My Night With Sandra Bullock

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My Night with Sandra Bullock

I couldn’t believe my ears. My name had just been selected by the local radio
station to be a guest of Sandra Bullock at the sneak preview of her latest
movie!! I was to be picked up by limosene and taken to a fine restaurant where
Sandra would be joining me for dinner, then the movie, and then a post-movie
party afterwards.
I’m 38 and recently divorced, so now I could tell all my friends (and my
ex-wife!) that my first date after the divorce was with Sandra Bullock!! I was
nervous waiting for her at the restaurant, and I’ll never forget the
moment she
walked in! She was wearing a black skirt which only came down to about mid-thigh
and the top was respectable but just a little revealing. She shook my hand, and
you could tell she’d done this before, because she was pretty calous to the
whole thing. So I began the conversation by asking her what she liked to do away
from work. She immediately perked up, saying that nobody had ever asked that of
her. All they wanted to talk about were her other movies or her latest
appearance on Leno. That began a delightful conversation filled with warmth and
laughter. What surprised me was when she asked if I was married and I told her
about my demanding ex, she slid closer to me in the booth and placed her hand on
my thigh. I have absolutely no idea what she said next, because all I was
concentrating on was her hand touching me. I looked into her eyes, and she
smiled at me and squeezed my thigh before removing her hand.
On the way to the theater, we broke open a bottle of champaign. She admitted she
hated these publicity things, but this one seemed to be different. She leaned
over and kissed me on the cheek as we got out of the limo.
The movie was really good, but the action next to me was even better. About
halfway through the movie, Sandra laid her head on my shoulder and put her hand
again on my thigh. My mind was racing!! Was Sandra Bullock really interested in
me?? I didn’t dare make a move, not wanting to screw up and have her walk out on
me, but she asked me to put my arm around her. I did and began rubbing her back
and shoulders. She moaned softly and whispered in my ear, "that feels good." I
held her close for the rest of the movie while her hand caressed the inside of
my thigh. I was definitely aroused at the thought of getting nasty with Sandra
Bullock, but there was no way she’d ever do that with me. Or was there? Late in
the movie, her hand move ever so close to my crotch. My breathing quicked as she
lightly touched my hard-on through my slacks. She blew into my ear, then nibbled
on my earlobe as she carressed my dick.
The movie was over and we got in the limo to head to the party, which by now I
was dreading. My mind was racing. Did Sandra Bullock really fondle my cock? It
had to be a dream. But in the limo, Sandra kissed me, a long, deep kiss that
melted away all my inhibitions. After breaking the kiss, she lifted her hips,
reached under her skirt and slid off her black g-string-like panties and handed
them to me. "You can give them back to me at the hotel when we’re alone," she
The party lasted for about two weeks! Really only a couple of hours, but it
seemed to take forever. If all the men that came up to Sandra praising her new
movie only knew that her panties were in my jacket pocket!! At one point during
a brief lull, she leaned over to me and whispered, "I don’t know what’s
happening, but you’ve really turned me on. I want you!" God, I wanted to fuck
her right there in the middle of everybody!
Finally the party was over. Back in the limo we acted like a pair of teenagers,
kissing and feeling each other all over. My inhibitions were now long gone, and
I reached between her legs and found her wet slit. Sandra let out a loud moan.
God, was I getting a screamer, too?? I slipped two fingers into her cunt and
began working them around the walls of her pussy. Meanwhile she was squeezing my
hard cock through my slacks and began to unzip my pants when we pulled up to her
Pulling ourselves together, we walked through the lobby where Sandra was mobbed
by autograph seekers. Another damn delay, but we finally made it tothe elevator.
Once we were moving up, she knelt in front of me and began unzipping my pants.
She sensed my horror, and said, "Don’t worry, I’m on the top floor and it’s
secured. There will be nobody up there but us. And besides, I’ve wanted this
thing all night long!"
She unzipped my pants and my cock sprang out for her. She took a second to
survey my 7 ½ inches, moaned and took my rod into her mouth. We reached the top
floor and the doors opened with my shaft deep in her throat. She released her
hold and ran into her suite. I followed her, my cock bouncing obsenely in front
of me. She ran into the bedroom where I finally caught her and threw her onto
the bed. I knelt over her mouth and fed her my cock, which she hungrily took in.
The sight was unbelievable. Sandra Bullock,with my cock in her mouth! I almost
blew my load right then and there, but wanted all of her. I puled away, sat her
up and unzipped the back of her dress. I slid the shoulder straps down slowly,
recording everything in my mind. I finally slid them over her small firm
breasts. They had light brown nipples that stood out at least an inch, just
waiting to be sucked. I took her left nipple and began licking it and sucking on
it and nibbling on it. She again moaned out loud. I was in heaven!! She reached
down and jerked my cock while I worked her breasts. But I still wanted more. I
kissed my way down her belly, slowly moving the dress down until she raised her
hips and I could finally remove the garment. Sandra kicked off the dress and
laid back down, spreading her legs wide open. Her cunt was picture perfect,
black hair, trimmed but not too close, with her lips openely excited. I
immediately dove in for a taste. I began licking her pussy like there was no
tomorrow. She tasted fantastic and was already close to cumming. When my tongue
finally found her clit, the moans turned into screems. "Oh God, that feels so
good. Make me cum!" That was all the encouragement I needed. I licked her clit
until she exploded all over my face, her body convulsing, pushing her sopping
wet cunt harder onto my face until she finally calmed down. I licked her now
sensative clit which made her jump before I finally moved away.
I moved up her body and she pulled my face to her and began french-kissing me,
licking her juices all off my face. My hard cock was now poking at the entrance
to her cunt. She just said, "Fuck me now!" I slid my entire length deep into her
wet cunt on the first thrust!! I sat up to survey the scene. Sandra Bullock,
naked, on her back, legs wide open with my cock buried deep inside her!! I
realize I was living the fantasy of every Sandra fan all over the world! I began
pumping my cock inside her, slow at first then harder as she begged for more. I
was close to cumming and she could sense my slight hesitation. She got that sly
smile on her face, grabbed my ass to pull me in even tighter and said, "Cum
inside me." I smiled and several more thrusts later, I groaned, letting out a
torrent of cum, blasting the walls of her pussy with thick white liquid She
grinded her hips as I came, getting off a second time around my spewing cock.
After it was over, she smiled, pulled me down to her and gave me the most
sensual kiss I had ever had. We laid together for a long time and she admitted
no guy had ever stirred such emotion in her. She asked if she could see me
again. I just smiled and kissed her and she knew the answer.
That was six months ago. We are still together, and Sandra has agreed to walk

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