What if…Superheroes Really existed? – Part 2: Supergirl Cubed

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What if…Superheroes really existed? Part 2: Supergirl Cubed.

By Xeno2814

Well, here we go with another installment of my take on the What If…series of comics that Marvel put out years ago. Once again, this was inspired by that, superheroinecentral, and a freakin case of Jolt this time. This story is the reason why I said not to send in any suggestions for Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, or Jessica Simpson. I figured I should write it before people began writing in with suggestions for them anyways and I got tempted to write about those suggestions. So now, feel free to send in suggestions for these
three pop stars, since this series lets them be reused. J You can reach me at [email protected] Once again, Supergirl is a trademark of DC Comics probably, and let’s assume that the singers own their own names, okay?


The air around Supergirl was tinged with orange as she sped at Mach 2 through the atmosphere, heading as quickly as she could from the JLA watchtower on the moon for Metropolis, where a mysterious force had been reported to be abducting women from the streets in broad daylight. With Superman chasing Braniac across several different realities, it was up to her to protect their city. The reason for her hurry was that Lois Lane had been wearing a JLA monitor device in the area that all the women had disappeared from. The device had suddenly disappeared from the watchtower scanners, leading Supergirl to believe that more than likely Lois had been abducted by the same force that had taken the other women.

Supergirl’s rushed flight was abruptly halted by a mid air collision with another red and blue blur that was coming from an easterly direction, as opposed to Supergirl’s straight down path. The air rippled around her with the effects of two sonic booms from separate directions, blowing her red skirt in several directions, her dirty blonde hair barely kept out of her face by the red Kryptonian head band that she wore. Blinking her eyes, she wasn’t sure that she wasn’t suffering a concussion or something from the impact. In front of her floated another Supergirl, looking just as dazed.

Supergirl 2 looked at the first one, noting that they wore different versions of the same basic costume. She herself had on a skintight blue top with the classic ‘S’ shield stretched tight across her generous breasts, while Supergirl 1 was wearing a top that was the same blue, but had a red bar running along the shoulders, connected to both the S shield and her cape. Both wore bright red skirts, although Supergirl 2′s came down only to mid thigh, while the other Supergirl’s was knee length. Both wore red, shin length, 8 inch high heeled boots, and waist length red capes with the yellow ‘S’ shield monogrammed on the back. Still shaken from the collision, it took Supergirl 2 a full minute to realize who she was looking at.

“Britney Spears? What the hell are you doing up here? And why the hell are you dressed like Supergirl?”

“I could ask you the same thing Christina.” Realizing that it was one of her main rivals, Britney couldn’t help but roll her eyes and allow a tone of annoyance to slip into her voice. “What, wasn’t copying my career enough for you Aguilera? Now you have to pretend to be Supergirl?”

“ME? A pretender? No way. YOU’RE the one that’s just a singer.”

“Just a singer? Hmmm…I wonder…could you be from one of the other Earths? Or am I on yours? I didn’t notice any effects from a dimensional passage…”

Struggling to put aside her natural hostility at being called a pretender, Christina couldn’t help but tap her toe impatiently against the air below her. “Look, I’d love to stay and figure this out, but I have to get to Metropolis. One of my contacts just disappeared, along with several other women in the area.”

“Odd. That’s why I’m rushing there too. Maybe we should work together on this if it’s threatening both our realities.” Not even waiting for a reply, Britney turned back towards the planet and resumed her high speed course for Metropolis, forcing Christina to rush to keep up with the slightly older Supergirl, muttering under her breath the whole time.

Reaching the airspace above Metropolis, both Britney and Christina headed for the warehouses that broke the line between downtown and the docks, but their flight was interrupted again by the sound of a voice shouting at them from the rooftops.

“Hey! Who the hell are…Britney? Christina? How the hell are you two flying?”

Looking at each other, than back at Jessica Simpson, both Britney and Christina began to have a vaguely uneasy feeling, especially when they took a closer look at Jessica. Although her outfit consisted of a skintight, belly baring white T-Shirt, dark blue mini skirt, and thigh high red boots with 6 inch heels, the telltale red cape and ‘S’ shield stretched across her breasts easily showed that she was another Supergirl.

“Jessica? What the hell are you doing here?”

“I was talking to a friend on the phone, when all of a sudden she gave the most pleased sigh I’ve heard outside of sex, and then the line went dead. I traced the call to this area, and came looking for her when the company said that her phone couldn’t be found anywhere on the planet. Now, how the heck can you two be Supergirl, when I’m the only one on this planet that has that identity?”

Quickly explaining the alternate Earth theory, the three Supergirls began heading in the same direction, with Britney carrying Jessica in her arms, since apparently Jessica had lost most of her invulnerability and flight powers. Finally, the three of them reached the area where they had lost contact with all their friends.

The stretch of street appeared to be perfectly normal, a stretch of high rises on the right hand side, and a collection of abandoned, decrepit warehouses situated around a large courtyard behind a gate on the other. Bussiness on the street appeared to be continuing as if nothing had happened, and the three heroines couldn’t figure out where their friends had gone. Finally, Christina managed to spot an odd microscopic dust floating around the gate, and leading inside to one of the warehouse doors. Easily clearing the fence, Britney and Christina followed Jessica into the building after she knocked the door down with a single mighty kick.

Inside, the warehouse appeared to be abandoned judging by the condition of the main room. However, closer inspection revealed several scuff marks in the dust of the floor, and those marks eventually led to a well hidden trap door along the far wall. Prying it open with ease, the three heroines dropped down, not into a sewer system as they might have thought, but into a living nightmare.

All around them the tunnel walls were some type of giant plant, covering every surface without fail, thick vines running apparently at random along the walls and ceiling, heading off in both directions down the tunnel. A faint green haze filled the air, bringing with it a distinctly sweet smell. Faint light could be seen pulsing from other tunnels that branched off, beating in time to a soft thumping that filled the hallway. But that wasn’t the worse part.

Pods slightly larger than a human female hung on the walls, hundreds of them lining the passage, and every one was filled. Britney stared around herself in horror, shocked to see naked women hanging all around her, thick vines latched onto their nipples, while a smaller one filled each women’s vagina, pulsing with life, pushing some type of fluid into them. A starfish shaped creature of some sort covered each of the women’s mouths, a microscopic spore being released from it. And right in front of her was Lois Lane, aroused moans escaping from around the sides of the starfish that covered her lips.

Without even thinking, Britney used her heat vision to cut the vines in half a safe distance from Lois’s skin, pulling her free as soon as she could and hastily yanking the vines off of her friend. When Lois finally forced her eyes open, Britney could see the intense disappointment that filled them, and a slightly accusatory glance.

“Why…Why did you stop it Britney? It felt so good…” Suddenly, Lois’s light brown eyes filled with a joyous light as though she had just been given the best news of her life. Before Britney could even react, Lois rushed her face forward, pressing her lips insistently against the super heroines. Opening her mouth in protest, Britney felt Lois’s tongue flicker briefly against her lips. A strange sense of pleasure suddenly swept through Britney as she inhaled some of the microscopic spores that clung to Lois’s lips, but she managed to push it, and Lois away. Looking behind her, she saw that Christina and Jessica had found those that they had come to find, and were in more or less the same situation as her.

As Christina pushed her media contact, Cat Grant, away from her, her superhearing picked up what sounded like muffled footsteps on grass coming from several of the corridors branching away from her. At the same time, she saw the walls a few feet in front of her dilate open with a faint slurping sound. Out stepped at least a dozen women from each doorway, each dressed in absolutely nothing, but each was obviously pregnant with something.

Jessica was even further away down the corridor, on the opposite side of the doors, almost directly next to one of the side tunnels. Throwing herself upwards away from her friend Hitomi, Jessica stumbled backwards, when she suddenly felt four soft hands grab her bare forearms. Looking back, she saw that 2 more pregnant women had appeared from a door behind her, blocking that route of escape. Looking forward again, she saw that Hitomi was already standing up, but not moving towards her. Instead her attention was focused on the side passage, where the shuffling was audible even to Jessica’s non-superpowered hearing. Out of the faint green light shining down the passage stepped a giant, at least 8 feet in height, comprised of what looked like plants. It’s foliated body was extremely well endowed, the sight of the 8 inch dick hanging between the ManPlant knees causing Jessica to gasp in shock, and thanks to the spores from Hitomi, more than a small amount of pleasure. However, Jessica still attempted to fight back as the brunette and redhead that had grabbed her shoved her forward to her knees, but due to her lack of any real super strength, she wasn’t able to break the hold they held on her. Past the form of the creature standing in front of her, Jessica was just barely able to make out Christina and Britney reluctantly flying down the corridor in the opposite direction. Then the ManPlant was standing directly in front of her, it’s massive prick bumping against her breasts and then her chin as it rapidly grew hard at the sight of the struggling super heroine.

Jessica gasped in horror as she felt the two pregnant women release her, only to feel Hitomi’s slender oriental fingers wrap around her chest, gently massaging Jessica’s breasts even as the Creature slowly wrapped it’s moss like hand around it’s hardened cock. It slowly stroked the shaft as it mutely watched Jessica’s best friend begin to arouse her, the young oriental girls tongue flicking lightly against Jessica’s ear, tracing a soft path down her cheek next to her mouth and down her neck to where her cape met the rest of her costume. The last of the spores on Hitomi’s lips were inhaled into Jessica’s mouth, causing her to slip even further into the pleasure, a small moan escaping her lips as the spores slid down her throat. They seemed to head straight for Jessica’s loins, a telltale wetness staining the dark panties under her skirt.

Jessica felt her body relax totally, unresisting as Hitomi pushed her forward, her cleavage catching the creature’s rock solid cock, the mounds of tit flesh molding around the massive member. Jessica merely sat there, soft moans of pleasure escaping her lips as she felt the creature begin to slide it’s cock up and down, even as Hitomi reached under her skirt and began to run her fingers gently along Jessica’s already dripping slit.

The ManPlants cock slid back and forth in front of Jessica’s mouth, slowly beginning to sweat, and releasing more of the spores as it did so. The addictive quality of them convinced Jessica to hesitantly stick her tongue out, licking along the underside of the shaft, feeling her consciousness and inhibitions fall away more and more as she did so. Hitomi’s fingers continued to rub a hypnotic pattern across Jessica’s womanhood, interrupted only sporadically by a fingertip lightly brushing against her clit, sending multiple shivers of pleasure up her spine. The pleasure didn’t last for long though as the creature suddenly came, thick green spunk slamming out of it’s shaft, right into Jessica’s face. The cum had the sweetest smell Jessica had ever come across, and she felt her mind start to spin as she tried to figure out what it reminded her of…

Shortly after Jessica’s head slumped to her chest in unconsciousness, Hitomi and the ManPlant helped the lightly hypnotized heroine to stand up, and began walking with her silently in the direction Britney and Christina had flown…

Christina cursed silently to herself as she and Britney were forced to make a hasty retreat from the hallway where they had found their friends, the hidden passage they had come in through being quickly overgrown by some type of plant and cutting off that escape route. Now, the two heroines were being forced to leave Jessica behind, and were flying into unknown danger more than likely. Christina’s sense of dread only grew along with the size of the tunnel, which had been rapidly widening as it dove deeper into the earth. Suddenly, the tunnel ended in a giant cavern at least 10 stories high, covered in a thick green membrane that pulsed and throbbed with the lifebeat of the creature that sat in the middle of it.

In comparison to the size of the chamber, the creature was quite small, only 20 feet high. It appeared to be almost like a Venus Flytrap in design, the teeth of the interlocking jaws clearly visible, even without Supervision. Bumps both small and large covered the exterior, although nothing seemed to be connected to them. However, although it might have seemed small, the strange Flytrap was obviously in control of the thousands of various sized tentacles that filled the chamber, extending from the ground, sides of ledges that interrupted the walls at random intervals, and the high, domed ceiling overhead. All of the tendrils hungrily strained towards Britney and Christina as they entered the room, lashing and stretching in an attempt to reach the fresh young heroines, a pale green light emanating from every surface casting a surreal glow across the chamber.

Instinctually, both Supergirls knew that it was this plant that was controlling everything, and if they managed to destroy it, all their friends would more than likely be freed. So, both immediately increased the speed of their flight, ducking and weaving among the tentacles that attempted to block their path.

There were too many of them though, as Christina found out when one vine like tentacle suddenly extended outward at least 10 feet, slapping her across the face and leaving a slimy green trail behind on the dazed heroine famous features, her flight brought to a temporary halt. Before she could recover and follow Britney closer to the Flytrap proper, another tendril struck out, hitting her straight across her nipples, an uncomfortably pleasant feeling rushing through them as she was knocked back into the wall. More vines grabbed onto her elbows and knees, immobilizing her two feet from the wall, as more and more of them swung closer. The one that came closest though bore one of the starfish on the curled end of it. Seeing this, Christina took the deepest breath she could, planning to hold it until she could get her head angled to use her heat vision.

She never got the chance as a vine with razor sharp thorns lashed at her front, ripping clean through her blue top and exposing her braless breasts to the humid air, while Christina’s struggles quickly forced the torn top from her body. The thorns didn’t do any damage to her invulnerable skin, merely a light red line where they had brushed against her, but that was the least of her worries. The vine quickly came back and wrapped itself completely around her breasts, two thorns trapping each nipple, one on top and one on the bottom, the gentle sawing motion they began causing her already aroused nipples to harden further, an airless moan of pleasure and shock escaping Christina’s lips.

It only got worse when yet another tentacle with thorns slashed at her ass, shredding her skirt and red panties, the now useless material fluttering to the floor two stories before. Luckily, the thorny vine withdrew, although another, larger one secreting thick green fluids quickly lined itself up with her ass, and after only the most preliminary of lubrications, thrust itself rapidly into her virgin ass. This finally elicited a scream of pain from the young singer/heroine, and the starfish holding tentacle took the opportunity to press it’s prize against her mouth, the Flytrap feeling it’s own version of happiness as the young woman inhaled, the pleasure inducing spores instantly rendering her compliant. Just to be on the safe side, the Flytrap directed another vine to begin fucking Christina’s pussy, a third, bell shaped one to suck on her clit, and two more of the bell shaped ones to add more pleasure to her thorn entrapped breasts. Before long, Christina was nothing more than a mindless victim, awaiting her Flytrap master to deal with the final heroine.

Britney could barely spare her captured friend and sometimes enemy a horrified glance as she wove her way desperately between the tendrils that were now free to concentrate on her. It took all of her flexibility from years of dancing to stay one step away from capture, various rips and tears in her knee length skirt testament to how close the vines had come to capturing their prey. As she drew to within ten feet of the top of the Flytrap, a distant thought that she should know this thing filled Britney’s mind, although she quickly pushed it back as she lunged forward with a final burst of speed, delicate hands capable of bending steel grasping the teeth of the plant. A fleeting thought of recognition filled Britneys brain along with a sense of danger, but she didn’t have time to analyze either one of them before she pulled the plant’s jaw open.

A rush of air accompanied a blast of sparkling yellow dust that flew from the Flytrap, it’s final defense against attackers, blocking any view of the inside. It blew straight into Britney, clinging to her spandex like costume, but sinking directly into her exposed flesh. Unlike the spores that had entranced both Jessica and Christina, this dust merely made the final heroine extremely susceptible to the continuous telepathic messages that the Flytrap sent out, in addition to losing control of all her muscles. And all too late, Britney realized exactly why she was so vulnerable. The Flytrap was actually a Kryptonian Impregnation Plant, grown to extraordinary size under the weaker gravity and yellow sun of Earth. And due to her pure Kryptonian heritage, Britney was the perfect genetic mate for the plant.

The majority of the vines in the chamber grew still, only the ones that slowly passed Christina along closer to the KryptoPlant still moving as Britney began to receive the full scope of the plants telepathic messages to her. Although her mind tried desperately to resist, she felt her hands move up to her neck, releasing her cape from it’s nearly invisible latches, watching it with eyes that she no longer controlled as she felt her fingers slide down over her chest, rubbing lightly against the nipples as the tips of the two body parts brushed against each other.

Grasping the top edge of her skirt, Britney’s hands ripped it right down the middle, letting the unusable fabric flutter to the bottom of the plants gaping maw. She felt her mental resistance beginning to fade as the plant continued to batter her with pleasing mental images and promises, even as her hands found the waist edge of her top and pulled it up over her head, leaving her wearing nothing but her Kryptonian headband, knee high boots, and bright red panties that had matched her skirt color. She found herself wondering just how bad it could be to give into this creature that was from her long lost home, even as she allowed herself to drop in-between the still open teeth of the KryptoPlant.

As she touched the slightly curved connection between the side and bottom of the plant’s mouth, the jaws slid shut above her, cutting off any light. Luckily, Britney’s superior night vision was still able to work, since it was entirely subconscious. Through the dim haze it provided, the young singer-heroine could see that her boots were quickly melting in a green slime that covered the bottom inch of the plant, slowly lowering her height from the 6 foot 2 inches the boots gave her to her natural height of 5 feet 5 inches. As her bare soles came in contact with the goop, she felt an undeniable wave of pleasure sweep up her body, making her want to gasp in shock even though the KryptoPlant wouldn’t allow her to. This forced submission to the plants whims only weakened Britney’s resolve further, making her wonder if it was such a bad thing to be told what to do and feel. Reaching down, she slid her panties off her body, letting them drop to the floor where they joined the dissolving remains of her skirt, top, and boots.

Hearing a rustling above and just behind her, Britney experienced the intense urge to spin and face the unknown thing, but was forced to merely stand there, until she felt a slime covered vine down along her back, quickly making it’s way up to her exposed neck. Wherever it touched, it left an intense burning pleasure, and Britney couldn’t restrain the honest moan of pleasure that forced it’s way past her lips, the plant finally relinquishing control over her lungs and mouth. It had it’s own reasons for doing so, mainly nostalgia, since it hadn’t heard a Kryptonian female in heat for centuries.

More tentacles dropped down from the hollow blisters that both Britney and Christina had seen on the outside of the KryptoPlant. They quickly swarmed over Britney, drenching her body in their pheremone laden slime, although none stopped to pleasure any part of her directly. None the less, Britney found herself wanting to desperately surrender to the KryptoPlant, her pants and moans of pleasure becoming more and more forceful, until she felt her will disappear completely in the face of her libido, warm honey gushing from her womanhood.

“OH GOD!!! TAKE ME!” Britney’s cry of pleasure shook the interior of the plant, the telepathic connection between the two Kryptonians strengthening rapidly as Britney quickly became the willing Prime Mate of the KryptoPlant. Sensing that Britney would do anything to help propagate the Plant’s species, it quickly released her muscles from it’s hold, beckoning her silently to approach the very middle of it’s interior.

Quickly doing as her mate bided, Britney found a giant, pulsing plant penis. It was at least 15 inches in length and 5 in diameter, with a small, bell capped vine growing from the side of it. The thing oozed a continuous thick green pre cum that would make entrance easier, especially with the new round of wetness that flooded Britney’s snatch. Levitating above it, Britney paused at a silent command from her master, watching with pure sexual hunger as two more bell tipped vines came to her chest. She eagerly attached them to her nipples, the instantaneous pleasure of their sucking motions flooding her. Moaning, she spread her legs wide as two more vines wrapped gently around her ankles, even while she felt her wrists being similarly ensnared. Closing her eyes, she felt her mate slowly lower her onto it’s planthood, the massive phallus quickly filling her more than she had been in her entire life, a large part of it disappearing into her pussy, bumping against her cervix before her feet rested flat on the ground. The vine on the side of it quickly attached to her clitoris, planning on giving that organ alone pleasure.

The KryptoPlant quickly drew Britney back up it’s shaft, adding her flight abilities to it’s tentacle strength, then pushed her back down, the moan of pleasure that slid from her lips reminding the plant of one of it’s species favorite things on Krypton. Sending yet another tentacle to it’s new mate, the plant felt undeniable pride and pleasure as Britney willing took the 6 inch thick tentacle in her hands, quickly guiding it’s lightly oozing tip into her mouth, taking it as far deep as she could. The entire body of the plant quivered with pleasure as Britney put all of her skill into sucking the vine off, her full pouty lips leaving a shimmering trail of spit that quickly mixed with the sap, even as the KryptoPlant began pushing her faster and harder, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before it managed to spread it’s seed to it’s first Kryptonian female in over a century before.

Since she’d been so little when she was sent to Earth from Krypton, Britney didn’t know any of the telltale signs that her mate was giving off that it was beginning to enter the final moments of their first mating. Besides, she was too wrapped up in trying to orgasm herself that she wasn’t really aware of anything else. Her first inkling that her mate was getting ready to impregnate her was when the ooze coming from the vine she was giving a blowjob to suddenly doubled, almost choking her. Pulling the tendril from her ruby red lips, she felt it twitch in her hands, followed by a massive spray of green plant cum all over her face, covering her world famous features and even into her hair. Moaning with pleasure, Britney ran the vine down the length of her body, the emerald shower only making her more aroused as she felt it’s pheremone effects hit her full blast. Suddenly, she felt her mates planthood expand by at least an inch and a half, coinciding with the slight pressure in her belly that always preceded one of her orgasms. Finally realizing just how deeply her and her mate were mentally linked, Britney howled with pleasure as they came together, plant and Kryptonian juices running together as the KryptoPlant’s potent seed flooded her womanhood, guaranteeing her pregnancy.

For five long minutes the couple merely sat still in the darkness of the KryptoPlants mating chamber, before the interlocking teeth above slowly opened, revealing Christina and Jessica, both stripped completely naked and supported by vines. Although neither was pure Kryptonian like Britney, what alien DNA they did have would combine well with the KryptoPlant’s seed. Gently easing herself off of her lovers planthood, Britney floated up to the two other singers, taking Christina gently by the hand and guiding her down to just above her mates penis. Kissing her former rival and future ‘sister in law’ on the lips, Britney left the mating chamber, planning on helping Jessica to fully realize her potential as soon as Christina was done.

Three weeks later, Britney reclined on a feather soft curved surface covered in moss, moaning with pleasure as she felt Lois Lane suck gently but insistently on the vine prick that Britney had grown out of her pussy after giving birth to her mates first ManPlant. The penis allowed her to impregnate other women while Britney herself was recovering from the more stressful birth that Kryptonians went through. While Lois brought her closer to orgasm that way, Britney beamed with pride and pleasure at Christina and Cat Grant, who were busy sucking away at the six foot vines that extended from Britney’s nipples. This was again just a temporary genetic change that Britney would undergo every time she gave birth, which Britney couldn’t wait to do again. Looking to her side, Britney saw Jessica being lazily French kissed by Hitomi while Jessica’s first ManPlant son roughly fucked his mothers pussy, the results of his last cumming visible all over Hitomi’s face, which Jessica affectionately licked away a portion of every now and then. Closing her eyes, Britney allowed herself to fall into a semi-daze, everything fading into nothingness around her…

As Adam and Mandy stood watching, the entire underground cave system that Britney, Christina, and Jessica had been living and fucking in for the past 8 hours faded into a large bedroom, while Lois, Cat, and Hitomi all faded into nothingness as well. Stepping back, Adam removed his dick from Mandy’s pussy, his cum dribbling down her thighs as he reached over and shut off the video camera that had recorded every act that the three singers had performed.

“I can’t believe you’ve gotten that good with your solid light holograms already Mandy. Combined with the drugs, those three had absolutely no fucking clue they were screwing thin air.”

“Thanks hon. Now all we have to do is drop them back off at the hotel, and release this tape on the Internet. Nobody will actually think it’s really these three, but there’ll be enough doubt to hurt their careers.”

“Probably, yeah. Although I say we try just converting a few lesser known celebrities to full time slaves. If you don’t mind having some company when fucking me.”

Getting up from all fours, Mandy ran a finger down her pussy lips and upper thighs, slowly licking off the juices that she collected on her finger. “Nope. I don’t mind at all. Although that does give me an idea of something to do with Britney and Christina…”

The early morning light slipped through the Venetian blinds, casting parallel bars of sunlight across Christina’s face. Moaning softly, she rolled over, her hand coming to rest on someone’s bare stomach. Smiling in a half asleep daze, she ran her fingers upwards, expecting to feel solid muscle on a man’s chest. However, her eyes shot open when she felt the gentle curve of a woman’s breast. Her first sight was Britney Spear’s brown eyes, also open in shock. Rolling backwards, Christina fell off the edge of the hotel bed. Blinking rapidly, she was dismayed to see Britney’s face peering over the edge.

“Christina? What are you doing here? What happened?”

“I…I remember giving that charity concert with you, Jessica, and Mandy…then Jessica and me came back here with you…we got drunk…”

“…Oh yeah. We played Shitfaced Truth Or Dare.”

“And then Jessica left…and we kissed each other…”

“And then we just fell asleep.”


“Huh. Well, kissing you wasn’t that bad…not that I really liked it or anything.”

Christina felt a small tear in her heart when Britney said that. She’d actually liked kissing her sometimes enemy…but alas, apparently Brit didn’t feel the same way…

Britney didn’t like lying, but she didn’t think that Christina had actually like kissing her anyways…

The end…of this part.

Okay, now send in YOUR suggestions for various actresses and heroines!

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