Supermarket Savings

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If you’re under the age of 18, leave. This story is a complete fantasy.


by rawballz


Melanie Brown

Karen Duffy

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Ashley Judd

Annabella Sciorra

Elisabeth Shue

Shania Twain

At the local FoodMor the floors & building were empty, at least that’s

what the manager pretended to think. The time was at around 12:00 a.m.

Most all of the shopping carts were well put away, as the manager locked

the front doors and turned most of the lights off.

Six women suddenly got very worried knowing they were
locked in the

supermarket. “Oh my God.”, Catherine Zeta-Jones muttered to herself. She

put down the bunch of bananas & rolled her shopping cart to the front of

the store.

The manager made her way up to her own private office at the front of

the store. She quickly locked the door & sat down to watch the cameras

that were placed throughout the supermarket. “It’s showtime.”, she

laughed to herself.

Karen Duffy dropped the can of Spaghetti-O’s & ran to the front of the

supermarket. When she got to the front she saw Catherine, Annabella

Sciorra & Shania Twain banging on the front windows. “Help!”, they all


The loud banging got Ashley Judd’s & Melanie Brown’s attention. They

quickly made their way to the registers up front. “Calm down everyone!

Calm down!”, Ashley shouted. The three hysterical women stopped & turned

around. “Let’s just use the phone. There’s no reason to lose our heads

about this.” “I’ve already tried that. They’re all dead!”, Shania

screamed back at Ashley. Ashley picked up the phone & heard nothing.

Nothing except silence.

“What the fuck are we going to do!”, Karen shouted. Ashley hung up the

phone,”We’ll just have to break the glass or something.” “What do you

think we’ve been doing up here? We’ve thrown everything at it. The

windows won’t budge!”, Annabella replied sternly.

“Okay, we’ll has anyone tried using your cellphone?”, Ashley asked.

“We’ve all tried! We can’t get a signal! We’re trapped in here

goddammit!”, Shania shouted back at her.

Suddenly a loud booming voice came over on the intercom system.

“Everybody stop what you’re doing!”, the voice echoed throughout the

supermarket. The six women stopped dead in their tracks. “Noone here is

going to leave tonight! They only way out of here alive is doing exactly

what I tell you to do!”

Ashley looked up towards the ceiling in no particular direction. “What

the hell do you want us to do?”

“First things first! Take your clothes off!”, the voice replied. “Just

Ashley or all of us?”, Shania asked. A shot rang out through the entire

store. A bullet zipped three inches away from Shania’s head. “Holy


“Since you’re the inquisitive one, take your clothes off, Shania!”, the

voice replied. “I don’t want to take my clothes off.”, Shania weakly


Suddenly, a tiny red dot appeared on Shania’s forehead. “This shot will

not miss!”, the voice stated. “Take your clothes off, Shania.”, Ashley

told her.

Shania scared to death, began unbottoning her white blouse. After the

last one was done, she lifted the blouse off her shoulders and it fell

to the cold tile floor. She knew the voice meant business. She reached

down and removed her shoes & socks. The cold floor felt like it was

freezing her bare feet. Shania undid the front of her bluejeans and

tugged them down over her hips. She slowly stepped out of them and

kicked them to the side.

Karen, who was standing in back of Shania, was noticing her well-formed

ass. Her white cotton panties crept up the crack of her ass. She admired

the way they firmly hugged her buttocks.

Shania put her hands behind her back and unsnapped her bra. She pulled

the straps down off her shoulders and dropped the bra to the floor. Her

nipples stood erect. She then breathed in heavily, grabbed the sides of

her panties and pushed them down off of her. Karen’s eyes widened at the

sight of her naked rear. Shania stepped out of her bunched-up panties

and stood there butt naked.

“Karen, massage Shania’s ass!”, the voice spoke. Karen immediately got

behind Shania and placed her hands on Shania’s rear. She loved feeling

her cold bare-butt on her warm hands. She began squeezing and rubbing

Shania’s buttocks. Shania leaned slightly forward. She was very

embarrassed but started to get turned on, by another woman groping at

her asscheeks. Shania’s ass was like dough in her hands. She was

enjoying every second of it.

“Catherine, get behind Karen and remove her clothes!”, the voice

ordered. Catherine, not wanting to be shot, positioned herself behind

Karen. She reached over Karen’s sides and began unbottoning her blouse.

Karen stopped the massage for a second as Catherine slipped her blouse

off. Then she went right back to groping Shania’s warming ass. Catherine

squatted down and took off Karen’s shoes & socks. She stood back up,

reached forward and unbottoned her pants. She slowly brought her zipper

down. She grabbed the sides of Karen’s pants & pulled them down to the

floor. Catherine grabbed her ankles and lifed them out of her pants. She

stood back up and unsnapped her bra and pulled it off her shoulders.

“Tear her panties off!”, the voice shouted. Catherine paused for a

moment. Then grabbed the side of Karen’s panties & ripped them in half.

She dropped the shredded underwear to the floor. Karen enjoyed the fact

of being naked while still massaging Shania’s butt.

“Catherine, spank Karen’s ass!”, the voice ordered. Catherine positioned

herself and sent a light smack on Karen’s naked behind. “Harder!”, the

voice snapped. Catherine came down again and slapped her left buttcheek.

Karen jumped forward a little at the impact. Catherine kept spanking her

bum. She slapped down & across her naked butt. Karen’s butt flesh

jiggled with each smack.

“Melanie, take your clothes off!”, the voice spoke. “I’m not about to

remove my fucking clothes and become involved with your sexual

escapades!”, Mel shouted back. Another shot rang out and hit the floor

inbetween Mels’ feet. “Take your clothes off now!”, the voice angrily

shouted. Reluctantly, Mel began removing her clothes. Within a few

minuted, Mel stood there totally naked. “Now what?” “There is a razor

and a can of shaving cream on the register beside you. Take it and shave

Shania’s pubic hair!” “Oh for Christ’s sake!” Mel grabbed the shaving

cream & razor and squtted in front of Shania. She squirted some cream

into her palm and rubbed it over Shania’s bush. She wiped her hand off

on Shania’s belly. Mel brought the razor down on her creamy patch.

Carefully shaving her bush with each stroke.

“Annabella, remove your clothes!” Knowing better than to argue with the

voice, Annabella quickly stripped down until she was wearing nothing but

a frightened look on her face. She stood there waiting for her next


“There is a strap-on dildo on top of the bubble gum machines! Put it on

and walk over behind Catherine!”

Annabella walked over to the gum machines and grabbed the strap-on. She

clumsily put it on. She had never done this before, so she was a little

inexperienced at it. After it was sercurely on, Annabella made her

behind Catherine.

“Tear Catherine’s clothes off her body!”, the voice ordered. Anabella

began ripping & shredding at Catherine’s garmets. Her blouse was tore

into ribbons, her bra violently ripped off her body, her black skirt was

quickly discarded, her heels were ripped off her feet and her panties

yanked off her hips. Catherine kept spanking Karen’s ass the whole time,

not missing a beat.

“Bend Catherine forward, lubricate her butthole and begin fucking her

ass!” Annabella put her right hand on Catherine’s bare back & pushed her

forward. Catherine volunteered at spreading her legs wide. Annabella

stuck two fingers in her mouth and wet them up good. She then placed her

fingers onto Catherine’s asshole. She rubbed them over, getting them

good and wet. She then grabbed her buttcheeks and spread them apart.

Catherine’s butthole was slightly opening. Annabella positioned the head

of the dildo right on the entrance of her tight rectum. Slowly she

pushed forward, burying the 8″ dildo into her rear. Annabella pulled

back out halfway & pushed forward again. Catherine began to moan & sigh

loudly. Annabella picked up the pace a little, she started ramming the

dildo harder & faster. She grabbed Catherine by her hips & began to go

deeper inside of her buttocks.

Mel was finished with shaving Shania’s bush. She did a very good job,

she leaned back and admired her work. “Don’t just look at it, eat it!”,

the voice ordered her. Mel leaned forward and placed her tongue on

Shania’s swollen clit. She ran her tongue around her pussylips & then

entered her vagina. Shania had becomed overwhelmed with all the

attention she was recieving on her privates. She began foldeling her own

breasts. Karen spread apart Shania’s buttcheeks & entered two fingers

inside her rectum.

“Ashley, come behind the front counter and open the office door!”, the

voice echoed. Ashley rushed over behind the counter & slowly turned the

doorknob to the office. She opened the door and saw Elisabeth Shue naked

& wearing a strap-on. “Elisabeth?” “Shut up, Ashley and take your

clothes off!”, Elisabeth snapped back at her. Elisabeth pointed a

handgun right at Ashley’s forehead. Ashley nervously began removing her

clothes. “That’s it. You take those clothes right off.”

Ashley finally slid her panties down to the office floor. “Get over here

and bent over the desk.”, Elisabeth ordered. Ashley obliged and bent

over the desk. “Spread you legs, bitch.” She slowly slid her legs apart.

Elisabeth squatted down and rapidly began licking at Ashley’s exposed

asshole. She lapped at her rectum like a dog with water. Ashley closed

her eyes whilst recieving the tongue-thrashing. Elisabeth pried her

butthole apart and began darting her tongue deep inside of her.

“Uuugghhhh!”, Ashley groaned. Elisabeth quickly stood back up and slowly

sunk her dildo into her wet anus. After a few hundred pumps, Elisabeth

pulled out and shoved the dildo into her already-wet pussy. Ashley

tensed up at the sudden intrution. Elisabeth began pumping away at her

vagina. She grabbed a 7″ cucumber that was on the desk & slowly shoved

it into Ashley’s butthole. “Goddammit!”, Ashley screamed. Elisabeth

pumped her dildo in her pussy & rammed the vegetable into her rectum at

the same time.

After ten minutes of this Elisath pulled out the objects and laid on her

back ontop of the desk. “Straddle me, bitch.”, Elisabeth ordered her.

Ashley got on the desk, with her back facing Elisabeth, she slowly

squatted down on the dildo. The dildo entered her buttocks once again.

“Jesus Christ!”, Ashley shouted. She leaned back, placing her hand

behind her on the desk. With her legs spread wide, she received the

ass-pounding of her life. Elisabeth fiercely rammed the dildo into her

butthole. Ashley’s entire body was shaking. Sweat began pouring out all

over her naked body. Her eyes rolled up into her head. “Take the

cucumber and shove it into your pussy.”, Elisabeth ordered. Ashley

quickly grabbed the cucumber and pushed it into herself. “Ooooohhhh

fuck!!!!” Ashley rammed the vegetable into herself, matching the thrusts

her asshole was recieving. Her entire body locked up as she had the most

intense orgasm of her life. Her screams filled the entire office.

You could hear her screams from outside the office door. The other five

women weren’t paying much attention though. They were too busy licking,

fucking, sucking, fingering, spanking and fondeling each other to


The women finally all came together in one loud orgasm. Each had the

same thought.

“I need to go grocery shopping more often.”


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