Lust Goddess Part III

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Lust Goddess Part III

By Robbins

Warning:this Is a fantasy not real. This Is not suspose to represent
the true behavier of Mariah Carey and Christina Arguileria.

Mariah Carey,and Christina Aguilera sat on the couch. They had both
drank a lot. Christina was already kinda drunk. Mariah smiled. This
night was going perfectly.

“How about I get us some more to drink?” Mariah asked.

“Ok” Christina replied.

Mariah stood up,and went to the kitchen.

In the Kitchen Mariah poured champine Into two glasses. She puts
something else In one. She smiles.

Mariah brings Christina a drink,and sits down. Mariah takes a drink.
Christina takes a drink. Christina Is knocked out. Mariah smiles.
This has gone perfectly.

Christina awoke Nude on a bed with her arms chained to the bed.

“WHat happened?” she said.

Mariah walked In dressed In the outfit of a Dominatrix with a riding
crop. Christina was stunned.

“Your awake.” Mariah says. “What’s going on Mariah?” Christina

Mariah walked up to her. “That’s Mistress Mariah bitch!” Mariah
tells her. She hits her with the riding crop hard. Christina
screams. Mariah hits her some more. She screams. Mariah grabs her

“Your my bitch now!” she tells Christina.

Mariah hits her even hardier with the riding crop.

Mariah puts the riding crop down. She opens Christina’s legs to see
her cunt. Mariah puts her face Into It,and starts to lick
Christina’s Pussy. Christina enjoys It.

“Oh Shit!” Christina screams.

Mariah Is really eating Christina’s pussy now.

“Oh god! Your so good! More! More!” Christina moarns.

Mariah sat on Christina’s chest,and grabed her by the hair.

“You are now my personal bitch. You will move In here. And will
please me In any way I want” Mariah tells Christina. “Whatever you
want” Christina replies. “Just remember I am the master,and you are
the slave” Mariah tells her. “Yes Mistress” Christina replies.

Mariah lets go of Christina,and Kisses her.

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