Neighborly Visit

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This story is purely fiction. If you are under 18 don’t read this.


by rawballz


Jennifer Aniston

Halle Berry

Tamala Jones

Holly Robinson Peete

Jada Pinkett

Aisha Tyler

Jennifer & her husband had just bought a new house in the ‘burbs.
They had had enough of renting second-rate apartments in third-rate
neighborhoods. Her husband mostly wanted to move to the ‘burbs because
he was a racist. He wanted white suburbia at any cost. Jennifer didn’t
really agree with him on the race issues, but she had some prejudices.
The first Monday
after moving in Jennifer’s husband was off to work
already. Jen herself was inbetween jobs. She was going to look for work
sometime this week.

She woke up about 8:00am & went to shower. She was lathering up her
beautiful form when she heard the phone ringing downstairs. “Shit”. She
got out of the shower hurridly, wrapped a towel around her wet body &
ran downstairs. “It must be the cable company”, she whispered to
herself. She got to the phone in the hallway. “Hello?” No answer.
“Hello?” Again no anwer. She hung the phone up. She turned to go back
upstairs when she suddenly heard a knock at the front door. As she
walked up to the door she tightened the towel around her. She peeked
through the peephole and saw five women standing on the other side. She
unlocked the door & opened it. Sticking just her head out, “May I help

The woman in front replied, “Hi I’m Halle. This is Jada, Aisha,
Holly & Tamala. We’re from the neighborhood & wanted to welcome you to
our little slice of heaven.”

“Well, thank you”, Jen replied. “This
really isn’t a good time though. I…”

“Oh nonsense”, Halle interrupted. She barged in flinging the door open. Jen quickly got out of the way as
all five women came into the house.

“We don’t mind at all” Halle said. “We were going to come by last
weekend, but we decided to wait until you we’re more nestled in here”,
spoke Holly.

“How nice”, Jen replied. “Well, my husband and I aren’t
totally nestled yet. We still have a lot of unpacking to do.”

“We brought you some poundcake”, Jada said and handed it to her.

“Thank you.” Jen took the cake. “Oh my god. I just remembered. I forgot to
turn the shower off”

“That’s ok. I’ll do it”, Jada said. She quickly
ran upstairs.

“You don’t have to do that” Jen spoke.

“It’s alright. I don’t mind!”, Jada yelled while halfway up the stairs.

“So what does your husband do for a living?” Aisha asked.

Upstairs Jada turned the shower off. She walked back into the bedroom &
looked around. She saw a couple of boxes that read ‘CLOTHES’ on the
sides of them. She pushed them over to the window & opened them up. She
flung the window up & began to toss every piece of clothing out the
window. When the two boxes were empty she walked back to the bathroom.
She grabbed all the towels, washcloths & handtowles she could find. She
also threw out a shirt & panties that were on the bathroom floor. She
went back to the window and threw them out as well. She closed the window
back & moved the two boxes back to where they were before. Suddenly she
heard Jen coming to the top of the stairs. Jada started to leave the

“All turned off”, Jada said.

“Thanks, but that wasn’t necessary. I could have done that. I needed to put some clothes on

“Oh, it wasn’t a problem. I just wanted to help.”

“Well, thanks again.” Jen smiled. “I’ll be down in a minute.”

“Take your time”, Jada replied and walked down the stairs.

Jen walked over to the boxes & opened one up. “What the hell…” She
couldn’t believe what she was not seeing. She then opened the other box.
“Holy shit”, she whispered. She quickly ran into the bathroom. Her
clothes on the floor were gone & every towel. Panic started to set into
her. “Oh my god. What am I gonna do?” she mumbled to herself. “I gotta
get them outta here. I’ll get them outta here and drive to buy some
clothes. Wait. I can’t go into a store wearing just a towel. No. I’ll
call Brad & get him to buy some”

She left the bedroom and headed downstairs.
She got down to the hallway, but didn’t see the women there anymore.


“In the kitchen!” a voice yelled. Jen walked into the kitchen
and saw the 5 women sitting down at the table.

“Decided not to change?” asked Tamala.

“No. I can’t find any clothes up there. I don’t know if
the boxes were labeled wrong or what. But I looked and there was nothing
in the boxes”

“Maybe they did get mislabled & put into another box
around here”, Jada said.

“Yeah. I don’t know. It’s so weird”, Jen
replied. “I’m gonna call my husband and ask him.” Jen turned to walk
toward the phone. She walked past Aisha, who quickly got up & yanked
Jen’s towel completely off her body. Jen spun around covering her
breasts & bush. “What the fuck are you doing?” yelled Jen.

Aisha held the towel up in her hand. “This will just get in the way.”

“In the way of what?”

“In the way of our neighborly welcome,” Holly said as she
grabbed Jen by the arm. Halle got up & grabbed Jen’s other arm. They led
her back into the kitchen. Aisha sat back down at the table. Aisha
motioned to the women holding Jen’s arms. They pulled her arms to her
sides. Jen was totally exposed to the women. Her body was still slightly
damp from the shower earlier & sweat now. She felt so humiliated
standing nude in front of the strangers.

“Just be a nice hostess and do
what we say”, spoke Tamala. The two women turned Jen around & sat her on
the table. Tamala and Jada got up & lifted Jen’s legs up, spread them as
far apart as they would go. Aisha got up and stood in front of Jen &
began to undress. All of Aisha’s clothes were on the floor within a
minute. She stood there staring at Jen with her hands on her hips.
She was quite tall. At least 6′. She had short hair that kind of winged
out at the end of each side of her face. She had a beatiful face & her
breasts were quite big. Her legs seemed to go on for eternity.

Aisha walked over to the side of the table, dug into her purse &
produced a straight razor & a can of shaving cream. She walked back over
to Jen, knelt down & sprayed the cream all over her bush.

“Oh my god. Don’t shave my pussy” Jen pleaded. Halle quickly gave her a smack upside
the back of her head. “Ow. Shit!” Holly did the same to her. Jen knew to
shut the fuck up now. Aisha began to bring the razor down on Jen’s bush.
Quite a few strokes later, Jen sat there spread-eagle with a naked
pussy. Aisha wiped her clean with the towel she was wearing earlier.
Aisha got up & walked to the refrigerator. She bent over & opened one of
the bottom drawers, giving Jen a good look at her own shaved pussy. She
closed the fridge & walked back holding two footlong cucumbers. Jen
suddenly thought to herself that she shouldn’t have bought such big

Aisha knelt back down in front of her. “Jada, get her wet.” Jada reached
her free hand to Jen’s clit & began to stroke it in a very fast motion.

“Ohhh”, Jen sighed as she tilted her head back. She got very wet in a
matter of seconds. She actually thought she might cum, but Jada suddenly
stopped. Aisha spread Jen’s pussy lips apart with one hand & began to
rub them with her other. Never going inside, just lightly rubbing the
lips with her fingernails. Jen tilted her head back again.

“Ohhhh.” Jen then felt one of the cucumbers shoved into her pussy. “Holy shit!” she

She looked down & saw only about an inch of the vegetable
sticking out of her. She began to pant & sweat. She felt her pussy
stretching a little. Aisha grabbed the exposed inch & pulled it out
about 8″ and rammed it back in.

“Oh god!” “Please take it out. It’s too much for me!” Jen screamed. Halle & Holly smacked the back of her head
at the same time. Aisha began to fuck her hard with the veggie. She
rammed & rammed it into Jen’s pussy. Sometimes taking it completely out
& shoving it back into her.

“Fuucckkkkk!!!” Jen was sweating so much
now. “Oh god. I can’t take anymore!” Jen grinded her teeth & frowned her
face as she was about to cum. “OOOhhhhhh!” Suddenly Aisha stopped.

“Aaarrrrrgggghhhhh!”, Jen screamed. She was suddenly embarrased that she
was getting off on this. Her face turned brighht red. She looked up at
the other women & saw them smiling back at her.
Jen felt the pain again, but this time much worse.

“Aaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh!!! Holy goddamn!!” she squeeled. She looked down
and saw both cucumbers inside her pussy. “Stop! You’re ripping me
apart! I can’t take both of them! Are you nuts?” Aisha began violently
ramming them in & out of her. “Ffffuuuccckkkk!” Jen just held on for
dear life.

“Take over” Aisha said. Tamala & Jada each grabbed a cucumber
& never lost a beat. They kept stabbing at her pussy as they leaned Jen
back so she was lying on the table on her back. Aisha stood up & grabbed
a candle from on top of the counter. She knelt back down & spat on Jen’s
butthole. She rubbed her asslips with her fingers. She opened her
asshole with one hand. Jen looked down at Aisha and saw her raring back
her hand holding a 10″ candle.

“God no” Jen could only whimper. Jen felt
the entire candle penetrate her asshole. “Jesus Christ!!! Get it out
of my asshole! I’ve never had anything stuck in there!”

Aisha had to pry the candle back out by the wick. Once she got it out
she shoved it right back in again. Jen was beginning to feel numb below
the waist, as the cucumbers & the candle were being buried deep inside
of her. “Ooooohhhhhhhmama!” Jen came & came again. She quickly passed

When she came to, she saw that she was in the bedroom. She felt a
tightness around her wrists & ankles. She looked around and saw the 5
women standing around the bed naked wearing strap-ons. Each one of them
were a footlong. They were lubing them up, getting ready for action.

Jen was tied to each corner bedpost with bungie cord. She was lifed to a
foot above the bed. Hanging there facing the ceiling. Tamala & Holly got
on the bed. Tamala got on her knees between Jen’s spread legs. Holly
positioned herself directly under Jen’s body. Holly grabbed Jen’s hips &
shoved her strap-on into her asshole.

“Please stop” Jen whispered.

Tamala then grabbed Jen by the shoulders & rammed her strap-on in her
pussy. They two women started plowing away at Jen. She was bouncing
everywhere. They fucked her hard. They started to get a good rhythm
going. Stroking her long and hard.

“Good god!” Jen yelled.

Jada walked over & grabbed Jen’s cheeks, forcing her to open her mouth.
When it opened, Jada shoved a big piece of the pound cake into it. “Eat
it, bitch”, Jada said.

Jen began to chew it down & swallow, moaning
through it the whole time. Jada kept it coming after Jen would just
finish swallowing the previous mouthful. During one piece of cake,
Tamala & Holly got up and Halle & Aisha took their place. Aisha fucked
her ass harder than ever. Jen would scream and some of the cake would
fall out of the sides of her mouth. Halle was fucking her good and
rubbing & slapping Jen’s clit. Jen came hard. She was exhausted. She
passed out again. This time with a mouthful of cake.

When she came to she found herself ontop of her husband’s pool table.
She was bent over with the side of her face flat on the table. Her arms
were tied to each side of the table. Her legs were slightly spread, tied
up too, with her ass in the air.

“What the hell’s going on?” She felt
something sticking in her pussy & ass at the same time. “Oooohhhhh!
Fuckkkkk!!” Jen screamed. She tried to bend her head down to try & see
what was now intruding her. She saw Jada & Halle ramming poolsticks
inside her. “Goddammit!!! I can’t take anymore!!!”

Jada worked her ass good & Halle was fucking her pussy harder than ever. Jen felt someone
in front of her. She looked up & saw Tamala sitting in front of her
face. She had her legs spread & her her hot pussy just 2 inches from
Jen’s face.

“Eat it, bitch”, Tamala said. Jen gulped, closed her eyes &
leaned forward as much as she could. Her mouth fell right on Tamala’s
pussy. Jen began to licked at her pussy lips. Then slowly sticking her
tongue inside her pussy. She never had eaten pussy before, but she
learned quickly. Jen suddenly felt a harder pain below her waist. She
jerked her head back & saw that Aisha & Holly had joined the other 2
women with poolsticks as well. All 4 women were shoving as much as they
could inside her pussy & ass. Jen came hardest of all.

“Aaaarrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Her head fell to the table &
she passed out once again.

She awoke again. This time she was outside in the front yard. She was
tied up to the base of a tree. She was tired, sore & still naked. She
looked toward the ground and saw her towel laying in the grass. “Son of
a bitch.”

She saw a car drive by & recognized the women inside of it. “Hope you
liked the poundcake! We’ll see you tomorrow!”, Halle yelled out the
passenger’s window.

“We have got to move”, Jen muttered to herself.


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