Saturday Night Fever

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The story was a request from some dude, who asked for these four celebs and some foot fetish.
Hopefully, I gave him what he wanted. If you don’t like the story, the celebs,
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This story features Pink, Christina Aguilera, Shakira, and Avril Lavigne. The codes are (FF, cons, oral, anal, toys)

“We got a rock star in
the White House, and all our pop stars look like porn. Our heroes hit the
highway, they don’t hang out here no more.” – Sheryl Crow ‘Steve McQueen’

Saturday Night Fever

by voodoojoe

“Hello?” Pink
asked, picking up the phone.

“Hey babe, it’s
me,” Christina Aguilera answered on other end. “What’s

“It’s just me and a
bottle of vodka tonight, why?”

“I’m bored and was
wondering if you wanted to do something.”

“I’m not really in the
mood to go out, but I’d be up for some partying as long as I didn’t have to go
anywhere,” Pink told her. “Bring some people over, I’ll go down to
the liquor store to buy the booze, and we can get our groove on.”

“I was hoping for more
of an intimate get together, but a couple more wouldn’t hurt. Who should I
bring over?” Christina inquired.

“I know you’ve had
your eye on Avril for a few months now, so I guess I could convince her to come
over. I’ve been hoping for another shot with Shakira ever since our little
encounter at the MTV Icon performance for Aerosmith, so I’d love her to be
here,” Pink answered. “Do you think four is enough?”

“You’re going to get
Avril? That little bitch needs to be broken in right. I know you’ve had a taste
or two, but she needs to be shown how it’s really done,” Christina said,
the sneer obvious in her voice.

“She’s eager, but
lacks the experience of a truly gifted carpet muncher. If she ever learns, then
she’ll definitely be one to call over at 3 AM when you’re desperately in need
of some girly love,” Pink said.

“You know she’ll never
really replace me,” Christina chided her.

“No one can replace
you dear, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try,” Pink said, a big grin
evident on her face.

“Better not try too
hard, or I just might stop being your booty call. What would you do then?”

“OK, I’ll keep trying
new women, but not actively seek a replacement. Is that good for you?”
Pink asked.

“Works for me, now
who’s going to make the calls?”

“I’ll call Avril, you
call Shakira. Avril and I have a rapport, and you and Shakira have that whole
latino thing going for you. It’s ten now, so tell her to be here around eleven.
That should give me enough time to run down to the store and get the
alcohol,” Pink answered. “I’ll make sure to get the toys ready

“Make sure they have
fresh batteries. We don’t want the batteries dying on us like that one
time,” Christina made sure to point out.

“The vibrator dies
once, and you never let me forget it,” Pink sighed. “I’ve got plenty
of spare batteries, so there shouldn’t be any problem with my ‘collection’
doing anything but buzzing along.”

“That’s what I like to
hear. I guess I’ll see you about eleven then?” Christina asked.

“Eleven,” Pink
agreed, “unless you want to come over early and make sure the batteries
work. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.”

“OK, I’ll call Shakira
and be there at eleven. See you then,” Christina said.

“Later,” Pink
said, hanging up the phone. Grabbing her cell phone and her keys, she headed
for the front door. Locking the door behind her, she hit speed dial for Avril’s
cell phone.

“Hello?” Came the
answer on the other end.

“Yo Avril, I’m having
a bit of a get together and was wondering if you wanted to come over,”
Pink greeted her as she tucked her keys in her pocket and set off for the
liquor store.

“I’d love to”
Avril cheerily agreed. “Who’s going to be there?”

“Christina, you, maybe
Shakira, and then me,” Pink answered. “I’m on my way to the liquor
store now. Is there anything you want?”

“Being Canadian, I’m
happy with beer. Molson preferably,” Avril told her. “Of the hard
alcohol, anything but whiskey. I just don’t where you Americans get your taste
for that shit.”

“I don’t either,
that’s why I like my vodka. It goes great straight, and mixes with almost
anything. So be here at eleven?” Pink asked as she turned the corner and
saw the liquor store up ahead on the right.

“I’ll be there, but I
might be a little late,” Avril answered.

“If you’re late, we’ll
handcuff you and teach you to be on time. On second thought, we just might do
it anyway,” Pink half joked.

“I’ll try to be on
time, but I won’t be able to help it if the hockey game runs late. I’m watching
my Canadiens at the Staples Center right now, and I’m already missing part just
to talk to you. The rest of you will just have to get by without me for a
little bit. I’ll see you when the game is over, and I’ll drink whatever you put
in front of me. I gotta go now, bye,” Avril said, hurriedly hanging up
before Pink could stall her any more.

‘I guess we’ve got three
now. I’ll call Christina after I buy the booze and see how she fared with
Shakira,’ Pink thought to herself as she opened the door to the liquor store.

Browsing around, she
grabbed a couple bottles of Smirnoff vodka for herself and Christina, a bottle
of Cabo Wabo tequila for Shakira, and a six pack of Molson Ice for Avril.

“Throwing a party or
something?” Asked the guy at the counter.

“You could say
that,” Pink said, rolling her eyes at the obviousness of the question.
Paying for her purchase, she walked out of the store with a plastic bag in each
hand. The beer in one, and then the tequila and vodka in the other.

Opening the front door of
her house, Pink tossed her keys on table next to the door. Closing the door
behind her, she made her way to the kitchen. Putting the bags down on the
counter, she put the beer in the fridge. Leaving the vodka and tequila on the
counter, she pulled out her cell phone and went back into the living room.

Hitting the speed dial for
Christina, she waited for an answer. Not getting any, she left a message
“Hey Chris, it’s Alecia. Just wondering if you had any luck with Shakira.
Either way, you still better be here at eleven. Avril said she might be a
little late since she’s at a hockey game, but she’ll be here as soon as she
can. Later.”

Grabbing the bottle of
vodka she had been drinking out of earlier off the table by the couch, she
tilted her head back and took a long swig. Carrying the bottle with her, she
went into the bedroom. Reaching under the bed, she pulled out the box that
housed her collection of toys.

“I’ve got too many of
these things, but I can’t seem to bring myself to get rid of any of them,”
she said quietly to herself as she opened the box. Pulling out her strap on,
she took a walk down memory lane to the time she had used it to break Britney’s
cherry. Suddenly breaking into a verse of No Doubt’s ‘Don’t Speak,’ she sang to
herself “Memories, they be inviting and altogether, mighty

She was in the middle of
pulling out a couple of her favorite dildos, one a red jelly dildo and the
other a massive black realistic looking dildo, when the phone rang.
“Hello,” she answered, picking up her cell phone.

“Hey, I got your
message,” came Christina’s voice on the other end. “Shakira said she
was already in the neighborhood, and that she should be there any minute.”

“Great,” Pink
said, enthusiastically. “Where are you?”

“I’m about ten minutes
away, maybe less if traffic clears.”

“Get here soon, or I
may have to start without you,” Pink said, idly stroking her big black

“I’ll be there in no
time, and don’t you even think about starting without me. I know where you keep
your handcuffs, and I’m not afraid to use them,” Christina warned her.

“I guess I can
wait,” Pink sighed. “See you in a few minutes.”

“In a few,”
Christina agreed, and hung up.

Not know what the others
might want to play with, Pink settled on putting out a variety of toys. On the
bedside table, she set out a pair of handcuffs, the strap on, and a pair of
vibrators. Walking over to the table by the window, she set down the black dildo,
a ‘shoulder massager,’ and a couple pairs of fur lined cuffs for the sensitive
skin types. Next to the stereo, she laid out a set of restraints, the red jelly
dildo, and her favorite vibrator. It was silver, and felt like it had a jet
engine in it. Turn it on high and there’s not a woman in the world that could
hold off her orgasm for more than a few seconds.

Deciding that it was time
to get ready, Pink reached into her closet and pulled out a simple but
effective outfit. Pulling on a pink tank top and baggy black jeans, she looked
comfortable yet alluring. As she was pulling on her Converse Chuck Taylor
sneakers, she heard the doorbell ring. ‘That must be Christina,’ she thought to
herself as she grabbed her bottle of vodka and made her back to the door.

Setting the bottle down on
the table next to the door, she opened the door. She was greeted by the sight
of Shakira in a knee length red skirt and white pinstriped button up shirt. The
top two buttons on the shirt were left undone to show off her cleavage, and
only the button right between her breasts was buttoned. The rest of the shirt
was pulled up and tied at the bottom of her rib cage to emphasize her firmly
toned stomach. Underneath the shirt, the fringes of a black lace bra could be
seen. Her bleach blond hair was curled and hung down to her shoulders.

“Welcome to my
house,” she said as the greeted each other with a hug and a kiss on the
cheek. Stepping out of the way, Pink closed the door behind Shakira and led her
into the living room.

“I’m glad you invited
me,” Shakira said with her thick Colombian accent. “Where is

“Christina should be
here any time,” Pink answered. Just as she said it, the doorbell rang
again. “That must be her now.”

Making sure Shakira was
comfortable, Pink made her way back to the door. Opening it, Christina stepped
through wearing a tight midnight blue dress that barely came down far enough to
cover her panty line. The neckline of her dress plunged down between her tits
almost to her navel, clearly showing the outline of her nipple piercings
against the material of the dress. She had pulled her curly hair back into a
pony tail that sat high on her head, so it would stay out of her face.

“It’s about time you
showed up,” Pink told her as she embraced the blond in a warm hug.

“Was that Shakira’s
car I saw out front?”

“Yeah, she just got
here. She’s in the living room looking all kinds of fine,” Pink said,
nodding her head in the direction of the living room.

“I’ve gotta see
this,” Christina said, crossing to the threshold of the living room.

Seeing Christina, Shakira
stood up and said “Christina, you look great. Girl, I could eat you all

“You look great
too,” Christina responded. With a wink, she added “As for eating me
all up, we’ll just see about that.” Putting her purse down on the couch,
Christina stepped in to give Shakira a hug.

“When’s the tike
getting here?” Shakira asked Pink.

“Avril would be pissed
if she knew you called her ‘the tike.’ She likes to let anyone and everyone
know that she’s 18 and no longer a little kid. All the whining she does, makes
you wonder she really has grown up or not,” Pink answered.

“She’s barely out of
diapers,” Shakira said, waving off Pink’s comments. “Why’s she even
coming to a party for real women anyway?”

“Christina’s taken a
shine to her. She thinks the kid needs to be broken in properly, and I must say
that I agree with her on the subject. The girl’s got potential, but she needs
to quit bitching about every little thing,” Pink mused.

“I don’t take no shit
from nobody, least of all some little punk kid. She tries to bitch at me, and
I’ll slap her ass back to Canada,” Shakira said, showing that infamous
latino fire.

“Calm down Shak,”
Pink told her. Holding out the bottle of vodka, Pink continued “Have a
drink, and don’t worry about Avril.”

Grabbing the bottle,
Shakira took a large swig. Gasping as the vodka burned it’s way down her
throat, Shakira asked “Got any orange juice for this shit?”

“No, but I bought you
a bottle of tequila. I left it in the kitchen on the counter,” Pink
answered. “I’ll go get it.”

Grabbing the bottle off the
counter in the kitchen, she grabbed some glasses out of the cupboard. She was
on her way back when there was a knock on the door. “Come in,” she
yelled as from around the corner from the door.

“Hello?” Avril
asked as she walked in and closed the door behind her.

“Hey there
stranger,” Pink said as she rounded the corner.

Taking off her coat to
reveal a pair of baggy khaki cargo pants and a Montreal Canadiens hockey
jersey, Avril said “I’m only a few minutes late. The game went into
overtime before we won.” Brushing her hair out of her face, she took a
lock of it and tucked it behind her ear. Her blond hair hung straight down and
framed her adorable face perfectly.

“You Canadians and
your hockey,” Pink said, shaking her head. “Almost as bad as the
Europeans and their soccer. But don’t call it soccer to their faces or they’ll
be only too happy to give you a five hour lecture on why it and only it should
be called ‘football.’ You’d be lucky to escape with your sanity intact.”

“What can I say,
hockey is the one sport that we can proudly claim as our own. Most of the rest
of the world plays it too, but we started it,” Avril proclaimed proudly.
“It’s our national sport like baseball is here in the US.”

“Where’s my
tequila?” Shakira bellowed from the living room.

“Come on, we can
finish this later,” Pink told Avril. “Shak gets mad if her tequila
isn’t punctual.”

As the two of them entered
the living room, Shakira stayed seated in her chair and Christina stood.
Neither of them were very familiar with Avril, seeing as how she was the ‘new
kid on the block,’ so to speak. They both knew who she was, and had gotten to
speak to her briefly at various functions, but only Pink had been able to get
enough alone time with her to really begin to get a feel for Avril the person.

“Hi Avril,”
Christina greeted her, giving her a nice big hug.

“Hi Christina,”
Avril returned.

“Call me Chris, that’s
what all my friends call me,” Christina informed her.

“Hey,” Shakira
said coldly, barely lifting her hand to wave.

Giving Shakira a courteous
nod, Avril sat down on the couch next to Christina. Setting the glasses down on
the table, Pink asked Avril “Do you want to me get you a beer? All I
brought out was the tequila to go with the vodka.”

“Vodka’s fine, I can
have the beer later. Or you can keep it around for next time, whatever,”
Avril answered.

“Are you sure? It
wouldn’t take more than a minute to get you one if you wanted it,” Pink
said, making sure the youngster was comfortable.

“Yeah, set me up a
shot,” Avril assured her.

Sliding a glass and the
bottle of tequila Shakira’s way, Pink poured a shot’s worth of vodka into the
other three glasses. Lifting their glasses, Pink, Avril, and Christina clinked
them together and downed their drinks in unison. All three gasped and shook their
heads at the bitterness of the alcohol.

“Got any ice?”
Shakira asked.

“Yeah, it’s in the
freezer. Want me to get it for you?” Pink asked.

“No, I can get it.
Just point me in the right direction,” Shakira answered.

“Through that
door,” Pink said, pointing at the entrance of the living room, “hang
a right just after the front door, and then it’s at the end of the hall.”

“Thanks,” Shakira
said as she set off in her quest to find some ice.

As Pink refilled the
glasses, Christina slid closer to Avril on the couch. When Avril turned her
head to look at Christina, Christina leaned down to pick up their glasses. In
doing do, Christina’s dress fell open slightly and Avril was treated to a brief
unobstructed view of Christina’s breasts.

Seeing Avril clearly
aroused by the sight, Christina handed the kid her glass. Idly putting her hand
on Avril’s thigh, Christina turned to Pink and said “we need some

“What do you
want?” Pink asked, getting up and walking over to the entertainment

“You pick,”
Christina offered, slowly sliding her hand up Avril’s thigh.

“Put on something that
rocks,” Avril said, nervousness and arousal evident in her voice.

“Something that rocks
it is,” Pink said as she flipped through her CDs. Picking out an old
Aerosmith CD, she popped it in and went to make sure Shakira hadn’t gotten

Seeing that they were
alone, Christina leaned in and used her hand to move Avril’s hair out of the
way. With the ear now exposed, Christina gently blew into Avril’s ear while she
whispered along to the music “she told me to walk this way, talk this

“I love this
song,” Avril said, her voice cracking slightly as her face flushed.

“Me too,”
Christina said quietly. Sticking her tongue out and lightly licking the back of
Avril’s ear, she continued to whisper to lyrics “my neighbor had a
daughter with a favor, so I gave her just a little kiss, like this.”
Seeing Avril turning to jelly in front of her, Christina decided to crank up
the heat even more by biting her earring and lightly tugging on it.

Avril knew that she was
being seduced, and truth be told she was more than willing a partner, but she
couldn’t help but be surprised by the gentleness of Christina’s actions.
Christina’s reputation was for being into the rough stuff and not this sensuous
seduction. Feeling Christina starting to nibble and suck along the left side of
her jaw, Avril closed her eyes and let the sensations wash over her.

Raising her hand, Christina
used her middle finger to trace the outline of Avril’s cheekbones on the other
side of her face. Turning Avril’s head to face her, Christina kissed her chin.
Looking her straight in the eye, she stuck her tongue out and licked Avril’s
upper lip. Seeing Avril part her lips slightly, Christina moved in for the
kiss. Pressing her lips to Avril’s, Christina moved her hand to the back of
Avril’s neck and pulled her in hard. Sucking on Avril’s bottom lip, Christina
parted her teeth and gently bit her lip.

“Hope I wasn’t
interrupting anything,” Pink said from the doorway.

Breaking the kiss,
Christina said “actually, you were. Couldn’t you have stayed away just a
little longer?”

“Sorry, I didn’t know
you two would be starting without me and Shak,” Pink said, getting

“Where is Shak
anyway?” Christina asked.

“She’s making
margaritas. She saw the blender and decided that she wanted some strawberry
margaritas,” Pink answered. “It looked like you two were getting
pretty comfortable there.”

“We were trying, but
then you interrupted,” Christina said, annoyed at the intrusion.

“Excuse me, I need to
use the bathroom,” Avril said, getting up.

“It’s just down that
hall, first door on your left,” Pink told her. When Avril had gone, Pink
sat down on the couch where she had been and asked Christina “were you
doing your aggressive attack seduction or your more casual sensitive act?”

“I didn’t want to
scare her off, so I was doing the more sensitive act,” Christina answered.

“Nice touch. She likes
some of the rough stuff, but she needs to be worked up to that level
first,” Pink said.

“I had her ready to do
anything I wanted, and then you went and ruined the mood. Couldn’t you have
eaten Shakira’s pussy while she was working the blender or something? That would
have at least given me a couple more minutes to work with,” Christina

“You’ll get another
chance. She came over here to have some fun, and she won’t leave until she’s
had it. Just sit back and plot your next move,” Pink told her.

“I got margaritas, who
want some?” Shakira announced as she walked into the room carrying a tray
with four glasses and a pitcher on it. “Where’d the tike go?”

“She went to the
bathroom. Christina was getting her all hot and bothered, so she needed to go
collect herself,” Pink answered.

“Christina was getting
her groove on, and you interrupted her?” Shakira asked, smacking Pink on
the back of the head. “You should have come back to the kitchen and gotten
groovy with me.”

“Ouch, don’t hit
me,” Pink told her.

“Then don’t pussy
block people, stupid,” Shakira said, adding some choice words in spanish
at the end that neither of the other two understood.

“I’m going to use the
bathroom as well,” Christina said, getting up and going the way that Avril
had gone just minutes before.

“She’s going to go
find Avril. I bet they do it on the bathroom floor,” Pink said. “Now
I really wish I had cleaned it today.”

“No, I say Avril sits
on the counter and then Christina kneels in front of her. I hope you put your
toothbrush away, because Christina likes to use foreign objects,” Shakira
responded, pouring each them a margarita.

“That’s OK, I’ve got
extras,” Pink answered. “I learned to keep at least one spare
toothbrush after I accidentally knocked mine into the toilet when I was
drunkenly screwing Joan Jett in Denver a couple years ago. Man, was that night
great or what? On tour, drunk, and Joan Jett giving me head in the bathroom of
my dressing room. She was so good, my arms were flailing around and I knocked
my toothbrush into the toilet. The next morning, I had to have the tour bus
stop at a Safeway so someone could run in and buy another one for me. I
couldn’t go in, seeing as how someone might’ve recognized me and I hadn’t
brushed my teeth yet. Since then, I’ve made sure to have one that I use and at
least one extra in case it wears out or gets used in place of a dildo.”

“Is there anyone you
haven’t screwed?” Shakira asked, amazed at the story.

“I almost got Jessica
Simpson, but then her dickhead boyfriend, who’s now her husband, decided to
walk in. I had one hand in her pants and the other groping one of those sweet
melons, and he just busts in and ruins it,” Pink said, getting angry at
the memory.

“Who is it?”
Avril asked as she heard a knock on the bathroom door. She was leaning on the
counter, looking at herself in the mirror and trying to calm down a little
before rejoining the others.

Opening the door, Christina
popped her head through and answered “It’s me.”

“Do you need the

“Not exactly,”
Christina said, closing the bathroom door behind her. Crossing the bathroom,
Christina wrapped her arms around the younger pop star. Pressing her lips to
Avril’s Christina backed her up until they were up against the counter.

Breaking the kiss, Avril
asked “right here in the bathroom?”

“Why, you got a
problem with the bathroom?” Christina asked while kissing Avril’s throat.

“No, but maybe someone
will need to use it.”

“The only ones who
need to use it right now are us,” Christina assured her. “Besides,
Pink has a bathroom in her room if they really need one.”

“But…,” Avril
started before Christina hushed her by putting a finger to her lips. Placing
her hand on either side Avril’s face, Christina emphasized the point by kissing
her hard. Sliding her tongue out, she pressed it against Avril’s teeth waiting
for her to open her mouth.

Feeling Christina’s tongue
snaking along her teeth, Avril opened her mouth to accept it. Reaching up,
Avril put one hand on the back of Christina’s head and returned the kiss.
Sucking on Christina’s tongue, Avril slid her other hand down Christina’s back.
Gripping Christina’s ass, Avril was starting to get into the swing of things.

Moving her hands down to
Avril’s hips, Christina lifted her up to sit on the edge of the counter. When
Avril was on the counter, Christina put her hands on the younger singer’s knees
and ran her tongue along the inside of Avril’s teeth. Sliding a hand up the
inside of Avril’s thigh, Christina could feel Avril wiggle a little as her hand
got closer to her cunt. Reaching Avril’s waist, Christina slid her hand
underneath Avril’s hockey jersey and began tracing circles on her stomach.

Taking a more active
stance, Avril pulled Christina in so close that she could feel Christina’s
nipples pressed into her through their clothing. While Christina’s tongue was
busy licking the inside of her mouth, Avril used hers to stroke Christina’s.
Locking her legs around Christina’s waist, Avril slowly undid the zipper in the
back of Christina’s dress. As tooth after tooth of the zipper came undone,
Christina’s dress got looser and looser. When the zipper finally hit bottom,
Avril slid her hands up to Christina’s shoulders and pushed the straps of her
dress off. Breaking the kiss, Avril leaned back to let the dress fall to
Christina’s waist and expose her tits. Lowering her head, Avril took one nipple
into mouth.

As Avril sucked on her
nipple, Christina moaned quietly and placed one hand on the back of Avril’s
head to keep her from moving her mouth. Deftly unbuttoning Avril’s pants with
one hand, she slid her hand into her pants and casually stroked Avril’s pussy
through her panties. Sliding the material of Avril’s panties off to the side,
Christina ran the tip of her index finger along her slit.

Feeling Christina’s digit
on her mons, Avril moaned around her breast and scooted herself forward on the
counter a bit in an effort to get more. Biting the ball on the end of
Christina’s nipple piercing, Avril tugged on it lightly. Letting go of the piercing,
Avril opened her mouth and blew a stream of air onto the nipple she was just
sucking on. The air blowing across the wet nipple created a cooling sensation
that forced a grunt of satisfaction from Christina’s throat.

Christina was reveling in
the attention her breasts were getting from the youngster. She had to hand it
to Avril, so far the girl had known just what buttons to push and when.
Slipping her middle finger into Avril’s cunt, Christina worked just the tip in
and out. As Avril started humping her hips back at her, Christina worked more
of her finger into her cunt.

Avril was quickly building
towards a climax, but she wanted to hold off long enough to return some of the
pleasure to Christina. Switching to Christina’s other breast, Avril sucked the
nipple into her mouth. Licking and sucking on it, Avril could feel Christina
add another finger to her cunt. Using her tongue, Avril pushed one side of
Christina’s nipple piercing up to twist the nipple around in her mouth.

Feeling her nipple being twisted
while being sucked on, Christina pulled her fingers out of Avril’s cunt.
Bringing the fingers up to her mouth, she locked eyes with Avril and
seductively started licking the juices off. Offering some to Avril, Christina
was pleasantly surprised when she sucked Christina’s fingers into her mouth and
sucked her own juices off.

“Lift up a
little,” Christina told her. When she did, Christina pulled her pants and
underwear down to the middle of her thighs.

Sitting back down, Avril
was surprised by the cool surface of the counter against her bare ass. As
Christina pulled her shoes off, Avril helped by pushing her pants down further.
After her shoes were off, Christina grabbed hold of the pants and tugged them
off. Leaving the pair of pink Hanes panties around Avril knees, Christina
ducked her head underneath them so she was between Avril’s thighs staring
straight at her clean shaven snatch. With Avril’s thighs sitting on her
shoulders, Christina moved the hem of the hockey jersey out of the way and ran
her hand over the area where Avril’s bush would’ve been. Marveling at the
smoothness, Christina couldn’t help but wonder if the girl had shaved the area
that morning. Reaching behind her, Christina pulled her forward to the edge of
the counter. Reaching over the top of her legs, Christina placed her hands on
top of Avril’s thighs and inhaled the fragrance of young pussy. It smelled so
sweet and tantalizing that Christina had! to restrain herself from just diving
in and giving in to her animalistic desires. Sticking her tongue, Christina
gave Avril a long lick from the bottom of her slit to the top.

As Christina continued to
lick her slit like an ice cream cone, Avril slipped her hands under her jersey
to fondle her tits through her bra. Feeling Christina start to focus more on
her clit, Avril unhooked her bra and finally pulled it and the jersey all the
way off to reveal her perfectly formed B cup breasts. Tossing them on the floor
of the bathroom, she tweaked her nipples between thumb and forefingers.
Throwing her head back, she whimpered as Christina sucked her clit into her

While sucking on Avril’s
clit, Christina turned her head enough so she could glance up and see Avril
playing with her tits. The sight spurred her on even more as she reached down
and moved aside her own panties so she could finger herself. Not getting enough
room to work, she let go of Avril long enough to slip her panties down to her
knees. Now with enough room, she slipped two fingers into her own pussy.

Letting go of her tits,
Avril grabbed the back of Christina’s head and shoved it back into her pussy.
Biting her lower lip, she looked down to see Christina reaching over the top of
her leg and spread her pussy lips.

Stabbing her tongue into
Avril’s cunt, Christina lapped up the juices that leaked out. She could feel
the area around her mouth and chin being coated in the sticky fluid. There was
so much of it that it was starting to drip down her chin and onto her chest.
While still sliding two fingers into her own pussy, Christina used the thumb on
her other hand to rub Avril’s clit. As her thumb made contact with Avril’s bud,
the youngster clamped her legs tight around Christina’s head.

Shoving Christina’s head
into her pussy, Avril’s body felt like it was on fire. Every nerve ending in
her body was alive with sexual energy coursing through them. It felt like every
fiber of her being was being pulled apart and reassembled right before her
eyes. Moaning loudly, she clamped her eyes shut and let her orgasm hit her full

Pushing Avril even harder,
Christina was pleasantly surprised when a flood of Avril’s juices came rushing
at her. She eagerly lapped them up as Avril writhed around on the counter in
front of her. When the flood stopped, Avril’s legs fell open and the youngster
went limp.

Standing up, Christina saw
that Avril’s eyes were half open and smiling contentedly. Bathed in that post
orgasmic glow, Avril looked like an angel. A naked angel with her panties
around her knees, but an angel nonetheless.

“You OK?”
Christina asked her.

“Yeah,” Avril
sighed, her head wobbling back and forth a little.

“You want to go back
and join the others? Or do you need a little time to recover?”

“Give me a
minute,” she answered. Sliding down off the counter, her legs gave out on
her and she slid down the wall to sit on the bare tile. Running her hands
through her hair, she blinked her eyes to clear her vision. “Wow. I don’t
think I’ve ever felt anything that intense.”

Pulling the straps of her
dress back up, Christina had to grin at her handiwork. The girl couldn’t even
stand up because of her, and it filled her with a great sense of pride.
Deciding to leave her underwear off, she extended a hand to help Avril up. When
Avril was on her feet, she helped her stand until her legs decided to work
again. Handing Avril her clothes, Christina helped her get dressed.

“OH FUCK,” they
both heard Shakira scream from the living room.

“It sounds like
Shakira just had one hell of an orgasm,” Christina observed as they were
ready to leave the bathroom.

“Want another
margarita?” Shakira asked, picking up the pitcher.

“Sure, fill me
up,” Pink answered, holding up her glass. When Shakira had filled up her
glass, Pink stirred it with the straw in her glass. Taking a sip through the
straw, she said “I gotta hand it to you, you sure know how to make a mean

“It’s something you
can’t help but pick up,” Shakira said. Refilling her own glass, she
continued “I wonder if they’ve finished yet or not.”

“It’s only been five
minutes,” Pink pointed out. “Christina’s good, but she’s not that

“Are we going to wait
for them all night, or should we start without them?” Shakira asked with a
twinkle in her eye.

“Well, they did start
without us,” Pink said, cocking her head to the side. “Then they went
and left us all alone. It’s a wonder we’ve managed to wait this long for

“Maybe we should give
them a few more minutes,” Shakira suggested coyly.

“Maybe we
shouldn’t,” Pink countered, setting her glass down. Pulling the strawberry
off the side of her glass, she held it up to Shakira’s mouth. As Shakira took a
bite out of it, Pink wiped a dribble of juice off of her chin with her thumb.
Licking the strawberry juice off her thumb, Pink put the rest of the berry in
her own mouth. Taking Shakira’s glass, she set it down next to her own. Pulling
the berry off of Shakira’s glass, Pink put one end in her teeth and then leaned
in so Shakira could bite the other end. When their lips met in the middle, they
each bit through the fruit.

“That’s good
fruit,” Shakira observed, chewing the berry that was in her mouth. As she
uncrossed and crossed her legs again, Pink slid closer to her on the couch.

“It sure is,”
Pink said as she leaned in for a kiss. Giving Shakira a lingering kiss, Pink
broke it and picked her margarita back up.

“You toying with me or
something?” Shakira asked, staring at her blankly.

“Maybe,” Pink
answered coolly, taking a sip of her drink.

“One minute you’re
looking like you’re ready to tear my clothes off, the next you’re more
interested in your margarita,” Shakira said, obviously annoyed.

“It’s a good
margarita,” Pink responded.

“Fuck the margarita,
you should be fucking me,” Shakira exploded as she leaped across the couch
at Pink.

Dropping her margarita to
the floor with a dull thud as the liquid sprayed all over the floor and couch,
Pink tried to fend off the attack. When Shakira started groping her instead of
hitting her, Pink realized that Shakira was just being aggressive rather than
violent. Leaning back on the couch, Pink could feel Shakira’s hand squeezing
her breast.

Locking eyes with Pink,
Shakira said “look what you did. You spilled your drink.”

“Being lunged at by an
angry latino tends to make me do things like that,” Pink quipped. Reaching
up, she grabbed Shakira by the scruff of the neck and pulled her in for a kiss.
As their lips pressed against each other, Shakira’s hand continued to fondle
Pink’s tit as it was between them.

When the kiss broke,
Shakira said “if you had followed through, I wouldn’t have had to lunge at

“I’ll make a note of
that for later,” Pink answered as she slid a hand down Shakira’s side. As
the hand reached the hem of Shakira’s skirt, Pink casually started sliding it
up. When the skirt reached the bottom of Shakira’s panties, Pink cupped a cheek
and let a finger slide under the material of the thong.

Leaning down, Shakira
ground her pussy into Pink’s crotch as she pressed their lips together. Sliding
her tongue out, Shakira pressed it against Pink’s lips. Feeling Pink open her
lips to the invader, Shakira slid her tongue the rest of the way into her

As ‘Sweet Emotion’ started
playing in the background, Pink rolled Shakira over. Taking control of the
situation, Pink unbuttoned the one button on Shakira’s shirt that had been done
up. Untying the knot that held the rest of the shirt closed, Pink opened her
shirt up to reveal the lacy black bra. Leaning back to kiss Shakira again, Pink
slid her hand down the latino’s stomach. Reaching the waist of her skirt, Pink
slid her skirt up to her waist.

As Pink’s hand massaged her
cunt through her panties, Shakira greedily sucked on Pink’s tongue. When Pink’s
fingers slid the material of her panties aside, Shakira moaned as Pink’s index
finger worked itself up and down her now exposed slit. Massaging Pink’s tongue
with her own, Shakira put her own hands into action. Sliding her hands down Pink’s
back, she grabbed the bottom of her shirt and slid it up slightly. Rubbing the
small of Pink’s back, Shakira slid her hands down further and pushed them under
the waist of Pink’s jeans.

As Shakira’s pussy got
wetter, Pink slipped a finger inside. Working the finger in and out, Pink could
feel Shakira’s ass wiggling into the couch. Still keeping the finger inside
her, Pink kissed her way down Shakira’s body. She kissed Shakira’s neck and
collarbone before reaching the valley between Shakira’s breasts. Licking her
breastbone, Pink continued kissing her way down to Shakira’s stomach. Kissing
along her ab muscles, Pink worked down one side of her stomach and up the
other. Glancing up at Shakira’s face, Pink placed a kiss right in the middle of
Shakira’s belly button. Sticking out her tongue, she licked around her sexy
navel in gradually tightening circles before spearing her tongue into Shakira’s
belly button.

Feeling Pink’s mouth and
tongue on her body, as well as her finger in her pussy, Shakira closed her eyes
and enjoyed the sensations. Unhooking her bra in the front, Shakira let the
cups fall away to expose her breasts. Grabbing a tit in each hand, she massaged
them as Pink continued to lap at her belly button. As Pink moved away from her
belly button and continued kissing down her stomach, Shakira gripped her
nipples between the thumb and index finger of each hand. Letting the other
three fingers fall into place and cup the underside of her breasts, Shakira
twisted her nipples.

Reaching Shakira’s waist,
Pink pulled her finger out her pussy. Grabbing Shakira’s leg, Pink ran her
tongue along the heel of Shakira’s shoe. Slipping the high heeled shoe off,
Pink licked the sole of Shakira’s foot. Feeling Shakira wiggle a little, Pink
continued licking up the arch of her foot. Reaching the toes, Pink took the big
toe into her mouth. As she sucked on the toe, Pink lightly ran her fingernails
along the underside of her foot. Swirling her tongue around the toe, Pink
treated it as if she were giving a blow job. Pulling her mouth off the big toe,
Pink used her fingers to spread the other toes and proceeded to lick between

Shakira shuddered as a
shiver of anticipation ran through her body. She knew about Pink’s foot fetish,
and had always enjoyed having her toes sucked as well, so she never complained.
As Pink grabbed Shakira’s other foot, Shakira got butterflies in her stomach.
Feeling Pink slip her other shoe off, Shakira was delighted to feel Pink’s
tongue working the bottom her foot.

When Pink had sucked on all
of her toes, she started kissing her way up Shakira’s leg. Stopping to lick the
back of Shakira’s knee, Pink hooked her fingers in the waistband of Shakira’s
thong and started pulling it down over her shapely legs to reveal a nicely
manicured bush. The hair was long and curly, but trimmed into a small triangle
that pointed down with the bottom tip just above her clit.

When the thong was all the
way off, Pink idly twirled it around her finger as she ran the tip of her
finger along the inside of Shakira’s thigh. Very lightly running the finger
back and forth, Pink got it closer to Shakira’s pussy each time. Finally, when
the finger was almost touching the outside of her cunt on the return stroke,
Pink leaned her head down and blew a light stream of air across the latin pop
star’s steamy snatch.

Running her fingers through
Shakira’s pubic hair, Pink let her thumb trail behind so that it’d purposely
bump against Shakira’s clit. Feeling Shakira stiffen up and buck her hips at
the contact, Pink blew another stream of air directly onto her clit. Lightly
massaging Shakira’s clit with her thumb, Pink sat back up and watched Shakira’s
face as she bit her lip.

Pulling her thumb off
Shakira’s clit, Pink could see her eyes open and a question form on her lips.
Before the question could be asked, Pink replaced the thumb with her tongue.
Flicking Shakira’s clit with her tongue, Pink could feel Shakira rubbing a hole
into the couch with her ass. Moving her tongue down, Pink started lapping at
Shakira’s pussy lips. Getting her first taste of pussy for the night, Pink
savored it’s sweet tangy taste.

Feeling Pink’s magic tongue
working on her cunt, Shakira’s hands were busy gripping her tits. Pulling one
tit up, she stuck her tongue out and ran it along the nipple. Sucking the
nipple into her mouth, she matched the tempo of the licks on her nipple with
Pink’s licks on her cunt. All too quickly, she could feel her body rising
towards it’s release. Her hips started to buck of their own volition and her
moans were gradually turning to screams.

Sensing that Shakira was
getting close, Pink pulled her mouth off her cunt. Wanting to prolong the
experience, Pink gave her clit the occasional rub with her index finger to keep
her at the heights of ecstasy for as long as possible. Just as Shakira was
starting to come down without her orgasm, Pink picked up the straw from her
margarita and used it to blow on her clit. As Shakira started to climb back
towards her climax, Pink pressed the straw directly against Shakira’s clit and
started sucking. Just as the little bud was sucked into the end of the straw,
Shakira let out a loud scream of pleasure that was only slightly muffled by the
nipple in her mouth.

Shakira screamed, letting go of her tits. Her whole body felt like there was
electricity flowing through it. Every nerve in her body was flowing with
energy, but she couldn’t move because her muscles were tightening up as the
biggest orgasm she’d ever had hit her like a sledgehammer.

Pulling the straw off
Shakira’s clit, Pink looked up just in time to Christina and Avril rounding the
corner. “When you guys didn’t come back, we started without you. We were
pretty sure that you’d started without us in there, so we started without you
out here.”

“Fuck, I need a drink
after that,” Shakira said, regaining her senses.

“Did you have an
accident?” Christina asked, pointing at the spilled margarita on the

“Yeah, Shak lunged at
me. I dropped my glass to try to fight her off,” Pink answered. Pointing
at Shakira still laying almost naked on the floor, she continued “I didn’t
do very well at it as you can see.”

“When I’ve got a hot
chick lunging at me, the first thing I think of is fighting her off”
Christina said facetiously.

“I was playing with
her head, so I thought she was lunging at me because she was mad. It turned out
she was just trying to get into my pants. Instead, I got into her pants, which
I don’t think she minded much,” Pink clarified.

Picking up the pitcher of
margaritas and an empty glass off the coffee table, Christina poured herself
some. Seeing that the margaritas had started to melt, she decided against it
and dumped it back into the pitcher.

“Where’s the
vodka?” Christina asked.

Looking around the room,
Pink didn’t see the bottle anywhere. “I must have taken it into the
kitchen when I went to check on Shakira,” she said.

“I’ll get it,”
Shakira said, lifting herself to her feet. “I need to get myself something
to drink anyway.”

“Can you get me a
beer?” Avril asked as Shakira was walking naked toward the doorway.

“Yeah, yeah,”
Shakira said, waving the question off.

“We could hear Shakira
screaming all the way in the bathroom,” Christina said.

“Well, I don’t like to
brag, but I had her eating out of the palm of my hand,” Pink said, cocking
her head to the side to pop her neck.

“It sounded like you
were killing her,” Avril said.

Holding up the straw that
she had just used on Shakira, Pink said “Straws, they’re not just for
drinking juice any more.”

“Are you the next
spokesperson for the Dixie Corporation or something?” Avril asked.
Suddenly realizing that the music had stopped, she asked “What happened to
the music?”

“The CD must have
ended,” Pink shrugged. “Either that or Shak’s screaming broke the
stereo. That would suck, but it’d look good on the resume: ‘made latin pop star
cum so loudly that it broke the stereo.’ You gotta admit that would be

“It’d certainly get
you any job you wanted,” Christina said, laughing. “I made Avril
almost pass out. Then she couldn’t stand up when she tried to walk.”

“Me and Shak were
taking bets on whether you did it on the floor or on the counter, so which was
it?” Pink asked Christina.

“It was on the
counter,” Christina answered, obviously proud.

“Damn, Shak wins then.
You didn’t use my toothbrush did you?” Pink asked.

“No, but I thought
about it. I decided against it because I know you’ve got enough toys that I
don’t need to resort to making new ones,” Christina answered.
“Speaking of toys, where are they?.”

“They’re in the
bedroom,” Pink answered.

“Then lets go,”
Christina said as she stood up. “I haven’t gotten off yet tonight, and I
plan on remedying that quickly.”

“Do you guys do this
often?” Avril asked, seeing that Christina was already heading off to
Pink’s bedroom without being told where it is.

“Christina’s been here
a few times,” Pink responded, a knowing smirk creeping onto her face.

“You guys coming, or
do I am I going to have to do it my own damn self,” Christina yelled from
the hallway.

“Don’t get your
panties in a bunch. We’ll be right there,” Pink yelled in response.
Turning to Avril, she said “Looks like we better get in there before she
decides she doesn’t need us.”

“I haven’t gotten my
beer yet,” Avril protested, nervousness apparent in her voice.

“Shakira will bring
into the bedroom for you,” Pink assured her. Grabbing her hand, she pulled
her toward the bedroom.

When the Pink had finally
dragged Avril into the room, she was greeted by the sight of Christina holding
up her silver vibrator. There was a low hum in the air and the vibrator was
shaking slightly in Christina’s hands to show that was on.

“Where have you been
hiding this thing?” Christina asked as she turned it up another notch.
“It’s only half power and it feels like my hand is holding a cement

“I’ve had it for a
while, but I only bring it out on special occasions,” Pink said, giving a
quick wink at Christina.

“It’s nice to know I
finally qualify as a ‘special occasion’,” Christina chided Pink.

“Well, you never need
any help in getting off. I put it out in case Avril or Shak needed that little
extra push to get them over the hump,” Pink explained.

Crossing over to the
window, Avril picked up a pair of the fur lined handcuffs and asked “Did
you raid a police warehouse or something?”

“No, as far as I know
the cops don’t use fur lined cuffs,” Pink answered, tongue in cheek.
“More people might get arrested if they did. The ones next to the bed, now
those are a souvenir from being arrested.”

“Really?” Avril
asked, mouth open in shock as she dropped the handcuffs back onto the table.

“No, not really,”
Pink said, rolling her eyes at the teenager’s gullibility. “They were
props from the video for ‘You Make Me Sick.’ That’s the one where I had to be
handcuffed and put in the back of a cop car where I make out with my boyfriend,
whose also been arrested. I guess it’s almost like they really are a souvenir
from being arrested.”

“The best souvenir
I’ve gotten is some fake gold jewelry from the ‘Complicated’ video,” Avril
lamented. “I need to do a video with something good that I can take

“The best souvenir I
ever get from my videos is a good fuck from the dancers. A bunch of well hung
black guys pounding every hole while the hot women are servicing each other.
It’s enough to make me want to go make a video right now,” Christina said,
eyes twinkling at the thought.

“I’ve never had a
black guy,” Avril said. “Are they really as big everyone says?”

“Not all, but most of
them sure beat the hell out of those pencils that white guys tote around in
their pants,” Christina answered, grinning. “They’d probably split
you in half girl, you’re so little.”

“I can take it,”
Avril defended herself.

“No, she’s
right,” Pink chimed in. “You’d pass out before he even got halfway
inside you.”

“What’d I miss,”
Shakira asked, appearing in the doorway with her bottle of tequila in hand.

“Avril’s trying to
convince us that she can handle black cock,” Pink answered.

Eyeing Avril up and down,
Shakira said “She might be able to. It’s tough to tell how she’d handle it
without knowing how far her pussy can stretch.”

“I’m telling you, I
can do it,” Avril said, her voice starting to get a bit of a whiny tone to

“Chill out,” Pink
told her. “So what if you can’t take a black guy, it’s not the end of the

“Fuck you, I can do
it,” Avril yelled at Pink.

“If you’re not
careful, you just might be the one that gets fucked, and not in that fun spanky
way,” Pink warned her.

“Hell with all three
of you. You don’t know shit,” Avril said, not heeding Pink’s advice.

“Get the cuffs,”
Pink told Christina. Turning to Shakira, she said “you take her arms and
I’ll take her feet. She’s a feisty one so be careful of possible biting.”

Looking for a place to run,
Avril bolted up out of her chair, but was quickly subdued by Shakira. “Let
me go,” Avril yelled.

“We told you to watch
your mouth, and you didn’t. You brought this on yourself, so don’t be blaming
us,” Pink told her. “Now you’re going to be shown how we treat little
girls who can’t figure out how to keep their mouth’s shut.”

Trying to squirm out of
Shakira’s grasp, she found that she being held down quite solidly. Gnashing her
teeth, she twisted her head and happened to catch the knuckle of Shakira’s left
index finger.

Letting go, Shakira lifted
the finger to mouth to suck on it until the pain subsided. Feeling the pressure
ease, Avril took the opportunity to wiggle out of her grasp. Seeing Avril
escaping, Pink quickly grabbed her ankle and tripped her up.

Grabbing the pair of
handcuffs Avril had been holding moments ago, Christina handed them to Pink.
Watching as Pink slapped them on Avril’s wrists, she helped the other two get
the youngster to her feet.

Kicking and screaming,
Avril was dragged onto the bed by Christina and Pink. As Shakira followed
behind them, Christina unlocked the cuffs and locked them around the headboard.

“Let me go,”
Avril demanded.

“Not until we’re
satisfied that you’ve learned your lesson,” Pink told her. “Since you
seem to think you can handle black cock, we’re going to show you that you

“You wouldn’t
dare,” Avril challenged, a look of anger and defiance creeping into the
features of her face.

“Just try us and see
how serious we are. You don’t know shit, and we’re going to make sure you know
exactly where you stand,” Pink sneered.

“Let me have at her
again,” Christina said, salivating at the prospect of another go at the
young slut.

“Patience, Christina,
patience. We need to make sure she’ll play ball before we decide what to do
with her,” Pink said, holding Christina back.

“I’ll be gentle with
her, I promise. I won’t mark her up too bad,” Christina swore. “I’ll
make sure she knows what’s going on.”

“You’ll get your
chance, but if she doesn’t behave then you’ll get to do anything you want to
her. That includes breaking out those whips you seem to enjoy so much.”

Starting to get scared,
Avril tried to scoot into a sitting position as far away from the trio as she
could get.

“Are you going to
behave, or do I have to turn Christina loose on you?” Pink asked, trying
to be as nice and soothing as possible.

“I’ll be good,”
Avril promised.

“Take the cuffs off
her,” Pink told Christina. “When the cuffs are off, you better get
those clothes off quickly.”

Once the cuffs were off,
Avril rubbed her wrists to try to get the blood flowing back into them.
Standing up, she pulled off her hockey jersey to reveal a simple pink bra.
Reaching back, she unhooked the clasp of the bra and let it slide down her arms
before dropping it to the floor. As she unzipped and unbuttoned her pants, her
arms pressed her tits together creating the illusion that they were even bigger
than they were. Pulling her cargo pants down, she sat down on the edge of the
bed to make it easier to pull them the rest of the way off. Looking around at
the other three women in the room, Avril could clearly read the lust in their
eyes as they watched her strip. ‘This must be what shower time in prison must
be like. The other women leering at you, and plotting the best way to get you
alone so they can take turns fucking you,” Avril thought to herself as she
stood up. Running a hand over her flat stomach, she slipped it under the
waistband of her panties that match!ed the bra she had just removed.

“None of that,”
Pink chided her as Avril started to finger herself under her panties.
“There will be plenty of time for that later. Right now you need to get
those panties off.”

Rolling her eyes, Avril
hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and slowly slid them down.
Pulling them all the way off, she tossed them to Pink and put her hands on her

“Get on the bed,”
Pink commanded her. When Avril had complied, Pink turned to Christina and said
“Show the slut how it’s done.”

Not wasting any time,
Christina slid onto the bed between Avril’s spread legs. Softly running her
hand over the teen’s shaven mound, Christina could see that Avril was so wet
that her pussy was glistening in the light of the room.

Teasing the youngster to
get her even hotter, Christina blew a stream of warm breath on Avril’s cunt. As
Avril shivered in anticipation, Christina swiped her tongue from the bottom of
Avril’s slit up to the top. While at the top, Christina located Avril’s clit
and sucked it into her mouth.

Squirming on the bed, Avril
grabbed her tits and began tweaking the nipples. Feeling Christina’s expert
mouth and tongue working her clit, Avril could already feel herself building up
to an orgasm.

Sensing that Avril was
nearing her climax, Christina worked two fingers into her snatch. Still sucking
on Avril’s clit, Christina ran the tips of her fingers along the top of Avril’s
love canal until she found her G-spot.

Gasping for breath as her
climax hit her, Avril bucked her hips and almost lost consciousness. While
Avril was in the throes of her orgasm, Christina shoved one of her long fingers
up the young slut’s ass.

Watching Christina work
Avril over, Pink put on the strap on and stepped up behind Christina. Reaching
down, she flipped up Christina’s dress and smacked her on the ass to urge her
to lift up a little. When Christina’s ass was at the right height, Pink buried
the massive dildo into her pussy in one smooth motion.

Moaning around Avril’s
clit, Christina couldn’t believe how big the strap on was. It was stretching
her to the maximum, and she was loving every minute of it. She could feel the
head resting against her cervix, and the bumps and ridges along the shaft were
touching parts of her that no man had ever reached. A woman or two had reached
there with their fingers, but nothing like this.

Shoving Christina’s head
down into Avril’s pussy, Pink told her “Eat that pussy bitch.” Before
Christina could obey, Pink grabbed a hand full of Christina’s hair and yanked
back on it hard, telling her “on second thought, don’t even touch

Christina screamed in
pleasure at the rough treatment as her head was being yanked around like a rag
doll. Continuing to finger Avril’s cunt, she was starting to lose it as Pink
pulled her hair and fucked her like the slut she is.

Looking for a CD to put on,
Shakira decided that Christina’s latest would make a good soundtrack to their
debauchery. Flipping forward to ‘Dirrty’, she figured it was time to get in on
the act. She had been sitting off to the side, enjoying the show with the
famous silver vibrator, but needed some more personal attention now. Looking
for the best place to slip in, she saw that sitting on Avril’s face was
probably the best way to go. As she walked seductively across the room, she set
the silver vibrator down next to the bed and started singing “I need that
shit to get me off, sweating til my clothes come off.”

As Shakira straddled her
head facing the wall, Avril swiped her tongue across the latina’s pussy.
Sucking Shakira’s clit into her mouth, Avril traced a finger along her slit
before slipping it into her cunt. As her finger worked in and out of Shakira’s
snatch, Avril was rewarded by a stream of moans as Shakira pressed her pussy
down harder on Avril’s mouth.

Avril bucked her hips as
Christina’s finger continued to stroke her G-spot. Barely able to catch her
breath around Shakira’s pussy, Avril was feeling sensations that she’d never
felt before. She could feel her girl cum squirting out around Christina’s
finger as she was in an endless loop of orgasms, and didn’t want the ride to

As Avril writhed under her
ministrations, Christina ratcheted up the tension even more by slipping two
fingers up her ass. Working them around, Christina spread the fingers apart to
stretch Avril’s ass even more. Humming lowly around Avril’s clit, Christina was
rewarded with a shriek of pleasure as Avril blacked out.

Feeling Avril go limp
underneath her, Shakira looked down to see what was going on. When she saw that
Avril was passed out beneath her, she slid off to stand next to the bed.

“I think we wore her
out,” Shakira said to the others. When neither of them even looked her
way, she shrugged and pushed Avril out of the way. Sliding into the spot that
Avril had just been in, Shakira waited for Christina to take action on her.

Seeing Shakira push Avril
out of the way and slide into her spot, Pink slammed the strap on into
Christina’s pussy and shoved her head into Shakira’s pussy. Holding Christina’s
head there until she was sure that Christina was doing her job, Pink finally
let go of her hair.

Slipping two fingers into
Shakira’s cunt, Christina licked little circles around the edge of her clit.
The force of Pink’s thrusts from behind her were making most of her licks miss
their target, so she switched to sucking on it instead. Moaning around
Shakira’s clit, Christina looked over and noticed for the first time that Avril
was passed out on the bed. Feeling Pink’s hand pushing on the back of her head,
she got back to work on Shakira’s snatch.

Grabbing her tits, Shakira
rolled the nipples between her fingers while Christina sucked on her clit.
Bucking her hips as she felt Christina slip a third finger into her already
tightly stretched pussy, Shakira felt her orgasm coming already. Biting her
lip, she could feel her body start to stiffen up.

“Oh god,” Shakira
moaned as she came.

Feeling Shakira cum under
her ministrations, it sent Christina over the edge into her own long awaited
climax. Her pussy clamped down on the strap on as it continued to plow into
her. Screaming in pleasure, the sound was muffled by Shakira’s pussy pressed
against her mouth.

Seeing the two women
orgasming before her, it spurred Pink on even more. Wanting to prolong their
orgasms, Pink started fucking Christina even harder, making the blond moan
louder around Shakira’s clit.

Finally seeing the other
two collapse on the bed, Pink pulled out of Christina. Pulling off the strap
on, she asked “Hey, what about me? Don’t I get some love?”

“Sure, give me a
minute,” Christina answered.

Picking the silver vibrator
up off the bedside table, Shakira tossed it to Pink and said “Here, use

“I make sure you guys
get all you can handle, and I get a vibrator? I could have done that myself
alone,” Pink said.

“Use it while we
recover,” Shakira responded.

“Wake Avril up, she
might want to help out,” Christina suggested.

“Fine, but I still expect
you two to help me,” she said. Shaking Avril’s leg, Pink called out
“Yo, sleeping beauty. Time to wakey, wakey.”

“Huh?” Avril
asked sleepily.

“It’s time to wake up
and help finish Pink off,” Christina told her.

“What happened? I
remember laying on the bed with Christina eating me out, and then
nothing,” Avril asked, her mind finally starting to come to.

“You blacked
out,” Christina answered. “I guess I gave you too much stimulation
before you could handle it. It shows that you couldn’t handle a good black guy
though. if you can’t handle my fingers hitting your g-spot, then there’s no way
you handle a big cock rubbing against it.”

“I could too handle
it,” Avril said, starting to whine again.

“Enough of this
shit,” Pink bellowed. “There are more important matters to attend to,
like getting me off.”

“What do you want us
to do?” Avril asked innocently.

Handing the silver vibrator
to Christina, she said “Christina, do your thing. Shakira, you get my
feet. Avril, you can do whatever you like.”

As Pink laid down on the
bed, Christina turned the vibrator on low. Seeing Avril take her place beside
Pink, she ran the tip of the vibrator along the inside of Pink’s thigh. Looking
behind her, she saw Shakira start to massage Pink’s feet. Pressing her index finger
against Pink’s clit, Christina placed the vibrator on top of the finger.

Pink instinctively bucked
her hips as she felt the vibrations transferring through Christina’s finger.
Feeling Shakira’s hands rubbing her feet, Pink closed her eyes and enjoyed the
sensations. Just as Avril started sucking on her nipple, Pink felt Shakira hit
a sensitive spot on the bottom of her foot. Shuddering in ecstasy, Pink was
thoroughly enjoying having three people working her over at the same time.

As Shakira sucked on Pink’s
big toe, she pressed a spot in the arch of Pink’s foot and was rewarded by a
low moan. Grinding her pussy on Pink’s other foot, Shakira gasped when the big
toe of the other foot found it’s way inside of her.

Not sure if the moans were
for her or what Shakira was doing, Christina decided to up the ante and turn
the vibrator up higher. When Pink moaned even louder, Christina was pretty sure
that one was for her. Getting a brilliant idea, Christina grabbed Avril’s hand.

“What the…?”
Avril asked as she felt Christina stick the vibrator in her hand.

“Keep it going for a
minute,” Christina told her as she got up. Getting off the bed, she went
over to the table by the window and grabbed the black dildo off the table.
Returning to the bed, she crawled back into her spot and took the vibrator back
from Avril.

“Oh fuck,” Pink
moaned as she felt Christina start to work the dildo into her cunt. The dildo
stretching her cunt, the vibrator on her clit, Avril’s tongue and mouth on her
tits, and Shakira’s foot massage were all coming together in a big whirlwind
that was quickly bringing Pink to massive crescendo. She could feel electricity
flowing out of every pore in her body.

Sensing that Pink was
close, Christina pulled the dildo out of her cunt. Pressing the head of the
dildo against Pink’s asshole, she was greeted by a squeal of delight as it
slipped past the entrance. Working more of the dildo into Pink’s anus,
Christina started moving it in and out in slight movements. When she was
satisfied that Pink was used to it, Christina upped the ante even more by
sliding the vibrator into her cunt.

“OH GOD,” Pink
screamed as she felt Christina working the dildo and vibrator in and out of her
ass and pussy. Christina was pushing one in while pulling the other out, and
the rhythm was driving Pink insane.

Not to be outdone by
Christina, Shakira lightly ran the tip of her finger along the sole of Pink’s
foot. Licking between Pink’s toes, Shakira found the magic spot that pushed
Pink over the edge.

Pink screamed at the top of her lungs as every nerve in her body caught fire.
She closed her eyes as her muscles turned to jelly as the orgasm ripped through

“Was it worth the
wait?” Christina asked Pink when she had finally come down enough to open
her eyes.

“Worth every
minute,” Pink answered. “We need to do this more often, but I’m pooped
now. You guys going to join in bed, or should I show you the guest rooms?”

“The bed seems big
enough to me,” Avril said as she climbed in.

“Sure, why not?”
Shakira asked rhetorically as she climbed in on the other side of Pink.

“I’m not going to be the
only one left out on the morning after party,” Christina said as she
climbed in behind Avril.

“Night John Boy,”
Pink said jokingly.

“Night Peggy
Sue,” Christina said, sharing the joke.

Both Shakira and Avril
looked at each other blankly. Neither of them had seen the Waltons, and so they
didn’t get the joke. Shrugging, they both curled up and they fell fast asleep.

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