Luck: Part 8

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LUCK: Part 8

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Featuring: Shakira, Beyonce Knowles

Note: Read the other parts of “LUCK” first, that way you aren’t lost! I’m also writing the “9-X” series. Read it too, because the “9-X” series conclusion will tie in with the “LUCK” series conclusion. Read this story and “9-X Part V: Beyonce Knowles” and notice the similarities!

Note: My previous author name was [email protected], now it’s just DDRx


“Jesus Christ!” I looked in amazement at the celebs dancing and partying. “This is fucking great! I gotta get me some booze! Come on Haylie!” Haylie held my arm. “Ohh, I’m caught on something!”

“It’s me holding you,” She said, smiling.

“Ohh, my bad,” I said. She giggled.

“You ass. I’m holding you back because we are both nineteen years old.” I didn’t get it.

“Wow, that’s great! I’ve gotta go get some booze!” I said, running off. She pulled me back.

“We’re under age!” I laughed.

“Ohh, please, sweetheart! You mean, you’ve always abided by the law, and never drank?” Haylie smirked.

“Well… Not really!” We both laughed and went to the bar. We spent ten minutes drinking Jack Daniels and talking. Haylie got drunk after only one drink. I was on my third, and only feeling a bit tipsy. Haylie was drunk, and horny, feeling up on my cock, as we talked. “I love you, you know that?” She said, slurring your words, and falling into me.

“That’s great,” I said picking her up.

“No, really. Really! I love you!” She was drunk, all right. “You are like a step brother to me. You are perfect for Hilary, and It’s okay for me to get a taste of that huge-” I covered her mouth. She laughed, as I held her mouth. I looked around, to see if anyone heard anything.

“I think you’ve had enough to drink!” I said, taking her glass away from her. She frowned and took it back.

“Nah, come on! I’m a big girl! I know when I’ve had enough.” She drank more, and then got up to go dance alone. I laughed and turned to the bartender. He was smiling.

“Drunk talk is great, isn’t it?” I said to him. He nodded his head, smiling. “I’ll just let her dance until she drops.” I got up and put a fifty dollar bill in his hand. “You have a good one.” I said, walking away.

“Thank you, sir!” He said. I had to take a piss. I walked to the bathroom. Before the hallway to the VIP rooms and bathrooms, I saw a glass of wine, left alone on a table. It was a strange color, somewhere between red and green. I looked around and drunk it down. It was a strange taste, making my head woozy in about five seconds. I felt a little woozy, so I limped to the bathroom. I washed my face and looked in the mirror. My vision was slightly blurred and I felt my blood rushing throughout my body. In about a minute, I suddenly felt an urge for pussy, preferably Hilary’s pussy! Too bad she was overseas. I know what you are thinking. We guys always have an urge for pussy, but this was no joke! I needed Hilary’s tight snatch ASAP! I left the bathroom in an insane boner, that stuck through my pants. I NEEDED PUSSY! I couldn’t figure out what was going on! I passed one of the VIP rooms and the door opened. I almost drooled at the sight of Beyonce Knowles… completely nude. She looked down at my boner, and smiled.

“Hey big boy, come in here. I want you guys to fuck the shit out of me!” She pulled me in and I didn’t even say a word. It’s as if I was in a sexual trance. I didn’t really want to fuck her, (Don’t get m wrong, she’s on fucking fire!) I wanted to fuck Hilary, and I didn’t know why I couldn’t get her out of my mind. But the urgency I had, I just had to release my load, and quick! I removed my shirt and my belt, as she removed my pants and boxers. My cock popped out and hit her on the face, making her smile. “Ooo. Two big rods in one night!” She took my cock in her mouth and sucked like a goddess. I then noticed the other dude. He was frowning. You know how some people, you see them, and without even knowing them, you don’t trust ‘em? That’s what I thought about this asshole.

“All right, Beyonce! Let me get some too!” He said, as if he was jealous. She released my cock from her tight little mouth with the sound of a pop and looked back at him.

“I just started right now!” She said, beating me off with her right hand, and putting a hand on her hip with her left. I got pissed.

“Yeah, man. What the fuck is wrong with you, man?” I said, with a voice of rage. The guy’s eyes nearly popped out of his sockets.

“WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO TALK TO ME LIKE THAT? I am 9, godamnit!” I scoffed.

“You are 9? What the hell kind of name is that? Are you nine years old or have an I.Q. of 9?” 9 got off the couch he was standing on and walked up in my face.

“You want a piece of me, mother fucker?” Beyonce fell on her ass and let go of my cock.

“The name is DDR and I will fuck you up, you son of a bitch!” I was ready to fight! 9 didn’t say anything for a few seconds.

“DDR? Have you ever fucked Stacy Keibler or Torrie Wilson? At Madison Square Garden? When they were there for Summerslam?” 9 asked. I squinted my eyes.

“How the hell do you know that?” I asked. 9 smiled.

“I’ve got no beef with you, man. You have good taste in women, so you’re cool by my standards.” 9 turned to Beyonce and she took 9′s cock in her mouth. He may have no beef with me, but I still didn’t trust him. He was a ticking time bomb of rage. He was really tall and really buffed up, so I might have not been able to take him on, so I was kind of glad!

Beyonce sucked on 9′s cock like a pro, giving him really wet blow job. I walked behind her and held her hips and picked her up. I pushed my dick into her tight pussy, making her nearly choke on 9′s cock. I began fucking her deliciously tight pussy with a fast, smooth rhythm. Her pussy was already wet, and for each pump I gave her, her pussy walls became smoother and moist. She sucked on 9′s cock moaning and panting as I rode her backside. She rocked back on my thrusts, pushing my cock even deeper. After a minute, I felt her pussy muscles clench my cock in an orgasm. It was so strong, I had to pull out and let her cum splurt out onto the floor.

“Let’s switch, man,” I said. Beyonce got down on her hands and knees, in Doggy style position. 9 got behind her and smacked her ass, making her yelp. He stuck his dick inside her pussy, as she swallowed my cock down her throat. She sucked on my cock, slightly biting it whenever she would get pumped hard. 9 was fucking her really fast, making her have trouble giving me a BJ. I wasn’t too crazy about this. It didn’t feel the same with another dude. I’m no homophobe or anything, but I didn’t want to see a fucking nude guy! In my book, Menage a Trios is a guy and two chicks, and only that! But, fuck it! I was getting a piece of Beyonce, the hottest woman in music… even though I was thinking about Hilary. It’s as if when I drank that strange wine, I could see images of her in my head, and I became very horny. Was the wine drugged or something? What was going on? My thoughts got interrupted when Beyonce bit my dick as she had an orgasm. “Damn, baby!” I said. She moved her hips all over 9′s cock, making him have to pull out, as I did, to let the cum splurt out.

“Wow…” She caught her breath. “I need both those cocks inside me at the same time!” 9 smirked and pushed her onto her side. I don’t know, but Beyonce seemed different. She was overly horny. But, hell, I wasn’t complaining. 9 started to push his dick into her asshole without any lubrication, making her squint her eyes in pain. “Ohhh God! It’s so big! Be careful! Oww!”

I lay on the floor by her other side. 9 finished penetrating her asshole, and I slid my dick into her slippery pussy at the same time. She threw her hair back and moaned in ecstasy.

“Ohhhh yeah!” She held on from my arms. 9 and I started fucking her at the same time, bouncing her body back and forth. She had continuous orgasms, making her already slippery pussy, even more slippery. She would loose her grip from my arms, every once in a while, because she was so sweaty. Her voice was full of lust, as she urged us on. I was under the most pressure, since I was in her cummy pussy. I would feel the pumping 9 was doing in her ass through the thin wall between her pussy and asshole. We fucked her for another thirty minutes. She would urge us on, with a dirty, lustful smile on her face. “OHHHH FUCK ME! FUCK ME! OHHH! YEAH! OHHH I’M CUMMING AGAIN! OHHHH! OHHHHHHH!”

She had one last orgasm, driving me to the edge. I pulled out and slid up to her face, releasing my load onto her face and mouth. She licked her lips lustfully, as she was being fucked by 9. I caught my breath, as she cleaned off my dick in her mouth. 9 started to fuck her ass brutally, making her release my dick from her mouth. I was exhausted, so I decided to put on my clothes.

“OWWWW! FUUUCK! OHHHH! STOP IT! MY ASS HURTS! OWWW!” At first I just thought he was doing a good job to her, but then I noticed tears in her eyes, and a look of worry. 9 then came inside her ass, grinding his pelvis into her backside. He pulled out making her yelp in pain. “OWWW!” 9 began laughing, putting an instant frown on my face. Something about his laugh could tell me he was a sick mother fucker. He started putting on his clothes.

“You fucking slut! You know you loved it!” He said. I frowned even more.

“You asshole! That hurt!” Beyonce got up. “I told you to stop, and you didn’t!” I looked at her asshole. It was bleeding! He really was hurting her!

“Fucking slut! I guess I should have slipped the whole 9X serum into your dri–” Beyonce slapped him in the face.

“YOU FUCKING HOAR!” He pushed Beyonce hard, knocking her into my arms. I put Beyonce behind me and went up to him.

“You stupid asshole. You call her a hoar, you make her bleed and then you push her? What the fuck is wrong with you?” I asked, enraged. He buttoned his shirt.

“Don’t fuck with me man,” 9 said, frowning.

“Fuck you, all right? And what the fuck were you saying about a serum? 9X? What the fuck is that? Is that what I drank?” 9 smiled.

“Look. You have taste in women, so I won’t kill you for talking back at me.” I shook my head in disbelief. “I’ll tell you what 9X is. 9X is a serum I made that has the ability to heighten a human being’s sex drive making them extremely horny.” 9 walked over to the couch and sat down. “It always works.”

“Holy shit! That’s how you got me to fuck you?” Beyonce said. I was in a state of pure disbelief.

“Yeah, and don’t worry Beyonce, since you aren’t in love, in two hours, you won’t remember any of this.” I thought about what he said.

“What the fuck do you mean in love?” I was upset, and I wanted answers, or else I was gonna kick his ass!

“The only way the serum doesn’t work on females, is if they are in love with someone. It always works on males, even though they still crave sex from the one they love.” Then is when I realized it.

“That’s why I was thinking so much about Hilary…” I muttered, in a very low voice, and under my breath. 9 rose an eyebrow.

“Hilary? Hilary who? Hilary Duff?” He said. How the hell could he hear me? He’s across the room and I said it under my breath!

“How the fuck did you hear me? I didn’t say Hilary! Forget her! Fuck her!” I lied as soon as I could, because my relationship with Hilary is a secret.

“Ohh, in that case, I’ll go over to her house and fuck her.” The rage that filled up my body, could have been compared to the fire in hell. I stormed up to him, right to his face and held him by the shirt.

“YOU FUCKING TOUCH HER; YOU COCK SUCKING, PIG FUCKING, TRANSVESTITE LICKING, DOUCHE BAG; AND I WILL FUCK YOU UP!” 9 pushed me across the room. I hit the wall, landing sitting down. The wind was knocked out of me. He couldn’t be human. The strength that he had was too exaggerative to be human. Beyonce screamed and ran to a corner, still nude. He picked up my head, from my hair. I was in extreme pain.

“Because you pissed me off, I’m gonna rape Hilary in every hole she has, nice… and slow!” With those words, I kicked him in the nuts. “OWWW!” He fell to the floor in pain. I picked up a wooden chair that was near by and broke it off his head. He just shook it off and came at me. How couldn’t he have fallen? This was a bad dream! Suddenly, the door busted open and four men in suits pointed guns at him.

“FREEZE 9!” What the fuck was going on! This shit all seemed like a movie. “You can come with us peacefully. There are too many celebrities out there. We won’t kill you! Just come with us!” 9 looked at me, smiling.

“I’ll be seeing you again!” 9 left with the four guys. I went over to Beyonce.

“Are you all right?” I asked, helping her up.

“I should be asking you that!”

“Fuck that! Just get dressed. I’ll be fine.” I walked to the bathroom to wash my face. I still couldn’t believe what was going on. As I entered the bathroom, I kicked something. I looked down and saw a small digital personal recorder. It must have been 9′s! I put it in my pocket and washed my face. When I came out Beyonce was dressed and looking at the rubble left behind from the broken chair.

“What happened here?” She said, talking to herself. She then looked at me. “Who are you?” Then is when I remembered what 9 said. The 9X serum erases the memory of anyone who wasn’t in love. I was no longer horny, and I still remembered everything, so that means the serum wore off, and I still remember because of how I feel about Hilary. Damn… I guess do care a lot about her!

“You don’t remember anything?” I asked, as I walked out.


“Then lay off the wine.” I left to go find Haylie. I stopped at the table with the wine I drank. There was still a bit left. I made sure no one was looking and threw it on the floor. I looked and saw a vial, half full with a green liquid. It said 9X on it! It was the other half of the 9X serum! I picked it up and put it in my pocket. I found Haylie and pulled her away from the dance floor. She was still a bit drunk. “We have to go. I’ll explain on the way.” We left, got in our limo and went towards the airport. I explained what happened, and she was shocked. I was not at ease. 9 didn’t seem human. Who knows if he escaped from those guys that arrested him. We went to the airport. Once we got passed all the security, we were an hour early. I bought a pair of headphones, to listen to what was on the digital recorder. Who knows what I was in for.

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