The Wonder Mike Show 18

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This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations,
if you are under age or easily offended. Stop reading.


Welcome and thanks once again for joining me for my little show,
I am joined as always by B movie superstar Kari Wuhrer or Kari Wuhrer
Salin if you will and my best friend in the whole world, the man with
the worlds largest penis Matt.
Also making her return today is the star of her own Nickelodeon show Amanda,
little Amanda Bynes, please give everyone a big hand. It is really nice to
have you back Amanda, the show hasn’t been the same without,
just don’t bring
the quality down.
Mike, what is it now Kari? I think I speak for Amanda when I say Fuck you, I’ve
quit better jobs then this before.
Kari, I don’t know why your upset, I called you super star, after all you have a
well an album out, plus you have stared in what I guess you could call movies
you where the star of a dying television show, you are a true star.
We have a really big show in store for you folks today, my special guest is the
star who saved Star trek Voyager, Jeri Ryan, man I have been waiting to get her
on the show since or first episode, I wonder if she would be interested in a co
host position.
Once again I say to you, Fuck you Mike, and the horse you rode in on.
Now that the females have quit their griping, lets hear from Matt, I am sure he
has something in store for us today. Take it away Matt.
Thanks, Mike, I have a surprise guess for us today, she called and begged to be
on the show but we just couldn’t find a spot for her, but I made sure we had
time scheduled for today, I want you to give a big hand for Miss Mariah Carey.
Wow Mariah Carey, you have done a great job Matt, come on over and sit next to
me Mariah, it is and honor and a pleasure.
It’s an honor and a pleasure to be here today Mike.
That’s what I meant Mariah, I can’t believe how many of you celebrities fall for
that, anyway I assure you would like the role of house singer for our little
Actually, I was more interested in the co host position.
I wish you wouldn’t have said that Mariah, look out.
Kari has tackled Mariah folks, things are getting out of hand early tonight, it
is Mariah’s fault for threatening Kari’s position though.
Mariah’s satin skirt is already hiked up over her waist, I wanted to ask Mariah,
who dresses her and make sure she gives that person a raise.
Mariah is flat on her back, Kari is pulling her ankles up by Mariah’s face,
that’s got to hurt, wait a minute, Mariah is starting to roll over, I haven’t
seen anybody out muscle Kari before, Mariah is one tough bitch, I mean lady.
Now Amanda has joined the fray, she has her little arms around Mariah’s neck,
she is pulling her over, Kari is back on top, I guess Amanda didn’t want Mariah
around either.
Amanda has taken off her jeans exposing her skinny legs, I know she is only
fourteen but she has got to put on another twenty pounds before a gust of wind
blows her away.
Amanda is sitting on Mariah’s face, Kari has Mariah by the nipples, she is
twisting Mariah’s nipples around, they are ordering her to eat out Amanda, this
should be good.
They didn’t have to tell Mariah twice, she has wrapped her arms around Amanda
and she buried her tongue deep inside of her pretty pink pussy, Man Amanda has a
pretty pussy, he camera man, go get a close up of that, what the hell are you
doing? And pull your pants up.
Amanda is holding Mariah’s legs apart, Kari is lapping away at Mariah’s cunt,
listen to Mariah squeal, higher and higher, man I think she is going to shatter
so windows.
Mariah has reached up and jammed two fingers into Amanda’s cunt, Amanda is
slowly riding up and down on them, Kari just rammed three fingers into Mariah,
there is room for plenty more, Mariah has a gapping cunt, the biggest I have
seen so far.
Kari has just rammed her whole hand deep into Mariah’s pussy, she has it in past
the wrist now and there is still plenty of room, Mariah is working two more
fingers into Amanda, she just reached up and grabbed Amanda by her pony tail,
she is slamming Amanda up and down on her hand.
Kari is working her other hand into Mariah’s cunt there is still some room left,
Mariah’s squeals are so high pitched I can barely hear them, Amanda is pulling
Mariah’s tits up by the nipples man Mariah has a set of lungs, no wonder she can
hit those notes.
Amanda is holding Mariah by the wrist as she fucks herself with Mariah’s hand, I
think Amanda’s cumming, yes I can see the juices flowing down Mariah wrist, it
is over for Amanda.
Kari is stretching Mariah’s cunt now, Kai is clapping inside of Mariah’s cunt, I
ant hear her squeals at all now, I think she is cumming though, yes she is, the
juices just squirted out of Mariah’s cunt and splashed Kari in the face,
A window just shattered, I hope Mariah stops cumming soon. Kari is scooping the
cum off her face, she is letting it drip off her fingers and into her mouth,
Amanda has come over to lick Kari’s fingers clean. I guess Kari has survived
another challenge to her position.
I am sure you all are wondering about my personal quests, shut up Kari, they
are, my marriage proposal to Janeane Garofalo was rebuked, but I did get an
autographed picture, my proposals to Nana Visitor and Holly Marie Combs were
returned as
undeliverable, but not to worry, I sent an e-mail to Alyssa Milano and I think
she will pass my proposal on to Holly, Alyssa is really nice, lets all keep are
fingers crossed and hope she recovers quickly from her divorce and passes my
message along.
Of course if I would have known that Alyssa was getting dumped my proposal would
have been for her, I wonder if she would mind playing second fiddle, after all
she has been divorced by two guys already, I would be faithful and wouldn’t go
the press and call her a bitch.
I haven’t heard from Leah Lail or Molly Culver yet, maybe I shouldn’t have wrote
to them at the same time, I hope they don’t share their mail, I should have
written to Natalie Raitano instead of Molly, what was I thinking? I keep
planning to e-mail Pam Anderson, but I really don’t have anything to say to her,
I guess I could tell her how much
better she looks on V I P this season. She looks like a real person now, her
hair is a natural color and her boobs are almost back to a normal size, anyway
enough with the rambling, lets get on with the show.
Our special guest today is the star of Star trek Voyager, please welcome Jeri
It is a true honor and pleasure to have you here today, I have been trying to
get you on the show ever since our first episode, it is about time you made it.
The first thing I want
to say is I am sorry to hear about your divorce, when they find the body I hope
they can prove it was suicide, of course who wouldn’t kill themselves getting
from you. Do I have a shot?
Thanks Mike, I have never seen your show but I have heard good things about it,
I am looking forward to this, and I am not looking for anybody else at this
You are most gracious Jeri, every body says there are nine reasons that Voyager
has evolved into a must see television show, but I they can only name seven of
Mike, I have heard that one before.
I’m sorry Jeri, that was my attempt at wit.
Or at least half an attempt Mike.
That was a good one Jeri, I think it is time to get on to what the people came
to see. That is a nice gown you are wearing Jeri, this isn’t a formal show, so
lets see how fast you can get out of it.
What are you talking about Mike, I am not taking off my gown.
Jeri, my audience is waiting, I guess you really haven’t seen this show before,
come shoe Jeri what she is here for.

Matt is standing in front of Jeri. he has his back turned to her, he has
unzipped his
Jeri put on this blindfold, that’s right, o k Matt, she’s ready, turn around.
Matt is fully erect, he has twenty inches poking straight out at Jeri. Jeri,
off your blindfold now.
Oh my God, what the hell is that, Mike?
That is Matt and his member Jeri, he is all yours, I know you probably haven’t
any in at least a week since you are single, so happy new year.
Thanks Mike, I think this is going to be my best year ever, no excuse me, I
can’t talk
with my mouth full.
This is it folks, Jeri is licking up and down the shaft of Matt’s cock, she just
his hands in her hair, she wants him to pull it, what a freak, what else could
you expect
from someone who looks like that?
Jeri has pulled her gown off over her head, she is stroking his cock with both
hands, she has one of the best pair of tits in Hollywood, it doesn’t matter if
they are real or not.
She is reaching between her legs, she has jammed two fingers into her cunt, look
at her work them in and out, faster and faster, what a freak. She is slamming
those fingers now.
Jeri just slipped a third finger into her twat, she needs it bad, her pussy is
shining like a beacon, the juices are dripping, I would love to lick her clean,
maybe on my special.
Jeri is spinning around, she is slapping herself on the ass, Matt is climbing on
top of her, he is sliding his cock into that wet pussy, it is a tight squeeze.
Jeri is sliding forward, her cunt might be too tight, every time Matt thrusts,
he knocks her forward, she has planted her hands out in front, she is holding
steady, Matt has about two inches of cock in her now, Jeri has thrusted back.
It is in, it is in. Jeri’s cunt has swallowed up his entire cock, Matt is slowly
pulling back, he is pulling Jeri back with him, you can see her cunt being
stretched, somebody go get a close up of that, hurry.
Jeri just rocked back again, now Matt is thrusting forward, they are working it
now. Matt is thrusting a little harder with each thrust, Jeri is rocking back,
matching him stroke for stroke.
Jeri has a nice rhythm of grunts going, she sounds like Monica Seles now. Matt
has his rhythm going now.
He is really ramming it too her now, I think Jeri is starting to cry tears of
joy, she is slamming back as hard as she can now, the audience is on their feet,
this is hot stuff, I wish there was an award I could give them.
Matt has wrapped his arms around her, he is lifting her up, he is rolling over
so he is on his back, Jeri is on top of him.
Jeri has planted her feet now, she is starting to bounce up and down, they are
holding hands, Jeri is riding him harder and harder.
Matt is starting to thrust up into her now, Jeri has frozen now, I think she is
having the final orgasm, she is trying to scream but nothing is coming out, Matt
is knocking her up into the air with his thrusts.
I think Jeri is out cold, she isn’t moving, Matt is still ramming it to her, I
think we should break it up before some real damage is done.
Amanda is running over to help, she is pulling Jeri off of Matt, she laid Jeri
on her back, Amanda is now on her knees in front of Matt, she has her mouth wide
open and is pointing, Matt has laid his cock on her tongue.
Matt is stroking his cock, he is dumping a load on Amanda’s tongue, Amanda is a
real trooper, when she comes of age she is going to be something, she didn’t
spill a drop.
Amanda is leaning over Jeri, she has just spit he load into Jeri’s mouth, it is
dripping from the corners of her lips, what a sight.
That’s all the show we have for today folks, I want to thank my audience for
coming today, as a thank you, you can all come up and jerk off into Jeri’s
mouth, Happy new years.
What’s that, all right, Kari insists that you all jerk off into her mouth too.
You can see Kari in many B movies including Hit and Run, and Sex and the other
man, also see her on reruns of Sliders. You can see Amanda on her show Amanda,
if it’s still on. You can also get Kari’s hit, I’m sorry I just can’t say it,
her c d Shiny, she has sold tens of them.
I would like to thank or guest today, pop star Mariah Carey, and the star of
Star trek Voyager Jeri Ryan.
Join us next week when or special guest star will be from the Drew Carey show,
Christa Miller.
Thank you all once again and remember.
Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.


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