Victory Party

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Victory Party by [email protected]

Elizabeth Hurley walked up the stairs of the beautiful london hotel, she
could hear the party from oustide as she handed the valet her car keys.
She had been partying almost every night for the past month, being
single again was fun. The only problem was she wasn’t finding many guys
worth her time let alone even spend more than 10 minutes with.

Her calves tensed sexily as she walked up the stairs in her black
stilettos as her black velvet dress flowed freely around her tall
slender pale
legs. The london air hit her breasts as her dress showed a
generous amount of cleveage, as always.

Liz stepped into the party and quickly scanned the room for the woman
who had invited her. Ashley Judd was quickly heard screaming "Liz!!!"
as she went and hugged the taller engilsh rose. Ashley was wearing a
fantastic white dress as they embraced each other. "I’m so glad you
came," Ashley said to Liz. "No problem, Ashley Congratulations on the
win." Liz said in her english accent speaking of the reason for the
nights’ party. Ashley’s racer boyfriend had won a race in england and
was celebrating.

A waiter walked to Ashley before she could thank Liz for the
congratulations and informed her there was a problem in the kitchne.
Ashley excused herself leaving LIz alone. Liz quickly scanned the room
for a man worthy of her gorgeous body as she walked to the bar and
ordered a drink. Elizabeth stood at the bar confident her dress would
attract some attention.

As the night wore on about 24 men came and had approached LIz. Half of
them she had no interest in and the others she politely danced with.
Liz had taken her seat at the bar thinking what a complete waste of
time this was. Liz was sulking when she was interrupted as a man fell
against the bar. The man was leaning back against the bar as a woman
was pawing him all over. The woman was attractive and was pleading,
"One more dance Ken please?" The man politely took the woman off
himself and said, "Give me a minute please I promise I’ll dance with
you again." in a clearly american accent.

Liz quickly looked over the man, he was tall, and handsome with a well
defined chest and large arms which showed against his shirt. Not only
was he handsome but, he was black as coal. LIz was intrigued by him.
She hadn’t had much contact with black men ecspecially handsome ones.
She wondered how good a dancer he was to incite such passion in that

Ken looked next to him and was taken by the striking beauty next to him.
They both made eye contact and smiled as Ken ordered a beer. Ken took
his beer and popped the cap and said to Liz, "Wonderful party don’t you
think?" his smile gave Liz a warm feeling inside. "Maybe for you. It
seems you have women fawning on you from all sides." Liz replied with a
sly smile. Ken smiled at the compliment and said, " Oh I’m sure you’ve
been busy tonight. A lovely lady such as yourself."

Before LIz could tell him what a bust the night had been the woman from
before came and took Ken to the dance floor. Liz watched his ass move
in his pants as he was led to the dance floor by the crazed woman.
Liz’s stare was interrupted as Ashley Judd tapped her shoulder. "How ya
doin single girl? Find anyone you like?" Liz laughed slightly as she
spotted Ken on the floor with the woman. "Well actually there was one
man……" Liz pointed out Ken to Ashley. "Is that woman his wife" Liz
asked. Ashley said laughingly, "No that’s Ken he’s a mechanic on the
pit crew."

"That explains that body." Liz thought to herself. As she continued her
conversation with Ashley all the while looking at Ken out of the corner
of her eye. Ashley noticed Liz eyeing Ken and asked, "Are you
interested in Ken? Cuz I can always drop him a hint." Liz blushed and
said, "Well I must admit I do fancy him a bit. And that man he’s
talking to right now is just as handsome as he is." Liz and Ashley both
looked and saw Ken talking to an equally handsome, taller, younger
black man.

Ashley quickly said, "Oh that’s T." "T? a letter is his name?" Liz
asked. Ashley said, " Oh no that’s what we call him it’s short for
Tony. He’s Ken’s brother I met him after a basketball game at Kentucky
I didn’t even know they were brothers at first." Ashley said. "He plays
for the university?" Liz asked interestingly. Ashley smiled and said,
"Ask them yourself." Ashley motioned for Ken and T to come over.

Ken and T introduced themselves to Liz . Liz and Ken shared a heated
stare as they looked at each other. "Well T I think you and me should
leave. " Ashley said as she noticed the heat mounting in the air. As
she led T by the hand onto the dance floor.

"Hi" Liz said with a smile, "Nice to see you agian. Hope your not taken
away again by another woman." Ken laughed and said,"That was just some
drunk woman. I was sorry to leave you so prematurely Hopefully we can
talk longer this time." Liz blushed like a school girl and said, "I
hope so too." "Well" Ken said, "One way to make sure we can talk is if
we go and dance ourselves."

Liz agreed as she took Ken’s hand and stepped onto the floor. Liz could
feel the eyes of all the men she had danced with before and turned down
that night staring at her with this tall black man. "So you work in the
pit crew?" Liz said looking into Ken’s soulful eyes. "yeah it’s a good
job ecspecially when we win and have victory parties."

Liz blushed and said, "Your a mechanic then?" Ken said, "yeah kind of
i’m one of the guys that puts the tires on during changes." "Oh that
explains these" Liz said rubbing Ken’s large arms. Ken laughed as he
moved his hands down liz’s body and rested them just above her ass. Liz
could feel the heat in her panties rising incredibly.

It had been so long since Liz had sex she was horny as hell and then
something happened. Liz rested her head on Ken’s developed chest and
felt something against her hip. Oh god it’s so soft that can’t be she
tought. Liz was never a shy girl and she slightly rubbed her hip
against it. It was so soft and large it was like a pillow. She could
definitely tell the difference between it and Ken’s muscular leg.

A deep voice startled Liz as it whispered in her ear, "Like what you
feel?" Liz looked up and smiled as she said, "Perhaps," She let her
hand fall between them as she grabbed his cock through his pants. "Good
god he’s bigger than hugh is hard!" Liz thought scared a bit.

"Perhaps you’d like to experience it up in my room?" Ken asked. LIz
usually wasn’t this fast but, she needed cock and she never had even
seen a cock close to what this felt like.

The both walked discreetly to the elevator of the hotel as the door
closed they were the only ones in it. Ken stood behind her and pressed
110 on the elevator. As he brought this hand back he brushed the black
hair from Liz’s ear. He gently blew in it and sucked on the lobe
causing Liz to moan and reach behind her grabbing Ken’s muscular ass
and thrusting him towards her. He could feel his enormous erection
rubbing into her ass as his hand grabbed her breasts and pawed them as
their passionate kiss raised their body temperatures.

Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the soul melting kiss but, when she
squeezed his ass towards her and she felt that huge cock rest between
her soft ass cheeks her eyes opened wide. "God what a monster!" she
thought as she closed her eyes enjoying the feeling of his huge manhood
resting between her ass cheeks as their tongues swirled around each
other. Her hands caressed the back of his head and powerful neck as he
bent his neck from behind her while they passionately kissed. Ken’s
hands were playing with her breasts and he was about to pull them out
of her risque dress when the elevator stopped at about the 80th floor
causing them both to jump to attention and break their passinate

Ken brought his hands behind him and liz crossed her arms as a man
entered the elevator. He was one of the men who Liz had danced with
earlier at the party. He was oblivious to the fact LIz and Ken were
there together. He simply thought that it was coincidence Liz was in
the elevator with this huge black man.

"Nice to see you again." He said flirtateously with Liz. Liz smiled
because, she found hte situation funny as did Ken who noticed the man’s
come-on. "Going back to the party?" hte man asked. As the man asked her
that he didn’t notice htat Liz had her hand behind her and was now
stroking Ken’s enormous penis through his pants. Without bringing
attention to what her right hand was doing she said, "No I think i’m
going to go to my room and get some well deserved rest."

The floor hit 110 and the doors opened. Liz said, "Good Night" to the
man and walked out with Ken following her close behind. The man in the
elevator found that strange. "She can’t possibly be sharing a room with
that nigger. Oh well, perhaps I can score some pussy tonight. Even
though I wish it was hers I was getting tonight. Bet she hasn’t had a
good fuck since she left that english guy." the man thought to himself.
How little he knew.

Ken opened the door to his large room and let Liz in. "They take care of
their mechanics I see." said, Liz admiring the large room. It was an
open room with a view of the london river and big ben in the background
as the city could be seen lit up by thousands of little lights. Just
infront of the large windows was a circular bed. In the corner of the
room was a large hot tub next to a refridgerator where Ken was bending
over to retrieve a bottle of chilled champagne. "Nice ass. Wonder what
it will look like thrusting that monstrous dick into me." Liz thought.
"Nobody said I was a girl scout." she thought to herself.

Liz bit her lip as she thought naughty things. Her thoughts were
interrupted as Ken handed her a chilled glass of champagne. "Her you
go." said Ken looking right into Liz’s eyes. "To…." Ken started, "a
night of possibilities." finished Liz. They both sipped their champagne
and the sexual heat was felt by both people. Ken brushed Liz’s raven
black hair from her face and kissed her full on the lips. Liz eagerly
kissed back against his full lips. Her hands roamed his hard body as
his felt up her soft, warm, inviting body.

The slit in her dress showed a large amount of Liz’s perfect legs and
also allowed Ken’s hand access to her mound. Their kissing continued as
Liz slightly parted her legs allowing Ken’s hand access to Brtains most
gorgeous pussy. She could feel herself melting as his large hand and
thick fingers cupped her mound only a thin piece of silk seperating her
from this american black man’s touch.

She whimpered as they continued to kiss ferociously.Ken eased her
panties down from her hips and never breaking their kiss, Liz helped to
step out of them her sexy legs looking great in black heels as they
stepped out of her own black panties. Ken’s hand didn’t return to her
boiling pussy however, instead he glided his hand up and down her
thighs as Liz spread her legs more. Her pussy was aching at this point
and she was biting Ken’s lower lip slightly showing her frustration.
Ken looked at her closed eyes and then picked her up with ease.

Liz remembered Hugh tried to lift her once and he fell like a fool. They
kissed more as Ken laid her down on the bed. He kissed her chin and
neck with meaningful kisses his tongue slightly touching her skin. He
kiss down the middle of her cleavage only touching the inner parts of
her breasts. he kissed her stomach through the black material and hten
kissed her mound through the material. Liz then began to bunch up her
dress around her waist assisting Ken eagerly as he lifted the dress up
and exposed her achingly hot pussy to the cool air.

Ken kissed her pussy lips and Liz nearly passed out. It was amazing the
amount of sexual tension this man was creating in her. Liz angled her
hips a bit allowing him easier access to every english man’s dream. Ken
went down on her eating her carefully with his tongue reaching her
farther with his tongue than any man had ever before. She wrapped her
heeled legs around his head as she wantonly bucked and thrust against
his mouth desperately trying ot get more of his tongue into her.

The sensation built up inside of her and erupted like a volcano as she
released her legs’ grip from around his head and laid on the bed
pleased in the orgasm she had achieved at Ken’s mouth. "Mmmmm, you were
exquisite." Liz said lovingly with an enjoyed look in her eyes. She
carressed his face and brought him to her as they kissed again. His
large black body hovering above her as he supported himself on his
arms. She kissed him passionately tasting herself on his tongue. her
body reached down and began to undo his pants. She unbuckled his belt
blindly as they continued their kiss and she unzipped his zipper. She
then grabbed both the waistband of his pants and boxers and pushed them
down off his muscular mountain of an ass and his large black penis
flopped down limp and smacked right against her pussy lips causing them
to tingle as though she was struck by lighting.

"Oh my." Liz said smiling as she looked into Ken’s eyes. Ken kneeled on
the bed and Liz sat up on her side looking at Ken with his pants at his
knees and his dangling penis nearly touching the sheets of the bed.
"That’s quite a tool there." Liz said as she gripped the dangling
penis. It was so thick and soft yet so hot. It made her inside’s bubble
looking at it. It was the largest she had ever seen. She had seen some
close to it’s length but, never as long nor as wide. She stroked it a
bit up and down it’s long shaft. She was a bit startled when she felt
his hand brush her hair from one side of her face. She had forgetten
there was a man attached ot this magnificent organ. And a magnificent
man he was. Liz lifted herself and kneeled too as they faced each

Liz’s slender fingers found the bottom of Ken’s shirt and peeled it from
his muscled body. She lifted the shirt as he lifted his large arms to
help her. She had exposed an ebony statue to herself. His abs stuck
from his body like cans and his chest was as developed as his penis.
Her hands carressed his muscled neck as they looked into each other
eyes and kissed again. Their hands explored each other’s bodies as they
kissed hungrily.

Ken’s large, warm hands were rubbing up and down the outside of her
kneeling legs and Liz knew what he wanted. She reached down too her
smaller hands in his and they both grabbed the bottom of her dress and
lifted it up and off her perfect body. Exposing England’s crown jewel
to this black yankee. Ken stood on the bed and dropped his pants off of
himself and took of his socks and shoes as well. Liz looked up at his
adonis like body marveling at this perfect man while he disrobed. Most
men would consider themselves lucky for a night with Liz yet, she was
the one who felt lucky to be able to spend this night with a man like

Her hands caressed his large tree-trunk like thighs as she brought
herself a bit higher lifting her ass of her heels bringing herself
eye-level with Ken’s monster. She lifted the large snake in her hand
exposing his hanging balls. She sucked one ball into her mouth and
another. This move used to always cause Hugh to shoot off into her
hair. Something she disgusted. Ken however looked down not moving as
she played with his penis.

She stroked the large penis to semi-hardness attempting to take the
large dick into her mouth. The lips that estee lauder had insured for
tons of money were now wrapped around an ebony pole. She sucked it
rigorously trying everything she knew. Liz considered herself
well-versed in sex and not shy at all. She stuck her tongue in his
large piss hole and tried to tease him in every manner she knew. She
rolled back his enormous amount of foreskin and ran her teeth over his
bulbous head.

Ken continued stroking her hair enjoying the four star treatment from
London’s brightest star. After an amazing amount of time Liz’s jaw
began to ache and she had to resort to trying to jag him off. It was
not going to happen. "This man’s stamina is amazing!" she thought to
herself. Ken pulled his penis away from her yet Liz’s mouth vainly
tried to follow his cock like a baby when food is pulled from it’s
mouth. Ken kneeled down on the bed face to face with Liz. He kissed her
and his large hands grabbed a hold of her large breasts pawing and
palming them mashing them like pudding. Liz moaned at the treatment and
Ken gently laid her onto her back.

Liz held her breath in anticipation as she watched her pussy lips
spreading like never before as ken slapped hte head of his cock against
her slit. "Oh god, Ken, Please give me it." she pleaded. Ken smiled as
he held his weapon in his hand. "Just relax" he said as he eased his
enormous cock into her. It split her like nobody ever had. "Oh god oh
god oh god, "Liz screamed but, it came out only in a gasp as she
watched the black spear disapper into her. When Ken’s body finally
mashed against her opening she laid back and realized from teh feeling
that she had something amazing in her.

Like a roller coaster the climb was over and now it began. Ken began to
slowly pump in and out of her and soon quickened to an amazing pace.
Liz was taking his cock but, he was making her feel like never before.
Liz reached and grabbed his neck like a safety rail as she angled her
hips to better accept his assault. Hugh had to coddle, eat and fuck all
night and for all his might to get liz to one orgasm.

liz was approaching one now withing the first two minutes of this man’s
assault on her. Within half an hour of his assault Liz orgasmed twice.
Her hair now sweaty and matted to her head she managed to weakly
whisper, "let me ride you." Ken then lain onto his back grabbing her by
the waist never leaving her pussy. Liz balanced her self on his black
missile and began to grind against his washboard abs working his penis
as best she could. She wanted him to shoot in her however, Liz soon
realized she wasgoing to experience her fourth orgasm of the night
before that would happen. Her body froze as the sensation took her
over. She gasped for air as her body froze and Ken took over. He was
thrusting up into her while holding her angelic body in the air with
his large arms.

Liz was now flailing lifeless like a rag doll on his black totem pole.
She put her arms behind her on his enormous legs and started to pump
with her ass and all her might until she felt his huge cock start to
throb. It throbbed in her and it felt so good. Finaly he shot into her
washing every inch of her cunt with his semen. Liz loved the feeling as
it warmed her inside. She collapsed on his large muschular chest and
fell asleep quickly.

That morning Liz woke up sweaty and sleepily looked at the man in her
bed. It was Ken and he was awake looking at her. "MMMMmm" she moaned as
she rested her arm across his hard body. He kissed her hair and rubbed
her back. "That wasn’t so bad last night." He said, Liz laughed and
said, "It wasn’t just last night I think i saw the sun rising as we
finshed." Ken smiled and said, "Well i’m just getting started." they
both giggled a bit and Ken rose out of bed. His dark brown body looked
even better in the sunlight as Liz looked at him lovingly. He put on a
robe and looked in the dresser for a silk pink robe that the hotel gave
for women. He handed it to Liz as he told her he’d get dressed and go
into town and bring them breakfast.

Liz rose out of bed and put on the robe that only fell to about an inch
below her black haired pussy. She stretched and went and took a shower.
She towel dried her hair and put on hre robe. She walked out on to the
balcony overlooking london and breathed in the air. Last night had
changed her greatly. Just then she could have sworn she heard
something. She heard somebody grunting and screaming. "Seems as though
i’m not the only one who had a good time last night." she said outloud
to herself. She then realized the screams were coming from next door.
She entered the room and could hear them even though they were muffled
they certainly were louder than outside. Liz put her ear against the
wall and could hear a man grunting and a woman say, "Oh god fuck me you
big black dick!".

Liz recognized the voice. She couldn’t recall who it was though. Another
black man. In the next room what were the chances. What if Ken was in
there. The thoughts swirled in her head. She had just practically
fallen in love with Ken. What a fool she was. He’s already fucking
another woman. I have to find out who’s in there. Liz picked up the
phone and called hte desk. "Could you tell me who is the room next to
mine?" said Liz. The clerk said that it was 213 however Ken’s room said
211 on the door. Liz told the operator that and said, "Madam if you
look on your wall there is a door they are two conjoinng rooms. That is
why I told you room 213 because, room 212 is conjoined to yours.

Liz didn’t listen to the last half of hre sentence and quickly ran to
the door. She slowly opened it so as not to diturb whomever was
fucking. As she opened it the room looked exactly like Ken’s exactly to
a tee. And there on the bed was…..

"Oh my lord……" Liz softly whispered to herself.

There on the bed was her friend ashley Judd. Naked with her legs being
held open by the lanky black man she had introduced to Liz as T. It was
Tony Ken’s brother they must have been sharing rooms. Liz turned away
and put her hand to her mouth. "Oh my lord. Ashley is engaged to that
driver. How can she cheat on him?" Liz thought to herself. She quickly
rationalized to herself that she remembered how Ashley always attended
those university of Kentucky Basketball games and how impressed she
always was with the baskeball players athleticism. Liz looked as Tony
tore into Ashley with a cock just a bit smaller than Ken’s.

The scene made LIz extrememly hot as she watched the erotic scene of the
wiry balck man’s large penis destroyed Ashley’s small cunt. Ashley’s
muscular little body was tensing and trying to work with the thrusts
that were giving undescribable pleasure. Ashley then laid her head back
and gripped the sheets as she obviously orgasmed. "Ya ready for the
finale Ash?" Tony asked her. Ashley sprung to life a bit and stood up.
The kissed Tony lovingly as Liz watched Ashley suck on Tony’s tongue.

Ashley broke their kiss and gave Tony a sultry look as she turned around
and bent over the bed. Her ass rubbing against Tony’s now flaccid yet
large penis her muscular thighs tensing as she stood with her knees
locked. Liz looked in horror and amazement as Tony rubbed his cock to
hardness against her lily white ass and inserted it into her Asshole
wihch easily accepted him. They’ve must have done this before Liz
thought. Liz had unknowingly untied the short robe and was rubbing her
breasts and pussy furiously.

Ken had returned with a bag of strawberries and cream. He looked
quizzingly at the sight of Liz staring in a door with her back to him.
He moved lightly so she wouldn’t notice him. He easily looked over her
to see his brother pounding into his boss’ fiancee as Ashlye Judd
moaned. Ken disrobed quickly and took the bad with him. Liz was
fighitng hard to keep her eyes on the action as she masturbated
furiously. Ashley was swinging back and hitting her ass into Tony’s
skinny body. Her tight ass slightly jiggling at the impact.

Just then LIz felt a hand around her mouth with a strawberry in it. The
cream covered strawberry entered her mouth. She knew it was Ken and she
greedily sucked on his fingers as well as the strawberry. His hand
covered her as he took over he was now fingering her and rubbing her
breasts as Liz put her hands on either side of the doorway and braced
herself. Ken planted kiss’ on her back and slowly inserted his enormous
rod into her sopping wet pussy. Liz gasped quietly at his entry so as
not to disturb ashley.

Judd was groaning and grunting as Tony was pawing her breasts and
pounder her asshole. Ken thrust into LIz several times until she
achieved orgasm. Her sweaty hair hung from her face as her head fell.
She was spent. Just then she felt Ken take out his cock and begin
rubbing it’s length on her lips as though he lubricating it. He then
began to insert it into LIz’s ass. Liz was too tired to fight it and
Ashley was certainly enjoying it. Tony put his hands on her knees as
Ashley bent her legs. He supported her in the air as he twisted her on
his cock and laid her on her back on the bed. Tony was so tall so
Ashley put her hands on her legs and spread as much she could allowing
for hist down thrusts into her ass.

Ken had half his penis inserted into LIz when it felt like he had
reached full tilt. Liz sighed abit thinking thank goodness he won’t fit
that whole thing in there. Thne violently Ken thrust with all his might
shoving himself into Liz butt. Liz looked at the mirror on Ashley’s
wall. The mirror on AShley’s wall showed the reflectoin off the wall in
Ken’s room and LIz could then see his tensed ass as he held the entire
spear in her. Ken then reached under her arms and grabbed ahold of her
breasts as he violently thrust upward into her ass. His strength kept
her from bobbing on his cock forcing her to accept his masssive girth
destroying her. Liz looked up sweat dripping from her eyebrows as Tony
pulled from Ashley and sprayed his hot jizm onto her flawless face.
Ashley tried to lick up as much she could.

Ashley wiped her eyes of the bucketload of cum and licked her fingers.
As she opened her eyes there she saw Liz bent over arms on the doorway
as Ken’s hulking frame thrust into her. Ashley smiled and said,
"enjoying yourself?" Liz could only close her eyes and say yes
shakingly as the mixture of pain and pleasure was something she never
before experienced. Ken continued his assault squeezing her breasts and
slapping her ass until finally he thrust into Liz and held his cock and
unloaded his cum in her asshole. He pulled out his cock with a popping
sound. As he let her go she fell to the floor and rolled over to look
up at the ceiling. All four people laid there panting and gasping for

"Wanna trade?" Ashley said with an impish smile…..

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greatly appreciated.

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