Torrie Gets Taught Respect

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Disclaimer: This fic is based on the characters the ladies in question play

on the shows as opposed to the actual women in question.

Torrie Gets Taught Respect

by Hamster

“Steph and Trish are pair of total bitches.” Torrie announced foolishly.

The other girls in the locker room were trying to calm her down but were

having no success. She had been ranting for several minutes about her bra and

panties match and it was bound to get back to Stephanie. She was justifiably

upset. Nobody could deny that. During the match Steph had brought a bowl of

dog shit to the ring,
Trish had then smashed it in Torrie’s face.

“Shut up, Torrie.” Lita finally said.

“No it needs to be said…”

Just then Molly Holly walked in.

“Torrie, Stephanie would like to see you.” Molly announced with a smile.

Lita, Stacy, Victoria and Jackie all knew that Torrie was in for it.

“What?” Torrie said suddenly realizing she’d fucked up pretty badly.

“Follow me please.” Molly said.

Molly led Torrie, who was suddenly very quiet to Stephanie’s office. Torrie

entered and Molly shut the door as she left.

“So Torrie, Molly said you’d been using a few choice words to describe Trish

and I.” Stephanie said.

“Stephanie I…” Torrie tried to defend herself.

Stephanie slapped her across the face as hard as she could. Torrie’s head

snapped around. Tears filled her eyes as she rubbed the red cheek.

“This could go one of two ways. You make it up to me or I fire your worthless

ass. Are you at all interested in keeping your job, slut?” Stephanie asked.

“Yes, please don’t fir me. Please, I’ll do anything.” Torrie begged.

“On your knees whore!” Stephanie yelled.

Torrie dropped to her knees and commenced with some serious begging. “Please

Stephanie, please let me keep my job. I will do anything you ask, anything.”

“Well it seems that you now have the right attitude. Here is my hotel key.

Midnight. Be prompt or I will make it 50 times worse. Get out of my sight,

you sicken me.”

Torrie slunk off miserably.


Stephanie already had every thing set up, all the props she needed were ready

and Trish was more than ready to be her assistant.

When Torrie arrived and Trish let her in she looked around at what was

obviously an S&M paradise. Paddles, whips and strange apparatus all filled

the room.

“W-Wait Steph I…” Torrie was interrupted by a vicious backhanded slap.

“From this point on, slut, you speak when spoken to.” Stephanie said. “If you

want to keep your job you are going to do all kinds of filthy and perverted

things for my benefit. Do you understand?”

Torrie nodded, her lip trembling.

“Trish strap her into the table.”

Trish dragged Torrie over to a circular wooden table with straps at four

points. She was ordered to lay down on top of the table. Torrie lay across

the table as instructed, she looked back at Stephanie and Trish nervously.

Trish strapped her wrists in tightly and gave a smooth as cheek a little

bite through her shorts, this made Torrie squirm a bit but she knew the

worst was yet to come. Stephanie approached Torrie and felt her luscious

ass cheeks through her white leather shorts. Stephanie’s hands roamed all

over the sweet booty. As Trish looked on, Steph patted Torrie’s butt.

“If you move or struggle I’ll make it 10 times worse.” Stephanie warned.

Stephanie reared her hand back and brought it down hard across Torrie’s ass.

Torrie squealed and caused Trish to giggle. Steph gave the lovely ass and

reached around to unzip the shorts. She pulled them down to Torrie’s ankle

so that she and Trish could get another good look at the pink g-string.

Stephanie grabbed the waistband and pulled off the blonde’s panties. Steph

opened her hand and held it back so that Trish could hand her a paddle.

Torrie looked back and her eyes widened in fear.

“No Stephanie please don’t!” Torrie begged.

“Shut the fuck up you nasty slut!” Stephanie ordered as she brought the

paddle slamming down on her ass.



“Now listen up slut. I want you to read one line of this page each time I

smack that sweet ass. If you fuck up or skip a line then we start over from

the beginning.” Steph ordered.

Stephanie handed Torrie a sheet of paper with a list of things she was

supposed to say.

“Steph p-please stop.” Torrie said through a flood of tears.

“If you don’t shut up and do as you are told, you silly little cunt, I will

REALLY fucking hurt you. Now are you ready?” Stephanie asked in a tone that

gave Torrie a chill.


Torrie read off the page. “OUCH! I-I’m a filthy whore.”


“AAAARGH…I’m a useless cunt.”


On and on it went until Torrie’s ass was sufficiently red and swollen to

please Stephanie. Torrie was sniveling and crying like a little girl who’d

gotten her first taste of the strap.

“Well slut now that my arm is tired I’ll let Trish have a go. But let me warn

you, she isn’t as nice as me by half.” Stephanie announced.

“No please no more, Stephanie I’m begging…”

“Trish since she forgot my last rule go ahead and use the crop.” Stephanie


“YES!” Trish replied excitedly.

Trish grabbed a riding crop and approached the red and swollen ass. She

raised her arm and began to ruthlessly slash away at the helpless Torrie who

was screaming and writhing in her bonds. Over and over the crop came down

across Torrie’s ass until Trish’s arm simply grew tired. Torrie’s poor ass was

bleeding and covered in welts.

While Trish had her chance to victimize poor Torrie, Stephanie had been busy

strapping in a massive dildo. Torrie, who was pouring tears from pain and

humiliation, looked back in helpless horror at the monster that was about to

penetrate her. Steph wasted absolutely no time in ramming the massive beast

into her pussy and driving it as deeply into her cunt as she could. Torrie

howled in pain and cried out for mercy. Unfortunately Steph had no concept of

mercy. Torrie was ruthlessly slam-fucked until she thought she would pass

out. Every single thrust of the enormous man-made cock was accompanied by

Steph pulling back so hard on Torrie’s hair that the blonde thought her neck

was going to snap like a twig.

“YES! FUCK HER! FUCK THE BITCH RETARDED!!!” Trish was screaming the whole


Finally Torrie simply collapsed.

Steph pulled out of her and Trish rushed over to suck the girl cum off the


“Good girl Trish. Maybe now the bitch will show some respect.” Steph said as

she backed away from Trish and kicked Torrie in the stomach.

As Steph went to fix herself a drink, Trish climbed atop the whimpering

Torrie Wilson. As the poor blonde screamed bloody murder, Trish bit down on

her breast like a pitbull with a chew toy. With a big smile and two glasses

of champagne Steph made her way back to where Trish stood. She handed her

companion a glass then led her back to the bed where they made love all

night. Torrie simply curled up in the fetal position on the floor and cried

herself to sleep.

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