Nia Peeples

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Fictional story of Nia Peeples.


Nia Peeples born: Virenia Peeples, nick name(Nearly Nia).

Nia was born in West Covian, Calif in 1961.

Nia is married to a stunman Lauro Chartrand.

They have 2 kids, Christopher and Sienna Noelle.

Nia been very busy now on the hit tv series”Walker Texas Ranger”. She

works about 15 to 18 hr days and sometimes she works late at night!

Nia know’s she needs time off for her kids, but her husband is there

with them.

For Nia and her husband Lauro it’s quality time they need, especially

for their kids?

So one weekend Nia and her husband decide to take the time off!

They sent their kids to her parents house for the weekend?

Nia and Laura hadn’t had the time for a romantic evening in months.

The last time Nia and Lauro had sex or made love was more then four

months ago, that’s what they miss!

Nia spent lots of money buying champayne for the evening of romantic

bliss with her husband.

That night alone, Nia and Lauro were having dinner without their kids!

It felt different and strange without their kids there, mostly arguing

and thowing food around.

But one weekend won’t hurt, or will it?

Nia and Lauro talked about was of course their kids and what they want

to do during their vacation which is coming up?

Nia wants to go back in the studio to record another album, which she’s

been busy doing her tv series”Walker Texas Ranger”!

Lauro is going out of town in a week to do a stunt work for a up coming


Nia and Lauro were laughing, drinking chanpayne and being themselves.

An hour later, they went to their bedroom and watched a movie which they

don’t normally watch? They decide to watch a romantic movie instead of

the action packed what they do watch mostly!

Half way through the movie, Nia was feeling a tingling sensation inside

her body. Nia was feeling the tingling between her legs, that’s how she

knows she’s horny?

Lauro got that message when Nia was rubbing his leg and his crotch, he

had such the hard on with her touch!

Then they kissed and fondled each other’s genitals. Nia was feeling more

of the sensation and excitement as they were kissing!

Lauro then lays on top of Nia kissing, but one thing, they weren’t naked

like they usually are?

Nia was in her night gown and Lauro only had on his shorts and t-shirt!

Yes Nia and Lauro sleeps in the nude, it’s more comfortable that way.

Nia was feeling Lauro’s stiff prick against her covered crotch but she

loved it!

Then Lauro pulls his shorts down and out springs his 8 incher, it was


Then Nia just pulls her panties aside and Lauro slides his prick inside

her pussy slit!

Lauro was sliding in and out slowly as they kiss.

Nia was indeed enjoying feeling his prick inside her, she was moaning!

Usually when they have sex they do oral sex first?

Nia loves oral sex, feeling and tasting her husbands 8 inch cock in her

mouth turns her on badly!

Lauro was sliding in and out while kissing his beautiful wife.

Lauro then pulls it out, he then tastes her pussy juice, umm love that

sweet taste!

Nia was going crazy as Lauro was licking and sucking her pussy juice.

Nia can reach orgasms instantly with a touch of his tongue!

Lauro always enjoys tasting Nia’s pussy juice, he also loves how she


After she had about four or five orgasms, Nia was stroking her husband’s


Lauro’s prick still was wet with her pussy juice, Nia doesn’t mind

tasting her own juice and smelling her own scent, it turns her on as


Nia was slowly sucking Lauro’s cock, she can get about five or six

inches down, but maybe she can get more if she’s willing!

Lauro always enjoys watching his wife Nia suck his cock, she sucks it so


Nia has sort of a small mouth, but when she sucks her husband’s cock she

can open wide!

Nia was sucking so smoothly and with passion, Lauro hates to see her


Well good things do come to an end!

Nia was sucking harder and faster, then Lauro just comes and spurts his

hot cum right inside Nia’s mouth. Nia didn’t stop she kept sucking as

she was swallowing, sucking and swallowing!

Boy talking about hungry for cum?

Then Nia lowers herself on Lauro’s sticky cock. She just slides down

slowly she always wants to feel the sensation inside her pussy!

Nia’s pussy is tight, that’s what Lauro loves about Nia.

Nia was sliding down and up very slowly feeling the exciting sensation

inside her pussy and body.

Lauro was enjoying the sensation as well, feeling Nia’s wet tight pussy

sliding down his cock really turns him on!

Nia was riding his cock slowly just enjoying the feeling inside her.

Then Lauro just shoots his hot load right up her pussy canal. Nia lets

out a loud moan OH GOD FEELS SO GOOD!

Lauro was shooting more and more hot sperm up her pussy, he came more

then 3 or 4 times.

Nia was loving every squirt she feels inside her!

Then after a while, Nia was lying in Lauro’s arms relaxing. They were

talking about their kids and about their next time they want to get

another chance for a romantic night?

Being alone with her husband again for a while was a treat! Making love

to Nia is always a pleasure, that’s why he married her.


I hope you all enjoy this one?

And a reminder, this is only a fictional fantasy!

Does anyone remember what fiction means?

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