A Vampire Threesome

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Story Title: A Vampire Threesome

By sharkboy

Celebrities in story: Catherine Zeta Jones and Halle Berry

Codes: Sci-fi, MF, FF, Threesomes

The story you are about to read is not true and so it never happened. This story contains violence and sexual situations. Anyone under eighteen years of age or easily offended should stop reading as of now.

By sharkboy

She walks into the Paris cafe, and her beautiful long hair flows in
the wind as she walks in the front door. Her beautiful brown eyes fall over the resteraunt, and she smiles at the handsome and very cool man in her sights. She slowly walks towards him. “Ma’am, can I help you?”

Catherine Zeta Jones looks down at the very handsome seventeen-year-old Sam Walters, he looks at her tits and Catherine blushes some at his actions. “No, I see the man who I am going to dine with. Thank you anyways.” She smiles at the handsome Sam. She points at the handsome Winston Scott, and Jason smiles so wide. “Do you know his work or something?”

“No, you will be sitting in my section. Yay.” Jason does not shout it, but Catherine can tell that this is a heartfelt yay. “May I escort you to your table?” He smiles up to Catherine so sweet that it makes her want to have a totally unnecassary escort to her table.

Catherine then looks at Winston, as Jason escorts her to the table. She smiles at him as she comments. “I feel so special right now.” She smiles down to handsome Jason. She sits down and she slowly crosses her long pantyhose covered legs, and she smiles at the two handsome men who she is with. “What do you recommend in wine Jason?” She looks up at his name tag and then into his eyes.

“We have some great wine downstairs!” Jason does look to Winston, and he nods at him to go get the wine.

Jason does go downstairs to get the wine, and Catherine looks at the handsome forty-year-old looking man. “We have good wine in Paris. Is that like saying we have good beer in Germany or we have good vodka in Russia.” Winston comments to her.

Catherine does laught hard at his joke, and she looks at the handsome German born man. “So what do you plan for tonight some dinner and dancing?” She smiles a very sexy smile at the very handsome man.

“I plan to wine you and dine you and you must have had heard the third part before.” He smiles at the very beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones.

She does gasp some in shock, and then she grins a really naughty grin.
“Michael would not approve.” The comment makes her so ungodlly wet.

“If you cared what he thought you would not be here.” He smiles as Winston looks over her body. Catherine does smile at the handsome man before her. “I take it you never told him what you and I did when you were filming my movie.”

“Your movie? Because you wrote the book might give you rights to the movie, but and Eric Roberts are the stars of the…” Catherine closes her eyes, as it occurs to her that she has starred with Eric Roberts in a movie. “When does the DVD hit the shelves?”

Right now Catherine Zeta Jones feels like a complete whore because she has starred in a movie that is way beneath her. This movie will likely go straight to video so to speak. She closes her beautiful brown eyes, and she breathes in deeply.

“Good news, because you are in the movie we do get a limited threatre release,” He smiles sweetly at the beautiful and very shocked Catherine Zeta jones. “I thank you for doing more than what you were paid to do.”

Jason does come back with a very old bottle of wine. He pours a glass for Winston and then he nearly pours a glass into Catherine’s lap, but Winston’s hand stops it from happening. “Do not do that my boy, or you’ll never work in this town again.”

He looks at Winston, and a little bit tiked off Catherine. “I’m am so sorry to you both!” Jason does look at Catherine so afraid, and she works up a smile for the handsome young man before her.

“It is okay. Just let me pour my own wine right now. Can you get me a turkey sandwich?” Catherine knows that Jason did not mean to make his near mistake, but he should be look at her glass and not at her legs.

Jason does leave to put her order in and Winston once again smiles at her. “Can you blame any man for looking at you and not a wine glass?” Catherine does blush, as the handsome Winston looks at her.

“You act like I am Pamela Anderson.” Catherine does feel very good, because Winston is dinning with her and not some fake chested bimbo.

“Besides Baywatch what has she done? Has she ever won an Oscar or marry Michael Douglas?” Winston does smile at the very beautiful Catherine. She blushes as he comments on her.

“So, you would… paid to see me on film at forty?” She swallows hard, as her mind goes over her current movie career. The good roles are beging to dry up, and it seems like most of the roles she is now offered are that of older sister or best friend.

“I would pay to see you naked at fifty.” He smiles seductively at her.

“You would?” Catherine seems so shocked at that statement, because it seems like people are no longer into her.

His hand then reaches under the table and it takes her knee into his hand. Her eyes widen, as his hand moves over her leg. She shivers some while Catherine enjoys his touch so much. Then to her shock Winston moves to the same side of the table as she is on.

“We can not… uugghhh…” She moans softly, as his hand moves up her skirt. She shudders some in responce. His other hand moves through her long raven hair.

“Catherine, can you hear me?” He asks, as his hand moves over her sexy leg.

“I am horny not deaf.” She enjoys his hands so much, as they move over her beautiful body. She does not even notice the really offended coupe leave the next table.

“Before we go any farther you need to know something about me. I am a vampire.” His hand continues to move over her legs, while his other hand move through her hair.

“You are a what?” She knows what the word vampire means, but she really cannot think of it right now. “So, you are some kind of a weirdo?” She smiles, as she asks this question. His hands are so amazing he could tell her he was a Frankenstein and she would not care at all.

“No, I hunt people down and I bite them. Then I suck their bodies dry.” He smiles when he tells of what he does it so excites him. He has a huge hardon, because of all of this.

“So, I am in a shitload of trouble then.” His hand slowly creeps up her long and sexy leg. He then grabs her vagina, and she moans loud. Catherine does not really care that she is doing this in public or that she could die. Winston is so good at this that she doesn’t give a shit.

“Catherine, open your eyes and look across the room.” Catherine does, as she is told and she does it. She smiles looking at a young and very pretty blond girl. She looks nervous as hell, as she looks at Catherine and Winston. “She has the talent to figure out what I am.”

“Why don’t you go and kill her then?” Catherine says with a grin on her face. She does see how nervous the pretty girl is and she ends up putting her money down on the table. She then leaves the cafe.

“I do not kill people and it has been over one-hundred years since I have created a vampire.” His fingers continue to move over her vagina.

“So, I have not just won the vampire lotto?” She smiles when she asks the question. Catherine understands what it means, but she does not care.

“I do want to make love to you Catherine, but if I do… I most likely will bite you.” His fingers dance over her vagina still, and she shudders so hard. “It will take more than one bite to become a vampire.”

“So, you can bite me and I only get a scar on my neck? Not a huge deal. Any make-up man can cover that up.” Catherine smiles so wide, as his fingers move inside of her vagina.

“Catherine, I will not be bitting you on your neck.” His fingers move from her vagina, and it begins to move over her inner thigh so high up and no camera would ever get a good shot of it.

Her eyes then open completely, and she gasps so hard. His hand does stay on her inner thigh. “So, you will bite me someplace I am going to have a hard time explaining to my husband?”

“Yes, Catherine I will. That is why I intended on telling you of what I am. You may leave if you wish to without any harm or any trouble from me.”

“Maybe I should leave… oh fuck. We offended that couple beside of us.” She looks at the table and she sighs so hard.

“I can alway hunt them down and take care of them before we make love. Humans are so easy to track.” He smiles at the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones while she imagines her picture in some scandal magazine with the title Famous Writter Samples Catherine Zeta Jones’ Goody Bag in Paris Cafe.

“No, don’t hurt them. “I’ll be your Horny Meal tonight. I do have a question.” Catherine smiles, as she imagines Winston sucking on her inner thigh both sexually and hungerly.

“Go ahead and ask.” Winston smiles, as he looks into her beautiful brown eyes. If Catherine became a vampire she could eat any man she wished to do so. He then breaks out into a grin, as it occurs to him that she can do that today.

“How can you be a famous writter without doing any TV or video? This is the 21st century.” She closes her eyes, as his hand moves up her legs. God, this is Heaven!

“I do magazine interviews and I talk on radio talk shows to promote my books. I was invited on The Today Show once, and I was so tempted to go. I always wanted to nail Ann Curry.” He smiles as he thinks of the beautiful and very talented Ann Curry.

“I got her phone number. You can so have it.” Catherine smiles, as his fingers move over her leg. He is making her so hot.

“So, I get Ann Curry’s phone number and what do you want?” Catherine turns to him, and she brings him in for a passionate kiss. He kiss Catherine with a long drawn out kiss. She slips him some tongue, as they continue to make out.

He then breaks the kiss, as he looks into her beautiful eyes. “Do you want to go upstairs?” Catherine smiles at him, and she nods. He and she both stand up, and he takes five hundred dollars out of his wallet. He sets it on the table and he takes her upstairs.

A moment of two after they leave the room to go upstairs Jason comes back into the room with a sandwich for Catherine. He looks at the empty table, and he sighs some. He then walks to the table and he sees the money. He picks it up, and he whistles hard. It is more money than he has ever seen before in his life.

He looks at the bottle of wine and the sandwich and he figures out he has made a really nice tip here. He then figures out something that is kinda sad. He’ll have to wait to get his money from this tip, because they do not keep any where near this money on site at night. He sits down, and he eats her sandwich, not a bad sandwich.

Winston takes Catherine into his room upstairs, and he opens the door with force. He then picks her up, and he throws her on the bed. Catherine smiles up at the handsome Winston, as he closes the door behind her.

He then walks to her inside of his bed, and Catherine does not even figure out that she happens to be in a bed inside of a dump of a hotel. His hands move up her amazing legs, and she shudders so hard. His hands are so heavenly, as they move over her sexy gams.

Catherine moans and she groans so loud, when his hands move over her sexy legs. Her beautiful body shakes so hard, as his hands slowly move up her legs. “Oh God, yes!” His hands are so experienced and then something occurs to her. “Does saying that offend you?”

Winston smiles at the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones, as he looks into her brown eyes. “I used to be a priest, so no.”

“Please don’t tell me… wait no way I could be your first. Your hands are so incredible.” She grins up at Winton, as he moves in close to her.

His hands then begin to uncloth her, and Catherine looks up to him so excited and afraid. She smiles up to his handsome face, as he removes her clothes. She then lifts up her legs, and she arches her ass off of the bed. He then removes her panties.

Winston blinks and he looks at the beautiful and very naked Catherine Zeta Jones under him. Her body is perfection no matter how old she may be. Catherine looks up at him, and she blinks some. Then she frowns. “Am I that old and ugly?”

“Old and ugly? Maybe when you are one hundred you might be a little bit over the hill, but right now you are perfection.” His eyes go over her inner thighs. He can hear the blood pump inside of her body and it drives him mad with desire. She then grins like a girl on Christmas and she parts her long and sexy legs for him.

His lips go from being two feet away from her to her pussy. Catherine shakes so hard, as his tongue moves over her clit driving her mad with desire and passion. His tongue is so strong and powerful, as it moves over her clit so hard.

Her tits shake so hard while his powerful tongue moves over her clit. Catherine arches her back, as her clit moves harder against his tongue. “Oh God Winston I am going… Oh God!” Catherine screams so loud, as she orgasms some. Her beautiful body bucks hard when it happens.

She looks up at Winston when he licks her so clean. “So, am I not good enough to bite?” Her eyes widen when she takes a look at his long sharp fangs. “Okay, you are a vampire?” His eyes look more like a wild dogs than that of a man.

“Trust me I shall bite you. Are you okay?” His hand then goes over her breasts to feel her heartbeat. It thunders like a jackhammer, as it beats so hard.

“I am fine. You do not have a heartbeat do you?” His hands are so cold and creepy against her beautiful body. A small part of her really wants to back out now. That ship has sailed though.

He moves up her beautiful body and Catherine grins as he does. His penis presses against her inner thigh, and she grins up at him. Winston is a very large man down there and Catherine feels so honored and lucky that a man like him would even look at her.

Winston then begins to kiss her neck with enthusiasm. He can hear her heart thunder so hard, as it beats inside of her chest. His hands then move over her tits making her purr so loud. His teeth do move against her neck so softly not letting her forget what he is.

Then he takes himself into his hand, and he moves it inside of her softly. Her eyes widen some due to both shock and terror. She parts her legs as far apart, as they will go so he can move so deep inside of her.

He then flips onto his back, and her eyes widen. His penis can now easily touch her g-spot and it feels incredible. She moves hard onto his penis as it jabs her g-spot over and over. “Oh God yes!” She shouts, as he jabs his penis into her g-spot over and over.

She closes her beautiful brown eyes, when she slams herself into his dick so hard. Her dancer’s body makes her into a great athelete, and she can screw all night. She looks into his animal eyes, and it does not even bother her that he seems to no longer be a human.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh God yes!” She shouts, as she orgasms hard. The moment she cums he pulls himself out of her, and he bites her inner thigh hard. She screams, when she cums once more. Winston drinks her blood, as she sits on his face. She the passes out due to a lack of blood.

The next day sunlight comes in through the window to wake up the naked Catherine, and she sits up. She shields her eyes from the sun. Catherine then looks at her watch, and she sighs. It happens to be 11:00 am Paris time. She the picks up a note that Winston left her.

The note read: Dear Catherine, do not be offended that I left before you woke, but sunlight and my kind do not mix well. It does NOT kill us though. If you feel any need to make love for the next few days feel free to do it. It happens when we attack you. I think for both of our sakes we better not ever see each other again. Love Winston.

“So, you just had a one night stand with a man. I think you are a whore now Catherine.” She puts down the note, and she sighs hard.

Then she hears a knock at the door. “Who is it?” She asks, as she looks at the door.

“This is Jason from last night. That guy Winston told me to check on you about this time. Are you okay?”

“Yes, am I. Are you due anywhere soon?” Catherine has got a really bad itch and Jason is not bad looking at all. She takes the sheet off of the bed, and she uses it to cover her body.

“No, do you need something?” Jason asks. “I go home when you and I are done. Winston said you might need something.”

“Come on in then boy. I do need you for something.” She smiles because Winston is so sweet. Only he could have thought of this.

Jason comes into the room, and he balks some at a nearly naked Catherine Zeta Jones. “Oh my God!” His eyes move over her beautiful body, and she grins.

“So, have you seen any of my movies or do you just know me from my days on TV in Europe?”

“I have seen both of the Zorror movies you were in and I became such a huge fan when I saw your leg in The Mask of Zorro. I saw The Haunting and Blue Juice too.”

“So…” Catherine grins, as she lifts up the sheet. “…you like these legs, huh?” The look on the handsome Jason’s face makes her forget the headache she has.

“Oh my God, you are amazing!” His eyes go over her body. Catherine smiles as they do. Then she sits down on the bed. She crosses her legs for him.

“I have no clothes on.” Catherine has to grin at the look of shock on his face. This itch so won’t go away, and she feels damp all over. “Care to lock the door?”

Jason walks quickly, and he locks the door. He looks back to Catherine, as she lowers the blanket to her waist. “Oh my God!” His eyes move over her breasts.

“So you like my breasts, huh?” She smiles so wide while his eyes go over them.

“I never knew that they were so… big…” He smiles like a school boy. His eyes go over her breasts unlike they have gone over any book he has ever read.

“Sit beside of me so you and I can talk?” She pounds on the bed beside of her.

Jason does walk to the bed beside of her, and he sits down. “Usually mom knocks on the door by this time, so I have no idea what’s to happen next.”

Catherine chuckles some at his joke, and she smiles at the handsome Jason. “So how old are you?”

“I will be nineteen is a few weeks.” Catherine then does the math inside of her head. What is she doing? She is nearly twice his age.

“I really can’t do this.” She sighs hard, as she looks at Jason. “You must think I am such a slut?”

“No, you are not a slut. You were just… Winston asks me to do this for him often.” Catherine looks to Jason in shock.

“You often do this to the women he…” Catherine shuts up, before she says anything else.

“The women he snacks on. Yeah, me and one other guy does this for him. I know what he is too. No bites on the neck. Not a huge shock.”

“So where would you bite me?” She asks grinning at the handsome Jason. His hand then goes on her leg, and she shakes some.

His hand then begins to move through her long beautiful hair, and Catherine closes her eyes. She enjoys this so much. “May I comb your hair?”

“Jason, are you trying to seduce me?” Catherine sighs. His hands feel so great going thru her long black hair. Jason stays silent, as she opens her eyes. Catherine smiles as she looks at her purse. “Good, go to my purse and take out a long red comb. Use that to comb my hair.”

As Jason walks to look for her comb Catherine lies on the bed on her chest. The sheet does cover her ass, but most of her legs stick out of it. Jason then turns around with the red comb, and his eyes nearly pop out of his head. “Holy shit!”

“So, you like what you see before you?” Catherine smiles wide, as she sits up some. Her eyes follow the handsome man, when he walks to her. His hand traces up her leg. Her body shivers in reponse.

He sits across from her, and he begins to comb her hair. Her eyes close when the comb comes through her long and beautiful hair. If you want to seduce Catherine Zeta Jones comb her hair. It makes her fall apart. Every time the comb flows her long and beautiful raven colored hair it makes her nearly fall apart.

“Catherine, I am going to take the sheet off of you now.” Catherine sighs, as Jason pulls the sheet off of her amazing body. His eyes cover the naked and totally amazing body of Catherine Zeta Jones.

“Oh no, I am naked and wet. What am I to do now?” She smiles up at the handsome Jason. He does look at her vagina. “If I did not want to screw I would not have mentioned how wet I am.”

Jason leans in and he kisses her. She kisses him with passion. His hands move over her breasts, as he kisses her with such passion. His hands are strong, and they move over her chest with an experience she would have figured on when she first met him.

Catherine lies on her back, as his hands move over her chest. His hands are truly amazing, and she becomes so wet when they move over her body. His hand then moves down her chest over her tight and flat tummy to her vagina. His thumb moves over her clit so hard.

She closes her beautiful brown eyes, and her body shakes so hard. His thumb moves over her clit making her ever so hot and horny. Her body shakes and her nipples become so hard, as her tits wiggle.

“What, did someone write a book on how to seduce me?” Her body shakes so hard. She looks up to the handsome Jason in complete lust.

“I might have to write one.” He smiles at her. His thumb continues to play with her clit so hard.

“Don’t you dare! Please?” She begs of him unsure of what she begs of from him.

“I won’t if the next words out of your mouth are what I hope for.” He smiles, as one thumb plays with her clit. His other hand plays with other body parts including hips and chest.

Catherine smiles up to the handsome Jason, and she feels really good. Besides playing with her body, Jason makes her feel so beautiful and very sexy. “Jason, please make love to me.” She looks up at him, when he stands and he begins to strip.

She licks her lips, as Catherine watches the handsome Jason begin to strip. His body might not rank with Hollywood’s finest, but none of them ever made her as wet as Jason does.

He then gets inbetween her legs, and Catherine smiles wide at him. She then parts her dancers legs so far apart. He moves inbetween them very quickly. He rubs his dick inbetween her long and very sexy legs. Catherine shudders, as he does this. Her beautiful body then shakes so hard.

Jason then moves himself inside of her and Catherine moans so hard. His penis is not huge, but it is big enough to make her remember this night. He gives her some time to adjust to his size. Catherine then moans hard, as Jason moves inside of her so hard.

“Oh God yes!” Catherine yells so hard. Jason screws her so hard. His penis moves inside of her so hard. She closes her beautiful brown eyes, as he continues to screw her so hard. She enjoys what the handsome nineteen-year-old does to her body so much.

Catherine then orgasms hard, and she cums all over his penis. Her beautiful body shake when she cums so hard. She looks into his eyes, and she begs him to keep going inside of her. Jason does move inside of her, and he does it with powerful passion.

She breathes hard, as she works to keep up with the handsome nineteen-year-old. She is not a kid anymore. Jason so proves it to her when he screws her for so long and very hard. He then orgasms inside of her, and Catherine cums in responce.

Jason then lies the very exhausted Catherine Zeta Jones on her back. She smiles up to the handsome and very tired Jason. She pats the bed beside of her, and Jason lies down beside of her. She closes her eyes, and she falls to sleep beside of a very handsome naked young man.

Hours later, Catherine wakes up in a complete panic. She looks at Jason who is waking up, and getting dressed. “NEVER tell anyone of what you and I just…” She then looks at the clock, and she gasps in horror. “Oh my god that is PM!” She stands up, and she begins to dress too. She looks over the dirty room and she wants to shower so bad.

“Catherine, don’t freak out. I already had a phone call made to your husband. He knows you had to catch up on some sleep.” Catherine looks at the table and her address book is opened.

“So, you called Michael?” Catherine looks at the handsome Jason very wide eyed.

He does a perfect French accent. “This is the Hotel Paris. You have a message from a Catherine saying that she needs to rest. Her cell phone has been turned off, and now she is sleeping a well earned rest.”

Catherine looks down and her cell phone is turned off, and she smiles at Jason. “So, how long have you been on this side of the pond my American friend?”

“Five years. I’d do anything to see a real football game and do not even talk to me about soccar. I perfer to watch paint dry.” Jason smiles up at a laughing Catherine Zeta Jones.

“No NFL Europe for you then?” Catherine smiles at Jason.

Jason sighs and he looks at her. “Between what you and I just did and that is the only thing that keeps me from slitting my wrists.”

Catherine looks down at the handsome man before her, and she shakes her head no. “You ever end your life I’ll kill myself and then kick your ass.” Catherine looks at him a little bit cross.

“Sorry, but I truly cannot stand France. I do like working here though.” He winks at Catherine, and she laughs some.

“You like all of the horny babes that come to France, but you dislike the country?” Catherines smiles at him.

“Yeah, France is what made so so freakin’ horny. I think that is all Winston.” Jason shakes his head some.

“Yes, I am not a huge fan of France myself. The food is really good here though. We Brits cannot cook worth a shit.”

“Yeah, I had some shepards pie once.” Jason looks like he might loose it. “I was half way done before a tourist asked if what was in it really was in it.”

“So, you lost it then huh?” Catherine asks, as she does her best to supress a snicker.

“Right at the table. It could not have made the meal any worse. Stop laughing!” Catherine goes from snicker to laughter.

“Sorry, I can see that poor woman clean up that mess. She must have been so digusted. I have to leave now.” She picks up her things to leave, and she smiles at the handsome Jason. “Care to shag inside of the elevator?”

Jason follows her out of the room. He does have some news from her. This hotel does not have an elevator. They do end up finding a small coat room, and Jason has his way with her once more.

About two weeks later, Winston sits inside of a bar in the cafe. His eyes go over some flirty young girl as they talk. The bar is well hidden from the cafe, and Winston usually comes inside of it when he tries to hunt. It is usually full of young and stupid americans, and he can usually cover his tracks.

A real pretty blonde has made eye contact with him, he raises his glass and an eyebrown at the pretty young lass. The blonde blushes, and she smiles so embarrassed at him.

As he gets up to go talk to her, his eyes narrow when Jason approaches him. “Sir, we have got a problem.”

“What kind of problem do YOU have?” He looks to Jason so angry, he keeps the blonde in his sights.

“Mrs. Catherine Zeta Jones is out in the cafe, and she says if you do not come out in five minute’s she’ll burn this place down.”

His eyes widen, as he regrets sleeping with the perfect, but maybe unstable Catherine Zeta Jones. “Clear this room. I’ll go and talk to her.” Winston leaves the room, and he walks into the cafe.

In the middle of the room sits the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones, and the overpowering smell of gasoline. “So, what can I do for you? Can I get you a smoke?” Her dress is soaked with gasoline.

“I have tried to call you Winston. Why have you not even returned my phone calls?” Catherine looks at him so cross.

“Because you and I should not even be in the same room ever again. That is why! Talking to you on the phone would be pure torture for me. Why can’t you understand that?”

“Because I want to become a vampire. I was just offered to… to play the sister of a hot young actress. That is step number one. Next my pay gets lower and lower. Then I get passed over some roles I want in search of a ‘younger Catherine Zeta Jones.’ It’s so unfair!” Catherine shouts out loud, as she begins to cry so hard.

Winston sits across from Catherine, and he takes her wet hand. He looks into her beautiful brown eyes. “It is not fair at all, because you can have any man in any room you come inside. You are at your sexual peak and Hollywood now wishes to throw you away like trash. Do you have any idea what happened when you become a vampire?”

“I have to go away from my work and my… oh my God. I won’t be able to be with my husband and kids.” Catherine has figured out a huge flaw inside of her plan. She could never be that selfish.

“Plus, you will always look like Catherine Zeta Jones… whatever happened to her?” He smiles, as he looks at Catherine. “Can you handle that sorta thing?” His eyes widen, and he smiles as a cross comes out of her shirt. She wanted a way out. Catherine will soon learn that her protection cannot protect anyone from a vampire.

“So, I should not become a vampire then? Maybe me and Michael can move to…” She bites her lip, as Winston shakes his head no.

“What will happen when he dies and you stay so young? What then happens when you have to bury your kids? Can you even imagine doing such a thing?” Catherine shakes her head no, and she hangs her head in shame. She feels so small and selfish right now.

Winston looks over her body, as she takes out a pen and a piece of paper. She begins to write. Tears run down her beautiful face as she writes. She crosses and she uncrosses her legs over and over, while she writes a really long letter.

When done with it Catherine passes it over to him, and he reads it over. Tears go down his face, as he reads her heart felt words. “So you really wish to do this?” He looks up into her beautiful tear stained eyes, and she nods. “Your life will never be the same you know? It won’t all be good.”

Catherine smiles at the handsome man across from her, and she shrugs some. Her life will end with agony if she stays as she is. “So, were you someone who asked or were you…”

“I was forced and taken by a beautiful female vampire. She screwed me then took my life. I rose out of my grave the next night.” His smile disappears, as he looks at the clock. “Come with me if you wish to become a vampire?”

Catherine gets up, and she follows him outside. A jet black car then drives up. Winston opens the door for her and she gets inside. The car then takes off once he gets inside too.

“Catherine, this is Hans. Hans meet Catherine.” She smiles up to Hans, as he drives. She then looks into the mirror to see his face. She is alone in the car by what the mirror says. She looks to Winston in complete shock. “I was not lying to you.”

“So what do we do now?” Catherine looks at him in complete shock. “What else have the movies gotten right?”

“Very little.” He removes her cross from her neck, and Catherine becomes so afraid. He then places it over his neck and her mouth pops open in complete shock.

“Does sunlight do anything to us or you! I mean you!” Catherine looks to him wide eyed, and she moves away from him some.

“Have you ever put a non-microwavable bowl or cup inside of the microwave?” Catherine nods, her head as she looks at Winston. “That is what sunlight does to us. It does not kill us, but we usually end up dying due to lack of blood.”

“So, no more tans for me? Sunlight is not good for any ordinary humans too.” Catherine smiles at the handsome Winston. “So, holy water does not mean anything too. Does wood do anything to us?”

“People used to stake us to the ground and it would hurt like hell, but you cannot truly kill the undead.” Winston shakes his head, as he remembers when his girlfriend was found inside of her coffin during the day, and they staked her. It was both hurt by the sunlight and staked to the ground. Talk about a complete mess. He left her to die, because she begged him to do so.

“So, if we feed every few days we cannot grow old or die?” Catherine smiles, as she looks shocked at a much more young and handsome Winston Scott. “What the…”

“I can look as old or as young as I wish to do. If harmed you become the age you were when you were taken. If you die from lack of blood you’ll become something I doubt you can even begin to imagine.” The young Winston smiles at the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones.

“So, I can go back to being twenty or see what I am to look like at fifty?” Catherine smiles, as she looks at the young, and very handsome Winston. “Can I gain any weight?”

“If you wish to do so, or you could become like Kate Moss.” Catherine takes on a look of disgust on her face. “Not into the waff look, huh?”

“God no! Who would want to be that thin? Ick! I perfer to eat.” Catherine smiles wide at the handsome Winston. She then kisses the handsome man with passion. Her arms wrap around the handsome man, and she pulls him close to her.

“Catherine…” Winston pulls away from her to her shock. “Let’s shower before we make love.”

“Oh yeah, I smell of gas. Sorry.” Catherine smiles at the handsome Winston. “So, vampires can shower?” He nods yes, and she lets out a sigh of relief. “It will be impossible for me to resist any handsome man afterwards right?”

Winston then leans in and he whispers into her ear. “Catherine, why would you want to? You’ll be completely free.” Catherine grins, as he pulls away from her. No husband, no threat of illness, no rumors. She’ll be completely free.

Catherine smiles, as she walks inside of Winstons underground lair. It looks like a comic book villains underground lair and and she waits for The Joker of Lex Luthor to pop out and get her. “So, you live like a pulp villain then?” She smiles at Winston, and he sits inside of a large easy chair.

“Care to shower with me or… you fear fire don’t you?” Catherine blinks, as she looks at Winston.

“Why, because my hands have not touched you since you have done something so stupid. Yes, all creatures fear fire.” Winston smiles at her, as his eyes cover her amazing body. Winston would light himself up if it meant he could make love to her once more.

“So, if I wished to be free I would have to…” Catherine look for anything she can use as a torch incase she changes her mind.

“If you wished to leave you can do so at any time.” Winston smiles, as his eyes move over her beautiful body. “I did not invite you to come here and become a vampire. You begged me to become one.”

“So, I can take my gas soaked clothes and walk down some scary tunnel to find god knows what?” Catherine grins wide at Winston. “I think I’ll stay here.”

Catherine then removes her clothes, and she walks inside of the shower. She takes the soap, and she begins to lather up her ultra fine body. She washes the gasoline off her body. Lucky for her most of the gas was on the cheap dress that she bought at some little shop in Paris. Her body had some gas on it as a result, but it came off easy with the soap Winston had on hand.

Catherine finishes showering, and she dries herself off. She then walks out to Winston. “So where do you buy your soap? Very good stuff.”

“If you knew what I put inside of that soap you would likely hurl.” Winston smiles at her. His eyes go over her amazing body. If he has ever seen Catherine Zeta Jones any more beautiful he has not as of yet.

“Most likely the same things we Welsh put into our soap.” She smiles at him, as she stands before him buck naked. “I am not a prise. So are you…”

Her eyes widen and she lets out a weak squeel, as Winston stands. He then flies at her very fast. He takes her into his arms, and he pins Catherine against the wall. Winston kisses her with powerful passion, as his teeth grow.

Catherine kisses him back with great passion, but she changes her mind on the vampire thing. Her hands move over his back, as she kissed anyone with such passion. His fangs then began to move over her neck, and Catherine then becomes very afraid.

“Oh my god! No!” His teeth continue to move over her long and beautiful neck. His hands move over her beautiful naked body, and she shudders so hard.

He pulls down his pants, and he looks her in the eyes. Her eyes widen in complete fear, and she tries not to scream. He moves inside of Catherine, and she screams. “God no! Please!”

Winston begins to screw Catherine so hard, when he uses his knees to part her gorgous legs for her. She tries to scratch his face, but her fingernails can draw blood, but they cannot take his eyes off of the prize.

Catherine gives up, and she enjoys her last mortal screw. She looks into his eyes, as he screws her so hard. “This must stop! For my children?” She looks into his completely non-human eyes.

Winston then begins to screw her harder than any man has ever screwed her before in her life. Ever thrust is like pure torture to the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones.

Hans then walks around the corner, and he looks into her eyes. Catherine has to be in pain and even he must see that. “Help me please?” She begs of him, as Winston screws her so hard.

All Hans can do is turn his back to her and look away, as Winston screws her so hard. Catherine right now is in complete agony, because of how hard she is being raped. His thighs are so wet and that is not her usual body fluids that cause that wetness. She can smell cooper in the air, and she bawls uncontrolled.

Winston then begins to orgasm inside of her and Catherine cries out in complete fear. She smashes his face and she claws his eyes. Catherine does anything she can think of to escape, but it is not enough. His eyes look at her with hunger, and his fangs are so long and sharpe. They plung into her neck, and her eyes then close, as she shrieks out in agony.

He drinks her blood, as his lips move over her neck wound. Her blood flows freely, but he can taste the fear inside of it. Catherine wimpers when he drinks from her neck. She passes out due to lack of blood, but she still has the spark of life in her body.

“I really fucked up didn’t I?” He looks to Hans, as he nods his head to his master. He lies Catherine down gently, and he looks down at her vagina. It looks like she has been screwed by a jackhammer. “Do you wish to turn her?” He looks up Hans, and he nods at him.

“Take her and then dump her body somewhere that is easy to find it. Make it look like she was killed by some occultists or something?” Winston looks down to the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones with regret. He lost control. Something a vampire should never do.

A few days later, some men walk into the local Paris mourge where a very strange and an extremely famous body has turned up. Paul brings her into the room, and his eyes go over her form. The man knows the form of one of his favorite actresses and tears run down his face.

He looks at Beck, as he wheels her into the exam room. “You do not need to call her husband, because I know who it is. It is her.” He stops, and he looks to Beck, who nods his head. Heck, how many people cannot know Catherine Zeta Jones by looking at her?

“I know who it is, but I cannot look at her before her husband comes and gives us the okay.” Beck hates these high profile cases, because they have there own set of problems.

“So, do you know that she has… sir… her body has healed since it was found. We do have pictures to prove it too. Could she still be alive?”

“I know what happened to her. The efforts to cover it is rather amaturish. Do you believe in vampires?” Paul shakes his head no, but he shows him a cross.

“So, you are armed, huh? I have a mission for you tonight. Stay with her until dawn. If she rises from the table kill her.” Beck tells him, as he looks into his eyes. Beck takes out a hammer and steak, and he puts it on the table.

“What if that does not work?” His eyes look over the steak, and then he looks over the chest of Catherine Zeta Jones. He doubts he could do it anyway.

“If you cannot stop her do not get bitten, and by the way Paul. Do not do anything with her dead body that can ruin you.” His eyes go over her exceptional body too, because he has the same sick urges as any man with such a beautiful woman. There is sick and wrong, and then there is this.

Beck then leaves Paul over night with the body of one of the most beautiful women ever to have lived. Poor Catherine was likely raped and then killed by a group of Satanic Occultists.

Paul sits inside of the very small room with six bodies inside of it. His coat is on so he does not freeze to death or anything like that. He reads a book, as his eyes go over the sexy dead woman’s body. He has to at least look.

He stands up, and he lifts the sheet. He looks at her totally naked body, and then he is hit so hard by guilt. Oh my God what is he doing? He immediately drops the sheet and he walks to the door. He cannot leave the room except to go to the bathroom.

Paul breathes out of his mouth some, as he looks out of the glass that people can look through. “Okay, Paul she might be the most beautiful woman you have ever seen, but…”

His talk is then broken by two words. “Thank you.” He hears from behind him, and he turns in complete panic. Oh my God, that was a British accent too! On the table before him sits a very naked and an alive Catherine Zeta Jones.

“Holy crap you are not dead!” Paul asks so afraid and very turned on. She gets up, and she walks to him. “You are naked too!”

“Yes, I am naked and very horny. Can you make love to me?” Catherine smiles up to the tall and handsome Paul. She then rubs her beautiful body against him.

“Oh my God! You are naked and horny!” His hands then begin to move over her beautiful body. Catherine lowers his pants, and she jumps up into his arms.

She moves his penis inside of her, and Catherine looks into his beautiful blue eyes. She screws him so hard. “Oh god! You are so young and horny!” She drives herself down onto his penis so hard.

Paul then orgasms hard, and Catherine looks into his eyes. Her fangs then come out of her jaw, and she bites him. She drinks the blood from his neck, and her eyes or her face no longer looks human.

He falls to the floor, and Catherine gets off of his penis. She looks down to the wounded and the very weak Paul. “I am sorry… yuck I just drank some blood!” Catherine then snaps his neck, so Paul can tell no one what just happened between he and she.

She then opens the door, and she walks outside. She sees the black car outside and she does not walk to it. She actually walks the other way. The car then begins to follow her. It then pulls up beside of her. “Catherine get in the car.” Winston demands of her.

“No, you raped me and killed me, so go fuck yourself.” Catherine walks faster. Thank God that it is so late, so the streets are empty.

“Catherine, I did not kill you. Get in the car now.” Winston looks at her very cross.

“Fuck you Winston.” Catherine walks faster than she has ever ran before in her life. Her new powers are so great and wonderful.

“Catherine get into the fucking car now, or I go and find your children. They will both greatly suffer before I fucking murder them!” Catherine stops walking, and she looks at him in horror.

“You can’t… they are protected…” Catherine looks at him wide eyed. Winston opens the car door for her, and she gets inside. “Leave them and my… ex-husband be…” Catherine’s eyes tear up, as she ponders what she has given up. She has paid to high of a price for her immortality.

“I can get to anyone I wish to if I wish to do so.” He offers her a glass, and Catherine drinks it with a powerful thrist.

She feels so sick, and so happy as she drinks the blood given to her. It tastes like life, and she drinks so happy. She then looks at the blood in the cup, and she shivers hard. “I am now a monster, aren’t I?” She bites her lip, as she looks inside of the cup.

“No, monsters do exist, but we are not them. Is a wolf bad for eating a deer, is a lion evil for eating a elk, is a skark horrible for eating the occasional person?” Winston does not look at her.

“If you put it that way it does make sense, but I was not sick or dying. Why did you do that to me?” Catherine looks at Winston and he shakes his head no.

“So, you did not turn me…” Her eyes widen, and she looks up at the front of the car. “He did it? Did you screw me too?”

Hans shakes his head no, as he drives without a word. Catherine then looks at him in surprise, and then she looks at Winston. “Hans does not like to talk very much. He did not make love to you, and I told him to either kill you or turn you and he choose the later of the two.”

“So, this is as much his fault as it is yours!” Catherine looks at him, and then Hans so pissed off. “So, do I have to screw him on demand?”

“Does she have to Hans?” Winston asks him, and he shakes his head no. “What if she wishes to screw you will you?” Hans does nod, but not with enthusiam.

“I feel kinda insulted now.” She looks to Hans so pissed off. “How strong is he?”

“Stronger than you and I put together. He does not work for me, because I turned him. He works for me because I pay him good money to do so.” Hans does smile, as Winston admits the truth to her. “He is hundreds of thousands of years old.”

“Humanity have not been around for… oh my god!” Catherine looks up at Winston, as something occurs to her. “He was never human?”

“Not from what he has told me and he refuses to tell me anything about his life before he and I met.” Hans waves his hand, so Winston does stop talking.

“Catherine, if you do what Winston and I want you to do your family will be off limits to our kind. If you refuse us you sign their death warrants.” His first words are not happy words, but Catherine can tell that he needs to say them.

“So, if I become a very well trained vampire anyone who shares my name or blood shall be spared? If not I have put them on the menu?”

“Exactly,” Hans says, as he drives them away. It will be daylight soon and they need to protect themselves from the rays of the sun.

The next night Catherine and Winston are at the Cannes, as some of Hollywood’s finest come out of the threatre. Winston’s eyes go over each of them, as he takes in the sights and the sounds.

Catherine looks at all of the beautiful women when they come out of the threatre. Cannes Film Festival has some of Hollywood’s hottest women attend it. A flocky of them walk out of it, and Catherine smiles at Winston. “See any that you like?”

“One or two have caught my eye. Can you blame me?” Winston smiles at the beautiful Catherine, as they follow two young ladies. They are not very well known yet, but they sure are beautiful.

“No one can blame you.” Catherine finds herself looking over their bodies too. Her new strange Lesbian urges have been a shock to her. “Why do I want them too? Yuck!”

“Because they taste so good. Can you not smell them?” Winston inhales hard, as his eyes go over the back of their legs.

“I can smell that they are young and fertial. I do not wish to bang them. May I go find my own prey?” Catherine asks, as she walks with him.

“If my hot females are not good enough for you meet me at the car at 3am.” Catherine breaks from beside of Winston, and she walks over the streets of the city.

Most men look at her, and she smiles at them. Some men even have the guts to speaks to her, but none of them interest her hunger. She leans against the gate, as she watches the ocean.

Then a man walks behind her, and his hand dances up the back of her leg. She turns to hiss at him, but before she can vamp out he catches her eye. “You are…”

“Yes, I am. I know who you are too. Can you blame me for touching you?” He smiles at the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones.

“No, you sicken me. I know what you want and yet you hit on me when your girlfriend is so much younger and hotter than I am.” Catherine rolls her eyes when she turns back to the ocean.

“She is not here right now, but you and I are here.” His hand moves up the back of her sexy leg. Catherine closes her eyes, and she moans so hard.

“Take your hand off of me before you lose it.” Catherine looks over at him with a deadly stare.

“If I do remove it my hand will call the newspapers. Lead story Catherine Zeta Jones alive at Cannes.”

Catherine turns back to the so called handsome man before her. She smiles at him. “So, you wish to fuck me that bad?”

“Have you never fucked yourself when you were so fucking horny?” He smiles, as his eyes go over the beautiful body of Catherine Zeta Jones.

“Let’s go fuck then handsome?” The words taste like acid, as they come from her mouth. She leads him to a long dark alley.

She smiles up to the handsome man before her, as he begins to undress her. His hands do not feel bad, and normally Catherine is not that type of a girl. “You have something on your face?” Catherine reaches up and she touchs his face. Then she snaps his neck hard. “Scumbag!”

Catherine then bend down, and she begins to drink his blood. His blood tastes so terrible in part because he is dead. She can hardly even stomach it. “Garbage,” She yells out, as she spits it out of her mouth.

She then looks up in her vampire form and her eyes widen. “Holy shit!” Before her stands the beautiful and very sexy Halle Berry. “You cannot move.”

“I…” Halle looks into her eyes, and she looses her abilty to walk or do anything, but look at her.

“Do you know who I am?” Catherine asks hoping she might not have seen her.

“You are Catherine Zeta Jones. I thought you were dead?” Halle looks helplessly at her. “I saw you come in here with…”

“Never mind what you just saw. Come with me… but before we go.” Catherine looks at her mid section because she senses something. She then rolls up her skirt. Her eyes widen some, as she looks at two marks on her inner thighs. “Who did this to you?”

“His name was Scott Winston.” Halle smiles, as she thinks of the night he broke her cherry thus setting a near impossible standard for any man to measure up to again.

“You mean Winston Scott?” She smiles at Halle Berry, and she shakes her head no. “A handsome man with a German like accent?” Halle nods her head yes with a dreamy smile. Catherine has seen that smile in her mirror more than once. “Halle, would you like to see him again?”

“Yes!” Halle smiles a wide and very beautiful smile, as she remembers a night of sex that most men can come no where near close to measuring up to.

“Come with me then Halle, and pull your skirt down some. No need to bring attention to yourself.”

Catherine Zeta Jones and Halle Berry walk through the streets of Cannes in short skirts. Both of their beautiful bodies look so outstanding when they move through the streets of the community.

When they arrive at the car Winston smiles at Catherine and his eyes go over the beautiful and very out of it Halle Berry. “Very nice catch, Catherine. I saw you with a man who I knew you could not drink his blood. How he got his current girlfriend I do not understand.” He opens the door for her and Halle, and they get inside.

“So, a former girlfriend, Scott?” Catherine smiles at Winston, and he grins at her wide. “By the way I murdered that man. He refused to stop touching me.”

“No big loss Catherine, besides you bought me a former conquest. I have such a weakness for black women.” Winston’s eyes go over both of their bodies.

“So, you like african american women? No one calls them black any more.” Catherine cannot take her eyes off of Halle’s legs.

“When I was your age I used yet another word.” He grins, as Catherine can no longer control herself. She begins to kiss Halle’s legs.

Halle moans some, as her legs are kissed by the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones. Her body shakes, as she kisses up her legs. Her skin tastes so incredible when she kisses it.

“Wake her up, so she can enjoy this.” Winston orders her, and Catherine grins so wide at him.

“Halle, you may wake up now.” Catherine tells her, as she looks into her beautiful brown eyes.

She blinks for a few minutes before she wakes up, and Halle Berry blinks. “Okay, so I have been kidnapped by a dead woman and… SCOTT?” Halle leans forward, and she kisses Winston/Scott with such passion.

Winston kisses back Halle Berry with incredible passion. His hands move over her large breasts, and she moans so hard. Her outfit is so small and tiny and Catherine has a theory. “Halle, do you fear people no longer caring if you are sexy?”

Halle stops kissing Winston, and she looks at Catherine. “The upper thigh right?” Halle bites her lip, as she looks at her neck. “I only count two bite marks on your neck.”

“My third is where yours is now.” Catherine smiles, as Halle blushes some. Halle then crosses her legs too. “I did not do anything to you.” Catherine smiles at her, and Halle shakes her head in denial.

“Why do I not believe you.” Halle looks out the pitch black window. How can anyone drive a car with such dark windows?

“I would fuck you if you gave me the okay.” Catherine confesses to Halle, and she blinks at Catherine.

“You would screw me? Why?” Halle blinks at Catherine, as she seriously tries to control her drool.

“You are beautiful and this new condition has one dreadful side effect I was never told of.” Catherine looks at Winston harshly.

“So, I forgot to tell a few woman about that little side effect. Big deal?” Winston looks at an unhappy Catherine Zeta Jones and a little bit ticked off Halle Berry.

“Later, you and I can cut off his dick. You want to fuck me, huh?” Halle smiles at Catherine, and she nods at her. “I’ll do it on one condition. Make me into a vampire too. My god when I wake up I am not looking so hot sometimes.”

“You want to become a vampire then?” Catherine smiles at Halle. Oh my God, Halle would be under her control. “I’ll do…”

“She cannot do it. I am afraid Catherine does not have the practice to control someone yet.” Winston cuts off a now very upset Catherine.

“Why can’t I do this?” Catherine looks at Winston so mad.

“What if something goes wrong and we are discovered? Too risky.” Winston looks at Halle in lust.

“You son of a bitch! I just might call the paper now and let them know…” Catherine has gone from mad to outragged.

“Winston, she can do it. I’ll take the heat if things go bad.” Hans says, as the window rolls down.

Catherine blinks, as Hans actually speaks. His accent is so unusual speaking would cause him so many problems. Winston swallows hard, as he speaks too. “Yes, Master.”

“So, the driver is in charge? You vampires have things backwards.” Halle smiles at Catherine. Her eyes go over her beautiful body.

“How we do things we do so we shall survive. Money and power mean little to us except it protects us from humans. He can take five of me with ease if he wished to do so.” Winston smiles up to Hans. Humans know so little of his kind and all of the ficton out there only makes things easier to hide themselves from them.

“So, the driver is the ultimate badass then? He’s kinda cute too. Are you married?” Halle smiles up at him. Hans shakes his head no. “Strong, silent type? Goody!”

Hans pulls up outside of a hotel and Winston takes Halle and Catherine to the back door. They are let in by another vampire and Catherine marvels at how many vampires exist. She has met hundred and she has never known. She now has the senses to tell them apart.

They walk upstairs up the back steps, and Catherine looks at Winston. “Do you plan on joining in?” She smiles at him letting him know she would not have a problem with that.

“No, I wish to at least watch. You might harm Halle.” Winston smiles, as he looks at both of their sensational legs.

“Yeah, Halle I so plan on kicking your black ass when we make it up these stairs.” Catherine smiles at Halle.

“Bring it on you limie whore. You have got all that hair to pull.” Halle smiles at Catherine. They come up to a level that even she never knew existed. “Okay, even I have never been on this level…” Halle looks at Catherine, and she shrugs some.

“Okay, Catherine walk before her, and you lower your head some Halle. If she or I give you an order take it without question.”

“May I ask why?” Halle lowers her head, as Catherine steps infront of her.

“Yes, and no more speaking. If you are not a submissive slave none of us will escape with our lives.”

“Winston, you take me to the nicest places. What’s next a witch burning?” Catherine then shuts up, as they come towards a huge vampire who has a look in his eyes that scare her to death. “Be quiet you bitch before I beat you.”

The vampire steps out before Catherine and her eyes widen. He pulls down his pants and she looks in total shock at his mass. “Suck it you…” Her skin goes cold, as his hand goes to her shoulder. The look in his eyes when he looks at her suggests that she is the one who needs to suck him off, not Halle.

Catherine immediatly falls to her knees, and she looks up at his inhuman penis. She uses her mouth to wet it, and she slides it in her mouth. She sucks the vile member, as it sits inside of her moisted mouth. Catherine tries to give him, it or whatever you call a vampire before her a sexy look. She doubts she can pull it off.

Suddenly, it orgasms inside of her mouth with a powerful explosion. His seaman or whatever passes for vampire seaman cum out of him into her mouth. Catherine tries to swallow but it tastes so horrid, and she coughs it out onto the floor.

She waits in fear, as she sits on her hands and knees. Her beautiful body shakes, as the vampire looks down at her. “Catherine, you may get up now.” Catherine gets up, and she looks into the face of the now grinning vampire. He then points down at the farest door at the end of the hallway.

Catherine walks past the vampire and she looks back to Winston and Halle. They follow her. “I should have given you a warning there, sorry.”

“Trust me. You have to suck a big ugly with a horrid tasting dick does not warn at all.” Catherine opens the door, as she looks at Halle. Tears run down her face in fear. “Go inside Halle and wait.” Halle walks inside of the room, and Catherine closes the door. “We can’t do this to her.”

“We have to do it, because she cannot walk out of here alive.” Winston looks into her eyes. “Do you have any idea where you are at?”

“Some kind of vampire safe house or something. Humans cannot walk out of here alive?” Catherine looks at Winston so pissed off. “Do you think she can be strong enough to live this life?”

“Why do you question that?” He asks because he looks right into her beautiful brown eyes.

“Because I am barely strong enough to live this life!” Catherine shouts, as she looks at Winston. “I do not want to make a mistake with her.”

“Let’s go inside and we can talk about this?” Winston smiles, as Catherine opens up the door infront of her.

Before them stands a grinning Halle Berry in black panties. Catherine looks at her, and she looses total control. She runs fast at Halle, and she kisses her close. Halle kisses Catherine back, and her tongue moves over her fangs as they come out of her mouth.

Catherine gasps hard, as the female tongue moves over her fangs. She closes her eyes enjoying it so much. This is not the first time Halle has made out with a vampire and how she does it turns on Catherine so much.

Halle then lies on the blood stained bed, and she looks up at the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones. Catherine bends down and she removes her panties from her body. “You are so beautiful naked!” She looks down at her in regret in part, because she does not want to turn Halle. She does want to fuck her so bad. What can you really do?

She kisses Halle’s long and sexy legs, and Halle closes her eyes. She growls some, as Catherine kisses up her legs. “Oh God, Catherine.” Halle moans, as Catherine kisses down her legs.

Catherine can smell her sweet pussy, and she inhales hard as she sniffs it. Something then occurs to her, “Halle, you cannot have any children.” Halle nods her head yes, and tears come down her cheeks.

“I know, so instead I do not want to become old and live forever.” Catherine begins to lick her pussy, and Halle shudders so hard. “Oh God yes, Catherine!”

Catherine licks her first pussy, and she so loves how it tastes. His hands go over her legs, as she licks Halle out so hard. Then something occurs to Catherine. “You have got a tongue too.” Catherine stands and she positions herself over her mouth, and she removes her panties.

Halle begins to lick her pussy out so hard, and Catherine begins to lick her out harder and more enthused. “Oh God, Halle!” Catherine shakes hard, as the beautiful woman licks her out so hard.

She closes her eyes, as Catherine Zeta Jones licks her out so hard. Her body shakes, as she thinks of the other European woman she had a Lesbian affair with. She is so fucking wet as Catherine licks her so deep.

“Oh God Catherine!” Halle begins to orgasm first in part because of Catherine’s long tongue. Being a vampire can have an advantage in a Lesbian relationship.

The moment Halle begins to cum and cum hard Catherine bites her upper thigh. She bites so close to the two marks on her upper thighs that no one will notice the third set of marks.

Catherine drinks like she has never drank before and it does not even occur to her that Halle will die from the loss of blood. Catherine continues to drink from her until she gets her fill. She then looks up to a grinning Winston.

As he walks to Halle to drink her blood Catherine looks at her face, and she gasps hard. “Oh my God! I killed her!” Catherine begins to cry so hard when he begins to drink her blood.

“You had to do it.” Winston looks at the door, and they hear a knock from it. “Answer it.” Catherine walks to the door, and she opens it. Behind it stands that really large vampire, and he walks into the bedroom.

He then walks to the naked and very dead body of Halle Berry. He drinks some from her, and then he parts her legs. He takes out his huge inhuman dick and he shoves it inside of Halle Berry.

Catherine looks in horror, as he begins to rape the dead body of Halle Berry. She bites her lip, as she looks at him as he screws a dead woman. She looks to Winston. “Why do you let this happen?”

The vampire cums inside of Halle with great force, and her dead body shakes some not from pleasure or pain, but from reflex. He then pulls himself out of her, and he nods at Winston and he leaves the room. “Okay, are you and he gay lovers or something?” Catherine asks, as she walks into the bathroom. She comes out with a wet wash cloth.

She then begins to wash down a naked and dead Halle Berry. She does not want her to wake up all icky and feeling used. “Do you enjoy doing that Catherine, because I can get you a job in the morgue?” Catherine looks up to Winston with a deadly look in her eyes. “Someone is in a mood.”

“Why did you let that thing come inside of here and do that to her?” Catherine stands up so pissed off. She looks Winston in the eyes.

“Because the moment you and I came into this place he got a piece of her. That is how things work! You have to learn these things if you wish to survive in this world.”

“I do, huh? Can’t you guys come up with a handbook or something?” Catherine looks at Winston so pissed off. “How about a class or something?”

“Yes, how to be a vampire in ten easy steps? News flash beautiful it takes decades to learn how to be a vampire. With that attitude it will take YOU centuries to become one.”

“So, I do not become one who can live in vampire society? Is that a huge deal?” Catherine crosses her arms, and she looks at Winston.

“Considering nine out of ten people who are outside after midnight are vampires, yes. If you become an outcast you’ll have a hard time surviving.”

“Give me an example, please?” Catherine looks down to the naked and dead Halle. Oh my God, she wants her!

“Okay, the sun is about to come up and you are someplace strange and you have no one you know near by and your windows are not tinted. What do you do?”

“Look for some kinda cover? A possible vampire safehouse or someplace dark and shadowed?”

“You become an outcast in our world you loose all safehouses and any place dark can be flooded with light at any moment. How can you survive?”

“Take off all my clothes and die naked like I was born?” Catherine shrugs some. “Such a question can be utter bullshit, because I can borrow many men’s bedrooms.”

“Very true and how many men can blacken all of their windows for even you within minutes? Most men would be wasting time looking at you, so learn the lessons I teach you.”

“Fine, I can learn the lessons you teach me. So I have to suck the dick of the guard vampire when I come inside of a vampire safehouse?”

“If he or she wishes you to do so, and I imagine if you came into a vampire safehouse you would get special attention.”

“So my looks are a doubled edged sword in this world too? Just great.” Catherine rolls her eyes, as Winston removes Halle from the bed. He sets her on the floor. “Why did you do that?” Catherine does then yawn some. The sun is coming up outside. She removes the blood stained sheets and she looks at Winston. “You take me to the nices places.” She then gets inside of the bed with Winston. They both quickly fall to sleep.

Night comes quickly, and Catherine stands up. She looks down at Halle. Halle is still dead. “How long will she be dead or did I fuck something up?”

“No, she will rise tonight, but you cannot say she will rise at this time or that time. She will rise before dawn though.”

“So, what do we eat before she rises? Her?” She looks down at Halle, and she drools some. In part because of hunger and in part due to lust.

“No, we shall have food outside of the room.” Winston gets up, and he opens the door, and he picks up a wine bottle. “Red wine?”

Catherine stands and she walks to Winston and the wine bottle, and he opens it. She can smell the blood, as it comes into the glass he holds. He gives the glass to Catherine and she smells it and she really inhales the scent. “Young boy… oh my god… I can’t drink this…” Catherine bites her lip, as she hands the glass back to Winston.

“So, you can only drink the blood of the old and very sick? This kid likely died of a car accident or something.” His eyes go over her beautiful body.

“I can’t drink kids blood, because I am a mother!” Catherine shouts upset as hell. She then looks at the second glass, and she tries not to drool, because they have much more blood to drink.

“You mean you were a mother. The night you came to me and you begged me to become a vampire you gave up somethings including your right to call yourself a mother.”

“So my children are orphans now?” Catherine blinks at him so upset.

“No, they go from being the kids who would have had the mother who everyone wants to nail to being the kids who lost their mommy early. Your daughter will likey use men to work out her grief.”

“You son of a…” Catherine runs very fast at Winston, and she tackles him onto the floor. The blood comes out of his glass onto the floor. She begins to hit him so hard. “You fucking bastard! I’ll kill you!”

Winston laughs, as Catherine continues to beat him so hard. His face becomes bloody with his own blood. He looks into her beautiful brown eyes. “What do you find so… Oh God!” Catherine shakes so hard, as his fingers come up the back of her excellent legs. He leans up and he kisses her.

As much as she hates Winston, she cannot help but kiss him back so deep and with such lust in her heart. His hands feel so incredible, and she kisses him back with such savage heat. She licks his foul tasting but edible blood off of his face.

She then bring her beautiful body up his and he looks at her large breasts. He opens her top, and he begins to kiss her tits. Her body shivers so hard, as he kisses her large chest. His fingers dance down her dancer legs, and Catherine moans so hard.

He removes her panties, and Catherine parts her legs. She then drives herself onto his penis. She moans so hard, as his penis moves inside of her with such great power. Then she sees an incredible black pair of legs infront of her and she looks up to a really horny and thristy Halle Berry.

“Care to join us beautiful?” She looks down to a grinning Winston, and then she looks at the bottle of blood. “Drink some and then sit on his face?”

Halle looks at the bottle and she walks to it, she picks it up and she drinks it. She can taste the life that the blood now gives her, and she looks at Catherine and she licks her blood stained lips.

She then walks to Catherine and Winston, and she sits on his face. Winston begins to lick her pussy, as Catherine rides his dick with her pussy. Halle then locks lips with Catherine, and Winston licks her lips while she makes out with Catherine Zeta Jones.

Catherine can taste the blood inside of her mouth and she kisses Halle deeper, as Winston licks out Halle’s pussy. Catherine rides his dick harder, as the blood in her mouth so turns her on.

“OH GOD WINSTON!” Both Catherine and Halle scream, as they orgasm together. Catherine cums all over his dick when Halle orgasms all over his face. Both women collapse into each others arms, and Catherine shudders hard when Winston orgasms inside of her body.

Catherine and Halle then fall off of Winston and they fall onto the floor. Both ladies continue to make out with each other, as Winston looks down at them. Each looks so beautiful and very sexy as they make out totally naked. “So, now I have two of the most beautiful women in the world at my sexual calling.” She smiles down at them, as he takes off his pants. To Catherine’s chagrin they likely won’t leave here for a few days.

A few days later Catherine leaves the flea trap of a hotel that they stayed in and she looks at Winston and Halle. “Yes, Winston you do take us to the nicest places.” Catherine shakes her head while her hand moves over the very waxy railing inside of the hotel. “Yuck!”

He holds her breath, as they pass the vampire who made her suck his dick when they came into the hotel. When they pass him she sighs some as his hand comes onto her shoulder. She holds her breathe and she turns to his eyes.

“Have a good night.” He smiles a grusome smile at her and Catherine so wants to scream in terror, but she keeps her cool.

“Thank you. Have a good night too. Love the Munsters look you have here.” To her astonishment he smiles wide at that statement, and she blinks some.

As she leaves the hotel she looks at Winston in shock. “So, why did he smile?”

“Besides the fact that you sucked him off hard or the fact that you stumbled into some vampire slang?” Winston smiles at her, as Halle walks on his arm.

“What vampire slang did I stumble into?” She looks at Winston in shock. If they have their own slang she has a problem.

“Some words meaning an insult means a good thing to us. The word Munster means something different to us. It means to make look shabby to keep humans away. Did you notice how much different our floor looks from the other floors?”

“Yes, the dust and cobwebbs I would have been so… okay I get it now. What if I called the place Dracula’s Castle?”

Winston smiles wide. “He would have kissed you, and trust me he does not brush his teeth at all.”

“Ew gross!” Both Catherine and Halle exclaim at the same time. “How many creatures can go long without any brushing?”

“When was the last time you brushed?” He looks at Catherine, and her eyes widen some.

“Okay Halle, you and I need to buy some tooth brushes ASAP.” Catherine shakes her head, as his tongue moves over her teeth. They don’t taste that bad to tell the truth. “Let me guess, we no longer need to brush?”

“Nope, we don’t need to do so. You may do so if you wish to do it, but you do not need to do so.” Winston smiles, as his eyes go over both Catherine and Halle. They are both so gorgeous.

“If you don’t mind I will do normal grooming habits that most people do, I can’t stand to go more than one day without any showering.” Halle shudders some. No one ever told her vampires can go without showering or anything like that. “Wait, can we shower?” Halle bites her lip some, as she looks at Catherine.

“Hope so, because I do need one so bad. Are you aware you get some… oh never mind, you must be a bi-sexual.” Catherine remembers that Halle had no problem having sex with her before she became a vampire.

“I would not call myself a bi-sexual, but I won’t do a third X-Men movie because…” Halle stops walking, as something occurs to her. “I won’t be doing any more movies am I?”

“Not unless you wish to play The Invisible Woman.” Winston smiles, because he really doubts anyone would pay to see a movie where Halle does not even show her pretty face.

“I could do cartoons and those sorta things.” She smiles, as she imagines herself play Storm on an X-Men cartoon or something like that.

“When they wish to talk to the voice of the character for a perview or something you’ll be shit out of luck.” Winston smiles, because Halle can no longer do any movies.

“So, my acting career is over then? At least I was not booted out of Hollywood or something.” Halle does smile some, because she’ll get to go out on her own terms.

“Yes, you were not kicked out like I was.” Catherine sighs some, because her career was going south fast, and she could do little to stop it.

“News flash Cathy, you had a good ten years left before people would not pay to see you on film.” Halle smiles, because Catherine did have a lot of time left with her husband and his connections she could have acted until she wished to stop.

“Why have my offers been drying up then Halle? People were looking for younger versions of me. And my name is Catherine not Cathy.” She shakes her head, as they get into the car.

“Do you know how many younger Halle Berrys I have outlasted?” Halle smiles some, because that is a true statement.

“But they keep coming. What happens when one out lasted you?” Catherine looks at Halle in some shock, because this so could happen to anyone.

“I’d tell her congrats and then go out with a couple of hot twenty year olds in hand. I do not fear my age Catherine. I used to fear wrinkles.” Halle smiles at Catherine. “That can’t be a problem anymore can it? Or was I not told something?” Both Catherine and Winston then laugh, as Halle blinks at them. Yes, Halle has not been told a lot of things.

Months later, Catherine and Halle walk out of a Madrid Bar at five am, and they smile at each other. They both have become very good at living the vampire life style, and Catherine has gone from being afraid of her new Lesbian urges to loving them.

“So Halle, how many phone numbers have you got?” Catherine looks at her, as she smiles some.

“I have got ten of them. I decided to give you a chance tonight.” Halle laughs because between her and Catherine Zeta Jones it does not truly matter who has more phone numbers. This is all done in good fun.

“I have forteen numbers beautiful so I get to be on top tonight.” Catherine smiles at Halle, as she laughs hard. She then stops walking and she grabs Halle’s arm.

It does not take long for Halle to see her, and she stops walking. She giggles some as a pretty blond girl who has been watching too much Buffy the Vampire Slayer stands before them. “Halle, I know her.”

“You do… oh from that night in that cafe…” The girl says, as she blinks at her. “I know who both of you two are.” She then takes out a stake and she looks harshly at Catherine. “You killed my boyfriend.” She looks at Catherine and she is scared to death.

“I have killed a lot of people’s… oh my first kill? So, you are Paul’s girlfriend? That boy seriously needed to get laid.” Catherine walks towards her, and she takes out a cross. “What is your name?”

“I am Emily the Vampire Slayer!” This exclaimnation so makes Halle want to laugh, and she gives into his desire and she laughs hard.

“Emily, nice cross but mine is bigger.” Catherine parts her dress and she can see a large cross hanging from her neck.

“How?” Emily now shakes so hard, as she looks at Catherine. She did her research and she has seen all of the movies.

“Crosses cannot hurt us unless we wish them to do so.” Catherine begins to walk towards her. “Run and forget about me and, you’ll live to see tomorrow.”

Emily then takes a stake deeper into her hand and she runs at her very fast. Before it can come anywhere near her heart Catherine grabs her forarm. She then brings her in for a deep kiss, and she drops her stake.

Then Halle walks onto her other side and Catherine begins to unbutton her shirt. Emily looks at them in horror, as Halle pulls down her pants and she begins to kiss her thighs.

“No, have mercy please?” Her body shakes, as the sexy lips belonging to Halle Berry cover her legs. Catherine then parts her shirt, and she begins to kiss her good sized tits. “I have never!”

“You have never been with anyone before or you have never been with a woman before?” His teeth become long, as she kisses her tits.

“I am a… oh God… virgin!” She shudders, as her tits and her legs are covered with kisses.

“Halle get the door please, we shall have a visitor tonight.” Catherine picks up the helpless Emily. Halle opens up the car door and Catherine slides Emily inside of the car. “No one should die a virgin.”

Emly screams for help, as she is slid into the backseat. A young boy rides on his bike towards Catherine, but when she looks at him with his now human looking face the kid gets the shivers and he rides the other way. “Good boy.”

A few days later inside of a room inside of the hotel that one time totally disgusted Catherine she and Halle lie in bed with a vampire named Emily. Emily is naked and chained down to the bed, and she smiles wide at Catherine and Halle. Catherine kisses her lips, as she sits naked on her chest, and Halle eats her out with such vigor.

It turns out that Emily was in the closet, and that is why she and Paul never did it. “Catherine, can I eat you out please?” Emily smiles up at the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones.

Catherine runs her fingers through her hair, and she smiles at her. “Halle, we do have time for one go before we have got to leave?”

Halle smiles at Emily. “As long as it does not take her forever and a day to cum again.” She smiles at Emily.

Catherine smiles, as she moves her dark brown bush to her face and Emily begins to lap it like a dog. Too bad this young girl does not get the time to learn to eat pussy right, but she made a lot of headway over the last few days.

She moans so hard, as Emily eats her pussy and her body shivers so hard as it is licked. Emily them moans as Halle begins to eat her pussy too. Catherine is so close to cumming and so is Emily.

Catherine then cums all over Emily’s face, and she orgasms so hard all over Halle’s face. Halle cums to her own fingers and she licks her nice and clean. Catherine gets up, and she looks at Halle and then to Emily.

“So, Halle what do we do now?” She smiles at the beautiful black goddess, and then Halle smiles to Emily.

“We can go to our real room and sleep like babies,” She smiles down at Emily. “What about this room would make it really bad for a vampire come day time?”

Emily looks around the room and it hits her. “Oh my God, the window is open! It has no drapes! NO!” Emily struggles hard in her chains, and both Catherine and Halle laugh hard. They came to the hotel the this night and this is a special room for those who have crossed any vampires.

“Emily, those chains can hold a vampire who can break the three of us in half. You are just wasting your time. The threesome is over. I did forfill my promise, because you did not die a virgin.”

As both Catherine and Halle walk out of the door Emily begins to freak out and she really tries to turn into mist or something. Emily has been watching too many movies because real vampires cannot turn into mist. Then she screams, as the sun comes up over the horrizon.

As Emily screams in pain and agony, the huge vampire from the last time walks to Catherine and Halle. The room they were in had a special purpose, and he has told them that she would be taken care of even though she will not die from what happens the next few days shall kill her.

“So, do you have our real room?” Catherine’s bones shiver, as the vampire points at the door to his bedroom. She looks at Halle and she sighs hard. “Take about a vampire threesome.”

As both she and Halle walk into the bedroom Halle says something to her. “Hey, at least he is not Grandpa Munster.”

THE END. Anyone with any comments or suggestions send them to sharkboy77@hotmail.com .

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