The Sweetest Thing

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Title: The Sweetest Thing

Starring: Cameron Diaz and Chritina Applegate


Author-Judge Knoll

Duncan always had a fascination with hypnosis ever since he was a boy. In fact, one of his fondest memories was when he hypnotized one of his early childhood friends. He had hypnotized her with a tiny flashlight gleaming across her eyes. They had been playing ‘Doctor’ and she had been a willing participant. Once under hypnosis he got her to do all sorts of funny things. Barking like a dog, pretending to be a chicken, and his favorite..getting her to eat a worm. Yes, those were happy memories. Unfortunately,
his friend moved away before they hit puberty. What was more disappointing is that his friend was Cameron Diaz.

Years later. Duncan is a full grown adult. He had followed Cameron’s career ever so closely since her rise to fame in ‘The Mask’. He had joined her fan club and written her many times hoping to at least get a response from her. Perhaps they could meet up and “remember old times”. However, he never heard anything. Many nights he spent alone in his bed fascinating about her. Little did he know that his fantasies were about to come true.

Duncan drove through the posh Beverly Hills streets. He had just been move to LA to pursue his career in video and computer graphics. It has already entered his mind that he would love to be able to track Cameron down but he knew it would be pointless. He would never have the opportunity to get even close to her. Celebrities always had tight security around them. With good reason.

Duncan pulled up to the stoplight at the intersection. As he waited for the light to turn green he could hardly believe his eyes. Walking right in front of his car was Cameron Diaz. She was wearing a simple blue shoulder less top and tight white mini-skirt. He was almost hypnotized by her grace and beauty. He watched as she and a male companion crossed in front of him and continued down the sidewalk. Suddenly he was awaken by the sound of car horns behind him as the light had turned green. Quickly accelerating through the intersection, Duncan was madly looking for a place to park. The urge to see her again was overwhelming. Finally he found a spot on the side of the street. After a sloppy parallel parking job he got out of his car, leaving it unlocked, and quick made his way down the sidewalk.

Several minutes later he was out of breath. She was no where in sight. Maybe she had gone into one of the stores he thought. Just then he noticed the man that she had been with inside one of the stores. Duncan went up to the window and took a closer look. Behind the burly man was Cameron. It was apparent that the man was her bodyguard. Duncan realized the risk he was taking by trying to talk to her. Perhaps, he might get a swift kick in the head. Still, he had to try. He had to try to at least get a moment alone with her. He knew he could get her in a trance again. If only he could remember the trigger word. “XYZ92..” what was the last number?..5! This was too great an opportunity to pass up. His logic was telling him no but his hormones were saying yes. Like with every man, his hormones won.

Duncan walked into the store. It was a moderate size and he could not see her at the moment. Finally he spotter Cameron and her bodyguard in a far corner. Once again he was entranced by the blonde beauty as she held up clothing to her sexy slim figure. Just then a voice behind him said “May I help you sir?” Startled, Duncan turned around to see a stern face gray haired old women looking suspiciously at him. Duncan remembered where he was and quickly tried to regain his wits. “Yeah,.I umm and looking for something for my mother..urr I mean my girlfriend…I don’t need any help though see I know what..ummm .item I’m looking for. So..uhhh yeah thanks.” Duncan bit down on his tongue realizing what an idiot he must look like. The old women seemed to study him over. “Well let me know if you need anything”, she said while walking away. Duncan knew he had to act fast.

Suddenly Cameron and his bodyguard walked right by him. He turned around to watch her go around the corner into the dressing room area while the bodyguard stood outside the entrance to the hallway. “Damn” he thought. “This is going to be tough”. Duncan also noticed that the old lady had been keeping her eye on him. The store has probably had their share of perverts. So he decided to pretend to be looking at the clothes as if he was about to buy something. His mind was also spinning. How could he get close to her? Just then he could hear the faint sound of a cell phone. Her bodyguard took the cell phone out of his pocket and began to engage in a conversation. He had become distracted. Duncan knew this was his only chance. He looked over his shoulder to see if he was being watched he wasn’t. He slowly walked in front of the bodyguard who sounded like he was ending his conversation. As soon as he walked past him, and was out of his sight, Duncan slipped though the entrance and

into the dressing room area.

There were about half a dozen changing rooms. Duncan could tell that only one was occupied. Breathing heavily he slowly made his way down the corridor. This was it. This would be he only chance. He stepped up to the changing room door. There was about a little space underneath. He pondered on whether or not he could crawl in underneath. Suddenly the door began to open. Duncan’s first though was too run but it was too late. Cameron open up the door and let a little gasp as she came face to face with Duncan. She looked like she was about to scream out when Duncan managed to stagger the words out of his mouth…..XYZ925!

The expression on Cameron’s face immediately changed from one of fear to one of relaxation. Duncan had to quickly grab her to keep her from falling over. He set her down on the chair inside the changing room and quietly shut the door. Taking a deep breath Duncan turned around and stared at the mesmerized beauty. Realizing that he had to act fast he regained his senses and knelt down in front of her.

“Cameron can you hear me?”

After a few seconds the actress whispered “Yes.I hear you”.

“Do you know who I am?”

“.no..I don’t..”

“I am Duncan Trentworth. We were friends long ago. Do you remember me now Cameron?”

After another pause she whispered “Yes.I do”.

“Do you remember that I hypnotized you Cameron. That when I say XYZ925 you will fall into a trance?”

“Yes.I remember”

Duncan bit his lower lip while thinking what to say next. He couldn’t remember all the details of his hypno session with Cameron. So he decided to ask her. “Cameron what will you do when I put you in a trance”.

“I will do all sorts of silly and yucky things”.

Duncan knew this would have to change. But time was running out. “Cameron do you have a personal cell phone number?”


“Give me your number now”

Cameron then reached into her pursed and pulled out a card with her number on it.

Duncan smiled. “Very good Cameron. Now I want you to let me know what you are doing tonight”

“I am going to spend the night at my home studying a new script”

Duncan wanted to pump his fist in the air. This was going better than he could have possibly imagine. However, he had to hurry.

“Cameron, when I close the door behind me you will snap out of your trance, and like before, you will not remember what happened. Do you understand?”


Duncan smiled “.and Cameron, you will also make sure that you have your cell phone beside you all night long. Do you understand?”


Duncan peaked out of the door to make sure that the coast was clear. He the closed the door behind and made a quick getaway. Cameron’s bodyguard was startled as he saw a man walk quickly past him and go out of the store. Concerned the bodyguard turned around the corner, only to be met by Cameron. “Ms.Diaz..did you see a man back here” Cameron looked puzzled “Uhhh I didn’t see anyone back here.”

Later that night an anxious Duncan sat alone in his apartment. His cock was hard as a rock with anticipation. He remember back to when he had first hypnotized Cameron. He had specifically remember one time when he tried to get her to eat that worm. Unfortunately she had snapped out of the trance and promptly kicked him in the sack. He knew that he would have to get her into a deeper trance in order for her to do what she was about to do, and Duncan had the means to do it.

Back at her beautiful Beverly Hills home, Cameron sat in front of the TV in her spacious living room. She was reading a script for an upcoming movie when her cell phone rang. She picked it up and answered with a perky “Hello”. The voice on the other side responded “Hi Cameron, its me. What are you up to tonight?” Cameron didn’t recognize the voice but pretended to because she only gave this number out to her friends and other important relations. “Oh, hi.yeah I’m not doing much tonight. Just sitting here by myself. about you.” “XYZ925!”

Cameron’s face immediately went slack. “Cameron can you hear me?” “Yes..I hear you”. On the other end of the line an excited Duncan could hardly contain himself. “Very good is what I want you to do..”.

It was an hour later. Duncan was practically walking on the walls of his tiny apartment. His heart then lept out as he heard the knock on his door. He opened the door to see a confused Cameron Diaz standing there before him. She was wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap as he told her to so she would not attract attention. “Sorry, I don’t know why I knocked..”

XYZ925! Once again Cameron’s face immediate turned slack. Duncan grabbed her by the hand and brought her in the apartment. “Cameron I want you to follow me”. The hypnotized starlet did just that as she walked behind Duncan into a small room. “Cameron I want you to sit down on the chair and face the computer screen”. As Cameron obeyed her order, Duncan also removed he sunglasses as it would be necessary for her to get a clear view of the screen. “OK, Cameron. I want you to stare at the screen. I want you to concentrate really hard. I also want you to listen to my voice very carefully. Do you understand.” “Yes,.I understand”.

Duncan turned on the screen. It revealed an assortment of spinning 3-D images. This was all for once purpose. To put Cameron under his total command and make her his high priced sex slave. Duncan began “Look at the images Cameron, take them in, let them enter your mind. They are so nice to look at. You can’t stop looking at the. They are so nice to look at. Just look at them closer. Concentrate. Let them enter your mind…” For the next 20 minutes Duncan would repeat these words over and over as Cameron became more entrance and became ever more closer to become his personal cum slut.

“Cameron listen to me. You are my slave. I am your master. You will obey my every command.” Say it! Looking wide eyed at the screen Cameron repeated “I am your slave. You are my master. I will obey your commands” Duncan let out an evil laugh as he realized that his darkest desires were about to come true. “Very good Cameron. But remember you won’t just be my slave while you are in a trance. You will be my slave forever. My will is your will. You have no will of your own. Do you understand?” “Yes, I understand master”. There was more indoctrinating to do but Duncan could not resist any longer. His cock demanded satisfaction now. “Cameron” Duncan said with a huge grin. “I want you to go to me bedroom and undress. You are going to give me the fuck of a lifetime”

Ducan laid on the bed with cock in hand. Cameron finished removing her panties and knelt over him on the bed. She leaned down and embraced him in a long passionate kiss. Their tongues darted out of each others mouths as Duncan rolled her over. After they broke the kiss off Cameron smiled and asked “So how do you want me to please you master” Duncan stroked her short blonde hair “Don’t worry. Just let me do all the work. I’ve thought about this for a very long time”.

Duncan worked his way down cameron’s beautiful body. After kissing and licking his way down he finally made it to the promised land. He swiftly stuck his tongue in her pussy and went to work. Cameron moaned as her master ate her out promptly. Mmmm, Duncan thought, “she tastes so fucking good”. After several minutes Duncan breathlessly said “Now its time to come for me Cameron”. Cameron almost immediately came. Spreading her juices all Duncan awaiting tongue. Duncan then sat up and positioned his hard cock over Cameron’s face. “Now it my turn baby”. Cameron opened her mouth wide as he began to pump his cock in and out of her mouth at a tremendously fast pace. He face fucked her beautiful face relentlessly. It wasn’t too long before the pleasure built up and he fired his hot cum down her throat.

After a couple of more hours of hard core fucking, Duncan laid in bed with Cameron wrapped in his arms. “So what do you have on the agenda for the tomorrow evening?” he asked. “I am am going to have dinner at my friends house master. We were going to spend the night together but I can change that if you wish master.” “No, I don’t want to interfere too much in your life just yet. Duncan frowned. He had wanted to spend as much time fucking as possible. Then he suddenly had a though. “Who is this friend?” he asked. “Her name is Christina Applegate master.” Duncan rose his head up. “Are you going to be alone?” “As far as I know her husband is out of town master”. Duncan laid his head back down. He just had an idea. An idea that never occurred to him before. Perhaps he could use Cameron to enthrall more beauties in Hollywood. Perhaps this was only the beginning.

“This chicken is delicious Christina” said Cameron as she sat across from Christina. “Where did you hire your chef?” Christian slipped from her wine and replied. “He came highly recommended from one of the neighbors who was moving”. Cameron winked “He seems very cute too” “Yeah, he’s also very gay” Christina giggled quietly. Cameron nodded “Yeah, most the good ones are”. After finishing their meal Cameron excused herself to go to the washroom. When inside she immediately took out her cell phone and dialed Duncan’s number. Duncan picked up the phone “Ah Cameron, how is our little venture going?” Cameron spoke back to him in a quite voice “Excellent master. Everything is going as planned. I convinced her to come with me to see my new man”. “Very good Cameron. Proceed as planned. I will get everything ready here”. “Yes master.”

Cameron opened up the door to Duncan’s apartment and called out to him “Sweetie I’m home” Duncan came out from the living room. “Buttercup!” Cameron rushed over and embraced Duncan, exchanging a long kiss. Christina was standing in the doorway trying to keep a straight face. It was a little strange to see Cameron so love struck. Especially for a guy who didn’t seem to be anything really special. Cameron turned around “Duncan I would like you to meet Christian, Christina this is my lovey Duncan”. Duncan walked over extending his hand “Christina, I’ve been a big fan since your ‘Kelly Bundy’ days. Christina smirked “Yeah, those were the good old days”. Duncan than quickly added “I also loved you in Cameron in ‘the Sweetest Thing’, it was my favorite movie last year. Well why don’t you come in and make yourself comfortable.” “Thanks” responded Christina.

Cameron sat next to Christina on the couch in Duncan’s living room. Twirling her hair she asked “So what do you think”. Christina took a gulp “Uhhhh..well he seems nice, sooo where did you meet”. Cameron looked up at the ceiling with a girlish tone “Oh you could say he just came up an mesmerized me.” Back in Kitchen Duncan prepared three classes of red win. Only in one of the glasses he poured in a white powder. This drug was going to make the indoctrination all the more easier. He walked into the living room with the drinks. “Here you are ladies” he said while he passed them their glasses of wine. “Cheers” replied Cameron as all three toasted. Duncan kept an eye on Christina to make sure she drank up. After a few minutes of gossiping on the couch, Duncan noticed that Christina had finished all her wine. “Would you like some more?” “I don’t know” replied Christina while rubbing her head. “I feel a little strange” Duncan and Cameron both smiled and looked at each other. “Mayb

e I should be heading home, I’m feeling really tired.” Duncan nodded to Cameron as he went to the back room. She turned to Christina and said “No problem. I can get my Limo to pick you up. Do you want me to go home with you?” Christina shook her head and said “No, I think I’ll be alright. I’ll just go home and lie down”. Cameron grabbed her phone and walked to the computer room. She looked back at Christina “I’ll make the call right now. He should only be about 15 minutes or so”. “Thanks” sighed Christina, as she leaned back on the coach rubbing her head. Cameron smiled as she went around the corner and into the computer room. “Is everything ready master?” she whispered. Duncan got up for the chair grinning at the computer screen. “Yep, just finished setting up the audio. Bring her in”

Cameron came walked back out to the living room to see Christina half asleep on the coach. “Honey, you just have to come in and look at the new computer program Duncan made up, it is fantastic!” Christina muttered back “I don’t know, what time is the Limo arriving”. Cameron grabbed Christina’s hand helping her off the coach “Actually, it might be a while so you may as well come it”. Cameron walked Christina in the room. “Just sit down here and put the headphones on”. Christina did just that as she looked at the screen “What is it? And what is this weird music?” Christina let out a little laugh, “Its part of the program. Trust me its great”. Christina shrugged her shoulders as she looked at the screen “OK”. The images on the screen flashed in front of Christina’s eyes as the music in the headphones barraged her mind with subliminal messages that were telling her to relax and let to concentrate on the screen. Christina did just that as she continued to watch the images dance i

n front of her eyes. The messages in the music changed. They were now telling her that she was falling into a trance. That she should not resist because it felt good to just let the images control her. By this time Christina’s eyes were wide open. Her mind was blank. Her resistance was fading. Duncan now entered the room. He looked at the luscious actresses staring at the images on the screen. Completely mesmerized. He gently removed the headphones from her head. “Christina can you hear me”.

“…Yes.” the hypnotized starlet said softly.

Duncan leaned up to her ear. “Christina I want you to take in the images. Let them control your mind. They control your mind don’t they Christina?”

“They control my mind.”

“I created those images so that means I control you. Christina, I control you”

“You.control me”.

“That is right Christina. You are my slave. I am your master. You will obey my every command. Say it!”

Looking wide eyed at the screen Christina repeated “I am your slave. You are my master. I will obey your commands”

As Christina sat there staring blankly at the screen Duncan continued to make her plans for the future.

Later on that night, Christina and Cameron laid on the bed licking each other in a hot 69 position. Duncan was in the corner video taping this erotic display of lesbian lust. Imagine the money he could make selling this. In the meantime, he had other ideas in mind. Duncan sat down the camera on the dresser beside him but made sure it was still pointed at the bed to take in all the action. He knelled on the bed behind the two gorgeous fuck toys. Christina on top and Cameron on the bottom. He then removed his underwear to reveal his rock hard cock that was just aching for action. “Raise your ass a bit for me Christina” “Yes master.” responded Christina as presented her hot ass to her new master. Duncan slipped his cock in her ass and started pumping. It was not a virgin ass either. He thought that maybe she was more like her Kelly Bundy character after all. Duncan put his hands on her shoulders as he began to pump her harder “Oh yeah, take it fucking slut”. Christina’s cries w

ere muffled because her mouth was buried in Cameron’s muff. The thought of having this two hot actresses under his control while he pounded Christina’s ass was more than he could take. “Aggghhhh.Mother Fuccckkeerrr!” Duncan pulled hot his cock just in time to begin shooting his hot cum all over Christina’s ass. He breathed heavily as he jerked off the rest of his cum on Cameron’s waiting tongue below. She then began to suck his cock with great delight. Duncan moaned as he tried to catch his breath. He knew there would be more super intense orgasms to come. He just wondered which starlet might be next.

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