Naked Patty-Cake

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This story & events are complete fiction. If you’re under the legal age to view shit like this, get the fuck outta here!

Without any further hesitation, may I present to you……………..


Tonight’s main event………………..

Nicole Kidman Vs. Kelly Rowland

“Hello all, Rawballz here with your favorite game in the world. That’s right, three

rounds of “NAKED PATTY-CAKE”. All of you knew it was coming sooner or later, you

silly bastards. I am proud to be your
host of these matches that are long overdue. I am here with

my microphone ready and my pants and underwear down. I’m ready for anything to take place

within these hallowed and cum-stained wallz.”

“Five feet in front of me is a twelve by twelve foot ring filled with cherry Jell-O, ready to eat and it’s

good about suckin’ up the love juices that will be surely squirted tonight. How in the blue hell could we

have matches like this without the dessert that there’s always room for? The ladies are free

to eat it, hump it or whatever they want. It’s packed in here tonight, lady perverts and gentlemen


“I see the unmistakable Professor Moriarty here tonight with his lovely date Alyssa Milano,

who were trying to come up with enough greenbacks to get her sweet ass in here as well. I’m sure

he’s here pulling for Kelly, but it’s probably hard for him to concentrate on tonight’s match when I can

clearly see that Alyssa looks like she’s pulling him, if you get my drift. I don’t blame him at all.”

“I’ll try and get a few words with Kojain, who I see on the monitor backstage coaching his woman

Kelly for tonight’s action. I’m sure he has some helpful hints & strategies for her tonight, before, during

and after the match. He was helpful enough to wear a mic for us tonight to give us further info and

insight on Kelly’s side of the ring.”

“There are many stars here tonight to witness the action. Many CSSA authors, mods & yes, I think

I even spotted Wayne on my way in to ringside tonight. Wasn’t he kicked out of here? I could go on

& on, but who really gives a flying taco when we have many perfect buns in much need of a slappin’

by the way of the ol’ naked patty-cake.”

“Sitting to my left and hopefully quite a few feet away is my partner Zllabwar. Zllabwar, what do you expect

to see from tonight’s action?”


“Well, there you have it folks. A true freak of few words & gets to the point rather quickly & uninterestingly. Hopefully

tonight he won’t try and steal my thunder & if that happened, I’m going home to disembowel myself with a spatula. Just

keep your distance there, Zllab & don’t get any of your man-juice on me.”

“As the cheap stage lights dim, I can see the spotlight focus across the auditorium and here comes Nicole! Decked

out in a closed bright orange robe she charges the ring with a glare in her eyes and lust surely in her heart. How sweet

it is that her robe matches her hair exactly. How do you see Nicole doing tonight, Zllab?”


“Indeed, I’m sure you do, Zllab. Who wouldn’t want to holler at that buttocks that she shows off at any given chance? Nikky

steps into the ring with the help of her trainer, none other than the lovely Naomi Watts. And after a nice, slow kiss exchanged

between the two, Nikky raises her arms to the cheers of the audience. Nicole stands five feet-eleven inches tall and has a reach

of…………..of…………….uh……….well, hopefully enough to reach my ding-dong. Her smile can be seen from miles and her

naked body in crystal-clear pause on almost any DVD movie she’s in that you can get your hands on.”

“By the sound of the song ‘Survivor’ on the loud speakers, I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and say that Kelly must

be making her way to the ring. Yes & there she is coming in from my right. She looks determined, she looks serious,

she looks like she’s ready to pound some Nikky ass! As Kojain helps her enter the ring, I can’t help but notice that

he prefers the hands-on method. Giving her rump a nice, healthy squeeze, it looks like we’re almost ready to get underway. Zllab,

any last comments before we get started?”


“Just remember the mustard there, Zllab and you’ll be okay. Both fighters stand in their prospective corners of the ring, eyeing

one another and both determined to come out the winner in tonight’s main event. At the very least, they can just cum, which

I’m sure will happen to the both of these foxy ladies sooner or later.”

“The rules of N.P.G. are simple at best, three three-minute rounds of hair-pulling, biting, arm-twisting, ass-slapping or whatever

these lovely women would like to do to one another so we can get our rocks off. Extra points can be earned for undressing the

other quicker than she can undress you, major humiliation and cheating isn’t only fair here, it’s encouraged. The knock-out

blow will be who can get the other in a position for Naked Patty-Cake & make them cum first. That will determine our winner. If

no one reaches that position and damn them if they don’t, we’ll go to our judges and they will determine our champion for the

night. A special game of “Stuff The Dildo In The Asshole” will be followed if that is our outcome. Hell, we’ll play it anyway because

simply, it’s my game & I’ll do whatever the fuck I want with it.”

“As before I mentioned, our special guest judges for tonight are none other than Administrator Carnage Jackson, the scantily-clad

Natalie Portman & the raging Mr. TRL. I don’t know how in the hell they’re going to be able to pay attention to the fight, because

each one has a handful of Natty breast in hand already.”

“Speaking of special guests, our referee for tonight is none other than the all-too-hot Robia LaMorte. Nerds will remember her

from the show “Buffy”, but I’ll always think of her prancing around in old Prince videos. Either way, she’s always been hot and

is by far very underrated with the lack of stories about her here on CSSA.”

“I understand from our producer that Kojain’s microphone is working now.”

“Kojain, is Kelly ready for tonight’s event?”

Kojain: “More than she’ll ever be. I’ve trained her hard, night after night, building up her stamina.”

Raw: “And did these training sessions take place at your place or hers?”

Kojain: “A little bit of both, Raw. What can I say? I don’t have to dream anymore of what she does in the bedroom. I’ve

got first-hand experience at that now.”

Raw: “How dare you use the holy game of NPG for your own personal lusts!”

Kojain: “Ahhhhhh, you’re just still upset about Roselyn & Fitty.”

Raw: “You couldn’t be more correct in that assumption, Koj and thank you so very much for bringing that to my attention

once again. Good luck tonight.”

Kojain: “No luck needed for the match and afterwards if you catch my drift. Talk to you later, Raw.”

“Okay, I see Robia motioning for the two women to step down into the jell-o to the center of the ring for their instructions. And

if I see Fitty here, there will be a second bout tonight and no Patty-Cake involved.”

“Both women step through the six inches of dessert and meet each other at the dead-center of the ring. Nicole

towers over Kelly at least a good eight inches. But height doesn’t have much to do with this once she gets her

on her knees. Robia finishes up about telling the two fighters that there aren’t any rules to be broken and gives

them both a firm slap on the ass as they walk back to their prospective corners.”

“Each of these woman have at the most four articles of clothing that can be ripped from their bodies during

tonight’s bout. I see that Nicole has removed her robe and handed it to Naomi. She looks good enough to

eat in her extremely tight red top and black hotpants. It looks like that stitching is already about to pop on

them bottoms, eh Zllab?”


“As long as it’s your own, Zllab. Kojain helps Kelly out of her robe and I see she has on a nice fishnet top

with a navy blue bra underneath with a matching miniskirt and boy is it mini!”

“As the crowd chats ‘Patty-Cake’, let’s get underway!”

“There’s the sound of the vibrator and here we go! Both ladies run out to the center of the ring and circle

each other, measuring one another up. Together they circle around in the jell-o and I’m just hoping one

of them slips in it.”

“Nicole suddenly lunges at Kelly, but she ducks down and does a spin-move and sends her flying face-

first into the jell-oed mat. Nikky is trying to get back on her feet as she swallows a mouthful, but Kelly

jumps on her from behind and on her behind she grabs! She places her left foot on the small of Nikky’s

back and pulls at the back of her hotpants. Kelly tugs and tugs, ripping the stitching apart until they

split down the back middle and rest in her grasp!”

“Nicole’s red thong is out for all to see. Kelly holds up the hotpants in triumph and crowd goes bonkers. Nikky

spins around and grabs Kelly by the waist and sends her tumbling to the mat! Nikky falls down on top of her. Kelly

reaching for an advantage, grabs the back of Nikky’s thong and begins to give her the wedgie of a lifetime! I don’t

know how much more her asscrack can endure, Zllab.”


“Interesting concept. Nikky’s thong finally gives away and they are taken off completely from her ass! Kelly

throws the fabric to the side and grabs handfuls of Nikky’s long hair. In desperation, Nicole claws at Kelly’s

chest and tears open her fishnet top and splits her bra in two! Kelly bends her leg and places her knee on

Nikky’s belly and flips her over her head. What a move! Nikky’s bare-ass comes crashing down on the mat,

squirting jell-o out onto the audience. See, we have free food here as well, folks!”

“Kelly quickly gets back to her feet and removes the what’s left of her top and bra, she doesn’t need

them anymore. Nicole flips back up onto her feet and turns around to look her opponent in the eye. They

size one another up again. Kelly dances around with absolutely nothing covering her top, her boobies

bouncing around smeared with jell-o. Nikky, like a ninja, swiftly moves around, shaking her ass off for the

crowd. At least she’s a good sport about it.”

“Kelly makes the first move this time grabs Nikky by the shoulders and turns her around. Nikky looks

paralyzed as Kelly grabs the back of her top and begins spinning her around the ring! Round and round

she goes, folks. I see a small tear forming in her top and yes, there she goes face-first to the mat again. This

time clad only in her black bra. Kelly has certainly got the best of her so far.”

“Nikky gets to her feet once again and adjusts her bra. Kelly gets in a crouching position, ready for

her attack. Nikky runs and tackles Kelly up against the ropes! Nikky puts her in a headlock and it

looks like Kelly got the wind knocked out of her. Kelly stumbled against her. Nikky grabs at her skirt

and shows her ass off to the cheering audience. Nikky spins and sends Kelly flying across the ring and

has successfully removed her skirt in the process!”

“Kelly smashes hard into the ropes, she looks dazed and as Nikky runs towards her, it looks like her

panties won’t be far behind from coming off. Nikky stands at Kelly’s feet, she reaches down and grabs

at the elastic in her underpants. Without much of a struggle, the panties are quickly taken down her

legs and off her feet as they come crashing back down on the mat. What a turn-around in this fight,

people! Nicole has quickly gained the upper-hand!”

“Nikky hols the empty panties up to the crown, strtching them with her thumbs around the waistband. As

she flings them out into the riotous crowd, she goes in for the kill! And there’s the sound of the vibrator

once again, bringing this round to an end. A disappointed Nicole heads back to her corner. A naked Kelly

slowly gets back to her feet and heads in the opposite direction.”

“Wow, what a first round tonight! Kelly came out strong and had Nicole in the palm of her hand, but

leaves this round dazed and nude. What did you think of tthat, Zllab?”


“We’ll, I’ll get back to you when your finished doing the five knuckle-shuffle. Kojain, what happened

to Kelly in that round?”

Kojain: “It’s all going to end in round two, Raw. I guaran-damn-tee it. This is all part of the plan, to wear

Nikky out like Rocky does his opponents.”

Raw: “I’m sure you don’t mind Kelly coming back to you wearing nothing but jell-o, do you?”

Kojain: “That’s why it’s all part of the plan. Hee hee.”

“Alright, folks, let’s get ready for round two up in this bitch! I see our judges aren’t paying any attention

to the bout as Carnage and TRL have Nat sandwiched. Thank christ we’re not paying them anything. There’s

the sound of the vibrator and we’re off!”

“Both fighter are looking a little tired as the second round opens. By the way, it was a great idea of

mine to have our lovely guest ref were nothing but the tiniest of bikinis while doing her job. I’ll give myself

a pat on the back for that one.”

“Nikky skips around her opponent. Kelly stands firm, very firm, in the middle of the ring, keeping a close

eye on her. Nicole kicks at her, but Kelly quickly grabs her by the calf and sends her smashing down

on the canvas. Nikky, on her stomach, gasps for breath from the impact. Kelly stands straddling her ass,

she reaches down and with one yank, pulls the bra from her opponent! Thank god, both of them are

naked now. It was about time!”

“Nicole looks like she was knocked into the middle of next week. Her face covered in jell-o, she has

no idea where she is! Kelly signals at Kojain and he throws her the double-headed dildo. She’s going

for it, folks! SHE’S GOING FOR THE NAKED PATTY-CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“She pushes Nicole’s limp body across the ring, through the jell-o, until her the top of her head rests

up against the side of the ring. She props her bottom half up on her knees until her ass is in the air. Kelly

dips the dildo in the jell-o and opens up Nikky’s pussy with her fingers. She shoves one end into her cunt and

that certainly wakens Nicole up a little bit. Kelly positions herself and guides her sweet pussy onto the other

end. With a deep thrust, the dildo begins doing it’s job!”

“Nicole gets up on all fours and is beginning to notice that she’s about to lose this fight. Her hands

grab at the ropes and she’s trying desperately to get up, but the pounding of her buttcheeks against Kelly’s

looks like it’s getting the best of her. The crowd begins to chat, ‘Naked Patty-Cake’ tune! Kelly continues

to punish Nicole’s pussy with each slam against her. Nicole leans forward, trying to lessen the blows and

she bites down on one of the ropes. She probably trying to stop from screaming at the orgasm that’s filling

up within her. Good luck!”

“Kelly moves back against her sweet butt even more, pushing and pushing her way to victory. As long

as she holds off her own orgasm, she’ll be tonight’s winner! She grinds her teeth and continues to slam

her buttcheeks against the almost defeated Nicole Kidman. The waves of flesh ripple between them and

I don’t think Nikky can hold out much longer as she’s practically eating the rope!”

“And judging by our lovely referee Robia, the fight is over! Nicole screams in a cum-filled manner and Kelly

is our winner!”

“Kelly pulls herself off from the mat and throws her arms up in victory. What a fight tonight! Kojain certainly

trained her well. What a great moment for the young Kelly Rowland, she proceeds to the next level. I see

Kojain jump the ropes and he joins his lovely fighter in the center of the ring.”

“The crowd is going beserk! Naomi Watts enters the ring to help Nicole up to her feet. She walks like

a newborn giraffe back to her corner. And now we will listen intently to Kelly’s victory request for tonight’s

special game.”

Kelly: “Man, this was more fun than I thought it was going to be. I’d like to thank my love, Kojain

for training me so well night after night under the sheets. My best girlfriends Bey & Michelle for

cheering me on and I’d like to thank my parents for giving me their love & support. My request tonight

for the bonus game will be ‘Stuff The Dildo In The Asshole’ game. Nikky, I know you’re not up for it, so

instead Naomi, get you clothes off get down here!”

“Holy shit! Great call by Kelly there to get Naomi involved in tonight’s action. Her face turns five shades

of red as the crowd demands her naked and on all fours. She looks up at me and with the look on her

face, I know she’s asking, ‘Do I really have to do this?’. Yes, Naomi, you have to do whatever the champ


“Reluctantly, she begins to remove her clothing. C’mon, Naomi, we haven’t got all night. Well, actually

we do but hurry up anyway! Yes, your bra and panties as well. How else is Kelly gonna be able to get

to your butthole with your panties still on? Yeah, slide them down and get rid of ‘em there. You can

cover yourself with your hands all you want to because soon it won’t matter. Let’s get the table out


“The table is brought into the ring and Naomi is instructed to get on top on all fours with her ass facing

Kelly. And what is this? Kelly demands that Robia take off her bikini and lube up the embarrassed Naomi’s

asshole! Damn, she makes all the right decisions! Happily and quicker than Naomi, Robia sheds her clothing

runs her lubricated fingers on Naomi’s asshole. Man, I’d kill to be that lube!”

“Robia puts the blindfold over Kelly’s eyes and hands her the special eight-inch dildo. She spins her round

and round in circles and there she goes! The crown helps guide her with their cheers. Kelly unknowingly

walks across the ring to the tune of the very helpful audience. Only a few feet away, Naomi’s nervous butthole

waits. Naomi holds tightly onto the edge of the table. With the crowd’s approval, Kelly pushes the dildo

forward and sinks half of it into Naomi’s rectum! What accuracy!”

“Naomi is all tensed-up now as the blindfold is removed from Kelly’s eyes and she jumps for joy! No,

you have to remain there for a little while now, Naomi, be a good sport.”

“Thank you everyone for joining us tonight! As Kojain & Kelly celebrate tonight as I know they will, I’m

gone like our three judges were a long time ago! This is Rawballz and don’t forget, you can have your

Naked Patty-Cake and eat it too! Goodnight, everyone!”


Until Round Two, that is!

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