Suranne Jones And Her Horny Wolfhound

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Suranne Jones and her horny wolfhound.

Suranne was certainly moving up in the world. She had gone from a nobody
to starring in Britain’s longest running soap. If that wasn’t enough she
had become a major pin-up to men and women around the country.

Just recently she had done a photo shoot with loaded magazine for the
annual calender. These were by far her most revealing shots also her
sexist shots ever. She had been in her changing room and had brought her
Wolfhound Greg with her as she needed to take him for a walk after.

She began to change her clothes but she couldn’t find the outfit she had
before she did the photos. She stood there naked wondering where it
could have been. Meanwhile, Greg was staring at Suranne’s naked body and
began to grow a long wet erection. Just seeing her big firm breasts, big
firm bottom, meaty legs got him all excited. He ran over and began to lick
her legs and feet.

“Stop it! You’ll get me all sticky”

She pushed him away and began to look around the room for her outfit. This
is when she made her big mistake, getting on her hands and knees. She crawled
around on the floor looking underneath piles of other clothing not realising
Greg was behind her just waiting for his chance to fuck her.

He started licking her ass and chunky thighs.

“Greg!! What are you doing, STOP!!”

Greg didn’t listen and moved his tongue onto her pussy lips. He was licking
her faster than he normally wouldwhen sapping up water.

“OHHHHHHHH Greeeeeeeggggg!!! Keep doing it faster!!!, lick mummy more”

Greg backed off and without warning leaped on top of Surannes back while
frantically bucking his hips backwards and forwards.
Suranne looked down in between her legs and saw what looked like a 12 inch
purple dick moving back and forth. Amazed at this sight and now extremely
horny she reached back and placed her hands around his cock. Now with his
slick member in her grip she guided it into her soaking wet opening placing
it just outside of the lips.
Then with his next thrust Greg impaled his mistress plunging 6 inches into
her pussy. This sent a surge of pain and pleasure throughout Suranne’s body
as she howled like a female dog.
This howl got Greg even more excited and with his next thrust her pushed a
4 inches more into her, now just leaving him with his very wide knot to work
For the next 10 minutes Suranne was experiencing pleasure like she had never
had before. She was being treated like a bitch by her own dog and was loving
the thought of how dirty it was. Greg however had been humping, then
then fucking her again, then dismounting, then once again fucking her, and so
on. This had sent Suranne into a frenzy of barking, growling and panting just
like a dog.
Greg now pumping into her faster than before was anxious to knot his bitch and
impregnate her with his seed. Thats when it happened.


Suranne felt his knot force its way through her vaginal lips and bury itself
inside her with the rest of his cock.
Greg didn’t calm down, he got even more frantic until he began to shoot torrents
of thick hot doggy cum inside of her, coating the pink walls in the process.
Suranne quickly realised this and began to cum herself, so hard that she
her pussy muscles around Gregs cock.
This caused Greg to yelp and quickly release himself. Upon doing so a large pop
that echoed in the room sounded as his knot was released. Following on from this
a mixture of dog cum and Suranne’s juices splashed out down her inner thighs
making a small puddle on the floor.
Suranne hurriedly dressed herself in whatever she could find and with Greg drove

From that day onwards they would fuck every morning, lunch and night. On
and days off they would go to the park and fuck in places where there was the
chance they may get caught.
Suranne was happier than she had ever been and Greg was always willing to please
his human lover.

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