Lust Goddess Part II

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Lust Goddess Part II

By Robbins

Mariah Carey walked In to the Bedroom with
Rob. She was very horny tonight. She kissed
him. She sat on the bed. “Take your clothes
off so I can get to work” Mariah said. Rob
gladly removed his clothes. Mariah removed
her dress. She was nude now. “Come to me”
she said. Rob goes up to her. He sticks his
dick Into her pussy. “That’s right” Mariah
told him. He begins to ride her pussy.
Mariah enjoys It. “Yes! Yes! Oh Yes!” she
moarns. “Harder!” she
moarns. He rides her
even harder. “Oh SHit! That’s great!” she

Mariah Is blowing Rob’s dick for the great
ride he gave her. He enjoys Mariah sucking
his dick.

Mariah Is tying Rob up to the bed. “Just
relax. I will make you enjoy It” she tells

Mariah Is riding his dick hard with her
pussy. She enjoys It. He Is In heaven with
Mariah riding him hard. “Oh yes Mariah! Oh
Yes! Oh Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m Cuming! I’m
Cuming! I’m Cuming Mariah! I’m Cuming!” he
moarns. Maraiah smiles.

Mariah awoke the next morning after that
of sex. She had worn out Rob. He was out
She had a thought. She picked up the phone.
“Christina,It’s me. How about coming over
tonight?” Mariah said. She had something In
mind for Christina Aguilera.

To Be Continued.

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