Perils Of Penelope Cruz

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Perils of Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz’s head was spinning as she woke up. She felt the cold steel under
her. Penelope tried to sense where she was, but she was unable to see anything
in the dark. She moved her hands and felt steel bars on all sides. Penelope was
trying to figure out where she was and how she had got there. After groping in
dark for a few minutes she was certain that she was in a steel cage of some
Penelope screamed for help a few times, but there was no response from anywhere.
Penelope was trying to figure out what had happened to her. Slowly she
She was in New Mexico for shooting
of a film. End of the day’s shoot, she went
to her hotel, and decided she wanted to relax a bit in the pool before she had
dinner and hit the sack. She spent a relaxing halfhour in the pool, came back to
room, and ordered some food. Penelope then called up Tom Cruise and spoke for
some time.
She heard room service fellow knock the door, and told him to keep the food
outside as she
was on the phone. As her food was left outside her room, a dark haired man who
was staying
in the opposite room quickly came out, out a few drops of some liquid from a
bottle into
Penelope’s wine and rushed back to his room. It was just a two minute gap
between the instance
when the roomservice man left the food outside Penelope’s room and when she
opened the door
and picked up her dinner. But those two minutes were enough to change Penelope
Cruz’s life.
Penelope usually ate slowly and sipped the wine alongwith the food. Within the
first two sips
her head started spinning, she thought of calling for a doctor, that was the
last thought
in her mind before she fell unconscious….
This all came back to Penelope’s mind.
It was obvious that she had been kidnapped by someone and was now under their
Who were her captors ? What did they want ? Various thoughts came to Penelope’s
She wished this were either a dream or a movie where her hero Tom Cruise would
come and rescue her.
Few hours passed, Penelope Cruz lay silently and helplessly in her cage.

She heard a door open, this was followed by a light being switched on.Penelope
was blinded
for a few moments, then she began to look around. She was in a metal,probably
steel cage in a
room that had no windows. There were several other empty cages in the room.
Two men were walking towards her cage, they stopped besides the cage.
One of them smiled and said,”good morning, miss cruz.”
“Let me free..” Penelope shouted, she was cursing them and shouting for a few
As she saw they were unaffected by her screams,she stopped screaming.
“I am glad you stopped screaming Ms.Cruz. You better save your energy and your
for the evening. You will get a chance to scream a lot then..” He grinned at
“Now, Ms. Cruz let me explain your situation, listen attentively.
My name is carl and this is fred. And, you Penelope Cruz, are now a property of
Joey’s club.
You will be put on a show tonight, after which Joey will probably sell you.
There is plenty of pain in line for you Miss Cruz,and keep in mind, there is no
Don’t try to escape or resist. Resistance will only make things worse for you,
as our
customers are especially harsh on hostile bitchess. And your celebrity status
has already
ensured that you will get quite a raw deal. After all, you are the first bigtime
among our acquisitions.”
Penelope’s heart sank in fear on hearing all this. She offered them money,
just to let her free. They just grinned in return.
Later Penelope was made to perform her diurnal activities and returned to her
She spent another few hours in the cage, contemplating what was in store for her
and how
she could escape it.
The two men came back. They handcuffed her wrists behind her back, they even
placed steel
manacles in Penelope’s ankles.Penelope was dragged out of her cage and lead to
some stairs.
She climbed one floor and was dragged along a corridor and suddenly pushed.
Unable to maintain her balance Penelope fell down after being pushed.
She heards cheers as she was falling down. She was on stage !!!
It was like a bar, around 100 people sitting in it. On the stage in the bar
was Penelope Cruz- handcuffed, manacled and most importantly – horrified &
utterly helpless…

Penelope was greeted on the stage with whistles, cheers, claps, lewd remarks
from the crowd.
A man appeared to be in charge of the proceedings on the stage. He was saying,
“And today we have got for you, Penelope Cruz. She has been brought here
exclusively for
your pleasure. ” He went near the helpless actress, grabbed her hair and brought
her on her
own feet. He then dragged her across the stage holding her by hair, as he was
“Here she is, Penelope Cruz, secured exclusively for the guests of Joey’s.
Now gentlemen, who will like to strip this bitch ?
Let us have an auction, the gentleman who wins the auction will get to tear off
her clothes.”
This was accomponied by loud cheers by the crowd. The crowd almost went mad at
the pretty &
helpless site of Penelope. Heavily chained, Penelope was being dragged across
the stage by the
announcer who was holding her beautiful black hair. Terrified and humiliated,
Penelope had never
felt so vulnerable.
The announcer started the bidding as he was walking back and forth on the stage,
Penelope being
dragged behind him made a pretty site. Almost all the cocks in the hall had
become erect by then.
Bidding went quite high, and finally the bid to strip Penelope was settled at
The man who won the honor came forward and walked towards the stage, as he went
on the stage
the announcer dragged Penelope to his feet. The man who looked to be in his late
bent down immediately and grabbed Penelope by her hair. Penelope was sobbing
due to all the torment and the humiliation. He brought Penelope up on her feet
and pushed her
towards a pole that was at the center of the stage. He made Penelope stand
against the pole.
Penelope was no longer able to control her tears. She looked even more beautiful
when in distress.
She was wearing a bright-red sleeveless one-piece dress. The man held her
against the pole,he
was still holding her by hair, but now he grabbed her from sideways so the
entire hall could see
the pretty actress’s degradation. He began fondling her breasts, he squeezed
them as Penelope
screamed in pain. The crowd went wild hearing Penelope scream, this was even
better than the
best erotic dream most of them had had. The winner was getting full worth for
his money.
He started caressing Penelope from top and continued to her inner thighs.
Penelope was
feeling utterly debased and was flinching at every touch. This made things
better for her
tormentor as well as the audience. Afterall seeing a celebrity like Penelope
Cruz being used that
way was worth all the money they had paid. And her every discomfort was an added
pleasure for them.
He continued caressing her for a few minutes and then began to tear off her
dress from the bottom.
Actually he could have stripped her naked just by cutting the two shoulder slips
that were holding
the dress together, but he wanted to make it last as long as it could, and make
it as humiliating
as possible for Penelope. He slowly worked his way up the actress’s dress
continuing to fondle
the bodyparts he exposed with every little cut. It took him twenty minutes to
completely rip off
the dress. Now Penelope had only her bra and panties on. He put his hand inside
Penelope’s bra and
stretched it to the maximum, and released it. It hit Penelope’s breasts and she
screamed in pain.
Laughter broke out in the hall seeing Penelope being harassed. He did the same
thing 3-4 more times
drawing applause from the audience each time. Finally he snapped the elastic and
Penelope’s bra fell
on the ground. He started playing with her panties next. After playing with them
for a few minutes
he pulled them down too and tore them apart. Penelope was now completely naked.
The announcer came back onto the stage and congratulated the man for a job well
He greeted the cheering crowd and left the stage to return to his seat.

The announcer now went near Penelope and started caressing her naked body.
Tears were continuously rolling down Penelope’s pretty cheeks.She was totally
And this was just the beginning of her perils. The announcer now started
announcing the
next auction. This would be to fuck Penelope, highest bidder would get to fuck
her or make her do anything he wanted her to do.
Bidding went on quite fiercely and finally at 80,000$ the bids were settled.
Ed, the winning bidder, came on the stage amongst loud cheers from the crowd.
The announcer removed her shackles and cuffs so that it would be easier for him
to fuck her.

Ed ordered Penelope to lie down. Penelope slowly lowered herself to the ground.
Trembling, she lay
on her back, staring up at the ceiling. It seemed unreal.
This couldn’t be happening to her, not to Penelope Cruz. Penelope closed her
tears leaking from under the lids as she heard the man moving around and then
hot flesh lowering itself down on top of her.
“Cruz, I want your eyes open, you bitch! I want to see your expression when I
come inside of you,
you fancy celebrity whore!”
Penelope slowly opened her eyes, seeing Ed’s face leering down at her. She
almost choked on his foul
breath as he grinned and then lowered his mouth to her left breast. Penelope
groaned as she
felt his lips close around her puffy nipple and begin to suck . His rough hands
kneaded the soft mound of
tit flesh as he sucked. Then he switched his attention to her other breast and
did the same thing.
His hands moved down and began to pull at her thighs, opening them wider and
wider as he moved his
hips into position. His fingers roughly wiggled between her thighs and into her
cunt, working around and
in and out for a moment before he pulled them back.
He suddenly slapped Penelope hard. Penelope gasped and cried out in pain and

“Damn you cunt, I thought you’d get juicy for me, but I reckon that’s ok if
you don’t.
I’ve dry fucked my share of cunt before, too. It just hurts the bitch more. It’s
all the same to me.”
Roughly, Ed reached down and pushed his thick, erect cock into Penelope’s body.
Penelope gasped and then
groaned as the eight inch penis stretched her tight little slit. The
unlubricated cock grated roughly
inside her.

It felt like she was being fucked by sandpaper.
Ed laughed and began to thrust harder, pushing deep inside of her and then
pulling back almost completely
out before shoving brutally into her again. Penelope shrieked with pain as she
was brutally dry fucked,
her cunt on fire as it was scraped raw by the friction.

“Shit, bitch, you sure are a tight little whore! Yeah! I’m gonna knock you up,
I’m gonna fill you up with thick potent seed!”

There were cheers from the crowd, everyone urging Ed to be rough to Penelope.

“Ride her, Ed, yeah! Fuck that stupid cunt!”

“Rape her, brother, rape her good and hard!”

“Scream louder, bitch. thats what we paid for”

Ed grunted like a rutting pig and groaned as he shuddered and came, shooting
thick gobs of man seed deep
into Penelope’s slender body. He rode her after he finished blowing his load,
thrusting hard a dozen more
times before he finally rolled off of her sweaty nude body, gasping and

After taking break for a minute, he forced Penelope flat on her back again and
straddled her breasts,
squatting with his anus over her mouth.

“Ok, bitch, get busy with that sweet tongue of yours. I want you to suck and
lick me from my asshole to the
tip of my cock, and I don’t want you to miss a spot.
Lick it all real good, Penelope.
If you don’t make me happy, I’ll whip your ass till it gets sore. Get
licking,bitch !”
Nauseated by the thought and the smell of this filthy animal squatting over her
being watched by around 100 others, but she too terrified to resist,
Penelope slowly opened her mouth and stuck out her small pink tongue.
There was a flash, and Penelope suddenly realized the announcerhad snapped a
More pictures followed as she was forced to tongue Ed’s anus, rubbing her tongue
in small
circles around his puckered brown hole.
Ed moaned with pleasure then shifted so Penelope’s tongue could cover his
dangling, hairy balls.
She opened her mouth and licked the baggy scrotum.
Ed lowered himself further so she was forced to suck his balls one at a time
into her mouth,
tasting the rancid flavor as she bathed them with her tongue.
Ed pulled his testicles up and out of her warm, moist mouth and rubbed his
stiffening penis against her soft lips.
A drop of salty sweet pre-cum dripped from the hole in the tip and touched her
tongue. Penelope gagged and
tasted the vomit rise up in her throat. She barely managed to swallow it back
She continued sucking and licking Ed’s penis until he grunted and pulled the
hard staff from her lips.
He turned around and shifted down between her thighs again, roughly shoved his
cock into her body, fucking her
violently, like a wild animal in rut.
After what seemed like an eternity of pain to the helpless actress, Ed came,
shooting more sperm deep into her womb.
Ed rolled off her sweaty, gasping body and stood over her.
Penelope immediately rolled onto her side. There were loud cheers from the

The announcer came back onto the stage and announced that the club was closing
for the day
in a few minutes. He also said that Penelope Cruz was now property of the club
and a show like
today’s would become a weekly feature.
People could rape, torture and humiliate Penelope Cruz as much as they wanted.
Penelope was listening to her fate, lying down helplessly on the stage, raped
and degraded.
This was only the beginning of perils for Penelope Cruz…

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