Patricia Heaton Gets Kidnapped

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Patricia Heaton Gets Kidnapped

Wrote by Joe

Hello i am Jason i lived about three miles from the park where Patricia Heaton goes walking every day at 6:00pm me and 2 of my friends she her there every day we hind it the bushies has she got closer she was running her tits were going up and down i just got horny looking at them Josh said lets do it everybody said ok we jumped in front of her and she do you know what time it is when she look down at her watch I grab her bye the mouth and said we carryed her down into the woods where their was and abandon house that was in good shape we took her in the house and
laid her on the bed Josh said listen Joe yeah me and Nick are going to the store to get some stuff we will be back after while ok it was just me and Patricia I walked over to her she had on a shirt that showed the top of her tits then she had on some tight shorts she said please don’t hurt me she said i have lots of money I said we don’t won’t your money what do you want we want whats in your pants she screamed nooooooooooo she tired to run but i grab her and laid her back on the bed. I then touch her tits they were nice and soft she slap me then i pulled out my gun and listen up bitch you do what i say ok she said ok. Ok baby i can’t fuck you til they get back so why don’t you suck my cock she please don’t make me do that if you do it i tell the other guys not to fuck you so hard she said ok she put my dick in her mouth she sucked it like it was a cherry sucker i cumed all in her mouth she had a soft mouth then i told her to finger her self she put her finger in her cunt and worked it she keep geting faster and faster til she cumed all over the bed i ducked down to her pussy and licked the rest of the cum off her pussy they never came back it had been 6 hours. I was so horny i could not take anymore she was asleep so i jumped o top of her and ripped her panties off she had no bra on so i ripped her top off she said noooooooo get off me i slap her and said shut up i pulled out my 10 inch dick and put it in her pussy she started screaming and i just keep pounding it she was out of breath she tried to please stop but after 33 strokes i cumed I then sucked her tits I then told her it was over she could go Just don’t tell anybody and then bang bang the come crashing down you are under arest for the kidnap & rape of Ms Heaton some women caught you and two of your friends kidnapping Ms Heaton we got your friends down town that is where you are going come on are you ok Ms Heaton yeah.


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