The Day I Met Kristin Kreuk

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Not to be read by anyone under 18. This is a work of fiction and does not

reflect the true nature of the characters detailed…or does it?…Mwahaha!

Anyway, this story contains explicit descriptions of sex. This work may be

distributed as long as it is left unaltered. Enjoy.

“The Day I Met Kristin Kreuk”

by The Hopeless Dreamer

Copyright 2004.

I admit I was a late starter to ‘Smallville’ and only began watching it a

good 9 or 10 episodes into the first season. Sure, I like science fiction

but I’m no Superman-nut and I saw no reason why it would interest me. But

that all changed when I caught an episode halfway through while crashed out

in front of the TV. I didn’t even know what I was watching straight away.

But what made me sit up was a scene featuring a strikingly attractive girl

with jet-black hair and the most gorgeous eyes I’d seen. It was seeing her

that stayed my finger over the TV remote.

Within a minute I’d realized what the program was and discovered the

character’s name, Lana Lang. She was certainly lovely to look at. I couldn’t

help but admire her and before I knew it, the episode was over. Luckily the

station was showing back-to-back editions and the next episode was on

straight after.

This let me find out the actress’ name from the opening titles. Kristin

Kreuk. It went round and round my mind as her image implanted itself into my

brain. By the end of the episode I was deeply in lust for her. She came

across as refined but sweet. Sexy but innocent. A down to earth girl who

knew she was popular but never hung around with just anyone.

As the end credits rolled up, I immediately got on the Net to find out what

I could about this beautiful and elegant girl called Kristin. So she was

Canadian but half Chinese. That I guess explains her exotic features. Most

interesting was her apparent claim to still being a virgin at 19.

So I continued watching the series every week from then on, feeling ever

more closer to her and constantly imagining us together. Needless to say I

masturbated to photos of her frequently. In fact, it had been months since

I’d had sexual fantasies about any other girl. I was surprised by how much

I’d fallen for her.

But when the latest season of Smallville began I realized this was no

fleeting fancy. I really had to see this young woman in the flesh. I wanted

to see how far I could take my desire for her. I had never felt such deep

passion for any girl on TV before. I guess in some ways my brain had merged

the actress with her character, but it was a compelling mix: a real dream

girl. Supposedly Kristin didn’t go for “bad boys” though. Well, that was too


So how was I going to get to see her?

Looking around some Smallville websites, it wasn’t long before I’d

discovered the filming location of the “Kent farm” scenes. Which it turned

out was a little way outside Kristin’s home city of Vancouver. So I arranged

a weeklong trip to British Columbia in the hope of having a reasonable

chance of catching the series being made and finally get to see Kristin for



So I’d been in Canada for five days and was staying in a hotel pretty much

bang in the middle of the city. But I’d seen nothing of Smallville. What I

*had* done was track down the exact filming location of the Kent farm and

driven down the roads that led there. Obviously, it was a pretty rural

district and I hoped that I wouldn’t be too conspicuous when I did catch

them filming there. Sure, I had the address of the film studio too, but I

didn’t think there was much chance of seeing Kristin there.

Well I’m pleased to say on the sixth day I took another drive to the “Kent

farm” and saw the telltale signs of a film crew at work. It was quite late

in the evening, about 8pm, because I’d actually spent most of the day seeing

the sites of Vancouver. I parked up at a safe distance from the filming area

and saw a slim brunette girl climb into a white van with black windows

further down the road.

That must be Kristin! Something about her walk and demur, even from this

distance, told me it was her. The vehicle was actually coming away from the

farm back to Vancouver proper. I guessed she must have finished filming for

the day and was being driven back to her apartment.

So in the next hour I found myself tailing that van back through open fields

and into the suburbs. Doubts began to fill my mind. Just what was I planning

to do? I was acting like some crazy stalker but all I wanted was to see

Kristin if only for a moment face to face. Maybe I’d tell her I was a fan

and we could chat for a little if I was lucky. I was sure that would be OK,

and a great ending to a pleasant vacation in Canada.

But who the hell was I kidding? The truth was, I wanted to fuck that girl

and I wanted to do it tonight. I hadn’t come all this way to just stand and

admire her, as pleasant as that would have been. I had to get some genuine

sexual relief from that girl. Maybe then my near-obsession with her would

fade and I could free myself of the spell she’d cast on me. Though I found

her truly irresistible, I had recently become slightly annoyed with the way

I’d been helplessly looking up to her like she was on some kind of pedestal.

As I drove with the van in sight, my dick was rock hard just thinking about

seeing her close-up. I was hoping it wouldn’t take too long before getting

to her place and then for me to get inside her pants.

Kristin seemed a pretty shy and respectable girl and I really didn’t know

how my visit would sit with her. Maybe with a little encouragement I’d make

her love me, if only for one night.

It wasn’t much longer until the van Kristin was in pulled up outside a

modest condo block. I drove past and parked down a side street. When the van

had dropped her off and gone past me, I got out. I looked back at the

building to see the object of my lust about to enter the main gates, so I

jogged over there and put on my best smile – the first step to getting what

I wanted.

“Hey aren’t you in that show Smallville?”

Kristin turned from the gate with a look of surprise. Whatever happened now,

at least I’d fulfilled one of my goals and I can confirm she is just as

astoundingly beautiful in real-life as on the screen.

“Yes I play Lana. I guess you must want an autograph?”

I stumbled and sort of said I’d like that. Night had fallen; wind was

beginning to whistle around the corners.

“Well since you’re here you might as well come in. I’ve got some signed

photos inside.”

Wow! This was going great, she was actually talking to me and inviting me

in! Isn’t it great when celebrities turn out to be as nice as you hope? I

almost jumped with excitement like some demented fanboy. Still, I bet not

many others had gotten this far.

I walked into the recently redecorated room while I introduced myself as

Scott, and she shut the door behind me. Then I saw why she wasn’t too

nervous about letting me in.

Another girl, probably late 20s, was sitting on the black leather couch in

the room and immediately rose to hug Kristin as we entered. I figured she

must be a friend.

“Hey you’re back early!”

“Yeah,” Kristin answered, “I only had a quick scene today.”

The other girl looked at me and I smiled at her. Kristin saw her friend’s

quizzical look and put her at ease;

“This is Scott. He’s a fan of the show. I was going to give him a photo.”

“Oh hi then” the other girl said, and we all sat down and indulged in some

talk that probably made me sound like some hardcore Smallville fan, when all

I was a fan of was Kristin Kreuk’s body. While we were talking, she got out

a folder with some 10x8s in and happily passed me one after personalizing


I looked at what was in my hand. It was a very sexy shot, in fact my

favorite picture of her and probably the one I’d jerked off to the most.

(Actually I needed a new copy anyway seeing as mine had become rather…


After maybe twenty minutes, the other girl had to leave for some audition in

town. At last! I really wanted to spend some time alone with the girl I came

here to see. And by this time Kristin seemed happy enough to let me stay a

while. Now I felt a little more relaxed, like I was in control of the

situation and could steer things the way I wanted them to go.

Kristin was wearing a cute strappy top made with red embroidered silk. On

her otherwise bare arms she wore some colored bracelets in various materials

and a chunky ring or two. Her shapely hips and legs were caught tight

underneath the pair of black pants she had on. On her feet were a pair of

fashionable, slip-on wedges. Her hair was un-arranged and she looked all the

better for it, framing her perfect face in a very cute way. I looked

longingly at her smooth lips, and fell deep into the black holes of her

eyes. Tonight she looked like a princess.

I was paying so much attention to her appearance I was starting to miss what

she was saying to me. Still to be honest I didn’t much care anyway. So as

the clock turned I let myself be carried away by her friendly and unassuming

nature. I decided it was time to move things up a gear.

“So you’ve settled into your new house?” I inquired.

“Oh yes, sure. Though it’s strange living on my own now.”

I acted concerned and asked if she missed having more male friends around.

“I get along just fine thanks.”

Sensing she may ask to stop the conversation I cast doubt aside and sat down

next to her. I placed a kiss on her cheek.

As my lips touched her skin, I knew I’d gone too far. I’d upset Kristin and

she stood up defiantly.

“I think you should leave now.”

I said my apologies for embarrassing her but added as I got off the couch,

“I’ll leave when I show you how much I love you.”

I grabbed her shoulders to make her face me. I touched my lips onto hers and

moved my hands to her wrists.

“It really must have been a long time since you had a boy round here” I

said, resisting her recoil.

“Please… don’t” Kristin sobbed.

“Look, I don’t mean you any harm. Just make my trip here worthwhile. Let me

kiss you properly.”

I started to kiss her again. I think her brain was telling her it was a nice

sensation – her lips responded instinctively to let my tongue through. Now I

was getting somewhere. As my tongue found hers, Kristin seemed to give in to

my touch.

Her arms were still wriggling in my grasp but I swear she was enjoying it

more and more. So I moved a hand up to her chest and began to feel her

silk-covered left breast. This really seemed to relax her and I heard a soft

moan of pleasure from her when I placed both my hands on her breasts. They

felt so smooth and firm and I was looking forward to seeing them naked. But

before then, I let off groping those sweet mammaries to get a feel of her


I cupped her tiny ass in my palms and held her close. Her warm breasts

squeezed together between us. Now my cock was really coming to life inside

my underpants. Kristin must have been able to feel it pressing against her

body because she stopped kissing me for a second to look into my eyes,

before resuming even more feverishly. At last, her will was in my hands.

I moved my hands between us again, but this time put them under her top and

slid them up to her young firm tits. Feeling their suppleness was really

turning us both on and I could clearly make out her nipples poking through

the silk.

Kristin’s murmurings told me she was ready for more. She stepped back and

looked straight at me while she removed her top, flinging it to the floor.

My god, such pert fresh tits I had never seen before. Her skin was so soft

and brown, her dark nipples like two proud buds. I stared longingly at her

while she bathed in her own sexual glow.

We sat down and I resumed fondling her breasts while she started unbuttoning

my shirt. She was taking great delight in kissing my chest, arms and neck. I

returned the favor by taking her nipples between my lips, licking them with

the tip of my tongue. Kristin threw her head back and I went on, sucking

each of her tits into my mouth.

“Wow, this isn’t turning out so bad after all.” Kristin said and I actually

laughed then. I laughed because I’d found out Kristin did have a wild side

to her. That sometimes she did throw caution to the wind and let events take

their course. I now saw no limits to the evening.

“Yes,” I said, “And I’ve got a lot more to give you before I’m leaving.”

“So bring it on babe. I haven’t had any cock for months!”

Saying this, she put her hand on my crotch and my dick jumped further up in

its fabric prison.

“Oh this feels nice and hard. What you got in store for me down there?”

She started rubbing her hand up and down my thigh and I was getting very

horny. Not before time, she finally unzipped my pants and pulled them down.

“Shit I’ve gotta see that thing” Kristin spluttered, staring at the outline

of my erection within my underpants.

So very slowly, and all the while looking up and me, her fingertips reached

behind the elastic and pulled the shorts down over my fully erect cock.

Now I knew I was no short stuff in the penis department, and most girls

commented on how large I was, but I’d never had such a exquisite reaction to

my rod as Kristin gave me.

Her hands fell away to her side as she stared. Her eyes twinkled like a 4

year old’s at Christmas and a smile formed on her face. Her tongue ran over

her cute lips.

“Fuck Scott, don’t you know I’m still a virgin? How am I gonna take all


Of course I did know of her virginity and I’d always intended her

deflowering to be the highlight of the evening. But before that, my cock was

yearning for some urgent attention.

“You know what to do girl.”

That fine looking actress sure didn’t seem so aloof now as I watched her

gingerly wrap her little hand around my veiny shaft.

Her warm palm began soothing my aching cock. She was wanking my meat to full

hardness as I let myself fall into Kristin’s heavenly rhythm. Soon my

bell-end was secreting its juices, lubricating her fingers.

I closed my eyes and groaned loudly when I felt her moist lips touch the

head of my dick. Kristin easily took my rock hard member into her mouth and

introduced its sensitive skin to her curling tongue. She may have been a

virgin but it was pretty obvious she’d done her fair share of worshipping at

the altar of cock.

She was twisting her head and sucking simultaneously, allowing her eager

tongue to lick around my dick’s entire circumference. As her head bobbed up

and down, she was easily taking a full four inches with each stroke, one

hand massaging my shaft while the other concentrated on my balls.

Getting almost my entire length in now, my pelvis began to helplessly react

by forcefully pistoning in and out of her wet throat. I could hear her begin

to whimper as I selfishly face-fucked her with abandon. I was almost ready

to come when I popped my dick out of her mouth to try a new position.

“Shit I thought you were gonna choke me,” Kristin gasped, “You are sure one

randy son of a bitch aren’t you?”

“You ain’t had nothing yet. Now lie face up on that couch with your head

hanging over the edge.”

She did as I commanded. I intended to fuck her throat so hard she’d be

coughing up phlegm for a week.

Kneeling down on the carpet, I took a hold of her head and inched my

erection back into her mouth. The curve of her throat hanging upside down

off the couch was perfect. Just like a vagina, but longer.

I was easily able to get my entire length down her pretty little neck and I

was instantly pounding away like a man gone fucking insane. Harder and

faster I penetrated her, saliva dripping from her mouth into her eyes and

hair. Sure, she was gagging like hell but that was part of the fun of

violating a girl’s throat right? As I was banging away, I had a wonderful

view of her tits swaying in a most delightful manner. Again I withdrew

before I climaxed.

Kristin began coughing like crazy and spat out gobs of phlegm to recover

from my brutal oral assault. It was a minute until she could sit up straight

and put two words together again.

“Fucking hell Scott… I couldn’t breath.”

“Well you seem to have survived, don’t tell me you didn’t love it. Now get

those damn pants off.”

She did as she was told, even appearing to take some pleasure in teasing me

while doing it. Turning her back to me, she pulled down her pants to reveal

her luscious ass cheeks. She took hold of the back of the couch and bent

over, offering me a good view of her hairless, tight, pussy lips. I stepped

closer and moved her legs wider apart.

I got my hand to her snatch and felt its softness. Rubbing up and down her

clitoris with my thumb, I placed two more fingers into her slit. Kristin’s

pussy began to get more and more slippery, until her lips were thoroughly

wet. My fingers had no problem intruding into her cunt and I started to

finger-fuck her with my right hand while my other felt underneath to keep

constant pressure on her clit, massaging it as her cries of ecstasy filled

the room. Pretty soon my fingers were just a blur, and I could tell she was

about to climax.

“Fucking hell don’t stop” she shouted, “Make that cunt come you bastard!”

That was all the encouragement I needed, and I increased my pussy-pleasing

still further by inserting another finger to fill her snatch up. She was

producing an incredible amount of pussy juice. She had a petite frame and I

guess this made her virginal pussy extra tight. I couldn’t wait to get my

cock in it. Just as I was visualizing my dick disappearing into her hole,

Kristin orgasmed with an almighty scream.


Her legs and ass quivered for a full minute as the orgasm rocked through her

but I didn’t let up my fingering for a second. She was cumming hard, her

pussy spurting out fuck-juices at an alarming rate. It was three minutes

until I could see the shock waves had completely faded. I spread her ass and

buried my tongue in, happily lapping away at the sweet wetness.

Kristin turned around and I eased her onto the couch. Looking very hot and

flustered, she was breathing heavily and her hair was drenched in sweat,

clinging to her forehead like she’d run a marathon. Now this was a side of

“Lana Lang” I wished they’d show on Smallville. Seeing Kristin Kreuk bask in

her orgasmic afterglow was certainly sexier than anything I’d seen her do on

TV I can tell you.

“Now I’ve juiced up that pussy, you gonna let me get in there or what?”

“God yeah, it’s about time some dick fucked my cunt.”

That was what I wanted to hear.

Kristin laid back and spread her legs for me. Her pussy lips were much

looser now and I moved my cock closer to her fuck hole.

“Remember I’m a virgin. Don’t hurt me.”

“Fuck you bitch, I’m gonna tear you apart.”

All I cared about now was cumming, and I knew her tight snatch was going to

make it happen.

So I began to prod her soft inner lips with my cock, and eased my length

into her. Her pussy was stretching tight around my girth and I had to push

hard when I reached her hymen.

Kristin squealed in pain and I immediately shoved as much of me as I could

into her fresh cunt. I rodgered Kristin hard and fast, every stroke taking

me closer to the point of no return. It felt so good shagging her warm pussy

I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long. I held her legs high above her and

she started yelping and mumbling curse words under her breath.

“Shit… not so deep, not so deep”

This only spurred me on to fuck her harder. Her eyes were closed now, and

after just a few minutes I was ready to blow my load. I pulled out, grabbed

my dick and shot thick white cum all over her belly, tits and face. My dick

was like a machine gun going off, every massive spurt just a blur that

arched over her reclined body. I had always been able to shoot my ammo far,

and Kristin had aroused me so much it had no problem reaching her beautiful


She groaned as the creamy white goo fell into her mouth. She sat up and

looked at the sticky mess on her.

“Lord… I’ve never seen so much cum. That kinda hurt, Scott. But you’re

right, my pussy was long over due a servicing. I’ll never forget tonight.”

Well I thought that was gonna be the end of my little adventure, but Kristin


“I never came while you were fucking me… but I need another orgasm. I’ve

always let my previous boyfriends take me up the ass… I always come hard

that way. Would you like to fuck my ass, Scott?”

This was something I hadn’t foreseen. Well of course I wasn’t going to say

no was I? As soon as she said her piece my cock regained its hardness.

“Well,” she said, noticing my erection, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

She turned over, knelt on the couch and stuck her ass in the air inches away

from my restless dick. God it was a beautiful ass. Round and firm like the

girls I’d known in high school.

So I took hold of her waist and began fingering her anus using my own saliva

and her wet pussy juice as lube. I placed my tongue on her sphincter and

licked the soft brown hole. I was soon able to get two, then three fingers

in. Kristin’s sensuous moans affirmed my pleasuring was hitting the right


“Come on, get that giant cock in there,” she commanded me, “My ass needs a

real good slamming tonight.”

Agreeing her butt was ready, I withdrew my fingers and introduced my hard

erection to her rear passage. Taking more care now than I did with her

pussy, I penetrated the deep hole.

Turned out I needn’t have been so cautious. That was one experienced ass

Kristin had: her low guttural cries of pleasure rang in my ears, increasing

in pitch and volume with every inch I fed her. As I watched my hard member

disappear, I could feel her ass muscles rhythmically clenching and relaxing

around it.

“Oh fuck yes. Oh fuck yes.” Kristin grunted through her tears.

When I had put at least six inches inside, I started a merciless ramming of

that young woman’s backside. Seeing my cock thrusting in and out, getting

wetter with every stroke, only made me want to fuck it harder. I soon felt

the sap rising again in my balls.

Kristin was pushing against the back of the couch to increase the sensations

in her butt. Her ass cheeks were getting very red and making a loud thumping

noise as my pelvis hit them.

As our anal copulation intensified, I could tell Kristin was having the most

incredible orgasms of her life. With every sweet shuddering climax, her

fingers assaulted her clit with a rapid circling motion to heighten the


“Come on… fuck that ass! I’m such an anal whore…”

With all the screaming and swearing she was doing, she was gonna have a sore

throat by the time we were through.

I was able to keep fucking that beautiful butt for fifteen minutes until I

came. And when I did, I let my second load of the evening deposit itself

into her ass, and I watched it drip out when I withdrew.

I was really spent now. It had been an incredible experience for me. Even in

my wildest dreams I never imagined Kristin was such a sex-crazed harlot. OK,

she needed a little encouragement at first, but it was all worth it to be

the one that stripped her virginity away.

I haven’t seen Kristin since that night. I don’t live very close to

Vancouver and I just don’t have the inclination to go back yet. Maybe I

never will. Maybe I’m finally cured of my Kristin Kreuk idolizing. Afterall,

she only turned out to be some worthless slut and I can pick up one of them

for $50 whenever I like.


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