Hypno Celeb 66: Karen McDougal

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Hypno Celeb 66: Karen McDougal by MAW MC, M F

Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains graphic
descriptions of sexuality. If this offends you, leave now. This is
fiction. Hypnosis does not work this way. If you feel like trying
this, seek help.

I’ve been wanting to do something for a while with this woman. The
idea suddenly hit me and I like it. Hope you do to. All
suggestions/scenarios and comments welcome. Enjoy.

The Caribbean sun beat down on the water below. It was a perfect
day, just the kind the resort advertised, a day when everyone seemed
to be on the water. Skiers,
jetskiers, boaters, everyone who had a
water vehicle seemed to be out.

Karen McDougal preferred to keep clear of the huge wave traffic.
She just enjoyed being out alone of the waves. She adjusted the handle
of her sail to catch more wind and propel her board across the choppy
water. Her long dark hair blew in the wind behind her. She wore a blue
bikini with a life jacket, showing off her famous form. A smile was on
her gorgeous face as a gust of wind blew the board over a breaking

Since becoming 1998′s Playmate of the Year, things had radically
changed for Karen. She had a brand new car, several hundred thousand
dollars in her bank account and more notoriety than she had ever
expected in life. She also had to do a few more photo shoots and
videos for the magazine, but it was a small price to pay. For one
thing, she got to take free vacations in the best places.

Karen grinned and got ready to hit the next wave. It was quiet in
this section of the bay. The only other traffic was from a sailboat a
few yards away. Karen glanced at it and saw its skipper, a well-built
man with blond hair waving at her. She waved back and the distraction
was just enough for her not to notice the loose piece of wood that had
somehow floated directly in her path. The board hit the wood and
shuddered violently, the bar on the sail whacking Karen on the head,
sending her into the water.

Jake saw the accident and instantly turned the wheel of the boat.
He moved up to where Karen was lying face-up on the water, her life
jacket keeping her afloat. Dropping anchor quickly, Jake dove in and
swam to the stunned Karen. A subscriber to “Playboy” since he was 18,
Jake instantly recognized her, but quickly shook it off as he swam her
over to his boat.

Within a few minutes, Karen was lying on one of the beds below
deck. Jake tied her sailboard to the boat, then went down to check on
her. He stripped off her life jacket and paused. The top of her
bikini had loosened and he could see the hint of a nipple. Jake slowly
moved his hand on her body. He carefully let it drift along her flat
stomach, in between her breasts, his fingers caressing the beginning
of the mounds as lightly as he could.

Karen moaned and blinked her eyes open. Jake shot his hand away
and took a look at her. “You okay?” he asked, the concern in his
voice hiding the idea that was beginning to grow in his mind. “What’s
your name?”

“Karen,” came the answer. “I think I’m okay. What happened?”

“My name’s Jake. I was sailing past and I saw you. You took a bad
tumble, but you should be fine.” Karen made a move to sit up, but Jake
stopped her. “Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. That’s not so smart. Relax,
okay? Just lie back and relax. Try to focus on one thing at a time.
Here, try this.” He held his finger up, a few feet above Karen’s face.
“Okay, try this. Just look at my finger here. Okay, just my finger?
Fix your eyes right on it. Try to block out everything and just keep
looking at my finger.” Jake slowly began to move the finger back and
forth in front of Karen’s face. “Just keep looking at my finger,
Karen. Concentrate solely on my finger. Watch it move, left to right,
left to right. Just keep your attention completely focused on my
finger. That’s all, Karen, just my finger.”

The slight headache Karen had woken up with had faded. The gentle
rocking of the boat, combined with Jake’s soft and friendly tone, was
beginning to make her feel relaxed. Really relaxed. She did as Jake
said and let her eyes follow the finger as it moved. Left to right,
left to right, it was so soothing, so calming. It was like the waves
of the ocean in a way. Repetitious, soothing. It made her feel warm.
Warm and sleepy. Really sleepy. She knew she wanted to keep watching
the finger, she had to keep watching the finger, but watching it made
her feel so sleepy, so tired. She couldn’t even hear what Jake was
saying anymore, she was so sleepy.

“Sleepy, Karen, you’re so sleepy now,” Jake said, his voice almost
a whisper. “You just keep watching the finger, moving, left to right,
left to right, and you feel so sleepy. You can’t keep your eyes open
anymore. They’re so heavy, so very heavy, all you want to do is close
them. It’s all right, Karen, you don’t have to watch the finger
anymore. Just close your eyes. Close them and fall into a nice and
wonderful sleep. A nice sleep, Karen. Sleep.” Karen’s eyes fluttered
closed and her head slumped to the side as she fell into sleep.

Jake spent a few minutes before he was convinced Karen was in a
deep enough state of hypnosis for what he had in mind. He probably
couldn’t have done it normally, but in her half- stunned state, Karen
was easily put under. “Karen, listen to me,” Jake said. “You are now
asleep. Asleep and having a dream. An erotic dream. A very powerful
erotic dream. In this dream, I am dominating you. I am commanding you.
You have to do everything I say. You cannot disobey any of my
commands. In fact, you don’t want to disobey any of my commands.
Following my commands makes you feel horny, really horny. And the more
you obey my commands, the more horny you feel until you are ready to
cum. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” The slight smile that came on Karen’s lips hardened Jake
instantly. He couldn’t wait. He leaned over and kissed her. It was
light at first but soon turned hot as Karen wrapped her tongue around
his and embraced him. Although he hated to do it, Jake broke off the
kiss and stood up, bringing Karen to her feet as well. Taking a few
steps back, Jake began his commands. “Karen, take off your suit.” The
bikini fell to the floor and Karen stood there, hypnotized and naked.
Pulling off her own suit, Jake took her in and was stunned. Pictorials
were one thing, but seeing her in the flesh, literally, was something
else. He cupped her breasts in his hands and squeezed them. His
fingers slid along the wet nipples. Eliciting a sigh from his gorgeous
and all- too willing prisoner.

After long minutes of feeling those gorgeous tits in his hands,
Jake lay Karen down on the bed, her legs dangling over the edge. Jake
got onto his knees and moved his face to that wet patch of dark hair
covering those inviting lips. He dived his head in and began to lick,
her tongue furiously going to work as he tasted her sweet juices. His
hands ran up and down her thighs, pinching what little fat there was
on her lovely legs. His jaw moved up and down as his tongue probed as
deep as humanly possible into Karen’s pussy. The hypnotized Playmate
was in ecstasy now, running her hands over her breasts and withering
on the bed. “More,” she whispered. “Please more.” Jake was only to
happy to comply, as Karen’s juices began falling onto his tongue.

Jake could have easily eaten her out, but his cock was hurting so
bad, he had to get it off. He removed his face, the lips covered with
fluid, then inserted his rod into Karen’s ready pussy. He straddled
her as he began to move his cock in and out, pushing it deeper than
his tongue, knowing that he was going to hit paydirt soon. His hands
ran up and down Karen’s tits, squeezing them as hard as he could as he
continued to drive into her. Karen was totally into this now, shoving
her thighs together, trying to squeeze Jake’s cum out. He buried his
head in her wonderful cleavage as he plowed into her and almost bit a
nipple as he came, shooting his wad into her with an orgasm that
stunned them both.

Jake wasn’t done. Withdrawing, he sat Karen up, then sat behind
her on the bed. He pulled her to him and sat her down, her ass right
on his still-hard member. Instinctively, Karen started sliding up and
down, her ass welcoming his cock into her like she needed it. As far
as she was concerned, she did. He wrapped his arms around her, once
again squeezing her tits like melons, pinching the nipples. She threw
her head back and they kissed, a long and wet kiss that lasted right
up until he came into her again, even better than before.

As Karen lay down on her stomach, Jake smiled. This was going to
be a better vacation than he dreamed. With Karen coming to his room
every night, totally under his power, there was no way it could be
less than paradise. As Jake lowered his face to that perfect ass, he
thanked all the spirits there were for water sports

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