Celeb Bukkake #3

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Celeb Bukkake #3

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Christina Milian (M+F, FF, M+FF ws, oral, anal, rape)

Just a few hours ago Sarah Michelle Gellar was getting ready for a photo shoot now she was sitting in a room naked gagged with her arms tied behind her back and covered in dried cum. The shoot was the first she had done with this photographer his name was Duncan and she thought he was just a regular photographer but he was also the leader of a rape club. Duncan had a lot of sluts in the club but he wanted some famous pussy and he had always liked Sarah so he decided to organise her abduction. They would also get some playmates
to join her but first things first. He had his men at the photo shoot face fuck the slut silly then they locked her in a room to get some rest. She had been locked in the room for about an hour when the door burst open and two men walked in carrying a hose “time for a wash you dirty little slut” they turned on the hose and sprayed her with ice cold water she let out a muffled scream when the water first hit her body because it was so cold. They sprayed her until all the cum was washed off the two men were really horny after that so they decided to have a little fun. They were transporting this little slut to another set where they were busy fucking Christina Milian she was going to be Sarah’s playmate before they got in the van they took her into another room which had another 5 guys Sarah knew exactly what they were going to do so she started to struggle but one of the guys grabbed her hair and shouted in her face “don’t fucking struggle or well fucking kill you slut” he removed her gag and threw her onto the floor in front of one of the guys she started to scream so she received a hard slap to the face “fucking suck it whore”. She too scared to fight back so she decided to just cooperate she took the tip of the guys dick into her mouth and just left it there. The guy didn’t like this so he grabbed the back of her head and forced his dick down her throat he held it there for about a minute Sarah was desperately trying to get it out of her mouth but the guy had a good grip on the back of her head so she couldn’t he was laughing as he was choking her with his dick but he pulled out so that she wouldn’t pass out but he kept his dick aimed at her mouth and said “open your fucking mouth slut I got some food for you”she did as she was told but when he started to cum she automatically spit it out he finished cumming most of it had landed on her face but the cum she had spit out was on the floor “I didn’t tell you to spit that out did I slut” he slapped her hard knocking her down then kicked her while she was on the floor she had been forced to swallow cum when they first raped her but she still hated the taste. He grabbed her by the hair and said “lick it up you stupid bitch or well fucking kill you”. Sarah forced herself to lick it up and then she just lay there on the floor thinking about what was going to happen to her they were in a hurry so the other 6 guys just jerked off and cum all over her body they all had massive loads so she was covered in cum they all got into the van 2 guys in the front and the others in the back with Sarah. On the way she forced to sit on one of the guys dicks while another put on a mask with a built in ball gag so that she couldn’t see anything.

It was only a short drive when they got there they led her out of the van and into a studio she didn’t know where she was or what was going to happen but she could hear another girl but not well enough to be able to recognise who it was. She felt another guy grab her and make her get on her knees he made her stick her ass into the air so she had to use her face for support. Then she felt something being inserted into her ass and then some sort of liquid she didn’t dare move because she was too scared next she felt something sucking the liquid out of her ass she now had a pretty good idea of what was happening to her she felt sorry for the poor girl doing this. She was led out of the room again and put in the back of the van and left her for about 5 minutes then the doors opened again she heard the guy say something but she couldn’t hear what he had said the next thing she knew someone was removing her mask and gag. She couldn’t see at first but when her eyes adjusted to the light she saw that Christina milian was the person who had removed her mask. She was crying and completely covered in cum she looked surprised to see that it was Sarah Michelle Gellar. Neither girl knew what to say they were both to scared to say anything just then 3 guys got in the van with them and it started to move they were carrying a bowl full of cum and a camera one of the guys said to Sarah “lick this slut clean” she didn’t say anything so the guy slapped her hard in the face knocking her down he grabbed Christina by the hair and threw her down next to Sarah “squat over Sarah you slut” Christina did as she was told because she didn’t want to get hit like Sarah. “You better start licking that pussy you dumb bitch” “I don’t do women” replied Sarah the guy kicked her and said “do it now”. Sarah started to lick Christina’s pussy “get in a 69 position” shouted one of the guys Christina hesitated for a couple of seconds then she spun around and started to lick Sarah’s neatly trimmed pussy. They licked away at each other for a couple of minutes one of the guys said “on your knees sluts” they both stopped and knelt in front of the guys the guy picked up the bowl and a spoon and started to feed the cum to Christina “don’t swallow it yet bitch”. Christina gagged at first but managed to stop herself spitting it out when her mouth was full the guy said “Spit it out into Sarah’s mouth”. Sarah looked away and tears started to well up in her eyes one of the men hit her and said “lye down on your back and open your mouth” he slapped her again and she did as she was told. Christina leaned over and let the cum dribble out of her mouth into Sarah’s “don’t you swallow it either slut” shouted one of the men Sarah now had a mouth full of cum “do it again” Christina got into position and Sarah leaned over and let the cum dribble out of her mouth into Christina’s they did this a couple more times until Sarah was forced to swallow the cum and the girls were then ordered to kiss. They kissed for a few minutes they stopped when the van stopped moving and Duncan opened the door of the van and said “welcome to your new home girls they were dragged out of the van and they were in front of a mansion they were dragged inside and led down some stairs to a small room Duncan attached leather straps round there arms and legs and then strapped them to the walls they were then left alone to get some rest ready for there next session.

A few hours later the girls were woken by a couple of men who had come to feed them. As the men fed them they could tell that cum had been mixed into the food making it taste horrible to them. After that they were allowed to have a shower and were given some clothes Christina was given a red thong and a red skin tight red dress which barley covered her ass. Sarah was given a black bra and thong a black mini skirt. They were both given high heels to wear after they were both clean they were led into a large room with a desk in the middle Duncan was sitting at the desk. The men led the girls into the room and they were strapped to a chair each they were both clearly very scared. “How was your first night” said Duncan he didn’t get a reply the girls didn’t even look at him this would have to be put right he thought to himself “You have been brought here as my special slaves” he continued “I already have quite a large collection of slaves but I was looking for a couple of young sluts like you to have fun with” “how long are you going to keep us here” asked Sarah “Did I say you could speak” snapped Duncan “this will be your first lesson you take note of this as well Christina the same will happen to you if you disobey me” he pressed a button on his desk and a man entered the room. “What’s up boss” said the man “Sarah needs to be taught a lesson bring in some of guys and have fun”. The man left and came back with another man who was carrying a bag Sarah started to scream for help but one of the men slapped her hard in the face and took a ball gag out of the bag and roughly put it on Sarah she started to cry which made everyone else except for Christina laugh at her they untied her from the chair and threw her onto the floor they made her take her thong off but they left her skirt on then they took a butt plug out of the bag. It was massive “we usually work the slaves up to this thing but you slut are going to get this size straight away” he add a little lubricant it would have been impossible to insert it other wise and pushed it in as far as possible Sarah let out a muffled scream she was slapped buy the other guy as a warning to shut up. The guy behind her eventually got the plug in all the way Sarah had almost passed out from the pain and was lying on the floor quietly whimpering. Duncan was pleased with what he had seen and told the men to put her thong back on and sit her back in the chair with the butt plug still inserted Christina was horrified with what she had seen and she started to cry when Duncan said take them both and let the men have some fun but leave the plug in Sarah and make sure you get it on tape. They were led into a large hall and stripped down to their thongs Sarah was clearly in a lot of pain but the men didn’t seem to care they began stroking themselves gently before approaching the girls one guy went up to Christina and made her suck his dick while he was fucking Christina another guy made Sarah give him a blow job both girls were sucking dicks and the guy in Sarahs mouth was first to cum “don’t swallow it whore” Sarah obeyed and didn’t swallow the guy in Christina’s mouth pulled out and came all over her face. He then removed her thong and said “Sarah open Christina’s pussy and spit that cum into it” Sarah hesitated but knew it would be worse if she didn’t she slowly parted Christina’s pussy lips as she did Christina let out a little moan and Sarah spat out all of the cum into her hot little pussy. The men had decided that they wanted to see a show right now instead of fucking the girls so one guy left and came back with a horse “don’t make me do anything with that please” begged Christina “you’ll be punished for that later slut” replied one of the men. The horse was already fully erect so the men led him over to Christina and made her get on her hands and knees. The horse knew exactly what to do and started to fuck her straight away “Sarah lick the horses cock while he fucks your friend” Sarah was in to much pain to argue so she didn’t hesitate the taste was vile and Christina was whimpering because of the embarrassment of being fucked by a horse. The horse lasted for about 15 minutes then it started to cum “Sarah lye underneath Christina and catch the cum when it drips out” Sarah positioned herself when the horse pulled out cum started to drip out of Christina pussy all of which went into Sarah’s open mouth “swallow it all you fucking dumb whore” Sarah gagged but managed to swallow and was then led away back to the room. Christina however still had to be punished a few of the men went over to her she was cowering on the floor without saying anything the pulled out their cocks and started to piss onto Christina she turned her head away “open your mouth you stupid whore this should teach you a lesson” the men pissed right into her mouth and she was forced to swallow it she only just managed to do it. When they were finished she was covered in piss they picked her up and led her back to join Sarah in their room.

To be continued….

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