REWIND: Halle Berry

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REWIND: Halle Berry

This is good old Rulehater coming at you with a totally different flavor. I got a completely random and ingenious idea out of the blue and just decided to see if my loyal readership would enjoy it. In this story, I am a hotel waiter who is lucky enough to have a tryst with the gorgeous Halle Berry. I am telling the story backwards. This is totally experimental. Please tell me what you think, by sending email as usual to [email protected]

My 1986 Toyota reversed at a speed of about 50 miles per hour till it came to a standstill in the parking lot of a prestigious
hotel in Los Angeles. Miraculously, my car window, which had been smashed and broken by a gunshot aimed at it, became as good as new once more as a bullet flew right from my window to a .38 pistol, which was being held by the angry black man about 60 feet away from me.

My car door flew open, and I jumped out, running backwards really fast towards the door of the hotel. Hot at my heels, also running backwards, was R&B singer Eric Benet, who was looking angry and murderous, brandishing a pistol. I hopped backward right over a woman who was lying on the floor, and she suddenly jumped off the floor, and bumped into me. I kept moving backwards till I reached a flight of stairs, though I noticed Eric was heading towards the elevator, which seemed to open as he entered in reverse, while I climbed the stairs backwards, sprinting up the stairwell as fast as I could.

I continued to sprint till I reached the tenth floor, where the door flew open and I burst into the hallway, still running backwards till I reached Room 1014, whose door was open so I burst in. I was at the door of the room facing outside, when I looked back and saw Eric Benet searching his drawer, while under the white sheets of the extremely large bed, lay Oscar winner Halle Berry, looking bewildered and confused. Running backwards, I approached the bed and pulled my pants down, before joining Halle under the sheets. Eric, on the other hand, seemed to be shutting the drawer and moving outside the room in reverse.

As the sheets covered me and I hurriedly inserted my penis into Halle, who was naked, I heard a voice boom towards the bed

“on going is fuck the What”.

The doors were shut and there I was, thrusting my penis out and in of Halle’s moist pussy, while she moaned into my ears. I pushed my mouth towards her bare gorgeous breasts, and as it moved up towards her neck, she cooed into my ears

“boobs my suck baby yes Oh”.

My dick still in her vagina, my head moved up towards her face, and I planted my lips on hers, my tongue entering her mouth while my dick still went out and in, only it seemed I was getting farther and farther away from an orgasm. I eventually moved my mouth away from hers, and eventually, out of her pussy came my tremendously huge cock, which was fully erect to the tune of 8 inches. It was glistening with saliva.

I moved in reverse till I was in a sitting position, sitting right at the foot of the bed, while Halle also moved off the bed in the opposite direction and stood up, a white bathing robe miraculously flying off the floor into her hands, and then she slipped it on, a look of seduction on her face. She walked backwards till she was right in front of me, crouching till her face was right in front of my crotch.

“me fuck to you for time its think I”, she said to me, as she took my dick into her mouth, and began to make an outward and inward movement, while I moaned indiscernible obscenities. As this went on for about a minute, it seemed my erection was getting slightly smaller when she suddenly brought her face away from my cock and smiled at me. I looked down at my dick, which was growing in size but was completely dry, and definitely did not look as though it had been the recent benefactor of a world class blow-job.

Halle pulled my pants back on and moved back, standing right in front of me as I gaped at her in awe and amazement. Suddenly, I flew off the bed till I was standing in front of her, her hand on my chest. I looked from her eyes towards her chest, and saw that she was wearing an unbuttoned white robe, with absolutely nothing underneath. I was walking towards her while she backed away, but it was she who had the look of seduction on her face, while I stared with shock

“needs my satisfy not does He”, she said authoritatively

“husband your about What”, I asked meekly

“me fuck to you need I” she whispered as she continued to walk backwards.

We seemed to be walking around the room in circles, and she moved her away from my chest as she whispered “name Nice”

“Kevin”, I stuttered

“name your What’s”, she asked me as I moved towards a hotel trolley and held on to it while she moved away from me and leant back on the bed, her white robe exposing her entire body.

“yesterday room the into came you since ever you of thinking been I’ve”, she crooned at me as she smiled

“else anything, Berry Miss food your Here’s” I stammered as I took my eyes away from the gorgeous beauty who lay carefree on the bed, leaving little to the imagination.

I wheeled the food trolley out of the room, walking backwards to the open door. I walked backwards out of the room, followed by the trolley. We came to a standstill outside the room, and I slammed the door shut. A beautiful feminine voice came from inside the room

“In come”

“service Room”, I said loudly

“it is Who?” came the same voice.

I moved my hand towards the door and knocked, before taking my hand away and putting it back on the trolley handle, wheeling it away backwards towards the elevator. As I glanced down at my watch, which went from 10:05 to 10:04, my heart beat fast as I marveled at my luck, being the one to serve breakfast to my favorite actress for the second day in a row. Little did I know that I would be seduced by one of the most desirable women in Hollywood, be caught in the act by her jealous husband and narrowly escape a brush with death. At that point in time, I was but a lowly star-struck hotel waiter, wheeling a food trolley with no cares in the world.

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