The Glitch

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Neve and Jennifer waited at the door as Jenny slowly approached them completely unaware of the trap she was
walking into! Jenny had battled both ladies in previous ‘encounter’s and each had suffered at Jenny’s hands. The
worst for both had been the breast smothering ending of each’s fight with the tough blonde actress as she had
pressed her firm chest into each’s face and then grinded the swollen and bruised boobs as she moaned in obvious
pain from the effort, till they each had passed out! Neve had left scratches on Jenny’s right breast and some big
bruises on her right one after outmauling and out titpunching her several
times, finally being scissored very
painfully across the chest and then humiliated in front of her escort and boyfriend with a breast smothering end.

During their catfight, Jennifer had battered the underside of her Jenny’s left tit black and blue while in a standing
fist fight, her own tit’s coming under attack with kicks that sent her down in agony and furious, she outmauled
the blonde from under her and forced her off in agony each time Jenny managed to straddle the brown haired
beauty. Jenny’s fists had battered her incoherent at the end and she was smothered during their short but furious

It had taken a few months, but they had finally put their plan of revenge into action and all the work was about
to pay off! As the unsuspecting or so they thought, Jenny walked past them into the large room beyond the door
in front of her and just as Neve went to jump her from behind she lashed out with a spin kick, catching the
unprepared Neve right across her jaw and stunning the dark haired beauty knocking her into Jennifer, both ladies
spilling through the doorway in a heap as Jenny laughed and taunted them, ‘Well, Well, what’s this? My welcoming
committee maybe? Thanks and Hello to you Tooooo……!!!!!!, the blonde kicking Jennifer in her head and sending
her crashing onto Neve just as she was rising and both crashed with a moan to the ground.

Curses were flowing from both ladies mouth’s when they heard yells and looked up to see Jenny and Sarah Gellar
trading kicks and punches, cheering as Sarah scored a blow to Jenny’s left tit that sent a pained look shooting
through her pretty features! Capitalizing on her good fortune Sarah pounded Jenny to the ground with punches to
the face till she was on the ground shaking her head as she tried valiantly not to pass out! Sarah’s knee slammed
into the side of her head and Neve and Jennifer were on her instantly, dragging her up roughly by her hair, Neve
getting her in a full nelson from behind as Jennifer got in front and ripped the blonde’s top to schred’s, slapping
the outside of each tit till they were both bright red then crushed them between her fingers while Jenny went
teary eyed with pain at the attack on her pretty boob’s! ‘I guess your not so tough anymore, you fuckin blonde
wanna be!’ purred Jennifer as she grabbed a piece of each of the trapped blonde’s large round tit’s and tore them
around Jenny’s chest as tears began to pool around the pretty blonde’s bruised eyes! As she moaned in pain she
wondered where in hell her friends were!

After discovering all the sordid details of the plot they had done a little planning of their own. Now she was going
through a real life ‘GLITCH’ in their plan. Sitting in traffic, Carmen and Anna both going crazy and Pam and Tyra
were only a mile ahead of them also stuck behind the same huge accident that had tied up traffic for an hour
now. Pam and Tyra had abandoned their car and flagged down a passing Army Helicopter, both ladies flashing the
stunned crewmen their bra’s as they motioned them to land and they all but crashed onto the lawn in their haste
to comply. 10 minutes later as Jenny was getting her tits twisted and Sarah was in her car and driving directly
under the approaching Helicopter. Soon the two ladies were setting down outside the old gymnasium.

Jenny had tears flowing down her cheeks and moans from her mouth, Neve holding her in a half nelson as her
other hand tortured Jenny from inside her vagina. Jennifer’s right uppercut slammed Jenny’s swollen and bruised
left tit sending it sailing upwards as her body jerked in pain at the painful blow and she howled out in agony again
from the repeatedly thrown uppercut! Jennifer removed her top and cupping her small, firm breasts, she used them
to try and smother Jenny, enjoying Jenny’s look of utter disgust between her looks of agony as she said, ‘See
these, you cunt, these are REAL tit’s, not that silicone shit you put in yours.’. Using her now blood engorged
nipple, Jennifer pokes poor Jenny in the left eye with it when suddenly Neve is torn around and a fist crashes into
her nose, sending her flying as blood fly’s from her right nostril! As Jenny collapsed to the ground, Jennifer saw
Pamela Lee and Tyra banks standing their, hands on hips.

Seeing she was outnumbered, she still gamely stood her ground and as Pam approached, she sent a punch to the
blonde’s face that just grazed her jaw. Jennifer followed up with a punch to Pam’s cheek that snapped her head
back, but as Jennifer bore in and slammed her in the belly, Pam grabbed Jennifer’s arm and then Tyra attacked
from behind, pulling on her long brown hair with both hands, tugging her head back. Pam clasped both of Jennifer’s
tit’s in her hands and with a cruel smile crushed both in her hands and they soon had the bellowing actress in
complete control! Pam’s knee pounded into Jennifer’s belly repeatedly, and as she continued her assault on
Jennifer’s exposed tits. Tyra had turned toward the crawling Neve and kicked at her ribs, her foot ramming into
her side and sending her flying onto the floor crying out and holding her hurt ribcage! Tyra grabbed her up by the
hair, kneeing her in the cunt, and dragged her now limp body over to Jenny, forcing her to her knee’s in front of
Jenny by tugging downward on her right nipple. ‘You get the honor’s honey! Put this bitch into la la land the way
she hates most on this earth!!, purred the ebony beauty.

Jenny was still clutching her left breast, an ugly huge bruise having developed where her left tit had been
uppercuts by Jennifer’s fist and she shook her head as tears fell from her bruised, but still lovely face, and Tyra
opened her own blouse pulling down her bra and exposing her beautiful pair of dark skinned boobs, jamming them
into Jennifer’s face! Anna and Carmen walked in to see poor Jennifer being smothered by Tyra’s wonder’s, while
Neve was being manhandled by Pam, her sexy legs crushing poor Neve in a chest scissors as she pulled on her
cunt and head hair. Anna waltzed over and traded places with Tyra and straddled Jennifer, facing her ass and
opened her shorts, digging her finger inside till they reached her pussy hair. Jennifer’s voice carried across the
deserted yard as she just about left bald by Anna, while Carmen took Pam’s spot and put an almost crushed Neve
in a head scissors, her sexy thighs completely smothering poor Neve’s mouth! Pam sat next to the sexy brunette
and tore each and every hair left from her once hairy pussy, till she was bald and Pam began to tug on her now
completely exposed cunt lips!

Anna was also having some fun with Jennifer’s cunt, ramming her fingers in deeply and then ripping the out as the
pretty brown haired actress’s eye’s went wild with fear and pain! Soon both ladies were all but destroyed and
tying them both up together nude, they left them to be found as they helped Jenny to the car and take her to
get looked at!

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