G.A. Mad

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Catherine Bell had been disgraced in the British media
after Gillian Anderson had beaten her in a televised
contest. She went to her friend Madonna’s house and
cried her heart out. Madonna was an extremely fit
woman and a great friend. She decided that Gillian had
to be put in her place. Madge called her agent to find
out where Gillian lived and where she partied. Madge
told Cat to stay tight, she’d take care of everything.
Madonna had her wife beater shirt on as she tailed
Gillian’s Dodge Viper in her Mini Cooper. It was a
Friday night and Gillian stopped at the newsagents.
This was when Madonna decided to make her move.

As Gillian walked out, Madonna pretended her car
was broken down. Gillian walked up to her and said
she’d offer her help if she had a toolkit. Gillian
bent over into the engine to give it a look, that’s
when Madonna struck. She used the wrench she was
holding to strike the peroxide blonde in the back of
her head. Gillian grunted her now trademark “nngh” as
she was knocked out for the millionth time.

“fuckin do-gooder” said Madge as she broke Gillian’s
fall by wrapping her arm around the limp beauty’s
torso. Madonna then searched Gillian’s jacket pockets
for her car keys. She found them with a pack of

She grabbed the cigarettes and threw Gillian in the
backseat of her car. She shut the hood and sped off
into the night.

Madonna was not only going to make money out of the
Children’s books she was writing, she was going to
make a fetish KO video starring Gillian anderson.
She drove to a remote house which almost looked like a
movie set. She dragged Gillian out and dropped her on
the floor. She then ran away into a hidden control
room giggling.

Gillian got up clutching her neck. She had gotten
KO’d so many times and it had barely been caught on
video. She wondered where she was. As she got up to
her feet, she screamed, “hello?” there was nothing but
an echo.

The blonde walked towards a door that she saw. The
hidden cameras captured Gillian open the door and her
surprised expression when she saw a party going on.
“Excuse me, can you tell me where I am?” she asked a
lady at the party. “yeah, Dorchester, do you have a
light?” she asked back. Gillian remained confused as
she searched for a light, she ran her hands along her
pockets and found a lighter. As she offered the lady a
light, she saw the lady smile. As the lady puffed on
the cigarette, a fist with a knuckle duster made
contact with the redhead in the back of her neck.
“urrgh” she grunted as her finger slipped off the
lighter. She tried to break her fall on the smoking
lady before she lost consciousness. The lady didnt
help her at all. Gillian sagged to the floor at her
feet. The lady kicked her away to Madonna yelling

They laughed at the unconscious Gillian as Madonna’s
friend dragged her inert form to another room and
dropped her there.

The cameras were rolling as Gillian’s beautiful eyes
fluttered open. She saw a poker game in progress.
There were 5 ladies sitting around smoking cigars.
Gillian loved cigars but was confused as ever. The
ladies who happened to be butch lesbians looked at
Gillian and invited her to play with them.
“no thanks, where am i?” she asked.

“london” one of them said and offered her a cigar.
Gillian put her hand out to refuse. She then turned
around and looked for a window. There was nothing at
all around her. “Is there a phone I could use?” she
said. One of the ladies got up and gave her a cell
phone. Gillian called a cab company. Little did she
know that the phone was rigged to reach Madonna every
single time. The company said they’d send a taxi
around in 30 minutes based on her location.

Gillian thought it ok to wait and try to figure out
how she got there. She decided to get into the game
and ask the lesbians. She sat down and she was offered
a cigar again. Gillian picked it up and smelled it
like a seasoned pro. She then chomped on it and asked
for a light. As a lady bent over to offer her a light,
Gillian puffed. As she exhaled smoke, her eyes closed
and she fell unconscious again. “The drugged cigar!
ahahhaha” laughed one lady. They then took the cigar
out of Gillian’s fingers and began to undress her….
to be continued…

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