Serena After Hours

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Serena after hours by [email protected]

This story is totally fictional so don’t send me any threatening e-mails if

you are Serena Williams. Some naked pics would be nice though.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll get it done. You go home and I’ll lock the

tools up”. I hated it when he got like this. My boss, Dave had been at me

all day. I got in a little late this morning so every little thing I did had

been scrutinized according to how he wanted it to be done. I was working for

him for three years and in those years I had learnt alot about the tiling

business. He trusted me enough at this stage to let me muddle through jobs

on my own. He got into his car and headed off home. I still had the changing

rooms and the kitchen area to finish. It was probably going to take a couple

of hours at the least.

I locked up the tools I wasn’t going to need in the store room. I looked

around at the tennis training facility I was working in. Nice place. It was

pretty dark now and since it was a Sunday they hadn’t bothered to turn on

the floodlights as there wasn’t anyone playing on the astro turf courts.

There wasn’t anyone around and the security guy never seems to leave his

hut. I had been in that place all day. Earlier on there were some hot little

girls playing on the court nearest to the area I was tiling. They were

looking over and giggling but I was still a little hungover so I just smiled

and tried to keep my mind on my job. They were hot as fuck. Probably not

much older than fifteen. They bounced and jiggled around that court and I

wished I was five years younger. Still that was earlier and this was now.

“Not much chance of any action in this dead place” I said aloud as I

strolled over to the changing rooms. The floors of the shower needer

waterproofing and the grates had to be installed in the floor.

I entered the changing room and saw someone had left their tennis gear in

an open locker. I looked in it to see if they had left anything important.

There was a pretty expensive tennis racket and a towel but I figured it

probably belonged to some rich kid who could afford to lose it. I reminded

myself to take it before I left. Maybe I could sell it – all this unpaid

overtime was killing me. I walked around the lockers and heard the showers

were on. There was steam wandering around the room and I thought to myself

if there is someone using those showers I’m gonna kill ‘em. I’d have to do

the whole floor again. I looked in to see who it was to give them a right

old bit of abuse. A beautiful toned body was showering herself, blissfully

unaware of my presence. I recognised that ass in an instant – it was Serena


Serena had been in the papers alot recently. She was always going on about

how tennis was the love of her life and boyfriends had to come second. I

remember joking to a friend that I would change her mind about that someday.

I looked up and down her body. Every muscle was taught. Her calfs and thighs

looked powerful yet feminine. Her ass was perfectly round and looked

beautiful with the soapy water running down her back into her ass crack. Her

long beaded hair stuck against her back and I moved to the other side of the

locker room to get a better look. Thats when I noticed – I wasn’t just

checking out Serena Williams in the shower – I was checking out Serena

Williams playing with herself. She was furiously beating herself off with

three fingers and she was enjoying it judging by the deep moans she was

echoing off the shower room walls. I watched her bring herself to orgasm and

her scream made even me jump. She lay against the wall of the shower panting

to catch her breath. It made for one hell of a show. I concealed myself

behind the laundry bin so she wouldn’t notice me.

Serena turned off the shower and strode toward her locker. She walked with

the confidence of a champion. Every muscle was taught and sinewy, the water

rolled down off her body and dropped to the floor. She was naked as the day

she was born. She really had no idea I was watching her. She dried herself

with her towel and proceeded to get dressed, First she slid a pair of tight

black panties up her long smooth legs and covered that perfect ass. Next she

pulled on a pair of tight blue jeans and zipped herself up. Her large tits

bounced and wobbled as she fumbled in her bag, looking for her bra. She

cupped her breasts in her white lacy bra. The contrast to her dark skin made

her breasts look even bigger. She fastened the clasp and pulled a tight

white t-shirt over her head. Even when fulld clothed, she was still a sexy

bitch. Her jeans were tight enough to see her panty line and her t-shirt had

a tough job trying to hide those boobs. I couldnt let her leave without

saying hello now could I?

“That was some show you dirty little ho”. I didn’t know what else to say.

She turned and looked at me, shocked at my sudden appearance. “How long have

you been there? Who the fuck are you?” she barked at me. “I’m the luckiest

fuck in the world – why didn’t you ask, I could have helped you in the

shower back there”. “I didn’t know you were there” she said threateningly

“and no little pervert is going to touch me – I want a real man. You’ll be

meeting plenty of them in prison, you fuck. I’m calling the police”. She

took her cell phone from her bag and began to dial. I snatched it from her

and threw it to the floor smashing it. I pinned her to the lockers. “Ooh

baby, that’s how I like it. Maybe you can bring me off. How about it? Me and

you – wanna fuck?” As you can imagine, this kinda knocked me off for a

minute. Was this really happening? The look in Serena’s eyes gave me my

answer. She dropped her gym bag from her shoulder and ripped open my shirt.

Serena clasped her hands together high above her head. Her breasts looked

massive and her nipples began to surface. As soon as I got a bit rough with

her they began to grow erect. I pulled the shirt over her head and threw it

to the floor. She undid her bra as I dropped my pants. She turned around so

her back was facing me. I could see her undoing her fly and bending right

down she pulled her jeans down to her ankles. Her tight ass stretched her

black panties across her cheeks. She stepped out of her jeans and towards

me. She grabbed forcefully at my boxers and pulled them to the ground. My

cock sprang out of them and almost slapped her face. “Whoa there boy, Thats

how I like them – standing to attention. I love a big cock and I’m a big

girl so dont be afraid to fuck me nice and hard – I dont mind a bit of the

rough stuff, I can take it”. With that she dropped her panties and bent

over. Her pert ass beckoned and my cock grew to meet its challenge. I spread

her tight cheeks with my hands and peered into her asshole. It was still wet

from the shower and she was beginning to sweat. Heeding her advice, I rammed

my cock in full force. She screeched in delight at my deep penetration and

adjusted her legs to spread a bit wider. I slid my cock in and out of her

slowly getting a feel for her big ass. “C’mon boy, don’t go all pussy on me

now. Harder – as hard as you can.” I rammed her hole harder and harder. Her

poor little asshole was getting raw but she couldn’t get enough of it. She

screamed in delight and stretched her arms out to hold onto the bench on the

wall of the locker room. She bucked her wide hips and tightened her asshole

around my cock. I banged her up aginst the bench as hard as I could and she

just kept bucking her perfect black ass against my cock. Just as she reached

fever pitch she stopped screaming and told me to pull out.

“Now for the money shot baby. I cant afford daddy findin’ out that you ass

fucked me like a little bitch. So I’ll bring you off and we can get home” I

must have looked a little disappointed as she she seemed to take pity on me.

“Oh, don’t gimme those puppy dog eyes honey. OK then.” She lay down on the

cold wet floor and pushed her big tits together. “Well come on then, dont go

shy all of a sudden – you can’t cum in my ass but my face is ok.” I placed

my knees either side of her hips, almost straddling her. I lowered my cock,

now almost ready to burst after that ass fuck, between her huge breasts. Her

nipples were rock hard and pointing straight up at the roof. So I fucked her

titties. As hard and as fast as my body would allow. I could feel the cum

welling up in my balls – she must have known I was about to cum as she

opened up her mouth and looked into my eyes. Her tits pressed hard against

my cock as I shot my load. My cum shot straight onto her face. Some went up

her nose, some into her eyes but most of it directly into her mouth.

Bullseye!! I took my cock from her boobs and she wiped the cum from her

eyes. She took her towel and cleaned off her face. Some of my juice had

dripped onto her tits and she wiped it off with her towel. We both got

dressed, catching each others eye with our wry smiles. She kissed my before

she picked her gym bag. “Next time I ain’t gonna let you go so easy on me


With that, she walked out of the locker room leaving me to check out that

big hot black ass as she turned the corner and out of sight. I set about my

work with a renewed vigour and she left me her little black panties as a

reminder. She was the fuck that just kept on giving, now wasn’t she?

Any comments or complaints or whatever, e-mail me at [email protected]

Send me any comments even if you didn’t like it, I wanna know why. Big ups

to anyone who mailed me about my last story. I will get to work on your

suggestions as soon as I can.


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