Good Morning Patty

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Good Morning Patty

MF, cons, oral

David Hunt was watching his wife sleep, he lived for these moments: the stillness of the morning before the kids, and their jobs, and the vagaries of the day took over. She was beautiful, red hair, not anything flashy, but a deep crimson color, rich, like her personality. She slept in a light shirt and pajama pants, she stopped wearing the sexy, frilly things she used to wear when they were first married. He would never admit it, but he found the outfits she went to sleep in somewhat sexier, it hid her wonderful curves, adding a feeling of anticipation, like a kid at Christmas
wondering what he got before ripping the wrapping away. David looked at her sleeping face, kissing her neck; she purred softly in her sleep and turned over on her side. David’s hand rubbed her shoulder, went down her arm, and settled on her hip. He nuzzled her neck as he drifted his right hand down the front of her pants, and touched her lightly; he moved his fingers slightly to the left, right there, 12 years of marriage had given him insight to where his wife liked to be touched. She moaned lightly and turned back to him lying on her back, he slowly unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her medium sized breasts, there was some sag, but after 4 boys and 12 years it added character, reminding him of all the happy years they had. David kissed her left nipple eliciting another moan, louder this time, flicking her nipple with his tongue before he moved over to her right, kissing that one as well, before taking it in his mouth softly suckling on it. Patty stirred. “Oooh, David hmmmm,” he smiled, she was dreaming, pleasant dreams it seemed by the sounds of it. He dropped his wife’s nipple from her mouth and kissed hard enough to wake her up. “Good morning sleeping beauty, pleasant dreams?” “ naughty boy, what have you been doing while I was asleep?” she asked mischievously, looking down at her state of undress. “I decided to wake you up, the only way I knew how.” She smiled “well, it’s not breakfast in bed, but it’ll do.” She sat up, as she shrugged out of her pajama shirt and threw it in a corner, sat back down and stretched her body. David kissed her again before moving down to her neck, and kissed her in her spot, right behind her ear, on the back of her neck. Patricia was always a bit ticklish she squirmed a little, letting out a girlish giggle. David moved down to her chest licking the underside of her left breast, dragging his tongue slowly along to her valley, the red haired beauty squeaked in pleasure. “Shh,” he said in his British accent “or you’ll wake the boys.” He continued playing with her breasts as she raised her hips to take off her pants, leaving her in her Victoria Secret’s bikini briefs. She shivered as her crotch was exposed to the cooler air. He kissed his way to her areola circling it, before engulfing it sucking on her nipple hungrily. Her husband’s hand moved down to her bush running a finger along her slit, feeling it’s warmth, soaking up her juices, clumsily trying to remove her underwear with one hand, feeling his wife’s hands do the job for him. He kissed her valley and trailed kisses down to her navel, her little bit of baby fat The last 5 pounds that she complained she could never lose, he kissed that too. Patty was ruffling his hair and laughing, she knew David loved her belly as he called, “too many women nowadays look like starving orphans.” She laughed calling him an old fart, but inwardly agreed with him, besides after four boys and a full time job 5 extra pounds wasn’t much. He wandered down to her auburn bush, it was trimmed and that’s all he wanted he loved his wife’s red hair. He spread her lips with his hands, licking her inner pink. “MMM, right there, honey right there!” She was sweating lightly, her hair matting to her face. She could smell her scent wafting up from between her legs, she breathed it in, savoring the smell of their lovemaking, the sweat, her juices, it always turned her on. David circled his tongue around her clit; Patricia dug her fingernails into the bed sheets. She loved it when he did that. David felt her squirm in pleasure, her moans getting louder, her hips circling in the opposite direction as her husband’s tongue. “No more, Oh God, no more,” she cried, he knew that she was going nuts, he decided to prolong the tongue play; really make her beg. The red haired star was going insane; he never kept it up like this, usually mounting her when she cried out, her abs clenched tightening down to her core. Her face tightened, her nipples tingled, “uh, uh, UGH,uh, uh!” She came down slowly, David’s tongue didn’t give up and as soon as she came down; her abs tightened again, her face contorted, nipples on fire, “OH my God! Oh OH OOOOOH” she became unintelligible as she came harder than before. She lay back exhausted, covered in the sweat of her exertions, she pulled up and half-heartedly lined her husband’s dick to her nether lips, David stopped her, “that one’s on me honey, you can make it up to me later.” She smiled tiredly at him and pulled him in for a kiss, ” that’s why I love you,” she kissed him again “that’s why I married you.” She slowly got out of her bed to shower, her day was just beginning and it was shaping up to be a great one.

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