Jennifer Ellison Vs Adele Silva

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Jennifer Ellison vs Adele Silva

(Emily from Brookside vs Kelly from Emmerdale)


These two teenage soap opera actresses are regarded as being two of
the hottest young things on British TV. Jennifer stars in the Channel
4 soap ‘Brookside’ set on a Liverpool housing estate. Her character,
Emily Shadwell, is a blonde minx who specialises in house breaking,
exacting revenge on the woman who had an affair with her father
(later killed in a bomb explosion), and running away with her
boyfriend all while wearing outrageously sexy outfits. (Shops at PVC
trousers R us!)

appears in the ITV rural soap opera ‘Emmerdale’ as a feisty
Londoner Kelly Glover, who moved to Yorkshire with her family. Her
character struts and pouts her way across the screen invariably
wearing sexy outfit (usually short skirts and knee boots) which are
certainly not the norm for rural England. Her character is also a
cross between a minx and a bitch who was made pregnant by her step
brother, married the village idiot and argues intermably with other
characters in a grating London accent.

The fight

When Maxim magazine decided to spread featuring the 12 sexiest women
in British soap operas they realised the size of the ego’s would be
tantamount to lighting a stick of dynamite. Their solution was to
limit the shoot to one or two women a day and keeping actresses from
opposing shows apart. This went well until Adele couldn’t appear at
her allotted time and an ignorant assistant re-scheduled her for the
same day as Jennifer. Although the two young women only very rarely
met and couldn’t be described as enemies, they had shared some bitchy
words. Adele regarded herself as a serious actress marking her time
and Jennifer as stupid blonde Britney Spears wannabe. Jennifer
regarded Adele as an over paid under talented tramp. This rivalry was
upped several notches when they appeared for the photo-shoot.
Jennifer was chauffeured to the studio, but Adele got the better
changing room and the pick of the outfits. Jennifer who was being
photographed first insisted on several changes of outfits which kept
Miss Silva waiting.

With only the photographer present this all boiled over into a
blazing row with Adele accusing Jennifer of spreading her legs wider
than the Mersey tunnel. Jennifer responded by describing Adele as a
stroppy slut who only got her role by cornering the jailbait market.
Adele retorted that this was a bit rich coming from a blonde trollop
who made Britney Spears look like a Nun. At this point there was a
slap, followed by a slap in response, at which point the photographer
threw them a key to a room down the corridor which was set aside for
resolving some matters. They wouldn’t be disturbed and could sort out
their issues as loudly as they liked. They stomped off Adele in the
lead clad in their outfits. Adele was wearing black leather hot
pants, cream strapless bra which accentuated her cleavage and her
light brown shoulder length hair worn naturally. Jennifer was attired
in a tight pink cropped vest which showed off her pierced belly
button (as well as clearly indicating that she wasn’t wearing a bra),
high cut denim shorts and her blonde hair in two pigtails. Had their
been any males watching them they would have almost certainly got the
wrong idea about what was going to happen.

The entered the neutrally coloured room which contained a large bed
and a leather chair in the corner. Adele allowed Jennifer to enter
first and aimed a kick at her butt as she passed, making contact but
not causing any pain. Jennifer spun round to see Adele’s smirking
face. This was just to inviting a target and she let fly with a right
handed slap that caught the brunette squarely across the cheek. This
seemed to stun Adele who although as much of a bitch as the character
she played hadn’t thought Jennifer would actually want to fight.
Jennifer had no such qualms, and although this was her first real
fight, she had been coached for her role on Brookside. Without
further ado the blonde minx leapt forward onto Adele grabbing her
hair on either side of her head and pushing her backwards. Miss Silva
yelped with surprise and pain as she staggered back, but had
sufficient wits about her to raise her own hands and take hold of
both Jennifer’s pig tails. Adele continued to be pushed back,
shutting the door in the process before being pressed against it by
Jennifer. As their two young, but not innocent, bodies collided Adele
used her hold to pull the blondes head back sharply.

“Let go of me you stupid blonde tramp!”, screeched the Emmerdale
actress, “I’m not into your filthy lezzie games!”

“You started this fight you stupid cow, and I’m going to finish it!”
retorted Jennifer who started to shake Adele’s head from side to side
and pressed her body against her opponents. Adele could feel
Jennifer’s already aroused body pressing and sliding up against her
own (was it the fight or Jennifer interested in women as well as
men?) and it repelled her. She started to use her bare feet to pummel
her blonde opponent’s legs, without apparent success as it simply
caused Jennifer to press harder. So instead she took a hand from Miss
Ellison’s long blonde hair and used it grab her exposed neck.

At once Jennifer began to choke and gag for air. She started to try
and break away from her opponent but Adele wouldn’t let go. Jennifer
pulled a hand out of Adele’s hair and tried to prise the fingers away
from her throat. The Emmerdale star managed to retain her grip until
the blonde was able to get a grip on two fingers and bend them back,
causing the brunette to wail with pain. But no sooner was Jennifer
gulping down air with relief than Adele snaked a foot round her ankle
and pushed forward, causing the two young stars to fall to the floor.
Jennifer landed on her back quickly followed by Adele who landed on
top of her, her breasts pressing down on her opponents. It was
fortunate for Miss Ellison that Adele was as waif like as her else
she might have suffered more.

“Get off me you fat slag!” snarled Jennifer as she reached up and
grabbed hold of Adele’s hair. But the Emmerdale was quite happy where
she was and returned the hair pulling, intent on destroying the
blonde’s pigtails. At the same time she pressed and ground her body
down against Jen’s causing her to groan in a not entirely
unpleasurable way. But before Adele could get comfortable in her new
position, Jennifer had managed to roll the pair of them over so that
she was now on top. The two young stars continued to pull hair
feverishly groaning with pain and effort. Adele tried to roll them
over but Jennifer was able to counter this.

Becoming frustrated Adele stopped pulling at blonde hair with her
right hand and instead used to land blows on the Brookside star’s
back and head. Although these caused the blonde to wince slightly,
they did nothing to stop her trying to rip the hair out of her
opponents head. Now becoming more vocal in her expressions of pain,
Adele took hold of the back of Jennifer’s top and started to pull.
The thin material stretched taut across Jennifer’s breasts
emphasising her stiffening nipples.

“Leggo my top you stupid cow!” howled the blonde, to no effect
followed by the first sound of ripping material. Frustrated and angry
at her inability to stop her opponent, Jennifer took her right hand
away from Adele’s long hair and grabbed her right breast, encased as
it was in the cream bra top. At first this had no noticeable
reaction, but when her fingers dug into the exposed flesh, the
Emmerdale actress seemed to blanche.

“Lezzie slut!” whispered Adele, unable to quite comprehend that
another woman might attack her in such a manner, “Get off my tits
will you!” Adele began to buck and struggle in an effort to throw the
blonde woman off of her. When these had only limited success, she
ceased trying to rip away the top and used the hand to defend
herself. She managed to quite easily move aside Jen’s hand, although
finger prints in her flesh remained. The two young stars continued to
struggle for supremacy from the tips of their toes to their scalps.

Adele broke the deadlock by using her free hand to avoid Jennifer’s
and secure a neck lock. Before the Brookside actress could free
herself, Adele had used the hold to roll the pair of them over.
Jennifer’s reaction was to break off her hair pulling and use both
hands to try and free herself. But although she managed to scratch
Miss Silva’s bare arm this did nothing to help her. Indeed it enabled
Adele to move her body and sit astride her opponents waist (anyway as
much as her tight hotpants would allow). In doing so she broke off
her neck lock, to Miss Ellison’s relief, and instead concentrated on
pinning her. The two women traded slaps and grabs, although neither
could gain a decisive advantage it was Adele who came off the best by
landing a couple of open handed slaps on Jennifer’s still hidden
breasts which caused her to yelp with pain. They paused for a moment
to catch their breath, before Adele reached forward with both hands
and grabbed Jennifer’s breasts. Through the thin material she could
feel their firmness which only encouraged her to squeeze harder.

“Lets see how you having your tits squeezed slag!” cackled Adele as
she saw the discomfort writ large on her opponents face.

“Get off me!” wailed Jennifer as she bucked and struggled to be free.
She tried to defend herself, but she could only momentarily breaks
Adele’s hold. So instead she gritted her teeth and reached up and
grabbed the Emmerdale stars strapless bra. She was able to hook her
fingers over the bra cup and pull the article away from Adele’s body,
in the process the elastic bit into her skin.

“Rip my bra off slut and I’ll rip yours off too!” snarled Adele as
she turned her attention from hurting Jennifer to ripping off her
skimpy top. Although her top as less substantial, Jennifer had a head
start and her pulling on Miss Silva’s bra soon caused both breasts to
pop into view. This didn’t stop Adele from ripping aside Jennifer’s
sweaty top as if she were opening packet of crisps to reveal two
equally pert breasts topped with a stiff nipple. There was a
momentary pause whilst both women eyed each others orbs, before
launching a two handed breast grab. This was a new experience for
both women and it took a few squeeze’s and tweaks before they
determined how to inflict the maximum amount of pain. Adele’s breasts
were marginally larger and Jennifer spread her fingers wide to grab
as much flesh as she could. Jennifer, on the other hand, had more
prominent nipples and it was these that Adele concentrated on. They
gritted their teeth and writhed in discomfort rather than cry out and
show weakness.

“Dirty cow!” wailed Adele.

“Filthy slut!” retorted Jennifer as she put her body weight into
freeing herself. This took Adele by surprise, as she had been
concentrating on hurting her blonde opponent. She fell forward and to
her right, landing next to her opponent. In the process both women
broke their hold on the others breasts, but it allowed Jennifer to
twist her body so that she could get up onto her knees. Whilst she
did so, and Adele struggled to fight back, Jennifer reached out with
her right hand and took hold of Miss Silva’s long hair. Having gotten
the Emmerdale actresses attention she then used her spare hand to
launch an open handed slap across her hotpants clad bum. The
resultant thwack caused Jennifer to smile and Adele to yelp.

Before Jennifer could repeat this satisfying attack, Adele managed to
twist her own body round and slapped the blonde across the cheek with
her own right hand. Jennifer let go of Adele as she recoiled at this
assault which allowed the older woman to scramble forward and away
from her opponent. Having recovered from the slap, Jennifer rose to
her feet and discarded the sorry remnant of her pink top. Adele had
also gotten to her feet and undone her bra top which fell to the
carpeted floor. They eyed each other evilly and began to circle hands
outstretched, but just out of reach. As they did so Jennifer
unconsciously stepped forward because the bed got in the way. This
brought both women into range and they began to lash out and slap,
slowly closing the gap between them further.

Miss Ellison was able to secure a hair pull first and used it to pull
Adele closer to her. Whilst Miss Silva was able to grab hold of
blonde hair, she couldn’t stop Jennifer putting an arm round her neck
and pull her down. Adele struggled to break free, with little success
as the blonde actress kept shuffling around, but manage to hand onto
a pig tail with her left hand.

“So come on then you country skank, admit that I much better than
you!” demanded Jennifer despite the pair in her scalp and to
emphasise her point used her spare hand to pull the hair on the top
of Adele’s head. The Emmerdale actresses reply was muffled but
defiant and supported by a defiant hair tug that pulled Jen’s head
back. As they struggled Jennifer moved round so that she was facing
the bed. At which point Adele moved her spare hand from trying to
free herself from the neck lock she was in to clawing at Jennifer’s
thighs. Although her nails were quite short they caused damage to the
soft flesh, but Jennifer bit her lip rather than cry out. In fact
Jennifer was more worried about Adele trying to grab her crotch (she
had heard rumours that the Emmerdale actress was partial to women),
so flung her opponent forward onto the bed. Miss Silva landed face
down on the mattress, her legs dangling back over the edge thrashing
about. Jennifer stepped back to avoid being kicked and looked down at
her now less than perfect thighs; no appearing in mini-skirts for the
next couple of weeks. The squeal of shock and outrage alerted Adele
that her opponent was out for blood, so she rolled over onto her back
ready to receive the next attack. But instead the blonde who had
leapt forward landed on the mattress where she had been. Adele needed
no second invitation and rolled back so that she was on Jen’s back
before straddling her blonde opponent and taking a two handed grip of
her hair. Jennifer howled with pain as her head was pulled up off the
mattress and began to struggle to through the younger woman off of
her. In an effort to subdue the struggling woman beneath her, Adele
raised her butt and brought it down on Jennifer’s spine, resulting in
the loudest shriek of pain in the fight so far.

Pleased at the reaction to this assault, Adele raises herself for a
repeat attack, but is taken by surprise when Jennifer pushes up on
her knees raising her own lower body up into the air. This takes the
Emmerdale actress by surprise and instead of hurting her blonde
opponent she slides off to her right landing on her side still on the
bed. Although Adele kept her hold on Jennifer’s blonde hair she
concentrated on trying to trap the Brookside actress between her legs
by pushing her left leg under her opponent. This allowed Jennifer to
twist her body so that she could face her now rapidly hated opponent
and she was able to grab hold of Miss Silva’s hair to remind her that
the fight was not yet over. Both women screeched with pain and
frustration, hurling insults that would not be allowed on TV before
the watershed.

“Stop trying to get your leg over me you filthy cow!” hissed Jennifer
whose fear of losing was causing her imagination to run riot. Adele
now reached down with her right hand and took hold of Jennifer’s left
breast in an effort to distract her enough so that she could trap her
in a scissors. Secretly though, Adele liked the idea of shocking and
hurting her blonde opponent and was not prepared to do anything to
win this fight. Indeed she was already considering asking the
producers of her show if she could have a catfight scene in a
forthcoming episode. But these thoughts were dismissed when Jennifer
matched Adele’s breast attack, this time concentrating on her nipple.

“You dirty fucking cow!” howled Adele who in response dug her
finger’s harder into Jennifer’s breast and tugged on the sorry
remnant of a pony tail. Jennifer responded with a mouthful of
expletives and vitriol about what she’d like to do to Adele with a
farm implement! This only caused Adele to try hard to scissors her
opponent,and as their long legs battled she thought she hand an
opening. But Jennifer was alert to this and as Adele was able to
twist her body so that all that happened was that Adele was now on
the right of her opponent, still facing her but closer to the edge
than she had been. Frustrated that this attack had failed and more
determined than ever to win, Adele let go of Jennifer’s hair and
instead used the hand to grab the zip on the front of her denim
shorts. Jennifer reacted by letting go of Adele’s hair and moved the
hand to defend herself, as she had been pondering the same move, Miss
Silva had just beaten her to it. As their two sweaty bodies writhed,
a hand clamped on the others breast, neither woman took theirs eyes
of the other, unwilling to show any sign of weakness.

“Showing what a true lezzie slut you are!” snarled Jennifer through
teeth clenched with pain and effort. Adele smirked, as much as she
could given the pain she was under and whispered, “Give you a nipple
twister deary!” and with that turned Jennifer’s nipple like a radio
dial. Miss Ellison just screamed with pain and brought both hands to
bear to pull the offending hand away from her breast. Although this
brought an end to the attack, at also allowed Adele to pull down the
zip on the denim shorts. As Adele began to tentatively push a hand
inside the newly opened gap Jennifer reached down, with a haste borne
of desperation and pulled the buttons holding together the front of
the brunette’s hot pants. This only convinced Adele to take the
plunge and she pulled aside Jen’s damp thong and took a firm hold of
the unseen short curly hair.

Jennifer tried not to scream at the burning sensation that was
wracking her body and instead concentrated on doing the same to
Adele. She pulled hard on Miss Silva’s hot pants which peeled open
like a banana to reveal the top of a cream thong before plunging the
hand down into the unknown. Suffering as she was Jennifer pushed
aside all doubts about this form of attack and pushed aside Adele’s
damp thong and started to pull at her pussy. Adele jumped with shock
at the first tug, but realised it was a bit late to have doubts and
used her free hand to re-grab Jennifer’s breast. Both women thrashed
and struggled as if being electrocuted as they inflicted untold pain
on one another in a way that viewers of their shows could not have
imagined possible. This was followed by cries of anguish mixed with
harsh insults, often of a crudely sexual nature while tears welled up
in their eyes. Jennifer used her free hand to reach and pull on
Adele’s hair, using the grip to start shaking her head.

“Leggo my cunt your dirty slut!” wailed the blonde. There was no
meaningful response from Adele, so in a fit of screamed rage Jennifer
pushed her hand further down the Emmerdale actresses crotch. She was
surprised by what she found.

“You filthy cow, you’re enjoying this!” shrieked Jennifer who now
wanted to get her opponent as far away from her as possible. This
only prompted Adele to push her own hand further into Jennifer’s

“So are you cheap slut!” wailed Adele as she made a similar
discovery. It was just was they both contemplated attacking the most
intimate part of the others womanhood, that Adele fell off the bed.
She had been perched on the edge for some time and the desire to make
it as difficult for Jennifer to hurt her that she ran out of room.
With almost painful slowness she slide off the bed, letting go of
Jen’s breast and pulling the hand out from the blonde’s shorts, her
fingers covered in short, damp, curly blonde hair. Miss Ellison was
forced to release Adele’s hair and let go of her minge as well, but
not before inflicting one last tug that elicited a scream of pain.

Adele hit the floor, her body wracked with pain and she lay there
catching her breath and praying that the pain would subside. Jennifer
rolled in the other direction towards the far edge of the bed in an
equally shocked and pained state. Neither woman had ever been hurt
this badly before and however much they now wanted to give up, as
they checked themselves for damage both wanted nothing more than

Adele slowly pulled herself up, which caused her hot- pants to slip
down, so she removed them and her thong to reveal her ravaged but
still subtly blonde pussy. Jennifer had swung herself off the bed and
dropped her shorts. When she saw the state of her once immaculate
blonde minge (or so she thought as it was the same colour as her
hair) she span round to confront her opponent. Seeing Adele naked she
ripped off her thong, which wasn’t difficult, and moved back towards
the space in front of the bed.

“You’ll fucking pay for this bitch!” snarled Jennifer with a lot more
confidence and nastiness than she felt.

“Don’t make me laugh. When I’ve finished with you cow there will be
more hair under your arms than your overused cunt, and we’ll know who
the biggest bitch in soaps is!” snapped back Adele giving Jen the
come on with her hands.

The two battered, sweaty and naked actress began to circle wearily.
Neither was in any condition to do any acting for several days now,
but they didn’t care.

Jennifer leapt forward first and used both hands to pull hard on the
brunette’s hair. Adele retaliated by using her right hand to return
the hair pulling and used her right to squeeze the left breast of her
opponent. Aware that her breast had already taken a mauling Jennifer
pushed Adele away sufficiently for them to break contact. But Adele
was having none of this and threw herself at Miss Ellison so that
their breasts collided and were pushed back into their rib cages.
They both howled with the pain as their already bruised and sensitive
breasts received further punishment. But this didn’t stop the two
young actresses resuming their two handed hair pulling, trying to
pull or drag one another around. As their bodies parted and then came
together again their breasts slapped against one another. As their
bodies became entwined in a hateful embrace they fell to the floor
and started to roll around screaming insults. Adele tried to clamp
Jen’s left leg between her own to protect her pussy, but couldn’t
maintain the grip. They rolled back and forth some more, doing
nothing but use up precious energy.

When Jennifer next rolled round to being on top she managed to spread
her legs to maintain her dominant position. Then, and despite the
fierce hair pulling that she was suffering, she pulled herself up so
that she was sat astride Adele’s waist. Miss Silva tried to roll and
throw Jen from this position but could do nothing. She was also
suffering from a fierce hair pulling and was finding it harder and
harder not to cry. In desperation she let go of Jennifer’s hair and
reached up to clamp both hands over the blonde’s breasts. Jennifer
pushed her crotch down into Adele’s stomach as she suffered and
transferred her own hands from hair to the Emmerdale actresses
breasts. As her fingers squeezed hard Adele’s reserves of will power
finally deserted her and she began to cry.

But Jennifer was in no mood to let her of lightly and she dragged
herself up Miss Silva’s stomach, making it harder for Adele to
maintain her grip, which was anyway getting weaker. Miss Ellison then
raised her butt, which caused Adele’s hands to fall away, and brought
herself down on Adele’s breasts. Adele reacted as if she had been
connected to the national grid and her sobs turned into a gasped
mixture of crying and screams of agony. Slowly these gave way to
whimpers and it became clear to Jennifer that she had won, but she
continued to press down on Miss Silva’s chest until she was
absolutely certain that the fight was over. She drank in the feelings
of triumph, dominance and superiority that swept through her body.

As Adele lay there crying, Jennifer very shakily stood up and
collected all the tattered pieces of clothing. Adele had no idea of
how long she lay there, but when she opened her eyes she saw
Jennifer’s foot descend on her mouth and pin her head to the carpet.
As fresh waves of tears began to flood down her cheeks she heard
Jennifer call out in a weary but mocking tone, “So whose the baddest
bitch in soaps now!”

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