Luck: Part 5

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LUCK: Part 5

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Featuring: Hilary Duff, LaLaine, Fefe Dobson, and Shakira

Note: Read Part One to Four of “LUCK” first, that way you aren’t lost

Note: My previous artist name was [email protected], now it’s just DDRx


I Followed Hilary’s tour bus, in my Dodge Charger, while on the phone with her.

“Danny, why the hell are you doing this?” She asked me.

“I told you! I’m a car enthusiast! I love driving!” I was doing about eighty miles an hour and decided to kick it up a notch. I slipped into fourth gear and sped in front of Hilary’s bus doing ninety five. “Wooo! This fucking Charger rocks!”

“What are you doing? You are going too fast! You’re so crazy!” We arrived at the Staples Center an hour later. Hilary ran out of the Tour bus, as I jumped out of the Charger and she gave me a kiss. I smacked her on the ass.

“You missed me, didn’t you?” She laughed and we went to our room.

“Danny?” She said.

“Yeah?” I said, putting my back pack down.

“My friend LaLaine lives around here.” I looked at her.

“LaLaine? LaLaine Vargas? From The Lizzie McGuire Show?”

“Yeah. She lives like two blocks from here. My concert doesn’t start for another nine hours. We should go visit her.”

“That’s a great idea. Let’s roll, baby!” We left, and I drove her to LaLaine’s house. We talked on the way.

“Hey, Danny?”

“Yeah, Hil?” I asked.

“What’s… your… sexual fantasy?”

“Well, I have a crush on Hilary Duff. I’ve always dreamt of fucking her!”

“Shut up! No, seriously.”

“Well… My… fantasy… is… well.. it’s having sex in public places. And not in a bathroom at McDonalds or a park in the middle of the night. I’m talking about in broad daylight, around people.” Hilary smiled devilishly.

“Where exactly do you have in mind?”

“The last car in the train… The last row in a movie theater… A Photo Booth? Where ever.”

“How about a fitting room?” She said, smirking deviously. I looked at her.

“Shit, girl! I like how you think!” We arrived at LaLaine’s house. I parked at her driveway and we knocked the door. She opened it. Four words… B E A Utiful! She was definitely older now, than she was from the time of the show. She was much more beautiful, developed boobs, nice legs and great figure. Her hair is awesome, long, black and shiny. Her smile is her best asset, as she flashed a huge one at the site of her old friend, Hilary Duff.

“Hilary!” They hugged. “How have you been?”

“Screw that, girl! How have you been?” Hilary said.

“I’ve been great! What are you doing here?” She said.

“Just visiting,” Hilary said, while LaLaine looked at me. She seductively rose an eyebrow and smiled.

“Who is this, Hilary?” LaLaine said, leaning, with her arm on the door. Hilary smiled.

“This is my new man. His name is Da… His name is DDR. He has an interesting job.” LaLaine gave me her hand, to shake. I shook and tenderly felt her skin with my thumb.

“Ooo. I’m LaLaine. LaLaine Vargas.”

“Oh, I know who you are. I’m DDR.”

“Hmm. So what line of work are you in?”

“It’s interesting you ask that…” I said, smirking. LaLaine stepped out of the way.

“Come in, come in, please.” We entered inside. A girl was sitting in her living room. It was Fefe Dobson, the new female rock/pop artist from Island Records. She looked at us and smiled.

“What’s up?” We shook hands and all talked for a few minutes. Hilary explained to them that no one could know that I was her boyfriend, or else there would be a lot of controversy surrounding Hilary’s name. Then Hilary told them that I am a man whore for celebrities. They both got horny after that. Then LaLaine said something.

“Ya know… I have a hot tub.” Hilary and I simultaneously rose an eyebrow.

“Well… We didn’t exactly bring swimming trunks.” I said, looking at Hilary.

“Well, are the both of you wearing underwear? You can use that,” LaLaine said. Hilary and I smiled. In ten minutes, we were all sitting in the hot tub talking. I just listened, as the three girls gossiped on and on. Soon, the conversation turned nasty.

“So, Hilary… You still a virgin?” LaLaine asked. Hilary laughed.

“Not anymore, thanks to this stud right here.” Hilary and kissed. I rubbed her thigh, which was under the water. She reached her hand into my underwear and began giving me a hand job. The other girls didn’t even notice, since this was going on underwater. “He and I met only five days ago. He won a stay at the hotel I was in, and we met in the elevator. He didn’t even notice me at first, because he was reading the paper.” Fefe giggled.

“What could you have possibly been reading, that you didn’t notice that someone famous was standing next to you?” Fefe asked.

“I was reading an article on Hilary.” I said, as Hilary continued massaging my dick. “The only reason, I noticed it was her was when she asked what I was reading.” LaLaine laughed.

“What a coincidence,” Fefe said.

“And how did he react, Hilary? Stupid, right?”

“Yeah!” Hilary said, laughing.

“Hey! That’s a low blow!” i said, as they all laughed.

“Ohh, come on. You had to look at the paper then me, a couple of times, just to make sure it was me!” LaLaine smiled.

“Get out!” She said, laughing.

“I was shocked! It’s not every day that you see a celebrity! I thought that I was seeing things. Especially the fact that it was someone so beautiful.” Hilary looked at me smiling. “Her beauty was more powerful than the light of the sun. Her smile was more beautiful than the clouds in the sky. Her scent was more intoxicating than the scent of any of the flowers known to man. Her voice was more beautiful than any symphony could achieve.” Hilary was a little water eyed. “And her eyes…” LaLaine and Fefe watched on smiling. “Her eyes glowed with pure, hundred percent beauty and passion.” We embraced lips, as she continued beating me off, under water.

“That was so romantic.” LaLaine said, as Fefe bobbed her head in agreement. Hilary and I stopped kissing. “How long is he, girl?” The girls started laughing.

“He’s like ten inches.” Hilary said. They both opened their eyes in amazement.

“Damn. He is probably great in bed, right girl?” Fefe said. Hilary closed her eyes.

“Mmm. He made me scream louder than I thought I could scream.” She jacked me off faster.

“Mmmm…” Fefe said.

“He is so passionate and lustful.” She beat off my, already erected, cock, super fast, making me slightly twitch and roll my eyes. “He made me sweat so profusely. He made me orgasm like… ten times per screw.” She didn’t stop jacking me.

“Wow. That’s great,” LaLaine said, as Hilary beat me off, super fast causing ripples in the water. “I’m still a virgin, and I would lo–” The pressure was increasing on my cock.

“Ohhh, Hilary!” LaLaine and Fefe looked at me, stunned, as I shouted Hilary’s name. Hilary stopped.

“Ohh, I’m sorry. What were you saying, LaLaine?” Hilary said, as if nothing happened.

“Girl, what were you doing?” LaLaine held her breath and submerged under the water. She saw my boner sticking out from the crease in my boxers. She rose up with her mouth wide open. “Ohh my God! That’s what you were doing you dirty girl!” Fefe went under the water and came back up, gasping for air.

“Wow. It really is huge.” LaLaine and Fefe licked their lips. They looked at each other. They both talked, simultaneously.

“HOW MUCH YOU CHARGE?” Hilary and I started laughing. I was ready to tell them two hundred, instead of five, because they are friends with Hilary, when Hilary interrupted me.

“Six hundred, each.” They both looked skeptical. I held Hilary by her shoulders.

“Woah, woah, woah! Baby, baby! Two hundred each, because you are friends with Hilary.” They smiled.

“That’s better.” LaLaine said, as she began swimming towards me. I sat up, on the edge of the hot tub. LaLaine smiled, at the site of my erect cock. She looked at Hilary. “You sure you don’t mind? I mean, he is your man.”

“No, you go ahead. As long as he doesn’t give it away to any one for free, I’m fine with it. And I like being here, anyway. I could watch. I could join in.” LaLaine smiled and then got a hold of my cock, with her little hands. She closed her eyes, moved her long, black hair to the side and licked her lips. She took my head in her mouth, licking the base of it. I rolled my eyes back in bliss. LaLaine began giving me a hand job with her left hand, playing with my balls with her right hand and sucking my head with her sexy lips. She began to take my whole cock in her mouth, sending my head down, past her tongue, and into her throat.

“Ohh, LaLaine…” She began sucking hard, and jacking me off hard. She played with my balls faster and faster. I began caressing her long, soft, black hair, as she sucked me off. She gave a great blow. Hilary and Fefe both removed their underwear, and put it on the hot tub wall. Hilary began playing with herself, while she watched her best friend give a blow job to her boyfriend. Ahh, life is good.

LaLaine sucked like a freak. She sucked like she had a disease, and was sucking for the antidote! She had mentioned that she was a virgin, but she was a very good little cock sucker for a sixteen year old girl! LaLaine began licking up and down the bottom of my shaft. She would start at the balls and would make it up to my head.

“Wow, you are good girl, but save some for Fefe.” She smiled and gave me one last lick and swam back towards the wall. I motioned for Fefe to come. She swam over, smiled and parted her gorgeous, luscious, succulent lips. Her lips were actually hotter than Hilary’s! Fefe’s lips surrounded my cock and sucked wildly. “Woo.” I threw my head back. She sucked me off ten times harder than LaLaine. LaLaine joined Hilary in the pussy fingering game. I watched Hilary and LaLaine, as they closed their eyes and fingered themselves sweaty, to the sound of sucking and slurping. Fefe gobbled my head up and down, playing with my balls, with both hands, while she bobbed her head up and down, in a super fast motion. I felt my balls tense up as she gave them one final squeeze. “Ohhh Fefe! I’m gonna blow!” LaLaine quickly swam forward and opened her mouth next to Fefe. I exploded, shooting stream after stream of boiling hot cum all over their mouths and faces. They both drank down as much as they could, loving the taste of my salty cream in their mouths.

“Mmmmmm.” They both said, simultaneously.

“It tastes so good, doesn’t it, ladies?” Hilary said, as she swam towards me.

“Mm-hmm. I’ve never tasted cum as good as that,” Fefe said. “Uhhh, not that I’ve tasted a lot before…” Hilary and LaLaine looked at her.

“You slut!” They all laughed. Hilary began giving me a blow job, to get me hard again. I loved Hilary’s tight little mouth, and gorgeous, pouty lips. She was my number one absolute favorite person to get a blow job from. When she and I performed any sexual act together, it felt so sensual and lustful. I loved how she stroked my cock with both hands, beating me off into her mouth, as her delicious lips and tongue engulfed my cock with saliva. The two ladies watched in awe. Hilary really knew how to please me, and they watched on. I held her head, with my eyes closed, smirking, guiding her along my cock. She made me roll my head and neck around and around.

“Ohhh, Hilary! You are so fucking good!” After five minutes, I had a bulging boner, and I was ready for some virgin pussy! Hilary gave me one last lick and withdrew from my cock. LaLaine got up, and bent over by the edge of the pool. She had a beautiful, tight ass. I got behind her and slammed my cock into her EXTREMELY tight pussy, snapping her hymen. She was even tighter than Hilary was, when Hilary was a Virgin.

“OHHHHH!!! Do that again! Please! Give it to me!” LaLaine said, as a small trail of blood trickled down her thigh.

“Uhhh… Okay!” I said sarcastically. I began to slide in and out of her tight backside, as she screamed out profanities at the top of her lungs.


“You have a dirty mouth, LaLaine! I’ve never even heard you curse! You must really like my man’s cock inside you, don’t you?”

“OHHHH FUCK YEAH! IT’S SO BIG! OHHH SHIT! WHAT’S HAPPENING? I’M GONNA CUM ALREADY? OHHH!” She had a wild orgasm, drenching her inner walls with her warm, gooey cum. I smirked as I could really begin giving it to her fast. LaLaine threw her long, beautiful black hair in the air, in sheer, lustful, ecstasy. Hilary and Fefe hooted me on while I fucked her pussy, till it turned sore. “OHHH! DAMN! AHHH! FUCK!!! SHIT!!!”

“Fuck her, baby! Give it to her good!” Hilary screamed.

“Make that bitch feel it! Show her what you can do!” Fefe said, rubbing my ass, from behind. She reached under and played with the balls, while I ruthlessly fucked the shit out of LaLaine.

“OOOHHHHHHHHHH! I’M CUUUU-UUUU-UUUU-UUUUMING!” She had such an explosive orgasm, she fell forward, making me pop out of her. Her cum shout out of her pussy. “OHHH… OHHH… OHHH… I need a break. My pussy aches, really good.”

“It aches… and it’s good? You are much more dirtier than I remember, huh, girl?” Hilary said, smiling. Fefe swam over and leaned up against the wall, pulling her ass cheek to the side.

“Come on, baby. I’m not a virgin, but I’ve never had such a big piece of meat, like yours inside me!” I smirked. I slowly entered her. “Oooo, oooo, ooo. Ohhh yeah, that’s it! Oooo, it’s bigger than I thought!” I began to thrust forward and backward. She held her ass cheek with her right hand and arched her back. “OHHH! OHHH FUCK YES! OHHH MY! GIVE IT TO ME! FILL ME UP WITH THAT HUGE COCK! OHHH YES! OHHHHH YEES! OOHHHHH YEEEAHHH! I’M CUMMING!” Fefe had her first orgasm, down slicking her tight pussy walls with cum. After three more orgasms and fifteen more minutes, I couldn’t hold out any longer. I thrusted one last time into her and shot my seed deep into her body. “OHHHHHH YEEES!” The warmth of my cream filling her up made her have another orgasm. “OHHHHHHHHH!” I fell forward, as the both of us struggled to catch our breath. Hilary and I left after ten minutes of drying off, getting dressed, getting paid and talking. We walked to my Charger. I opened the door for her to get inside.

“Why, thank you,” Hilary said, giving me a quick kiss on the lips. She got inside, and I closed the door. I got inside and started it up. I looked at her. She locked eyes with me, making me melt. “What?” She said, flashing her beautiful smile at me.

“You are so fucking beautiful.” She gave me another smile and we kissed. “So, where to now?”

“Uhhh… I wanna go to the mall.”

“Ohh, god! All women take long in a frickin’ department store! God knows how long you’ll take in a place with Fifty stores in it!” She seductively crossed her legs.

“Well to tell you the truth… Remember what I asked you earlier?”


“Well. Maybe we could test it out in a fitting room at the mall.” My face lit up. I kissed her.

“You crazy girl! I love how you fucking think!” I zoomed out and we drove to the mall.

I parked, and we went inside. We went over to a GAP and Hilary picked out a few clothes. We both went into one of the booths and she stripped nude. “Daaamn, baby!” To say that her body is PERFECT is an understatement! She tried on a few different clothes, giving me a wild boner. After the third outfit, I couldn’t contain myself anymore. When she stripped to try on a new one, I turned her around and kissed her, lustfully. I unbuckled my pants, making them fall to the floor. I picked her up, as she held on from my shoulders. I impaled her pussy, thrusting my bulging cock into her tight lower entrance way.

“OHHH! FUCK ME, DANNY!” I put a finger on her lips.

“Shh. We’re in public.” I started to fuck her, wildly, straining my back. She bit on her bottom lip, trying to hold in her moans. Every once in a while she would let out a moan or two. I fucked her for another fifteen minutes.

“MMMMM. Mmmmm. Ohh…” She closed her eyes and threw her head back, making her hair fly in my face. It landed on top of my head. As she lowered her head, her hair was completely covering the back of my head. “Ohhhh Danny! I’m gonna cum!” I lustfully kissed her, to muffle her screams, moans and cries. She exploded onto my pumping cock, making me breath heavily.

“Ohh, Hilary!”

“Ohh, Danny! I’m still cumming! I’m still cumming! OHHHH!” She let out a scream as she continued cumming wildly. Her pussy muscles continually clenched and clenched at my cock, constantly cumming, over and over again. I couldn’t take it anymore, as I began shooting stream after stream of hot, boiling cum into her young body. “Ohhh yes! Fill me up! Fill me up! Fill me up with your steaming cum! Ohhhh!” Her orgasm continued as she held me tightly. The warmth in her pussy, and around my dick was such a pleasurable sensation, I ejaculated another small load into her. Her orgasm eventually subsided and I set her down, after removing my prick and cum gushed out of her pussy. She and I peeked outside, to luckily see no one around. We giggled.

“This is fucking great, huh?”

“Yeah! The idea of us getting caught is exciting me. I had a continuous orgasm! I couldn’t stop cumming for a good three minutes!”

“Yeah, I know, I know. I felt it, sweetheart. Now… We gotta be careful that no one comes into this room right after us, otherwise…” I pointed at the floor. There was a puddle below us, of a mixture of mine and Hilary’s cum.

“Ooops. Sorry.” We both giggled. We got dressed and peeked out. We walked out. No one was around. We closed the door. Out of no where, someone came from behind us.

“Are you finished?” We both turned and simultaneously said no. I was shocked to see who it was. It was Shakira!

“Shakira?” Hilary said. They hugged. I looked at them hug.

“You two know each other?” I asked.

“Yeah. We met at last year’s VMAs.” Hilary said, as they stopped hugging. Shakira abruptly removed her sunglasses.

“Wait a minute! Are you Hilary’s boyfriend? DDR?” Hilary and I looked at each other shocked. “Lindsay told me! You know, Lindsay Lohan?”

“Ohh, yeah.” Lindsay really spreads word fast. But the problem is that the majority of Hilary’s fans are young kids! Hilary has to keep that good girl image intact, or else she is screwed! Hilary agreed to keep our relationship a secret, only between her and I, and our close, close friends. Otherwise, she would loose a lot of fans, when they find out that she’s getting fucked by a crazy New Yorker, yours truly, who fucks other celebs for money! So we had to cover it up. “Well, she’s not my girl or anything. She’s just another celeb on my list who was… lonely.” Hilary smiled, seeing what a great liar I was!

“Your list? Who have you had it with so far?” Shakira asked.

“Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, Lindsay Lohan, Fefe Dobson, LaLaine Vargas and… hopefully… Shakira?” Shakira smirked. She thought for a minute.

“Yeah, why the hell not? We could go to the nearest hotel. How much you charge?” Shakira said, smiling deviously. Hilary and I looked at each other smiling.

“I charge fi–”

“SIX HUNDRED!” Hilary screamed interrupting me. Shakira nodded.

“Okay, that’s good. Let me try on a few things and we could go to that hotel!” She opened the fitting room door. She then turned towards Hilary. “Hey Hilary!”

“Yeah?” Hilary said, moving her beautiful blonde hair to the side.

“Are you coming with us? I’ve never experienced a three way!” Hilary smiled.

“Yeah, I’ll go.” Shakira smiled.

“Cool! Just give me ten minutes.” She went into the room to try on some clothes. Hilary and I laughed and walked a few steps away.

“Why is is that every time I say five hundred as a price, you say six. Don’t you think that, that’s over doing it?” I asked.

“Trust me! All celebrities are filthy stinking rich! They can afford it!” I nodded my head in agreement. “Hey. That lie was great!” I frowned. “What’s wrong?”

“It is a fucking dream for me to say that you are my girlfriend. But I can’t tell anyone, because I care about you, and shit, and I don’t want any controversy surrounding you.”

“You’re so sweet, thank you.”

“Yeah, well… We don’t know who could tell the wrong information and spread gossip around.” Hilary thought for a minute.

“I have an idea.”

“What?” I said, paying close attention.

“Everyone you’ve been with seems trustworthy. But, if there is ever anyone who you don’t trust… then either don’t be seen with me when you ask them to fuck, or if I am invited to join in, we could wear masks. You know, those orgy style masks.” I smirked.

“Well, whada ya know? Ms. Hilary innocent Duff came up with an idea… One that came from her orgy experiences!” She laughed and pushed me.

“Just because I was a virgin, doesn’t mean that I had never seen porno! During Junior High School, I cut one time and a few girls had a porno. It was the first time I saw any type of sex.” I laughed.

“Ms. Hilary innocent Duff, cutting class and watching porno!” We both laughed. “God, I love you!” We laughed and kissed, passionately. After eight minutes, Shakira was finished and we all got a room in a hotel four blocks away.

The passion began instantaneously, as Shakira ripped off her white tank top and sat on the bed. We all stripped and Hilary sat on the bed. I fed my meat to my girl first, to heighten Shakira’s anticipation. Shakira watched, diddling her clit, as Hilary lustfully took my cock in her mouth and sucked the shit out of me. I smirked as she licked my cock head like a beast. Hilary was a goddess as she licked up and down my shaft. She then played and massaged my balls. Shakira couldn’t watch anymore, getting up and getting under, and behind me. She took my balls in her mouth. I shook my head off, with the feeling of two women working my cock at the same time. They worked better than when Stacy and Torrie did, and when Hil and Lindsay did.

“Ohh yeah! Ohh ladies! Suck my balls! Suck my dick!” They worked magic on me. Hilary sucked my cock better than she ever did, probably getting neck pains from how fast she bobbed her head. Shakira licked my balls, even slightly biting on them at one point. “Woah! Shakira! They’re not edible baby, just suckable!” She laughed, with my balls in her mouth. Hilary looked up, smiling.

“What? She bit you? That’s a good idea!” Hilary continued blowing me, only faster, and this time lightly pressing her teeth along my cock, biting it.

“Woooaah! Hilary! Hilary! Hilary!” They stopped after ten minutes. Shakira then climbed onto the bed. “Why don’t you two 69 each other, while I fuck Shakira?” Hilary smiled.

“You like how I think? No, I like how you think!” Hilary kissed me and got under Shakira, as Shakira was in doggy style position. I got on the bed and slowly entered Shakira’s already wet, pussy.

“Aaaii si! Dar me lo duro, papi!” She encouraged me to fuck her hard, in spanish, so I did.

“Okay!” I ruthlessly fucked her. Hilary began to lick Shakira’s pussy. And I knew it because I could slightly feel Hilary’s tongue, and my balls hit her nose every once in a while. Shakira was in a state of pure bliss. She was sweating profusely, rocking her hips back to my thrusts, throwing her hair in the air and moaning and screaming loudly.

“OHHH! OHHH YES! FUCK ME! OHH DADDY! OHH BIG DADDY! DAR ME LO! AI SI! AI SI! AI SI! AIIII SIII!” She had a crazy orgasm, that made her fully collapse onto Hilary. Shakira started licking and chomping away on Hilary’s pussy. As I stuffed Shakira’s pussy, I could hear Hilary’s moans. Hilary soon had an orgasm, that landed on Shakira’s tongue. After just twenty minutes, I couldn’t take it much longer, so I decided to pulled out. Shakira’s cum shot out of her pussy, right into Hilary’s waiting open mouth.

“Mmmmlllmmm,” Hilary said, swallowing as much as she could. Shakira got off of Hilary and looked at me.

“Dar me lo en mi culito!” I smiled. “I’ve never had it in my ass, so… I’ll try it now!” She lay on her stomach. I forced my pinkie finger inside her. Then my middle. Then my index and middle. Eventually, her ass was relatively loose. I slowly edged my cock into her asshole. “Aiii duele tanto!” I kept going, while Hilary held Shakira down, so she wouldn’t squirm. After I was fully inside her, and she stopped screaming and squirming, Hilary let her go. I began to stuff her virgin asshole with my bulging, stiff cock. Hilary played with her asshole as well, obviously wanting some anal herself. “OHHH YES, BABY! KEEP FUCKIN’ ME BABY! OHHH!” I continued fucking her, with a slow hard rhythm. But then I got bored with that, and decided to make her scream. I pumped her hard and strong, making her scream loud as hell. I fucked her asshole so hard, she pissed on thebed twice, wailing at the top of her lungs. “AIIIIIIII SIIIIIIII! OHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She had a strong orgasm, that exploded out of her pussy, all over the bed.

“Ohhh shit!” I couldn’t take it anymore and exploded inside her, shooting an ocean of cum into her asshole, and deep into her body. Her orgasm continued for a few more seconds, as I removed my dick and went over to Hilary.

“Lay down, baby.” She whispered, before she kissed me. I was still hard, as I laid down, with my cock saluting the sun. She smiled and slowly gave me a hand job, to get me back up to speed. She then sat down, impaling her tight, tight asshole with my rod. “OHHHHHH YEEESSSS!” She rode my cock furiously, as I watched her round, well developed boobs bounce up and down. She had a couple orgasms, that landed on my pelvis and abdomen. Hilary then switched with Shakira. They both rode my cock for another twenty minutes. They moaned in sheer ecstasy, as they rode me like two wild bull fighters. They had constant orgasms, and licked it up after each ride. They switched three times and then I couldn’t take the pressure any longer. I started to moan.

“Ohhh god!” Shakira got off me and held my dick by her mouth. Hilary crawled near my cock and opened her mouth next to Shakira, as I screamed out in one of my strongest orgasms ever. Shakira beat me off, as my pulsating cock exploded wave after wave, drenching both their faces with my warm gooey cum. They looked beautiful with my cum hanging off their lips. I continued splurting out cum, that shot several feet in the air. Hilary and Shakira stared at my thumping cock in awe, as my orgasm concluded.

“Wow.” Shakira and Hilary swallowed my cum. “I’ve never seen a man cum like that before! You are so great! I’m gonna recommend you to everyone I know! What’s your name?”

“DDR.” She smiled and got up.

“Ai, que hombre mars rico!” We all got dressed. She paid me my money and we all left. Hilary and I got in my Charger, drove Shakira back to the mall and left her there.

“Wow, Danny. She was right. That was one powerful orgasm. You are incredible!” I smirked.

“Thank you. Where to now sweetheart?” She smiled at me. “Please don’t do that.”

“What?” She asked, confused.

“By now on, you aren’t allowed to smile! You are too damn beautiful, so every time I see you smile, I melt!” She laughed and we kissed.

“Ohh, Danny. Let’s go get something to eat!”

“Good plan. I’m fucking starving!” We drove off.

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