The Luckiest Fan

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This fictional story contains GRAPHIC sexual situations, if you are underage
or easily offended. Stop reading

The Luckiest Fan By Captain J

I’ve been a fan of Science Fiction for a long time. Most shows I watched
very casually, but there was one I would never miss. Star Trek Voyager.
Not because it was especially well written or anything, but because it
featured Jeri Ryan! Her body looks like it was sculptured by a Greek God.
Amazingly long legs, huge perfectly rounded breasts and a face that could
launch a thousand ships….. Very wooden ships if you know what I mean!
Anyway, when I read that
Jeri was going to be coming to a Sci Fi convention
in town, I just had to go. I was hoping that I could get her autograph or
something. I ended up getting much more! But I’m getting ahead of myself.
I drove a couple of hundred miles to the Hotel where the convention was
being held. I checked into my room, and then went back downstairs to the
Ballroom where the convention was being held. It was a scene of complete
chaos! Hundreds of people were rushing around everywhere, venders were
hawking merchandise, and “fans” were dressed up in costume. I felt kind of
stupid being among these people, but I had to meet Jeri. So I looked around
hoping to catch a glimpse……but nothing! I asked around and no one had
seen her!

More than an hour went by and nothing. Finally some guy got up on stage and
announced that Jeri Ryan wouldn’t be appearing at the convention after all.
He said her plane had been held up, and she wasn’t able to make it! I
couldn’t believe it! I had come all this way just to catch a glimpse of
her, and now it was for nothing!

I decided to make the best of it, so I looked around the city for a few
hours. Then I came back to the hotel, and saw that the convention had
wrapped up, and everything was very quiet. Too quiet for my tastes, so I
went up to my room. But after pacing around for a few minutes I couldn’t
stand hanging out there any longer! So went down to the hotel’s bar for a
drink. I looked around, and to my shock and delight, guess who was sitting
alone in one of the rear booths of the bar?!!? JERI RYAN!!!

Normally I would have been too nervous to do anything but stare. But I
decided I had nothing to lose, so I went over and said ” I know you’ve heard
this a million times before, but I love your work! Could I buy you a
drink?” She looked into my eyes for a long moment, and said “No!” I began
to stammer an apology for bothering her, and turned to leave. But then I
felt a hand on my arm, and Jeri was standing there. She said “actually, I
don’t want a drink, but I would like some company.” I couldn’t believe that
she would give me the time of day, let alone want to have a conversation,
but hey I was more than game! I began to move toward the booth, but she put
her hand on my chest and said, “not here. Lets go up to my room, it would
be quieter there.” Now aside from the bartender, there wasn’t anyone in the
lounge, but if Jeri Ryan wanted to show me her room I wasn’t going to say

I was really nervous the entire ride up in the elevator. I didn’t know
where to look. Should I stare at her gorgeous face? Her breasts, covered
by a thin white sweater? The floor? I ended up splitting my time among all
three until the elevator arrived at the Penthous. She led me to her room
and sat down on one of the big beds there. She stretched in a way that
emphasized her incredible body, and then patted the bed beside her. “Come
sit next to me she said.” I slowly walked over and sat down next to her.
She said, “I’ve been working so much lately, that I never get to see my
boyfriend anymore.” “I need cock now, and you’re the lucky guy who gets to
service me!”

This was much more than a dream come true. She grabbed me and we began to
kiss. As the kiss intensified, I lost my nervousness, and just began to
enjoy the experience. So I felt those fantastic breasts I had imagined
holding for so long! To paraphrase Seinfeld, they were real, and they were
fantastic! As I began to massage and rub her tits, she began to moan
softly. Then she pushed me back, and took off her sweater, and her pants.
My jaw hit the floor. She was fantastic with clothes on, but a goddess
naked! She didn’t have one flaw that I could see, and I was looking very
hard! I was also very hard myself, and Jeri could tell. She said “time for
the big show, I’ve got to have that big cock!” I threw my off my clothes
and as she sat on the edge of the bed, she took all 8 inches of my cock in
her mouth. Slowly at first, but within a few minutes, she tightened her
lips and began bobbing her head slowly up and down on the shaft. I couldn’t
belive it, Jeri Ryan was deep throating me like a pro!

I was nearing the point of no return, so I stopped her. She moved back so
she was lying on the bed, and spread her legs for me. I climbed on the bed,
and as I tasted her cunt I immediatly noticed two things. Her cunt was wet,
and it tasted fantastic! Within seconds she started trembling and then
loudly began screaming as she came! She grinned and then looked up at me
and said, “give it to me.” Who was I to say no, so I rammed my cock deep
into her warm and inviting hole. The feeling was amazing, she was hot as a
volcano, and amazingly tight! I slowly moved inside her, relishing the
sensation. Then she ordered me to go faster. I increased speed, and soon
the bed was shaking as I pounded into her harder, and harder. Even as I
fucked her, I was thinking about how unbelievable this was. Jeri was
pinching her nipples and tossing her head back and forth. She began to pant
and, then grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me into her harder! I slammed
forward with all my might as Jeri and I simultaneously cried out in climax.
I pulled out and amazingly, I was still hard. She looked at me, and
grinned, saying “Now what can we do? Since this night was already a dream
come true, I decided nothing was out of bounds, nothing was impossible. So
I told Jeri to get off her back, and get on her hands and knees. She knew
exactly what I had planned, and wiggled her ass at me. I moved behind her,
and began kneading her perfectly shaped cheeks. I slipped my dick into her
pussy for a few thrusts, but then I began working my cock into her ass.
Jeri screamed as the first few inches went in. Through clenched teeth she
said, “Don’t stop!”

I couldn’t believe how tight she was. No matter how much of a slut Jeri
Ryan might have been for me tonight, I had the feeling I was going where no
man had gone before! I slid my cock almost completely out of her asshole,
leaving only the tip inside as I caught my breath. But then I again began
ramming her ass without mercy. Over and over I hammered her butt, until I
felt my climax approaching. I pulled out and came all over her silky smooth
white ass cheeks!

Jeri and I gathered our breathe for a few minutes, and then she whispered to
me, that was really nice! We will have to do that again sometime! Leave
your name and number on my table as you leave. That’s when I realized that
I hadn’t even introduced myself! I thought about it, and then decided I
didn’t care if she ever learned my name….as long as I could get another
chance at this spectacular body! I got dressed and left my name and number
wondering if I would ever hear from her again. I did, and she came over
with Jolene Blalock from Enterprise! But that’s another story for another

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