Hypno Celeb 40

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Hypno Celeb 40: Ashley Judd
by MAW

Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains
graphic descriptions of sexuality. If this offends you, leave
now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does not work this way. If you
feel like trying this, seek help.
An answer to several e-mails I’ve received in the last 48
hours. Hope you like it. All suggestions/scenarios and

welcome. Enjoy.

Ashley Judd was nervous. Really nervous. She didn’t have
to wonder why. It was six hours before the Oscars and she was
due to present. It was her first time on stage at the ceremony
and she
had butterflies. Hosting that technical awards thing was no
problem. Nobody watched it. Over a billion people were going
be seeing her tonight and she wanted to make a good
She knew her outfit was eye-catching. It was a long white
dress with a long train and a slit up the leg to her waist.
was still deciding whether to put on flowers or a jewel in her
hair when the hotel door knocked. Sighing, she stood up, the
outfit dragging behind her. She was trying it on as she made
last-minute decisions. She only prayed it wouldn’t rip before
she could get on stage.
Opening the door, she saw a young man standing before her
in a delivery outfit, a box under his arm. "Ms. Judd? I’m Tim,
I’ve got the jewelry you wanted."
"Hey, come on in," Ashley said, inviting the handsome
young man inside. "Put it down on the table, I’ll take a
look." She was about to find her purse and give Tim a tip when
she caught him
staring at her. "What?"
"Sorry, it’s just the outfit."
"Oh. Good. I mean, I understand."
"You are breathtaking, Ms. Judd. My mom is a big fan of
your family."
"Thanks," Ashley smiled. "Tell you what, give me your name
and address, I’ll try to get an autograph for you."
"Thanks," Tim said. "Oh, wait, I just remembered, there’s
a piece of jewelry that wasn’t in the case." He reached into
his pocket and pulled out a medallion attached to a chain. It
was a
disk with a strange pattern on it, like waves of color mixed
in. It swung gently in the air, the patterns changing as the
caught it. "I think it’ll work well with your outfit," Tim
said. "It’s eye-catching. Just watch how the patterns shift
whenever you see them. They merge and mix and come together.
Waves of
color mixing together, wave after wave after wave. It’s nice
watch, you like to watch, you want to watch. Just watch the
patterns twirl around and come together, nice and smooth and
colorful, it’s so nice to watch, so nice."
Ashley’s eyes were fixed to the medallion and Tim could
tell by the expression on her face that he had her. "Just keep
watching the colors, Ashley. You want to watch the colors, you
need to watch the colors. It’s so relaxing just to watch the
colors. Just keep watching the colors and listening to my
voice. The colors and my voice. That’s all that matters to you
now, all that you care about, all that you know. The nice,
soothing colors and my relaxing voice. It feels so nice to
listen to my voice and watch the nice, relaxing colors. So
relaxing. You’re feeling very relaxed now, aren’t you,
"..Yess.." Ashley replied, thickly.
"Yes, you feel so relaxed, so sleepy. So very sleepy. The
more you watch the colors, the more they shift and mix
together, the more sleepy you feel. So very sleepy. You can
barely keep
your eyes open now. They feel so heavy and you feel so sleepy.
The longer you stare at the nice, soothing colors, the more
want to go to sleep. Sleep. A nice, deep sleep. Sleep."
Ashley’s eyes shut and she swayed slightly in place.
"Ashley, stand up straight," Tim ordered. "Straight as a
board. You are in my power now. You cannot move unless I tell
you to." As Ashley stood as rigid as a statue, Tim quickly
undressed. It
gave him such a thrill, to take off his clothes right in front
of a hypnotized, naked woman. It helped him get ready for the
fun to come. "Ashley, spread your legs out a little bit."
Ashley shifted her legs further apart. Tim knelt and lay a
hand on the leg exposed by the slit in the dress. He let his
hand move up it, his fingers tickling the skin. He let his
hand move
up to the shapely thigh, then back down. He repeated the
process twice, each time, his hand moving slightly inward.
Finally, he
let the hand rest on the inside of her thigh, the thumb
touching her clit. He could feel it moistening through her
panties and
Tim move over and slid onto the couch behind him. "Ashley,
disrobe. Carefully." He watched Ashley slip off the dress. Her
breasts were pointed, the nipples already tight. She let the
white fabric fall around her, showing her glorious body. She
slipped the panties off and let them lie by her feet. "Come
over here, Ashley," Time said. She padded over to him and he
embraced her, pulling her so her breasts pushed against his
chest. They
kissed passionetly, tongues wrapping around each other as they
hugged closer. She was surprisingly turned on, almost biting
his tongue as they kissed.
He shifted himself until he could enter her, pushing his
rock-hard member into her pussy. They continued to kiss as he
began to pump her, sliding his cock in and out of her opening.
She wrapped her legs around him, clenching them together at
small of his back. She was really into it, pushing herself
further onto his rod as she threw her head back. He put his
head to her chest as he began to come. Their bodies buckled as
hit orgasm together, almost throwing themselves off the couch
as they came.
Exhausted, Tim lay Ashley down on the couch. He straddled
her, kissing her again before coming to her chest. He buried
his head in between her breasts, inhaling the sweet smell of
skin. He kissed both nipples as he kneaded the breasts in
between his hands. She moaned under his touch, thoroughly
aroused. Tim
moved himself up and placed his erect cock in between her
breasts. He began to massage them with it, his penis moving
around her smooth body. Ashley groaned as he shoved her
together, his cock in between them. He moved it up and down
with the same care he had taken moving it into her. He began
to come, shooting streams of semen onto her breasts and
stomach. He
massaged her belly, loving the feeling of cum under his hands
and on her skin.
Tim pulled himself up and quickly redressed. He leaned in
close to Ashley and spoke into her ear. "Ashley, when you hear
the door close, you’ll wake up. You will feel fine and
You will not recall anything that has happened here between
You will not remember my being here. The jewelry was left at
you door by a messenger. When you wake up, you will
immediately go
and take a shower. You will not notice anything strange about
your body. You will not notice any stains but you will want to
take a shower right away. Do you understand?"
"..Yes.." the exhausted Ashley said.
Tim gave her a few more instructions for forgetting along
with a post-hypnotic trigger, then was struck with an idea.
"Ashley, when you get dressed, you will no put on any panties.
You will not want to put on panties. You will wear the dress
without panties. However, you will think you have panties.
though you are totally naked underneath, you will believe you
are wearing panties when you go on tonight. Do you
understand?" At Ashley’s nod, Tim stood and walked out the
door, shutting it behind him. He smiled. This was shaping to

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