Hypno Celeb 16

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Hypno Celeb 16: Mariah Carey
by MAW

Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains
graphic descriptions of sexuality. If this offends you, leave
now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does not work this way. If you
feel like trying this, seek help.
This story is based on a manufactured image at the Private
Vidcap and Pic page.
It contains dozens of pictures, real and
faked, of hypnotized women which have inspired this and many other stories.

Mariah Carey calmly paced the "green room" as she waited for her cue.
She was
at "The Tonight Show," promoting her new album. She was used to
this by
now. She’d sing her song, do
some questions from Jay, then go back to the hotel. She enjoyed
this actually, the roar of the crowd, the adulation and the
feeling of entertaining people. It was one of the definite perks of being a
singing star.
Mariah had sat back down when the door opened and a young
man walked in. He was in his late-twenties, with dark black hair, blue eyes
and a healthy
build. He was wearing a simple black t-
shirt and jeans. "Miss Carey?" he said. "About ten more minutes. Jay’s
finishing up one of
his remote bits, a commercial and then you’re on. By the way, my name’s
"Thanks, Rick," Mariah smiled. Her eyes fell on a pendant around his
neck. It was a
double-looped chain attached to a
crystal. "That’s not exactly what I’d expect a stagehand to wear," Mariah
"This?" Rick said. "Oh, it’s a gift from my girlfriend. She insists I
wear it everywhere. I
think it looks good. What do you think?" He took the pendant off and held it
so the
crystal was only a few feet in front of Mariah’s eyes. "I think it’s nice,
the way it glows in
the light, the way it shines. I mean, just
look at it. That’s all, look at it. Just keep gazing at it and
you can see all kinds of little lights. I mean, it’s not even
moving, not swinging side to side, not spinning. It’s just
sitting there and yet the light still bounces off it and into
your eyes."
Mariah’s gaze was totally fixed on the crystal, her mouth
slightly open as gazed at it. Knowing he had her attention, Rick continued
to speak in a
soft, monotone voice. "Just keep watching the crystal, Mariah. Just keep
gazing at it,
deeper and deeper,
right at the center. The very center of the crystal, the source
of its beauty. Just keep looking. As you look deeper and deeper
into the crystal, you feel tired. Very tired. You’re feeling all the
pressures of your tour, so
very tiring. You feel so tired and sleepy. You keep gazing at the crystal,
looking to the
center and you feel so tired. All you want to do is rest. Just rest. You
feel so tired that you want to close your eyes. The longer you
look at the crystal, the more tired you feel. You just keep
looking harder and harder, longer and longer and you feel so
tired. It would feel so good to close your eyes. Just to close
your eyes and rest and feel yourself give in. Just trust me and
close your eyes. Close your eyes and relax."
Mariah’s eyes fluttered closed and she slumped slightly in
her seat. Putting the pendant back around his neck, Rick placed a hand on
Mariah’s leg.
She was wearing a one-piece black outfit
that left a lot of room in the leg department. He moved his hand onto her
thigh and she
sighed in response. Rick knew he only had a few moments before Mariah had to
go on
and he needed to work
fast. "Mariah, listen to me very carefully. You have only just met me but
already you are
feeling very attracted to me. You
think I look good, don’t you?"
"..Yes.." Mariah whispered.
"You think I’m sexy, don’t you, Mariah?"
"When you go on stage, you will be thinking of me. When the show is
over, you will
think of me and how it would feel to make love to me, to have my cock inside
you, to
have me kissing your
breasts. You will want to think and to dream of me, won’t you?"
"Now, in a moment, I will snap my fingers and you will wake up. You
won’t remember
being asleep or what we have talked about. However, if you ever see me
holding that
wonderful crystal, you
will fall into this wonderful sleep. And when you are asleep, you will dream
that I am
dominating you and you will dream that you
want me to make love to you however I please. You will want it,
you will need it, you will love it. Do you understand?"
Mariah nodded. Standing up, Rick snapped his fingers and
watched Mariah’s eyes open. She looked up at him, her gorgeous
face framed by the billowing dark hair. "It’s time, Miss Carey," Rick said
in his normal
tone. "We’d better go. It’s showtime." As Mariah left, Rick smiled. He was
going to be
enjoying a private
show later tonight.

It was a little after midnight when Mariah got into her
hotel room. She had been busy signing autographs and doing a
magazine interview, then a quick dinner. She had left
instructions not to be disturbed so when she heard a knock on her door, she
was more
than slightly surprised. Opening the door, she saw Rick standing there,
still dressed in his
t-shirt and jeans. Before she could ask what he was doing there, he held up
pendant. The instant her eyes fell on the crystal, they closed
and Mariah swayed in place in the doorway.
"Let me in, Mariah," Rick instructed. She obeyed, standing aside so he
could enter,
locking the door behind him. Rick looked at the hypnotized singer and
smiled, pleased
that things were
working so well. "Mariah, this is what you’ve dreamed about all day. You are
asleep and
having a wonderful dream of me dominating you. You want to enjoy that dream
to the
fullest. Now, take off
your clothes." Mariah slowly unzipped her dress and let it fall to the
floor. Her breasts
came free, giving Rick a rush. She
leaned down to slip off her black panties and stockings as Rick
undressed as well.
"Mariah, I think you and I should take a shower. Relax after a long
day." Taking his
mesmerized slave by the hand, Rick led her into the bathroom, turning on the
shower. He
stepped inside
and helped Mariah in as well. He embraced her as the water fell
on them, sending tingles along his skin. He could feel her
breasts pressed against his chest as he kissed her. She responded slowly,
dragging her
tongue along his lips. He pushed her back so the water fell onto her hair as
he moved
down and kissed her
breasts. Her back arched, Mariah sighed as she felt Rick’s mouth falling on
her nipples,
sending thrills through her body.
Rick took a bar of soap and slowly rubbed it onto Mariah’s
chest, massaging her breasts as he soaped her down. He turned
Mariah around and let the bar drag down her back. He soaped her
ass, moving the bar on one buttock while he palmed the other,
sticking his fingers into her ass, producing a moan from Mariah. He handed
her the bar.
"Mariah, get on your knees and soap my cock." Mariah complied, rubbing the
bar of soap
and her well- manicured hands along Rick’s cock. It took seconds for it to
become erect, the soap and water mingling with the juices begging to drip
out of it. "Suck
it, Mariah," Rick commanded. "Take it in your mouth." Mariah obeyed, placing
mouth over the tip of the hard shaft. She was soon sucking on it, her tongue
licking the
tip while she pushed the shaft in and out of her mouth, sucking
it as it went. Bracing his hands on the glass door of the shower, Rick
groaned as his
hypnotized slave continued to suck at him. He jumped as he came, his wad
being shot right down Mariah’s famous throat.
The two exited the shower and headed to the double-sized
bed. Rick fell on top of it and brought Mariah on top of him.
They kissed again, Mariah putting more passion into it this time. She moved
down Rick’s
body until she came to his cock. She rested herself on it, inserting his
cock into her pussy.
She slowly began to rock herself onto her master, moving herself up and
down, gently rocking so Rick’s cock could penetrate her further. Rick’s
hands moved to Mariah’s chest as he gripped her breasts,
squeezing them as pushed himself further into Mariah. Mariah
slowly groaned as she felt pleasure from her chest and pussy. The pinching
Rick was
giving her breasts seemed to push her to rock
further on Rick’s cock until he finally shot into her, producing a loud cry.
The singer fell
on top of Rick, heaving with breath. Rick ran a hand through her wet hair as
he thought
about the
nights of pleasure ahead of him. It would be easy to persuade
Mariah to have him join her crew on tour. That would give Rick a backstage
pass most

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