Journal Of An Agent: Ch. 21 – Ashley Judd

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Journal of an Agent: Chap. 21 – Ashley Judd

By Carnage Jackson

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This is Part 21 of an ongoing series. Yes I know the celebs don’t act

like this in real life, but this is
a fantasy after all.

It’s been almost a year now since I took over my father’s talent agency, abandoning my life at the time to come out and try to maintain his very profitable business – meeting and well, sleeping with, a pretty big amount of celebrities. I had told myself that after six months I’d call it in and go back East to the lifestyle I grew up in. But now, I think that at least a little more time spent in Hollywood might be in my best interest.

I stood right now in the airport lobby, having just flown into the Louisville, Kentucky airport. Beside me stood my current love interest, Natalie Portman. We were in Kentucky to visit her friend Ashley Judd for a weekend in the country, and to give me a chance to try and lure away Ashley from her current agent, some nobody out of New York.

“Dean, are you SURE you got all your bags? I mean, I know I only have one but come on, I’ve never seen a guy bring three suitcases for a two day trip,” Natalie said, laughing at me in good fun. I had brought so much luggage, one of the “suitcases” actually being my briefcase and a lot of paperwork for Ashley to hopefully look over. The rest…well, I had to admit that I had probably over packed, not sure what the weather would be like in Kentucky that time of year.

“I know, I know. Better to always be prepared. That’s what my mother used to say anyways. Besides, you said Ashley wanted to go hiking in the woods this weekend any ways right?” I asked, slugging my briefcase over my shoulder and trying to keep up with Natalie, who happened to only have one bag over her petite shoulder.

Natalie was wearing a pair of burgundy corduroy ankle-length Capri pants and a t-shirt, a baseball cap planted firmly on her head to try and keep her from being noticed by any die-hard Star Wars fans. The newest Star Wars film was going to be coming out real soon, which meant intense media attention towards Natalie, especially given the scantily clad costumes she was reportedly supposed to be wearing in the film (she refused to tell me one way or the other, just smiling mischievously whenever I asked). She had confided in me that she didn’t really mind being in the spotlight or the PR work that promoting the film required, she just hated getting cornered by the hardcore fans.

Hailing one of the waiting cabs outside the airport, we piled in and gave the driver Ashley’s address as he pulled away.

“You folks better get comfortable,” he said in a thick Southern drawl “This here is out in the middle of nowhere. It’s a 45 minute drive, depending on traffic,”

Natalie sighed a little exasperatedly and settled back into the seat, taking my hand in hers, her small fingers wrapping against mine. I was exhausted from the flight, flying first from Los Angeles to New York to meet Natalie and then hopping on another plane to come to Kentucky.

Natalie removed her baseball cap and shook her long brown hair free, resting her head against my shoulder. Now it was my turn to sigh as I laid my head against the back of the cab and closed my eyes.

I must have dozed off, because when I awoke the scenery had changed drastically – trees lined the road on both sides and there didn’t seem to be any cars coming at us or behind/in front of us. I was awakened by the feeling of Natalie’s hand rubbing against my thigh, very close to my crotch. I adjusted myself so that I was more comfortable and looked down at Natalie. Her eyes met mine and she smiled, the fading light of the sunset reflecting off her angelic face.

“You remember the first time we got together, in the back of that limo?” she whispered softly to me, her mouth close to my ear. “You remember how we much fun that was, the thrill that we might get caught?” Natalie said, her hand now resting squarely on my cock, rubbing it gently through my jeans.

“How could I forget. That night was incredible, in a lot of ways,” I whispered back to her. I realized that the whispering was unneeded, as the driver of the cab had on a pair of head phones and seemed to rocking out to some country or rock station, the faint sound of it’s melodies competing with the hum of the cab’s engine for the only sound that was audible.

“Well, I was thinking about it while you were sleeping and it got me incredibly horny,” Natalie said, rubbing my crotch even faster now. “And I was thinking, since there is no one around and the driver isn’t paying attention…” she trailed off.

I just leaned my head down and kissed her head, putting my hand over hers that rested on my lap, giving her a sign of encouragement. Natalie slowly unzipped my pants and reached her hand into the jeans, grasping my cock through my boxers, glancing up every second or so at the driver to make sure he indeed wasn’t watching.

Very slowly and quietly, she began to jerk me off, her small fingers caressing my now very hard meat. I leaned back more into the faux-leather seat, spreading my legs a little to allow her more access. A casual glance by the driver would have only shown Natalie’s small body pressed against my chest, one of my arms wrapped around her shoulder.

Of course, what he wouldn’t have seen was me slowly snaking my hand up under Natalie’s shirt and cupping her small breasts, rubbing the nipple between my fingers as Natalie’s hand slowly moved up and down on my shaft. Natalie sighed quietly as I rubbed her, alternating between her breasts slowly, both of us very cautious not to give this backwoods country cab driver a free show.

We continued like this for a while, Natalie’s forehead slowly starting to glisten with sweat and my own orgasm very near. I had managed to work her breasts free from the constraints of her bra, her hard nipples rubbing against my palm. Natalie’s face was flushed as she turned her lips upward to kiss me, a deep and passionate kiss that was also quite tender. Her mouth tasted just the way I remember – like heaven, with a slight taste of some kind of fruit and a small tongue that was no match for my own.

Unfortunately, just as I was about to cum right there in the back of the cab, the driver pulled off his headphones and said “Is this the place?”

We were both startled and I think jumped at least six inches off the seat, pulling away from each other hurriedly. Natalie quickly adjusted her shirt while I zipped up my pants, my orgasm so close that it was almost painful.

“Uhh…let me check,” Natalie said, reaching into her purse to pull out a picture of the house. Though it was now just about dusk, the house the driver was now idling in front of was quite obviously Ashley’s Kentucky home.

“Yeah…yea, this is the place,” Natalie replied. We both opened our doors and got out, digging our stuff out from the trunk of the cab. Setting it on the ground, Natalie went in towards the house while I fished in my pocket for the money for the driver. As she walked past, the driver startled us both by grabbing hold of Natalie’s wrist.

Natalie looked a little frightened by the sudden movement, but it turned out to be nothing.

“Geez, I hate to do this, but Ms. Portman, do you think I could get an autograph? My two sons just loved watching you in that Phantom movie and they would just die if they knew I had Queen Amidala in the back of my cab,” the driver said in a soft voice, smiling at Natalie.

“Oh! Oh, yes, of course, sure. What are your sons names so that I can make it out to them?” Natalie asked.

“Ben and Taylor. And if you could make it out to me, Jim, I’d appreciate it too,” the driver said very politely.

“Not a problem,” Natalie said, smiling. The driver had given her a little notepad to write on and Natalie quickly scrawled a message to the three Kentuckians. Handing the pad back to the man, Natalie said “Here you go,”

I stood beside her now and held out the money for the fare, about to hand him a hundred dollar bill.

“Thanks for going out of your way like this, Jim,” I said. “You can keep the change”

“No, you put your money away young man. No charge for this fare. It’s not every day I get to drive around royalty,” he said.

“Well, thank you very much,” I said, gathering up my bags. Natalie and I watched the man turn around on the dirt road that we were now on and watched him drive off when he stopped the cab again.

“Oh, and listen. I won’t tell anyone about what you two lovebirds were doing back there,” Jim said, again smiling that country smile.

Both Natalie and I must have blushed at the same time because he laughed now. “Don’t worry about it. After driving this heap of metal for 15 years, you two are HARDLY the most outrageous thing I’ve ever seen happen in my back seat. Take care,”

Driving off, Natalie and I waved to him. “You believe him?” I asked, still a little dumbfounded that he would give up 100 bucks for an autograph “Sure, people out here are different than those LA snobs you are used to,” Natalie replied, giving my cheek a quick peck.

We walked up the gate to the house, luggage in tow. “I hope Ashley has something to eat, I’m starving!” Natalie said.

The two girls had met when Natalie filmed her last non-Star Wars film, “Where the Heart Is” with Ashley, and had apparently become close friends, exchanging email and keeping in touch with each other through instant messages and other Internet mumbo jumbo that I just didn’t quite understand. We had planned this trip to coincide with some of Ashley’s down time between films and right after Natalie’s mid-term exams. Of course, my schedule was flexible enough to be able to leave whenever I wanted to, but I still had hoped to get a little bit of work done this time and to be able to still write the trip off as a business expense.

“Well well well, look at these two city slickers, walking up onto Judd property,” Ashley called to us from her porch. She leaned against a column on the house, her arms crossed against her chest. She was dressed pretty casually like the both of us, wearing a torn University of Kentucky t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Despite being a pretty big star in Hollywood, it seemed that the country accent and upbringing from her family of singers hadn’t worn off of her completely yet.

“Hey Ashley!” Natalie said as we walked up the steps to the house. Natalie dropped her suitcase and hugged Ashley, Ashley’s height being significantly taller than Natalie’s petite frame. Though her hairstyle and color had changed a lot, Ashley currently was set on a short, cropped and curly brown hair color, the curls sticking out in all kinds of directions.

I stood there awkwardly as the two girls chatted to each other, almost oblivious to my presence. Ashley finally stopped in mid-sentence and looked up at me.

“Oh! You must be the famous Dean Simonds that Natalie just keeps raving about,” Ashley said, walking over to me and giving me an enthusiastic hug.

“That would be me. I like your house here, it’s rustic but still has some of that LA charm,” I said.

“Spoken like a true West Coaster,” Ashley replied dryly.

“Hey now, I grew up on the East Coast, up in New York, so don’t give me any of that West Coast bullshit. I’m just in LA…visiting,” I replied to her, laughing.

“Sure, sure, whatever,” Ashley said, guiding us inside “Here, come on in. You two are just in time for dinner. Hey Dar, come here and say hi to Natalie and Dean,” Ashley called down a hallway.

“Dar” was actually Dario Franchitti, Ashley’s race car driving fiancé of almost two years. A Scot, he was a little taller than Ashley and looked just like a race car driver, his black hair slicked back on top of his head.

We all sat down in the living room for a few minutes while dinner was finishing being cooked (A veggie salad for Ashley and Natalie, who were both vegetarians, and fried chicken, biscuits and other home grown vegetables for “Dar” and myself).

“So, are you two up for some hiking tomorrow?” Ashley asked, sipping on a glass of wine while sitting in a leather chair across the way from me and Natalie on the couch.

“I am. I love being outside, especially this part of the country. It’s so relaxing to go out and just explore the wilderness a little,” Natalie replied. “Although, I’m not sure how much hiking Dean will be able to do. His knees always hurt even when we walk around New York City a little. What a wuss,” she said, playfully slapping my chest.

She was right however. I had hurt my knee a long time ago back in high school when I played soccer. A slide tackle had pretty much ended my career then, and even to this day whenever I walk a great distance, especially up hills, I end up with a week’s worth of pain.

“Well, that’s ok. I wasn’t going anyways – I know these hills like the back of my hand and there really isn’t any reason for me to go again. This will be good then – you and Natalie can hike it up and be back here in time for a late afternoon dinner,” Ashley said to Dario.

“Oh is that so?” Dario replied. “And what are you and Mr. Simonds over there going to do all day?”

“Oh, I’m sure we will think of something,” Ashley said, winking at me. The whole room burst into laughter but something told me that Ashley wasn’t completely joking around.

We ate dinner a few minutes later and the food was delicious. I had had a grandmother who was from the South and I always remember loving when she came to town because of the delicious food she would always cook. Though a little on the dry side, Ashley’s fried chicken was almost like those home cooked meals I had enjoyed so many ages ago.

The four of us socialized for a while, but both Natalie and I were exhausted from traveling and decided to go to bed a little early. We made love for a little while but finally just collapsed after a couple of go-arounds, both of us too tired to go on.

“Dean, I hope you know that you can trust me tomorrow with Dario when we go hiking,” Natalie said, her head resting on my chest. I could feel her small, soft frame breathing in and out against me, her small breasts crushed against my chest. Her sex lay on top of my right leg, the warmth of our intercourse still giving it a comforting and radiating warmth.

“Of course. I have no reason not to trust you. And besides, I don’t think that race car drivers are your type. Too reckless. I think you’d rather date someone who travels a lot. Someone who gets to meet all the stars and get into all the big parties in Hollywood. You know, someone like me,” I replied, smiling at her. Natalie lifted her head, her brown locks falling in front of her face.

“Is that so? Gee mister, you have me all figured out!” Natalie said playfully in a mock serious voice. She leaned down to kiss me goodnight, a long and soft kiss (I always will remember the feel of her tongue inside my mouth. It always felt like heaven on earth).

“Goodnight,” she murmured, rolling off of me. I could tell she was about to fall asleep. I reached my arm over and stroked her back as she lay breathing next to me, feeling the softness of her skin beneath my fingertips.

“Goodnight,” I whispered and then began to feel myself drifting off to sleep.

The next morning, I awoke to find Natalie already out of bed and, come to find out, gone. Walking out into the kitchen, I found Ashley sipping a cup of coffee and reading the local newspaper.

“Morning,” I yawned, scratching my messed up hair with my hand lazily.

“Good morning,” Ashley said, not looking up from the paper. “They left around 6:00. It’s an all day hike and they wanted to get back before dark tonight, in case you were wondering,” Ashley said, finishing her sip.

“Oh. Ok. Well, where is that coffee pot? I think I need to connect that caffeine directly into my veins. It was so hard getting up this morning, that bed was incredibly comfortable. I think you are trying to trap us here, giving us all these creature comforts,” I said, finding the coffee pot and pouring myself a cup.

“Na, I can’t trap Natalie. That girl is too strong willed – she would never go for something like that. You on the other hand…I’m still trying to figure you out, but you seem to be the highly trappable type,” Ashley said, lifting her head up from the page for the first time.

She was wearing only a purple bathrobe and a pair of long plaid pajama pants, her brown hair tied behind her head in a ponytail.

“Figuring me out is easy – give me a big plate of food, a big bed to sleep in and a girl to lie next to me and I’m yours,” I replied jokingly. “Of course, you could probably say that for any man,”

“Touché,” Ashley said, punching my arm lightly from across the table affectionately. “So, you want some breakfast or what? I don’t have much meat in the house but I bet I could scramble up some eggs for you,”

“That would be wonderful. Don’t go to too much trouble though,” I said.

“No trouble at all. You’re a guest in my house AND the boyfriend of one of my best friends. I could go so far as to suck your dick and it wouldn’t be any trouble,” Ashley said. I couldn’t tell from her tone of voice if she was serious or not. I suddenly felt a little uncomfortable sitting there in just an undershirt and boxer shorts.

Ashley picked up on my discomfort.

“That was a joke. Chill out. I’m engaged, remember?” Ashley said.

“Right, of course. How silly of me. People in Hollywood NEVER cheat on each other,” I retorted smart-alecky.

“Hey mister, you better watch that mouth you got on ya. We don’t take too kindly to jokers here in the South,” Ashley said in her deepest Southern accent. Ashley returned to cooking the eggs and soon the room was filled with the scent of cooking done by a chef who really knows what they are doing.

After breakfast, I got in the shower and tried to think of anything but Ashley. But no matter what I did, my mind kept running over and over again the little flirting gestures she had shown since we got here. I had been unfaithful to Natalie before in our relationship, but that was when we were across the country from each other. I stood very little chance of getting caught.

But here I was, Natalie out for the afternoon but possibly able to come back at almost any time, and one of her best friends was hitting on me (an engaged one, no less)! Was I out of my mind to think that even if Ashley really was serious in her flirting that we could get away with it without our significant others finding out?

The thrill of risking it all like that in such a knowingly dangerous situation began to turn me on incredibly, but I pushed my thoughts aside for the time being. Shutting off the water and drying myself off, I decided to see if Ashley continued her maneuvering and take it from there…adultery requires two people, after all.

I found Ashley relaxing on the swing of her porch, quietly enjoying a glass of lemonade and reading a book. Wanting to get my mind as far off sex as possible, I walked back inside and grabbed my briefcase, bringing it out in an attempt to persuade her towards joining my firm.

“Oh no, I KNEW there was an alternate method to your trip up here!” Ashley groaned upon seeing the briefcase.

“I know, I know. But this damn thing just follows me around wherever I go. I figure I gotta make the most of it when I can. So tell me Ashley,” I said in my most serious business voice. “How satisfied are you right now with your current representation?”

“I’m completely satisfied. Well wait, no, I’m not satisfied. I mean, I don’t know! You big city boys come down here and just confuse a little Southern belle like me on purpose don’t you?” Ashley said, reverting to her Southern accent again. “Please, sit down and tell me about all the services that you offer,”

She scooted over on the swing and I sat down. We talked about her future films for a while and I found out that she wasn’t interested in making tremendous amounts of money, she just wanted to star in a lot of movies and get top billing. She wasn’t even concerned with doing really GOOD movies, she just wanted to move out from the shadow of the rest of her family and prove that the Judds weren’t completely about just singing.

As we sat there, slowly rocking back on the swing, the lazy fall breeze blowing in every now and then to jostle my papers around, I noticed that Ashley had moved closer and closer to me and that her legs were just about touching my own.

I tried to play it off as a coincidence, but when she started rubbing her leg against me (the rest of her body acting on it’s own accord), I knew she was serious. I stopped her in mid-sentence.

“Ashley, do you really want to go down that path?” I asked, looking deep into her brown eyes.

“I can keep a secret if you can,” she replied, moving her hand to my thigh. “But let’s go inside so no one driving by sees us,”

Ashley took my hand and led me into the house, drawing the blinds as she did. Stopping me in front of the front door, she reached down and pulled off my shirt, tossing it onto a sofa. Taking my hand again, she led me to the kitchen.

“Hmmm…I’m not sure if this is what I had in mind,” I said. Ashley didn’t speak for a second, but instead lifted up the back of her dress, revealing a quite firm, tight ass with a green thong riding up the cleft of her cheeks. Digging her fingers beneath the fabric, she pulled it aside and gave me a first glimpse of her beautiful cunt.

A light shade of brown, her pussy lips were a deep shade of pink, and I saw a small tuft of blond hair above her snatch. Her rosebud asshole was pert and cute and the magnificent shape of her ass was a sight to behold for sure.

“Oh come on Dean, I could use a good lay. And I KNOW you haven’t been faithful to Natalie while you are out there in Los Angeles. But that’s alright. I figure, if other Hollywood whores are getting to have some fun, not to mention a really good friend of mine, I might as well enjoy it too,” Ashley said. She had spread her legs wide and her pussy was just an open invitation now, the stiffness in my pants getting tighter by the second.

I didn’t like being known as basically a Hollywood gigolo, but if the shoe fits, wear it.

Unzipping my pants and letting them fall to the floor before stepping out of them, I moved behind Ashley. I rubbed the tip of my cock on her warm cheeks and between her legs, but not quite entering her. I used my right hand to rub and squeeze her ass, fondling it in my palm and enjoying it’s very slight jiggle. I slipped my finger inside of her cunt and slowly began to move it in and out of her, her pussy responding dramatically by wetting down my hand as I finger fucked her.

Dropping to my knees, I slowly began to lick her ass, moving from one cheek to the other with a few little gentle bites every now and then to keep Ashley jumping a little. Running my tongue between her legs, from her pussy to her ass, I relished the sweet taste of this actress. Her womanhood gave off an odor that was quite pleasant and the taste of her cunt juice was like that of a bitter kind of honey, sweet but with a little bit of a kick.

Ashley had been biting on her lip, trying not to moan too loudly as I ate her out. The thrill of knowing that Natalie and Dario could walk in any second sent a slight shiver of excitement down my spine, serving to only make my dick that much harder. Ashley’s moans became a soft grunt now as I moved my fingers (I had three inside her now) back and forth, the kitchen table rocking gently back and forth as I thrust my hand in and out of her faster and faster.

She was sopping wet now, and I could see her nipples straining against the fabric of her dress from the excitement. Ashley’s head was rested on her arms but she seemed to be on another level of consciousness as I worked on her pussy, her eyes squinted closed tightly and her mouth gasping for air. Satisfied that she was ready to go, I positioned myself behind her and slowly slid the head of my shaft inside of her, watching her pussy lips expand and wrap tightly around me to “greet” me.

Ashley’s pussy wasn’t tight, but it wasn’t loose either. This made it easy for me to slip totally inside of her within a thrust or two, my balls slapping against the crack in her ass. I grabbed onto Ashley’s hips and rocked her body back against me, her legs holding firm onto the ground as we moved in unison. Moving a hand up, I slid the straps of Ashley’s dress down and scrunched the whole thing up at her waist, the fabric held in place on her body by her sweat.

Cupping her breasts in my hand, I held them in my palms, rubbing them around in circles as we moved. This little extra attention paid to her breasts caused Ashley to orgasm, spilling her juice down the inside of her leg. Gasping for air after coming down from her orgasm, Ashley seemed to have a renewed vigor and stood up from the table slightly, reaching her arms back and pulling me onto her own back. This forced her back down onto the table, but Ashley was two steps ahead of me and, with my own body now suspended on the table as well, she wrapped her legs at the knee around my thighs.

This allowed me to get up into a better position by thrusting into her on my knees. Ashley’s back arched up in the air as she thrust her ass higher for me to reach. I began to pull in and out of her with each jab inside of her, letting the head of my cock come out before shoving it back into her hard. Each time I did this, Ashley screamed even louder. I was really worried now about someone hearing us, especially Natalie, but Ashley’s primal screams just encouraged me to go faster and longer into her.

My balls tightened up and I felt my orgasm coming. Bucking into Ashley harder now, the table shaking violently on it’s wooden legs, I unleashed my load deep in Ashley’s cunt. She felt my eruption and gave off one final moan, so loud that it filled and echoed throughout the entire house.

Spent, I collapsed on top of her and we laid there for a few minutes, my softening prick still held in the deep recesses of her cunt.

Suddenly, I heard voices outside – VERY CLOSE voices!

“Oh shit, I think they are back!” I whispered into Ashley’s ear. I promptly slid off of her, my dick coming out her pussy with a plop and spilling a few drops of cum down Ashley’s leg.

Hurriedly, we both fixed our clothing, but it was then that I realized that I had left my shirt in the living room! I had put my pants and shoes back on, but without the shirt, I knew I was toast. Natalie and Dario were just coming up the front walk now. Frantic, I looked around for a place to go.

Without saying a word, Ashley (who had quite easily slid her panties back on and fixed her dress) pointed to the tiny kitchen window above the sink. I looked at her questioningly but I didn’t have much choice right now. Hopping onto the counter quickly, I threw the window open and managed to get most of the way through before I felt Ashley shoving hard on my feet.

This caused me to lose my balance and I landed with a thud on the dusty ground below the window. Getting up and brushing myself off, I crouched down by the window to hear what was going on.

The front door opened first and I heard Natalie and Dario come in talking to one another. Ashley had walked to the living room to greet them now and I heard her voice louder than the others.

“Hey you two. So, did Dar show you the very top of the mountain?” I heard Ashley say.

“Yep. And you were write, that is an amazing view up there. You can see for miles and miles. So peaceful,” Natalie replied.

“Well, I’m glad that it was a worthwhile trip. I would have gone with you, but I had things to do around here, you know,” Ashley said.

“It’s ok baby, we didn’t mind. Natalie is a natural climber,” Dario said. He must have walked over to Ashley now because his voice sounded much closer.

“Hey, where’s Dean? I wanted to tell him about the hike!” Natalie said inquisitively. My heart froze in my chest – I some how hadn’t thought of that fact that Ashley might be put on the spot. How stupid of me to leave my relationship in the hands of someone who was just as guilty as me!

“And why is his shirt laying here on the couch?” Natalie said, now sounding a little angry and confused.

“Oh, so it is. He must have taken it off when he went outside. The uhh…faucet out back was leaking and he thought he could fix it. I guess he took off his shirt so it didn’t get dirty,” Ashley stammered. I crossed my fingers and hoped they bought it.

“I didn’t know that the faucet was leaking. When did this happen?” Dario said, his voice now ALSO taking on the same concerned tone of Natalie’s.

“No, it just started up while I was cleaning up the kitchen. Dean is right out back, let me holler to him,” Ashley said. I heard her walk towards the window and stick her head out. She glanced down at me, crouching like a little kid and did a sort of head jerking motion that said “Get inside NOW!”

“Dean? You back there? Natalie and Dar are back!” Ashley hollered and then her head disappeared. I counted to five and stood up slowly, hoping to make it appear like I wasn’t crouching after all but had just walked into the frame of view of the window.

“Oh, hey guys. I think I fixed the faucet Ashley,” I said, feigning a brow wipe.

“That’s great. Thanks a lot Dean,” Ashley said. Both Dario and Natalie stood there watching us, and I could almost hear the wheels in their head spinning as they tried to dissect the scenario. “Well, come on in and get changed, and Natalie and I will get dinner going,”

I walked around the house and came inside. Natalie gave me a long hug and quick, soft kiss on the lips.

“I missed you today. I really wished you had come,” Natalie said, her head looking up at me trustingly. I almost wanted to blurt out what I had done, but I knew that Dario (who was much larger than I) would be on me in a heartbeat. That is, after Natalie got finished with me.

“I missed you too. But I think that Ashley and I worked out an arrangement. She should be coming over to the firm pretty soon, right Ashley?” I called out to her from the front door.

“Oh yea, for sure. You watch out for Dean there Natalie, he can swindle you into doing just about anything,” Ashley replied sarcastically and we all laughed.

“Hey Dean,” Dario said, walking towards me. “How did you fix the faucet without any tools?” My heart again leaped into my throat and now Natalie was looking straight at me, that questioning gaze back in her eyes.

“Well, I uhh, you see, it was a little loose and,” I tried to stammer but knew that the ax was just about to fall on me and Ashley both, indicting us. I was just about to admit defeat when Ashley chimed in and saved us both from the fire AGAIN.

“He used his hands. It was just on a little tight, and I think that caused the pressure to drop. Now stop playing twenty questions with him and let’s all just enjoy dinner,” Ashley said coolly.

I felt the tension in the room dissipate. We all sat down and ate a nice dinner and stayed up late into the night talking – most of it discussion about the trip that Natalie and Dario had had. By 1 AM or so, Natalie had laid her head down on my lap and was about to fall asleep, so I bid Ashley and Dario goodnight for the both of us and carried Natalie into our bedroom.

Laying her down on the bed and then climbing in beside her, Natalie rolled over on her side and murmured: “I know what you and Ashley were doing today while we were gone,” she said.

“You do?” I gulped.

“Uh-huh. She told me about it,” Natalie yawned. “But don’t worry, I’m not too mad about it. At least it was someone who I know and trust and respect as a friend. I mean, you are around beautiful people all the time, it must be tough to not give into the pressure every now and then,” she said sleepily.

“Yeah, I suppose,” I said, knowing full well that “every now and then” meant a lot more in my book than in hers.

“Well, don’t fret about it. This was a fun weekend, no need to spoil it with this. Next time though, you should invite me in on the fun,” Natalie said.

“Oh, you’d like to be involved in something like that huh?” I said to Natalie.

“Yep. I’m in college after all, got to do all that crazy ‘experimenting’ they talk about,” Natalie said. “And wait till I tell you about what Dario and I did on the mountain today,” she trailed off.

“What did you two do?” I asked, now wondering myself just how faithful she herself had been.

But I got no response – she had fallen asleep. I started to wake her to ask her, but thought better of it. A grin came over my face as I tried to decide if she was playing me in this relationship, if I was playing her, or if we were both just having fun messing with each other’s head. I can’t remember which I decided before I fell asleep, but since I slept so well I think it was more of the latter.

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