Karen McDougal

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Warning: This story contains graphic sexual content. Don’t read if
you under the age of 18.

Okay, this is my first story so I don’t know what to expect, but I
encourage all feedback. Enjoy…

Before Karen Mcdougal was the playmate of the year, or for that
matter a model, some people already know she was a preschool
teacher. What’s not well known is that during college, she was a
student teacher in high school for her teaching degree. She didn’t
mind teaching older kids, even though her real love was young

She was a pretty good high school teacher not only was she smart and
funny, but she also helped out the struggling kids, stayed after to
grade papers, and listened to student’s problems and help solving
them. She quickly became a very popular instructor, especially to
the males. Karen, being a bit naive, figured since most of the
students were closer to her age, so she had an easier time relating
to them. Which might have been true to some extent but, more than
likely, it was her amazing and angelic beauty.

It was a typical day at Springfield High; Karen was passing out
tests she had graded the night before to her last class and asked if
there were any questions.

“If anyone have any questions, comments, or concerns about the tests
come see me after class.” She said.

Continuing her lesson, she noticed a lot of male students were
always checking her out. She usually paid very little attention to
this because she gradually got used to it. As the bell rang most of
the students went on their way, but one student stayed to talk to

“Miss Mcdougal, I’m kind of having trouble with these tests and
quizzes. I need to make eligibility for football.” Joe said, the
school’s star football quarterback said

“How about I look over your test from today with you and help you
fix it?” she said, realizing she probably hear from the coaches, if
their star player wasn’t allowed to play.

“Sure, that would help me out a lot.” Joe said.

“Are you busy now?” Karen asked, knowing he probably had practice.

“I have practice right after school until 5:30″ Joe said.

“Okay, I’ll still be here, so why don’t you stop by my office then”
Karen ordered.

“All right” Joe agreed.

During football practice, Joe couldn’t stop thinking about Karen,
his mind was racing through so many scenarios, and he couldn’t
concentrate on the drills or remember the play calls during
practice. Joe always was fantasizing about her in class; her body,
her smell, they way she would taste. But he figured he had a slim
chance with her anyway, she was probably a junior or senior in
collage, and he was a senior in high school.

Karen for her part was busy grading papers and making out her lesson
plans, however she did remember how Joe always seem to be checking
her out all time in class. She also realized it had been along time
since she had sex, she had been so busy with school and work, and
she barely had enough time for fun. She did think Joe was cute; he
was about 6′ 2,” dark, the kind of guy she had dated in high
school. Being a cheerleader, she dated her high school’s
quarterback, so she always had a thing for guys like him. She did
get a bit of a rise from remembering her times in high school,

Football practice ended a bit earlier than usual; probably because
he couldn’t concentrate, so Joe figured he had enough time to shower
and get dressed. He got dressed spaying some extra cologne, just in
case he would get lucky, and made his way down to Karen’s room. By
this time, the halls were empty.

He got to her room and knocked. “It’s open” Karen said. He walked in
to see her sitting in her desk, legs crossed, glasses on, checking
papers. “Glad you showed, have a seat.” She said, tapping on the
seat next on the couch in her office.

“Thank you” Joe said, thinking of how sexy she looked.

“How was football practice?” Karen asked, trying to create small

“Same as usual” Joe said, obviously hiding his previous thoughts.

“Well, I looked at your other tests and I saw a pattern.” Karen
said, handing him some of his old tests.

“You seem to struggle a bit with your short answer essays,” she said

“I’ve never have been too good at those.” Joe responded in

“It’s okay, you just need to practice, that it.” Karen reassured
him. “How about we write some together, shall we?” she said

As they were writing, Joe and Karen started talking in between
answers. It was mostly things, like, “where are you from?”, “What
are your future plans?” etc… they continued to talk, they seem to
just stop writing and continue talking. Eventually, it was about
7:00 and both Karen and Joe notice they had a lot in common. They
started laughing, giggling, and flirting. It started to feel more
and more like a date and both of them knew it. Karen finally asked,
“So, Joe, do you have a girlfriend?” as she put her hand on top of
Joe’s, biting her lower lip.

Joe a bit surprised by the question, but more by the touch, he said,
“I did, but we broke up not that long ago.”

“Oh, why?” Karen asked trying to act surprised and to show some

“Well, it’s kind of personal, but she cheated on me with another
guy, and I didn’t want any of it. How about you?” He said returning
the favor.

“Same goes for me and it was for the same reason we broke up.” She

They looked deeply into each other eyes, connecting on a more
personal level as they both tighten their grip around each other
hands, and a general silence fell around them for a few seconds. Joe
being very brave and breaking the silence asked, “Did you ever think
about getting even?” He wouldn’t have asked the question if it had
not been for the previous events that took place.

Karen tilted her head down just a little bit as she raised her
eyebrows in an approval, yet seductive way. Joe took this as sign
and leaned over to kiss her and quickly pulled back, basically
asking for permission.

Karen put her hand on the back of his head and pushed forward and
returned with a more passionate, deeper kiss, opening her mouth
sliding her tongue into his mouth as he pushed her back towards her
back. “Mmmmhhh” she moaned, realizing how good of a kisser he was,
feeling his strong athletic shoulders and chest. He obviously
returned the favor to her, feeling her hips, moving down towards her
thighs, while still kissing her.

He broke off the kiss and started to kiss her neck, hitting her most
sensitive spots, moving around her neck, still kissing her neck, he
started to nibble on her ear and smelled her sweet hair. She moaned
in pleasure as she removed her glasses and held the back of his
neck, running her hand through his hair as she started to get

As they kissed again, they made their way to their feet, slowly
undressing each other, as the felt each others bodies, both feeling
each other’s asses almost at the same time, squeezing them gently.
Karen was amazed on how great of a kisser he was, and wondered if he
was any better at foreplay as she removed her coat. He quickly
showed her as he moved his hand up her back unfastening and removing
her bra with his teeth. She returned the favor by removing his
undershirt exposing his nicely built physique, as she felt his
muscular stomach and chest. For only being in high school, he had a
very well built form.

She started to unbutton his pants, noticing his semi-erect cock as
it started to bulge, as she felt and rubbed it through his boxers
it. Joe meanwhile was removing her skirt. Karen gasped as she felt
his huge manhood, obviously shocked by his size. She slowly kissed
her way down his body reaching his crotch. She took his semi-erect
cock and began to slowly jerk with both hands, to get it fully hard.
As soon as she did, it was a good 10, maybe even 11 inches long, and
pretty thick, Karen’s mouth began to water as she looked at his cock
with her eyes wide open.

Karen began to kiss the very tip of his cock as Joe leaned back
against her desk. She tried to wrap her sweet lips around the head
of his cock but he was so thick. She started to stretch her mouth
trying to sallow his huge dick while looking directly at his eyes.
Joe could fell her tongue swirl around his cock as she began to suck
around the head of his dick. Karen soon started to swallow as her
hand held his member in place, getting about 1/2 of his cock down
her throat before she started to gag. She resumed sucking, looking
directly at him, her soft lips feeling so good around his huge dick.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, baby.” Joe moaned in pleasure from the great
head he was receiving.

Karen then began to bob her head up and down on his manhood, her
hand working in unison with her mouth. She next licked up and down
the shaft of his cock. She after that sucked on each of his balls
individually while still jerking him with both hands. Karen then
went back to his cock, making sure she got it nice and wet as she
sucked him ferociously. She tried to sallow again managing almost
2/3 of his size down her throat as she started to play with his
balls. She continued to suck and sallow his huge cock for few more
minutes making sure he would cum.

“Oh, fuck. I’m gonna cum.” Joe groaned as Karen began to work faster
and harder on his cock.

“HERE IT COMES!!!” Joe warned as she pretended not to pay attention
as she continued to suck and jerk wildly.

Joe shot all of his cum into Karen’s mouth; she made sure got all of
it and then swallowed it. “MMMMHHH, you taste real good, baby.”
Karen said as she cleaned him off. Not a single girl in high school
ever gave him a blowjob like Karen just did, let alone swallow his

Joe then lifted her up and gently pushed her towards her desk as he
kissed her again tasting a bit of his cum but didn’t really care. He
moved his mouth down to her chin again kissing and licking her
sensitive spots down on her neck, “mmmmhhhh,” she moaned.
Moving further down he started to kiss above and around her breasts,
avoiding her nipples, teasing her ever so slightly, erecting small
moans and grunts from Karen. Karen tried to force him to move
towards her nipples, but Joe avoided, looking up at the desperate
look in her eyes. He continued to tease her breasts, and then
suddenly he engulfed her right nipple, while at the same time
pinching her left. “Ohhhh Yes, baby” Karen moaned a bit louder. Joe
licked, sucked, nibbled, bit, and pinched her nipples, driving Karen
crazy, making her wet.

He continued to kiss down the middle of Karen’s superb body, until
reaching her navel, licking the outer edge of it, then sticking his
tongue inside of her belly button. He first kissed down from her
navel until her reached her thong, and then he licked back up to her
belly button, then down back to her panties. Karen sighed in
pleasure as she lay down on her back on her desk.

Joe started to remove her thong with his teeth; Karen would help by
lifting her legs to make his task a bit easier. He pulled her thong
down right above her ankles, as he went back up towards her pussy,
holding her down by placing his hands on top of her thighs.
Joe started to tease with Karen a little bit more. He started to
kiss and lick in between her thighs; Karen by this time had started
to feel her breasts. Then he kissed around her pussy getting small
moans from Karen. She realized just how disciplined he was, and
couldn’t take it anymore. He sensed he was really turning her on so
he started used the tip of his tongue to lightly lick around the
lips of her pussy, occasionally, giving her clit a tiny lick. Karen
responded by arching her back, squeezing her breasts harder and
thrusting her hips forward. Joe was just a little bit quicker than
her as he pulled back. She wanted him really bad now.

“Pleasssseeeeee, stop teasing me, baby.” Karen begged, looking at
him with pure lust in her eyes.

“Don’t worry; it’ll be worth it, honey.” Joe responded. Knowing that
he was getting her just where he wanted.

Joe continued to tease her some more, continuing to kiss and lick
around her pussy, feeling how wet she was. Then he moved down to her
ass, kissing her gently, and started to lick lightly around her
beautiful ass cheeks and in between her ass crack. She was almost at
her breaking point, when he then moved back to her pussy and
continued to tease her the same way.

“OHHHH GODDDD!!!! I can’t take it anymore!!! Pleeeaseeeee, stick
your tongue in, NOWWWW!!!!!!!! She was verge of crying now, and he
knew it.

He continued to tease, then right before Karen started sob, he stuck
his entire tongue in her pussy, tasting her sweet juices.

screamed in total ecstasy, as she arched her back, thrusting her
hips forward.

Joe removed his tongue again, Karen sat up and looked at him and
“Please, baby, not again. Don’t tease me, I need it so bad. Give it
to me” She pleaded. Joe quickly gave in and licked her entire pussy.

“OOOHHH YEAHHH!!!!!” She moaned lightly. “More. Please, more” she
whispered to him, holding his head in place by the back of it.

Joe quickly gave her more as she was on the verge of coming. Joe had
started to work Karen’s clit, sucking, nibbling, licking it; this
nearly sent Karen over the edge.


Then, without any warning, Joe stuck his index and middle fingers in
her pussy, about the second knuckle deep, curling them up inside her
pussy as he worked on her clit, pushing Karen to her limit within a
few seconds.

CUMMMMIIINNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Karen screamed, as she shook

Joe removed his fingers, drenched in her cum, from Karen’s pussy,
looking directly at her; he started sucking his fingers, moaning as
if he just finished a good meal. This drove Karen wild with lust and
passion. She quickly lifted him up and kissed him passionately with
her tongue and said “I’ve got to feel you inside of me,” in between

Karen laid back down on her desk, spreaded out her legs, and gave a
come and take me look on her face. “Come on, baby, fuck me with your
big, hard, cock.” Karen said. Joe took his member in his hand and
started to rub the head of it up and down Karen’s pussy,
occasionally sticking the head in, teasing her even more.

“Oh, please, honey, don’t tease me.” Karen begged.

“I know this is what you want. Beg for it.” Joe ordered.

“I want you, I want you so bad, please give it to me. I want it
inside me, deep and hard. Fuck me.” Karen followed with a look of
desperation in her eyes.

“That’s not good enough, babe. Tell me how much you want.” Joe said
still rubbing his cock up and down her pussy

“Oh please, baby. I’ll do anything, just please take me. Fuck me
good. I wanna feel it deep inside of me. Pleeeeeaassseeee.” Karen
begged, as she looked straight into eyes.

“You want it.” Joe said

“SOOO BAADDD” Karen begged

“Real badddd” he said as he pushed the head of his cock inside of
her, and then back out.

“YEEEAAAHHHHH!!!!” Karen said in response to both his comment and
his small tease.

“All right. Here you go.” Joe said as he tried to ram his cock
inside of her, but was slowed down because of her tightness, only
managing about half his size to enter.

and pleasure, grabbing on to the sides of her desks and arching her
back. “DDDDOOOONNN’TTT STTTTOOPPP!!!!” Karen urged him on.

Joe tried again managing about ¾ his size. “OOOOOOOWWWWWWWW
BBBBAAABBBYYY, YOU’RE SO FUCKING BIG!!!!!!!!! Karen screamed in
grief, realizing how big he was.

Joe stopped there and held to allow Karen’s pussy to adjust to his
massive size.
He started out at a very slow pace to allow her to get used to his
size and to getting little more of his cock inside of her with each
slow thrust. As he did this, Karen began moaning and grunting in
both pleasure and pain. He tried to relax her by kissing her feet,
and sucking her toes. Eventually, as his cock finally entered
Karen’s tight pussy, he held it there for a few seconds, waiting for
her to calm down.

“OH MY GOD, YOU’RE AMAZING!!!!” Karen moaned as she held her

As Karen’s breaths shortened, Joe started again to pump very slowly
in and out of her drenched pussy, basically making love with her.
Karen finally had gotten used to his size and started to relax and
enjoy herself. Joe continued pumping slowly, relishing every moment
of her sweet, tight pussy as she moaned in pure ecstasy.

“Oh yeah, that’s it baby. Oh yes, right there. That feels so good.
Oh God.” Karen moaned lightly as she got really wet.

All of a sudden, Joe started to pump her faster about medium pace to
see how she would respond. Karen’s breathe quickened, she moaned
louder but in pleasure.

HARDER…” Karen said in between her breaths wanting more.

Joe complied as he started to fuck her faster and harder holding on
to her thighs.

pussy tightened around his huge cock.

Joe kept his fast pace going as Karen gasped for air, closed her
eyes, arched her back, and held the edges of her desks as she came
with force.

top of her lungs as she seemed to be almost sobbing.

When she was finished Joe stopped to allow her to regain control. As
Karen came back to her senses, she sat up, with half his cock still
inside her, and passionately kissed him as she wrapped her arms
around him. She wrapped her legs around his waist, looked at him and
said, “Now it’s your turn, baby.” Joe lifted her up (with his dick
still inside of her) by grabbing on her ass to support her, as he
sat down on the couch, with Karen on top of him.
Karen started to slowly ride him as he grabbed her beautiful tits
and started to suck on them. Karen was surprised at his stamina as
she began to ride him harder as she moaned and grunted louder. He
started to thrust his pelvis up getting all of his cock inside of

YESSSS!!!” Karen groaned in pleasure as leaned down to kiss him.

“MMMMMMMHHHHHH” she mumbled as she kissed him.

“GOD, I LOVE YOUR BIG, HARD, COCK IN MY PUSSY.” She screamed as she
was getting wetter and wetter.

“OH SHIT, I’M GONNA CUM, BABY. CUM WITH ME!!!!” Karen ordered as Joe
started to pump her harder.

“Just say when, baby.” Joe replied as he was getting close. After a
few minutes they were both ready.


“GOD DAMN!!!!!!!!!!” Joe said as he shot his seed deep into her
pussy, lying down on his back taking Karen with him.

“YYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!” Karen screamed in pleasure as she
felt his cock throbbing in her pussy.

As they both regained their composure, they held each other as they
kissed, feeling each other’s bodies. Karen lay on top of him trying
to recover from the mind-blowing sex she just received. She opened
her eyes, kissed him and said “Wow, You deserve an A+ after that.”

To be continued…… (Possibly)

E-mail me back at [email protected] if you enjoyed it, I might continue
the story.

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