Loved By The Vanishing Man – Christina Milian

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Loved By The Vanishing Man – Christina Milian

By Kojain

Author’s Note – Not over 18… Bah! You know the rest…

It is I, the Vanishing Man, or should I say the Invisible Man. Anyway you see it, you can’t see me. Although I’m still getting used to it, I love this ability. Don’t ask me how I received this gift because I still don’t know to this day. I could go on about how I grope and grab women who I see and enjoy their faces when they turn around and not see me. But that would take too long. Right now I’m in the downtown area and I spot a limo in front of a hotel here. Several bulky men come
over to secure whoever is coming out. I sneak up carefully to see who it could be. I can only suppress a slight grin as I spot Christina Milian carefully walk out of the limo. Boy did she pick the wrong hotel to stay in, seeing how now I’ll be getting to see how low she can dip it.

I walk a little ways beside her and her crew as she checks into the front desk to get to her room. As she got into the elevator with her bodyguards I held my breath so no one would feel me. The elevator stopped around the floor 3 as she got off. She got to her room, unlocked the door and went in. I was able to slip through without any trouble. Christina tells he bodyguards that she’ll be okay from here on and she’ll call if she needs anything. They nod and leave. Giving me a chance to be alone with the lovely Christina Milian. And she thinks she’s alone.

As she got used to her surroundings of the room, I got to get a good look at her. She was wearing a pretty pink blouse that showed off her cleavage, and a tight miniskirt. She was busy going through her belongs. I was right behind her, and I didn’t notice that my invisible hardon touched her ass through my pants. She got up and turned around quickly, which caused me to jump back as well. She looked around the room confused then went back to her bags. As she bent over I snuck up and carefully lifted her miniskirt up from behind. Wow! She was wearing a pink thong which showed off a lot of her ass. She must have noticed something was wrong, she slightly turned around and saw her dress lifted by itself. This time I jumped even further back as she looked down at her dress. “Ok, I seriously need to get some more sleep now.” She said to herself as she closed up her bags. She walked over to the mirror, sat down on a nearby chair, and began to check herself out, then takes out a brush and do her hair. I got up closer to her and inhaled some of the perfume she was wearing, smelling so delicious. And she was so short and adorable. I decided to play around with her a bit more.

Christina was still busy looking in the mirror while brushing her hair, so I went over and tiled it slightly, just to get her attention. She looked at it funny, then adjusted it back to where it was. She continued to brush her hair some more. She finally finishes up after 5 minutes and gets up. As she walks up to put her brush back into her bag, quietly walk over and grope her ass. She must leaped 2 feet into the air as she turned around! I, of course, backed up a bit.

“What the hell was that?” She asked herself, trying to get a hold of her sanity.

I had to bite my tongue from laughing. She walked over to the bed to see down and try to relax. I got a bolder and started to unbutton her blouse. Christina could only watched in shock.

“OK! They did NOT tell me this room was haunted! I’m getting out of here!” She stated as she began to get up. But I didn’t have my fun yet. So I pushed her back on the bed. I pulled her skirt up to reveal her pink thong again. Before she could do anything I pulled her thong down to her ankles. Christina’s face had a mixture of confusion and fright. She didn’t have time to react as I lifted her legs and thrust my cock into her.

“Oooooooohh” Christina moaned, as she felt my invisible dick in her. Her vaginal fluid began to flow, making it easier for me to thrust and withdraw from her. She looked at her pussy in disbelieve as she saw herself opened up, being pumped back and forth.

“No! Please… Oooh… Don’t! Mmmm”, her complains were slowly becoming moans of pleasure as she tried to fight it. By now her vaginal walls were completely wet and lubricated. Her terrified look became a look of lust as she got into it.

“My god! This is fucking good! Keeping going! Oooh!” She moaned loudly. I was enjoying this as well, her tight pussy felt so incredible as I thrusted into her more. I’m sure if I weren’t invisible Christina would have called security. She had her orgasm a few minutes before mine so I just kept thrusting into her until my semen finally filled her pussy.

Exhausted, I decided to call that a day. I pulled out of Christina and watched her for a few minutes to see what she’ll do next. She finally gets up as if she just woke up from a dream and goes to the bathroom. Once I hear the shower running, I open the door and leave the room so she didn’t hear any noise.

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