Sophie Raworth – Breast Sex

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this is fiction of course

beautiful bbc newsreader sophie raworth was enjoying
her double life as a top class prostitute! at £75,000
per man she was putting away quite a lot of money for
the day her looks fade and the bbc no longer want her.

she had been nervous the first few times, but once she
accepted that the whole set up was perfectly safe for
her, with guards close by and every client a highly
respectable rich man, sophie had learned to just lie
back and go with it. the sex had rarely been less than
superb, and sophie was turned on simply thinking about
her next encounter.

the next clients intrigued
her, for a start there were
five men, the most she’d ever had in one session, and
they said they didn’t want any penetrative sex with
her. sophie raworth was known for her spectacular 36dd
boobs, and these guys just wanted to play with them!
the taxi delivered sexy sophie to the hotel and she
went up the room where she knew the men would be
waiting for her.

sophie was dressed sexily but not so that a passing
papparazi would notice. long black dress just below
the knee, strappy top and low cut revealing a fair
amount of cleavage. sophie raworth felt horny! she
entered the room.

most of the men who paid to fuck sophie had been over
50, many over 60 years of age, not that she minded,
but these guys were all young, probably under 30 and
younger than sophie herself. they looked at her, she
looked at them, everyone liked what they saw!

sophie knew the drill by now, walk sexily into the
middle of the room, let the clients get a good view of
what they’d bought for the night, then they took the
lead. they asked sophie to sit down on the settee
between two of the men, they offered her a glass of
champagne, sophie accepted. the men were all tall dark
and handsome, she would have paid to have any of them!
one of the men placed his hand upon sophie’s right
thigh just above her knee and started stroking it
through her dress. sophie sipped her champagne.

they told her what a beautiful woman she was, sophie
thanked them, the guy stroked her thigh some more and
lifted her dress above the knee. sophie raworth has
superb legs, her thigh was slowly revealed and another
guy ran his fingers through sophie’s soft blonde hair.
she sipped some more champagne and let them caress her
thigh and face. another man was behind her, stroking
her naked shoulders, sophie’s whole body was tingling.

slowly sophie’s dress was slipped up her thighs and
the men closed in around her. there were hands on her
shoulders, in her hair, running up and down her
thighs, across her cheeks, her knees were pushed open.
jusy as sophie was about to say she thought they
weren’t interested in penetrative sex two of the men
started to lick up the insides of her thighs. this was
amazing, she was in heaven, they could do anything
they wanted to her, sophie didn’t care!

she threw her head back over the settee, one of the
men kissed her on the lips, she kissed him back. the
lickers had reached her panties, she wanted them to
rip her panties off and lick her pussy so deep, but
they stopped and went back down her shapely thighs
again. she felt the first hand on her breasts, then
two, then three, then suddenly she lost count as her
boobs were mauled and her dress pulled down.

they turned sophie raworth round so she was laying
along the settee now. one leg was placed over the back
of the settee, the other on the floor, they were still
licking up and down her inner thighs. the dress was
down around her waist and her bra was revealed, barely
encasing those magnificent boobs. sophie raworths
nipples were huge, sticking through her bra like
bullets. hands were on sophie’s flat stomach, they
were all trying to kiss her and all trying to grope
her boobs at once. sophie could feel her pussy over
flowing with juices!

expert hands undid her bra and her boobs were out.
hands grabbed and groped and mauled them, it was
strangely erotic to have so many men handling her in
this way. two men sucked on her boobs, gently biting
her hard nipples, sophie arched her back in exstacy.

sophie heard zips being undone and the first cock
appeared right under her chin. she wanted to grab them
and suck them, sophie had become an expert cocksucker
and loved the taste of spunk, but these cocks weren’t
headed for her mouth at all.

sophie raworth felt a man straddle her stomach and
felt his hands roughly grab a breast each. then she
felt his cock between her boobs and her tit flesh was
squeezed up hard around the cock. the man started to
pump backwards and forwards into sophie’s cleavage.
she heard his moans of pleasure, the other men shouted
encouragement. tongues were still all around her inner
thighs, keeping her on the edge of a huge orgasm
herself, sophie loved every second of it.

suddenly the man fucking her tits screamed and bucked
and writhed on top of sophie. she felt the hot fluid
pump into her cleavage and looked down, just in time
to get a blast of spunk right between her eyes! the
man apologised, but sophie said it was ok just before
she orgasmed! eventually, after an age, the man
stopped spunking and climbed off sophie.

a second man took his place and he was no less rough
with sophie’s boobs. he pulled hard on her big nipples
as he fucked her tits, squeezing them til they hurt,
but sophie begged him to do it harder. he did!

the man spunked even faster than the first guy, but
all his semen went under sophie’s chin. the third guy
mounted her and fucked her boobs. within minutes all 5
men had fucked sophie raworth’s tits and cum on her
face or nearby. sophie had cum at least 3 times too
and was tingling all over. they offered to clean
sophie up but she had other ideas and licked her huge
breasts clean herself, swallowing as much spunk as she
could. the guys were amazed at how horny sophie
raworth was, she surpassed their dirtiest fantasies.

they were soon all hard again and ready for round two.
this time they sat on the settee and got sophie to
kneel infront of them. they made sophie wrap her own
boobs around their cocks and wank them off one by one.
in less than 20 minutes all 5 men had shot their load
again all over pretty sophie’s face and boobs.

once again sophie raworth licked herself clean, the
men got hard again instantly at watching her do that!
this pattern continued through the night, even the men
never thought they could cum so often, but sophie was
beyond sexy, she was perfection. she came more times
than she could remember, and never had her panties
off! they kept their promise of no penetrative sex,
and in a funny way sophie enjoyed that too.

the orgasms sophie raworth had as the men were fucking
her tits were different to any she’d had before, and
she loved it. when they were nearly exhausted they
made her cum just by sucking and squeezing her
breasts, it was like being milked, so horny.

sophie knew she had to do this again!

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