The Long Hard Weekend

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Author’s Note : Please remember this a total work of fiction and fantasy. The people being described here would never act in this way. It is intended only to be read by those over 18 years of age and can define between fantasy and reality. Be warned it contains descriptions of sexual acts and violence that may, and is intended to, offend some people. Also, if you do not like something in one of my stories ( i.e. a stereotype being portrayed ) then stop reading it- it’s one of the wonders of living in the free word – Freedom Of Choice – exercise it.

The Long Hard Weekend

Rachel Stevens and Holly Valance
were two very similar celebrities. Both were extremely sexy young singers, who were more famed for their looks than their songs. They sold a lot of posters, magazines and calendars but when it came to record sales they were under performing massively. Indeed, both had been threatened with getting the chop from their record label unless things picked up. But they didn’t, which was terrible news for both girls as they were addicted to celebrity hood and would do anything to stop from becoming just another everyday person. Just how far they would go was about to be tested.

Both sexy bitches were with the same record label, “S.L.U.T.”, and the owner of the label, Harvey Wankstaff was a fat, old pervert. Individually, he called Holly and Rachel up and had them come see him in his plush offices, he told them that they would have to be dropped, and even though both, predictably offered to suck his cock he declined and left them feeling they would soon become nobodies.

They were both invited back the next Sunday night and were a little surprised that the other was there. Both had dressed in their sluttiest outfits as they were desperate to convince Mr. Wankstaff of their abilities. They sat in silence on velvet chairs as the old perv outlined how they could keep their cherished positions.

“I have given the matter some thought and decided that I can afford to keep one of you on my books. Indeed not only will I keep you but I will personally plough millions into making your career hugely successful. However, I have not decided which of you two young ladies that will be. You can decide that, but it will not be easy and you will have to make many sacrifices. Are you interested ?”

Of course, both little sluts nodded and answered in the positive.

“Good. I rather thought you would be. Well let me explain how I will decide between you two. On Friday you will be taken to my country house whereby you will engage in a contest for your careers. The winner I will make a global superstar, the loser I will make a nobody, in fact worse than that a has-been before they were 23.

There will be three tests, whomever wins two will win the contest. On Friday you shall do everything I tell you to do and the first to refuse and then the other do it will lose. On Saturday, you will have to make each other submit, to make this clear, you will each torture the other and the one who submits in the quickest time will lose. Finally, if we are split on the Sunday you will fight each other and the winner will get their contract kept and extended. Do you both agree to my terms ?”

Knowing that to refuse would end their careers both brainless bimbos agreed without too much thought, although both certainly had reservations once they had left the offices.

So that Friday at 6pm both little sluts arrived at his country mansion in separate limousines. Rachel was dressed casually in tight jeans and a white T-shirt, Holly a bit more dressed up in a short black dress with knee high black boots. They arrived within a minute of each other and they stood together on the large stone steps, a frosty atmosphere between them as they knew one would be leaving to upwards and onwards in their career while the other would be staring into the oblivion.

A large butler opened the door for them and they followed him up two flights of stairs to a small corridor. They each had a suitcase and unusually for them they had to carry them themselves, but they had no clothes as Mr Wankstaff had told them to bring only what they wore for the weekend. Instead, in their suitcases they had their implements for use in Saturdays torture sessions.

Mr. Wankstaff greeted them outside two rooms and the butler left. “Good evening young ladies, ready to save your careers ?”.

They both nodded and he smiled and opened both doors. One room was luxurious, with a huge bed, en suite bathroom, TV, stereo, everything. The other room had nothing, not even a carpet, it was totally bare with only a bucket in the corner. The old pervert explained that the winner of tonight’s contest would get the choice of bedrooms.

“Now leave your cases and follow me, the contest begins now”, and he led them to his master bedroom.

He sat on the huge bed and unzipped his trousers and unleashed a large, hard cock ( he had dosed up on viagra mere minutes before Rachel and Holly’s arrival. It lay twitching in his lap as he spoke authoritively, ” Come on sluts, stand before me. To reiterate you will both do exactly as I say without question. Immediately that one of you refuses to do as I command and the other does it we shall have a winner for day one. Understood ? Good, we’ll start with you removing all Rachel’s clothes, Holly, except her panties – if she’s wearing any that is”.

So Holly stripped her rival down to her black thong panties. He then ordered Holly to take Rachel’s left tit into her mouth and to kiss and lick it, which she did without question. He slowly started to stoke his cock at the sight of these two nubile, young tarts making out before him, however, he had much more in store for them.

“Stop that Holly and get behind Rachel, that’s it, now grab hold of her knickers and pull up as hard as you can – give her an extreme wedgie !”. She did as ordered and Rachel squealed in pain, but Wankstaff ordered Holly to pull harder and harder bouncing her up and down. After a minute he ordered her to stop and to lie face down on the carpet. He tossed Rachel a pair of scissors and ordered her to cut Holly’s clothes off so she was naked, this she did with vigour. He then commanded her to throw both sets of clothes onto the open fire in his bedroom and she did.

Wankstaff laughed and said ” You realise that is the only clothes you have here and I certainly won’t supply you with any. Good, now Rachel why don’t you take off that thong and give the gusset a good long lick. Holly, while she’s doing that get over here and lick her asshole”, neither bimbo hesitated to do as ordered. He watched this for a while then reached behind him for a giant double-ended dildo and threw it before Rachel and ordered both to start fucking each other as hard as they could. The toy had a huge diameter and was an extremely tight fit but neither refused and soon it was jammed up their cunts and they were grinding crotches together. Wankstaff, got a good grip around his cock and with the other hand picked up a video camera and began taping two of the sexiest women in the world getting down and dirty with each other.

Both girls orgasmed at about the same time and Wankstaff loved it, he commanded them to take the dildo out, turn it around and lick it clean, both girls did as told. He was nearly ready to come by now and he commanded Holly to get on her knees before him and take his creamy load into her mouth but to not swallow it. As Holly knelt there he ordered Rachel to get over and use her beautiful hair to clean the detritus off his cock. Then he ordered Holly to kiss Rachel and pass the cum from her mouth to her rivals wet, young mouth. They lingered as the fluid passed from one slut to another then separated, a small trail of cum dripping from Holly’s lips.

“Rachel, spit your mouthful into Holly’s face”. Rachel Stevens spat her mouthful of the old man’s cum all over her Antipodean rival, making sure to get it in her eyes. He ordered her not to clean it away and pressed a button to summon his large butler. “Norris, take Miss Valance over to the tiled floor of the bathroom and clean her face of my sperm would you. Oh, and clean it with your piss. You don’t mind Miss Valance ? Good”.

They moved through to the bathroom and as Rachel and the old man looked on the butler unleashed a large cock and directed a furious torrent of yellow urine all over Holly Valance’s face. It seemed to the Australian pop tart, to go on forever as he pissed in her mouth, eyes, nose, hair and ears but she accepted it desperate to keep her contract. The butler left without a word and Wankstaff ordered Holly to clean up by flushing her head in the toilet which she did, then coughing and spluttering she dried off with a towel.

Rachel was then told get on her knees and lick up the residue piss from the tiled floor. She nearly refused but decided not to and within seconds this English beauty was slurping acrid smelling piss from the floor, Holly smiled at this.

Once finished Mr Wankstaff led them back to the bedroom where two bowls of dog food lay on the floor. Eager to further test the depths these two sluts would sink to to keep their careers he ordered them to kneel down and finish their bowls – and both, with some reservations did.

“How ironic that two little bitches like to eat dog food eh? Lets stick with the canine theme shall we? “, and he again summoned the butler, whispered some instructions and he left. He returned a minute later with an Alsatian on a leash.

“Girls, this is Rupert, my very ‘special’ pet. Rachel why don’t you go over and stroke him. That’s good now why don’t you stroke his belly, he likes that, don’t be shy Rachel. Good. Now why don’t you stroke his cock Rachel. No, do you want Holly to do it and win today’s challenge . No, good that’s it”, and Rachel Stevens one of the worlds most beautiful women was giving a hand job to a dog, all the time while the old perv videoed the scene.

“Holly. Rupert looks ever so excited, I don’t want him messing up my carpet why don’t you use that wet mouth of yours to envelope Rupert’s big dog’s cock”, Holly was determined to win so she, with little regard for what she was doing got down there and shoved the animals large cock into her mouth and started to suck it.

“Rachel I want you to come round and please Rupert a bit more I want you to lick his arse while Holly mouth fucks him”. Fighting nausea Rachel slowly manoeuvred to behind the dog, but looking into the furry animals behind she refused and said ‘no’ that was her limit.

Wankstaff smiled at Holly and told her that if she were able to lick Rupert’s arse then she would go one up in the challenge. Before she could move though, the dog shot his cum into Holly Valance’s mouth and it was quite the sight to see the starlet, with a mouthful of dog cum kneel behind the dog and enthusiastically lick its arsehole. Holly had proven she would go further than Rachel to stay in the limelight and as promised she got to spend the night in the luxury bedroom, with loads of food and drink and entertainment Holly had quite a comfortable night.

For Rachel Stevens, however, the night was long and uncomfortable. She was marched upstairs and locked in the bare room and spent all night in solitude The stone floor was too cold to lie on but she was too tired to stand all night so endured a constant fitful changing of positions. The metal bucket in the corner had already been used by someone and contained piss and shit, the smell permeated to room and invaded Rachel’s nostrils, but desperate to relieve herself she twice had to use the bucket adding both her piss and shit to the mixture. Eventually, she huddled into a corner of the room furthest away from the bucket and managed to fall asleep. Which made it all the worse that she was too soon awoken by the butler, Norris, throwing the contents of the bucket all over her sleeping body the next morning. Not a good start to a day that would determine if she would remain a celebrity or not.

Rachel received a cold shower and once dried joined Holly and Wankstaff at the breakfast table as he outlined that days activities. ” We’ll toss a coin first and the winner can choose to go first or second. Whoever goes first will be able to tie or position the other as they like and at my word the clock will start, they can do as they like to the other but must allow them to speak so they can submit, whereupon I will stop my stopwatch and one hour later the other slut can try to better that time. OK?”.

” The rest of the day will depend on who wins, the winner can pick one guy from ten I will provide and he will be her sex slave for the rest of the day. The loser will conversely, be the willing sex slave to the remaining nine guys. Do you both understand and agree ?”, both bitches agreed so desperate were they to stay famous.

Rachel won the coin toss and elected to be tortured first. Mr. Wankstaff led both tarts into a converted cellar which had been renovated into a dungeon, their suitcases on the ground.

“Well Miss Valance hurry up and prepare your victim”. Holly got to work tying Rachel to the outside of a cell with rope and attaching a spreader bar between her ankles, cruelly spreading her legs. She indicated to Wankstaff that she was ready to start and he started his watch.

00:01 – Holly attached two vicious looking crocodile clips on a wire to Rachel Stevens nipples, Rachel howled but did not submit.

00:20 – Holly attached a third clip right onto Rachel’s exposed labia causing Rachel to cry out.

00:35 – Attaching the connecting wires to a small metallic box Holly smiles and turns a knob, sending a shock of electricity into Rachel Steven’s most sensitive body parts. Rachel bites her lip and cries .

00:55 – Holly takes out a silver dildo and attaches it to the box and being careful to hold the rubber hilt rams it straight up Rachel’s exposed asshole. Rachel screams and immediately submits at 01:07.

Rachel is released and both girls are given an hour to prepare for the second session. Rachel goes for a nude walk around the Mansion’s gardens.

One hour after leaving, the three of them reassembled in the cellar cum dungeon .Rachel had by now just about recovered from her earlier torture session at Holly’s hands and she smiled evilly at Holly. There was a large hook that came down from the ceiling and Rachel hoisted a rope up and over it and ordered Holly to stand below it and lift up her arms. Once in the desired position Rachel tied Holly’s wrists tightly, stretching her naked torso high and forcing her to stand on tip-toes. Again she smiled that smile at her rival as she remembered the events of an hour ago.

Rachel had also brought along a spreader bar and used it to force apart Holly’s ankles. This left Holly tottering and leaning forwards at an extreme angle. Then Rachel produced a thin belt which she looped through it’s buckle and, carefully lifting Holly’s hair up, wound around her neck. She then produced a blindfold which she placed over Holly’s eyes. Mr Wankstaff asked Rachel if she was ready to begin but she asked for a few more minutes of preparation which he allowed . Holly meanwhile was getting increasingly concerned.

Rachel took from her case a tight fitting leather glove which she slipped on her right hand, and then she took out a tub of glue that she immersed the glove into and ensure it’s surface was covered. She then opened up a plastic box and rolled the glove into it. The box contained nettles, thistles and thorns that Rachel had collected. The glove when she lifted it was covered with these items.

Mr. Wankstaff smiled and Rachel told him she was ready to start. He pressed his stopwatch.

00:01 – Rachel Stevens with her left hand pulls viciously on the belt, immediately choking Holly while simultaneously brutally shoving her gloved hand into Holly’s cunt and grinding it against the sides.

00:05 – Holly Valance screams her submission. Rachel is not speedy in removing her hand and Holly endures quite a bit more pain.

Wankstaff applauds Rachel’s efforts and together they free the loser. Holly is beyond words and collapses to the floor in agony. “Have a half hour break sluts, then be upstairs for the next part of today’s fun”.

Assembled in the huge living room were 10 men. One guy was 22, handsome and hunky. The other nine were fat, ugly slobs. All were naked and standing in a line. Rachel Stevens, of course, chose to spend the rest of the day with the hunk as her sex slave which left Holly Valance to be the kinky sex slave to the others.

Rachel had a pleasant afternoon and evening with the young man and ended up letting him fuck her. Holly spent the next 12 hours with at least one cock buried in either her mouth, her ass or her cunt. All her holes were raw by the time she was led upstairs to the bare room and the night ended with all nine guys shooting a load of cum over Holly’s face then as she lay on the stone floor they all pissed on her.

With the score at 1-1 Sundays catfight would decide the winner.

Mr. Wankstaff explained the rules for the battle to come after breakfast the next day.

” Each of you will start in the living room, I will referee. There are no rules you can do whatever you want and go wherever you want and the winner will have to gain a submission from the loser. You should say ‘ I give up’, and be assured that when you say that, you will not only be giving up the fight but also your career as a celebrity. Do you both understand ?”.

Each girl nodded at him.

So he led them into the large living room they had encountered the 10 men in yesterday. Both combatants being naked, he ordered them to opposing corners of the room and then he sounded a small handheld bell from his mantle piece and the battle was on !

Holly was quick to take the fight to Rachel and ran across the room at her rival. Rachel looked stunned at the frontal charge but in reality she had spied a silver tray on a table by her side and once Holly was within striking distance she picked up the tray and smashed it down on the Australian’s forehead. Stunned Holly fell to the floor only to be met with three rapid fashion strikes with the tray. Rachel mounted Holly’s torso and laid in with a minutes worth of slaps and punches. Neither girl spoke during this combat but at the first signs of Rachel flurry slowing Mr. Wankstaff asked Holly if she wanted to give up . Holly responded by shouting, “No”.

This mode of attack not working Rachel shifted her weight to allow access to Holly’s tits and the young English babe viciously sunk her nails into Holly’s breasts and started to twist them and pull them. The Australian screamed but never submitted to this tit torture. In her wild thrashing about she managed to dislodge Rachel and fling her into sideboard. Holly Valance rose unsteadily to her feet knowing she needed time to get her wind back but Rachel was already back on her feet ready to strike again.

So Holly sprang for the door and lurched into the entrance hall, pulling a phone stand back over the door way to block the entrance. Rachel cursed her and set about moving the obstacle. Mr Wankstaff hung back amused by their antics. Holly didn’t have any specific plan but made for the front door but got delayed with unhooking the chain that held it shut, by the time she had released it Rachel was into the hallway and charging at her.

The door opened just as Rachel collided with her foe and the two tangled arms and legs and fell out onto the stone entranceway beyond and took a rough ride as they bounced and rolled down the stone stairway that led up to the front entrance. Rachel seemed to take the worst of it bumping her head several times on the way down. She lay somewhat dazed at the foot of the stairs as Holly pulled herself up to her feet.

Quickly Holy Valance rolled the little English slut on to her face and straddled her back. The huge driveway was made of loose stone chips and with some glee Holly gripped Rachel’s hair and began to fiercely rub her face into the stones. Rachel opened her mouth to complain and got a mouthful of small stones for her trouble. Her mistreatment continued for a while until Holly stood up and stamped down on the back of Rachel’s head, further driving Rachel’s cover girl features into the drive. Before she could do anything Holly dragged her up by her hair and flung her hard into the limousine that stood in the driveway. The former S Clubber slid to her rump against the car.

Holly felt that she had beaten her down enough to go for a submission and reached down and grabbed hold of Rachel Steven’s prefect breasts and dragged her over onto the lawn intent on torturing her tits into giving up. But Holly stumbled on a loose spade that lay on the grass and seizing her chance the dazed Rachel managed to shove her opponent down where she landed in one of the many rose borders. Holly’s skin was pierced deeply by several sharp thorns and she found herself stuck in the position she landed.

Rachel fell herself, but landed on the soft grass. With Mr. Wankstaff watching and her opponent trapped in the thorns Rachel shook herself to regain her senses then decide to end the battle once and for all . She grasped the handle of the spade and summoning her strength lifted it high, intent on knocking Holly unconscious so that she could gain a winning advantage. Holly saw the weapon falling just in time and forced herself to move even though some of the roses and thorns remained in her soft flesh. The spade splatted the earth where Holly had lain and unbalanced Rachel’s stance somewhat allowing Holly to dive on her foe and the two young sluts rolled down the slopping lawn to a fence that bordered the lawn pulling hair and scratching at faces.

They rolled for 20 yards on the wet grass until they bumped hard into a fencepost. Again Rachel bore the brunt of the bump and Holly was first to her feet, tugging Rachel up by her hair Holly Irish whipped her foe into the fence. Unfortunately for the young English bitch it was a barbed wire fence and she screamed as her naked body collided with the five strands of jabbing wire. Holly hadn’t realised it was barbed wire but showed no mercy any way by raking Rachel’s forehead over the wire and busting her open . As Rachel cried Holly turned her around and fit Rachel’s arms between two strands of wire and wrapped them up so she was trapped momentarily. Holly then marched up to retrieve the spade, returned and brought it down on Rachel’s face with a glancing blow that knocked her out.

When Rachel Stevens came to she could neither move or speak. She lay flat out on the Croquet lawn at the back of the mansion. Holly Valance had dragged her there after knocking her out. Holly had immobilised her foe by hammering the Croquet hoops strategically over Rachel’s lithe young body. One came down over her neck, two kept each arm in check and two on each leg. The hoops had been hammered in real deep and Rachel could not move them. In her mouth was the handle of the spade.

She looked up in terror as she heard voices approach, it was Holly and Mr. Wankstaff but she could barely see them as they were positioned by her feet. Her terror rose as Holly leered over her clutching her crocodile clamp and snapped them onto Rachel’s exposed nipples, then the electric shocking dildo was shoved up her dry asshole again and she screamed into the wooden handle in her mouth. Then to Rachel’s horror Holly lifted up her own instrument of torture, the glued gloved covered in sharp debris. There were tears in the young English singers eyes as Holly teased the glove over Rachel firm breasts after turning off the voltage . Then Holly winked at Rachel, formed her hand into a fist inside the glove and rammed it up Rachel Steven’s waiting cunt.

Holly pounded her for at least two minutes and as soon as she removed the spade handle from Rachel’s mouth she screamed ” I give up “. And like that her music career was over. Mr. Wankstaff congratulated Holly and reminded her that he would now attempt to make her a huge star. But Holly wanted more, she knew that Rachel would try to stay in the public eye by modelling and having grown to hate her English rival with a passion over this weekend wanted that avenue stopped as well. Mr. Wankstaff was not about to stop her.

Holly disappeared into the mansion and returned a few minutes later carrying the butlers electronic shaver. Holly then proceeded to get down on her knees and shaved Rachel Stevens completely bald. Then Holly used a wet razor to get a nice shiny dome on the little slut’s head. Rachel sobbed constantly.

That evening Holly Valance strode out to her waiting limousine happily, she was still naked, having no clothes but would be taken straight home behind the shaded window. However, as the now bold Rachel was led out she was told to get in the front passenger side, sitting next to her driver, a 25 stone man called “Tiny”, she was told in no uncertain terms that unless she orally satisfied her driver he could drop her off wherever he wanted ( and he knew some pretty rough areas of London ).

They drove off and the world was short of one totally talent less bimbo singer whose only ability was flaunt her young body at weak men. Rachel Stevens was no longer a celebrity cunt but now just a cunt.

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