Summer Chapter 2

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Summer- Chapter II

· This is a sequel to the story entitled “Summer” with Mena Suvari, I recommend reading that one first so the events in this story will be understood. Thanks & Enjoy.

· Warning / Disclaimer: The events in this story are of a fictional basis. This is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18 or depending upon the laws of your community. Distribute freely with credit to the author. Syxxpac5.

It has been about three weeks since Mena Suvari and her husband moved in across the street from my house, and about two and a half weeks since we first fucked. Mena’s husband left to
direct a movie in California and wasn’t planning on coming home for another month or so, but so things happened lately that it now seems he won’t be coming home at all.

Mena and I have become pretty close in the three weeks I have known her and about a week ago she told me after a nice session of sex that she had filed for divorce from her husband, Hollywood cinematographer Rob Brinkman. It seemed that it never really worked out from the beginning an they didn’t see each other that much with their schedules. Mena moved here to the Boston area to take a year or so off from the business to relax and her soon to be ex wanted to stay in the business on the west coast, so it would be a amicable split. The movers came about 2 weeks after they moved in and moved his shit out so it was just her in the house now. Besides, I thought he was too old for her anyway, he was in his mid forties and she was 21 and since she was fucking me when he wasn’t there, then their relationship was never meant to be. Anyway, besides fucking each other on a daily basis, and believe you me, it been multiple times on a daily basis, we have become pretty good friends.

We have gone out to dinner and the movies a couple times and we have frequented the local bar up the street. She likes it because we get along and it’s a small suburb so there is no one really around to bother her, no cameras, no media. She has been recognized a couple of times to sign an autograph or two, but that’s about it. It’s really been a dream com true for me, kind of having a hot, rich girlfriend that loves sex on a regular basis. She is down to earth and easy to talk to, obviously the sex has been fantastic,, and even better she is loaded. She pretty much hired me to take care of her pool and she would pay me $800 a week. It’s safe to say I only have to that once a week and the rest of he money is for me to hang out and bang her.

Yesterday I went shopping with her and normally shopping with chicks pretty much sucks, but I agreed anyways and I wasn’t expecting the shopping she was going to do. We stopped at the local mall and I was expecting to trudge through some designer clothes store, but to my surprise, she wanted me to help her pick out some new lingerie at Fredrick’s of Hollywood and Victoria’s Secret, a welcome surprise for me.

Lets just say that everything she tried on looked great on her and she ended up spending about $500 @ Fredrick’s alone. I was waiting outside the changing room for her and she opened the door slightly and told me to come in and see what she picked out. I went right in, closed the door and she was wearing the sexiest French maid outfit, with a pair of fishnet stockings and sexy high heels. All I could manage was a “wow” before she started kissing me. I’ve never had sex in a public place before, but I guess there is a first time for everything. She put her hand in my pants and started to fondle my dick. I started kissing her neck and my cock was at full length now.

She started kissing my neck as well and then began to nibble my ear. She whispered to me, ” I bet I know what you want.” And then dropped to her knees. She looked up at me with that sexy cock hungry smile of her and I began to massage my hands through her hair. She took my shorts down to around my knees, freeing my cock. It came right out and hit her on the chin on the way up. We both almost burst out in laughter but managed to keep quiet for fear of getting caught. She grabbed my dick with one hand and used her tongue to lick my precum from the tip of me dick. Next she began to lick my cock up and down, all around with her tongue. Man did she give great blowjobs. I have had many a blowjob in my first year of college (albeit many of them in a inebriated state) but Mena far & away gave the best head I have ever had the pleasure to experience. She reached out and fondled my balls while taking in my 8 inches at a slow and steady pace. She would take my head in to the back of her mouth, look up at me and then take me down her throat. Just watching her do this was giving me so much pleasure. After a couple minutes of this she pulled my cock out and took the top to her French maid outfit off revealing her tits.

She grabbed my saliva and lipstick covered cock and began to rub it on her tits. First around her breasts, then she took it and rubbed it against her hard nipples. She looked up at me again, seeing that I was in ecstasy.

” I know where you want this” referencing to my dick. With that she spit between her tits and then placed my cock between them. She began to move up and down on her knees as I began to thrust between them. I guess she couldn’t stand not having my cock in her mouth because after a minute or so of titty fucking her she gobbled up my cock again. By now she had slid her had into her pussy and was wailing away at her pussy, getting herself off as her other hand her my cock in place in her mouth. This was so good, because to me it was if all my other senses had left. I could feel my balls tighten as I was going to sum soon. Right before I was ready to unleash my load, I realized that Mena had been moaning quite loudly. Then it happened.

The dressing room door swung open and as I turned my head to notice a store saleswomen. Mena heard this to as she took my cock out of her mouth and right as she did so, I spurt my load then and there. I shot a wad of cum on the side of her cheek and then again right on her chest. I tried to pull my pants up in embarrassment, but as I bent over to pull them up I shot one more stream hitting Mena square in the eye. The saleswomen said, “Oh my god” as I pulled my pants up and continued to look on in shock. Mena started to yell as my hot cum stung her eye. She wiped the cum from her eyes and got up and closed the door. We had apparently forgotten to lock the door and we got caught. I for one really didn’t panic all that much, but Mena being a Hollywood celeb started to freak out. She wiped away the cum from her face and didn’t even bother with the cum on her tits as she pulled her French maid top back on. She didn’t even take the outfit off as she put on her shorts and tank top. She left the fishnet stockings on, took the high heels off and stuffed them in her bag. She put on her sandals. She told me took out $500 from her wallet and gave it to me.

“Look honey, grab my bags and then lets get the hell out of here. Please just leave this on the counter and say sorry. I hope they didn’t notice me or I’ll be all over the tabloids and that’s the last thing I want with my divorce and all.”

With that we opened the door and left the dressing room area, she made a B line for the door while I went up to the counter. There I saw the saleswomen who had caught us talking with another women who had worked there. They turned around and faced me as I saw they could hardly control their laughter at this point. Man, was this embarrassing. I gave her the $500 and told her it was for what Mena had bought and for the trouble.

I turned around to leave when the saleswomen asked me if that woman in the dressing room with me was Mena Suvari. I turned around and my bright red face must have given it away. I said that it wasn’t but as I exited the store I heard her scream, “Oh my god, that was her”. Mena picked me up in the front of the mall and I didn’t feel the need to tell her that she had just been spotted in public receiving juicy facial cumshots with some 20 year old while she was going through a public Hollywood divorce. I admit the reason I didn’t tell her was because if I did, she would be upset and might not get laid tonight. (Hey, it’s selfish, but I’m 20 yrs old and if your getting pussy on a regular basis from a Hollywood piece of ass, you need to hit it while you have the chance)

I calmed her down on the way home telling her they didn’t recognize her and she started to get back to normal. We got back to her house and when we got inside, I grabbed a beer and out on the ballgame while she checked her messages. I wasn’t really paying attention but on her answering machine I heard the message she had.

“Hi, Mena. It’s Shannon. I am actually up here in Boston doing a Magazine shoot today and will be leaving tomorrow afternoon. I know you just moved up here and I’d like to see you. If it’s not any trouble, I’d like to stop by and hang out, maybe even crash there tonight. I am having dinner with the magazine at 5 pm, but I’d love to stop by after that, It shouldn’t go too late, maybe an hour or so. Anyway, call me on my cell phone and give me directions if your up for hanging out. Love you, bye”.

It was around 3 pm now and I finished my beer and got up to leave. I went to find Mena and tell her I was going home, since my home was my parents house across the street I normally would just leave, but with all that happened today, I wanted to make sure that she was OK.

” Mena, I’m leaving now. I’m gonna go grab some dinner at my folks and then I’ll swing back over later tonight if that’s OK” I said not realizing that she was on her cell phone.

She finished giving directions to her somebody and hung up.

“Who was that ?” I asked

“My friend Shannon is in town tonight and coming over later. You should come over around 7 and we could go out for some drinks. I’d love for you to meet her. She has never met any of my boyfriends before so it will be great. Ok honey, I’ll see you around 7. Thanks for covering for me today baby, I don’t know what I’d ever do if this leaked out in the press, I love you” and with that she kissed me before I left.

As I walked across the street to my house I started thinking about what she just said. Words like “boyfriend” and “I love you” were not in my vocabulary. Sure, I liked Mena a great deal. I mean she is rich, I enjoy her company and she is great to talk to and joke around with, but boyfriend, when did this come into place. I thought we were just friends that fucked all the time. Boyfriends have to committed and what not and even though I was getting laid by a young Hollywood star on a regular basis, it hasn’t stopped me from hooking up with other chicks at party’s this summer. I decided why worry, I didn’t want to blow a good thing and if she wanted to believe I was her committed boyfriend then so be it. I’d play the part of boyfriend for the rest of the summer if that meant I’d be able to keep screwing her everyday.

I had some dinner, watched some TV and at 7pm I headed over to Menas’ house. I saw a stretch limo parked on the side of the road down the street. I opened her door and saw Mena on the couch watching some TV. She had on some raised sandals, a cut off pair off jean shorts that hugged her ass great and a low cut navy tank top that revealed her nice cleavage. She had no bra on and since her AC was tuned up high, her nipples her beaming. Man, I wanted to take her right then and there. I went over and kissed her and stared to squeeze her ass. She laughed and told me not to worry as I would have what I was grabbing later tonight.

Just then, her guest, who I forgotten all about stepped out of the bathroom. To my amazement, the Shannon on the answering machine was actually Menas good friend and American Pie 1 & 2 co-star Shannon Elizabeth. Wow, if I wasn’t hard enough from Mena, I got a full erection from seeing Shannon. This was the same Shannon Elizabeth that I have jerked off too while watching her topless in American Pie many a time. She was about 5’9″ or so, much taller then Mena’s 5’3″ height and she was dressed to kill. She had her hair down and was wearing a red half shirt that totally showed her great tits and stopped just below the bottom of her breasts. She had a sexy lat tummy with a sexy belly ring. She had on a tight, and I mean tight leather mini skirt that stopped just below her ass check and was wearing vinyl high-heeled porn star boot that came up above her knees.

Mena proceeded to introduce me as her new boyfriend and then she broke out a bottle of wine as we all chit chatted in the kitchen. We all agreed to go out to the local bar to have some drinks and shoot some pool. . Since it was just up the street we split a cab there so that we could all indulge and not worry about driving home. We got there and sat at the bar for about 2 hours conversing and having some cocktails. When we all pretty drunk we decided to go and play some pool. As we proceeded to the table, Mena excused herself to use the ladies room. I was racking the balls when Shannon told me that she hadn’t played in a while and asked me how to shoot. I picked up my stick and thinking it was an innocent question I began to demonstrate the correct way to shoot. As I was trying to show her she said, “No, I mean come here and show me, don’t worry Mena is in the bathroom.”

Thinking with my dick, I thought it was great idea and got behind her, grabbing her arms, showing her how to shoot. As she bent over, the smell of her hair and her beautiful ass rubbing against my crotch excited quite a bit. Right as she was about to shoot, my cock grew to full size and poked though my shorts right against her ass. This sudden sensation caused her to miss he cue ball and scratch the felt with her cue. Drunk and embarrassed I turned around to go get another drink when she grabbed my arm.

“Don’t run away, if that’s the way you shoot pool than I’d like to see what else you can do, I know Mena and you are dating but wait later tonight until Mena goes to sleep and I will repay you for showing me pool”

All I could say was “check please” as we grabbed the bill, waited for Mena and went home. Since Mena had a little too much to drink, when we got home, she wasn’t in the mood for sex, so I told Shannon to wait downstairs as I took mena to the bedroom. With ulterior motives, I talked Mena into giving me a blowjob so that I would last longer when I was fucking Shannon later on in the night. I had Mena on her knees sucking my cock a I face the bedroom door which was halfway open. I ad my eyes closed in enjoyment. I opened them to see Shannon standing in the doorway looking at us in just her panties with one hand fingering herself, getting excited as her friend mena sucked me off. This excited me as I grabbed Menas head and began to fuck her face faster and faster keeping pace with Shannon as she fingered herself. Looking at Shannon, I grabbed Menas head and forced my cock all the way down her throat as I came in her mouth while I could tell Shannon was cumming her self. Like a good girlfriend, mena swallowed every drop of my cum and crawled into bed. She looked so cute with little globs of my cum on her chin as I kissed her goodnight and proceeded downstairs so that the real party could begin………………

To be continued…………….

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