncé had achieved so much at such a young age, and Christina was full of admiration for her.

But it was not like Christina was a slouch herself – she’d been on the scene for a while, even if she was just making the impact she desired. She’d featured on Ja Rule’s hit ‘Between Me and You’ back in 2000, and she hoped it would mark the beginning of big things, but despite her song ‘From AM to PM’ being a big hit, her album did not see the light of day in the US, although it enjoyed some transatlantic success.

Over the past year however, she’d had a chance to move beyond making jingles for the Disney Channel and explore her womanhood in her new album. She was really proud of her single ‘Dip it Low’ and its accompanying video, and she had found the subsequent comparisons to Beyoncé a bit surprising, though flattering. She hadn’t set out to imitate Beyoncé in any way, though it could only be a good thing to be compared to her. Hearing Beyoncé refer to her as ‘Mini-Me’ was very hurtful though, and she was determined to make Beyoncé pay, though she did not know how.

As she listened to the gossip and chatter of the beauty people as they applied her make-up, a plan began to hatch in her head, and she twitched her lips in a smile. It was a risky one that could backfire, but she was determined to follow it through anyway.


An hour and thirty minutes later, a sweaty and radiant looking Christina Milian departed the stage to reasonably loud applause. At the insistence of Beyoncé’s people, she hadn’t put in a show anything as good as the previous one. She couldn’t have even if she wanted to, as she was distracted at the thought of what she was about to do. She had precisely thirty minutes until Beyoncé was supposed to take the stage, and this was the allotted time for her to put her plan into motion.

The self-proclaimed ‘Naughty Girl’ was coming out of her beauty room, looking exquisite after being given make-up treatment. Christina drew a deep breath and walked up to her.

‘Hey Beyoncé,’ she said.

‘Look, I don’t have the time to talk right now,’ Beyoncé said, ‘I have a show in half an hour and need to get dressed.’

‘Actually, I just wanted to pass a message across to you. I just saw some guy, and he stopped me because he thought I was you.’ Beyoncé winced at the last part of that sentence. Christina continued, ‘Anyway, he said I should tell you he had to see you urgently. He’s in the last room on the right.’

‘Who is he?’ Beyoncé asked, a bit disinterested.

‘He said his name was,’ she paused as though she were trying to remember the name, ‘yeah, Hater, that’s it.’

”Hater?’ Beyoncé gasped. ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’

‘That’s what he said,’ Christina said, turning away and beginning to walk off.

‘Wait a minute,’ Beyoncé said, breathlessly pulling her back, ‘Are you really sure?’

‘I told you what I know,’ Christina said and walked away.

Beyoncé was breathless by now. Could ‘Hater really be here, backstage at her show? It made sense as San Diego, the city they were performing in, was only an hour and a half from his hometown. He must have returned from England then, she thought. She began to wonder how he could have gained access, but she could put nothing past him. Besides, he had made friends with most of her crew during the period they were together, so he could have easily made his way in through them.

She had not seen him since they broke up, and only spoken to him on the phone a few times. What could he possibly want? Maybe he missed her and wanted to get back together. What would she possibly say if this was the case? She found that she was already almost at the door of the room he was in. ‘Be cool, don’t panic,’ she said as she opened the door to the room and walked in.

‘What the fuck?’ she exclaimed as the door shut behind her.

It was a tiny, almost cramped room, no more than 10 feet by 10 feet in dimension, with clothes hung round the room and stacked all over the floor. And there definitely was no ‘Hater. In one corner of the room, with a smile all over her face, was Christina Milian.


Like most in the industry, Christina had heard the rumors about Beyoncé and this ‘Hater fella of hers. She didn’t pay too much attention to such tales, but the ill-fated story of the college student and the mega pop-star who had tried to make it work against the odds, was common knowledge. When she had heard her make-up artists gossiping about it, she figured it would be the best way to lure Beyoncé into this room. She didn’t have everything entirely planned, but at least, she now had the more famous singer as her prisoner.

‘Is this supposed to be some fucking joke?’ Beyoncé asked, her face boiling with anger.

‘I don’t know, you tell me,’ Christina answered timidly, still standing in her corner of the room.

‘You said ‘Hater was here, where the hell is he?’ Beyoncé asked, but to her consternation, Christina ignored her, and continued to stand in her corner of the room.

‘I don’t even have time for this bullshit,’ Beyoncé cursed, turning around to leave, but to her surprise, the door wouldn’t budge. She tried to pull it open, but to no avail.

‘I wouldn’t bother with that if I were you,’ Christina said, ‘we’re stuck in here.’

‘I have a fucking show in 20 minutes,’ yelled Beyoncé, ‘what do you mean we are stuck.’

‘It can only be opened from outside with a key,’ Christina said, ‘so unless someone lets us out, we’ll be here all night.’

Beyoncé resisted the temptation to dive for her fellow singer, as she was more bemused than anything else. What kind of person would pull a stunt like that?

‘Maybe next time you should try being nicer,’ Christina suggested.

‘Look, I don’t know what kind of issues you are going through,’ barked Beyoncé, ‘but you have to be crazy, you can’t keep me from my own show.’

‘Relax, I left a message for someone to get us out of here in an hour,’ said Christina, looking annoyingly cheerful, ‘in the meantime, you are my prisoner.’

‘You are sick,’ Beyoncé accused, ‘why would you do something like this.’

‘You hurt me back there, and this is my payback,’ Christina snapped.

She sounded quite ridiculous even to herself, but it gave her such a measure of satisfaction to find herself the one in control and the dumb diva having to beg. Served her right for thinking she was so big just because she had a few huge hits and was dating some 35 year old rapper.

‘So you’re just going to keep me here,’ Beyoncé asked.

‘Precisely,’ replied Christina, playing with her nails.

The two girls were silent for a moment, staring at each other, like two predatory lions fighting for a pride. They both had their hair big, puffy and adorned for the night, and with the scowls written on both their faces, lions were the only apt comparison.

Beyoncé studied the girl – she wouldn’t even flatter her by considering her a rival. She did look rather hot, Beyoncé had to admit, in the tight white top and black leotard, with her chocolate brown skin and caramel eyes. To be fair, she had been rather rude to her previously, and perhaps her rationale was understandable.

She wondered what ‘Hater would make of this situation? The idiot would probably write a story about it or something for that site of his. The thought of him at this point was just too overwhelming, and she found tears rolling down her face. She tried her hardest to blink them back before Christina spotted them, but it was futile.

‘Oh my God,’ Christina said. She hadn’t even braced herself for this, not in her wildest thoughts would she have imagined that Beyoncé would burst into tears.

But victory didn’t taste as sweet as it should have. Instead of gloating and feeling happy that she had succeeded in making Beyoncé miserable, she couldn’t help but feel pity for the slightly older singer. Perhaps if she put herself in her shoes, she could understand her rationale. Being one of the most recognizable faces on the planet was probably not that easy, and the pressure could have forced her to put on a hard veneer. Besides, she herself had been guilty of being less than courteous a few times to the little people.

‘I’m so sorry,’ Christina found herself saying, ‘I didn’t mean to make you cry.’

‘No, it’s not you,’ Beyoncé answered, sitting down and leaning against the wall, ‘the thought of ‘Hater always brings me to tears.’

‘Do you wanna talk about it?’ asked Christina, slipping next to Beyoncé and sitting down.

‘No, there’s really nothing to talk about,’ Beyoncé said, ‘I’d actually rather try and get my mind off it.’

‘How are you gonna do that?’ asked Christina, looking up at her.

The two girls caught eyes for a moment, and then looked away. They had both been thinking the same thing when Christina had asked for a possible way to get Beyoncé’s mind off things, and each was embarrassed at what had gone through her head. However, it was out there though, and they both wondered how they were going to survive the remaining period of Beyoncé’s incarceration with the tension that was now in the air.

‘So what do you wanna talk about?’ Beyoncé asked, resisting the urge to lean forward and kiss the attractive singer.

‘I don’t really know,’ replied Christina.

‘Look, I’m so sorry I was mean to you the other time,’ Beyoncé apologized. ‘I’ve been stressed out a lot lately, and I just took it out on you.’

‘I know you didn’t mean it,’ said Christina, ‘though you probably had a point with the Mini-Me comment.’

‘No, that was mean of me,’ Beyoncé said, ‘I actually think you have a lot of talent, and I guess I should be flattered if people say we are similar.’

‘You have no idea how much I admire your work,’ Christina gushed, ‘I guess you can’t blame me if I wanted to be like you.’

‘Thanks, Christina,’ smiled Beyoncé, ‘I really liked ‘Dip it Low,’ it was an awesome song and you looked so sexy in the video.’

‘You really think I looked sexy?’ Christina asked, wide-eyed, looking up at her erstwhile foe.

‘If I were a guy, I’d be drooling over you,’ Beyoncé complimented.

‘And what if you weren’t a guy,’ Christina asked, her mouth twitching into a smile.

‘I’m not a guy,’ laughed Beyoncé

‘Well, I know that,’ Christina said, ‘that’s why I’m asking.’

‘Are you hitting on me, Christina?’ asked Beyoncé, smiling.

‘Do you want me to be hitting on you?’ Christina coyly replied.

Both girls eyed each other up as they definitely knew what was about to happen next. Beyoncé felt so attracted to her former singer – thanks to a few memorable threesomes with her ex boyfriend, she was already comfortable with her bisexuality, but this was the first time she had actually yearned for another female this way for as long as she could remember. She could see the lust in Christina’s eyes as well, and she decided there was no harm in making the first move.

Shutting her eyes, she leaned over to Christina and gently kissed her. The ‘Dip it Low’ singer was still for a while, then pulled away with shock. This couldn’t be happening, could it? She had never been with a woman before, despite a few urges to. She did feel so attracted to Beyoncé at this moment, but even then, she hadn’t even gone on to consider the thought that anything might happen between them. She had of course been flirting; flirting with girls was something she enjoyed, as it put her in a position of power, but she hadn’t expected Beyoncé to take her up on it. She decided not to lose her cool and go along with the flow.

‘Anything the matter, Christina?’ Beyoncé asked, a smile on her face.

‘No of course not,’ Christina replied, ‘I just thought you were kissing shockingly.’

‘And would you care to show me the proper way to kiss?’

Christina grabbed Beyoncé’s face and pressed her lips on to hers with all the vigor she could muster. Parting her mouth, she slipped her the tongue and began to swirl it around, her hand already roaming the other singer’s body. This was quite alien to her, but she found she was enjoying it, especially as she found that her taking control had caught Beyoncé unawares.

Indeed, Beyoncé was surprised, but she could tell the game that was being played here, and she was not going to lose face. Christina had brought her here as a prisoner, but at the end of the day, she was the one that was going to be doing the begging. They only had about thirty minutes or so before they were set free and she would have to return to her belated show, but she was going to make it a half hour to remember, for both of them.

She turned up the gear a few notches and in no time was matching Christina in franticness and pace. They looked like two leopards in heat, dressed in skimpy leotards and tops, wild manes of hair entangled in each other. Both girls got more and more turned on as their kiss continued, and each responded by increasing the pace. After a while, they disentangled. Pure lust was written on each girl’s face and it showed.

‘So what now?’ Beyoncé asked

‘You tell me,’ responded Christina.

‘I bet you don’t even know what to do,’ Beyoncé challenged her.

‘Oh really,’ sneered Christina, ‘I could make you come just by sucking on your titties.’ She had come across that line in a trashy novel she had once read, and hoped to God Beyoncé wouldn’t take her up on it.

‘You couldn’t,’ Beyoncé answered, taking off her top. She still had to wear it for the show that night and did not want it to be damaged.

Christina took a second to admire her fellow singer’s breasts – they truly were a sight to behold. Beyoncé had one of the world’s most admired rear ends, but her breasts were not to be sneered at either. She did not know the first thing to do, but she was not about to back down. Pushing Beyoncé against the wall, she took a deep breath and reached for her boobs. Grasping on to the left boob for dear life, she took the tip of the nipple into her mouth and began to tease gently.

‘Just think what you’d like done to yourself,’ she gently told herself, ‘just imagine the shoe is on the other foot and it is your tit being sucked.’

She felt herself get into it as she took more and more of the breast into her mouth, gently nibbling on the nipple as she sucked. Her hands were on the other breast now, which she gently squeezed. She felt herself begin to get wet, but she decided to put that on hold and pay it no attention, she was not going to show any sign of weakness by letting her rival know she was having an effect on her.

Beyoncé meanwhile, was struggling to maintain control. She had had her breasts sucked on so many times by both male and female that she had almost laughed when Christina had come out with that ridiculous statement. But she did have to admit, the girl probably did have a lot of experience because she was doing such a good job. She shut her eyes determined not to let even the mutest of sounds escape her mouth as she settled back and let her breasts be played with.

Christina was on a roll now – although there was no proof, she could tell from Beyoncé’s demeanor that this was having an effect on her. She sucked and nuzzled away and felt the other girl gently squirm and shift about and try to conceal it as best as she could. Her mouth was starting to hurt, but she was not going to think of relenting until she saw some sign of victory. Meanwhile, she was getting so inconveniently turned on and she had to do something about it. She could bring her hand down and pleasure herself if she wanted to, but she was not going to do anything to jeopardize her standing.

Beyoncé, meanwhile, couldn’t help herself. She brought her hand down and gently rubbed it against her crotch, hoping Christina wouldn’t notice. It felt so good, like the succor for which she had been waiting for so long, and she rubbed it a bit harder. Her breasts were getting so sensitive, and it was almost like they were passing some sot of weird sensation down to her pussy. Her pants were probably clearly wet now, and she resigned herself to fate that she would be the loser of this particular battle.

Not caring about competition anymore, she inserted her hands into her pants and began to finger herself. She could hear Christina smirk but her own pleasure was paramount, Christina could gloat later. She inserted one finger, then two, then three into herself, and she felt her body convulse in orgasm. Round One: Christina Milian.

‘Ha,’ laughed Christina, pulling away, not daring to believe her good fortune. She hadn’t believed she could pull it off, but somehow she had.

‘You didn’t even last ten minutes,’ she teased Beyoncé.

‘Yea whatever,’ Beyoncé said ashamedly, ‘I could make you come in less than five.’

‘Unlike you Beyoncé,’ boasted Christina, ‘I have self-control.’

‘You are doubting me, Christina?’

‘I’m not doubting you,’ Christina called her bluff, ‘I’m just saying you can’t do it.’

‘Try me,’ said Beyoncé, pushing Christina against the wall and pulling off her pants.

‘See, you are already wet under, this will be a piece of cake,’ she teased.

‘Let me set my stopwatch,’ said Christina, pulling out her Nokia phone from her bag and putting on the stopwatch function.

Beyoncé immediately dove for Christina’s pussy, wafting in the glorious scent that came with it. She took one slight lap, smiled deeply then dove in with her tongue. It was already unbelievably moist, and she could tell that sucking her breasts had really turned this girl on. Perhaps five minutes was even too generous – she could finish this girl off in less.

She sought her love button, and eventually gently nibbled it and then began to suck. Christina was moving her ass all around now, and it was a task for Beyoncé to keep up, so she held her legs firmly and continued to suck on her clit. She brought two fingers and stuck them into Christina’s hole, which was unbelievably tight, almost like a freshly disvirgined sixteen year old’s. She wished she had brought a sex toy with her, but she reckoned she didn’t even need that to break this girl.

Christina herself was in heaven. As a dancer, she had been forced to withstand so may different forms of torture without complaint but this had to rank really highly with them. It was all she could do not to cry out to the high heavens and scream for this goddess to bring her pussy to orgasm. She looked over at the clock. Two minutes and twenty seven seconds. She was halfway there.

Beyoncé’s fingers seemed to know every delicate crevice of her cunt, and her tongue on her cunt wasn’t making things easier. Her whole body was almost convulsing, she felt like she would die out of pleasure. But the prospect of victory was still so appealing to her. Surely she could wait it out.

Beyoncé looked at her victim and smiled, knowing it was only a matter of time before she cracked. Parting her pussy lips, she stuck her tongue in as far as she could go, and at the back side, inserted a carefully manicured finger into the younger girl’s asshole. Sure, it was a bit of cheating since no one had mentioned anything about an asshole, but she was sure that it was the final piece in her arsenal that would make her counterpart crack.

Just as Beyoncé suspected, Christina just at that moment began to yell. She just couldn’t take it anymore. The pleasure was so great that she would have exploded if she had forced herself to stay still for just one more nanosecond.

‘Oh yes Beyoncé,’ she cried out loud,’ suck my cunt.’

‘You love the way I’m sucking you, huh?’ Beyoncé teased.

‘I fucking love it, you are a star,’ cried Christina, ‘suck me, please, make me come.’

‘Are you my slut, are you my little bitch?’

‘Oh yes, I’m your bitch, I’m your whore, please suck me, fuck me, suck my cunt.’

At exactly four minutes and thirty nine seconds, Christina went berserk. It was a miracle the entire amphitheater the concert was taking place did not hear her cacophonous screams. It was like a banshee being tortured to a slow death. She howled and barked and roared and cackled and wailed her way to the most tumultuous orgasm of her young life.

Beyoncé finally extricated herself from the singer’s pussy. She had managed to save face. She smiled as Christina composed herself. Revenge was sweet. Round two: Beyoncé Knowles.

‘Wow, that was fucking amazing,’ Christina said as she came back to earth.

‘Well, as long as you still admit you are my bitch,’ Beyoncé smiled.

‘No way, you got that out of me under duress, smiled Christina as Beyoncé picked her up. Both girls shared a short, sensuous kiss.

‘So how much time do we have left?’ Beyoncé asked as they released each other.

‘About ten minutes,’ answered Christina, ‘anything we could do to fill the time.’

‘I think there is,’ Beyoncé responded, taking off her own pants so that she was as nude as Christina, ‘just do as I do.’

She sat on the floor, spreading her legs wide apart, and Christina did the same, facing her. Holding Christina’s legs wide, she spread her own legs as wide as she could go and inserted them into Christina’s sideways, until their pussies were touching. It was like Beyoncé’s legs were a pair of scissors trying to tear Christina apart. It was something she had always wanted to try, and there was no better time.

‘This looks like fun,’ cried Christina, moving her pussy to hump Beyoncé’s. Beyoncé did the same, and both girls were instantly taken by the pleasurable feeling that came from the friction.

They began to frantically leg-hump, each girl’s pussy reaching heights of sensation as it hit the other’s. They ground each other rhythmically, and both were making loud, audible noises, this time around no one even bothered to think about saving face or being the victor.

As both girls had just experienced mind blowing orgasms and still feeling very sexual, it wasn’t very long before their orgasms simultaneously hit. They cried and shouted and held on to each other’s legs as they reached climax, and then held on to each other as they descended from their respective highs. Round three: Tie.


Beyoncé eventually gained her freedom, and the concert promoters were furious as she was almost a half hour late. The crowd were already losing their patience and shouting for refunds, and it was going to be one hell of a task winning them back. Her top still creased from where she lay on it on the floor, and her pants stained with pussy juice, she did not even bother to alter her appearance as she went on stage and gave the performance of her life. As she writhed to ‘Baby Boy’ and shook to ‘Crazy in Love,’ all that was on her mind was the encounter of the past hour.

She stepped into her dressing room, and had to stagger back in surprise. It definitely had a different look about it, to say the least. The room was strewn with candles, emanating very sweet smelling incense. Standing in a corner of the room, wearing nothing but Victoria’s Secret lace underwear and a bewitching smile, was Christina Milian.

‘Time to party, bitch,’ cried Christina, popping open a bottle of Cristal.

Clearly, the night hadn’t even begun yet.

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