I Masturbated With Mariah Carey

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I masturbated with Mariah Carey
By badgirl4up

It was around 12:00am and I was riding The New York Subway system.
Thinking that nobody would notice me, so I pulled my pants down and
concentrated on my pussy. I thought very hard and my nipples and breasts
became stiff. It was wonderful being the only one on the subway. I was
almost near my sensual orgasm until I heard a voice speaking to me. I
turned around and to my surprise, I noticed the most beautiful creature on
earth, Mariah Carey. She said, "I noticed you were all alone, so I thought
I’d give you some company."
Boy, she was hotter then hell! Then she told
me, "You have the most gorgeous body that I have ever seen in the whole
world naked!" She got me real hot in my clit. She noticed that my honey
was flowing and she put her finger in my throbbing clit to soak up my love
nectar. Mariah then stripped and gave me the best organism I will ever
have. She thrusted her fingers in and out of my pussy with furious
strokes that I almost fainted! Then she took her midsdle finger and
started to probe my love canal. She messaged my clit and pussy in a way
that was totally no way to describe the pleasure I felt as my pussy was
being worked over by the number one R&B singer in America! Iwas
overjoyed! This woman knew whatt she was doing. After 2 hours of her
pleasing me with her hot fingers and tongue, I came abouit about 200
times. Then it was Mariah’s turn. I scrubbed some ol on her perky
breasts and tits. I scrubbed it around her whole body including her
pubic mound. I am happy, I’m the only woman who has ever seen Mariah
Carey in the nude! I kept working on her tits, licking them slowly and
gently and then I did her breasts. This woman was screaming in pleasure.
I worked her over. She was totally in my power as I worked my fingers and
tongue in, out and around her pussy and thighs.. I then attached my
favorite vibrator and inserted it in Mariah’s cute ass. I put the motor
on slow and I thrusted that vibrator in and out of her butt like the end
of the world was coming, so what if it did, me and Mirah didn’t care. I
then turned the switch to high and really started thrusting that huge
vibrator in and out of Mariah’s cute ass. I don’t remember how many
things I did to pleasure and please that woman, but whatever it was, it
worked! She came over and over again like a volcano. Then she gave me a
kiss and asked me if I wanted to go to her place and I said sure. First
we talked about her albums and career and different other topics. After
we were real drunk, we hopped in the whirlpool fully in the nude. It was
a blast! Then it wass on to the Steamroom, Jacuzzi and the sauna. What
transpired during our 12 hour tryst is for me to know and for you to find
out. Since then me and Mariah have cecome really close pals and lesbian
lovers. We always have time to give each other a good fuck. Mariah. I

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