Blind Date

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Blind Date starring Marisa Tomei
by Wingshoe

I was sitting at the bar stirring my drink a bit nervous about
what the night had in store for me. I was waiting for my date,
my blind date. I don’t usually go on blind dates, but I was
new to New York and my coworker Amy said that she had a friend
who would be eager to show me a night out on the town. I
balked at first, but after some prodding from Amy, and a

guarantee that she and her husband would be there for dinner
made me accept.

I didn’t know what the night was going to bring, but I knew it
involved dinner and dancing afterwards. I was supposed to
look sharp, but also make myself easy to spot. My dinner date
was going to pick me up and needed to be sure that she could
spot me easily in a crowd. I told Amy to tell her I’d be
wearing my green jacket with a black shirt and pants. A time
was set, and plans were made. There was no turning back now.

I tapped my watch to make sure it was running. My blind date
was already 20 minutes late and I was wondering if she’d show
at all. I quickly slurped down the remainder of my drink and
left my tip at the bar. I turned to leave when I almost ran
right into Marisa Tomei!!

“Oh… I’m sorry.” I said.

“No problem. Um… are you Ryan by chance?” She said.

“Yeah. I’m Ryan. Have you met me before when I’ve been
drinking, because I think I would’ve remembered meeting Marisa
Tomei before.”

“No. I’m Amy’s friend. She sent me by to pick you up. She
said you’d be wearing a green jacket with a black shirt.”

Really? I almost asked the guy on the bar stool next to us to
pinch me. Amy knew Marisa Tomei and set me up on a date with
her? This almost seemed like I was on that “Seinfeld” episode
and that I was playing the part of George. A date with Marisa
Tomei. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“Well, I’m ready when you are. You know where we’re eating?”
I asked.

“Yeah. Amy gave me directions. Some new place near the

We hopped in the cab and were on our way. We got to the
restaurant and saw that Amy & Mike already had a table and
were waiting for us.

“Where have you guys been? You were supposed to be here half
an hour ago.” Amy queried.

“Sorry. My fault. I just couldn’t find the right dress for
tonight.” Marisa said.

“Well, I think you picked the right one.” I responded causing
Marisa to smile.

She was wearing a black sleeveless dress that came down to
just above her knees with black stockings and shoes. She
accentuated her appearance with a simple gold necklace and
some black and gold earrings. She had her dark hair pinned up
off of her neck, just the way I like it. She was every bit
the looker, and I was the envy of all the men in the

Dinner was filled with small talk about Marisa’s next movie,
what prompted me to come to New York, what have you. All the
while I couldn’t help but thank Amy in my mind about setting
me up with Marisa Tomei. I would have to make sure that I
sent some flowers for thanks.

We finished dinner and chatted over wine for a little while
before Marisa got the itch to go dancing. Amy & Mike decided
that they were going to head home but wished Marisa and I a
good time before leaving. Ms. Tomei picked a nice little
dance club that wasn’t crowded and wasn’t of the bump and
grind nature.

"Come on. Let’s dance." She said taking me by the hand to
the dance floor. We started to move to the music. Marisa was
a fabulous dance partner almost knowing instictively what I
was going to do next. After a twirl I pulled her back to me
as the music stopped.

"Wow. You’re pretty good." Marisa said.

"Thanks. I took dance lessons in college just for occasions
like this." I said as the music started again, slower this

"They paid off." She said trying to catch her breath as she
put her arms around my neck.

We danced close and oh so slow. The pace of the song allowed
me to take in the aroma of the perfume that Marisa was
wearing. The feel her delicate frame in my arms and the touch
of her breasts against my body was starting to make me hard.
I hoped to God she didn’t notice and crack me a good one.

When the song ended Marisa looked up into my eyes and smiled.
We walked backed to a table and sat down. We ordered a couple
of drinks and started talking more indepth than we had over
dinner. She talked about the troubles of maintaining a
personal life in her line of work. It was funny, because I
was having the same problems in my life as well.

We finished our drinks and decided to head out. She had to
catch a plane to Chicago in the morning to begin filming her
new movie. We hailed a cab and away we went. I told the
cabbie to take us back to her place. I didn’t mind dropping
her off and picking up the cab fare, but Marisa had something
else in mind.

"You want to come up for a nightcap?" She asked.

Who was I to say no, "Sure. Why not." I replied.

She smiled with delight at that response and led me up to her
city apartment. The place was huge, about twice the size of
mine at least, but what would you expect from an Academy Award
winning actress. Marisa hung up her coat and put some music

"Do you want a drink?" She asked.

"What ever you’re having is fine." I replied.

I sat on the sofa and watched with aching delight as Marisa’s
gorgeous figure vanished into the kitchen. She reemerged
carrying two glasses of wine. She handed me a glass and took a
seat on the sofa next to me.

"Here’s to fantastic beginnings." She said.

"Here here…" I said clinking the glasses.

We both took healthy portions of our drinks. Marisa sat her
glass on the table beside the sofa and snuggled herself under
my arm. I watched her breasts rise and fall with each breath,
her dress barely keeping them from my full gaze from this

"I’ve had a wonderful time tonight." She said.

"Me too. I was wondering something Marisa…" I said my
voice trailing off.

She turned her face to meet my gaze, "What?"

"I… I don’t really know what I’m doing up here. I mean…
you’re a fantastically beautiful woman… big star… you
could have any man you want and here I am. A man trying t…"
I was interrupted by a gentle kiss.

Marisa’s lips met mine and sparks flew throughout my body. I
pulled Marisa closer and opened my mouth allowing our tongues
to find each other. I put a hand on her side as she ran her
hand across my chest. Our tongues danced in much the same
manner as we had earlier, hot and hard. I could feel my cock
starting to harden as we kissed.

Marisa broke the contact and stood. "I think you know what
you’re doing up here." She said coyly reaching around behind
herself to unzip her dress.

I stood up and ran my hands over Marisa’s shoulders, kissing
Marisa’s exposed neck. She went for the pin holding her hair
up but I stoped her.

"Don’t. I like your hair this way." I whispered.

"How about the rest of me?" She said with a wink and a smile.

"I like it, but there’s something small that could make it all
that much better." I said with a grin.

With a gentle tug, I pulled down the shoulderstraps of her
dress causing that slinky black number to fall to the floor
exposing her wonderful body to my gaze. There I was standing
in front of Marisa Tomei who was just wearing a flimsy black
bra, panties, black stockings and a garter belt.

I took her in my arms and started kissing her again. After
dancing with my tongue, she broke the kiss again much to my
disappointment. With her still in my gentle grasp, Marisa
pulled my shirt out of my pants. She smiled as my jacket fell
to the floor.

With erotic care, she ran her hands over my chest and began to
remove my tie. Once that was off, she threw the tie around my
neck and used it to pull my lips down to hers again. She
kissed her way over to my ear and actually nibbled on the lobe
causing chills to run down my left side.

Marisa smiled as she dropped the tie on the floor. She began
to slowly unbotton my shirt. Button by button. With little
resistance, my shirt fell to the floor. Marisa kissed my neck
and began kissing her way down my chest to my stomach.

Now on her knees, Marisa started to undo my belt and then my
pants. She pulled down my pants and underwear with one pull
causing my cock to bounce free nearly slapping her in the face
with my hardened member.

"Hmmm… what do we have here?" Marisa asked coyly. "I think
it’s the reason for being here."

Marisa’s hand wrapped around my cock and started stroking it
gently. I shuffled my feet to get out of my shoes and pants.
Marisa picked a foot off the floor and removed my sock. She
did the same with the other foot.

She kissed the head of my cock and then ran her tongue along
the underside. I almost couldn’t stand from the feeling.

"Hmmm… you’re making me weak in the knees" I said as her
tongue slid around my cock head.

"You like that, then you’re really going to like this."

Before I could reply, I felt the warm wetness of Marisa
Tomei’s mouth envelop my cock. God, was she right. I moved
us to the couch where I sat down. I watched Marisa give me the
private performance of my life. Her gorgeous face clamped
down on my cock, her head bobbing up and down, her tongue
wrapping itself around my dick with each movement.

"God, that feels terrific. Go ahead, suck my cock." I

Marisa kept up the slow but steady pace. I ran my fingers
over her the side of her face, feeling her cheeks flutter as
she sucked my dick like a champion. I was about to imagine
myself as a casting director, but why imagine when this was
reality. Marisa Tomei was sucking my cock.

Marisa took my hardened prick from her mouth and stroked it a
couple times before standing. She put her left knee on the
couch beside me and her right leg up on the arm of the sofa.
Her panty covered pussy was just inches from my face. The
patch of dampness through the silk panties betrayed how wet
she was getting.

I ran my hands over her hips and pulled her body closer to me.
I pulled her panties to one side and started to run my finger
in and out of her wet slit. Marisa let out a soft moan as I
rhythmicly finger fucked her. She was so hot and wet, I just
had to have a taste.

I positioned myself where I could get a good angle on her wet
pussy. Keeping the panties pulled to the side, I ran my tongue
the length of her slit. Marisa shuttered as I started to lick
her pussy in earnest. Back and forth, in and out my tongue
darted. Marisa put her hands on the back of the sofa for
leverage as I ate her Academy Award Winning pussy.

"Ooooohhhhh… that’s it…. lick my pussy. That feels so
good." Marisa panted.

She started to move her hips practically forcing my tongue to
fuck her snatch. I kept up the action with my tongue and soon
we found a rhythm. Marisa started to moan louder and louder as
I ate her pussy. Her dark bush was rubbing against my nose as
she began to shutter with orgasm. I pulled Marisa’s pussy
closer to my face. She was grinding wet juiciness against my
jaw as she started cumming more and more covering my face with
her pussy juice.

Marisa caught her breath and laid down on the couch. She
swung her left leg around so that I was in between her legs.
I leaned forward and kissed her full on the lips. Her tongue
eagerly took on mine as we fell into a passionate kiss. I
reached around and unclasped her slinky black bra. Our lips
unlocked and I leaned back. She shuffled her arms and soon
pulled her bra from her body exposing her gorgeous tits to me.
I leaned forward and took her breast in my hand. I ran my
tongue over and around the nipple.

"I want to fuck you so bad I can taste it Marisa."

"I want it to, I could taste it when we kissed." She replied.

Marisa tugged her panty to the side offering her pussy to me.
I ran the head of my cock between her swelled and wet pussy
lips. I grabbed hold of Marisa’s leg and slid my cock deep
inside her dripping pussy.

Marisa let out a goan as my cock filled her womanhood. We
stayed that way for a couple seconds. Marisa pulled my face to
hers and kissed me passionately. I began to move my hips
slowly. My cock began to slide in and out of her tight little

I leaned back and grabbed her hips pulling myself deeper into
her. I started fucking her faster and faster. I held onto her
waist and pistoned my cock in and out. Marisa’s pussy gripped
my cock with each and every thrust. I looked down and your
could see the wanting in Marisa’s eyes, and the feeling was
mutual. Marisa was grunting and groaning as my cock slid in
and out of her eager snatch. She was bucking harder and
harder against my cock. I knew that she was about to cum and
so was I.

"Oh God… I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna cum…." Marisa panted.

It was all I could do to keep myself going with her. Her body
shuttered as she grabbed my hips and forced me deep into her.
Marisa’s pussy spasamed and that was it for me as well. I
started unloading my hot cum deep into Marisa Tomei’s pussy.
She smiled with glee as gob after gob my my cum splashed
inside of her.

"I can feel it… I love the feel of your cum inside… oh
fuck yeah."

I was spent, and so was she. Keeping my cock still inside her
pussy, I leaned back and pulled her on top of me. Marisa
collasped in my arms as my cock started to lose it’s rigidity
in her cum soaked snatch.

"Oh God, that was fantastic. You’ve got to promise me you’ll
be here when I get back from Chicago. We’ll go dancing and do
this again."

"Anything for you Marisa… anything for you." I panted.

She got off of me and took my hand, "come on, let’s go to

We fucked twice more that night and once more in the morning.
I think I might be in love. I’m debating on telling Marisa
that when she gets back from Chicago after we fuck again. One
things for certain, I’ll have to make sure I thank Amy for

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