JOA: Damon’s Chronicles – Chapter 2: Halle Berry

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This story is a spin off of the successful and wildly popular “Journal of an Agent” by Carnage Jackson. At the end of Carnage’s story, the main character, Dean Simonds, faces a major dilemma, where he has to choose between staying in Hollywood with Alyssa Milano, or heading back east with Natalie Portman. Please note that this might not necessarily have been the ending Carnage had in mind, but is my own interpretation.

I hope you all like this series, and all feedback is welcome at To the readers of my other series, “Dangerously in Love”, I have no intention of ending that series anytime soon.
I would like to thank Carnage Jackson for not only letting me use his characters and set-up, but for his constructive suggestions and criticism.

If you are over 18, please refrain from reading this. To the rest of you, note that this story is completely fictional, and all similarities to real life people and occurrences are strictly coincidental.


“I’m leaving Eric for you”, Halle declared, taking her head away from my crotch, where she was busy giving me the best fellatio known to mankind, and looking at me

“You can’t do that, it’s nuts”, I yelled, my mind totally departing from the pleasure I had been receiving merely moments earlier

“I can’t stand his cheating and philandering one moment longer”, she said

“Earth to Halle”, I joked, “you are not exactly being the faithful wife here”

“And that is because he has driven me into the arms of another man”, she said, reaching up to kiss me. We kissed for a few seconds before I broke away.

“Listen to me Halle,” I said seriously, “you cannot leave him, especially for me, it will be a scandal”

“But I don’t want to be in a loveless marriage anymore”, she said, pouting

“I understand, but this is the wrong time to get a divorce, now that you are the hottest thing in Hollywood”, I reasoned

“It worked for Nicole Kidman, didn’t it?” she said

“That was different, it was Tom who left her. Besides, I think Dean did a wonderful job in publicizing your husband’s philandering. It made the whole of Hollywood pity you, and did wonders for your career”, I said

“Do you know you are so attractive when you talk like Mr. Hollywood Big-Shot?” she said sweetly, “I so want to jump your bones right now”

“You are so insatiable”, I teased, “we’ve made love all night”

I was in bed with Oscar winner and Hollywood hottie Halle Berry. We had been having an affair for almost a year now, thanks to Dean’s initiative. She had firmly been in the driver’s seat of the relationship in the beginning, and I did not mind so much. I mean, how many assistants in Hollywood could boast that they were boning Halle Berry? However, I had recently taken over the reins of the Shooting Star Talent Agency, and she became my client. It still felt weird being the one in charge and giving her instructions, but it had not done any harm in our sex life as far as I could see.

I’ll never forget the day Halle and I made love for the first time. Like every red blooded heterosexual man in America, I had had a huge crush on Halle for what seemed like eternity. For about a decade, I had watched as she dazzled on screen in every appearance, and glowed on the red carpet every single time. Her exquisite sense of style, her immaculate natural beauty, and her gorgeous shape had made her the object of my fantasies for so long.

I had been having the worst day ever when my fortunes immediately turned with the entrance of Halle into the agency doors. I instantly forgot that Mama was sick in the hospital and I was struggling to afford the bills, or that my girlfriend was breaking up with me, as I saw her, in her ever radiant beauty, walk in. She was dressed in a tight pink top, accentuating her wonderful breasts, which I had been lucky enough to recently view in their full glory in the movie “Swordfish”, as well as a pair of low-cut jeans, and looking simply dazzling. I managed to maintain composure as I directed her towards Dean’s office, while I sat at my desk, listening in to their conversation.

They seemed to be having some argument or disagreement of sorts, so I decided to ignore it and get back to my work. I was sorting through one of John Travolta’s files when I heard a beautiful voice next to me

“How are you doing cutie?”

I looked away from my desk, and there she was, with a million-dollar smile on her face.

“Not bad”, I said, trying to hide my glee, “you know, swamped with work and all”

“You sure look like you know how to work it”, she said slyly

“I beg your pardon”, I said, as I looked up at her. Could Halle Berry possibly be hitting on me?

“Well, let me give you my card”, she said as she slipped her card to me, “let’s see what we can work”.

“For real?”, I asked, wondering is this was some practical joke that Dean had put her up to.

“For real”, she confirmed, “I’m gonna rock your world”.

And with that, she walked out of the room, her body swaying with each step, causing her cute ass to wiggle. I was almost in heaven. The most desirable woman in the world had just hit on me, and I knew I could not focus on work again. I had to get a way to wrangle out of the office. Hopefully, Dean would be understanding and let me have a few hours off.

What happened within the next few hours are still a blur to me. I vaguely recall mumbling through an excuse to my boss, and him allowing me to go, obviously knowing what lay in store for me. I called Halle, and we arranged a rendezvous on the beach. We sat, casually discussing a lot of things. Despite all the rumors of bitchy behavior, she seemed really friendly and down-to-earth. It turned out the aggressive sexuality she had flaunted at the office was just an act to tease me. She really was shy and demure, and we had a nice conversation. I was totally tempted to jump her bones right, but did not know if she would slap me off. She was, after all, married

“So how’s your husband?” I asked, hoping to hear a negative response

My wishes were granted when she solemnly responded, “Why did you have to mention that bastard?”

“Is everything going OK?”, I asked

“The bastard can’t keep his dick in his pants. Running around and screwing everything that moves”, she said bitterly, surprising me with her vulgarity

Like everyone else, I had heard rumors of Eric Benet’s infidelity, and wondered how true it was. I asked the question that had been on my mind, and no doubt several others, since I heard that her husband had as much as glanced at another woman

“Why would anyone cheat on Halle Berry?”, I questioned without realizing I had said it out loud.

“You are so sweet”, she smiled, “I really don’t understand”

“Pardon my asking, but how are things between you two in the bedroom?”, I inquired

“I fuck his brains out anytime he asks for it, but it evidently isn’t enough”, she said, “I guess the moron is just addicted to sex”

“I’m really sorry”, I offered

“That’s OK, I’m used to it, so let’s talk about you. Tell me about yourself”, she said, brightening up

“Well, I’m just your average regular guy. Grew up in Brooklyn, New York, before going to USC on a football scholarship. Graduated in 1996, worked for two years, before going to business school. Graduated a few months ago, and started working here”, I said

“Wow, that sounds impressive” she said, honestly sounding impressed, “So why did you decide on this career path”

“Yeah I know”, I said, pretending to sound hurt, “why am I a lowly assistant and not something more”

“No, I didn’t mean it like that”, she said apologetically

“It’s OK, I was just joking”, I said, “I get that question a lot, so I just wanted to play with you a little bit”

“Well, you still haven’t answered my question”, she said

“Basically, it was the only way I would get to meet you”, I said smoothly

“That is so cute” she said, stroking my cheek

“On a more serious note, I always knew that I wanted to conquer Hollywood. After my football career fell through, it became more appealing than ever. Someday, I hope to be a major director or something”

“Really?” she asked, “why don’t you direct something now, so when you are the next Scorsese, you can boast that I was in your first feature.

That was how we ended up making the steamiest videotape ever, ending up in her hotel room. I happen to know that Dean, the nosy bastard, was snooping in my drawer the next day and found the tape, and probably wanked off to it. I also happen to know that he described the steamy details in his own journal, which is why I will not go into too much detail. All I’ll say is that we began something very special that summer afternoon, which has been going on for over a year.

The relationship between us is somewhat inexplicable, it is not based on romance, nor is it based on sex. It’s more of a fuck buddy kind of arrangement, two very special friends who have the most amazing sex. Of course, I felt like a pauper, since I was the lowly assistant, and she was the mega movie star, but the tables began to turn when I got the gig as head of Shooting Star. I was in control of her career now, and the control naturally extended to the bedroom. Halle was an amazing fuck, totally insatiable. I’m not complaining of course.

I’ll never forget the night she won her Oscar. I was still Dean’s assistant then of course, but I had been able to score tickets to the event. I would have loved nothing more than to be able to escort Halle to the function, but that was totally out of the question, since she had to be with Eric, and gossip tongues would start wagging if she showed up with some agent’s assistant. Besides, our relationship was entirely clandestine, and no one with the exception of Dean, had any idea about us. I so desperately wanted to be able to brag to my buddies that I was banging Halle Berry, but Dean seriously warned against it. If word got out that Halle was having an idea in any form, the sympathy she had gained from the public would fizzle instantly. So, I went with some skinny white model, and sat in the back praying for Halle to win.

I knew how much she wanted and deserved that Oscar. She had always gone on and on about how Hollywood did not take her seriously as an actress because of her looks. She had struggled to get the “Monster’s Ball” role, and given a gut-wrenching performance. Of course, I had given her a little something to increase her chances, in the form of a good luck fuck.

It was the afternoon of the Oscars, and I had not seen Halle for about two weeks. She had been doing the whole talk show circuit, and shamelessly canvassing for votes, and did not have time to hang out with me. Which is why I was surprised when at about noon on Oscar day, I heard the doorbell of my apartment ring. I was actually in the shower, and stepped out merely in a bathrobe, wondering who the fuck it could be. I opened the door, and there stood Halle, looking cute in a white T-shirt and a pair of shorts. I did not even know she knew where I lived.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked, “Shouldn’t you be getting ready for the red carpet or some Barbara Walters shit or something?”

“I need you to fuck me”, she said icily

“Excuse me”, I said, momentarily taken aback

“I was on my way from the spa, and am on my way to the hotel to get dresses”, she said

“So, why did you stop by?” I asked, looking rather confused

“I’m fucking nervous baby”, she said, “My nerves are killing me and I have to get rid of them the only way how”.

“Well get inside and quit standing out in the hallway with your fine self”, I teased.

She walked inside and closed the door and immediately jumped on me. Her legs were wrapped round my butt as we passionately kissed. I had never felt this kind of vigor from her before, and frankly, I liked it. She pushed my robe off, and I was there standing naked. I pulled her top off and began to suck on her breasts.

“I don’t have time for foreplay, I need to be on the red carpet in two hours”, she said, as she jumped off and took all her clothes off.

When she was completely naked, she turned to me and whispered, “I’m going to fuck your brains out”. She then pushed me against the sofa, and climbed on me. She had a savage look on her face, and I had never seen her look so horny.

“Baby, you look so great”, I said, trying to make small talk before we started fucking, but she would hear none of it

“I don’t want to hear any fucking thing. Just shit the fuck up and screw me silly”

“Alright then”, I said, as I lifted her and placed her on the chair, her back lying on the surface. I lifted her legs and spread them apart, and then inserted my meat into her hole.

“Oh yes Damon, fuck me”, she screamed

I pumped into her like a savage beast, and she responded equally fiercely. I continued to thrust really hard, not even making any attempt to kiss or caress like I usually did during sex. I knew that she was here because she needed to rid herself of excess tension before the ceremony the only way she knew how. I firmly squeezed her 36C breasts as I continued to pound her, surprisingly silent, though that was far from the case for her

“Oh yes Damon, I need you to fuck me, fuck me like I’m already an Oscar winner, oh yes, baby. Tonight I’m going to show those bitches Sissy Spacek and Nicole Kidman, but I can’t show them unless you fuck me silly”.

Halle was not one to publicly announce when her orgasms were approaching, but from the experience I had with her over the months, I knew whenever she was about to come, and I sensed that such a moment was at hand. Luckily, I was about to come too, and we came together in unison as she whispered my name out loud. I tried to kiss her immediately, but she pulled away

“Now is not the time for passion Damon”, she said, “I just needed to be fucked silly, so I came to you, if you don’t mind, I’ll be on my way now”

“Ok then”, I said, feeling more like a boy toy than ever before, “good luck tonight”

“From the way you just fucked me, I think I already have all the luck I can possibly need”. With that, she walked out of the apartment.

Of course, the night came, and she won her historic Oscar, and she shed all those tears. I did not get a chance to even congratulate her after the ceremony, since she had to show up to all those parties and pose with her trophy. She actually breezed past me several times, not even acknowledging my presence. I ignored this, and after congratulating Denzel, who was one of my favorite people in Hollywood, I walked over to the bar to get a few drinks.

Well, the night was almost over, and the airhead model I had come with had ditched me for some B-movie pretty boy, so as I walked outside the Vanity Fair party towards the Shooting Star limo, I heard a voice behind me

“Not so fast, soldier”

I looked back, and there she was, holding on to her statue and smiling.

“Congratulations Halle”, I said, “I am really happy for you”. I began to walk towards my limo

“Is Damon mad at me?”, she teased

“Of course I’m mad”, I replied, “how could you ignore me like that. It made me feel so cheap and worthless”

“I’m really sorry honey”, she said, “I was just overcome with emotion. Let me make it up to you”

“Look, I’m sorry if I ruin your big night, but I’m not going to be treated like a fucking toy anymore”, I complained

“What do you mean?” she asked. She looked so beautiful in her brown gown that it was almost hard to stay mad at her, but I had to prove my point.

“I am not asking you for a relationship, I know you’re married, but you could at least treat me decently”, I continued, “you only show up when you want to fuck, and I’m supposed to service your needs like some machine or dildo”

“I’m sorry honey, I didn’t know you felt that way”

“Of course you didn’t. That’s exactly my point. Just because you are some big actress and award winner does not give you the right to treat me like I ain’t human”, I barked

“Come into my limo”, she ordered, and began to walk away.

I did not know whether she was mad or not, but all I knew was that refusing her order seemed out of the question. I walked behind her, and into the stretch limo that was waiting for her. Once inside, her face twitched into a mischievous grin

“You look and sound so sexy when you try to be in control”, she said, “Right now, I am one happy Oscar winner that wants to be fucked”.

She reached for my leg and began to rub her hand up and down, eventually unhooking my zipper and bringing out my cock. She brought her head down and began to suck. My head was spinning, partly because of all the alcohol I had consumed, but all the anger I had felt before started dissipating as the newly minted Best Actress was about to give me the performance of a lifetime.

“Oh yes Halle”, I said, holding on to her head, “that feels so fucking great”

She continued to bob her head up and down, her tongue circling the shaft of my penis. She was already loosening her dress with the other hand, and I was really getting off on the fact that she was going to have her congratulatory fuck with me and not Eric. I wondered where the guy was, probably nailing some two-dollar prostitute down the street. Well, if he wasn’t going to service the fine piece of work he had before him, I might as well do it for him.

I leaned back against the leather seat and held on to her face as she continued to suck. She was really good at this, and she seemed to be even more excited tonight, her exhilaration at having won the award obviously coming into play. I was gently stroking her beautiful face as she clasped her mouth around my cock. She was holding on to it with both hands, and gently tickling the parts where her mouth could not reach.

I felt an orgasm arrive, and in no time, I blew my entire load into her mouth. Halle loved to swallow, and I found that incredibly erotic. She downed the entire cum, licking her lips for any stray cum that might have been seeking to escape. She then wound down the glass leading to the front seat and called out to the driver

“Hey, I need you to drive”

“Where to ma’am?” the eager chauffeur asked

“Just drive around, keep driving, until I tell you to stop”. With that, she rolled up the glass again, and then began to take off her clothes. There was some soft R&B music playing on the background, although in my daze, I couldn’t figure out what it was, not that I cared much. I began to take off my clothes too, peeling off my entire suit till I was butt naked at the back of her limo. She was naked in no time too, and she eagerly hugged me as we kissed.

My hands made their way around her entire body as we kissed, and my erection was steadfastly coming back. I sucked on her translucent skin, kissing all the way down to her neck, and then taking her jugs in my mouth. So many men all over the world had lusted over these knockers, and at least ten thousand had to be doing so at that very moment, but it was me, Damon Brill, who had the good fortune of being the sole consumer. She moaned with glee as I continued to suck away, her hands wrapped around my dick.

After a few minutes, I left her boobs alone and sat her down against the seat of the car. I then brought my face to her crotch and began to give her head. I pride myself on a lot of things, but one of the things that women love about me is my ability to suck pussy. Tonight was no exception, and Halle was squealing like a newly born puppy as my tongue worked wonders around her cunt. I loved the delightful taste and smell of Halle’s pussy, and tonight, it felt even more wonderful.

My tongue made its way to her extra sensitive clitoris and she began to moan out loud

“Oh yes, Damon, suck my pussy, oh yes, suck this Oscar winner’s pussy. I was thinking about you all night, even when I was on stage, I was crying because I was thinking about the way you were going to fuck me, oh yes Damon”

Luckily, the glass was soundproof and the chauffeur could not hear a thing, or so I hoped. I continued to lick away, igniting all her sensory endings and making her continue to yell in delight. I knew she must have been having so much more fun than normal because she told me when she was about to come

“Oh yes Damon, I’m about to fucking come, oh yes, eat me out, make me come, I want to fucking come, let me come all over your fucking mouth and you can lick this Oscar winner’s pussy juice”

Her orgasm came, and she trembled firmly as the wave took her, before she crumbled against the seat. I continued to lick at her pussy, occasionally going down her thighs where her juice had dripped.

“That was great Damon”, she said, “so great that I want to come again, could you do that for me?”

I thought that was very selfish of Halle, but it was, after all, her night, and I wanted to make it special for her. I inserted two fingers into her hole and began to vigorously finger-fuck her.

“Oh yes Damon”, she cried, “finger my sweet pussy, I need you to enter me as much as possible”.

I quickened my pace, and increased the number of fingers to three, and thrust deep inside, making a rhythmic motion as she continued to encourage me. All of a sudden, her face lit up, and I almost expected to see a light bulb right over her face.

“I’ve got an idea.” she grinned

“What is it?” I asked, scared that I was not going to like what I heard. I shouldn’t have worried, as she declared

“I want you to fuck me with that Oscar award”, she said, smiling

“Are you fucking crazy?” I asked, seriously concerned for her sanity, “do you know how big it is?”

“I’ll tell you when to stop”, she said

“Alright then” I said, as I took it from her hand and gently inserted the head into her vagina.

She slightly winced as the head of the Oscar went in. I wondered if I should leave it at that, but she seemed to want more. She really must have been proud of it.

“Oh yes”, she gently cried, “it feels so good and cold, more, give me more”

“Are you sure you want…”

“MORE”, she screamed

Scared that she was going to bite off my head if I did not comply, I inserted quite a large portion until almost half of the trophy was lost inside of Halle. If only Russell Crowe had known what he was getting himself into when he handed the statuette to a bawling Halle earlier that evening. If only he knew the half of what she intended to do with it. I wondered if Nicole Kidman would have done the same thing with it had she won for Moulin Rouge. I briefly had a vision of the Australian beauty sticking the golden statuette into her pussy, but I immediately turned my attention back to the Oscar fucker right in front of me.

It was getting stuffy inside the limousine, and I wondered if air conditioning was off. I thought of asking Halle to let us pause a little bit so I could ask the driver to increase the air conditioning, but Halle did not look like she wanted to be interrupted from what she was doing. Her face was contorted in a mixture of pain and ecstasy, and she continued to scream at me

“Oh yes Damon, fuck me, fuck me with that Oscar”

After about a few minutes of screams only rivaled in horror flicks, Halle decided that it was enough, and I was finally happy to hear her say, “OK Damon, now I want to feel your real thing inside of me”

I climbed up and placed my cock into her tight snatch

“Oh yes Damon, I love your dick so much, it feels good right inside of me”, she cried. I kissed her beautiful mouth as I continued to pound away.

It was funny how, after several months with her, it was still strange to me that I was actually screwing Halle Berry. This was what was going on in my head as I pounded into her in that fateful limo. She was now an Academy Award winning actress, and that further widened the divide between us. I wondered if she would treat me even more shabbily now, but of course, the issue was relegated to the back of my mind as I felt the traces of an orgasm approach

“Oh yes Halle”, I whispered, “you are so hot, you feel so good, and I’m about to come all over your pussy”

“Oh yes come all over my pussy while I come all over your dick”, she replied.

I kissed her again as my orgasm came, after which I lay on top of her, breathing heavily.

“I’m in love with you, Damon”, she said

“Yeah right”, I responded, wondering the ramifications if it were true.

Well, we had come a long way since that Oscar evening, and of course, I was now Halle’s agent. I must admit that I was showing her a little bit of favoritism in terms of roles, to the detriment of other actresses. The new James Bond flick, “Die Another Day”, had just come out and was at the top of the box office. Of course, the movie’s success and subsequent resurgence of the franchise, was largely credited to Halle’s role as Jinx, and we were currently negotiating a role for a spin-off movie. At the moment, Halle’s demands were a little bit ridiculous, even for the most accomplished of actresses, and I had invited her over to my house the previous night for dinner, over which I had tried to persuade her to lower her asking price.

Of course, we did not get to discuss business much, as we had ended up in bed and made love for most of the night. We fell asleep in each other’s arms for a few hours, and awoke early the next morning to continue out marathon sex. Halle had been giving me a blowjob when she had suddenly suggested that she was going to leave her husband for me. I thought she was joking, but she absolutely seemed serious.

I had managed to divert the topic by initiating sex again. Hopefully, she did not feel so strongly about it and would forget to bring it up again. Still lying on my back, I lifted her and placed her right on top of me so that she was sitting down, my erect dick sticking in her pussy. “Damon, don’t you love me?”, she asked as she bounced up and down my dick

“I do, but that doesn’t mean we should get married”, I breathed, trying to focus on the sex

“I know, but I want us to declare our love to the world”, she continued, her wonderful breasts jiggling from side to side

“Look, I’m running an agency, and I am responsible for so many careers”, I reasoned, “I can’t put their careers in jeopardy by ruining the firm’s good name”

Deep down, I knew that my reasons transcended protecting the careers of Halle or any other client. It was simply that I did not love Halle enough to want to be her boyfriend or husband. Halle was definitely a desirable woman by any standards, and I’d be hard pressed to find a guy who would kick her out of bed. But the appeal of our relationship lay in the secrecy and forbidden nature of it. I just could not see myself with Halle by my side all the time, or her being the mother of my kids.

Ever since the incident with Natalie, I knew that I was looking for something a little bit more. It wasn’t like I was claiming to be in love with Natalie or anything, nothing of the sort, but that brief moment of lovemaking had challenged me to find something more. I knew I definitely wanted to be in love and experience that kind of passion with someone with whom I shared a mutual passion. Somehow, Halle did not fit the mold of that person.

It had actually been two months since Dean left, and I had not been with anyone, with the exception of Halle of course. I definitely had some of the prettiest Hollywood actresses making serious passes at me, but not only was I too busy to sleep around, I had decided that I would not let myself repeat Dean’s mistakes. I would definitely come around when I found the right person. Halle and I still fucked all the time, but there were still so many things missing that I would not go so far as to call it a relationship.

“Damon, come on, please consider this”, Halle pleaded, her voice breaking as she continued to fuck me, “am I not a good enough girlfriend?”

“You’re my girlfriend now?” I groaned jokingly

“Well, we have the most amazing sex, like we are doing now, so of course I’m your girlfriend”, she said, bringing both her hands to my neck and pretending to strangle me.

“But if I get a real girlfriend, what will happen then?” I asked, raising my butt high from the bed so that I entirely entered her cunt

“Why would you want another girlfriend?” she asked, looking fierce, and I assumed she was going to come very soon

“Well, this is nice, but I need something more, you know that”, I replied, holding on to her thighs and pulling her closer to me

“Which is why I want us to be together full time”, she replied

“Halle, I don’t know how to tell you this”, I said, as I felt myself nearing an orgasm myself, “but I don’t think the two of us can have a future together”

“Why?” she cried, as she continued to bounce up and down on top of me, “I’m not fucking you well enough?”

“You know you are, it just doesn’t feel right, I did not think we were heading in that direction, and I just think that arrangement wouldn’t work for us”.

She was silent for a few moments, as we continued to fuck. As her orgasm started, she began to scream


“I love you, Halle”, I groaned as I began to come, “just not that way”

“I hate you”, she said as she calmed down

“Take it easy Halle, it’s not that critical”, I responded as I also began to calm down from my intense orgasm

“Whatever we had, whatever we had, it’s over. You can go and look for your young girlfriend, and good luck to her because you’ll grow tired of her”, she said

“I won’t grow tired of her, I mean, I am not tired of you”, I replied

“Well, Mr. Big Shot”, she said, as she got off from me and began to get dresses, “What we had was great, but I don’t want to ever see you again”

“I’m your fucking agent”, I replied, standing up from the bed “you have to see me”

“You’re not the only agent in Hollywood”, she answered

Great, I thought, only two months on the job and I already lost one of my biggest clients. What would Dean say if he found out? Well, I did not need Dean’s approval for everything again.. To my surprise, it felt like a boulder had been lifted off my chest when I left. Of course, it was the end of an era, but I knew the future held something bigger in store. I was going to miss Halle greatly, but truthfully, she had been holding me back, and I could find a real girl now.

“Goodbye Damon”, she said solemnly as she walked outside the door, and by extension, outside of my life. I sadly watched as she walked away, experiencing ambivalent feelings of relief and agony.

Halle actually remains with the firm still. However angry she might have been with me, she knows her interests are best served at Shooting Star, and only we can provide her with the juicy roles she so desperately craves. I haven’t talked to her in person since. I tried calling her on the phone, but she refuses to answer, and clearly avoids me when we meet in public. Well, its unfortunate, but that’s the way life is. Her marriage to Eric also seems to be doing much better. Last I heard, they were seeking counseling, and Eric had also begun treatment for sex addiction. From my experience with Halle, it seems he is not the only one who is addicted to sex.

The agency is doing OK, thank you very much for asking. 2002 is about to end, and we have clients in each of the top ten movies of the year, and several of our actors recently received Golden Globe nominations. One thing is still missing though, I still haven’t found a girl yet. Hopefully, the situation should have changed by the next time I talk to you.

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