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I was having coffee one Saturday morning at my favorite coffee shop.
I live near San Francisco and it was a beautiful spring morning. I
had already been for a long mountain bike ride, and was having
coffee before I went home to study. It was so nice out I didn’t
really want to spend the afternoon inside with my nose in a book.

The coffee shop was busy, and I was sitting by myself, reading the
newspaper and drinking my coffee. I heard a soft voice ask, “Excuse
me, could I share your table?”

I looked up to see a very pretty blonde face that looked sort of
familiar. I smiled and said, “Of course, feel

As I returned to my paper, I couldn’t help but think that I should
know that face. Was it someone I had gone to high school with? Then
it hit me… I was sitting across the table from pop diva Mariah

I looked over and saw that she was reading a newspaper. I studied
her face for a few moments then I was absolutely sure. She had put
on a few pounds since she was the hottest thing in pop music, but
she was still gorgeous. She was wearing a loose flannel shirt and
baggy jeans, but she couldn’t hide that sweet face.

“Excuse me,” I asked quietly, “But are you Mariah Carey?”

She smiled and said, “Yes, I am, and thanks for recognizing me…
Lately it seems like that isn’t happening as much as it should!”

“I love your music, and I thought you did a great job with the
National Anthem on the Super Bowl.”

“Oh, thank you. I was really nervous but I thought it went pretty

“You know, I would think that being a little more anonymous could be
okay. I mean, could you have gone out by yourself like this five
years ago?”

“Yeah, you have a point. I would never have been able to do this
without bodyguards and agents and everything before.”

“By the way, my name’s Jessica Stevens, Jessi to my friends.”

Mariah extended her hand, “Nice to meet you, Jessi.”

“So, Mariah, what brings you to the Bay Area?”

“I’m here recording a new CD. We’ve been at it nine days straight so
we decided to take today off. I hate the recording, it is really
hard work.”

“So what are your plans? A little sight-seeing?”

“I’m not sure, really, I’ve never spent much time here. What’s worth
seeing, Jessi?”

“Well, there’s lots of stuff, what interests you?”

“I think I would like to get out of the city. I like how busy it is,
but it gets kind of depressing some times.”

“I have a great idea, then. I’ll take you to see Muir Woods. It’s a
beautiful park, over by the coast, you would never believe you are
like 15 miles from San Francisco.”

“That sounds great, Jessi, but I don’t want to put you to any

“It’s no trouble at all. I mean, my alternative is spending this
beautiful afternoon inside, studying a boring Finance book. Yuck!”

Mariah laughed. Her voice had that clear pure tone that came through
when she sang. “I can TOTALLY relate to that. I get stuck inside way
too much, too!”

“So do you have anything to do first, or shall we head to Muir
Woods?” I asked.

“Nope, nothing, I’m ready if you are!” was Mariah’s response. “But
tell me something, Jessi. You aren’t a psycho axe murderer or
anything, are you?”

“If I was, would I tell you?” I laughed, “But no, I’m not any of
those things.”

Now I have to say I was blown away by this happening. Ten minutes
earlier, I had never met Mariah Carey and only knew of her what I
had read, as a STAR, a gorgeous girl with the STAR attitude. Talking
to her, she seemed very down-to-earth and real. And here we were,
headed off alone together only minutes after meeting.

We stood up, and I was surprised that she was shorter than me. I
mean, at 5’5″ I am shorter than most people, and she projects a
larger image. We walked outside, and I asked, “Shall we take your
car or mine?”

“We can take mine if you want…”

“No, let me drive. We can leave your car at my place, it’s only a
few blocks from here. I walked over.”

“Okay, let’s do that.” We got into Mariah’s car and she drove to my

I hopped out then asked, “You want to come in or wait out here? I
want to change clothes before we go, put on some shorts.”

Mariah smiled and said, “Shorts sound great, but I don’t have any
with me.”

“You want to borrow some of mine? I think they would fit you…”

“Sure, that sounds great!” and we walked into my apartment.

I knew I was thinner than Mariah, but I also have some looser shorts
that I wear when I work out. I found shorts and tank tops for both
of us, and pointed at the bathroom. “You can change in there.”

She disappeared into the bathroom, and I changed in the bedroom. She
came back out in a minute, and looked very yummy in the tank top and
shorts. Her nipples were hard and visible through the top and her
bra. I put on a baseball cap and gave her one. She looked extremely
cute, plus she looked so totally unlike her public image that I felt
sure that no one would recognize her.

I said, “We should bring a picnic lunch, it’s gorgeous out there and
I know we’ll be able to find a nice spot.”

“That sounds great! I love picnics.”

We headed out, and I stopped at a local deli where we got some
cheese, crackers, some fruit and salad and a bottle of wine. Mariah
insisted on paying for the lunch, so I let her.

I guess I should introduce myself. Like I said above, my name is
Jessica. I am 26, I work as an accountant for a wholesale
distributor and I am going to grad school for my MBA in Finance. I
have been single for about a year, since I found out my last boy
friend was cheating on me. My recent experience with guys has not
been too good, so I have been exploring my bisexual feelings. I
consider myself bi, but since I broke up with Rob I have been with
several girls and no guys, so I guess you would have to say I was
leaning way toward becoming a lesbian.

So here I am, riding in my car with Mariah Carey… Nervous,
excited, but still fairly relaxed. I had read that she had calmed
down quite a bit, that she had been pretty wild when she was
younger. Haven’t we all…

Anyway, it was about an hour’s drive, so she and I just talked. I
asked her about Derek Jeter, she said they had only ever been
friends, REALLY. That they were both good looking, high profile
young stars in New York, and related to each other because of that.

“You mean to tell me that you never wanted a piece of him? I mean,
he is YUMMY, girl!” I teased her.

“Maybe so, but we’re just friends. We actually talked about it, and
decided that our friendship is too important to risk it for sex.”

“That’s cool… So many times, you hear about famous people jumping
in the sack together because everyone assumes that they already

“That’s not my style,” said Mariah, “And besides that, the stories
are true. He has a tiny little dick.” She giggled.

“And how do you know THAT, girl?”

“We kissed and fooled around a little, we just never went all the

“Ahhhh, I get it. Is he a good kisser?”

“He’s okay, for a guy, I guess…”

Mariah’s answer stunned me. “Ummm, ‘for a guy’? Does that mean you
have kissed girls before, Mariah?”

“Oh, yeah… The first one since I was about 12 was Whitney Houston.
The stories about HER are true, she is very much into women. She
still likes the occasional guy, but for her it’s almost entirely
women. And she is a GREAT kisser!”

“Wow, I can believe that… She has a very sexy mouth.”

“And a great tongue, too!”

I couldn’t believe it, driving down the road, talking with this huge
star about kissing girls. “So tell me, who else is into women?”

“I can only speak from personal experience, but it seems like most
of the women in the recording industry are at least bi. I have been
with a lot of them, but the hottest one is J-Lo. That girl is

“Not to mention totally hot!” was the only thing I could say.

“How about you, Jessi? Have you ever kissed a girl before?”

I thought to myself, “Well, here goes nothing…”

“A few, yes. And I agree, that there is nothing like kissing a girl.
So many guys view foreplay as something to be ‘gotten through,’ but
girls know that it is so important. I could stretch out and kiss for

“Yeah, you got that right, girl! So many guys, all they want is to
rush through to the part where they stick their cock in you… I
gotta tell you, I am SICK of that. Why don’t guys realize that the
longer they tease us, the better we will like it when they fuck us?”

“Amen, sister!!!”

My head was spinning, I was talking with Mariah Carey about how good
it felt to be with a woman. And my panties were starting to get a
little wet. Mariah may have gained a little weight, but she is still
drop dead gorgeous.

I told her about my bad luck with guys, and how I had been “playing”
for the past year. She smiled at me and said, “Smart move, Jessi.
Stick with women and you’ll be fine. Guys are nothing but trouble.”

We talked about the first time we kissed another girl. She said that
Whitney Houston had asked her to her hotel room after a recording
session one night, and they had done some coke. Then Whitney asked
her to dance, and they started kissing, and ended up fucking most of
the night in Whitney’s suite.

“Was it the coke, or would you have kissed her anyway?” I asked.

“Well, I had messed around with one of my best friends when I was
about 12 or 13 and remembered how hot it made me. So, I think the
answer is I would have done it anyway. Whitney may be fucked up in
the head, but she is hot!”

I told her about my time with Lisa, my best friend when I was 18.
I’d been at her house, her parents were gone for the weekend. We’d
been drinking wine and talking about boys, then watched a porno
movie. She had (and not by accident, I found out later) picked an
all-girl movie. We both got very horny watching the movie and
started kissing, then ended up naked in her bed together.

I glanced down at Mariah’s legs, and was surprised to see that she
had her hand between them, pressed against her mound. She was
arching her hips, pushing back against her hand. Her eyes were
closed and she was making little soft mewling noises as she touched
herself. I could clearly smell the scent of her aroused pussy.

“Mmmmmm, that’s quite a show, baby… But you should open your legs
wider so you can get at yourself better.”

Mariah opened her eyes with a start, but her hand stayed between her
legs. She smiled at me, then leaned back and closed her eyes again
and raised her right leg so the knee was up high, leaning against
the car door. She slid her hand down her smooth thigh and inside her
shorts, and began to rub her mound through her panties.

“Don’t you just love loose shorts? I do, I love to tease myself in
the car…” I asked. And with that I slid my left hand down inside
the front of my shorts and rubbed my mound through my thong. I could
feel that I was getting very wet, partly from our talk, but mostly
from watching Mariah Carey tease her own wet pussy two feet away
from me.

Mariah cooed, “Mmmmmmm, so do I! Lots of time, I will just lay in
the back of my limo and get myself off over and over. I love the
feeling! Sometimes I let the drivers watch, my regular driver is
quite hot herself. She has fucked me with her strapon more than once
in my limo.” Her fingers were dancing all over her mound, sliding in
and out of her panties, cupping her mound. I could see a large wet
spot on her panties, and definitely smell her arousal.

“So what do you want, baby?” I asked. “Either we can go for a walk
in the woods, or I can pull the car over and ravage you right here!”

“Ummm, can I have both?” she asked with a smile. “Let’s wait, I love
sex in the great outdoors.”

I smiled and said, “Okay, I guess I can wait…” with a mock pout.

Soon we arrived at Muir Woods. We drove around a little until we
found the parking lot for one of the trail heads. I knew it was an
easy walk, so we parked and got out. I grabbed our picnic lunch and
we headed up the trail.

Mariah and I were walking close together, she had her arm around my
shoulder as we walked. I pressed sideways against her a few times,
and she cooed into my ear, “Better stop that or I am going to take
you right here!”

I turned to her and smiled, “Promises, promises…”

She reached over and cupped my breast, then leaned in and ran her
tongue around the inside of my ear. I moaned softly and pressed my
body against hers. Then I said, “Okay, I believe you, and I can’t
wait, baby…”

We walked a little further then came out into a large meadow. Mariah
oohed, since as a “city kid” she had never seen anything like this
before. We walked a ways out into the meadow, then I pointed to a
side trail.

“If we take that trail, we will come to a real secluded spot to have
our lunch!” I said with a wink.

She smiled at me and asked, “So this is where you bring all your rock
star girl friends?”

We walked up the trail a while, then came around a corner to a
smaller meadow. The trail dead ended so we took our blanket and
lunch and made our way across. I spread out the blanket then sat
down and patted the blanket next to me.

Mariah looked a little nervous, but then again so was I. She sat
down, and I slid close to her and put my arm around her shoulder. I
put my finger under her chin, turned her face to mine, then
whispered, “Hungry, doll?”

Mariah leaned her face into mine and whispered, “Yes, but lunch will
have to wait! Kiss me, Jessi…”

I lowered my head to hers and our lips met. Mariah’s mouth opened
and I could feel her tongue pressing forward against my lips. I
opened my mouth to her and my tongue slid out to meet hers. Our
tongues met and the tips probed gently, exploring.

My hand reached across her stomach and up to her breast. I could
feel her nipple was hard and her heart was pounding. When I pinched
her nipple through her top, she moaned softly and pressed herself
forward against my hand.

Her hand went to my waist and slid under my shirt then up to my
breast. I had taken my bra off at home and her soft hand felt
incredible against my bare breast. She began to roll my erect nipple
between her finger and thumb, and I moaned into her mouth.

Mariah lay back and pulled me down on top of her. I rolled over so
we were straddling each other’s thighs. I pressed my thigh firmly
into her mound, and I could feel how hot and wet she was. I was
rubbing my mound against her thigh, and I know she could feel that I
was soaked, making her thigh wet as we kissed and ground our hips

Her hands went inside my top and lifted it up. I raised up and she
slid my top over my head, then I bent forward and put my nipple at
her mouth. She sucked it between her lips hungrily, and began to
nibble gently. I moaned and reached for her top, but Mariah’s hands
were on my back, holding me close, keeping my breast at her mouth.
We were grinding ourselves together, rubbing our pussies, fucking
each other in that meadow.

I slid my hands under her top and began to lift it up. She stopped
sucking my nipple long enough for me to slide it over her head. I
reached down and unhooked her bra to reveal her breasts, the nipples
were pink and erect. I leaned my body forward to kiss her, and as we
kissed passionately her nipples rubbed against mine. Mariah’s hands
reached to my ass, and pulled my hips tight against hers. I was
grinding my hips into her as we kissed, our moans mingling together.

She wrapped one leg around mine, and began to arch her hips upward
into mine as I thrust forward into her. She was whimpering into my
mouth, our tongues dancing together wildly, and I could feel her
trembling under me. She wrapped her arms tight around me, then her
body stiffened and she screamed, “Oh God, yessssss…” and I could
feel her orgasm hit her. She was squirming around underneath me
wildly, moaning and holding me tight. She was sucking on my tongue
so hard I thought she would bite it off.

Gradually, I could feel her coming back down. We lay together for a
few minutes, then she rolled on top of me. She reached for my hips
and slid my shorts off. I raised my hips to help her, and she smiled
at me as she kissed my breasts and licked her way down my stomach.
When she saw my shaved mound, she looked up at me and licked her
lips. “Mmmmmm, shaved, just the way I like it!”

When her tongue ran down my slit then back up and over my slit, I
opened my legs wide and arched my hips up, feeding my wet pussy to
Mariah. She spread my lips with her fingers then stuck her tongue
deep inside me and wiggled it around. I was moaning and squirming,
then when her mouth closed on my clit I couldn’t help it. I moaned
again, “Ohhhhh, God yes, lick me baby, take me!”

I looked down and there was Mariah Carey’s beautiful face, flushed
with excitement, that blonde hair wet with our juices, licking my
pussy. She slid a finger into me, then a second one. I was soaking
wet and had no problem taking both fingers to the base.

She began to slide her fingers in and out as she sucked on my clit.
Then she took her fingers and slid them deep inside, then spread
them apart in a “V”. She started twisting them back and forth as she
licked and sucked, my hips were arching up, fucking myself against
that angelic face and those devilish fingers.

I was pinching my nipple with one hand and had the other in her
hair, keeping her face tight to my pussy. I could feel myself
getting ready to cum, and was moaning loudly. Mariah reached up with
her other hand and took my nipple between her fingers and squeezed,

The pleasure and pain sent me over the edge, and I erupted in
climax. My juices poured out, and Mariah kept licking and sucking my
pussy, sliding her tongue deep inside then sucking my clit. She ate
me through three powerful orgasms, then I had to stop.

I lay back and let go of her hair and said, “No more, baby, gotta
stop for now…”

She licked her way up my stomach, gently bit my nipples then licked
her way up my throat to my mouth and kissed me tenderly. I could
taste my juices on her lips and tongue, she tasted wonderful. We
kissed tenderly, then she raised up and said, “God, Jessi, that was
incredible, you have no idea how much I needed that!”

I smiled at her and said, “Well, I think I have a pretty good idea,
but maybe you can explain it to me in a little bit…”

I sat up and reached for the picnic basket. We opened the wine, then
took turns feeding strawberries to each other. I bit down on a very
juicy one, then let the juice run out of my mouth onto her chest.
She giggled as I lowered my head and licked the juice off her,
paying special care to lick her erect nipples clean.

She pulled my face to hers and we kissed again. These were tender,
passionate kisses, with lots of soft caresses and bare skin rubbing

We spent the rest of the afternoon in that meadow, making love and
eating strawberries. Then we went back to her hotel room and spent
the evening together, in the hot tub, in the shower, then in the
king size bed. The hot tub was incredible, she sat on the edge while
I ate her to a screaming climax, then she fucked me with her
favorite vibrator. I got to go to the recording session the next
night, too, and then back to her hotel room. That girl was utterly

When I dragged my butt in to work Monday morning, I was exhausted
but had this smile on my face that even a typical Monday couldn’t
get rid of. My best friend at work is a gay guy named James. He and
I go out dancing together a lot, he is totally crazy. He took one
look at my face and knew I had gotten my brains fucked out, but when
he asked for details I just said, “You wouldn’t believe it if I told
you” and left it at that. Someday, I might tell him…

Mariah wants me to come to L.A. for the release party for this CD.
She says she will introduce me to Whitney, J-Lo and all her other
sexy friends. I can’t wait!

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