Travis Walker : Ch. 3 – 24 Hours Of Sex And Violence

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Travis Walker : Ch. 3 – 24 Hours of Sex and Violence

by: turc443

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“Hey Travis wake up!” Mandy said shaking my shoulder. “We’re here.”

I yawned opening my eyes and quickly shut them hiding them from a bright

light. I sat up in the car seat rubbing
my eyes before trying to open them

again. I looked around taking in my surroundings. Mandy and I were

sitting in her car in the parking lot of yet another Motel 6.

“Where are we?”


“I thought we were going to San Antonio?”

“We are, but not quite yet. I’ve got a few things to take care off so

we’re going to make stop here for a day or so.”

“So what will I be doing while you’re taking care of your business?”

“You like basketball?”

“It’s alright. I don’t watch it regularly, but I follow it when I can.


“You want to go to the Dallas/Portland game tonight? I’ve got


“Courtside? How’d you manage that?”

“You can thank ‘her’ for it.”

“‘Her’ huh?”

“Yeah, and if all goes well and you get into her good graces you can

expect more things like that.”

“So when do I get to met and charm her with my youthful charisma?”

Mandy laughed at my question. “Youthful charisma? You’re mighty high

on yourself. You’ll get to meet her when the time is right.”

“Yeah yeah so I’ve been told. So what do you refer to your leader as

besides her?”

“For now just call her R.”

“R? So does she create high tech gadgets and help spies fight the bad


“Of course not, this isn’t a movie.”

“I know, I know,” I said reaching my arms behind the seat stretching

them. “I’ve been out of it for awhile now. It’s all been so surreal

almost since I’ve left St. Louis.”

“Well come on. Let’s check in first, then we can go shopping for some

new threads for you?”

“Clothes? What’s wrong with my clothes?”

“How much money do you have left??



“You never answered my question. What do I need clothes for? What’s

wrong with what I got?”

“For starters you need to be looking good if you’re going to meet R.

I’d rather get the clothes now, because we’re not stopping once we leave

Dallas and once we get to San Antonio we’re heading straight for the Hive.

Besides, if nothing else we’ll be courtside at the game. I don’t want you

looking poor while you’re down there.”

“Doing things for all the right reasons,” I replied sarcastically.

“Right and I’m sure you’d help any of us out if we were ugly or weren’t


“Celebrity or not I’d still help you out if you were hot, though maybe

not to the extent of getting into a car and coming to Texas with you.”

“Why doesn’t that surprise me about you? Perhaps Renee was wrong about


“Renee is it? I wonder which one it is…”

“Shit! You didn’t hear me say that!”

“I didn’t?”

“No you didn’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because nobody’s supposed to know anything until they’ve been accepted

into the Hive.”

“I’ve got a pretty good memory. What do you have to help me forget?”

“What are you talking about?”

“This…” I whispered reaching my hand across the car seat rubbing

Mandy’s thigh.

Her slap hurt as much as Natasha’s did.

“Get out!”


“Get the fuck out! Now!”

“Hey Mandy calm down!”

“Jesus Christ what was she thinking wanting us to bring you in,” Mandy

muttered reaching for her cell phone.

As she flipped it open I grabbed her hand and closed it.

“What are you doing?!? Let go!”

“Hey calm down! I was only fucking kidding!”


“Jesus Christ you people are so anal! I’m really starting to think that

maybe I’ll just take my chances on the streets with Simon. God damn. I

really don’t give a shit either way what your rules are. If you want me to

call her R I’ll freakin’ call her R.”

Mandy raised an eyebrow as she looked at me.

“I’m serious. I was just kidding. I’ll call her R. Roadtrips make me

a little wacky sometimes.”

“Alright, I’ll believe you for now. Wait here while I check in.”

While Mandy was gone I got out of the car and walked around a bit

stretching trying to work the stiffness from my body. Dusk was coming

early today I noticed leaning against the trunk of the car. I had never

been to Dallas before and it looked like most other cities. Mandy returned

fifteen minutes later with a key.

“Alright Travis were in room 110, it’s right around the corner there.

Since you’re the new guy you get to sleep on the floor.”

“The floor? Why didn’t you get a two occupancy room?”

“Because they were out.”

“So why don’t I sleep on the bed and you can sleep on the floor?”

“Because I said so.”


Mandy disappeared while I carried our things into the hotel room. When

the last of it was in, I made a pit stop in the bathroom. While I was in

there I heard the door shut.

“I got us a paper,” Mandy shouted from the other side of the bathroom


I zipped up, washed my hands, and left the bathroom.

“What do we need a paper for? I don’t read them.”

“You might want to read this,” Mandy replied tossing me the front page.

“Brother of slain dealer killed in massive factory fire,” the headline

read. I skimmed through most of the story to pick up the important pieces

of info. According to the paper Tommy Jefferson was accidentally killed in

a massive factory fire in a business district out in San Francisco.

“So who killed him?” I asked.

“I don’t know, it wasn’t us though.”

“Weren’t you the one who said that the problem with Simon and his people

would be soon taken care of?”

“Yes I said that, but none of our people killed him.”

“And how do you know that?”

“Because it goes against the rules.”

“The rules? Rules are meant to be broken. There’s always a bad seed

out there who walks on the other side of the line.”

“Travis listen to me, nobody from the Hive killed Tommy. Very, and I

mean very, rarely does R set up hits on people. She only does that in

extreme cases. Our job is to keep the peace and stop lunatics from doing

shit to harm others. We’re not about killing.”

“So what happens if Simon or Jack or whoever sneaks up on you with a gun

and is getting ready to kill you?”

“That’s different. That’s self-defense. Look Tommy’s dead ok? He’s

out of the way and the other two left are Simon and Jack.”

“What about others in Simon’s organization? Won’t they just take over?”

“Doubtful, most of them are greedy cowards with no leadership abilities.

Someone might be able to set up a small operation, but there’d be too much

infighting with each other making them easy targets to take down. Anyway,

right now we’ve got some time to kill, so let’s just get you some new

clothes and go to the game.”

Mandy and I left the hotel room and headed for her car. As we got

inside and shut our doors her cell phone rang. I put my seatbelt on as

Mandy answered.


“Sure thing, what’s going on?”

“Please tell me you’re kidding.”

“We’re sitting in my car right now. He’s next to me. Want me to put

him on?”

“Yeah, I’ll let him know and he’ll be out there tonight..”

Mandy flipped her phone shut and looked out the windshield with a look

of concern on her face.

“What’s going on I asked?”

“Like I said our job is not to kill, but apparently Simon thinks


“What do you mean? What’s going on?”

“There’s not much time to explain. You’re flying out to Kentucky

tonight and there you’ll meet one of our agents. She’ll explain in more

detail what is going on.”

“Who am I meeting and why Kentucky?”

“Look don’t ask too many questions right now. There’s a plane waiting

for you. Get on it and get to Kentucky.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’ve got to get to San Antonio. There’s urgent business I’ve got to

take care of.”

We loaded our things back into the car and Mandy and I got back on the

main road and headed towards the suburbs of Dallas. Forty-five miles

outside of town we came upon a private airfield. There wasn’t too much

from what I could see and I didn’t find a sign anywhere.

“Where are we?” I asked.

“At an airfield.”

“But it’s unmarked and in the middle of nowhere.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

Mandy pulled the car to a stop in front of the main building and turned

to speak to me.

“Look Travis, consider this a test run. You pass this, and you’ll be

that much closer to meeting R and being accepted as part of the Hive. If

you blow this we’ll take care of the situation ourselves, but let’s not let

it get to that. Go inside and let them know you’re here and you’ll be

taken to the plane. It’s six now, so you should be getting to Kentucky by

ten at the latest.”

I retrieved my bag from the back seat and open the door to get out. As

I was leaning to get out Mandy grabbed my shoulder and stopped.

“Something wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing, just good luck Travis.” Mandy kissed me on the check.

“What was that for?”

“Nothing really. I’m sorry about ealier.”

“You never know, I could still be an asshole.”

“I’m somehow doubt that. Not a complete asshole anyway.”

I kissed Mandy back on the cheek and got out of the car. Walking into

the main building I turned and saw Mandy driving away. I walked into the

building and talked to an elderly lady sitting at the front desk.

“Don’t open this until you get to Kentucky,” She said handing me a small

wrapped package.

“What is this?”

“Follow me.”

The woman got up from her desk and walked through a set of double doors

into a hallway. At the very end was a hangar with numerous small personal

planes. At that moment a man dressed in khakis and a Hawaiian style shirt

appeared behind us.

“Is this the one?” He asked.

“Yes it is,” the woman replied.

“Travis this is the pilot William. He’ll be flying you to Kentucky


“So are we ready? The sooner we leave the sooner we get there.”

I nodded yes and William and I boarded a small Cessna in the far corner

of the hangar. We got into the plane and it rumbled to life rolling out

onto the runway. Within minutes we were in the air, and with the sky black

and nothing to do but wait I feel asleep on the plane.

I woke up without opening my eyes, but I reached up to rubbed them. As

I started to stretch and my eyes opened I could hear a man and a woman

talking. We were on the ground inside another hanger and the voices were

coming from outside the plane.

“Thank you William for getting him here so fast. We have a long couple

of days of us it seems.”

“No problem Jeri, it’s always a pleasure to help you out when I can.”

William poked his head through the plane’s doorway and made eye contact

with me. “Good you’re awake Travis. We’re here so grab your stuff and get

out here.”

I grabbed the package from the seat next to me and stuffed it into the

bag, which was lying on the floor. With the bag in hand I stepped from the

plane. I initially looked to my left and saw William.

“So where are we exactly?” I asked.

“Louisville,” A voice behind me answered. I turned and looked at Jeri

Ryan for a bit, then spoke. “So what am I doing out here?”

“There’s not a lot to do around here, but if you would stay around for a

couple of days William while we try to get our situation settled,” Jeri

said to William.

“No problem.”

“Good now you come with me,” Jeri said placing an arm on my shoulder as

we walked outside. We climbed into a Jeep Cherokee and started down a dirt

road. As I looked back I noticed that the airfield was as non-descript as

the one in Dallas.

“Surprised to see me?” Jeri asked as I turned back around to face the


“Not really.”

“Oh? And why is that?”

“After what I’ve seen and been through so far, nothing surprises me

anymore. So why exactly am I here?”

“Let me start from the beginning. I retired from the more involved

covert operations a few years ago.”


“Let’s just call it personal reasons. Let me finish and you can ask

questions then. Anyway now I spend my time here in Kentucky training new

classes of agents. You’ve heard about Tommy Jefferson’s death right?”

“Yeah, what’s going on? Mandy wouldn’t tell me anything.”

“But she did tell you we don’t kill unless it’s under extreme

circumstances right?”

“Yeah, so?”

“Well Simon, doesn’t seem to think that’s true so he had someone from

his organization kidnap Hilary, our top trainee in the current class.”

“So what does Simon want with her? Why didn’t he have anyone else


“Right now Jack’s holding her hostage. Simon’s pissed off about Tommy,

and when Hilary was kidnapped she was taken from a grocery store. It was

early in the morning and almost nobody was at there except for a few

employees. Before any of them could call or do anything the car she was in

was already bolting down the street. At the customer service counter a

letter was found demanding you be handed over to Jack in exchange for

Hilary or she would be killed followed by the rest of us one at a time.

Did you get the package in Dallas?”

“The one from the lady at the airport?”

“Yeah, open it.”

I removed the package from my bag and tore the wrapping off. Opening

the box I raised an eyebrow as I found a handgun and several magazines

snuggled inside.

“What is this?” I asked removing the gun from the box looking it over.

“A 380 Comp Pistol with laser.”

“Why do I have it I mean? I thought you said you don’t kill anyone

unless it’s under extreme circumstances.”

“We don’t, but real or not nobody threatens one of our own and gets away

with it. And if Jack lays a hand on Hilary… You’ve dealt with Simon’s

people before, I’m sure you haven’t forgotten when you were shot do you?”


“That’s what I thought. It’s for your own protection ok?”

“So what’s the plan?”

“Tomorrow, I’m driving you to Louisville International and you’re flying

to St. Louis where-”

“St. Louis?? Are you kidding me?”

“No, I’m not. Look, you didn’t hear me say this, but I think we’ve got

a mole in the Hive.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Yesterday another letter showed up at the customer service desk at the

same grocery store Hilary was kidnapped from. It demanded that you fly to

St. Louis on the third which is tomorrow, where someone named Max will

find you. That name sound familiar?”

“Nobody I know.”

“None of our data on Simon had anything on a Max either. Back to the

plan though. Whoever this Max is is going to set up a meeting between you

and Jack. I can’t tell you anything beyond that, but to be careful and try

and find out where Hilary is being held and rescue her. We’ll get involved

if we have too, but R wants to see how good you are.”

“Not to put a damper on things, but Mandy called this a test run and

here I’m finding out I’m being thrown in a life and death situation

essentially. If I get through this I’d only be a step closer to meeting R?

Would I have to overthrow the Chinese government to meet her?”

“Calm down Travis it’s not Mandy’s fault, the details she was given were

sketchy at best.”

“Fine, but how am I going to get a gun past security?”

“We’ve develop a gun case that looks like a book when scanned by an

x-ray machine. You’ll have one for your gun and ammunition. Look we

here,” Jeri said turning onto a dirt road that led to a very large ranch

house in the distance.

After a few more minutes of driving Jeri pressed the button on her

garage door opener that was clipped to the sun visor and parked the

Cherokee in the garage. She pressed the button on her opener again and the

door shut behind us. I put the gun back into the box and shoved the box

back into my bag. With my bag in hand I followed Jeri into the house

“Follow me,” Jeri said climbing the stairs that lead to the main floor

of her ranch house. “You’ll get some sleep tonight then first thing

tomorrow you’ll fly to St. Louis.”

“Where do all the trainees stay when you’re training them?”

“They stay here in the guest rooms. We only have sessions when we find

candidates who could potentially help us as agents. Right now there’s only

two students, Hilary’s one and the other is Elisha.”

“Why is your home base in Texas and the training facility out here in


“I already had this land when I joined the Hive. Why procure more land

when this is readily available? Besides R wants some room between the two

facilities just in case.”

“So how’s Elisha taking Hilary’s kidnapping?”

“It’s been somewhat hard on her not being able to do much. The two of

them have become such good friends since they’re the only two here.”

“What time is it?”

“Almost midnight.”

“Where’d the last two hours go? Mandy said I’d get here not later than


“It’s like they say, shit happens and you got here at ten fifteen.

Where you slept for another hour in the plane and the ride from the

airfield to here is about half an hour.”

“Oh crap…” I muttered to myself.

“I know you probably can’t right now, but try to get some sleep.

Tomorrow’s looking like it’ll be an exhausting day. If you’re going to

stay up though, please keep it down. I’d rather not have Elisha know

you’re here.”

“Sure, no problem.”

“Well this is your room,” Jeri announced stopping in front of a door.

“I’m sorry that there’s no tv or radio or anything. I try to keep the

distractions to a minimum.”

“That’s fine, I’ve got some things to sort out before tomorrow anyways.”

“You’re not having second thoughts are you?”

“Oh, no. It’s something else not related to any of this.”

“Alright then. I’ll see you in the morning to drive you to the airport,

but I’ll say this now. Good luck Travis,” Jeri whispered kissing me on the

cheek. She turned around and walked back down the hall and I lost her in

the darkness of the house that fell outside the realm of the hallway light.

I flipped the light on in my room as I entered. I emptied out my

pockets onto the dresser. My wallet landed with a thud and through some

unseen force I opened my wallet and looked inside. I looked for something

that I knew wasn’t there. It was in a trash can in a room at a Motel 6 in

San Francisco that would get emptied out by house keeping and end up in a

dump somewhere. The paper with Kristin’s number on it was already mulch by

now. Besides the chances of her going back to San Francisco and using that

number again were next to nothing.

I started to reach for the light switch to turn off the light, but I

stopped. I removed the box from my bag and took the handgun out. I loaded

one clip into it put the safety on and slid the gun under the bed. Then I

turned the light off and fell onto the bed still in my shirt and pants.

Falling asleep again was surprisingly easy. Perhaps I needed the sleep

more than I thought.

It was the staying asleep that proved hard. I woke up to footsteps

outside my door. Then they stopped. I looked around the room for a

digital clock and found one on the nightstand. It was almost 1 am. I

could hear the door creak as the doorknob was turned and the door was

pushed open. I reached under my bed for the gun and found it. I released

the safety and brought the weapon bedside. When the light from the hallway

light trickled into my room revealing the human form coming towards me I

immediately raised my gun and aimed it at the head shaped shadow at the top

of the body.

“I would stop right there if I were you.”

“Put the gun down Travis. I’m one of Jeri’s students and I didn’t mean

to startle. I just wanted to talk to you.”

“Who are you and how do you know my name?”

“My name’s Elisha. Will you please put the gun down?”

“Well Elisha, how are you ever going to become an agent if you get

bothered that easily by guns?”

“Guns don’t bother me, it’s when the person holding it is a wild card as

to what’ll they’ll do with it that bothers me.”

“Shut the door and stand still,” I told Elisha as I reached to turn the

nightstand lamp on.

I immediately recognized the girl as being Elisha Cuthbert, though I

only knew that because of the guys I used to work with at Best Buy. She

was definitely a looker. Elisha was wearing a pair of Joe Boxer shorts and

a Mickey Mouse t-shirt that just came down to her belly. She turned to

shut the door and when it was closed she turned back towards me.

“So is everyone involved with the Hive a celebrity?”

“There’s only a handful of us, but I’m not a member yet and you’re not a


“I’m not a member.”

“Not yet anyways. If R accepts you you’ll be the first male agent.”

“Hooray for men’s lib I guess. You never answered my question. How do

you know my name?”

“I heard it while Jeri was talking on the phone to one of the other

agents. They both talked highly of you, like you were a superhero or

something. And I also heard you two talking out in the hall earlier


I laughed at that remark.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing,” I smiled.

“What? What’s so funny?”

“I’m a headcase living a fucked up life about to try and rescue someone

I don’t even know.”

“You know where Hilary is?” Elisha said her face lighting up.

“Oh crap…” I mumbled. “I’m going to lend my help and help try to find

Hilary. I don’t know anymore than you do.”

“But if you don’t know anything then how are you going to help?”

“I had a friend in a similar situation before. Look I don’t think this

is anything anyone in the Hive wants me talking to you about. Anyways,

what are you doing here? I’ve got to get up in a couple of hours.”

“I really wanted to see you before you left, just in case I never got

the chance again. Jeri’s real big on you and thinks you’ll do some good

for us. I just wanted to see what got her so worked up.”

“So you’ve found me. Satisfied with what you’ve seen? Now please I

need to get some sleep.”

“Right. Sorry for disturbing you Travis, though try not to be so

uptight and hostile in the future.”

“You woke me up at one in the morning, how else am I suppose to react?”

“I’m leaving now. Again I’m sorry for the disturbance.” Elisha reached

for the door and began to turn the knob.

“Look Elisha before you go, I’m sorry for just now. It’s been one of

those weeks and one of those months really. Sorry for snapping at you.”

“Don’t worry about it, I wouldn’t be much better if I had been through

what you have. Anyways, you need your sleep so I’m going. Good luck


“Just one more thing Elisha?”

“What is it?”

“This Hilary girl, who is she to you and who are the rest of the Hive


“As far as Hive agents go they include Ali, Natasha, Jeri, Mandy, and R.

Hilary and I would be next if we passed the training session. Everyone

from the last four sessions have all failed. They get injected with some

sort of chemical so they forget everything about the Hive. As far as

Hilary goes have you ever heard of Lizzie McGuire? The tv show on the

Disney channel?”

“I’m afraid not. I never really watched much tv, and the only reason I

know who you are is because I used to work with some guys who were really

hot for you.”

“Anyway, that’s Hilary Duff and I’ve met her a few times at various

Hollywood functions, but when we met her two months ago we hit it off I

guess you could say and became friends.”

“I see… So let me get this straight Hilary who is what sixteen is

doing better than you? You’re getting beat out by someone four or five

years younger than you?”

“She’s young the but the girl’s a natural.”

“I’ve seen stranger things happen I suppose. Look, don’t worry about

Hilary. I’ll bring her back safe and sound. Just don’t tell anyone I said

anything to you. I don’t want anyone getting into trouble for talking

about things they aren’t supposed to.”

“Thank you Travis,” Elisha replied smiling broadly. “You may have your

quirks and off days, but you’re a good guy somewhere in there.” Elisha

smiled again an ever so slight giggle leaving her mouth. “Well good night,

and good luck.”

“Elisha seems like a nice girl,” I thought to myself as she left the

room. I placed the gun back underneath the bed and turned off the light.

Minutes later I was back asleep.

My body was shaking a voice was calling my name as the dim light from

the nightstand light shined in my face.

“Travis, wake up! We’ve got to get you ready to go. You’re leaving for

St. Louis in a few hours,” Jeri said shaking me by my shoulders.

“What time is it?” I asked rubbing my eyes as I sat up in bed.

“Eight o’clock. You’re flight leaves at ten.”

“Ok, give me five more minutes to sleep and I’ll get up.”

“You’ve got to be at the airport by nine to check in, and it takes

twenty minutes to get there.”

“Alright I’ll get up now then,” I said yawning. I picked up my bag.

“Do I have time to take a shower at least?”

“Yeah that’s fine as long as we can leave by twenty till.”

“I’ll be done in fifteen. Let’s stop for breakfast somewhere.”

“As long as you don’t mind drive-thru.”

“Not a problem.”

“Alright then, whenever you’re ready to leave I’ll be in the kitchen.

The bathroom is the first door on your left.”

Jeri left the room and I dug through my bag for some clothes. I found

some blue jeans and a beat up Tennessee Titans shirt. With that and fresh

underwear in hand I walked into the bathroom to shower. The bathroom was

pretty standard with the shower on the left side of the room with racks of

towels to its left as you faced in and the toilet and sink on the right

side of the bathroom. The shower was the standard rectangular tub that sat

in the corner of two of the bathroom’s walls and had a shower curtain that

formed a backward “L” shape when completely closed. The showerhead was at

the end of the tub that sat against the wall.

The curtain closed and the water blasting I ran my hands through my hair

as I lathered the shampoo into it. Some dribbled down into my eye and

stung a bit until I washed it out. The shampoo was swept from my hair by

my hands and the running water. I reached for the soap and began to lather

my hands with it. I started first soaping my chest and arms before having

to re-lather my hands. I got my stomach and legs clean and lathered my

hands one last time to clean my butt and groin. I reached down to wash the

soap away from my groin, but my hands were beat to it by another set. I

quickly turned my head and behind me with the curtain open leaning over the

tub was Jeri.


“Hold on, you missed a spot,” she said giving my cock a long firm

stroke. My crotch jumped at her touch and my knees almost buckled. “You


“Yeah… I’m fine. I guess I wasn’t expecting to see you in here.”

“Well as far as that goes, I ran into Elisha in the hall after she left

your room. She said from the conversation she had with you that you were

confident you could get Hilary back and she felt secure and hopeful that

you were involved. And although I’d rather you’ve not told her any of that

I suppose it was inevitable it would happen. She’s a curious girl.”

“And that has what to do with why you’re in here?”

“I don’t know really. Do I need a reason to be here?”


“Ok then.”

Jeri climbed into the shower behind me. My backside was still to her

and her hands stroked up and down my chest and abdomen as the warm water

continued to splash down onto me. Jeri moved to my other side and got

between me and the water.

“I can never get my back completely clean when I shower. Would you

mind?” She asked her head half-turned and smiling.

Soap in hand I lathered my hands up and started by rubbing my hands

gently up and down Jeri’s back. Her skin was very smooth and looked nice.

When her back was nice and soaped up I started to lather my hands again,

but stopped. I stared down at Jeri’s ass admiring it as some of the water

slid down her back and to her but wetting it. I broke my thought and my

soapy hands reached under Jeri’s arms to her front side. I firmly grabbed

a breast in each hand soaping it up then running my hands down her belly.

Her front was a smooth as her back. Thirty-something perfection.

“You didn’t wash the lower part of my front or back,” Jeri smiled as my

eyes returned to her ass.

“I know,” I said rinsing off the little soap that was left on my hands

with the shower water that fell from her body.

I squatted behind Jeri in the bathtub gently running hands up and down

her soft squeezable toned rearend.

“You’ve got such a gentle touch,” Jeri cooed as my hands squeezed and

massaged her butt cheeks. “Oh my… That’s nice…”

With a cheek in each hand I spread apart Jeri’s ass lavishing her

butthole with my tongue. My tongue slid up and down her crack, stopping to

push inward, my hands continuing to fondle her ass. Jeri gasped as I

slowly inserted my left index finger into her anus. I moved my face a bit

closer between her legs until her twat was in view. I teased her slit

licking my tongue along the outer edges of her love box. With one hand

against the shower wall Jeri reached down rubbing herself. As her fingers

continued to stimulate her clit I darted my tongue into her pussy. Jeri

moaned in excited surprise as I pumped my finger into her bum and ate her


“Oh god…” She moaned one arm pressed against the wall her head resting

on it. The shower water hit Jeri in the back and rolled down her body.

With the slight lubrication the water provided I tried pushing my middle

finger into her anus. Slowly but surely it slid inside Jeri whining as the

second finger stretched her asshole. I moved my head directly between her

legs and looked up. Jeri’s wanting pussy was in front of me her breasts

hanging further up. I swatted her hand out of the way and furiously began

to repeatedly slidd my thumb over her clit as my tongue slipped and slided

it’s way in and around her pussy lips. Jeri was starting to moan more

frequently and they were getting louder. I could taste her girl cum start

to trickle out of her pussy onto my tongue.

I pulled my fingers from her butt and stood up waiting for her to turn

around. Jeri smiled doing so and her left hand had a sexual itch it needed

to work out by sliding back down between her legs. Without a word she

lowered to her knees grabbing my throbbing cock with her right hand. With

the youthful exuberance of a teenager Jeri teased my cock licking all

around the head, but never taking it into her mouth. She even kissed my

prick wrapping her tongue around its shaft like a snake, but still no


Jeri’s hand began to slowly stroke my member up and down as she tongued

my balls. My penis ached and I thought I was nearing orgasm already. I

could just make out her hand quickly fingering her cunt as I looked down at

her. Suddenly Jeri’s mouth wrapped around my dick and began to bob back

and forth over it. My dick quivered at the mere touch of her lips. It was

exciting to watch as my shaft pumped in and out of Jeri’s mouth with her

smiling and happily taking it in.

With a loud pop my cock escaped Jeri’s mouth and she hungrily licked at

her lips with the look of the devil in her eyes. She stood up in the tub

letting the water hit her in the face. Jeri ran her hands over her face

and head and then place them against the wall. With her butt sticking out

I ran my hands up and down each of Jeri’s cheeks squeezing them. Then my

hands slid up her body coming to a rest on her hips. My stiff cock found

it’s way to Jeri’s love canal and slowly pushed in. She grunted and I

gasped as my organ split her lips and buried itself deep inside her folds.

With heavy breathing leaping from Jeri’s and my lips I withdrew my cock

only to stuff it back in. Jeri’s body heaved and she moaned louder with

every thrust. My prick strained and pulsed with every jab into her cunt.

I couldn’t take it anymore. My cock succumbed to the pleasures of

orgasm spraying my cum deep into Jeri’s twat. Although she didn’t orgasm

at first Jeri’s snatch squeezed down on my dick even as it went limp trying

to squeeze every last drop from my organ. When her pussy seemed to have

its fill Jeri’s floodgates opened and her ejaculate came spilling out onto

my prick.

Jeri was leaning against the wall and I was almost leaning on her as we

regained our composure. With the shower still running we were able to

quickly clean ourselves before stepping out to dry off. As I pulled my

underwear up my ears perked up at a sound.

“Did you hear that?” I asked Jeri as she robed herself.

“Hear what?”

“I thought I heard something in the hall. Elisha’s not up is she?”

“I doubt it. She’s a heavy sleeper and Hilary or I usually have to wake

her upin the morning, but I’ll check it out on my way back to my room.”

“Nevermind then. If you’re not concerned then neither am I.”

Jeri left the bathroom for her bedroom to dress. Back in my room I

packed my things into my bag and walked to the kitchen. Jeri showed up ten

minutes later carrying two boxes.

“These are the cases for your gun and ammunition,” she said handing them

to me. “They’ll help you get past security.” I gladly took them from her

and put them to use filling them with their desired contents. “So are you


“As ready as I’ll ever be I guess.”

“You guess?”

“I’m not too worried about myself anymore. I’ve done enough stupid shit

in my life to kill off my fear by this point. I more concerned with

failing and letting down Elisha I guess you could say.”



“It’s nothing important. Let’s get going then.”

To say the flight from Louisville to St. Louis was unnerving would be

an understatement. While I had been in dangerous situations before, this

was the first time I was willingly putting myself into that kind of

position while I was sober and clean. I ate the complimentary bag of

peanuts the airline gave you and downed two Bud Lights. Because of a big

argument back in Louisville in the check-in line between a passenger and

the person behind the counter over the size of carry-ons I went ahead and

checked my bag to avoid an unneeded headache. As I waited in the baggage

claim area I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“I’m so glad you could make Mr. Walker,” a female voice projected from

behind me.

“I’m sorry you must have the wrong person,” I replied.

“No, I have the right person. You are waiting for someone to pick you

up aren’t you?”

“Yes I am, but he’s not a she, so he’s not you.”

“Aren’t you even going to ask me how I know your name?”

“To be honest I don’t care. I’m here against my will fixing to do

something I rather not do, but am going to do because I made a promise to

someone.” I was really starting to get irritated and was momentarily

relieved when I saw my bag fall onto the conveyor.

“Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got to go find somebody,” I grumbled

picking up my bag.

“Who do you have to find?”

“It’s none of your damn business.”

“Just tell me Travis, who are you looking for, Max or Hilary?”

“I said it’s none of your damn bus-” I stopped in mid-sentence. Then I

turned and saw it was Jessica Alba standing behind me.

“Good, I’ve got your attention now. Follow me.” Jessica started walking

off and I had to run to catch up with her.

“Max huh? Don’t you think that’s a little to cheesy and obvious a code

name for you?” I asked as we stepped from the airport into the parking


“Nobody at the Hive knew who Max was.”

“How do you know about the Hive?”

“Everyone in this business knows about the Hive and every other little

group out there.”

“So which group do you belong to?”

“I don’t, I work alone.”

We came to a stop next to another god damn s.u.v. and Jessica unlocked

the doors allowing us to get inside. As we drove off I asked another


“So what about Simon and Jack, don’t you work for them?”

“Simon no, Jack yes.”

“You know that Jack works for Simon right?”

“Yeah, I know that, but I’m only working with Jack right now. It’s a

long story and I don’t have time to explain it to you now.”

“Uh huh.”

“Anyway, we’re here,” Jessica said pulling into a hotel parking lot. I

looked up at the sign.

“Best Western? What happened to Motel 6?”

“I don’t know. I’m just doing what Jack told me to do.” Jess pulled

into a space and put the truck into park.

“So what are we doing here?” I asked getting out of the vehicle.

“Jack’s meeting us here to exchange you for Hilary. I’m then going to

drop her off at the airport before going my own way and she’s going to fly

back to Kentucky on her own.”

“And me?”

“You’re on your own.”

“So what else is new?” I mumbled under my breath turning and reaching

into the s.u.v. for my bag. I set it on the hood and opened it reaching

for the two boxes holding my gun and magazines.

“You won’t be needing that,” I heard Jessica say as a shadow fell over

me. I felt something hard hit me in the back of the head and the last

thing I remember was hitting my face on the hood of the truck.

I woke up a bit later not knowing how much time had passed since I was

knocked out. I had a slight headache and my arms were pulled behind my

head. I tried to move them, but found them to be handcuffed through some

of the slats in the headboard. I jerk on them hard, but it didn’t help but

to make the bed rattle.

“You might as well give up. You’re not strong enough to break the

headboard.” I looked up and saw Jessica sitting on the bed next to me.

“You little bitch! What the fuck are you doing?”

“It’s nothing personal Travis, I’m just following orders.”

“Fuck you! I should’ve known better than to turn my back on a bitch

working for Simon.”

“Travis, shut up now! I don’t want to be here, but I’ve got my reasons

to be here just like you have yours.”

The room’s phone started ringing and Jessica reached over to the

nightstand and answered it.

“This is Jess.”

“Uh huh.”

“Yes he’s here. Everything’s going according to plan.”

“Ok, I’ll see you in twenty then.”

“That was Jack on the phone. He had some business to take care of so

he’ll be a little late.”

I just glared at Jessica hate boiling inside of me, though if it was at

her or her relationship with Jack I wasn’t sure. She saw my look and

sighed shaking her head.

“What?” She asked.


“You don’t think I’m here against my will do you?”

“Why should I?”

“You remember Kristin?” I barely flinched at the name, but it was enough

for Jessica to see.

“Of course you remember her. Kristin Kreuk, the same girl you took off

and abandoned in Canada after you both admitted you had feelings for each


“What about her?”

“She wasn’t herself after you left. Alanis called me and told me what

happened, so I decided to take care of Tommy myself and track you down. I

had only planned on setting Tommy up to be busted in the warehouse with

Simon’s drugs. Unfortunately there was an accident with some of the more

volatile chemicals used to process the stuff and there was an explosion. I

barely made it out alive, but Tommy was killed. I didn’t have time to get

out of San Francisco, before Jack figured out what happened and found me.

He wasn’t too concerned with the loss of Tommy, but the loss of the drugs

was something else. It was either help him or be killed. I took the first


“And he had you kidnap Hilary to get to me because he somehow knew of my

involvement with the Hive and he found that out how?”

“He’s been following the movements of the Hive and knew about you

getting picked up by Mandy and being brought to Texas.”

The door to the hotel room swung up in walked a man who I had never seen

before wearing khaki pants and a button up polo shirt.

“Who the hell are you?” Jessica demanded.

“I’ve come for Mr. Walker.”

“You’re not Jack!” She countered.

“Yeah, no shit,” I said.

“Shut up Travis,” the nameless man said pulling a gun from an ankle

holster and pointing it at me.

“Where the hell is Jack? He was supposed to pay me when he got here,”

Jessica said.

“You’ve done all this work and weren’t paid anything upfront?” I asked


“It was part of the deal,” she replied.

“Uncuff him,” the man said. Jessica did as she was told and I was

ordered to the ground on my knees.

I looked over at Jessica perhaps waiting for her to say or do something

as the man pinned the gun against my head. I could see her eyebrows furrow

and her head start to twitch in her anticipation of what was about to


“This… This is not part of the deal!” Jessica protested.

“What did you think Jack was going to do with Mr. Walker here? He let

him get away once before and he wasn’t about to do it again.”

“So why isn’t Jack here to kill me himself?”

“Because he has an important message he was preparing to send to the

Hive for getting involved with you.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” I demanded.

“Let’s just say that they won’t have to go in after Hilary after they

find out you’re dead.”

“This is bullshit! You can’t do this!” Jessica shouted. Jack’s goon

backhanded Jessica knocking her to the floor.

“We can and we will!”

This is the one opportunity I had and I was going to take. While the

goon was preoccupied with Jess I reached up and punched him in the groin.

He dropped his gun and doubled over in pain holding his crotch. With a

swift kick to his stomach he fell to the ground in pain and out of air. I

picked up his gun and checked to see that the safety was off.

“Not to say I won’t kill him either way, but if Jack has done anything

to Hilary I swear to god his fate will be the same as yours,” I said

planting one foot to the man’s chest. Aiming at his head I fired a single

shot to his forehead striking him dead instantly. I walked to wear Jessica

still laid on the ground and I grabbed her hand helping her up.

“You ok?” I asked.

“Yeah I’m fine. Look Travis you’ve got to believe me, it wasn’t

supposed to happen this way!”

“I know how Jack works so trust me I know. Get yourself out of St.

Louis and stay out of view for awhile. Take this just in case,” I said

handing Jess the gun.

“What’re you going to do?” She asked putting the handgun’s safety on.

“If Jack’s going to do what I think he’s going to, then he must still be

in St. Louis and I have a pretty good idea where he is.” I took the keys

from the dead man’s pockets and the two of us walked outside shutting the

door behind us. “Take care of yourself Jess.”

“You too,” She replied kissing my lips. The move took me by surprise

and the passion she put into it did as well. When our lips finally parted

we smiled at each other. I took my bag from her truck loading my pistol

with ammo. “Good luck.”

“Thanks.” Our lips met again and we kissed.

She then got into her truck and I got into the car the dead man drove.

Our vehicles turned onto the street in opposite directions and I looked

back momentarily as Jessica drove off. I turned my attention back to the

road and made for my destination.

I pulled into the driveway of the house Jack used to live before we high

tailed it to San Francisco not too long ago. Weeds were overgrown and the

property was dirty. It looked like nobody been inside the house for

awhile. Jack’s car wasn’t in the driveway and the garage was locked so

there was no way to check inside. Regardless, I had a pretty good idea he

was here. I checked the back door of the house and it was unlocked perhaps

as if he was expecting me to show up.

The downstairs area was the way we left it and dust was starting to

collect. I started up the stairs and as I stepped on each one they

squeaked like clockwork, like the hundreds of times before when someone had

stepped on them. I was just hoping Jack wasn’t waiting for me upstairs

ready to shoot me once I reached the top. I got to the second floor with

no problem. Looking around I found it undisturbed like the bottom floor

was except for the fact that the fold down ladder leading into the attic

had been lowered.

With my finger on the trigger of my gun and the safety off I climbed the

stairs with my pistol drawn. I paused momentarily reaching the top before

peaking my head into the attic.

“Ah damn it Travis. Hurry up already will you? I’m not going to shoot

you… yet.”

“I was naïve at the time I’d admit, but I wasn’t expecting you to shoot

me the last time.”

“Trust me Jack we used to be friends. I helped you kill Cody remember?”

“You were just clearing out the market for Simon to take over.”

“True, but you know I would have killed you for sure the first time if I

didn’t like you.”

“I heard you missed.”

“You heard wrong. Are you going to come up or not? I don’t have all


“Well why don’t you come down instead then?”

“Because it’s much more comfortable up here Travis. Tell him how nice

it is in the attic.”

“Please… Please come up here Travis. It’s… It’s nice up here,”

Hilary mumbled.

“Get up here now or she gets it.”

Jack’s threats were never ones to take lightly, so I finally went up.

The nice thing was was that Jack didn’t fire at me right away. Jack was

sitting on a stool and Hilary as on her knees in front of him. He had a

gun pressed to her head. There was an empty stool in front of me.

“Sit down, and slide your gun to me,” Jack said.

“Why the hell are you doing this?” I asked sitting down sliding my gun

to him.

“Doing what Travis?” Jack picked up my pistol and tossed on the floor

behind him.

“You know what. Why did you fucking shoot me?”

“Guilt by association. Everyone around you Simon, Tommy, Kristin, and

me were all telling you stories of half-truths and half-lies. It was your

association with Kristin that caused you all the problems. Had you just

let me run her over in the parking lot that day none of this would have

happened, but instead look what you’ve caused.”

“What the hell did Kristin ever do to you?”

“Tommy’s not the sharpest tools in the shed if you know what I mean. He

was smarter than his brother was but he was still dumb. The only reason

why Cody did so well dealing was because I was there to watch him. Kristin

was trying to get into Tommy’s confidence so he would tell her what she

wanted to know. That wouldn’t take too long as long as Kristin would be

willing to spread her legs and buy him drinks. I must digress though, now

that Tommy’s dead and her access to us is gone, she won’t be much of a

threat anymore. Before I make the classic movie villain mistake and tell

you everything I must bid you a final goodbye.”

Jack took the gun from Hilary’s head and pointed it at me. With my eyes

close I expected to hear the gun to go off. Instead I fell to the attic

floor immediately after I heard a noise form downstairs.

“Who’d you bring with you?!?” Jack roared.


“Tell me or I’ll fucking shoot her now!” Jack pointed the gun back at


“I swear to god Jack, I didn’t bring anyone with me!”

“Shut the fuck up and stop lying!”

“Jesus fucking Christ Jack! I’m not lying!”

“Alright then. You climb down first but if you try anything she’s


“Yeah I know. I’m not going to do anything.”

I climbed out of the attic and down the ladder. I was tense as I waited

for Jack and Hilary to climb down also.

“Check the rooms,” Jack ordered as he reached the bottom. I did a quick

spot check of all the rooms and none of them had been disturbed.

“There’s nobody up here,” I said. Just then we heard the sound of

shattering glass coming from the first floor.

“Go down and check it out.”

I walked down stairs while Jack kept Hilary hostage upstairs. I looked

around the bottom floor noticing several of the windows busted out and

large rocks or bricks lying on the floor below. I walked into the kitchen

to look around when a brick shattered the kitchen window and flew by my

head crashing into the fridge.

“Oh shit!” I shouted ducking as I tried to avoid debris.

“God damn it!” Jack roared rushing down the stairs Hilary still being

held hostage by him. “On your knees! Travis get over her now!” Jack

kicked Hilary’s leg out from underneath her forcing her down. “Get down

next to her!”

I feared the worst as I got to my knees next to Hilary. Jack was

getting angry and I had only seen it happen once, but if you got Jack angry

enough he lost his mind until the source of his anger was gone.

“Show yourself! Show yourself now or these two get it!” Nobody


“You have until the count of three! 1! 2!”

“I’m here,” A voice said from behind us. I turned my head just enough

to see who it was.

“Jessica what’re you doing here? I told you to leave!”

“Yes what are you doing here? You did your job more or less. You

should have just left when you had the chance.” Jack said turning to face


“We had a deal, and you broke it.”

“Jess this is not the time to fuck around. He’ll kill you!” I shouted.

“Yes I will,” Jack said calmly before firing one shot at her.

Hilary screamed at the top of her lungs and I stopped breathing as we

turned to see Jessica fall to the floor. Jack sauntered over to her body

and stood over her ready to fire another shot.

“Travis and Hilary will meet you soon enough,” Jack said firing a second

shot in Jessica’s chest.

I leapt from my knees and lunged at Jack tackling him to the floor. The

gun flew off in the distance. We rolled around a bit before he sat on my

chest and started punching me in the face. All I could see was his fist as

it repeatedly slammed into my face. I could feel the blood started to

trickle from my noise. I was sure my nose was broken.

Suddenly he stopped hitting me and got up dragging me to where Jessica’s

body lay. He found his gun and picked it up off the ground. Standing over

me like he had done to Jessica he pointed the gun at me.

“Say hi to Jessica when you reach he-” Jack stopped before he could

finish his sentence as Hilary punched him in the crotch and he doubled


Hilary grabbed the gun pointing it away from her as she tried to wrestle

it from Jack’s hand. Even in his pain he had a death grip on it and

wouldn’t let go. Hilary then started kicking him repeatedly in the groin

until it became much for Jack to bare and his hand let go. Hilary fell

backwards onto her butt from the sudden lack of force pulling away from


Sitting up I wiped the blood that was coming from my nose. Hilary got

up and started to run to where I was sitting, but Jack reached up and

grabbed her ankle tripping her. Jack got up and tried to reach over her

for the gun, but Hilary quickly tossed it to me. I caught it and pointed

it right at Jack. He got up to find his gun, but when he saw I had it he

stopped in his tracks. I squeezed the trigger several times and watched as

the bullets plunged into his chest. He let out a loud wheezing gasp and

fell backwards to the floor.

I sat there momentarily trying to connect everything that just happened.

Hilary was just as taken aback as I was and sat in silence. Then I looked

over at where Jessica laid motionless. I had kept my word to Elisha and

was going to bring Hilary back safe. It was a cruel twist of fate, that

one of Kristin’s friends would die instead. I crawled the few feet to

where Jess laid. Though we left the hotel amicably I now regretted those

words of doubt I shouted at her.

“Is she… Is she dead?” Hilary asked. I reached down behind Jessica’s

ear and checked for a pulse.

“I… I don’t know… I think I feel a pulse,” I answered. “Call


Hilary took the cell phone that was latched to Jack’s pants and flipped

it on and started to dial.

“Wait… I’m fine…” Jessica called out in a scratchy whisper.

“Oh my god! She’s alive!” Hilary clamored tossing the phone to the


“Jessica how did you-” Jessica grabbed my head and pulled me towards

her. Our lips touched and we kissed passionately thankful everyone was

safe. Our heads separated and Jessica’s wide smile brought one to my face.

“Here’s how…” she said pulling up the fleece jacket she was wearing.

“Kevlar,” Jessica said knocking on the concealable “t-shirt” body armor she

was wearing.

I stood up and took her hand helping her to her feet. Hilary walked

over and hugged me, then stood on her toes to lean up and kiss me on the


“Thanks you two. I owe you one,” She thanked Jessica and me.

“You’re welcome. I know at least one person who’ll be glad to see you

safe,” I said.

“And thank you Travis,” Jess said kissing me on the cheek as well.

“What was that for?”

“For just now and earlier today.”

“You’re welcome to. So are you going to call and tell Kristin you’ve

found me?”

“Not just yet we’ve still got things to do.”

“Like what?” Hilary asked.

“Like find new clothes,” I answered looking at my bloodied shirt. “I’ve

got my stuff in the car outside so I’m ok for now. You Jess?”

“I’ve got a change of clothes in a bag I brought with me to St. Louis

sitting in my truck,” Jessica answered. “How’re you looking Hilary?”

“Good enough to get on airplane and go back to Kentucky.”

“You want to keep with your training even after this?” I asked.

“Yes I do.”


“So if need be I could be called upon and do as well as you did today.”

“We can talk all about that later,” I said, “but first let’s get changed

and call Jeri. You have a cell phone Jess?”

“Yes I do.”

“You know Jeri’s number Hilary?”

“Yeah, but didn’t she give it to you?”

“No, she must have forgotten.”

“She might have been distracted by something then. I wonder what it

could have been,” Hilary thought aloud.

“Me too,” I thought to myself.

I ran to the car I drove and got my bag out. I changed shirts throwing

the bloody one into the car then walked down the driveway where Jessica

pulled up in her s.u.v. She handed Hilary her cell so she could dial the

number then Hilary handed the phone to me once it started ringing.


“It’s Travis. I was just calling to check in.”

“Oh thank god! Please tell me you have some good news. We could really

use some right now.”

“What’s going on Jeri?”

“I can’t go into it right now, but we’ve got trouble brewing here and in

Texas. We’re going to need you to stay in St. Louis at least another


“I don’t know what’s going on down there, but I’d really prefer if the

three of us got out of St. Louis at least.”

“The three of you?”

“Yeah there’s a third person now and it’s her cell phone we’re using to

call you right now.”

“You were asked to find and rescue Hilary. Nobody said anything about

having people tag along.”

“Look, Jessica’s on our side. It’s a long story, and like you I can’t

get into right now, but trust me she’s on our side.”

“You got Hilary out safe so I’ll take you’re word on it for now. Put

Hilary on the phone. I need to talk to her.”

“Just a sec.”

“Here you go Hilary. Jeri wants to talk to you.” While Hilary was on

the phone Jessica started talking.

“What’s wrong?” Jessica asked.

“Ah I don’t know. There’s something going on which apparently they

can’t get into right now, and Jeri doesn’t trust you, because of said

situation. And for tonight at least we’ve got to spend one more night out

here before we can return to Kentucky. At the very least I’d like to get

out of St. Louis, because of the killings. Start driving and let’s just

get out of this neighborhood.”

“Where do you plan on going for the night then?” Jessica asked as the

s.u.v. started rumbling down the road.

“Here, Jeri wants to talk to you again,” Hilary said handing me the


“Yeah Jeri?”

“That’s Jessica Alba with you I assume right?”

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“I remembered you’re dealings with Kristin Kreuk and then I remembered

that she was close with Ms. Alba so I did a check on her in our computer

database. She works mostly alone, though she does deal with some rather

unscrupulous characters from time to time. I’m also assuming she was the

one referred to as Max, in which case I’ll give her the benefit of the

doubt that she was forced for whatever reason to work with Jack, though I

still don’t like the fact she put yours and Hilary’s life in danger.

Really other than that she comes up clean, but do keep an eye for her.”

“You really don’t have anything to worry about, but ok.”

“Thank you Travis.”

“So if we’re going to have to wait until we can fly back to Kentucky how

about at least letting us get out of St. Louis?”

“As far as St. Louis goes, it might be a couple of days now.”

“Why? What’s going on Jeri? I just put my ass on the line to help you

people out. Now don’t keep me in the dark.”

“Ok, ok, but this is all I can say. There’s definitely a traitor in the

Hive. Our headquarters in San Antonio and my house here in Kentucky got

hit right after I dropped you off at the airport. Luckily Elisha was

already awake and could hear the vehicles pull up so she could hide.

Mandy, Natasha, and Ali were all on the road and R has her emergency plans

always on the ready.”

“And you think one of them is the traitor?”

“Actually, it’s not one of our current members. I have a pretty good

idea it’s a former member and who it is, but I can’t say anything for sure

yet. Anyway, right now I’m in the middle of nowhere with Elisha and we’re

heading back to Louisville to go to the airport. I’ve got somethings to

take care off and Elisha would be better off with you for a few days. She

and Hilary would be good company for each other, so I’m flying her to St.

Louis to meet with you. You’ve got your bag, and she’s bringing one for

Hilary so you three should be set. As for Ms. Alba she’s on her own.”

“So are we staying in St. Louis or are we going elsewhere?”

“What’s your big rush to leave that town?”

“Jack sent one of his goons to kill me. I killed the goon and then went

to Jack’s house and killed him as well. In both cases Jessica’s one of the

reasons why Hilary and me are alive so you owe her some gratitude.

Anyways, I’d just like to get out of town in case any of Simon’s locals

start looking for us.”

“Hey Travis,” Jessica called while watching the road as she drove.

“Just a sec Jeri.”

“Something up Jess?”

“Not really, but if you hadn’t decided where we’re going if we’re

leaving St. Louis, we could go to Miami. I’ve got a beach house down I go

to a few times a year. Not exactly secluded on a mountain side or anything

like that, but it’s in a gated neighborhood on a private beach. Tight

security all around.”

“Miami’s as good a places as any,” I said.

“Cool, are we really going to Miami?” Hilary piped from the back said.

“I don’t know, maybe,” I replied returning to the phone.

“Hey, Jeri how about flying us to Miami to spend a day or two down


“Ok that sounds fine. Elisha’s plane will arrive about six your time

and the four of you will take the next flight to Miami after that.

Anything else?”

“No, that’s it for now I guess.”

“Ok good. Hopefully this mess will be sorted out soon. Elisha’s

bringing a cell phone with her and I’ll call in a couple of days.

Hopefully I’ll have something more to say then. Oh and be careful and take

care of each other.”

“Alright then you take care of yourself too.”

“I will, and Travis?”

“Yes Jeri?”

” I’m looking forward to getting back together with you.”

The phone line clicked and went dead. I smirked and laid the cell phone

on the seat.

“What are you smiling for?” Jessica asked.

“Nothing. I was just reminded of something that happened in my life

long ago.”

“So what’s the plan?” Hilary asked.

“Ok, for whatever reason Jeri would feel better with Elisha with us, so

she’s flying here to St. Louis and will be here around six. She’s

bringing a bag for you Hilary. After that the four of us will to Miami and

stay at Jessica’s beach house for a day or two or three. I’m not sure how

long we’ll be gone. Elisha’s bringing a cell phone with her and Jeri will

call in a few days.”

“At least we’ll have the sun and shopping to take our minds off of

certain things,” Hilary said more to herself.

“And onto other things,” Jessica mumbled barely audible and with a


“You girls can have all the fun. I just going to be lazy, lay on my

ass, and do nothing for as long as we’re down there. What time is it?”

“What time does the clock say?” Jessica asked.

“Oh… Four thirty.”

“You really do need some time to relax,” she said. “So what’re we going

to do for the next hour and a half?”

“Let’s get something to eat,” Hilary suggested.

“Let’s make it drive through then, because we’re still going to need to

check in for our flight to Miami and we don’t know when it leaves.”

“Of course everything is twice as expensive there as it is anywhere

else, but let’s just grab something to eat at the airport.” Jessica said.

“I don’t care either way,” I said, “I can eat from just about anywhere.”

“That’s fine with me,” Hilary said.

“Good then, We’re in agreement.”

It was a good thing we got to the airport early, because Elisha’s flight

got in at six and our flight to Miami left at six-thirty. Jessica and I

both breezed through check-in because we had our driver’s licenses. Hilary

on the other hand had no i.d. and no luggage. Under normal circumstances

any regular Joe would have sent up red flags showing up at the airport like

that, but after signing a few autographs for the airline personnel working

the check-in to take home to their kids Hilary was let through. It’s

amazing what celebrity status can do for a person. Hilary found a

Blimpie’s to eat at and Jessica and I found a St. Louis Bread Co. I was

ahead of her and about to pay for my food when Jess stepped up noting that

I was with her and I got my food for free.

After that we tried to hide in the corners of the airport and stay out

of the spotlight so to speak as we waited at Elisha’s gate for her to show

up. It arrived fifteen minutes late and we barely had time for chitchat.

Elisha handed Hilary her bag and we dashed to our gate to get on board.

The incoming flight on our gate was late as well so we sat down to catch

our breath and catch up on the news.

Hilary and Elisha were absolutely ecstatic to see each other. They

hugged and talked “I was so worried” talk for several minutes. Finally

they separated and sat in two seats in a row directly across from Jess and


“Good to see you again Travis,” Elisha said smiling before kissing me.

“Good to see you too Elisha. You’re doing well considering what

happened, or so I understand.”

“First I wanted to thank you for saving Hilary.”

“No problem. I said I would and I did.”

“As far as today goes, all hell just kind of broke loose. I woke up

right after Jeri left to take you the airport. I could still see her truck

driving down the road when I got up. Anyway, I was in the kitchen making

myself some breakfast watching tv as it cooked. Suddenly I hear some cars

screech to a halt and some voices shouting outside. I quickly turn off the

stove ducked into one of the secret passages that Jeri has built into the

house that lead down to a secret basement. There are monitors down there

to the security cameras in the house and I just watched and waited until

they left. When I went back upstairs everything was turned over and torn

up like they were looking for something. I called Jeri’s cell number and

she raced home to get me which then at some point someone must have been

following her because as soon as I got into her vehicle and we got on the

main road we were chased by someone in a black Saab. We were chased up and

down the backroads before she hit a sharp turn that the other driver wasn’t

familiar with and spins out flipping his car. Mandy was on her way to the

training grounds so we ran into her onto the road and explained what

happened. She tells of a similar incident in Texas that had occurred

thirty minutes before that R told her called and told her about that was

practically identical. Mandy and Jeri then call around trying coordinate

information between everyone. When they were done with that Jeri and I

drove back into town and that’s when you called. I think Mandy drove to

the airport then and took a flight somewhere. So what happened to you


“To make a long story short Jessica was the one who picked me up and

held me until Jack was supposed to arrive with Hilary for the exchange.

Jessica was then going to drive Hilary to the airport. However Jack

decided to send one of thugs to kill me. I end up shooting him thanks to

Jess’ distraction. Jessica and I went our own direction or were supposed

to anyways. I went to Jack’s house and we exchanged words for a bit. He

was bout to shoot Hilary and me when Jessica shows up out of nowhere. He

shoots her instead. Jack and I then fight, and he’s about to shoot me when

Hilary punches him in the nads, which hurts by the way no matter how strong

you are. Jack drops his gun; Hilary picks it up to give to me, but her

trips her. She tosses me the gun and I shoot him. End of story. Now

we’re just waiting to get on a plane to Miami until the new situation is


We we’re sitting for only ten minutes before the incoming flight

arrived. Twenty minutes later they were boarding our flight to Miami. Now

while the other three may have been used to it I was more than thrilled

when I found out our seats were in first class. The seats were large and

plush and there was plenty of legroom. The beverage and snack choice was a

hell of a lot bigger too.

I was neither hungry nor thirsty, but I took a pillow and a blanket and

leaned back to catch some Z’s. Jessica sat to my left and Elisha and

Hilary sat in the row in front of us. There was nobody in the seats across

the aisle from us. I sat there with my eyes close for twenty minutes and

though I was relaxed I couldn’t fall asleep.

It was then that I felt a hand slip underneath my blanket and come to a

stop on my crotch. I opened my eyes and looked over at Jessica who had

procured her own blanket and pillow and were using them.

“What are you doing?” I asked smirking.

“Today’s been hectic wouldn’t you say?”

“To put it mildly yes.”

“Well then I’m just working off some of the excitement,” Jessica


With her blanket overlapping mine Jessica’s hands were hidden from view

as she quickly used both hands to unbutton and unzip my pants. She

returned her left hand back to the armrest and made like nothing was

happening while one of the flight attendants walked by. She pushed my

underwear down enough so that my cock popped from its restraints. My dick

shot straight up hitting the blanket covering my body.

My dick throbbed as Jessica began stroking it up and down. I was just

waiting for Elisha or Hilary to turn around and see the pole that was

pushing up the blanket, but they never did. Nor did anyone walk by so I

got a bit daring myself and slid my hand over to Jessica’s side. I fumbled

a bit trying to do it, but I got her pants unbuttoned and unzipped with

just my left hand. Jessica had her hand down my pants and I soon had mind

in hers.

Jessica’s bush wasn’t completely shaved, but I could tell it was trimmed

and very well kept as my fingers slid through it. They found the entrance

to her pussy, but I didn’t push them in. Instead I started to thumb her

clit making it pulse and grow.

“Oh Travis, not too much or I might scream,” Jessica moaned under her

breath as her hips bucked upwards and her hand continued to jerk me off.

I slipped two fingers into her snatch pushing them in still rubbing her

clit with my thumb. Jessica’s hold on my dick tightened and the up and

down motion of her hand started to increase. As her hand sped up so did

mine. My fingers curving over the top of her pussy and into it pumping

harder and deeper with each pass.

“Holy shit Travis, you’re going to make me come here on the plane!”

Jessica whispered in my ear as the expression on her face turned to

delirious excitement.

“What do you think you’re doing to me?” I asked as felt the precum

starting to dribble down my shaft.

“Move your hand,” she said.


“Just do it.”

I removed my hand not expecting what she was about to do. As soon as my

hand was out of the way Jessica ducked her head underneath my blanket and

wrapped her lips around my cock. I nearly came as she did that. The only

thing we had going for us not to get caught was that Elisha and Hilary were

both still engaged in conversation with each other.

My prick jumped and nearly took a mind of it’s own as Jessica’s lips

slid up and down it her tongue wrapping around it tickling it’s head. I so

desperately wanted Jess to hear my affection for her, but I had to fight my

best not to let a sound out. I made a quick scan of the cabin and still

there was little activity. I then decided to place my hands on the bulge

in the blanket that was Jessica’s head and began to help her by pushing it

down. At the same time I began to thrust my dick into her mouth careful

not to make a sound.

For what it was worth I was able to hold my own and not orgasm just yet,

but then Jessica changed her routine. She began to deepthroat my cock down

to its base while she fondled my balls. I looked up again and to my horror

I saw a flight attendant start taking drink and food orders. I tapped on

the blanket hoping to get Jessica’s attention, but she didn’t seem to get

the hint. I couldn’t say anything for fear that Elisha and Hilary would

turn around and there just wasn’t any way to maneuver myself so I could

raise the blanket enough for Jessica to hear me.

I tapped the blanket again, but I still didn’t get a response from her.

Her head continued to bob up and down moving the blanket with it. Her lips

and tongue continued to pleasure my prick and I was just hoping not to get

caught. I stopped trying to fight the orgasm and my dick ballooned in size

aching as the flight attendant got closer and closer. Finally with the

flight attendant just three rows in front of us Jessica flick her tongue

across my peehole. She was only the second girl I had been with who had

done that too me. My balls charged up super quick and released it’s energy

as it squirted shot after shot of my hot sticky cum deep down Jessica’s

throat. She continued to suck and encourage my prick to keep shooting my

cream until it finally went limp.

She slipped my underwear back over my prick and buttoned my pants before

emerging from the blanket. She appeared just in time as the stewardess

looked back at us while taking Elisha’s and Hilary’s orders. When she

finally reached us I ordered a Heineken and Jessica graciously declined

everything. A few minutes later the stewardess returned with my beer and

as I sipped on it Jessica leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“Put your hands down my pants.”

I turned and gave her a questioning look.

“Just do it,” She urged me.

Being one not to fight with girls I obliged her. My eyes widened and I

muttered the words “Holy shit” when I found her pussy had become extremely

wet and sloppy. I pulled my hand out and looked at her.

“There’s more where that came from,” she whispered as she licked each of

my fingers clean one at a time. “Do you think you’re up for a third orgasm



“Yes three, I could smell Jeri on you the moment I went down on you.”

“If you’re willing to provide the time, then I’m willing to bring the

equipment and we can find out,” I replied.

“Good, now that’s the spirit.”

“So what are you two up to?” Elisha asked as her and Hilary’s heads

popped up above their seats.

“I was trying to get to sleep, but it just isn’t happening right now,” I


“Same here,” Jessica replied.

Hilary reached over the seat for my beer, but I moved it before she

could reach it.

“Hey! What did you do that for?”

“Sorry kids, you two are too young to drink and I don’t go for that kind

of behavior.”

“Oh bite me Travis, I’ll be twenty-one in six months. I’m no kid,”

Elisha replied

“Go bite yourself Elisha. I’ve drank before,” Hilary scowled at her.

“What? Wine coolers?”

“No! Not just them! I’ve drank beer too!”

“Oh come on Travis, let Hilary have a drink. One time won’t hurt her,”

Jessica said.

“Alright, here you go,” I said handing my Heineken to Hilary. “One


Hilary took a very small amount in her mouth before her face squirmed

and she spit out the beer.

“How can you drink that stuff Travis? It tastes like crap.”

Elisha and I started laughing as the beer Hilary spit out dripped from

Jessica’s face. Hilary’s face suddenly turned beet red when she realized

what she did.

“Oh my god Jess! I’m so sorry!” She apologized profusely.

“What’re you two laughing at? It’s not funny!”

“Yes it is!” Elisha stammered out between laughs.

“Well see if this is funny,” Jessica picked up beer, took a drink and

spit it into Elisha’s face.

“Hey! What the hell was that for?” Elisha demanded.

“It’s not so funny now is it?”

“Why you little-”

“Now, now ladies let’s not fight of a little spilled beer,” I said

taking a drink. I then spit it at Hilary and splashed her in the face.

“What was that for Travis?” She cried.

“Are you three happy? You’re all covered in beer now.”

The three girls looked back and forth at each other and Jessica spoke.

“You know, he’s right,” she began “But why should he excluded from the

fun? Not that there’s much left, but there’s enough for you fit right in.”

Jessica picked up my Heineken and gave it to Elisha. “Since you’re the

only one left to spit, the honors are yours.”

“Thank you,” Elisha said showing her gratitude. She took the last gulp

of my beer, aimed, and spit it in my face.

“I suppose everyone’s happy now that we’ve all acted like kids and spit

beer at each other,” I said.

“Well you did call us kids,” Hilary reminded me.

“Yeah well I’d rather not smell like booze when we get off the plane so

how about well all go clean ourselves up?”

An hour later when our plan landed we were all a bit freshened up though

a small stench of alcohol still hung around. Jessica, Hilary, and I

grabbed our bags and got off the plane. When then went down to baggage

claim and waited for Elisha’s bag to appear. Once she had her bag I asked

the obvious question.

“So how are we getting to your house Jess?”

“We’ll just take a cab?”

“A cab? Isn’t that a little low brow for you?”

“We have no other way of getting there do we? My truck’s in St. Louis

remember? Besides even if someone see us, the neighbors will just think

that someone was out drinking all night.”

“You said the neighborhood was gated. You have a guard or keypad?”

“A keypad.”

“So you’re going to tell the cabby the code?”

“No, I’ll get out and input it myself.”

Done playing twenty questions the four of us walked outside and it

wasn’t hard hailing a cab considering the company I was keeping. We threw

our bags in the trunk and got into the cab. Jessica rode up front with the

cab driver and gave him the address. Once we arrived at the neighborhood’s

gate, Jessica got out and entered the code like she said. The gate slowly

rolled open and the cab drove inside.

Jessica’s beach house was right on the water and we could see the

moonlight reflect off of it. She paid the cab driver and gave him a tip

and he drove off leaving us in Jess’s driveway. She pulled the keys to the

house from her pocket and unlocked the door. Elisha and Hilary might not

have been all that amazed at the lavish and luxurious feel of the house,

but I certainly was. The big screen tv, the expensive leather couch, the

wet bar; the house was filled with things I had never been able to afford,

but wanted.

Jessica showed us around the house and which rooms Elisha, Hilary, and

myself would be staying in. By the time everything was settled and I was

done walking around the house admiring it it was almost eleven. I told the

others I was going to bed and went off to my room. I was asleep, not but a

few minutes after my head hit the pillow.

“Hey Travis wake up!” Someone whispered at me shaking me.

“What time is it?” I grumbled sitting up. Someone had turned my light


“It’s twelve thirty. You ready?”

“Ready for what?” I asked looking to my left seeing Jessica sitting on

the edge of the bed in red panties and a tight white t-shirt that showed

the outline of her nipples. I knew the answer. “What about the others?

You said you scream.”

“Don’t worry about them. They’re asleep. Besides the rooms are all

nice and spread out, so no one will hear if I scream,” Jessica said with a

wicked smile.

“You naughty girl.”

I tore my shirt from my body and threw it to the ground. Our faces meet

and our lips pressed together in a deep kiss. There was a loud smack as

our lips separated. With an evil smile Jessica lifted her shirt off and

her full round breasts popped into view. I grabbed her by the hands and

laid her on the bed. Then pushing her tits together I let my tongue

slither up and down her cleavage. She grinned and so did I before taking

her left breast and sucking on the nipple like a baby. Jessica moaned

softly her nipple erectly rapidly in my mouth increasing its sensitivity.

She took her right breast into her hand and pushed it towards her face

flicking her tongue across the nipple from afar. Jessica stopped to pinch

it several times. She yelped each time the pressure clamped down on her

nipple, but she soon stopped and took it in her mouth her sucking it making

it hard and pointy. I removed my lips from around Jessica’s nipple and

watched as her finger toyed with it sending electric sensations through her


I pulled Jessica’s red panties down tossing them to the floor and spread

legs apart moving in. Her pussy was still wet and sticky from the plane,

but I didn’t mind. I bent over moving down between her legs. Jessica’s

cunt still smelled good even after the night’s previous excitement and it

tasted even better as my tongue splash down into it. Her bush was nice and

trim just like I felt it on the plane. As my tongue circled around

Jessica’s twat working over the lips teasing them one of her hands slid

down between her legs. Her fingers slid around her box and my tongue as

she worked over her clit.

Unconsciously Jessica began to try and slip a finger into her folds, but

I was getting in her way so I obliged her. I slid two fingers into her

snatch and slowly began to work them in and out of her ever-increasing wet

pussy. Jess moaned and she began to grind her hips down onto my fingers.

My thumb shot up tickling her clit and she let out the loudest moan I had

heard from her all night.

“Oh shit Travis! Give it to me!” Jessica moaned as I continued to slide

my fingers in and out of her cunt.

“Aren’t we easily excitable,” I teased her.

“Just like you were on the plane. Now please! Stick it in!” She


I wasn’t one to make a nice looking girl wait so I got up long enough to

drop the shorts and underwear I was sleeping in and climb onto the bed.

She smiled broadly and sat up reaching out to stroke my cock. It quickly

expanded hardening in her hand.

“Nice and big, just like I remember it on the plane.” Jessica giggled.

“How could you see it? Your head was underneath the blanket the whole

time. Someone else is going to use that and not know my dick ever touched


“That’s not our concern, and as far as remembering your dick…” Jessica

trailed off as she positioned herself onto all fours. She started to jerk

off my prick some more before taking it into her mouth again. Her luscious

lips moved back and forth over my shaft and her tongue worked it’s magic

again teasing the underside of my member.

“Oh god, you’re good,” I moaned as my cock started to pulse and throb in

Jess’s mouth. Like on the plane she started to deep-throat my prick taking

it into her mouth all the way down to the base while tickling my balls ever

so slightly to set me off. Being in the privacy of her home, I began to

thrust my hips towards her face grunting as Jessica’s mouth stimulated my

dick. My cockhead started pulsing and precum started to drip out. Jess

suddenly pulled back and with a loud slurping noise pulled her lips away

from my privates.

“Like I was saying, as far as your dick goes, I never said I remembered

it because I saw it on the plane,” Jessica said with a smile as she lay

back on the bed. “Now shove that monster inside of me and ride me hard!”

Either I was larger than I thought or Jessica was tighter than I

expected. As I pushed the head of my prick into her pussy I felt it clamp

down on me almost immediately. Jess wasn’t super tight by any stretch of

the imagination, but I didn’t want to blow the mood by penetrating her too


“Shit, you’re tight,” I panted as I finally bottomed out in her.

“Don’t blame this on me Travis. You’re just big. Now stop being so

timid and fuck me hard!” Jessica moaned.

Again I’m not one to make a nice looking girl wait so I happily obliged

her again. I slowly pulled out of Jessica and pushed back in her this time

with more force. With my hands gripping her hips I began to thrust harder

and deeper into Jess’s cunt with each stab inward.

“That’s the way to fuck a girl,” Jessica moaned as her body was jolted

with each thrust and her breasts bounced back and forth. “Oh god yes, fuck

me hard!”

Jessica’s hands clinched the bedsheets and her legs wrapped around my

back as we fucked like rabbits on the bed. Her mouth was open taking in

short quick breaths as our bodies rocked back and forth. My balls slapped

against her ass with each thrust of my cock into her twat. Jessica was a

screamer like she said and the moans coming from her mouth were almost loud

enough to break glass.

“Oh god! Come for me Travis! Come for me!” Jessica shouted as her love

folds clamped down on my dick tightly as orgasm rocked her body.

With her girl cum splashing onto my prick and the tightness of her

snatch pressuring it, my organ gave way and exploded. Wave after wave of

energy pulsed through my cock as globs of my cum emptied into her pussy.

After what felt like a good three or four maybe five large shots my dick

deflated back to it’s normal size. I pulled out of Jessica allowing her to

lick clean the excess cum off my dick. When that was done I slumped onto

the bed next to her. She cuddled up next to me on the bed and we embraced

kissing each other. Suddenly I heard what I thought was a sneeze from

outside the door.

“Hold on, I’ll be right back,” I said as I ran naked to the door and

peaked my head out. I looked into the hall just in time to see a foot as

it went around a corner. I returned to bed and lay down with Jessica.

“What was it?” She asked.

“I think Elisha was spying on me again.”


“This morning after Jeri and I made love in the shower I could almost

swear I heard someone in the hall.”

“You two fucked in the shower? Nice, though my blowjob on the airplane

still one up’s it.”

“That you’re right about,” I agreed smiling. “You don’t mind knowing

about me and Jeri this morning?”

“As long you don’t mind me and Jack screwing around before I picked you

up at the airport this morning.”

“Jack huh?”

“Travis, don’t start.”

“I’m not starting anything. It’s not an issue, ok?”

“Good,” Jessica smiled kissing me. “So what do you plan on doing about


“I’m not sure yet, it kind of depends on a number of things. I might

not do anything at all.”

“If you decide you want it, I’d be more than willing to help.” Jessica

said climbing out of bed.

I watched admiring her curves as she bent over to pick up her panties

and shirt. She slipped them on and turned blowing a kiss towards me. A

large smile crossed my face as I sat watching her ass wiggle as she left

the room.

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