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Tranquility: Part I (MF,FF,oral,anal,mast,cons)

By Dark Genesis

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Aren’t 18 yet? Can’t tell the difference between fantasy and fiction? Otherwise offended by strongly sexual material or such? Love celebrities so much that you don’t wish to think them doing all this weird stuff? Wanna stop reading? Then stop.

And yet to make some people’s lives much easier, appearing in this story are: Rose McGowan, Holly Marie Combs, Christina Applegate, Elisha Cuthbert, Anna
Paquin, Thora Birch, Natalie Portman, Beverley Mitchell


“-Rose… one beautiful rose. Pale petals pierce my eyes and let me fall into a deep trance whenever I lay my eyes on it. I try, but I can’t let go of the thought of those silky petals against my skin… my eager and passionate thoughts can’t really comprehend what my physical being is doing to make me feel like this.-”

“-But I’m doing nothing. I just watch and secretly wish that that gorgeous flower would come to me and forget all that’s in this world… except me. But as I look at her… it… that craving is already taken, pulled away from my reach just as I was going to grab it. Now look at her… and her new boyfriend.-”

“-Seeing her touch that boy, groping each other on breaks… it infuriates me. He can’t be more than 15 of age, can he? What does she see in him? Nothing, she sees nothing. I could go there and take her to have, all by myself, lock her and I into a dungeon and throw the key down the sewage, never to be found. She would be all mine to caress… to kiss… right here, right now… I’m going over there.-”

Holly walked herself over to the other side of the set, where her friend and costar Rose was making out with her new boyfriend. Holl’s eyes were filled with disgust toward the young male that had caught the beautiful thing before her. They looked so revolting together to her eyes, Rose looked sluttier than ever, which didn’t bother her that much, she considered her to be a major whore after she had spent a night of strong drinks and very expensive dancers with her, both male and female.

The guy had to go… she stopped just a foot away from Rose and let out a very boisterous cluster of coughs. Both Rose and her boyfriend parted their faces and turned them to Holly, looking back at them and giving a small smile with those pink lips. “Oh, hey Holl. D, I’ll catch you later!” Rose gave her boyfriend a brief kiss before he left the set. “Another hard day behind us, what are you planning for tonight?”

“Nothing much, you got plans with… him?” Holly pointed the walking away corpse-in-her-head. Rose shook her head and set her looks on the ground a little embarrassed about something, probably about almost screwing him in every public place they came across. She noticed her blouse revealing a little too much after D, her boyfriend had copped a feel or two. Quickly trying to button up, she was a little too busy looking around that nobody would see, so she had real problems with a few buttons. “Here, let me…” Holly smiled and set her hands on her chest just for a second, as if doing it to calm her down. But as she started buttoning her up, she herself felt everything but calm. The girls looked at each other and smirked to the situation at hand. She finished the buttoning and gave her a little tap on the chest. “There, all closed up. Now what were you saying about tonight?”

“… Oh, right. I was thinking that we could go for a drink or something. We haven’t been spending as much time with each other anymore. Don’t you think?”

“I agree. I definitely agree, we should spend more time together.”

Rose gave Holly a little wondering look about whether she had understood her words. But she did understand the part about the drinks, so they decided to meet up later at a club they had frequently visited. Nowadays they hardly even saw each other out of work, it was then when Holly most enjoyed seeing her, instead of more composed clothing she dressed like she wanted. She always showed a little something extra on her free time, where she would only get compliments and whistles instead of angry yelling from the producers about censorship and all that bullshit that they wouldn’t tolerate.

That night, Holly joined her secret crush for a drink. Stepping into the club and looking around, she immediately noticed Rose in a table near the stage. Crowded with security and celebrities, the club Backslash had gained the favor of just about every actor, actress and singer in Hollywood. Therefore, always filled with people, they had no problem with using most of profit on keeping it a strictly celebrity club and not letting anyone else in. Not to mention the cheap drinks and quality entertainment.

“Hey, did you get something for me?”

“Yeah, I ordered a couple of tequila’s for starters.” Chuckled Rose, obviously a little out of it already. “Tequila? We still have to work tomorrow, after that we get a little time off, remember? But right now, I think we should stick with beer or something, don’t you think?”

Rose just sneered and as their drinks arrived she drained it right down her throat and ordered another one. The waiter gave her an amused look and went to fetch the fourth glass, escorted by miss McGowan’s suggestive look, right up to the bar. “Isn’t he the cutest piece of ass you’ve ever seen?” She giggled and grabbed Holl’s glass, taking a small sip and setting it back in front of her. Holly had an itch to say that the ass she was craving was sitting on that chair on the other side of that table… but she held back in fear that it would backfire.


Sitting at the bar, sipping her drink, Christina eyed the bottom of the glass. It was almost empty and she was out of money, not able to buy more with credit because of her conscience, she decided that it was going to be her last one. She forced the foul fluid down and blankly stared at the glass for a minute before recovering from the awful taste. No matter how bad it was, she wanted more. Another drink.

“-Another drink please! It’s that easy, isn’t it? Then why can’t I say it? I’m sure some guy would be more than happy to offer me one… if there were any normal guys around here, that is.-”

She looked around her shoulder for any men staring at her, but most of them were enjoying the black stand-up comedian cracking up the audience. And the rest of them were very consumed by their own drinks.

“-Credit cards! Credit cards, credit cards…-”

She took out her wallet from her purse and started looking for that lifesaver of a plastic, and yes, she did find her trusty Visa without any trouble. “Hey, barkeep… Another drink please!” The brunette woman behind the counter started shaking up another one as Christina got enough strength to embrace the facts – she needed to get stoned, and fast.

“That looks good, I’ll have one of those, please.” She heard a voice and someone sat next to her. “… Did I make the right choice?” The young female voice asked her. Christina didn’t look up while she was still checking her wallet for any spare cash. “Yeah, if you want to get plastered real quick. Then that’s your drink.” She didn’t find any money, so she put her wallet back into the purse and turned to examine the cat next to her. The blonde didn’t look that old in her tight jeans and black tank top, clearly at least 10 years younger than miss Applegate, anyway. Elisha, the clearly recognizable star of 24 took a smell from the glass as their drinks were served, the smell didn’t quiet make it to the good smells list in Cuthbert’s head, but she still followed her fellow actress’ example and took a long sip, grinning as her lips parted from the glass. “God… that drink doesn’t really have much friends around here, does it?”

“Not around here, not in the city, probably not outside it either…” Christina answered her, feeling very depressed about a matter soon to become clear to Elisha. “Don’t you think you should try something else then?”

No response, she just looked at the glass with the light brown substance in it. Even though the older blonde had objections against some chatter, the younger one didn’t give up. “You know, with a mouth like that you should be on that stage cracking some jokes around…”

“Why are you talking to me?” Christina turned her head to Elisha, her serious face looking like it really couldn’t take any more jokes. “Just being nice. You know, nice?” The tone of her voice made Christina think about her words a little. She didn’t want to be an asshole or anything, so she tried to correct the situation.

“… You’re right, I’m sorry for being so rude. I’m not usually like this.”

“Then tell me.” Elisha emptied the glass and prepared herself. “What’s bothering you?”

“… Absolutely nothing is working out. I just don’t feel like doing anything anymore. I’ve gotten a hundred spots to make an audition and maybe even get the part, there’s been a few sure picks in the last month… but I just don’t feel like even trying.”

“I think you know the reason for that, what is it?”

“I dunno… maybe it’s because I haven’t been able to…”


“Ahh, I don’t know if I should be telling you this… I mean, you’re a complete stranger and I’m completely drunk. I might regret saying it afterwards…”

“Come on, who am I gonna tell?”

“… OK, but I’m only telling you this because I’m not good for anything right now, I’m desperate. I can deny it and plead insanity if there’s any consequences… so here’s how it is…”


“So, I didn’t think that you took that much interest in my personal life…”

“Yeah, well… it’s kind of apparent, what you do with him everywhere.”

“Geez, I didn’t know I was drawing that much attention… but I guess everyone around me feels the way you do, yeah?”

“… Yes, I suppose so. Maybe you should just ease up on that department, at least when you’re around other people.” Suggested Holly, thinking to herself about how she would like to correct herself and swear her undying love to her… she wouldn’t probably remember it in the morning, so what would it hurt to try?

“You know, you’re right, Holl. I should limit our sexual activity outside the bedroom. You know why? ‘Cause when we get to bed after the whole day without a kiss, a grope, or anything remotely horny, he’ll hump me like a horny-fucking-gorilla!”

Yes, she decided that it wouldn’t be such a good idea after all. Although she lusted after Rose’s magnificent body under that black mini dress, she wouldn’t want to ruin everything if she wasn’t interested. Not that Holly didn’t know that McGowan was into both ways, it was just that maybe she didn’t like her that way. “-Shit, if she runs her hand down to scratch her leg one more time… I’ll have to make a quick exit to the bathroom.-” Her eyes traveled down from her smiling face to her ample and round breasts, if she could stop time and move around, the first thing she would do was grabbing those cups and directing them straight into her mouth. Drool pouring all over them as the blue lights in the club lit her way down, making Rose’s body her property… sliding her hand down her flat stomach, her finger getting ready to feel the warm insides of her juicy, hot…

“Hollyyyy? Whatcha looking at, huh? Is there a spot on my dress or something? ‘Cause if there is, I wanna know about it, OK? Holly, you with me?”

She lifted her eyes from Rose’s dress and noticed her error in letting herself fall into daydreaming with her eyes focusing right on the target of the dream. Luckily McGowan had offered her an answer out of the predicament and she took advantage of it. “Yeah, there’s something… black on it. It’s reaaally hard to see, though… but it’s there.”

“Holly… you’re not looking at me are you? I mean… like that?”

That’s it, she was out. How could she go around it without throwing a big lie at her face? She was a terrible liar and if she would say against Rose, she’d notice it just like that. So, it was time to compromise… “OK, you got me… this is really embarrassing, so I don’t want you to tell anyone about this, promise?”

Rose nodded, taking a huge interest in Holl’s upcoming confession. She was a little disappointed with her words, but she was still flattered. “Rose… I would just kill for your hips.” And McGowan was speechless. There she was, getting stared by her beautiful costar like the dikest bitch in the whole club, and when she confronted her about it, she replies that she would kill for her hips… how straight is that?

“Rose? Hey, Rose, you OK? You’re not gonna throw up, are you? Because I’m not gonna hold your hair back in the bathroom, you got that? What’s the matter?”

“N-nothing, I’m not gonna throw up… I’m not gonna throw up! When have you seen me throw up?”

“Well…” Holly could think of several occasions when she had seen Rose in bad enough shape to be taken to the hospital, but she just kept her mouth shut about it and emptied her glass, not caring how hung over she would be tomorrow. Rose ordered more drinks to comfort her for thinking such foul things about her friend she so wanted to get her hands on. Unfortunately, neither one wanted to make the first move so it would be obvious, it was the tragedy of all time.

“Hips… hips-hips-hips. Whew, is it hot in here or what? I think I should go to the bathroom to freshen up a bit.” Rose got up from the table, shaking just a bit as she walked to the rest room. Holly let out a sigh of relief as she had gotten herself out of a very awkward situation. Bad luck was that she didn’t get Rose at all, right now they would have been in the bathroom together, breaking a stall with one of them leaning her back against the wall and kicking the door with a tongue inside her pussy. Bad, bad luck.

Rose looked at herself in the mirror and came to the result that she was too ugly for Holl. Of course, that was her self-esteem fucking with her, she was a gorgeous piece of meat and any woman or man could say that to her… except Rose herself. If Holly was at least a bit interested, she’d leave D in a heartbeat, she hadn’t had a lesbian affair since she had fingered Alyssa, one of their costars on the show backstage during a scene that didn’t require them. She smiled to herself as she thought about that day and almost not noticing it herself her hand moved down from her neck to her chest. Her fingers passing the perky hills and her sexy navel with passion started by Holly in the table, she pictured herself on the set once more. But now it wasn’t Alyssa her hands were exploring… it was Holly. Rose’s lips parted as she imagined herself pulling her costar’s sweater off, giving her the view of her wide and soft tits, decorated by the beautiful puffy nipples, just begging for McGowan’s eager lips.

Her red lips parted as her finger found it’s way between her legs, with her dress pulled up and lacy thong pulled aside she sank it into her silky hole. Sweat ran down from her neatly trimmed hair around the parted lips, devouring the pale finger deeper into it’s honey trap. In her head, she wasn’t at the club, she was now kneeled down in front of Holly with her red panties in front of her, waiting for Rose to rip them off. She was begging for it, begging Rose to remove the clothing and eat her out like she was the first woman she had felt horny about. She slowly undressed her of the last piece of clothing on her and softly stuck her tongue out, pressing it against Holly’s swollen clit. The girl moaned and grabbed Rose’s head with one hand, while moving the other one to her own breast, giving it a gentle squeeze. “Rose… lick it deep… slide it in… ooohhhh, Rose…” Holly moaned as McGowan emptied all that lust into satisfying Holly at last.

As her tongue worked it’s way deeper inside Combs, her hands rose up from her thighs to her tits, grabbed the free one with her hand and started kneading against her chest. Her other hand parted Holly’s from her breast and palm against palm their fingers followed into a strong embrace of their hands. Holly began to gasp while she got eaten out by her sexy costar, her head started banging against the wall and her eyes rolled back as she neared her extremely violent orgasm. The warm tongue danced inside her like a professional ballerina, giving a strong graze to every single spot Rose’s tongue was able to reach. Holl’s hands shivered and the other one clasped McGowan’s hand with her red nail almost piercing her pale skin. “Make me cum, please… I’m close, Rose, I’m so fucking close! Here I come!” Rose’s face was covered with sweet tasting juice after Holly let out a loud groan that could have caught anyone’s attention within a 100 miles. Rose smiled to herself when imaging what pleasure she had given her… would have, that is.

Her middle finger was rapidly sinking into her crotch, leaning back against the wall of the bathroom, Rose left the real world behind, she was licking Holly’s cunt, both loving it and not wanting it to stop. “Holly… oh God, Holl… your cunt is so… fucking…” Rose grunted as her fingering became hysterical, her palm slapping against her wet twat, making a loud noise that almost made it outside the door. But she was left alone and happy. Finally her body gave in to the sweet orgasmic release and she cried out in pleasure, a small amount of fluid escaping her body to the bathroom floor.

She was drawn back to the reality by the tranquility of her body, laying on the cold floor of the ladies room, her privates exposed and all red. She quickly got up and corrected her underwear, grunting a bit with her twat still a little sensitive. She let out a laugh when realizing what she had just done, but she wasn’t going to lose her sleep on it. She had a look at herself through the mirror and let out a sigh, just to make sure she was able to return to the table to act like that just didn’t happen.


“Wow, I’ve never heard of anything like that. I mean, I’m relatively young and all… but seriously, can it really happen?” Wondered Elisha, after a couple of shots of the brown liquor.

“Trust me, it’s been bothering me for months now. You wouldn’t believe how distracting it is to my work! I can’t even audition because I’m always so… so damn horny.”

“I have to admit that’s one particular problem there… so you can have sex, you can… do the stuff for yourself. But you can’t, umm…”

“Cum!” Christina cried out and half of the people in the bar turned to look at her with some very interesting looks. Elisha’s only reason for relating to the problem was that she hadn’t gotten laid in a few weeks because of numerous reasons, such as her boyfriend being a total jerk who can’t think about nothing else except getting head, not even giving it. If she would give in, her neck would spend half of the day against a hospital bed. And when the nurse would ask how she got into the shape she was in, there was NO way she would give an honest answer.

“Well… I suppose you could be… frigid or something.” Thought Elisha, checking her wallet for any cash that would buy her a fourth glass. “No way… if that’s it, I’m just gonna go and kill myself. You haven’t heard anyone having these problems?”

“Well yeah, I mean these things DO happen, you just loose feeling I guess.”

“But that’s the thing, I haven’t lost the feeling, it’s there but… it just won’t… explode! You know?”

“I seriously don’t know what would help. I suppose you could try out new things, maybe you’re just bored with your conventional… activities. You could go to some club and get yourself spanked, I know these guys that run a place like that, I bet they’d do it for free!”

“No. No! What the hell are you, some kind of a dominatrix?”

“Just a suggestion. There’s thousands of different things in that department that you could try out, you shouldn’t give up until you’ve looked through all of them.”

“Yeah, I think you’re right…” Christina turned around in the chair and stood up with a commendable balance considering what she had drunk. She gave her credit card to the barkeep and looked around for the most direct way to the exit. “Want me to take you home?” Asked Elisha, right as the woman behind the counter handed Applegate her Visa. “No thanks, I’ll just take a cab.

Elisha followed her staggering way to the door with her eyes, she did manage to get outside without much trouble. She was probably going to get picked up by the porter and he would call her a cab. “-Sheesh, I sure hope I’ll never end up like that…-”


“What took you so long?” Asked Holly as the other woman sat down to the table. She looked a little blushed and that shone a little too obviously on her skin.

“Huh, what? Oh… number, something.”

“… Right…” She looked at Rose who just couldn’t make eye contact just yet without imagining Holly nude with her nipples hard. “So… are you done drinking?”

Rose lifted her eyes up from the glass and smiled a bit. “Hell no.”

They continued drinking up until midnight, it was then Holly’s sense told to drag herself and Rose out of there. They would have to work the next day and it wasn’t that easy with a terrible hangover. Rose was in bad enough shape not to go home by herself, so Holly decided that it was best for her to walk her home. Of course, the rational thing would have been to call her boyfriend to the club and let him drive her home, assuming that he was sober too, that is. She wasn’t going to call that kid to drive Rose home, she would probably pass out on the seat and let the guy take advantage of her while she was sleeping. Touching her places that he wasn’t allowed to go, doing everything that Holly was supposed to be doing… she hated that fag.

They walked a few blocks to a more empty street and tried to grab a taxi, without succeeding. “Hey, YO! Taxiiiiiii!” Holly waved her purse like a maniac, but the car just drove past them. No other ones were in sight, so they decided to take a seat on the concrete. “No luck?” Muttered Rose, her hair quite messed up because of the cold wind and falling down a couple of times. Her dress was ready to rip and her legs had gotten a couple of bad bruises. Holly wasn’t sure about whether she wanted the dress to break, both options had their advantages. Of course, on a street like that you might tend to draw the attention of the local rapists and such if you were showing something that you shouldn’t.

“Holly, are you still there?”

“Yes, I’m here. What is it?” She looked around for a free cab, only disappointed by the fact that every single cab was driving right past them. “You know when I went to the bathroom when we were in there?”

“Yeah, what is it?”

“I didn’t need to go to the bathroom then…”

“Then why the hell would you go?”

“Because…” She didn’t get to finish as a cab pulled over in front of them, Holly immediately grabbed her and opened the door and almost forced Rose to the backseat, following her. Holl instructed the driver to step on it, hoping that D wouldn’t be at Rose’s apartment, since she was going to spend the night there, seeing to it that nothing would happen to her… that was a good excuse.

“OK, here we go…” Rose was completely passed out and Holly had to open up the door and still keep her costar on her feet, this was quite difficult because she wasn’t conscious. Holding her hand around her neck she managed to open the door and slip both of them in at the same time. She even had enough strength left in her to close the door behind her, but that’s when her care over Rose slipped and McGowan fell on the floor. Holly didn’t think she could hurt herself any worse on the carpet than she did on the street, so she just dragged her across the floor to the bedroom.

About 10 minutes later, Holly stepped out of the shower wearing one of Rose’s bathrobe’s. She knew that the beauty on the bed wouldn’t mind her loaning her one, so she had decided to take a quick shower before going to sleep… on the couch. She had thought about taking off most of her clothes so she wouldn’t have ruined the dress, but it would have raised suspicion in the morning when she would wake up with her clothes off. Holly covered Rose’s body with a blanket and left the room turning off the lights and closing the door.

She felt relieved that she had gotten her to the bed before her strength would fail, she wrapped up against the extra blanket she had taken from the closet and lay down on the sofa. She grabbed the remote from the table between the TV and the couch and surfed through some of the channels.

“… And the situation in the Rockies is getting worse by the hour, the avalanche has blocked all the roads up the mountain, where reports of a few parties in the cabins have been received. Unfortunately, the blizzard is preventing all parties from escaping the mountains, and the clearing of the roads is going to take days. The predicament is the worst happened in the Rockies for years and all the people in the cabins are instructed not to dig their way out and use minimal amount of food and water…”

She closed the TV and tried not to think about such horrible things. She couldn’t help feeling sorry for all the people stuck in the mountains. Holly had been thinking of spending some time there in a cabin of one of her friends, but that plan was out. It crossed her mind whether her friend was up there right now. “-… Nah, I’ll just call her in the morning…-” She gave in to sleep and with her dress aside the couch, she fell into dreamland, just to see the person who was in the next room, sleeping.


“… and if they do run out of supplies, they shouldn’t panic. Stay calm and preserve your energy. The best thing to do up there right now is to get some sleep. This is Faye Garner…” The female figure sitting in the armchair turned the television off and threw the remote on the bearskin on the floor. On the skin in front of the fireplace, lay another womanly figure, her brown eyes staring up at the wooden roof of the cabin. She was lost in a daydream of the sun bathing her on the beach, small waves of salt water from the pacific ocean tickling the bottom of her feet and the sugar-like sand letting her drown her back into the warm grains that just sucked her against them. But she was quickly awakened to reality by the loud crunching of the snow outside. The more time her mind spent in that cabin surrounded by the flood of snow, the more she got troubled, and that showed easily on her usually so shining face.

There was one more in that cabin, looking out of the window at the endless horizon of snow. She couldn’t even see the trees anymore, let alone the steep wall of the mountain. A smile of frustration rose upon her face and she pulled the drapes on the window to save the rest from the desolate view. “You know, we’re probably the only ones stuck up here…” Grumbled Thora as she pulled back from the window and sat down on the skin next to Anna. “Might as well admit it, we’re really fucked.”

Natalie, sitting on the armchair gave her friend an irritated look, but she didn’t comment on her negativity. “Can’t be that bad, can it? I mean we just got an official note that we might get rescued in the next few…” “Days?” Thora continued Anna’s not-so-bad attitude to a more pessimistic direction. It wasn’t normal of any of the three actresses to act so grim about situations like this, but it was always different when you were the one in trouble.

Natalie wanted to just sit there and wait for someone to come knocking on the door in the next few hours after the snow had thawed by some random miracle. Obviously this wasn’t going to happen, so Paquin and Birch didn’t support her idea of sitting around.

Anna, who didn’t want to get her hopes up, but still maintained a healthy amount of positive attitude, had calculated that their food would last at least five more days if they rationed it just right. What worried her the most was the wood, that wasn’t going to last more than three days. So in her mind, the first life threatening situation they would get in would be either another big avalanche that would crush the roof and bury them into the cabin, or alternatively hypothermia.

Unlike the roles that she had played before, Thora happened to be a very positive person. Unfortunately getting trapped inside four walls with limited amount of supplies brought her down a little too much. It had been her idea to take some time off and grab a few friends along to relax away from all the commotion and stress. And how did this happen? Either God’s sick sense of humor or a very disturbing coincidence.

“Did you see him outside?” Asked Natalie, turning to Thora in hope that she had spotted a certain someone. The girl just shook her head and rubbed her hands together while stretching them out toward the fire. “I have a feeling we won’t be seeing him anymore…”

They had originally been a four-man party, so to speak. One of Natalie’s friends had come along to entertain himself with the three girls, but for his bad luck he had just gone out a few minutes before the avalanche had struck. Those extra bottles of Bordeaux didn’t seem worth to go after anymore. “You know, I bet he’s in the shop. Yeah, he’s definitely in the shop.” Anna gave a yielding look to Natalie’s suggestion, she truly thought that it was completely possible. “Yeah, he must have. I mean, the store’s only a couple of minutes away and that’s just about the time he would get into the store and then he would hear the avalanche coming… he’s alright, I know it.”

Thora nodded in a ‘Possibly’ manner, but still not supporting their theory with words. She just hoped for the best as she threw another log into the fire. “So… call it a day?” Suggested Anna, grabbing her sleeping bag in hope to get some sleep, but she was completely alone on her intentions of getting some sleep. “I’m not that sleepy…” Murmured Natalie with her lips against her knees. “Yeah, me neither. But you can go to sleep if you want, take the bed if you like, I don’t really feel like sleeping right now.”

Anna didn’t really care to lose consciousness as the first one of the group, she just wanted to get her mind off the situation and the best way to do that, was not to be able to think about it… unless she’d get nightmares about it, which was twice as horrifying. “You know, I’m not that tired.”


The clock struck 2:00 am as the young miss Cuthbert was walking toward her apartment. As she lit a cigarette and breathed the smoke into her lungs, she suddenly felt like not going home just yet. “-What the hell is there? Nothing, just a boyfriend that’s hungry for one of those icky blowjobs again… why the hell would I want to… taxi!-” She managed to grab a cab and gave instructions to drive straight to a friend’s place, a friend she knew never to sleep.

“Heesh, haven’t seen you around for quite a while. Too busy with other stuff to visit old friends?” The slightly older brunette playfully scolded her for not having contact in about a month. “Yeah something like that. I was wondering if you’d have any interest in joining me for a drink or two?” The woman didn’t let her in, she just closed the door and let the blonde wait outside the house in the suburbs. In a minute she stepped outside, all dressed up in black leather as a balance to Elisha’s more conservative outfit. “Where we headed?” She asked her while entering the black Ferrari, that the brunette and her friends had ‘Confiscated’ from a parking lot. “Where do you think?” She smiled and drove off the yard, speeding toward the highway. Rachel was the friend that Elisha had talked about to Applegate before, she owned a club downtown that had it’s own… twists. So, it was the breeding place of perverts and other freaks that enjoyed things like torture and humiliation, but somehow Elisha had always felt safe there, with her friend Rachel.

The red and blue lights of the room enlightened a few small stages filled with dancers dressed in dominatrix outfits and absolutely nothing. The girls whipped each other in front of a large crowd of men and women that were throwing bills to their feet. The bar was nearly empty, only a few waitresses walking between the counter and the tables, serving drinks and taking ‘orders’ to the backroom.

“Well this place hasn’t changed in a month.”

“That’s the way I like it, come on.”

They continued their way past the tables up to the VIP room, with a full view of the whole club, including camera’s in the backroom. They were greeted by a few security guards as they entered the room with all the regulars. “Hey guys, look who’s back at the scene of the crime.” Rachel announced their arrival and a very loud greeting showered them, almost scaring them straight out of the door. “Hey, Elisha’s back!”

“Yeah, about time I’ll tell ya. Didn’t you promise to come over last week, huh?”

“Yes, guilty as charged. Sorry guys, I’ve been busy.” She announced as they slipped through the seven regulars sitting in the chairs on the way to the private bar. “Broken promises come with a price, right Rach?” A gentleman in a tux gave Elisha a couple of playful pats on her bottom as they passed by, followed by a few whistles. “Hey, any more of that and it’s gonna cost ya!” Laughed Elisha as she felt like she was home after being away for so long. Rachel handed over a mug of beer and grabbed one for herself too. They exchanged smiles as the situation normalized and everyone went back to their own conversations. “You know, Heesh. It’s been pretty lonely around here without you. The comments and notes have been pretty down up here ever since you didn’t show up anymore. And now look at them.” Rachel pointed at the group sitting in front of the window, staring at the stages opening at the other side of the glass. Elisha lit another smoke and a comforting smile rose upon her face. “Good to have you back, girl.”

“Good to be back, Rach.”


“Yo, lady. We’re here.”

Christina woke up to a scruffy voice of the driver. She looked around and found herself in front of her house, stared at by the black driver. “… Oh, I’m terribly sorry, how much is it?”

“The guy at the club paid already. You just take care of yourself and get your ass safely to bed, OK?”

Christina nodded and got out of the cab. Amazingly she could still walk, even much better than when she left he club. Of course she had at least half an hour of sleep in the taxi, plus the time she had slept out on the street in front of the club. The driver followed her movement up to her door and then he drove off, hoping that Christina would make it inside. She didn’t even have to look for the key in her purse when the door was opened and she was looking at the black-haired guy in the face. “Alec… I’m drunk.” She got out of her mouth and leaned in to give her boyfriend a strong hug. “Really? It’s not like you haven’t arrived home drunk a couple of times on this week, but you’ve done it every damn day! Come on in before you catch a cold or something…” The guy pulled her inside and closed the door.

“I had a talk… I had a talk with some girrrrrrrrllll… you know girls, don’t you?” She muttered as her boyfriend tried to slip the dress off her. “Yeah, sure I know girls, honey…”

“Yeah, well anyway… you know that problem I’ve been having? The one I haven’t told you much about… do you?”

“Yeah, I remember what you’ve told me… that you can’t tell me about it or it would just make things bad, yeah I remember.”

Alec managed to get the dress off her and lay her down on the bed. He put the blanket on her red undergarment covered body and lay down next to her. “Get some sleep honey, we’ll talk about it in the morning. Good night.”

“No-no-no-no, Alec! I can’t talk about it in the morning, I’ll be way too sober in the morning to talk about it… but I can’t talk about it now either, so I guess it’s better not to talk about it now… good night.” Alec was more surprised that she could stand than with the fact that she got up from the bed and walked out of the bedroom with only her red panties and bra on. He was too used to it to care, so he decided to get some sleep.

Christina turned on the kitchen TV and started making herself a sandwich. After a few nights of drinking in a row, she had found that grabbing a bite to eat before going to sleep helped to avoid a hangover. The programming on the TV wasn’t very good though, but fortunately she had ordered a 24-hour channel of cartoons, they always cheered her up, no matter what the case. She took a chair and sat in front of the counter to stuff the turkey-mayo sandwich while watching Ren & Stimpy reruns.

As she watched Ren kicking Stimpy’s ass for some very ridiculous reason once again, she thought about what the girl in the bar had said to her. Maybe it was time to experiment… what did she have to lose? If her sexuality was forever lost, she would fall into an everlasting depression. She would give Elisha a call tomorrow…


The morning overcame the night and the sun slowly rose up into the sky. Up in the cabin things hadn’t gotten any better or worse. The difference was the sleeping girl in the bed. After a tiresome night of fear and frustration, Anna had decided to give in and had gone to bed earlier than the two other girls. Opening her eyes just a bit, she saw the wooden wall staring back at her, reminding her of where she was. She just frowned and sat up pulling the covers aside. The cabin with only three rooms wasn’t very spacious, the bedroom was the smallest of the three, with only a cupboard next to the bed and a window that usually displayed a scenery beautiful enough to make a bright happy girl smile as she would look outside. Now all Anna could see was snow. “-How the hell did I end up here…-” Getting up she stretched her body and tried to wake it up from dreamland, so half asleep she opened the bedroom door and walked out, entering the cool atmosphere of the living room.

“Morning sleepyhead. I didn’t think you’d sleep in after that extremely boring night. I mean, how can you sleep in if all you do is lay around, right?” Smiled Thora, spreading some butter on a piece of bread. Natalie was sitting at the table chewing an apple and reading an old paper. “I didn’t realize it was so late. What time it is?”

Thora and Natalie glanced at each other and both just shrugged their shoulders, what was the point of checking? “Ah, right… what’s for breakfast?” Anna sat down and grabbed a half-eaten piece of toast. “Heeey!” Natalie snapped at her. “Half a toast, how thoughtful. Thanks, Nat.” She smiled as Thora sat down to join them. Natalie didn’t follow up on Anna’s behavior, she just continued reading the paper as it was useless to start quarreling. After a few seconds she got tired of reading up old news and she casually threw the paper on the table with a tiresome sigh.

“Did you guys even sleep last night?”

“Sure, we did. I fell asleep in front of the fireplace and woke up soaking wet, that’s the last time I’ll do that, I’m sleeping in the bed tonight.”

“I had it much worse than you, I dozed off for one second and I woke up with a knife stuck up my neck.”

“Why oh why didn’t I get extra beds?” Thora shook her head.

“This place wasn’t really for bringing more than two people to spend the night? It seems more like Thora here was thinking more like one friend along. A male friend, right?”

“I ain’t saying nothing… nothing else but I did intend to get more stuff up here. I supposed more beds would have been a worthy investment, including electric heating. I guess I sat on it a little too long.”

The hours went by as they desperately tried to think about things to do. With the image on the TV being extremely bad, or ‘Fucked up’ as Thora indicated, their only entertainment was a deck of cards and a few bottles of wine that they didn’t dare to break out just yet. Of course it was tempting, but how long until they’d be empty, and what then? Of course the guilty sins such as cigarettes did take up a few minutes at a time, but they weren’t going to last forever…

“You know those things will kill ya.” Natalie inquired as Anna lit the third smoke in a row. “Got anything better? Or you wanna play strip poker again? Remember what happened last time, don’t you?”

“If Ray would just make it back here we might actually have a little fun with that.” Smiled Thora, all of them were pretty confident that he just had to be coming towards them from the store, the question whether they were in denial or not didn’t even cross their minds. “So… any thoughts or ideas?”

“Well, I suppose we could break out the wine, then?” Suggested Natalie.

For a second there some hesitation rose up in their heads about starting to drink this early. Fortunately they didn’t bother to look at the time, so what was stopping them from getting insanely drunk?

And not an hour later, they were sitting on the floor of the living room with an empty bottle next to them, another one half empty. “OK… we should have fucking shotguns.”

“Pulp Fiction, waaaay too easy, Nat.”

“Yeah well, at least I tried.” Shrugged Natalie and threw two cards next to the deck. “Well as long as you didn’t say ‘Use the force, Luke’ I’ll just be happy that we’re skinning you alive in both of these games.” Thora took another sip from the bottle and passed it down to Natalie who shook her head and took a quick swig and fumbling the bottle back on the floor. “Not this time, you two are going down.” Anna dealt her two cards and took a look at hers. “Yeah, well… we’ll see now.”

“… It’s your turn.” Thora remarked Anna that it was her turn to try to outquote them. “Erm… hold on a minute.” She tried to think up something fast while grabbing three cards from the deck. She looked at her cards closely, not a muscle moving in her face, until she figured out something. “OK, got one. Here lies the fire Mary Lee, died at the age of a hundred and three, for fifteen years she kept her virginity. Not a bad record for this vicinity.”

A grin rose on Thora’s face. “That’s a good line, but no cigar. Jaws, and a… flush.” She slapped the cards on the floor and put her hands on her waist to strike a silly drunken pose. “Haha, not even close. I’ll get your sweater this time.” Smiled Nat, revealing her three kings and two sixes with some satisfying laughter. Anna however looked a little surprised and looked at her opponent’s clothing. She had already lost her sweater, t-shirt and socks, she had very bad luck. “Anna… whaddya got?” Nat asked her curiously. “… Sorry. Straight flush.” Thora raised an eyebrow just to see whether or not she was kidding.

Natalie looked a little stunned, but she soon thought that there was no way that could be possible. “No way, that’s very immature of you to pull a trick like that, now let’s see which one of you loses her shirt!” Natalie was itching to see what kind of a set Anna had under her shirt, but this time she wasn’t going to see… not yet anyway. Paquin showed her hand to the two and got a few admiring glares before the angry grunts hit. “This is so typical…” And so Thora was expected to take her sweater off. Natalie tried to keep her laughter in so the game wouldn’t turn into a catfight and as the sweater came off the other girl, Anna got herself an infectious smile. “Not a word…” Thora looked a little disturbed, not only because she hadn’t worn a t-shirt under her sweater that morning, but because Anna had only lost her socks after many rounds. And so Thora put her jugs out for the others to view, even with her pink bra on, Natalie and Anna could see more of her than a lot of her boyfriends had seen in life. She soon got off her anger and decided that it wasn’t that big of a deal anyway, they were just the three of them and all female, she couldn’t even suspect that even one of them would swing the other way… this was a bad assumption and it would come up later.

“OK, let’s just make sure that Anna’s gonna lose something too,” grinned Natalie as Paquin started shuffling the cards. “Give me a good hand now, don’t disappoint the rest of us.”

Anna didn’t really pay attention to what Natalie was saying, she just kept stealing looks at Thora and her huge chest, almost making her lose concentration and fumble the cards on the floor. “-Just hold on for a minute, they’ll get tired once I win a couple of more rounds…-” She knew how to cheat the dealing so that she’d get better cards and she was going to keep doing so until Thora would lose all of her clothes. Unfortunate for her, Natalie had gotten the worst hands and she’d be sure to quit before she would show them her brown bush. She dealt the cards in orderly fashion and took a look at what she had gotten, yet another winning hand that would get one of the two girls more closer to complete nudity.

“Shit…” Thora cursed and threw three cards on the floor, indicating her ‘Worst game ever’ to the rest of the girls. Anna smiled as Natalie threw in only two cards, stating that she was definitely going over Thora’s game. After getting their games together, a smile starting showing off the generous-chested girl’s face, while Natalie’s face looked like she was definitely going to lose. Anna had noticed her looks getting more and more curious over her, so some thoughts about losing started crossing her mind… just curiosity, nothing more.

“Well, I ruined my game, now didn’t I?” Nat scratched her head and exposed her cards. Thora was lucky to beat Nat’s three of a kind, she wasn’t losing but how was the other brunette’s game?

If she wouldn’t have show herself off because of the wine, she would have once again beat the other two, but… “-Curiosity killed the cat…-”

“Ah, nothing… high card.”

“Whaaaat? You’ve got to be kidding!” Thora got agitated, she wanted to get the game over with, but Anna losing her game would mean at least one more round before Nat would give in.

“No-no-no, she said she has a high card, she lost. So go on ahead, lose that shirt.” Natalie and Anna exchanged smiles and she was just about to pull the white sweater off herself when Thora reached out to check her cards. “Heey, get your hands away from there, cheater!” She had to interrupt her stripping to shuffle her cards into the deck so Thora wouldn’t recognize the four of a kind in there and completely ruin the evening with suspicions about what she was up to. Fortunately, Natalie was very anxious to see Anna’s rack, so she helped her out by shuffling the cards quickly. “Come on, Thora. She said she has a high card and that’s that. Why would she kid us on a matter like this?”

Thora was getting a little suspicious about Natalie, she knew that Anna was cheating one way and the other, but she didn’t quite get what Natalie was going after. Nat’s eyes watched closely as the sweater came off her slender body finally lowering Anna’s torso clothing to nothing but a blue bra. She could have gone to sleep with insurance of a very wet dream right then and there, or alternatively drooled all over the bearskin next to her, but instead she just concealed her attraction by emptying the wine bottle and rolling it away from them. The two shared a long look before Anna gave the honors to Natalie, who dealt the cards in hope to get her opponents jeans off. Thora was quite unsatisfied, she wasn’t getting anything out of the experience of strip poker with two girls, or maybe she just wasn’t drunk enough. She grabbed a full bottle from the floor and drained a large amount of it down her throat.

“… Suck me, beautiful.”

“American Pie.”


Holly started waking up on McGowan’s couch, she didn’t hear anything so she thought that Rose was still asleep in her room, so she got up stretching her arms and not noticing that her bathrobe wasn’t tied properly. Normally that wouldn’t bother her, but she happened to be in another woman’s house, not to mention that she happened to be watching without Holly knowing. Even when she turned around to walk toward the kitchen only a few yards from the bedroom door where Rose was standing still with the same dress on, she didn’t manage to notice her staring at her. Rose smiled to herself as the bathrobe kept giving her sneak previews of what her costar’s body looked like, she had a strong urge to jump on her right there and not to think about the consequences, but the hangover did it’s job and she returned to bed without indicating that she was up. Now she was conscious enough to take her dress off before covering herself with the sheets, but the thought about Holly in the next room practically naked haunted her too much, she couldn’t even blink not to mention fall asleep.

Holly was also bothered by Rose, probably still unconscious in her bedroom. What could a kiss hurt? She wouldn’t know after she woke up, would she? But she held back from doing anything she would regret, explanation of why she was kissing her without almost any clothes on in her apartment was difficult to explain. To relax her mind she turned on the radio, but turned it down so she wouldn’t bother the girl she thought was sleeping just a few feet and a wall away. And so in the beat of ‘Under The Bridge’ she made herself a cup of coffee and some eggs. It was like images of Rose were slashing her mind every time she closed her eyes, she hoped that it was just because she was in he apartment and not something permanent, if that would go on she’d go nuts.

Rose listened to Holly’s actions from lying on her stomach on the bed, she could barely make out the sounds of the fork and the knife colliding with the plate. She cursed herself that she was way too hung over to join her without puking on the table, unfortunately she also forgot that the shootings were starting in about an hour. But it was good that Holly didn’t forget, after hearing a very loud ‘Oh shit!’ from the kitchen, Rose heard the girl running toward the bedroom and she quickly closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. “Rose! Rose goddamit, wake up!” She banged on the door but didn’t dare to just rush in, god knows what she was doing in there. Rose lifted her face from the bed and sat up, trying to hold last night’s drinks in. She was just about to pull her panties down and hit the shower when Holly rushed in, also removing her bathrobe. Rose just gleamed at her like she was a giant popsicle, but Holly was way too worried about getting to the studio in time than look at Rose who was standing there wearing nothing but her lace thong. However, she wasn’t going to pay much attention to her either, she did glance at her a few times when she asked if she could lend her some clean clothes, Holly wasn’t looking when she glanced though, she might have wondered a bit when her eyes were focusing more on the area below her navel…

“Thanks for helping out yesterday, I would probably lie naked in a gutter right now if you wouldn’t have gotten me home.”

“Hey, thanks for letting me sleep here, I was way too tired after dragging you to bed last night to go home.”

They exchanged friendly smiles as they put on their clothes, or Rose’s clothes so to speak, after a quick (separate) showers they jumped into Rose’s Jaguar and drove off toward the studio.


And after a very tiresome night with her best friends at the club, Elisha started to feel a little tired. Being awake for about 30 hours can do that to anyone. With light amount of alcohol and some caffeine pills she had managed to stay awake through the whole night, also the fact that if she’d fall asleep she’d most likely wake up naked on one of the stages with guys sticking bills into her god-knows-where. She lifted her face from the table and saw most of the guys sleeping with some of the entertainment of the house.

“An excellent night, just you being here drew more of our regulars in here and your looks took care of their manly needs to pay a thousand for a mediocre fuck. You should live here, we’d expand very quickly.” Laughed Rachel, counting down the register for last night’s profit.

“Rach, is it OK if I move in here for a few days?”

She eyed Elisha for a minute there, she wasn’t really sure whether she was serious or not, her playful smile did indicate that she was kidding, but her tone said something completely different. “Move in here? You’re more than welcome if you seriously want to stay here. I mean, it was your crazy idea that I’d start running a place like this. A place to stay… you’ll always be welcome here. But why?”

The blonde got up from the table and walked to the window where a view of passed out perverts snored and garbled. “I just like it here, that’s all. And besides, that’s why you got your private quarters back there, right? Incase something happens and you have to move in.”

“Did something happen?”

“Not really… and that’s the problem, isn’t it. I haven’t seen any kind of action lately, being busy really gets me down. I’d just like to remember what it’s like to hang around here, like we used to when you were starting.”

Rachel let out a small laugh, she thought that her absence meant that she was fed up with these kind of things. One of the things famous actresses are tending to do when they make it big is forgetting where they used to be and what they did. “Well that’s good news for me, you don’t mind if I put a sign outside ‘Guest Elisha Cuthbert’ will you?”

Elisha smiled and shook her head. The silence was broken by her cell, as she glanced at the screen she noticed it was the woman she had met last night and exchanged numbers with. “-Christina, Christina… are we getting horny so soon?-” She grinned while answering, her gestures catching Rachel’s attention.

“Christina? How are you feeling?”

“Umm… I’m OK, I guess… listen, about that thing we discussed about last night. I was wondering if we could give it a shot.”

“Great, I was hoping you would say that. What time did you have in mind?”

“I don’t know, somewhere around 9:00 PM, I guess. It’s hard to explain any earlier to my boyfriend, he always notices things like that.”

“Well you can bring him along if you like.”

“No, no way, he’s the last thing I need right now. Besides, he’s not into anything… weird in bed.”

“Geez, sounds like a really stuck up jerk. I’ll have someone pick you up tonight, just stay home and… get a lot of rest. We have the whole night to experiment your problem.”

“Not a problem, see ya tonight.”

Elisha put the phone back into her pocket with a satisfied smile. “So…?”

“We might have a new regular joining in.” She smiled and emptied the glass on the table into her system. “Excellent, now let’s talk about something… would you consider putting up a little show tonight?” Rachel asked her with slight begging in her tone. “Rachel, you know I can’t do that. It’s a completely different thing whether I want to, but in my position I just can’t do something like that. It would be in the tabloids in a heartbeat if I even flashed some homeless guy that comes in here just to warm up.”

“I know that, Heesh. But if they wouldn’t… if there was no way anyone wouldn’t tell a soul. At least hypothetically, would you do a little show?”

Elisha didn’t give it much more thought, she knew that the kind of show that Rachel was talking about was a lesbian act that she had been pulling every year. It consisted of two or three girls on the big stage doing every nasty trick to each other that Rachel could come up with. Of course inside a few borders. “Hell yeah, I’d do it.” The brunette smiled at her answer, but wasn’t sure how she could pull it off. Even if the show’s just for the VIPs, they would be sure to sell the story to the press, even friendship wasn’t going to hold back the everlasting greed of a shitload of cash. But she would just have to figure out something…

“What are you up to?” Asked Elisha, sitting down on the chair next to the bar. “I’m thinking how we could show that gorgeous skin of yours to our regulars, or better the whole damn club. I know a few guys that would write up a check with a lot of zeros to get a glimpse of you, honey.”

“Yeah, but how are you gonna shut ‘em up? Knock them out right after the show, eh?”

“If necessary, if you know any mobsters that could take care of a room full of corpses do ya?”

“Nope, none’s crossing my mind at this time.”

“Damn, I might have to resort to using my contacts to get you on that stage…”

They heard the doors swinging and someone stepping into the club, but they didn’t bother checking who it was. “You have contacts? What the hell have you been doing?” Wondered Elisha, although she knew that all kinds of people visited her regularly, just about one end to the other. But did she know someone that would either scare the living shit out of them so they wouldn’t talk, or something else? After a few seconds of considering what it was she decided to drop it, she didn’t even want to know. They heard someone walking up the stairs slowly toward them, they just figured it was one of the regulars’ wives or something so they didn’t bother to wake them up from their peaceful sleep between the dancers’ legs.

“Just to make sure, you’re gonna go through with this if I arrange this?” Asked Rachel one more time before she’d be making promises she couldn’t keep.

“Rach, if you manage to pull off a stunt like that, I’ll be sure to take my clothes off and tumble around with some girl on the stage.”

“Excellent, I’ll make the arrangements for tonight. You’re in for a big surprise!”

The door opened and a dazzling blonde walked in giving Rachel a cheerful wave. “Am I interrupting anything?” She asked and walked in. “Oh no, not at all Bev. Look who’s back in the circles.”

Elisha gave Beverley a friendly smile. Mitchell had come around just before she had gotten really busy with work, but they knew each other pretty well after three nights of non-stop partying at the club.

“Wow, I was almost sure that you weren’t going to turn up here anymore after that cluster of roles you had a while back. Does this mean that there’s gonna be a big party tonight?” Bev sat down next to Elisha after jumping over a few regulars. “Actually we already partied last night, but today things might be getting a little more rough…” The blonde lit a smoke and gave Rachel a suggestive look. That was enough to set off Beverley’s curiosity, she hoped that they were planning a party like the one they had right after she showed up. She didn’t have any idea that they were talking about more than topless drunken brawling amongst each other, although that was more than enough to get her off.

“Yeah, things should work out pretty good. And if they go perfectly, we’ll get to see much more of our little Elisha than a pair of hard nipples.”

“Really? Let me in on it, that sounds like more than fun.”

“Trust me, It’ll be just that. The party’s tonight, if you’re not too busy you could come around and spice it up.” Suggested Rachel, in hope that she’d get wild like she had done a couple of times before and joined in on other stuff besides showing. She would never have to work again and she was sure that the tips would gather up on the girls too, probably the same amount they got from doing a single episode of their shows at least. And if they would just keep going with it, the guys would probably keep running back and forth between the club and the ATM.

“What are you pondering? The look on your face tells me that you have something exceptionally ingenious floating in there.” Asked Elisha, she knew what she was thinking but she’d prefer Rachel suggesting Beverley to show off for a full crowd.

“Bev, how would you like this…”


“OK, this is getting ridiculous… there can’t be more than a few rounds left before we’re all naked. And were running out of wine too, we’re closing in on the end, girls.” Declared Thora as she took note of their clothing. All of them were down to their undergarments and the empty wine bottles on the floor just struck an eye. Natalie and Anna were very happy with the outcome, Nat had gotten to see what Anna was packing under her clothing and Anna was very satisfied about Thora’s equipment. All that was missing now was more booze, too bad they couldn’t just run down to the store in their current clothing and probably grab a few bottles for free.

“She’s right, we’re in desperate need of a drink. And unless we get some soon, we’re probably gonna realize how stupid this is and just stop.” Indicated Nat, her head waving slowly from side to side. That wasn’t very good for any of them, since then they would have to come up with something else to do. And like a miracle from the skies, they heard someone banging on the door of the cabin. At first they just thought the wine was doing it’s tricks or it was the snow rumbling outside. But once they heard a yell from outside, they all rushed to the door as fast as they could from stumbling. And like they had hoped earlier, it was Ray, a very pale Ray that had wandered through the snow with a very heavy backpack. Fortunately he got a very warm welcome…

“Ray! You scared the hell out of us, where have you been?” Natalie wasn’t really in condition to start launching smart lines to a guy on the verge of hypothermia, but they all were very nurturing to the poor guy, especially when…

“Six bottles! You shouldn’t have, really. Thanks Ray, you’re an angel.” Anna gave her a soft kiss of gratitude on the cheek and they all dragged him in front of the fireplace. “Actually it was about nine bottles, but I got a little cold on my way up here, so…” He mumbled to himself since he was pretty drunk and he couldn’t really see who he was talking to, but slowly his eyes opened up and oh boy, was he glad he did. “… Wow, I leave you girls alone for one second and you’re already starting the fun without me.”

“More like a day… but you’re back now. Safe and sound, and with more beverages! Anyone up for beverages?” Smiled Thora and grabbed a bottle from his backpack. Instead of waiting for her to take a sip, Nat and Anna grabbed themselves bottles of their own. “You know what? Ray’s gonna join in, aren’t ya, Ray?” Thora was glad that they she had finally something to look at, playing strip poker just the three of them had worn out her ability to stay pert, but it was quickly restored as Ray had finally made it back. Too bad he wasn’t up for a game…

“You know what… I don’t think I’m quite capable of doing anything like that right now. I think I’m just gonna…” And he was gone, passed out on the skin.

“Aww, how cute is that? Maybe we should pick up some blankets or something, he looks really cold.” Nat placed her hand on his cold forehead that was slowly warming up next to the fire. “No, he doesn’t need a blanket. Should we finish the game?” Suggested Anna, eager to get all of her opponents’ clothes off, but that backfired too…

“You know, I think we should call it quits. We should tend to Ray now that he’s in this state…”

Natalie hadn’t seen quite enough of Anna for her mind to be at ease just yet, but beyond her drunken state in her head, she knew that they really should take care of him so he wouldn’t get sick or anything. She wasn’t pleased, but common sense took over. “Yeah, we should. I’m gonna get a blanket.” She got up and headed for the closet. Anna looked frustrated, she hadn’t been far from getting Thora’s bra off and then that stupid jerk had walked in and ruined her plan. She hit him playfully and smiled by herself that things could go so wrong. “What are you doing?” Asked Thora.


Natalie walked to them and placed a blanket on the sleeping body on the bearskin. “Phew… so what can we do to make him comfortable?”

“Nothing more I suppose. But we need to come up with something for us if we don’t want to die of boredom…” Thora took a long sip from her bottle and tried to come up with something intelligent… unfortunately she wasn’t in the state to do so, neither was anyone in that cabin. And as consequence they ended up just sitting in front of the fireplace, emptying the wine bottles with haste. They hoped to pass out and to wake up right as the rescue team would arrive, but anyone of them didn’t have the stomach to drink that much. As Anna threw some wood into the fire, Thora’s mind began to wander along the same route her eyes were rolling. She couldn’t make out anything but Ray’s face because of the thick blanket on him, but her imagination went on and pictured her a well hung male that had the speed of a bunny and the stamina of… something with excellent stamina. She tried to close her eyes and erase that image from her mind, but in the end she didn’t even want to.

“I shouldn’t really be saying this, but since he’s totally out of it… and only you two are here to hear it…” That was a good way to catch their attention, Nat and Anna had their own fantasies running through their heads at this point and they both wished that Thora would be starting something that would lead to such situations.

“I just keep imagining just how long is he…” Some of the wine ran from the corner of her mouth as she took a good swig from the bottle, but she didn’t really notice. “Long? I dunno… a little more than me, I could line up next to him and you could measure…”

“Um, Anna. I think she meant…”

Anna didn’t quite get it at first, but after seeing the amused looks on their faces she realized what they were talking about. “Oh. What, are you interested?” She joined in and moved closer to the guy on the skin. “Oh no, I was just thinking…” Thora tried to correct herself before they would do something completely embarrassing if he would wake up. “He’s not gonna know, is he? Come on, you do the honors!” She ripped the blanket off him. “No, really. It was a joke, put that thing back on him.” Nobody could describe how much she was interested, but she was afraid that he would wake up and tell just about everyone in his circles and she would be living in hell afterwards. “Come on, what are you afraid of? It’s just a piece of meat, where’s your sense of sexuality? Just pull his pants down!” Laughed Natalie, hoping that this would go into the direction she wanted it to go. Thora took a deep breath and laughed a bit and then crawled to his jeans. Anna and Nat were more than amused as Thora’s hands unbuttoned the jeans and undid the zipper. She braced herself and cracked his underwear a bit and quickly backed away, resulting in strong objection and disqualification from the judges. “Heeeey! You cheated, we gotta see it too!”

“See for yourselves, what if he wakes up?”

“He’s not gonna wake up, Thora! Just pull it out so we can evaluate.” Laughed Natalie and pulled her back to the place to pull his pants down. “I can’t get his pants off, he’s way too heavy for me to lift…” She tried to come up with excuses which only made things worse… or interesting, depending how you thought about it. “You don’t have to pull them down, just yank it out!”

“What?! Touch it? No way, he’d have a serious problem with me playing with his privates while he’s sleeping!”

“… I highly doubt that… yeah, sure he’d like us to wake him up first, but I don’t think he’s got anything against you pulling his probably huge cock out of his pants for us to measure.” The only one Anna amused with that line was herself, but her point was made. He wouldn’t find out unless they told him. Thora just sat there on her knees with her eyes fixed on the opened zipper. “Geez, for crying out loud, just do it!” Anna gave her a push on the back and she landed her face only a few inches away from the piece of meat they discussed about. Thora knew that Nat and Anna wouldn’t let it go until they’d see what she had talked about. Well, she brought it upon herself… “-I must be crazy…-” She reached her left hand into Ray’s boxers and grabbed the soft stick of meat. She grinned a bit as he pulled it out in the open and let go as soon as all of it was out. Weirdly she didn’t hear any icky comments from any of the girls mouths, but she still refused to look at the thing she had pulled out. “What? Is it rotten or something? Why aren’t you saying anything?”

“… Wow…”

“You can say that again…”

Her hand wasn’t quite capable to feel just how big the thing had been, but as she casually glanced at the member hanging out of his jeans, she couldn’t do nothing but stare at it. Was there a measure that dicks just stopped growing? Not by this guy there wasn’t…

“Well I don’t know about you guys but I’ll die before I settle for this without seeing how big it is when it’s hard…” Anna was just about to dash to her target, but was quickly blocked by Thora’s arm. “I grabbed it first, it’s mine!” And suddenly all their inhibitions were gone in a heartbeat. “What the fuck are you talking about? A second ago you were against getting him out in the open and now you’re telling me that you want a piece of that? No way, you goddamn cheater!”

“Hey, you tricked me into pulling it out, but it was ME who pulled it out, see? So I think I am the one entitled to taking advantage of him while he’s passed out.”

“Why, you little slut!”

Natalie wasn’t going to join in on Thora and Anna bickering over a dick, although she was tempted to grab the object that they were arguing about to herself, she still had something else in mind. “Hold on a second, guys. What exactly are you fighting about?” She asked them, hoping the fight would take another direction.

“… Well, the dick.” Thora stated casually.

“Yeah, you know that huge dick hanging from that guy’s pants.”

“Right. But if one of you would win this fight, what exactly would you do with it, huh?”

They weren’t really prepared to answer that question. And then in struck them, what were they really fighting over of? Would either of them to be ready to actually do anything with the thing if they would win? But that wasn’t the point. Thora’s point was that Anna wasn’t touching that thing after she embarrassed herself by actually taking it out and Anna’s point was that there was no way she was passing a cock like that. “You’re not getting that cock, bitch!”

“Fuck you, you whore!”

They attacked each other with their nails itching for some skin. They rolled around next to the bearskin while Natalie watched, at times she glanced at the pecker that seemed to be quite happy about being fought over, Nat wasn’t quite sure what had inflicted such a reaction to it, was it Thora’s hand, was it Ray’s dream or something else… could he be faking his sleep? No way…

“I’m gonna get you! You’re not touching him!”

“You’d better shut up or I’ll stick my fist down your throat!”

“Umm… guys?” Natalie tried to break them up, but didn’t her physically involved. “Just a second, Nat! I’ll be done with this flat-chested bitch in no time!” Growled Thora, scratching Anna’s shoulders until they had obvious marks. “Yeah you just hold on, nobody calls me flat-chested, you fat cow!”

“Fine…” Natalie didn’t quite get why they were fighting, but she observed something far more interesting than two girls fighting, even if it was Anna and Thora scratching each other in their underwear. And soon Thora was on top of Anna, she go her pinned down on her stomach against the wooden floor. “It’s mine, get it? You’re not touching it, ever!” Words could not express how turned on Anna was by the little wrestling match they had, so she needed to get that cock a lot more than Thora needed it. If she would beat her, she’d rush straight to that piece of manhood and suck the life-force out of it. “I’ll never give up, you’ll have to kill me first!”


Nat’s scream got their attention enough to turn their heads toward her… and that godly sight that they witnessed. Their mouths slowly opened as they gazed at the hard, long and veiny shaft sticking out of Ray’s pants. As Thora’s pulse grew she held Anna tighter and tighter in her embrace, pulling her body against hers and her crotch starting to feel warmer and wet. “Oh-my-lord…”

“That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen…”

“… Anna… let go.”

Anna was squeezing Thora’s arm under her, but not of the will to fight some more, it was that it was rubbing against her nipple during the fight. “Yeah, in a minute…”

“Right now, I mean right here and now, Anna.”

“OK…” Reluctantly she remove Thora’s hand from her breast and let go of the sexual attention given by it to the sight of the huge erect dick her eyes were focusing on. “Thora… can you get off of me, please? You know the concept of… sharing, don’t you?”

“… Yeah, I guess I do…”

Thora got off Anna’s back and crawled to Ray and Natalie, soon followed by Anna, who’s bra had lost a strap in the fight. Her right nipple was now showing to Natalie who smiled in satisfaction for finally getting her eyes on that sweet nipple only a grade darker than her beautiful skin. Thora set herself on her stomach in front of the hard cock sticking out of Ray’s pants. Almost 8 inches of hard meat made her just want to stick it inside her and never let it out. Her cunt was just too eager to wait any longer, but she was quickly stopped by Nat, by pushing her just a little further away with her hand. “Ray’s my friend, I think he’d like to have me do the honors… first.” Thora didn’t like her suggestion, but still submitted knowing that as a relatively small girl she wasn’t going to take treatment like that for long. Anna was more than happy to see Nat’s hand sliding to it and slowly starting to move it up and down, making Ray grunt in his sleep. Of course all that Ray could acknowledge in his unconscious state was that he was probably having a wet dream, Nat’s hand was very much the thing he had wanted to feel for a long time, too bad he wasn’t awake to actually know it was her hand. Thora was bored as he watched her friend playing with the toy she wanted so bad, she took another sip from her bottle to keep her from attacking her and taking what was hers, but that amount of wine did something else to her too. She wasn’t only enjoying Ray’s looks, but Natalie’s too. Being in her state she didn’t read much abnormality in it, she just watched and felt hornier and hornier. Soon her other sexual side got a rough push over the limit as she felt her bra being unhooked. She closed her eyes and parted her lips to let out a small sexy moan as Anna’s body pressed against her back, her hand moving from her shoulder across her neck, caressing her soft skin on the way between her juicy breasts, just screaming for some attention. Anna lay her chin against Thora’s shoulder, who in return rubbed her head softly against her brown shiny hair, while letting out small gasps of pleasure as Anna rubbed her gigantic boobs with her palms. Her fingers pressed deep into her skin and felt the heat coming from them, her spread legs were working her crotch against Thora’s round butt, pushing so hard against them that the girl herself could feel it on her clit. For the first time she was getting it from a woman, and from a girl as hot as Anna she was more than turned on – she was ready to cum.

Natalie had rolled Ray on her back and spread his legs. She was now desperately trying to get his clothes off one way or another. She managed to pull him out of his pants and underwear to see just how big he was, and she wasn’t disappointed with the view. His tanned body was laying there in the light of the fireplace, as if calling out for someone to fuck the shit out of it. And Natalie knew that feeling, last night when Anna had sat in front of the fireplace her body had just ached to pin her down and kiss her passionately all over. But she was now stuck with Ray, she felt jealous about Thora who was getting her tits felt and her butt practically fucked on the skin by Anna, just the woman she was after. But her courage wasn’t enough to just jump on top of the two and stick her fingers inside Paquin, she had picked Ray and that was that. She let out a disappointed sigh, not to be noticed by anyone as they were busy sleeping or groping, so she grabbed the cock and lowered her head to do the tricks to it. Her eyes closed and her lips opened to accept the meat into her mouth. It still felt a little cold from wandering through the snow for hours, but her saliva-filled mouth quickly took care of that. The half asleep Ray lifted his head and looked around just to see where he was. He had made it to the cabin, amen to that, he thought. But as he felt something more than recovery from the cold he looked down, only to discover her pants being beside him and his hard prick inside… Natalie Portman’s mouth? “-No way! This has got to be the best dream I’ve ever had. And look at that – Thora and Anna making out on top of each other! I’ve got to get trapped inside an avalanche more often.-”

The now awake Ray closed his eyes once more, but not to fall asleep. He might have thought that he was sleeping, but for the girls this was as real as the snow-covered cabin they were in. Nat’s lips gently pleased Ray’s cock with a generous amount of saliva and tongue, she didn’t dare to take the whole thing in her throat in fear that she might choke, but she brought it a commendable way in, stopping just before the tip hit her tonsils. Ray was fine with that, he urged to grunt loudly but as this was a dream to him he didn’t want to risk waking up. Nat worked her lips up and down on the exceptionally large shaft, the heat increased with every thrust and the wet substance dripping down from the girl’s mouth gave the treatment a nice addition. She took the cock once more in her mouth, pushing it as deep as her tonsils but not able to put it any deeper, she gagged a little and pulled it out for jerking. She squeezed the stick tight and admired the big red tip polished by her saliva, on her other side Thora opened her eyes from Anna’s embrace and saw that Natalie was through with the thing. She smiled to herself and licked her lips a bit, thinking that she’s finally get her lips on the damned thing. But a sudden freaked all the girls as Ray sat up looking very sweaty and horny. “Don’t stop just yet…” He murmured, still a bit in the dreamland. Natalie quickly backed away along with Thora and Anna, who looked very upset because the guy just had seen them basically fucking each other. “Come on, girls. You’re not going anywhere! This is my dream and I’ll do whatever I want in it!” He tried to get up but he just ended up on his knees with his head down. “My dream, my way, goddamit…” He whined while trying to crawl toward the girls.

“Oh, shit, we’re in trouble…” Moaned Natalie who felt ashamed about just giving him a blowjob while he was asleep. Anna and Thora looked equally bad, they wouldn’t have done anything like that if they knew that Ray was awake. But as Ray mumbled more and more about how he was in a dream, it suddenly occurred to them how perfect it all was. “Guys, you thinking what I’m thinking?” Asked Anna, with a wicked smile upon her face. “Yeah. If you’re thinking the same thing I am…” Noted Thora, removing her hands from covering her breasts. “Ladies, I think we should give Ray a little hand…” Natalie realized the situation too while ray stood up, not too good, but he was still standing. “Ray… come over here.” Thora called to him and stood up. The guy looked toward her and couldn’t look at anything but her big tits with hard nipples pointing at him. She slowly slid her panties off, getting the attention of both Anna and Ray. Paquin was sitting behind Thora, but between her perfect round buttocks she could make out the neat bush of brown hair. Ray looked at her with lust in his eyes and walked over to her, falling down he pulled Thora with him, now all of them on the floor with Natalie on the other side and Anna on the other. Ray examined Birch’s body closely, with his hands running up and down on it, making the girl in question smile and close her eyes to fully enjoy the moment. “You know what I’ve always wanted to do… Thora?” He asked her, his lips closing in on hers. “What’s that, Ray?” She smiled and placed her arms around him. “This is my dream, right? So I can do anything I want?”

“Yes, you can. Anything you want.”

Natalie and Anna weren’t that sure if Thora wanted what Ray had in mind, but just like them, she was drunk enough to take on any perverted act he had in mind. Nat and Anna looked at each other, Anna’s bra was now off and revealing her full chest to Nat’s eyes. She looked at it with pure passion and thought of nothing else than getting her hands on those beautiful round tits. Anna watched and slid a hand into her blue lacy panties as Natalie watched her, she unhooked her bra and let it slowly slide down on her skin. Anna’s breathing became more intense as Nat’s small perky breasts were revealed to her. The small nipples were just eager to feel the lips of the other brunette on them. Standing up beside the couple kissing each other, they took the liberty of getting rid of the rest of the clothing on them. Both Anna and Natalie removed their panties, giving each other the chance to see what was behind them. Anna’s shaven crack just made Natalie quiver of sexual tension, Paquin bit her lower lip as her hand worked it’s way down from her belly toward her hairless temple of love. She herself was more attracted to Natalie’s wild bush that she hadn’t ever gotten the nerve to grow, she always ended up shaving after the hair got long enough to distract her masturbation, but Nat’s thick shrub was just the thing she had wanted for a long time. They approached each other and slowly put their arms around each other, their naked beautiful bodies colliding in the light of the fire, warming up their confrontation with it’s warm flames. They didn’t close their eyes until the last second before their lips met in a gentle kiss. Without any tongue, they just rubbed their lips together and both slowly collapsed on the floor next to Thora and Ray, who were starting to fulfill Ray’s dream. Both of them on their side they continued their loving kiss with satisfying yelps escaping their noses as their mouths had themselves full. As Anna made the initiative to go into a more serious matter by tenderly moving her hand down Nat’s back and finally reaching out toward her cunt, Nat did the same. Soon their fingers sank into each other’s warm and wet pussies that were desperately crying out for affection.

Next to them, Ray smiled at Thora who wasn’t sure what Ray’s ultimate fantasy with her was. But as he turned her around and Thora felt the tip of his cock exploring regions that she hadn’t thought as very sexual before, she knew what was going on. “No, wait…” She tried to stop him, but without a reply she wanted. “My dream, my way…” He tried to force the prick into her ass, but she wasn’t well enough lubricated to do that. “It won’t fit, you need something to ease the entry…” She moaned as Ray still tried to stuff himself inside her. Anna looked at their quarrel from the side with Natalie softly kissing her neck and decided to help out. “Wait a second…” She pulled away from Nat and butt-naked she walked to the kitchen. Thora followed her actions in the kitchen with great interest and soon she appeared with the pack of butter. “Butter? Didn’t you find anything else?” Asked Thora, not so satisfied with the result. “Well, it’s either this or soap. Which one will it be?” She wasn’t going to have soap up her ass, that’s for sure… the kind of soap they had up there stung a little on her skin, not to mention what it might do to her insides. So Anna handed the butter to Ray who looked at it a little suspiciously at first, but then pulled away from between Thora’s buttocks and scooped up some of it, putting it on his dick with haste, eager to push the thing between Thora’s insanely round and soft buttocks. She was still a little unsure about whether she was going to let Ray fuck her in the ass, and she was going to put a stop to it right as he was entering her. Thora’s sphincter wasn’t giving up that easily, it tried to keep the huge member out of Thora’s bowls, but it failed and the veiny shaft slid inside her with very wet noises, and not just from Ray’s mouth. Thora’s mouth opened wide and her eyes closed to let out a loud scream, but as Ray pushed it in further, her eyes opened and instead of a scream she let out a satisfied sigh. Her head spun and spun around like a roller coaster and soon her mouth went from open and ready to scream to a pleasure filled smile with continuous happy gasps.

Ray grunted and grinned with his head shaking with pleasure as he kept sinking his meat into Thora’s slimy rectum, he couldn’t get it all the way inside, her bowl was just too damn short for that, but for what went in, he felt like he was in heaven. The tip of his cock widened the entrance into her butt with every push, he squeezed her pale and soft buttocks while he moved his hips back and forth, pleasing himself and Thora by poking her insides with his dick. “Fuck my butt, Ray! Fuck it so-fucking-hard! God, spread my cheeks wide, baby! Push that thing inside me! Push! Push! GOD!” She found herself moaning things she never knew she had in her, the dirty talk she had done consisted of sentences like ‘Big dick’ and ‘I bet his dick is like a mile long’, but he had never talked like that, not even when being fucked. But she liked it, it was turning Ray on, it was turning her on, and Anna too, who continued thrusting her finger into Natalie’s wet cunt. Ray began to make strange noises as he kept bucking his hips against Thora faster and faster… it was as if he was going to cry… but Thora just couldn’t believe it, would a guy really cry while fucking a woman as hot as she was? He should be thanking Jesus Christ for a pleasure like her ass, he got the finest ass in the state and he was going to cry? She thought about it and came to the conclusion that he was right to cry, cry for joy. And he did, tears began falling down on Thora’s sweaty buttocks that were being rammed by Ray’s incredibly big prick. The tears were quickly gone as they joined together with the drops of sweat appearing on her skin, but she could still hear Ray sobbing. She felt herself starting to quiver and she knew exactly what that meant, she was going to cum. She quickly darted her hand down to her neatly trimmed pussy and began thrusting her middle finger inside her incredibly hot and horny cunt that would make any man cum in a minute. She groaned and groaned with every drop of energy she had left in her and stuck her fingers deep into her yearning slit. As Ray filled her perfect butt with his long shaft, rubbing every single part of her rectum with it and cried of the great pleasure he got from it, Thora began to shed tears too. She felt so good to get fucked in the ass with an 8 inch cock and the stamina she could never believe a guy to have, any other guy would have came in his pants to even see her drop her panties. “God… Ray! I’m… (sob), I’m gonna… (sob)… I’m gonna cum!” Her whole body shook and her sphincter kept Ray’s dick from getting out. She made him scream as he tried to get his cock out of the butter-lubricated butthole, but his efforts were in vain. Thora came, like she had never come before. Her pussy spurted out a strong shower of the sweet nectar of her holiest. Tears ran down her round cheeks as she began to recover from the intense experience and her upper body gave in to the pleasure. She fell on the bearskin, now covered with her juice with only her ass sticking up in the air for Ray to molest.

Next to them, Natalie and Anna had followed their actions closely and had pleasured each other into orgasm many times. But they weren’t finished, no. Natalie reached her hand toward Thora and sank two fingers into her cunt. Anna looked with passion as the fingers came out of it, dribbling with the fine juice that she had wanted to taste. “Open up, now…” Smiled Natalie, and she didn’t need to ask Anna twice. She slowly lowered her finger toward her open mouth and as it finally entered the hot pit, Anna closed her mouth and pressed her lips hard against Nat’s finger. She let out moans as she finally tasted the sweet taste of Thora’s pussy. Her lips parted slowly as all of the juice had been sucked out of them, the finger was red from her sucking. “Anna, I didn’t know you liked it so much…” Laughed Nat playfully, leaning down to her for a wet kiss. Just before their lips met, Natalie sank her fingers quickly into Thora and guided them straight into her mouth, which made Anna very thirsty. She aggressively bucked her head up to meet Natalie and with her hands she pulled her head strongly against her, now sinking her tongue inside her mouth to get the taste of the other girl on her tongue. Natalie pulled away as she was almost choked by Anna’s efforts, she laughed a bit but didn’t say anything about it. Instead she decided to let Anna know how good she tasted, so turning around she set her crotch just an inch away from her face and arched her back enough to get Anna’s hairless cunt into the radius of her tongue. Both of their hands shivered as their tongue’s started exploring inside them. Nat’s tongue was more gentle and thorough with a great amount of saliva to mix in with Anna’s pussy juices, as Anna’s tongue was more aggressive and eager to taste her, licking every bit of the nectar into her own mouth, licking her hard enough to get more and more by the second. It didn’t take long for both of them to get off with a strong scream against their twats. Nat’s hairy pussy spurted out a generous amount of fluid for Anna to devour, which she loved to deal with by her recovery from her own orgasm. Paquin’s soft and hairless cunt didn’t give out as much as liquid as her mouth did scream, which was good for Natalie. She was glad she could help Anna out and make her scream like an animal, still giving Nat something to feed on. They both smiled and softly ate each other out with the relaxing feeling they both had.

“Fuck, Thora! Say you like it. Say you like to get stuffed in your ass!” Grunted Ray, barely able to speak as his balls were gathering up the stuff to shoot out. Thora could manage just a few words out of her gasping mouth. “I love to get stuffed in my ass! Don’t stop, please!” Her butt was completely numb with the continuous pumping she received, but she could still feel her buttocks shaking sexily with every fast push Ray gave them. He started shaking and soon he couldn’t even thrust his cock into Thora’s nice butt anymore, but with force he made himself do it. With small tucks into her, his cock tensed up and Thora knew what was coming. As Ray cried out in pleasure her bowl was filled with the warm semen from his balls. She hadn’t felt this satisfied ever, the warm feeling in her butt only made her want more, but Ray was sure to quit for today. He fell back with an exhausted puff and his semi-hard cock bobbed out of Thora’s bottom. She straightened herself on the floor and ran her hand down to her ass and stuck a finger inside. Nat and Anna watched her with relaxed moods and were more than happy when Thora took out the sperm-covered finger. Thora gave it a lick and looked like she was ready for seconds. “You guys wanna taste?” Nat and Anna moved in as Thora relaxed her arm with her elbow against the floor. Her finger up she dreamily watched as Anna and Nat shared a sperm-covered finger with their tongues. They sucked it clean and swallowed whatever they could get in their mouth. They all glanced at Ray and then looked at each other, Anna and Nat with some semen in the corner of their mouths. They all laughed and collapsed on the floor with closed eyes and satisfied smiles.


Later that day, Rose and Holly were leaving the set for a well earned weekend vacation. Combs returned to her apartment after setting up a date with her costar, they were supposed to meet at Backslash that night. Tonight she was going to give it a shot, if it would go to hell, she’d just deal with it, but if it would turn out the opposite…

Holly stood in front of her mirror, all set for an attempted hit on her female friend. She had picked out her sexiest dress, shiniest lipstick and the most tempting attitude she had in her. She took a few deep breaths and looked herself in the eyes, pretending it was Rose she was looking at in the mirror, not herself.

“I’m attracted to you…”

“I’m… attracted to you? No, that’s bullshit.”

“Rose, I’d really like to rip that dress apart and sink my head between your jugs. That would probably work for her, but she’d get the wrong idea.”

“I’m very attracted to you, Rose. I’d like to be your girlfriend.” That line seemed good for a few seconds, but knowing her attitude about lines like that, she’d probably laugh right in her face. Holls decided that she wasn’t going to leave her apartment until coming up with the perfect line to get McGowan’s attention.

And meanwhile in the other apartment, Rose was doing similar rituals, just in her own way… and her own looks. She pushed up her breasts just about enough not to reveal her nipples to all the people in the club, although the backside of her outfit was very revealing. She walked around in the living room trying to come up with a line that Holly would fall for. If even for one night, she wanted to have her.

“OK, what the fuck is the matter with me? Come on, you’re good at this, it’s what you do! The make-up and the clothes aren’t enough, I need to tell her… but how will I?”

“Hi, Holls! Guess what I did in the bathroom of the club the other night…? No, that’s way too frank, she’ll just freak out. How do you pick up a girl? Besides a call girl? A normal girl who likes to hang out in clubs, get drunk and complain about my boyfriend… D?”

It occurred to her how she’d send a small hint to her. She picked up her cell and called her boyfriend. “D? Hi, it’s Rose. You know what? You’re a fucking asshole! We’re through!” She instantly cut him off before he even had a chance to say anything against her. McGowan smiled to herself and started forming some dialogue in her head.

“Hi, Holly. You know how I’ve been into women recently? Well, I think I could go steady with a girl now. Wanna be my experiment? Yeah, that’s better than nothing.”

And so, ready with their lines to catch each other, they both showed up at the club. Rose was amazed with Holly’s dress, she usually didn’t show anything that could even lead to sexual thoughts, but this time her low cut blue satin dress was showing off more than her legs, the neckline was slit down just below her chest, thus proving a rare thing on Holly – no bra. Rose had her tightest mini skirt on, along with a slightly loose top to show off her breasts. Both were very pleased with the outfits, but neither of them was able to take the conversation immediately to the reason the were there.

“I broke up with D today, I decided that he wasn’t right for me.” Rose tried to gather her courage to say why she did it, but couldn’t so it just yet. “Really? Well, I can’t say that I’m particularly sorry about that. That guy is just plain trouble for you, you should be with someone less careless.” She was also trying to give her small hints but couldn’t go straight to the point. Luckily their drinks arrived just as they were running out of subjects. The glasses of the same stuff that had poisoned them the other night were quickly emptied, and another round was inevitable. The band playing wasn’t helping the situation, somehow singing about heartbreak didn’t encourage them to start talking about what they really felt inside theirs. It started to look like a disaster as they couldn’t come up with anything to say, but then something happened. Rose leaned forward about halfway over the table to stretch her back a little, Holly took this as a definite sign to do something, so she quickly leaned over to her, just enough to give her lips a soft kiss. The girl was surprised at first and for a nanosecond she was going to break the kiss, but fortunately she didn’t pull back before her instincts told her to continue with it. The soft kiss that Holly had meant to be brief to let Rose know what was going on had now changed into a passionate embrace of their lips. The heat between them was increasing every second they kept them together, the sensation was getting even more exciting as their tongues came into play. They danced a slow dance against each other in a hall created by the mouths of Rose and Holly, their hearts raced as they would have to explain themselves when the kiss would end. They didn’t want it to end, but they had to let it go at some point. The lips parted and the girls opened their eyes to observe whether the other one liked it or not. It showed off both of their faces that it wasn’t unpleasant to either of them. They slowly sat back in their chairs and just looked at each other with surprise and joy, the tension was now off and they didn’t need to explain themselves.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that, Rose.”

“I think I know, Holls. If I had known earlier, I would have never tortured you like that with D. It must have been hell.”

“I lived, that’s history now. You’re not with him anymore, and we’re here today…”

It was that simple. The speeches they had prepared were completely idle. They wanted to jump on each other right there, but common sense told them that it was inappropriate. So, after finishing their tequila’s they left the club and ended up kissing just outside, where many bystanders were thinking – that can’t be Rose McGowan and Holly Marie Combs, can it? They pushed their bodies together just enough for their skin to make contact, the lust was becoming unbearable, Holly was ready to fuck her right there on the street, but fortunately Rose had a much better suggestion. “Can you control yourself for ten minutes, love?”

“I’m not sure, what did you have in mind?” Smiled Holly, moving from McGowan’s lips down to her neck, starting to nibble it softly. Rose closed her eyes and smiled of delight that Holly was finally there as a sexual being in her use, and she herself was there for her too. “I heard that there’s this great show at a club tonight. I hear it’s gonna be a real blast…” She cut her sentence as Holly caressed her hips with her hands. “You know what else could be a blast? This…” The brunette was way out of control, she didn’t care who would see, she wanted to taste her right there. She reached down with her hand and guided it between Rose’s legs. The pale woman let out a tiny moan as she felt a finger rubbing her love canal through her black leather panties. For Holly it felt like sticking her hand into an open fire, she was that turned on. She could feel the leather getting wetter, the wetness of Rose’s pussy was making it’s way out from the sides. The extremely hot panties she was wearing made her sweat even without Holly fingering her in public, but with adding that to her own excitement she felt like her crotch was getting burned alive.

“We’d better get a cab before we end up on tabloids.” Rose caught them a cab just as Holly was getting herself into the mood. Luckily they found a cab quickly, they jumped in and drove straight to the club where the action was going to take place…


And so it was the big night. Elisha and Beverley were looking down at the club full of people. Rachel had kept her promise and they had to go and fulfill theirs. Neither of them would have ever thought that she could pull it off somehow, but she had gotten the club filled with people that wouldn’t tell – a hall full of celebrities.


“You can say that again. Sometimes she just amazes you.”

“You’re not gonna back off, are you?”

“Not if you’re not gonna… are you?”

“No, not my style to back off.”



Rachel entered the VIP room looking excited. “Isn’t this great? You wouldn’t believe what those people paid to see this! The show should start in a few minutes, are you guys ready?”

“As ready as we’ll ever be. I’m sick to my stomach, my head is spinning, my heart is breaking my chest and I’m sweating like a horse.” Elisha was definitely nervous about the whole thing, and for a reason. The audience wouldn’t complain, that’s for sure, but she still wasn’t sure whether she could pull it off.

To Be Continued…

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