The Rape Of Mariah Carey

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The Rape of Mariah Carey

I couldn’t believe my luck. I had just landed in beautiful Hawaii, and
on my first day on
the beach, I had already spotted Mariah Carey, my favorite singer. I had
been almost
obsessed with the singer ever since her first album, and now I was on the
same beach.
Mariah was sure that no one knew that it was her. Everyone knew that big
stars never
went out without entourages, and they never sunbathed on public beaches.
That was whyshe was so confident.
I kept glancing over at Mariah. I could see that she was drifting off to
sleep. She wore
a black
bikini, one that showed off her ample chest and fleshy, perfect ass.
Mariah slept on, not realizing just how tired she was. The tour had been
a long one,
and it felt so good to just lay out in the hot sun and relax in the peaceful
I decided that it was time for me to make my move. The sun was starting
to sink down
in the sky, and the beach was now dearly deserted. Mariah just lay there,
looking sexyjust by breathing.
Mariah was asleep one moment, then screaming the next as she felt her
bikini bottomripped down, then her legs spread open as wide as possible.
"Noooooooooooo!" she
shrieked loudly. "Ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy Godddddd!" I didn’t take the
time to think
about what I was doing as I reared back and thrust deep into the pussy of
one of the mostfamous singers on earth. I felt my prick sink all the way
Mariah was thrusting all over, trying to escape the sudden pain of
having her pussy
fucked. She slapped me, then kicked me, then slapped me again, screaming at
the top of
her lungs every time she felt me thrust into her. It took all of my
strength both to keep
Mariah where she was and to not come right away. Mariah was tight, very
tight, and herscreaming and crying just excited me that much more.
Mariah kept trying to kick me, but all she received for her efforts was
me thrusting
even deeper into her. Mariah felt her energy slowly starting to fade as she
felt me thrustfaster and faster.
I was fucking a beautiful woman, and being able to look down and see all
of thisbrown, mossy hair on the pussy of Mariah Carey just excited me again
Mariah had been with enough men that she knew what my quickened strokes
She was sobbing and shaking as she felt me continue to fuck her. Why? How?
Didn’t this
bastard know who she was? She was a star, not a whore. I went faster and
Mariah Carey was pinned down on the beach, and my hard prick was buried in
her. There
was nothing anyone could do about that, nothing anyone could ever change.
Mariah’s screams faded now, knowing that her fighting just seemed to
excite me that
much more. She had never felt so degraded by one man ever in her life.
I came and came and came. I wondered to myself if I would be able to get
the slut
pregnant. The thought of sucking on a pregnant Mariah’s tits kept me hard.
Mariah screamed as she felt me continue to fuck, as she felt my
continued hardness.
When I pulled out of her, her sobs and crying got louder. I lay on top
of Mariah,
enjoying the shaking, the sobs, the tears. It turned me on that I had been
the cause of the
pain in her life. I tried to kiss Mariah, but she slapped me several times.
Mariah knew it was a lost cause, but she felt she had to slap her
attacker, knew she had
to try and fight. It was one of her base instincts. I enjoyed the fight
because it got me
hard again. I now moved up Mariah’s luscious body. I slapped her, then
brought her
breasts together and started to fuck her breasts. She had a furious look on
her face, one
that reddened even further when I slapped her again, then thrust my prick in
her mouth.
Mariah choked and gagged as she felt my prick curve down the back of her
throat. Istayed there for several moments, and her coughing quickly became
I now started to thrust in and out of Mariah’s mouth. It felt so good,
feeling the wet
sides of her mouth, the warmness of her unmoving tongue as I went in and
Mariah had a sick feeling in her stomach. As bad as the pain of being
spread and
fucked had been, in some ways what was happening now was even worse. She had
neverfelt more personally violated.
I started to thrust faster in Mariah’s mouth. I had been surprised at
just how loose her
mouth and throat was. Sure, she continued to choke and gag, but it was not
as loud as Ihad thought it would be.
Mariah just stared up at me, a look of fury on her face and in her eyes.
If looks could
kill, I knew I would be a dead man right then. Mariah just lay there.
I started to work my prick even faster in Mariah’s mouth. To look down
and see that
pretty face with my hard prick going in and out was overwhelming to me.
Mariah heard me groan softly, and she now started to steel herself,
because she knew
what it meant, and she didn’t like it at all. She again tried to scream.
The vibration of the scream, the pretty face of Mariah, the curve of her
throat. I came
and came and came, wave after wave of jizz now shot in her mouth, my prick
stayingwhere it was until she was finally to swallow all of it.
Mariah had tears in her eyes as she felt me slowly pull my prick from
her mouth. She
had never been comfortable with oral sex, and now she had just been forced
to swallowthe seed of her attacker.
I slowly rolled off to the side of Mariah. It had been one of the
greatest days of my life.
Not only did I meet the star of my dreams, I had fucked her like few others
ever had.
Mariah had rolled off to the side. She was shaking and sobbing, her own
personal pain
obvious. But I was staring at one of the nicest asses that I had ever seen
in my life.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddd!" shrieked Mariah loudly. "Nooooooooo!
I quickly rolled Mariah on her stomach, then, watching her ass cheeks
jiggle, I thrust
down and in Mariah’s fleshy, ass, sinking slowly in the tightest ass ever.
Mariah shrieked and screamed and sobbed, trying to grind away from me.
She would
never admit it to anyone, but she had never had her ass fucked, and the pain
I finally sank all the way in Mariah’s ass. Her brown hair was a mess as
I started to
work in and out, the pain obvious from her shrieks and sobs and crying.
Mariah shook her head from side to side and up and down, the pain so
brilliant shetried to do everything she could to control it.
I started to thrust faster and faster. I wasn’t just fucking the ass of
someone off the
street. I was on the beach fucking the ass of one of the most famous singers
in the world,
and her screams told me I was doing it right. Mariah felt the fight
drain out of her. Her
legs were tired from being spread open when I fucked her, and her mouth
continued toache from me forcing her to suck me. She now collapsed to the
It felt so good on my prick when that happened. Mariah just lay there
and I fucked her
ass like I have never fucked a woman before. I didn’t care now about the
law, about how
much I respected Mariah as a singer. All I cared about was getting fucked.
Mariah could feel the pain explode again and again. She thought she saw
stars now,
and every breath became a torture to her as she felt me quicken my pace.
I came and came and came, my jism in the ass of my dreams girl. I didn’t
know it then,
but my seed shot where no man’s ever had. I was just proud of being able to
fuck her ass,and proud not to be deaf after all the screaming she had done.
Mariah gave one final shriek as she felt me pull out of her ass. She had
been used and
abused like a common whore, and she sobbed fully now as she saw me start to
walk up
the beach. She slowly stood, found the tatters of her bikini, then headed
back to her hotel.
She soon found that this was only the start of the worst vacation ever.
Mariah walked slowly back to the hotel. She had tried to put the
bikini back on, but I
had ripped it to shreds. She could feel her pussy ache, where I had savagely
fucked it, andher ass would never be the same.
Heidi was the only one at the desk. The pretty golden haired blonde
liked working the
late shift. There was usually very little to do. It was like getting paid
for doing nothing.
Mariah scanned the lobby before she came in. She didn’t want a guy to
see her,
knowing who she was. She knew she couldn’t cover both her breasts and her
pussy at thesame time.
Heidi looked up in shock to see Mariah as she came in the door. She knew
the star was
staying here, but she had never been confronted with the sight of a woman
almost nakedwalking in the door.
"P-P-lease help me," said Mariah. "I’ve been raped." Heidi now
caught Mariah as she
started to collapse to the floor. She quickly pulled her behind the desk so
no one couldsee her, then looked down at the star.
"Call the police," whispered Mariah. "please." Heidi reached for the
phone, then
stopped. If sghe called the police, then she would have to call the manager.
With it being
so late, she knew instinctively she would be blamed, probably fired.
Mariah stared at Heidi.
"I said call the police," she said louder now than before. "I’ve been
attacked." Heidi stared down at Mariah.
"If I do that, I may get fired," said Heidi. "Let’s get you back to your
suite, Ms. Carey."
"Call the damn police!" said Mariah. She now stood, leaving her bikini
on the floor.
She slapped Heidi across the face as hard as she could, then scratched her.
Heidi stared at Mariah in disbelief, then slapped her back. Heidi
brought up a knee,
then quickly sank it in Mariah’s midsection. Heidi slapped Mariah again.
Mariah went to her knees. Heidi kicked her again and again, and, with a
final slap,
knocked Mariah to the ground. She stared up at the angry blonde. Heidi
looked around,
seeing the empty lobby. She reached under her short skirt, then pulled down
her panties.
She slapped Mariah until blood appeared at the corners of the singer’s
"Lick me!" yelled Heidi. "You god damned whore! I said lick me!" Now!"
pulled up her skirt, showing off her thick golden bush. She pulled Mariah
between herlegs, then pulled on her hair.
Mariah couldn’t believe what was happening to her. First she had been
attacked on the beach, now a crazed blonde was forcing her between her legs.
Heidi smiled as Mariah suddenly started to tongue her. She moaned in
looking down at the crying face of the most famous singer in the world as
she licked herpussy.
Mariah had never licked a woman before, but she knew if she did it
wrong, Heidi
would attack her again, and she didn’t want that. She continued to lick up
and downHeidi’s slit.
Heidi felt her pussy warm to Mariah’s tongue. To look down and see her
golden bush,
to see Mariah’s tongue in the middle of it, was such a turn on to her.
Mariah was crying as she licked Heidi. As helpless as she had felt when
I fucked her,
she now felt even more helpless. How do you fight a woman? Heidi now
started to
fuck Mariah’s tongue, fuck the singer’s face. She could feel her juices
flowing, and she
didn’t care if her honey messed up the face of Mariah. She could feel her
pussy explodingin pleasure, and that was all she cared about.
Mariah heard the moans of pleasure, and felt her disgust rise in her.
She had been
spread open and fucked like a whore, and now she was being forced to lick a
woman just
because the woman didn’t want to lose her job. Heidi came now, her honey
the face of the singer, her juice also getting in Mariah’s hair. Heidi now
slapped Mariahas she allowed her to drop to the floor.
Mariah lay there, wondering what she had done wrong, wondering what she
would donext. Heidi soon provided an answer as she again began kicking the
Heidi watched Mariah start to crawl to the elevator. She now tackled the
singer. She
stared at Mariah’s pussy closely, staring into the forest of hair.
Mariah was shocked
when Heidi suddenly rolled on top of her. She didn’t even have time to
scream as she sawHeidi’s thick, golden bush start to descend on her face.
"Ohhhhhhh Godddddddddddddd" moaned Heidi in obvious pleasure. "Lickkk
Heidi now started to fuck Mariah’s face with all the fury of a woman
angry at the
world. She didn’t care about Mariah, or her rape. She cared only about her
own pleasure.
Mariah was crying and shaking. She stuck out her tongue, and she
couldn’t believe it as
Heidi started to fuck Mariah’s tongue, Mariah’s face. Heidi could feel
her groin
exploding in pleasure. She now sank one finger in Mariah’s pussy, then two.
She did itout of savagery, not because she wanted Mariah to feel pleasure.
Mariah couldn’t believe that Heidi added a third finger in her pussy.
Mariah had
masturbated, but she had never sunk three of her own fingers in herself. Now
a hotel deskclerk was doing just that to her as she rode her face.
Heidi had an evil smile on her face as she slowly sank a fourth finger
in Mariah’s
pussy. It was obvious from the strangled cries beneath her that Mariah was
not enjoying
Heidi’s attack, and the pretty blonde enjoyed that. Mariah had never had
her face so
viciously fucked in her life. As viciously as I had forced her to suck me,
Heidi was muchmore savage as she rolled her pussy down and around.
Heidi moaned as she humped Mariah’s face, then sank a fifth finger in
Mariah’s pussy.
Heidi made a fist, and as Mariah screamed in pain, Heidi felt her pussy
Mariah was shrieking and screaming and sobbing, being forced to lick all
of Heidi’s
honey as the blonde spread it around Mariah’s face, the pain overwhelming
her as Heidifisted Mariah.
Heidi lifted off of Mariah, but her lust was not sated. She kept her
fist where it was and
started to finger herself. She slapped Mariah’s ass, forcing the singer to
crawl for theelevator.
Mariah saw the elevator open, and she now lunged for it, pulling off the
fist in her, and
collapsing to the floor of the elevator, sobbing at the feet of Mark.
Heidi smiled as the elevator closed. Mark liked to fuck, and he now had
a naked woman at his feet. Heidi pulled her skirt back down and went back to
desk. Mark couldn’t believe his eyes as the elevator doors closed. Here
Mariah Carey, his favorite singer, holding the tatters of her bikini,
nipples visible, her thick pussy hair visible.
Mariah was still in shock as she collapsed against the back of the
elevator. My attack on her had left her in a lot of pain, but
attack had left her with little emotion left.
Mark saw Mariah, and he started to get hard. Here was a pretty woman
showing off all she had, and she was crying as well. He now came to
had collapsed.
Mariah screamed when Mark grabbed her, then cried even harder as he
started to slap her again and again. She blanched when she heard a
suddenly she was being forced to suck him.
Mark couldn’t believe what he was doing. He could feel his prick curve
down the back of the throat of Mariah, and as she started to choke and
moaned. Mariah felt sick as Mark started to slowly work in and out of
She was being forced to be a sexual plaything for men, and she didn’t
at all.
Mark started to thrust his prick faster and faster in Mariah’s mouth.He
looked down, still in shock that his hard prick was in the mouth of themost
famous singer in America.
Mariah was choking badly, and she shocked herself, shocked Mark whenshe
suddenly started to suck Mark’s prick. Mariah was feeling desperate, andshe
didn’t care what her attacker thought.
Mark could feel his prick exploding, and he knew he was close.
faster and faster, feeling the wild tongue of Mariah, closing his eyes,
imagining that she really wanted him to do what he was doing.
Mariah heard the soft moans of Mark, and she started to sob again.Here
was another bastard of a man who was going to drain himself in her
she was not happy. She felt Mark quicken his pace again.
Mark was fucking Mariah’s face as quickly as he could. He had promised
himself he would go slowly, but just the feel of Mariah’s wet mouth on
his prick explode again and again.
Mariah choked even more when Mark came and came and came, his jizz
shooting in her mouth and down her throat. She felt sick when Mark
his prick and shot the last of his load on her face.
Mark grabbed the soft hair of his favorite singer, and he wiped offhis
prick. He was surprised that his prick was still hard, but he was
he had more planned for the slut.
Mariah was sobbing and crying on the floor. Why was all of
to her. She was a star, and yet everyone here in Hawaii was treating
herlike a
common whore.
Mark stared down at Mariah, stared at the thick hair on her pussy.Mark
had a sudden desire to see more. He slapped Mariah, ripped the bikiniagain,
then spread Mariah open.
"Nooooooooooo!" Mariah screamed, though she knew it was useless in the
elevator. "Godddddddddddddd! Pleassseeeeeeeeeeee! Stoppppppppppp!"
Mark spread Mariah’s pussy as wide open as he could in the
watching to see the pink inner part of Mariah’s pussy. He suddenly surged
forward and entered Mariah.
Mariah groaned, then slapped Mark as he sank and sank in her pussy.Only
when he was fully in Mariah did he start to slowly thrust in and out ofher.
Mark was surprised at just how tight Mariah was. Her thick pubic hair
tickled his prick as he started to go in and out, Mariah’s struggles
even better for him.
Mariah kicked Mark, then slapped him. Mark responded by fucking Mariah
even harder than he was. He knew there was no escape for the singer, so he
didn’t worry about her attack.
Mark was surprised when Mariah scratched him, but he continued tothrust
in and out of Mariah. To look down and see his own prick in the pussy
just overwhelmed his mind.
Mariah could feel Mark quickening his pace, and she slumped againstthe
wall and the floor. Mark took this as a sign that she really did want
he thrust faster and faster.
Mark was in heaven as he fucked Mariah. Her hairy pussy, her
was under him, though he knew that his friends would never believe that
fucked someone so famous.
Mariah was crying and shaking in shock, the night’s events takingtheir
toll on her body. She was being spread again and she had no reaction now.
Mark came and came and came, shooting his jizz deep in Mariah’s
continued to enjoy the tightness as he thrust in and out, enjoying
the sobbing.
Mariah felt Mark pull out of her pussy, but all she could do
to sob and shake. She tried to roll off to the side, but he was kissingher,
and she didn’t like that at all.
Mark watched as Mariah tried to turn away from him, and it angeredhim.
After all, he was different, and she HAD fucked him. He stared down at
ass. "Godddddddddddddd!" shrieked Mariah deafening herself and Mark in
process. "Nooooooooooooooo!"
Mark went to his knees and, before the singer could stop him, beforeshe
could even react, he thrust as hard and as deep as he could into Mariah’s
fleshy, well formed ass.
Mariah saw stars as she felt Mark enter her ass, then quickly start to
thrust in and out. She felt so abandoned, so used as he worked in and outof
her. Mark could feel Mariah grind away from him, trying to escape him,
trying to escape his prick as he thrust faster and faster in her ass. His
were on her hips, gripping tightly.
Mariah shrieked with every stroke as Mark fucked her ass. She hadnever
felt this hopeless, but she suddenly wondered if she would ever be the same
again. Tonight was changing her life, and she wasn’t sure how to handle it.
Mark could feel his prick exploding with every stroke in and out of
Mariah’s ass. She was so tight back here, and her ass muscles were
so hard. Mariah’s hair was flying everywhere as she again experienced
horrifying pain o0f having her ass fucked. As she had with me, the pain was
intense and her screams were even louder.
Mark started to quicken his prick in Mariah’s ass. He knew he couldn’t
last very long. After all, this was Mariah Carey, and he was deep in
her ass.
Mariah had again collapsed to the floor of the elevator, the painsimply
too much for her. She still shrieked with every stroke, but she knew how
helpless she really was.
Mark came and came and came, shooting his hot come in Mariah’s ass,
staying deep in the singer’s ass as he softened. Finally, he pulled
out, enjoying the final shriek of pain.
Mariah lay there, and she saw Mark dress himself. The bell rang, andshe
literally crawled out of the elevator, Mark behind her, spanking her tomake
her move.
Mark saw Mariah’s door, and he quickly opened it with his pass key. He
stared down one final time, enjoying the sight of Mariah’s ass,
then closed the door.
Mariah lay there for several moments, then crawled towards thebathroom.
She wanted to have a long bath before she decided what to do next. Her sobs
were audible as she settled in the water.
Mariah crawled into her hotel room. Mark’s spanking had made her angry,
and as she
lay there, crying, she vowed she would try to get revenge. Connie was
the manager of
the hotel. She prided herself on her ability for customer service. In the
five years she had
worked at the hotel, she had been able to resolve nearly every problem.
Mariah knew she wouldn’t be believed. She forgot her nudity for the
moment and
picked up the house phone. She requested the manager, then asked Connie to
come to hersuite, putting down the phone without explanation after her
Connie headed for the elevator to go up to Mariah’s room. From the sound
of thesinger’s voice, Connie knew a star tantrum was coming, something she
used to,something she had never grown to like a lot.
Mariah stood by the door, naked as the day she was born. She was growing
with every passing moment, and when she heard the elevator door open, she
was readyfor Connie. Connie knocked at the door.
Mariah opened the door, motioning Connie inside.
Connie gasped at the sight of the naked body of Mariah. "Ms. Carey?"
Mariah started to cry again.
"I was d-d-d-down on the beach," she said in a barely audible tone.
"I’ve been r-r-r-raped."
Connie stared at the singer, then reached for the phone.
Mariah grabbed Connie’s arm. "Who are you going to call?"
Connie put on her best face as she answered.
"The general manager of the hotel must be called," she said now. "The
police have to
be called. A doctor must be called up here." Mariah thought momentarily,
then shookher head.
"Not the police," she said. "Then the papers will find out. I can’t have
that." Connie was firm.
"The police are used to being discreet," said Connie. "Also, we have
security here at
the hotel that must be informed. The desk people- Mariah glared at
"One of your desk people attacked me when I came in the door."
Connie was shocked. "I beg your pardon?" Mariah looked away.
"One of your desk people attacked me," she said now. "Heidi." Connie
had a curious look on her face. "Heidi is a woman."
"I know, " said Mariah, blushing. "She forced me to -to-to" Connie
stared at Mariah. "What?" Mariah almost whispered her answer.
"She forced me to lick her?"
Connie was both shocked and, distantly, excited. Connie had always
wondered what it
would be like to be with another woman, and Heidi had apparently decided to
find out. Mariah stared at Connie.
"The elevator operator raped me as well."
Connie had a look of disbelief on her face, one that was quickly turning
"So let me understand you," said Connie. "First you were attacked on the
beach, then in the lobby, then in the elevator?" Mariah nodded.
"And you expect me to call the police with that story?" Mariah now
stared at Connie, noting the look on her face, the sound in her voice.
"I’ve been attacked," said Mariah. "Just look at me." Connie in fact
had been noticing Mariah, noticing her body. Connie decided her own breasts
larger than the superstar’s, and her pussy was much better.
Mariah saw the stare, and she suddenly was angry.
"You don’t believe me!" she said now. "Bitch!" Mariah slapped
Connie, who rubbedthe side of her face where Mariah had landed her blow.
"Look, slut," said Connie in a menacing tone. "I don’t know what you are
trying to pull,
but I am suspicious. You expect me to believe that someone fucked you on the
beach?With no apparent witnesses? You expect me to believe that our employee
of the year
Heidi forced you to lick her pussy? You expect me to believe that Mark then
was able to
fuck you in the confines of a small elevator? Gee, I don’t know why I’m
Connie turned to the door, ready to leave. Mariah grabbed her and turned
Connie backaround to face her.
"Listen to me, hired help," she snarled. "I-I-I-" Connie slapped
Mariah hard across
the face, then quickly followed with another slap and another. Mariah went
to her knees,and that’s when Connie kicked her again and again and again.
Mariah collapsed to the floor under the weight of the attack. She stared
up into the
furious eyes of Connie, and she was sickened when Connie started to strip.
Connie was surprised as well as she quickly stripped off her skirt. As
her panties hit
the floor, she realized she was no better than Heidi. Connie smiled at the
humiliation thetwo girls now shared.
Mariah screamed as she saw Connie’s thick black pussy fur descend
towards her. Here,
now, was even worse. This was a management person, someone who should be
sympathetic towards her.
Connie moaned as her knees hit the floor, as her pussy now covered
Mariah’s face.
Without even trying, Connie started to fuck Mariah’s face with sure, quick
Mariah had never been more stunned, more saddened. She was again being
and the promise of Connie’s high position in the hotel told Mariah that her
problems werefar from over.
Connie was surprised just how turned on she was. Whether it was pent-up
passion, or
the excitement of being with a woman for the first time, Connie was sure of
herself forthe first time.
Mariah continued to try and escape, but she was again just as helpless
as she had been
when Heidi violated her like this. She had never been forced to lick pussy,
and she didn’t
know how to fight someone on top of her. Connie drove her hips faster
and faster,
more and more of her pussy on the face of Mariah. To be able to look down
and see her
own thick pussy hair of someone so famous. It made her passion boil even
Mariah was crying and shaking as she felt Connie continue riding her
face. Her body
ached from the two rapes by the men, and her neck and head hurt from the two
attacks bythe women.
Connie could feel everything rising, everything exploding. Every time
she ground her
hips down and around Mariah’s face, snakes of passion tingled up and down.
Her thickblack pussy hair was now plastered against her body by the wetness.
Mariah screamed as Connie came and came and came, Connie’s inner juices
the face of the most famous female singer in the world, the face now shiny
Connie continued to ride Mariah’s face even after her orgasm. It had
been an earth
shattering event, and she continued to ride Mariah’s face mostly to keep her
pussy hot.
Mariah’s tears appeared immediately after Connie rolled off Mariah’s
face. She sobbed
and her body shook as the manager sat there staring down at her. Connie
fascinated by Mariah’s body. She reached over and tweaked the hardened
nipple of the
singer, watching Mariah’s breast jiggle as she struggled with the pain.
Mariah was almost at the edge of her sanity as Connie stared down
between Mariah’s
legs, as Connie stared at the pussy of Mariah. Mariah covered herself, but
she knewConnie was still turned on.
Connie had wanted to see what it was like to finger a woman, so she now
slipped a
finger into Mariah. She watched as her finger easily slipped into the pussy.
Mariah screamed when Connie started to stroke her finger in and out. It
was happening
to her again, and there seemed to be no one to try and stop her. Connie
suddenly found
herself using her finger quicker and quicker. She now started to understand
why menliked to finger women before they fucked them.
Mariah seemed to scream even louder when Connie allowed a second finger
to join the
first. The two fingers were pumping in and out of her pussy at a furious
Connie was now getting into the attack on Mariah’s pussy with more verve
and more
energy. The two fingers disappeared from sight, the feel of Mariah’s pussy
hair bringing asmile to Connie’s face.
Mariah was disgusted by the sight of the smile on Mariah’s face, was
disgusted when
Connie let a third finger now join the other two in her pussy. Connie
had never been
able to get more than two fingers in her own pussy when she masturbated, so
to be ableto get three in Mariah’s pussy was overwhelming to Connie.
Mariah was still sobbing and shaking, and when the fourth finger slipped
in her pussy,all of her confidence was gone, all her faith in herself had
been evaporated.
Connie knew she had to try it, knew she would never forgive herself if
she didn’t do it.
She quickly and suddenly made a fist and slowly entered Mariah’s pussy.
Mariah shrieked at the top of her voice as the fist now slowly stroked
in and out.
Connie was staring down between Mariah’s legs, and appeared not to listen to
Mariah’sscreams of pain.
Connie fisted Mariah faster and faster, the idea of fisting Mariah Carey
turning her on
as much as the sight of her fist and wrist disappearing deep into the thick
pussy hair.
Mariah knew now that Connie was over the edge, and she knew to resist
was futile.
Mariah suddenly collapsed completely, allowing her pussy to be fisted. All
she wanted todo was survive.
Connie moaned in pleasure. She was now fingering herself even as she
fisted Mariah.
Her two fingers on one hand matched the five she had in Mariah. Suddenly,
with whitehot fury, Connie came and came, her orgasm overwhelming herself.
Mariah heard the moans, heard and could see Connie have her orgasm.
suddenly kicked Connie, then tried to stand, pulling Connie’s fist out of
her pussy.
Connie was almost helpless as Mariah kicked her again and again as she
rode out the
waves of her orgasm. She could see Mariah running for the door, the sight of
Mariah’sfleshy ass bringing a smile to her face.
Mariah threw open the door, ready to make her escape. Mariah screamed at
the sudden
appearance of Jim, the head of operations at the hotel. Mariah tried to
cover herself with
her hands, but Jim quickly and violently slapped her. Connie smiled as
the singer
slowly backed into the room. When Jim slammed the door shut, Connie knew
that theevening was just beginning, both for herself and the singer.
Mariah screamed as Jim slapped her again and again.
Jim watched as Mariah fell to the floor. His prick was hard as he
unzipped his pants.
He spied Connie and motioned her forward to where he was standing. "Pin
her down,"
he yelled, staring at the pretty brunette, staring at her thick pussy hair,
staring at the thrust
forward pussy she was now showing off. Mariah screamed as she felt
Connie pin her
hands above her. She heard a loud zipper, and before she knew what was
happening, shesaw Jim’s pants on the floor.
"Ohhhhhhhh Godddddddddddddd!" shrieked Mariah. "Noooooooooooo!
Jim quickly went to his knees, and as he kissed Connie passionately, he
grabbedMariah’s legs and spread her open, then thrust down and in.
screamed and
kicked and fought as Jim sank all the way down in her. She stared down at
him, tears andfury in her eyes before her view was suddenly blocked.
Jim was excited when Connie shifted forward, then placed her thick pussy
hair across
the face of Connie, Connie thrusting her pussy forward and down to muffle
the screamsof the famous singer.
Mariah felt even more helpless than she had previously. What was she to
do? If she
opened her mouth to scream, Connie was sitting on her face. Yet she knew she
had toprotest what was happening to her.
Jim now started to slowly but regularly fuck down and in Mariah’s pussy.
He noted
how tight it still was, noted the sight of his prick in her own thick fleece
of pussy hair.
Mariah felt the pain slowly spreading through her body. Almost against
her will, she
opened her mouth to scream, and when she did, Connie started to fuck her
face evenharder.
Jim now started to thrust in and out even faster, smiling at the thought
of fucking
Mariah Carey, a big star, and watching his girlfriend Connie sit on her
Mariah struggled and sputtered, trying to scream through the pussy of
Connie, trying to
endure the pain of Jim as he spread her and fucked her. Yet another guy
fucking heragainst her will.
Jim went faster and faster, his eyes locked on Connie’s. The young
couple fucked in
unison, Connie on Mariah’s face, Jim deep in her pussy. He moaned as he came
and cameand came, shooting his jizz deep in Mariah.
Mariah was overwhelmed in horror and disgust as Connie came and came and
came,her inner juices flooding Mariah’s face, Connie happy that she had come
the same timeas her boyfriend.
Jim laid on top of Mariah, trying to force a kiss on her, tasting the
sweet nectar of
Connie as she lifted off of Mariah’s face. He smiled as tears again filled
her face.
Mariah didn’t know what to expect now. She had been raped and attacked
by Connie,
and the fact that she had helped Jim fuck her told her the night was far
from over.
Jim now took his prick out of Mariah, and he now crawled up the body of
Mariah, his
eyes still locked on Connie as the young brunette now fingered herself.
Mariah heard the loud moans of Connie and, as she looked up at her, was
againdisgusted by the sight of Connie’s inner pinkness as the brunette
Jim had his prick hard in seconds, and as Mariah looked back down at
him, Jim
surprised her by slapping her, then stroking his prick in her mouth.
Mariah sputtered
and choked and gagged as she felt Jim sink all the way deep in her mouth.
She had been
forced to do this so many times tonight, she was almost not disgusted.
Jim now started to thrust his prick slowly in and out of the mouth of
Mariah. To look
down and see such a star as Mariah Carey sucking on his prick made him
explode a littlebit on the inside.
Mariah just lay there, enduring the disgusting prick of her attacker,
when she suddenly
gasped and choked again. Another tongue was joining hers Connie now
licked Jim’s
prick as it went in and out of the mouth of Mariah. She wanted her boyfriend
to enjoy hisattack of the superstar, and she knew it would make even more of
impression on thestar.
Jim went faster and faster, knowing he would never be able to last very
long now. To
force Mariah to suck him was enough of a turn on, to look down and see his
prettybrunette girlfriend lick him as well was almost too much. Mariah
continued to choke
and gag as Jim went faster and faster. She had lost all hope now. She had
really thought
calling the manager had been a good idea, but she now wished she had just
kept quiet.
Jim could feel his prick exploding as he neared his peak. Connie licking
his prick,Mariah’s cool mouth on him as well, just made him explode every
Mariah was sickened as Jim came and came and came, his jizz shooting in
her mouth
and down her throat. She was disgusted that Connie pinched her nose and made
swallow Jim’s jizz.
Jim didn’t have time to collapse this time. Connie grabbed his prick and
started to suckon him for all she was worth, continuing until he was again
Mariah saw this, and she wondered to herself just how sick Connie was,
just what the
brunette slut had planned for her. The evil glint in Connie’s eyes scared
Jim wondered as well. He watched in wonderment as Connie slapped Mariah
and again, then turned her over and started to spank the singer. Connie now
got out of theway, leaving Mariah’s ass exposed to Jim.
"Nooooooooooooooooo!" shrieked Mariah as loudly as she could, seemingly
the window to the balcony. "Myyyyyyyyyyy Goddddddddddd! Stopppppppppppp!"
Jim moved forward, grabbed the hips of one of the most famous singers in
the world,
then thrust as hard and ass deep as he could into Mariah’s fleshy, perfect
Mariah was hysterically shrieking and crying, the returning pain so
intense every
breath was again like torture. Mariah wasn’t sure of how much more of this
she couldtake.
Jim now slowly started to thrust in and out of Mariah’s ass, his eyes
again locked on
Connie as his brunette girlfriend fingered herself momentarily, then laid
down nearMariah’s face.
Mariah felt a hand on her neck and she was both startled and horrified
to see Connie
squirm into position. Connie now forced Mariah’s face down into her pussy.
Jim started to fuck Mariah’s ass faster. Her jiggling backside was still
incredibly tight,
and the sight of seeing his girlfriend forcing Mariah’s face down into her
pussy was agood one.
Connie moaned as she slapped Mariah, then forced her to lick her. Every
time Mariah
tried to shriek in pain from Jim thrusting deep in Mariah’s ass, Connie
forced her pussy in
front of the singer and made her lick Connie. Mariah was close to being
in shock
again. She had endured nothing but pain and misery tonight, and she could
not see an end
to it all. She was the subject of a disgusting attack, and it seemed no one
would help her.
Jim went faster and faster, the grip of Mariah’s ass muscles working
wonders on Jim’s
prick. He didn’t know which was better, the feel of Mariah’s ass, the
shrieks she gave off,
or the sight of his girlfriend forcing Mariah down into her pussy.
Mariah heard and felt Jim come and come and come. She was being held to
pussy, and she could tell the brunette had come at the same time as well.
Jim now collapsed on the back of Mariah, which forced the singer down
into Connie’s
pussy. All three lay there, Mariah again shrieking when Jim pulled his prick
out ofMariah’s ass.
As Jim now moved to start fucking Connie, they watched with a smile as
slowly crawled to the door, the sight of her jiggling ass a turn on to both.
Outside, Shari had been about to knock on the door. She was publicist
for the hotel.She was shocked when Mariah came out of the room naked and

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