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This is something I worked on a few years ago when Eyes Wide Shut came out. It’s got just about everything
(m/f, f/f, m/m, orgy, teen, whips n stuff) so if you are offended by shit like that (you fuckin’ pussy), don’t read it.
Just that easy. In retrospect, the only thing I would like to have seen was Charlotte Church…and maybe the
Olsen Twins…so, if anyone wants to expand my little tail (snicker, snicker), go right ahead. Otherwise, enjoy (and
email me if ya like it).

Eyes Wide Shut II


Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman

Leelee Sobieski


With appearances from (In order of appearance):

Jennifer Love Hewitt, 20

Britney Spears, 17

Denise Richards, 27

Anna Kournikova, 18

Racquel Darrian, 31

Charisma Carpenter, 29

Tyra Banks, 26

Katie Holmes, 20

Jennifer Lopez, 29

Salma Hayek, 33

Tia Mowry, 21

Tamera Mowry, 21

Alyssa Milano, 27

Mila Kunis, 16

Lacey Chabert, 16

Natalie Portman, 18

Sarah Michelle Gellar, 23

Shania Twain, 34

Kirsten Dunst, 17

Danielle Fishel, 18

Neve Campbell, 26

Part 1

Stanley had completely made himself over.

His long, gray, beard was no more, which was strange since he had not felt his bare chin in years. His hair color
was now a jet back as opposed to the gray it had been just months before. He had even had a touch of plastic
surgery to cover his famous features. A longer chin. A new nose. And, of course, they had taken care of the
man’s wrinkles. Quite nicely, too. Though Stanley felt his 75 years, he looked barely 55 again.
It’s amazing what money would buy. He smiled at himself. My God, he was enjoying himself. He sipped on his pina
colada and sat in the sun, shirtless. The Caribbean, he thought, would be good to him.

Two days later, Stanley was in the south of France. A rich American vacationing in one of the most beautiful
places in the world.

He wasn’t there for the scenery.

His driver stopped the car and he entered the building with is personal assistant, Paula. Paula was young, perhaps
20, but was the most pleasant person to travel with. She was beautiful to look at. She was a few inches shorter
than he was, barely 100 lbs, with long blond tresses, an exquisite body, nice, perky breasts and legs that went on
forever. She was a former aspiring actress who simply did better as a personal assistant. Paid better too. He had
experienced Paula a number of times and he loved that she wanted to come, was even excited about coming to
this little function.

He crossed the threshold of what was to be his personal chambers and got ready.

Preparations took roughly four hours and by five in the afternoon guests were beginning to arrive. Paula told him
of some recent cancellations, Demi Moore and Bruce Boxlightner would not be coming, and then he began to strip.
Paula handed him his main robe, with tunic, and he completed the outfit with a mask. The entire costume was red
and black.

Paula then disrobed. He watched as she did so, uncovering her lovely body and placing only a theatre mask over
her face. It had two beautiful ostrich feathers on the left-hand side.
They moved toward the central room.

Part 2

Love was excited. I mean, to be at the founding meeting of such a group! She knew she was one of the hottest
stars in Hollywood right now, but to be chosen for such an honor; she was flattered to even be considered.
She walked down the hallway, barefoot and completely nude. Her large breasts jiggled a bit and she laughed.
Perhaps they were why she had been chosen.

She wondered what other big breasted actresses had been invited.

Britney had arrived late. She entered through the side door to the building, as she’s been instructed, and glanced
at the cheat sheet she had brought with her. “Step into the dressing room designated for you by the attendant.”
She saw the attendant. The man in the robe motioned to her.

“You are late.” He said quietly.

“Traffic was a bit…”

He interrupted. “Step into the dressing room, remove your clothes, place the mask over your face and exit the
room from the opposite door.”

Britney did so.

Denise was so excited to be here. She slipped off the rather modest dress she wore here and took a long hard
look at the mask she had been instructed to don. It was a bit…over the top. Very bright, with neon reds, blues
and purples. Of course, since it was the only thing she was to wear, she had no problem with the colors.
Look at me, she said, looking at herself in the mirror provided. She was excited. Her nipples were erect and, as
she removed her lacy bra and panties, she found that she had gotten wet just thinking about what was to take
place. She slipped a finger inside of herself and thanked god Pierce had told her about this little…gathering.
The Bond-girl placed the mask over her face and left the small room.

On the other side of the door was a corridor. Anna was motioned to and took the arm of a man in another
elaborate mask. The man walked slowly, not looking at the beautiful tennis star.
Anna, while certainly no prude, didn’t know what to think of all this. The elaborate directions, bordering on ritual,
the costumes (so to speak), the excessive nudity. Why aren’t the men undressed? she thought.

Racquel entered the room feeling rather bare. Sure, she was a porn star and had appeared in literally thousands of
videos where she wore nothing, but this was different. This was high society. This was rich beyond her wildest
dreams. To be in such a state as this, among such a group!

She, of course, knew no one in the room, since they only wore masks. But, she had caught a quick glance at
Charisma Carpenter on the way in, before she had donned her mask. She was a big Buffy watcher and knew
Carpenter immediately.

She got more an more nervous as she took her place.

Tyra was happy to see she was not the only black woman here in the hall. There were perhaps over a hundred
men and women on the floor and she saw at least four other black women beside herself. She was glad.
There were two other levels besides this lower one, both above her. It was a theatre. She approached a set of
seats were a man, kinda short, stood. He only nodded to her as she approached.
Talking was not allowed.

Stanley approached the dais center stage. “Ladies and Gentlemen!” he bellowed in his now deep voice. His vocal
cords had been worked on as well, so even though he knew he had friends in the audience, he also knew they
would never recognize him.

He motioned to the curtain behind him.

“Eyes Wide Shut!”

The movie was as boring this second time as it was the first to Katie. She had seen it with a few friends and had
not been impressed. I mean, when it came right down to it, everyone who had gone to see the movie had really
gone to see the famed orgy scene. All, except, of course, those who thought Kubrick was a film God and felt
compelled to see the moviemaker’s last great flick.

Except, it wasn’t great. Too many hidden meanings. Too many confusing sub-plots. And even the orgy scene has
been tame.

Or at least it had in the original. The scene began on screen and Katie held her breath. This wasn’t the Orgy she
had remembered.

Tom Cruise only watched the orgy going on before him. That much of the movie hadn’t changed. But as Jennifer
watched the scene unfold, she saw that much had changed in the content. Eyes Wide Shut had all of a sudden
become a porn. And not the uncut version that Lopez had seen weeks before in Europe. This was an all out,
completely uncensored fuckfest!

On screen, one masked woman was getting two cocks shoved into her, one in her vagina, the other up her ass.
Jennifer only crossed her legs and thought of her nakedness.

And of the two masked men sitting on either side of her.

She was wet.

Salma moved two fingers inside herself as she watched one man jerking off another man up on the screen. The
two men sitting next to her were no longer watching the movie.

They were watching her.

Tia felt half-embarrassed and half-turned on at the spectacle. She wondered where Tamera was.
Two women were locked in a 69 position as another man, masks now discarded, was sending his cock into the
smaller of the two women, piercing her anus and embedding himself to the hilt.
The man to her left moved a hand over Tia’s knee. She moved her hand over his and, twenty seconds later, his
fingers were buried inside of her.

Alyssa was not watching. She was sucking cock.

Luckily, the hosts had not noticed. Discarding the mask at this early stage was strictly prohibited.
In such a state, however, she noticed nothing. So, naturally, when the movie stopped just as Tom Cruise was
leaving a homosexual encounter, one man getting it up the ass as he sucked another man’s cock, she didn’t even

“Ladies and Gentlemen.” Stanley was saying again.

“The cast of Eyes Wide Shut!”

And, at that, the screen began rising off the floor into the ceiling. Slowly, the events behind the screen began to
come to light. Three people were on a platform, locked in a threesome, a small woman on the bottom. The man
was above the obviously young woman, driving his cock inside her, while another much taller woman positioned
herself over the girl’s mouth.

A gasp escaped the audience as the room began to recognized the three. Maskless, Tom Cruise was plunging his
cock into young Leelee Sobieski while his wife, Nicole Kidman, made herself accessible to the seventeen-year-old.
Sobieski, for her part, was lapping away at Kidman, grasping the married woman’s tight ass and licking pussy like
she’d been doing it since then movie was filmed three years ago.

Stanley watched the young woman directly to his left instead of the spectacle in front of him. Mila Kunis, he
thought. She was a new comer, virtually unknown. She was stunning, however. An exquisite creature, he

He watched as Kunis allowed the stranger to her left to fondle her young, sixteen-year-old breasts. She was
staring ahead, seemingly unaware of the attention. Only when Stanley watched her head tilt back and press the
man against her breasts with her hands did he realize what this was doing to her. He was hard under his robe by
the time the man’s hand descended past her thighs.

Lacey was two seats behind Mila, though she did not know it. She would not have cared, either. She was gawking
at the performance on stage. Cruise was speeding up his thrusts inside Sobieski and Kidman was going wild with
the girl’s tonguing. The acts were too much for Chabert. She had known what kind of “meeting” this was before
she came. But, being here was something else entirely.

She looked around to find everyone in various stages of sex. The guy to her left had pulled up his robe so he
could jerk his pud. A female a few feet away was sucking another man’s cock. She had never witnessed such a
thing. Never even imagined it!

But, now, she watched it.

And, grabbing the slab of meat to her left and stroking it, joined in.

Natalie had never been with a man. She’d been with a number of women, but this star of arguably the biggest
money making film of all time had never been with a man.

Men never interested her.

And, of course, with all this action going on around her, the seating was boy-girl-boy-girl.
“Fuck!” she said out loud.

Sarah was being taken from all sides. A pair of hands, female, were grasping her tits, squeezing them even as the
man to her left took her left nipple in his mouth. Another man was on his knees, between her legs, feasting on

Gods! Could this be heaven?

Shania was kissing the blonde’s neck. She was sitting in front of Shania and Shania found that she could suckle
her neck while reaching forward and fondling the girl’s breasts. Two other men had shed their masks as well and
were making love to the young thing. In addition, a man to her left was feeling Shania up, squeezing the country
singer’s perfect breasts.

God!, she thought. I’m glad I never got involved in all that Christian Country bullshit!

Kirsten was now on her knees and felt the prick enter her. Felt its size. Knew it was bigger than her first, where,
on the set of Small Soldiers, she knew she would have to fuck a much larger man.
Well, she now had her wish.

Danielle was, even now, meeting boy. And he was slapping his “boyhood” in and out of her.

Neve let the man take her up the ass.

Part 3

Lacey looked around the room, amazed. In just two hours, she had become a member of the most exclusive swing
club in the world.

The party had moved to encompass most of the building and for the past thirty minutes, she had moved from
room to room marveling at each spectacle. No wonder the paranoid efforts of the organizer had been so complete,
she thought. If the press ever got wind of something like this…

That’s when the heard the snap of a whip. It came from a small group at a corner of the room. Approaching the
crowd, Lacey saw a young blond, on her knees and in a skimpy, nearly see thru nightgown, being whipped by
another blond. Lacey knew them both. The one who was being punished, Britney Spears, clad only in a
see-through nightgown, was the hottest big-breasted singer in the U.S. Everyone knew and desired Britney. The
punisher, Sarah Michelle Gellar, aka. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, wore a leather dominatrix outfit that she seemed
born to wear. Lacey got wet simply thinking of them both. This stroll around had been a breather from all of the
sex. She had wanted to take a rest and simply watch.

Well, perhaps she had found a great couple to watch.

She looked around and saw the gathering stars. She watched as Danielle Fishel, star of Boy Meets World, and
some well-hung stud began kissing. She could only admire Fishel’s perfect, large breasts. Mine’ll never be that big,
she thought.

She saw Tamera Mowry sucking Alyssa Milano’s tongue. God! Milano was a sexual legend, but she watched Mowry
closely. The young black woman seemed very turned on, making out with Milano and watching Gellar and Spears..
Racquel Darrian was touching Katie Holmes in various places. First her mid-drift, then up, fingers brushing across
the girls’ breasts, then to her neck. Katie, for her part was closing her eyes now.

Lacey turned her attention back to the scene playing itself out in front of the rest of them. Gellar was now
turning Spears over and running the tip of the whip over Britney’s beautiful body. “Take it off.” she told the singing
sensation. And did it in her best Buffy voice, hard and rough. Britney began removing the nightgown, slipping the
straps slowly off her shoulders. Gellar cracked the whip again, yelling. “Now!”

“I love it when she talks like that.” Denise Richards was saying behind Lacey. She had approached Chabert
unnoticed. “She can be so…bestial.”

And with that, she moved her hands over Lacey’s shoulders. Lacey, recognizing the voice, let this beautiful
woman touch her. Massage her. She told Denise not to stop.

A few feet away Tom was bracing himself. His tongue danced across Tyra’s dark vaginal lips, licking and blowing
on them lightly, even as he prepared himself to be entered. Behind him, Sobieski, her strap on in her hand,
massaged lubricant onto the much older man’s puckered asshole.
And thrust all 10 inches into him.

Lacey heard the scream but didn’t recognize it as belonging to Tom Cruise.

Spears was completely bare now, wearing only a wicked smile. She looked up at her master. “Punish me, mistress.”
she was saying.

Gellar smiled back. “Oh, you will be.” She began removing her own leather panties, revealing her blond, perfectly
trimmed pubes. “Trust me, you will be.” And with that, she lowered herself down onto Brtiney’s face.
There were a few hoots and hollers and that seemed to start the fun. All of a sudden, Denise’s hand was on
Lacey’s small breast. She moaned a bit and turned her attention to Richards.
“Has Neve told you how much I’ve wanted you?”

Lacey was almost breathless. “Yes.” she moaned.

And, with that, Denise began kissing the 16 year old’s neck. Lacey had turned her head and was now watching
Alyssa and Mowry do more than kiss. Milano was tracing Tamera’s nipples with her tongue as the black girl moved
a finger into the older star. In seconds, Milano was in heaven, sitting on her friend’s face.
“Christ.” was all Lacey could say.

Denise only giggled, now sucking Lacey’s earlobe. “You like?”

Lacey’s only response was to push her tongue into Denise’s mouth, kissing the woman passionately. “Fuck me.”
she said.

“Oh, we’ll do more than that.”

Love had said it and, God! She had that wicked smile on her face.

Cruise felt he was being split in half. It’s not like he hadn’t been fucked before, but Leelee’s cock was huge. On
top of all of that, someone was now underneath him, sucking him off.

Natalie Portman was having her first taste of cock.

Minutes later, Denise Richards was pushing two fingers in and out of Lacey’s smooth pussy. She shaved herself
completely because she knew how young she still looked and knew it turned others on. She was 16, yet to most,
she looked maybe 13 or 14. In addition, she was such a sex kitten, she knew fucking someone who looked as
young as she while still yelling shit like “Fuck the shit outta me!” or “Yeah! Fuck me up my ass!” was a huge
turn-on. And she milked it for everything it was worth.

“Yeah! Come on, Fuck me harder!” she yelled.

Denise did, twisting her fingers inside the girl, finger fucking the slut hard.
It was only when Lacey opened her eyes for a second that she saw Love approach.
Love, topless but wearing a pair of unusual panties, knelt in front of the couple.
“Hi.” She said simply.

In between thrusts, Lacey managed a weak “Hi.”

Love began whispering in Lacey’s ear.

“Which one do you want?”

Portman was, surprisingly, taking all of Cruise, letting his cock slide down her throat. It wasn’t an unpleasant
sensation. But not great either.

Of course, Cruise would have disagreed.

Two minutes later, Alyssa Milano made her way thru the orgy (having to step over Darrian, Holmes and Capenter)
and watched Lacey getting finger fucked for a few seconds.

“Hi.” She said, kneeling down.

Again, in deep breaths, Lacey managed a “Hello.”

Milano looked Denise in the eyes and asked if she could take over. Richards told her she could, but only if she
could watch. “Shit,” Milano said, “I hope you do more than that.”
“Count on it.”

At first, Portman didn’t recognize the mop of long blond hair that was feasting on her. She had left Tom’s dick for
a second to find out and was unable to identify the head. Not that it mattered. Whomever was sucking her clit
into their mouth was doing a fantastic job.

Anna Kournikova would later tell Natalie that it was the first time she had ever done so.
It would not be the last.

Having returned, Love began kissing Denise’s neck as Milano pushed one, then two fingers into Lacey. “You fuckin
little whore!” Milano was saying, directing her comments to Chabert. “You want my whole hand in your little
teenage pussy, dontcha?” Lacey could only moan her positive response.

A third finger disappeared into Lacey as Love began sucking on Richard’s nipples. Her hand wandered down and
rested on Denise’s crotch, lightly stroking it. Richards’s head fell back and she thrust out her tits as she did so, in
near ecstasy. Love smiled as she saw Jennifer Lopez sitting there, watching. She blew the older woman a kiss.
Jennifer only smiled and rose. But, instead of coming to Richards and Love, she walked straight to Lacey and
Milano and sat right down on Lacey’s face.

There was no time for Chabert to find out whose crotch this was, but it didn’t matter. She simply began licking.
Nibbling at Jennifer’s lips, inhaling the scent and he wetness. God! she thought. I love this.
Love, meanwhile, was moving a finger into Richards just as Denise told her how beautiful she was. “Oh, Christ! You
are so fucking amazing.” She moved her tongue over Love’s nipples.

But Love stopped. “Let’s find some toys.” And, with that, she and Richards rose and departed.
A fourth finger disappeared inside Lacey.

Cruise ejected quite a bit of jism into Portman’s mouth, letting her have her first taste of a man’s sperm. Again,
she was not all that impressed.

What did impress her was Anna’s manipulation of her clit and labia. She still did not recognize the blond, but cried
out anyway.

“Suck it! Yes! Suck it!”

Gellar and Spears watched as Leelee Sobieski plunged the fake cock into Cruise. Watched as he came in Natalie
Portman’s mouth. And then joined in when Tyra Banks, who had now removed herself from Cruise, left.
In seconds, Gellar was whipping Tom Cruise’s ass and Spears was pushing his head into her groin.

Lopez couldn’t stop cumming. Lacey’s tongue had made her cum four times already and she just kept climaxing.
Lacey’s tongue was tracing the inside of her lips, the outside, thrusting deep inside her. This girl knew how to eat
pussy! But, then, she’d been doing it way before Jennifer had started. Rumor was Lacey had lost her cherry at 12.
Christ, at least Lopez had waited till she was 14.

She leaned over and kissed Alyssa again, brushing her tongue over Milano’s. Alyssa, for her part, was thrusting
four fingers into the 16-year-old, finger fucking the Party of Five star unmercifulessly. Milano only looked into
Jennifer’s eyes and said “Sixty-nine.”

Lopez knew immediately what was meant and leaned down to begin sucking Lacey’s clit. Lacey began to moan
louder now, began to cum. The finger action was fantastic, but Jennifer’s tongue had been the last straw. She
came three more times before the action on her clit ceased.

Once it was over, Lopez threw her leg back over Lacey and Chabert saw what she had been missing. Denise and
Love were back and had even been joined by Danielle Fishel.

Danielle was on her back, getting a fantastically large dildo shoved up inside her by Denise, who wore only that,
strapped to her pelvis.

She smiled at Lacey.

Cruise screamed again as the butt of the whip lodged in his anus. Gellar only laughed.
Cruise was on his back now, fully erect, and Britney only smiled at Gellar. Cruise was a great pussy licker, but she
had a hunch he’d be a better fuck.
Within seconds, she was mounted on his hardness, her large breasts bouncing up and down even as Sobieski took
Spear’s place at his head. Britney and Leelee kissed as the man underneath them fucked and sucked them.

“Lacey.” Love looked Chabert in the eye. “Come join us.”
Rising, Lacey approached the three-some. Watched the rather large dildo sink into Danille. Smiled at how far the
thing penetrated into the blond. It had to be at least a foot in length.
Denise smiled up at Lacey, kissed her stomach, flicked her tongue at the bottom of Lacey’s breasts. Lacey giggled
lightly and smiled at the gorgeous woman. “Can I have some?” she asked, looking down at Danielle.
“Help yourself.”

Lacey knelt and brought her face to within inches of Fishel’s stretched pussy. Then began sucking her clit.
Danielle, a quiet one, finally began to moan in response to this. Lacey only smiled and sucked harder.
Alyssa and Lopez watched on, fingering each other happily.

Love, meanwhile, was first at Danielle’s mouth, sucking the girls’ tongue, then at her breasts, licking and caressing
Fishel’s beautiful mounds.

“Christ!” was all Katie could say, now watching the situation develop with Cruise.
“Got that right.” Charisma said, patting Holmes on the ass. She smiled. “I’ve dreamed of getting me some of that
ever since I saw Risky Business.”

“Look.” Racquel pointed a few feet away. Some blond was getting a huge dildo stuffed into her by Denise Richards
even as Lacey Chabert and Jennifer Love Hewitt caressed her from head to toe.

To round it all out, their gaze also fell upon Jennifer Lopez and Alyssa Milano.

“Girl’s” Darrian was saying. “It’s gonna be a long night.”

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