The Boutique [Chapter 1]

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The Boutique
Chapter One: Starring Ashley Judd

Well I’ve been away for a few months and now I’m back
with the beginning of a brand new series that I hope
you all will enjoy. The Boutique is a limited run
series that I think will be a lot of fun.
This series will be exclusive to Stargazerz so if
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this is a story dealing with sex and if
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equals pure soul. Just because we’re all going to
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Ashley Judd was suffering from a case of anxiety like
she had never felt before. Here she was with a $100
million grossing movie in the bank and all of
Hollywood falling over themselves to make a deal with
her and all she could feel was fear.

Of course this was a different type of fear then
she’d ever felt before. It wasn’t Am I going to give
a bad performance? or Is everyone going to be
looking up my dress at the Oscars this year? or even
Is Momma right and the Devil is coming for my soul?
This was another type of fear. It was a type of fear
that latched onto your doubts and tried to talk you
out of things you wanted to do.

And Ashley wanted this…she knew that much. She was
about to start on a new path in her life, one that was
entirely alien and mysterious to her, and she
desperately wanted to take that first big step.

Her fear kept telling her not to, that she’d be
discovered…humiliated…gossiped about…and maybe
even blacklisted by the elite decision makers in
Hollywood. But this was something she wanted so badly
that the fear made her feel almost giddy with

In fact, it was the fear that indicated to her that
she was making the right choice. If we weren’t afraid
of new things, then what was the point?

For such a long time it would never have entered
Ashley’s mind to ever seek out, much less ever visit a
place like The Boutique. But a friend of hers had
made an appointment and had come back raving about it.
She had told Ashley that she had loved every second
of it and that she couldn’t wait to go back.

This perked Ashley’s interest slightly, because her
friend was not the type to build things up like that
without reason. And that got her thinking that if her
friend had liked it so much, maybe she should try it
too. It wasn’t something she seriously entertained,
it was just a thought and nothing more. But she made
the mistake of sharing her curiosity with her friend.
Her friend loved that idea right away and then spent
the next few weeks wearing down Ashley’s considerable
resistance to it.

Ashley quickly got sick of her friend’s constant
coaxing for her to make an appointment at The
Boutique, but she was also getting more and more
curious. She had never thought of herself as the type
of person that went to a place like that, but her
friend hadn’t been either. Soon Ashley found herself
thinking about it more and more. The idea still
seemed ridiculous, but it was also getting harder and
harder for her to dismiss it out of hand. The more
she ran it over in her head, the more appealing the
prospect sounded.

Some nights Ashley would find herself awake and
thinking it over. She had always thought that the
sleepless nights where the little voices in your head
mulled over your problems and concerns were the times
when your thought process was clearest. These would
be the times when she found it hardest to talk herself
out of doing something like this. After a few nights
of these silent but deafening debates in her head, she
found it impossible to deny her curiosity to try
something like this out, just to see what it was like.

For Ashley, it was just so deliciously forbidden. It
was just another way of thumbing your nose at those
who sought to deny people pleasure in their lives. A
piece of the forbidden fruit was being handed to her
and it was not easy to just refuse it. The excitement
of trying something new, and the curiosity a situation
like this created, were finally too much for Ashley
and she broke down and told her friend to make her an
appointment at The Boutique.

The day of the appointment, Ashley’s inner voices
tried to come up with a thousand reasons why she
should just blow it off and forget she had ever heard
of The Boutique. But she pressed on, wanting to try
this out, to see if she liked it, to see where this
path would lead her. Maybe it would be a huge
mistake, in which case she’d just try to do her best
to forget about it. But if it was anything like her
friend had described it, then it could just maybe be
the best thing that ever happened to her.

Her heart pounding, Ashley drove to the address her
friend had given her. The route took her to some of
the richest ares of Beverly Hills where having more
money then you would ever know what to do with was as
natural to life as breathing was. Finally, Ashley
found the house she was looking for. It was a
beautiful mansion where you would ordinarily expect
some kind of media mogul to live. A valet took
Ashley’s car and, after taking a deep breath, she
walked through the door and down the new path.

Can I help you? a woman from behind a desk said as
Ashley walked in.

Yes…yes…I have an appointment… Ashley managed
to stammer out. She was usually so sure of herself,
but in this environment she was so raw that she
literally had no idea how to react to anything.

Do you have a card? the woman then asked.

Yes…I do, Ashley said, relieved that this was
something she knew was coming. All clients of The
Boutique had to show their appointment card, the
owners didn’t like surprises. Ashley then gave the
women a white, laminated card with a blue rose on it.
This was met with approval and Ashley nervously waited
for the next step.
The woman at the desk didn’t seem to recognize her,
and it was just as well. Ashley was skittish enough
about coming here without someone making a big deal
about her movie star status.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Ashley, her exchange with
the receptionist was being watched upstairs on a video

Wow! I wasn’t sure if she really would show! one
woman, wearing glasses and holding a ledger, remarked
as she watched Ashley on the monitor.

I knew she would, the other remarked, We offer an
irresistible service. Hold down the fort, Susan, I’m
going to greet this one personally.

Ashley was trying not to fidget as she waited.
Everything had gone smoothly so far, but now she
wasn’t sure what was coming next.

About a minute later, the answer to that question was
provided when Ashley saw a statuesque blonde walking
toward her.

Ashley? Hi, my name is Dyanna and I’m the owner of
The Boutique, it’s so good to meet you, the blonde
woman said as she grasped Ashley’s hand and shook it

I’ve heard so much about this place, Ashley
remarked, I must admit I was a little nervous about
coming here.

Well we’re going to put all your fears to rest,
Dyanna stated, We are the best and we treat all of
our clients with complete confidentiality.

That’s good to know, Ashley admitted. Dyanna was
starting to relax her with her friendly demeanor and
Ashley was starting to notice how her black dress was
having trouble keeping her generous form inside. To
Ashley’s eyes it seemed as if Dyanna’s large breasts
were about to rip out of the top of her dress.

Ashley also noticed that the size of Dyanna’s breasts
were at odds with her slim waist. They can’t be real,
the actress thought to herself. I wonder what it
would be like to touch them? But Ashley quickly
chided herself and pushed that thought out of her

Well please, let me show you to your room, Dyanna
said as she placed her hand on Ashley’s back, noticing
the rush of nerves and slight jolt of desire in the
actress as she did that. I think you’ll be very
pleased with what we’ve selected for you.

I’m sure I will be, Ashley lamely replied. She
didn’t know what to say, but she did know this was
exciting her. She also knew she didn’t want Dyanna to
take her hand away, not just yet.

Here you are, Dyanna said as she opened up a door
and led Ashley into a very comfortable bed room. It
was very basic, but also very warm and intimate.

We find this is the best place to start off first
timers, Dyanna explained, Now just relax and
Jennifer will be with you shortly. With that Dyanna
left the room and Ashley kind of just popped down on
the bed, unsure of her next move. How was she
supposed to relax when this was so exciting and scary
all at once? Ashley tapped her foot on the ground,
impatient to see what was going to happen next.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the door
opened again and a young blonde, clad only in a robe,
entered. Ashley judged her to be or 4, she looked
just like a typical California girl, like someone that
walked straight out of a Beach Boys song. She was
gorgeous and Ashley’s heart skipped a little beat.

Hi, I’m Jennifer, the girl sunnily introduced
herself, You must be Ashley. It’s so good to meet

Thanks, Ashley replied as she took a deep breath
before speaking again, Listen, I’ve never done
anything like this before. I’m not quite sure what
I’m supposed to do.

Well the first thing you need to do is relax,
Jennifer instructed, This is going to be a lot of

Okay. Ashley agreed, trying to stop her mind from

And the next thing you can do is get out of those
clothes, Jennifer stated as she gestured at Ashley’s
fully dressed state, Do you want me to turn around or
something? Jennifer prided herself at being able to
calm a nervous first timer like Ashley so obviously

No, no I’m fine, Ashley insisted as she felt a jolt
of excitement at the prospect of undressing for this
stranger. She took a deep breath and began
unbuttoning her blouse. She was actually doing this!
She could barely believe it, but she was going for it!

Ashley stripped off her blouse and revealed her lacy,
cream colored bra. She looked up at Jennifer, as if
wanting her to say something. But the girl remained
silent. Instead Ashley saw the hunger in her eyes.
This was turning her on! And Ashley had to admit that
it was doing the same to her. Seeing the sexual heat
Jennifer was beginning to feel only encouraged her
further and she continued her mini striptease.

After dropping her shoes off her feet, Ashley
unbuttoned the top of her slacks and let them drop off
her body. Socks went next and soon the actress was
standing only in her matching bra and panties. She
shifted slightly, embarrassed to be exposed like this.

All the way, Ashley, Jennifer instructed, Take off
all your clothes.

By now Ashley was certain this was what she wanted.
She wanted to be naked in front of this girl and let
whatever was going to happen happen. The actress
reached around back and undid the clasp of her bra,
letting it fall away.

Ashley had never had cause to feel insecure about the
size of her breasts, or her looks in general, but
standing before Jennifer suddenly gave her the feeling
she was being judged. Her hands almost mindlessly
shot up and covered her exposed breasts.

Panties too, Ashley, Jennifer said, reminding her
client that there was one garment she had missed.

Sorry, Ashley mumbled as she allowed her hands to
drop back down to push her panties off her body.
Jennifer’s eyes widened as the actress finished
stripping for her, showing her the dark patch of hair
that lay between her legs and the prize that was
directly beneath it.

Don’t be sorry, Jennifer said as she walked toward
Ashley, Lay down on the bed now and let me work on

Ashley followed the instruction and lay down on her
stomach. Her hands rested under her head and she
tried to relax. She just couldn’t stop her body from
being excited. She was so keyed up that the moment
she felt Jennifer’s hands on her back she was afraid
she was going to go off like a molecule, bouncing off
all the corners of the room.

But Ashley maintained her composure somehow and
suddenly all the tension she had been feeling recently
began to disappear as Jennifer expertly massaged her
back. Her expert hands were kneading out all the sore
spots, much to the enjoyment of the actress. Soon
wave after wave of relaxation was hitting Ashley and
she couldn’t help but moan softly.

You like that? Jennifer asked, continuing her

Mmmm hmmm, Ashley answered in the affirmative as
Jennifer’s hands worked magic on her body. The truth
was she loved it, she was already feeling a thousand
times better.

Jennifer silently smiled, she knew all Ashley needed
was a push in the right direction and then it would
all be smooth after that. She reached down and pulled
out a bottle of oil and began rubbing the warm liquid
all over Ashley’s back and neck.

For her part, Ashley felt as if she was being lifted
up in the sky and being caressed by warm breezes. It
all felt so good, so relaxing and warm. Plus she
loved the extra jolt her body got when Jennifer would
teasingly run her hands over the sides of her breasts
and over her ass.

Sometimes Jennifer would snake her fingers under
Ashley’s body and stroke the skin beneath her thighs.
The actress gasped as she did this, but Jennifer
didn’t call her on it. She was almost ready for more
and Jennifer didn’t want to push it too fast too soon.

At Jennifer’s urging, Ashley then turned over. The
girl then undid the sash of her robe and let it fall
to the ground,. leaving her as naked as Ashley. After
she did this Jennifer took in all of the actress’
gorgeous body.

You’re so beautiful, Jennifer sighed as she leaned
down and kissed Ashley tenderly on the lips. Ashley
was tentative, but not resistant as she took in the
new feelings brought upon by having another woman’s
lips on hers for the first time. Having a naked woman
this close to her was certainly not something she was
used to, but she was certainly liking it so far. The
kiss was nice and gentle and Ashley slowly opened her
mouth, allowing it to deepen with more heat and

Jennifer then reluctantly broke the kiss and moved
down Ashley’s body, taking her right nipple in her
mouth. Not surprisingly, the actress’ nipple was
already excited but Jennifer sucked on it anyway,
drawing it out to its hardest point. The girl then
looked up into Ashley’s face, noting the look of utter
excitement and anticipation on it.

Do you want me to go on? Jennifer asked, We can
stop any time. Just say the word if this is making
you uncomfortable.

No don’t stop! Ashley said excitedly, not wanting
this to end, Please keep going! I need this!

Just remember, I’m here to pleasure you, Jennifer
reminded her client, You tell me what to do. Tell me
what makes you feel good.

The problem for Ashley was that it all felt good.
She was quickly becoming addicted to Jennifer’s touch
and she desperately wanted to feel her all over her
body. This was better than she ever could have
imagined and they hadn’t even gotten to the good part.

Jennifer slowly made her way south, kissing Ashley’s
body all over as she did. She loved the way the
actress quivered each and every time her lips touched
her flesh. She got such a kick out of being with
first timers. She held all the power.

Mmmmm such a pretty little pussy, Jennifer cooed as
she stopped her journey, Do you want me to kiss it?

Please, Ashley moaned, her body dying with
anticipation. She couldn’t remember the last time she
had been so aroused, Please make me come!

Without another word, Jennifer then leaned in and
placed a lingering kiss on Ashley’s pussy, sampling
the taste of her arousal. With a smile, she then
opened Ashley’s legs more, spread her lips and began
sucking at her clit.

For Ashley it was if suddenly she was standing on a
live wire shooting electricity into her. Shockwaves
of pleasure hit her with each passing second that
Jennifer spent at her clit. All her pent up stress
and arousal now seemed to be coming out with the juice
that was falling onto Jennifer’s face.

Mmmmm yes, please God don’t stop! Ashley moaned,
Fuck me! Please don’t stop fucking me!

I won’t stop. Not until you tell me to, Jennifer
promised as she went back to the feast before her.
Ashley’s pussy was very sweet, she admitted. Jennifer
had pleasured a lot of women since she had begun
working at The Boutique, but she was already forming a
special attraction to the one spread naked before

There were so many things that Jennifer wanted to do
to Ashley. She had a whole collection of toys to use
on her lovers and she wanted to introduce each and
every one of them to her new friend. Jennifer also
couldn’t help but move her hands to massage Ashley’s
ass as she ate her out. There were so many things she
could do back there. There were so many ways she
could make Ashley come.

But she held back. She didn’t want to overwhelm her,
not on her first visit. Besides if she did a good
job, then Ashley would certainly be back for more and
then they could have some more fun. For now, what was
simple was what was good.

You’re making me feel so good, Ashley cried as she
felt her body speed up internally, as the pleasure
made her moan and scream. She was certainly no
blushing virgin when it came to sex, but this was all
so new that was what she felt like. She was content
to let Jennifer take the lead. Ashley could feel her
orgasm building and she couldn’t wait for it to hit

Jennifer continued to massage Ashley’s ass as she
licked her into a frenzy. She looked up and saw the
wild look in the actresses eyes as her body was
kicking it into the explosion stage. Ashley’s hair
was frazzled and unkempt now and her body was covered
in the sweat of exertion. If anything this made her
seem more attractive to Jennifer. The hungry, wanton
look Ashley had on her face made Jennifer’s pussy
begin to juice up more. As soon as she was done here,
she was going to have to find some relief for herself.

That’s it Ashley, let yourself go, Jennifer
instructed as her fingers momentarily took over where
her tongue had left off, Come for me. Let your body
free itself. She then repositioned herself and ran
her tongue over Ashley’s clit once again.

After a few more tantalizing licks, Ashley felt
herself pass the point of no return. Her initial fear
long gone, Ashley had wanted this to last longer. She
tried to hold on, but her body had other ideas and she
couldn’t hold back. With a long scream muffled by her
clenched jaw, Ashley felt her orgasm come crashing
around her. Her thighs bucked against Jennifer, who
steadfastly kept her face against her client’s pussy,
as tremor after tremor shook her.

Finally the actress fell back onto the bed, finally
relieved and Jennifer reemerged, her face covered in
Ashley’s juices. Normally this would be when she
would share a sex covered kiss with her lover, but she
wasn’t sure how Ashley would react to that.

However, that mystery was quickly answered when
Ashley grabbed Jennifer’s wrist and pulled her toward
her. The actress then kissed her deeply, savoring the
taste of her own orgasm all over her lips and face.

Did you like? Jennifer coyly asked.

Oh I liked, Ashley replied as she began laying
small pecks all over Jennifer’s face, I liked a lot.
Thank you for showing me how good it could be, I had
no idea another woman could make me feel that

Well we’re in the eye opening business, Jennifer
said with a smile, she was genuinely happy she had
been able to make Ashley feel that good. But suddenly
she felt the actress’ fingers probing around her body
and, with a gasp, she felt Ashley enter her wet pussy.

What are you doing? Jennifer asked, surprised at
this turn of events.

I want to pleasure you now, Ashley replied, kissing
her new lover tenderly, I want to make you come. I
want you to feel as good as I feel.

You don’t have to, Jennifer moaned, loving the feel
of Ashley’s fingers playing in her pussy, I’m here to
pleasure you.

I want this, Ashley insisted, I want to taste

With that Jennifer gave up protesting, not that she
had ever wanted Ashley to stop, and let the actress
lay her down on the bed. Ashley was unsure of what
should be her next move, but she had enough of an idea
of where she should be heading.

After marveling at Jennifer’s naked body, her large
breasts, firm tummy, and shaved pussy, Ashley went to
the source of her pleasure and eagerly tasted another
woman for the first time. It was a strange taste to
be sure, Ashley thought to herself having never even
tasted herself until a few moments ago, but it was a
taste she could quickly grow to love. She then began
to gently lick at Jennifer’s swollen clit.

Oh yesssss, Jennifer moaned as she ran her hand
through Ashley’s hair, Lick it nice and slow. Taste
how wet you got me. That’s the spot right there! Oh
fuck yeah!

Ashley was grateful for Jennifer’s words, she needed
to know what made her feel good and she loved the fact
that she had gotten the girl this turned on. She knew
she was beautiful and that men lusted after her all
over the world, but this was different. This was

Lick right there! Right there! Jennifer
instructed, amazed at what a good job Ashley was doing
for her first time, Lick my pussy Ashley! You’re
doing so well!

Ashley felt a spark of new arousal in her own pussy
as she licked Jennifer. She only wished she’d
listened to her friend earlier. She’d been missing so
much, but now she could make up for lost time.

Tell me when you’re about to come, Ashley stated,
her voice slipping into her natural drawl and turning
Jennifer on even more, I want to feel you come
against my face. I want to taste everything you have
to give me!

Almost….almost there baby! Jennifer groaned,
Just don’t stop. Keep your tongue right there!

Jennifer then looked down and saw one of the sexiest
sights she thought she would ever see. She had long
been unfazed to the whole nature of celebrities,
there’d been so many she’d had as clients, but at the
moment the idea of Ashley Judd licking her pussy was
too much for her and when she looked down and saw her
sexy face buried between her legs Jennifer exploded.

Ashley greedily lapped up the juices flowing from
Jennifer. She just wanted to get it all over her face
and spread it all over her breasts and stomach. She
wanted to cover herself in the essence of sex and
wanted to feel another woman’s tongue in her again and
again and again.

Not holding back a bit, Jennifer screamed and cried
in rapture. Ashley going down on her was an added
bonus, but the fact she had done so well at it was
almost unbelievable. I think I’ve got a new favorite
client, Jennifer thought to herself as her orgasm ran
it’s intense course through her body.

Jennifer then reached for Ashley and the two lovers
eagerly kissed and stroked each other as they lay down
on the bed.

I’ve never felt anything that good in my life,
Ashley admitted, I wasn’t sure if I should do this,
but now I feel so stupid for thinking that.

So I take it you’re not planning on making this a
one time visit? Jennifer asked.

Oh I think you’ll see me again, Ashley coyly
answered, punctuating her words with a kiss.

The two lovers were lost in their kisses again, but
one thought remained in Ashley’s head. When could she
next come back?

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