The Rape Of Torrie Wilson [Parts 1-10]

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The Rape of Torrie Wilson [Parts 1-10]

Things hadn’t been going too well for Torrie Wilson. A couple years ago
she’d been the hottest up and coming woman in professional wrestling. Now,
she was out of a job along with a lot of other former WCW employees. Still
the former fitness model wanted to keep her shape, and continued to go to the
gym, several times a week. Torrie knew she would be recognized if she went
during regular operating hours, so she got a member ship at a local 24 hour
workout center, and went late at night when not many other people were
around. Jake owned the fitness center, and once he found
out Torrie had
become a member of his gym, he scheduled an appointment to meet with her in

Torrie arrived a couple minutes early one evening to meet with Jake. She
was wearing a turquoise spandex jumpsuit, with white tennis shoes, and
carrying a small fitness bag. At his first sight of the blond bombshell in
person, Jake almost blew his load right there just looking at her.

“Hello, Ms. Wilson. I’m glad to see you could meet me,” Jake said as he
shook her hand.

Torrie smiled and said, “Thank you, I’m pleased to meet you too, Jake.”
They sat down in his office.

“I want you to know, I know who you are, Ms. Wilson.”

Torrie stared at him with a confused look. He was kind of handsome, she
thought to herself. And it was obvious he used his facilities from the look
of his build.

“And because of that, I’m going to make special arrangements for you to
have the gym all to yourself whenever you want. The only person who will know
you’re here is me, if that’s alright with you.”

“Yeah, that’s fine,” Torrie said with a smile.

She knew Jake would make a move on her if they were alone, and that was
just fine with her.

“Great, then lets say the gym is all yours, from midnight to three a.m.
every night.”

“That works for me.”

“Then its a deal,” Jake said as he shook her hand.

“Thanks,” Torrie said as she grabbed her bag, and left the office.

Jake just sat there, watching her beautiful spandex clad ass as she walked
out the door of his office. She turned around in the doorway, and noticed him
checking her out. She smiled and winked at him, and then left. Damn, thought
Jake, what he wouldn’t do to fuck that perfect looking ass.

Torrie had been working out at the gym for a couple of weeks. Her and
Jake were the only people who ever knew she was there. Torrie usually worked
out alone, while Jake sat at the front desk, watching her on the security
cameras. One night, Torrie knew she was going to do a very heavy workout, and
asked Jake to spot her on a couple of reps on the bench. Jake didn’t mind
this at all. Watching the beads of sweat roll down her sexy body as she
lifted the weights made him horny as hell, and he struggled to concentrate on
spotting her. The work out made Torrie hot as well.

When she was done, Torrie said, “I think I’ll take a couple of laps in the
pool to cool off.”

“Mind if I join you,” asked Jake.

“Oh not at all,” Torrie said with a smile.

After changing into their swimsuits, Torrie and Jake met at the pool.
Torrie was in a two-piece red thong bikini, while Jake had on a set of
boxer-style swimtrunks.

“You know Torrie, normally that kind of swimsuit wouldn’t be allowed.”
“But you’re gonna make an exception this time around right,” Torrie said
as she pointed to Jake’s woody, causing his trunks to shoot forward.

Jake blushed, “Maybe I better jump in the pool to try and calm myself

Jake jumped into the pool.

Torrie got in also and swam towards him.

“Are you calmed down,” she asked as she wrapped her arms around his

“Um, a little,” Jake said with a smile.

Torrie went under the water, and pulled down Jake’s trunks. Underneath the
water she could see his erect dick. She went back up from under the water.
“I don’t think you calmed down at all. You know, it’s not good to go
swimming with a woody like that. You might hurt yourself.”

Torrie slid back under the water, and grabbed his dick. She stuck it in
her mouth, and started to suck hard. She could hear Jake moan up above the
water, and knew it wouldn’t be long until he blew his load. She started
pumping his dick with both her hands, and licked around the tip with her hot
tongue. Jake arched his back and shot his load right down Torrie’s throat.
Torrie came up from under the water, and gave Jake a warm passionate kiss.
Then she went back down underneath, and cleaned him off.

Jake was in heaven. Torrie was better than he could’ve ever dreamed. She
came back up again, and floated on her back. Jake waded over to her and undid
her top. He rubbed her erect nipples, and then leaned down to suck on her
beautifully toned jugs one at a time. Torrie moaned as he licked around her
nipples faster and faster. Jake reached down, and slid off Torrie’s thong.
They were both now completely naked in the pool. Torrie continued to float on
her back as Jake reached down and started fingering her clit. The combination of the Jake’s finger doing
their magic, and the water from the pool rushing up inside of her caused
Torrie to arch her back and let out a loud moan as she had her first orgasm.
Jake leaned down, and licked Torrie’s nicely shaved pussy, returning the
favor from earlier. Torrie had another orgasm.

“Do you want it Torrie?”

“OH, Give it to me. Fuck me hard, Jake.”

They wrapped their arms around each other, and Jake thrust his eight
inches into Torrie’s loosened snatch.

“OOOOHHHH,” Torrie moaned as Jake penetrated her.

Jake buried his face into Torrie’s beautiful tits, as the two of them got
a rhythm going.

“OOOOHHHH, argh, ungh, ugh ugh ugh,” Torrie thrashed in the water as Jake
slamfucked her.

“AAAHHH, UUUNNNH, OOOHHH OOOHHH, AAAHHH,” Torrie had another mind blowing
orgasm, as Jake blew his load up inside of her.

Torrie was disoriented after being fucked like that. She made her way over
to the edge of the pool. She was too tired to actually get out of the pool,
so she just laid over the edge of the pool and rested her head on her arms.
Jake swam over behind her, and entered her snatch again from behind.
“Ooohhh, oh yeah, fuck me again. Don’t stop. Fuck me, fuck me Jake.”
Jake held onto her hips and continued to thrust himself up into Torrie
from behind. He was making good contact with her G-spot. She would cum again
any second now. He stuck his thumb up her ass.

“Ungh, uh Jake, what are you doing?”

“I’m loosening you up baby. Relax.”

“Uhn, no Jake, don’t stick it in my ass.”

Jake kept pumping Torrie from behind, and added his index and middle
fingers up inside of her ass. He was now totally stroking her bunghole.
“UUUGGGHHH, Jake, aaahhh, stop it. Get your fingers out of my ass,” Torrie
begged as he continued to rub her in both holes.

“AAAGGGHHH,” Torrie screamed as she had another huge orgasm.

Jake just left his dick and fingers in her for a moment, and stopped
grinding. “You’ve never taken it in the ass, have you Torrie?”

“Uh, no I…Ungh,” Torrie yelped as Jake pulled out of her snatch, and
shoved his whole eight inches into her tight virgin ass.

Jake was ready to bust a nut right then and there, but he wanted to enjoy
the tightness of this perfectly toned tight ass. Jake started pumping her
hard, causing Torrie to whine and sob with every hard deep thrust.

“Oh, (sob) ungh, stop this, (sob)ahh, please ohh, (sob) uhh.

“Oh, I’ll stop when I’m done having my fun bitch,” Jake said as he reached
in front of her and fingered her clit.

If Torrie wasn’t so tired, she would’ve tried to get away. But Jake was a
pretty big guy anyways, so she probably wouldn’t have stood a chance of
escaping even if he hadn’t fucked her so hard earlier. She tried not to enjoy
it. Tried not to give Jake the satisfaction of this disgusting act, but he
was pumping her good, and his fingers weren’t doing such a bad job either.

“(sob) Oh, I don’t want to, but UNNGGHH, AAHH, I’m ooh ungh uhh, cuming,

Torrie fell limp as Jake blew his load up her perfect ass. Jake, held his
wood up in her, and just grinded on her tight ass, causing him to blow
another small load up inside of her.

Jake got his trunks and Torrie’s bikini, and got out of the pool. He laid
Torrie’s bikini next to her by the poolside where she was still laying over
the edge.

“The pool is all yours now Torrie. Thanks for the swim and the nice fuck.”
Torrie was still too tired to get out of the pool, and she just continued
to lay up against the edge. She cried at the way she had just been violated
by Jake and passed out in humiliation of herself.

Torrie woke up a few hours later. She quickly put her swimsuit back on,
and went to Jake’s office. Jake was sitting behind his desk when Torrie
barged in.

“Well, good morning Torrie. How are you?”

“Fuck you, Jake. As of right now, I’m no longer a member of this gym.”

“Oh, I think you’re gonna be a member at this gym for a very long time

“Yeah right, Jake. You know, you didn’t stop when I said to stop last
night. That constitutes as rape. I’ll just tell the cops and this little
rats nest will be boarded up, and then you’ll be the one getting fucked in
the ass when you’re doing hard time.”

“No no, you don’t understand, Torrie. I know you’re trying to get back
into the wrestling business. But if anybody sees the tape we made last night,
the only federation that will hire you will be XPW.”

“You’re bluffing, you don’t have a tape of anything.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. I installed security cameras over by the pool
a couple of months ago. Go see for yourself if you don’t believe me.”

Torrie walked out of the office and back over to the pool. She looked up
at the ceiling and aimed right at her was the security cameras Jake had told
her about.

Jake had followed her to the pool.

“You see Torrie, you walk, and I’ll make a copy of that tape for anybody
who wants it.”

Torrie’s eyes began to well up with tears as she realized the predicament
she had gotten herself into. What could Jake possibly want her to do in order
to get that tape back?

Several weeks had passed since Torrie Wilson had been violated by Jake,
the owner of the gym she worked out at. She wished she could quit coming
here, but she had no idea what Jake would do with that tape of him and her.
Thankfully, Jake hadn’t bothered her since then, but that didn’t mean he
wouldn’t somewhere down the line. Torrie thought to herself that he probably
just wacked off to the tape, and that was why he had left her alone. The
truth was, Jake did wack off to that tape, but in all realism, he yearned to
fuck Torrie again. He was just waiting for the right time to make his move.
He watched Torrie on the surveillance cameras as she worked out. Torrie had
been lifting lighter weights since their last encounter. She didn’t want to
be caught unprepared again. As Torrie finished her sets on the bench, she sat
up to find Jake staring at her. This was the first time she had seen him in
person since their night at the gym’s pool.

“Hello Torrie, how are you doing?”

“What do you want Jake,” Torrie asked.

“I just came by to see how you were doing,” Jake said as he stepped
towards her.

“I, I don’t want any trouble,” Torrie said, “I was just getting ready to

“What, you mean without giving me a goodbye kiss?”

“No,” Torrie said as she tried to walk away from him.

“Well, how about a farewell fuck,” Jake said as he grabbed a hold of
Torrie’s wrist.

“Let go of me,” Torrie said as she struggled to get away from Jake’s
strong grip.

But Jake had a good hold of her, and she wasn’t going anywhere. Jake
forced Torrie back over to the weight bench so they both were straddling the
bench with their legs. Jake bent Torrie down across the bar, and held her
so she couldn’t move. He reached in his back pocket and got out a pair of
handcuffs. Torrie struggled, but he managed to slap the cuffs on her wrists
around the weightbar.

Torrie knew what was going to happen. Jake was in complete control of the
situation, and she wasn’t going anywhere.

“Oooh baby, you know how long I’ve been waiting to fuck you again?”
“Just get it over with Jake.”

“Oh, I think I’ll take my time and enjoy this,” Jake said as he ran his
hands along Torrie’s spandex clad body.

“I just love the feel of spandex on a woman’s body. You like the way I rub
your tits don’t you Torrie?”

Suddenly, Torrie got her leg up behind her, and planted her foot right in
Jake’s crotch.

“OHHH,” Jake yelled in pain as he backed up and grabbed his nuts.
“You’re gonna pay for that you little bitch. I’ll be back in just a

Jake left the weight room. Torrie tried to lift the bar, but she couldn’t
with her wrists handcuffed around it. Jake appeared in front of Torrie,
holding a weight belt.

He snapped the belt in front of Torrie’s face.

“Torrie, first I’m gonna spank your ass, and then I’m gonna fuck it, you
little bitch.”

“NO, please not that. I’m sorry, I’ll do anything.”

“It’s too late for that bitch,” Jake said as he walked back around behind
her. Jake reared back and smacked Torrie right in the ass with the heavy
leather belt.

“AAAHHH,” Torrie screamed as the belt made contact.

She tried to wiggle away from the heavy blows of the belt, but her
struggling just caused Jake to miss her ass, and hit her in her back and legs

Torrie cried and screamed with each smack. After a couple minutes, she
began to get tired of the pain and slumped down on the bench and over the

“You haven’t been fucked, since I fucked you a couple weeks ago have you

“AAAHHH, (sob) no (sob).”

“Well don’t worry Torrie, I’ll fix that for you.”

Jake leaned over Torrie and cut the straps of her spandex jumper with a
pair of scissors. He peeled the fabric down off of her chest to her ass,
which had heavy welts and bruises on it from the whipping he had just given
her. He sliced the fabric again in order to completely peel it off of her
bruised body. There she was. Torrie Wilson chained to a weight bench in all
her naked glory, with no way of escape. Jake lifted her ass up off of the
bench, and laid down on his back underneath her. Holding her up by her hips,
Jake slid his face under Torrie’s pussy, and began to lick it.

He moved his hands down from her hips to her pussy, and started fingering
her as he licked away at her clit. Torrie’s knees began to shake. She wasn’t
supposed to enjoy being molested like this, but she could feel herself
getting wet.

Jake continued to lick and finger her as she orgasmed, blowing her juices
all over Jake’s face. Jake got up from underneath her, and grabbed the weight
belt again. He walked behind her, and unzipped his pants. His pulsing cock
sprang out ready to pound away on poor Torrie yet again. Jake placed the belt
around Torrie’s throat, and held on to it with one hand, as he grabbed her
waist with the other.

“Unnghh,” Torrie moaned as Jake forced just the head of his cock up
Torrie’s ass.

Jake reared back on the belt, choking Torrie.

“You mean you’re still not used to taking it up the ass. Well, don’t
worry. I’ve only got another seven inches,” he said as he rammed another inch
up her ass.

“Ouch (sob) uhhn,” Torrie cried.

Jake reared back on the belt around her throat yet again, forcing another
inch up her ass. Torrie was too fatigued to say anything anymore. She just
let her body go limp, and allowed the tears to roll down her face.

Jake forced his entire length up Torrie’s ass, and forced her stomach up
against the bar. For as hard as he fucked her a few weeks ago, Torrie still
had an amazingly tight ass. Her tightness clung to him as he forced himself
into her with each deep thrust. With every thrust, Torrie could feel her
stomach painfully forced up against the bar. She knew she would have a couple
of bruised ribs to go along with the welts on her back and ass when Jake was
all done.

Jake continued to pound away. He would pick up speed and then slow back
down, rocking back and forth up inside of Torrie. He was making a game out of
the way he abused her, and all Torrie could do was cry and feel ashamed of
herself for getting into this situation in the first place.

Finally, Jake started pounding her with an amazing rhythm and blew his
load up her ass.

“Unnnggghhh,” Torrie moaned as she orgasmed as Jake’s seed flowed up
inside of her. Jake’s semen started running down the crack of her ass as he
uncuffed her. Torrie fell down stomach first on the bench. The combination of
her juices and Jake’s spilled from her perfectly toned ass onto the bench.

“Clean up the mess you just made bitch.”

Torrie looked at the bench, which was covered with their fluids, and
cried. She started to wipe it up with her now useless spandex jumper, which
had been cut to shreds.

“No, no. You’re gonna lick it up Torrie.”

Torrie slid off the bench, and with tears rolling down her face started to
lick the bench clean. Jake walked around behind her and with one hard thrust
rammed his cock up her ass again, and then quickly pulled out, to get the
last little jism out of his cock.

Torrie just screamed, and then fell limp on the floor crying even harder
than she had before.

“Make sure you clean up this mess,” Jake said as he got dressed, “and just
remember, this was all caught on tape.”

Torrie just continued to lay on the floor of the gym crying as Jake left.
What was it going to take for this to come to an end?

Torrie Wilson was sick of the way things had been going for her. It had
all started one night at the gym she worked out at, where Jake, the owner of
the gym, had violated her beyond all belief. To top things off, he had a tape
of their late night rendezvous, that he was holding over her head. Then came
just her complete and utter rape in the weight room. Jake also had a tape of
that. She needed to start getting back in control of the situation, but she
needed help.

She decided that she would call Billy Kidman. They had dated for almost a
year when they both still worked for WCW, and they were still pretty good

Billy arrived at Torrie’s apartment one morning, and Torrie explained what
had been happening to her. As Billy listened to her story, he just continued
to get even more pissed off. Just who did this Jake guy think he was? What
right did he have to do these things to his friend, Torrie Wilson.

After Torrie had finished telling him her story of humiliation at the
hands of Jake, Billy told her to stay at her apartment while he went down to
the gym and had a talk with Jake.

Billy Kidman arrived at the gym Torrie had told him about, and asked to
speak with Jake. A girl at the front desk called Jake to the front desk over
the gym’s PA system. Jake came out from his back office, and noticed Billy at

“Well what a surprise, Mr. Kidman, its a pleasure to meet you,” Jake said
as he walked up and extended his hand. Billy didn’t shake his hand.

“Is there a place where we can talk in private,” Billy asked.

“Um, sure. Let’s go back to my office.”

Billy and Jake went back into Jake’s office, and sat down. Jake sat behind
his desk, while Billy took a seat in front of him.

“I assume you’re here to talk about Torrie,” Jake said.

“That’s right, you son of a bitch. You have a tape of you and Torrie, and
I want it. I also want you to leave Torrie alone. And if you can’t do that,
just let me know, so I can beat the shit out of you right now.”

“Now now, there’s no need for violence. You can have the tapes if you
want. But lets just have a look at them first, shall we,” Jake said as he
walked out from behind the desk and over to a TV.

Jake put in the first tape of him and Torrie at the gym’s pool. Billy
tried to say something, but his eyes were glued to the screen. Damn Torrie
was hot, he thought to himself. Jake was one lucky son of a bitch. Then Jake
put in the second tape of when he ass raped Torrie in the weight room.

“The whole time we dated, Torrie never even let me get close to her ass,”
Billy said in lust.

“I can help you change all that, Billy. What do you say?”

“Just tell me what you want to do, Jake,” Billy said as he continued to be
glued to the screen.

Billy went back to Torrie’s apartment, and explained to Torrie that Jake
was going to give her back the tapes. But he wanted to do it in person, so he
could personally hand them over to her and apologize. Torrie didn’t like the
idea of having to go back to that gym, but she felt sure that nothing would
happen as long as Billy was with her. They went back to the gym later that
evening. Her and Billy both got out of the car and walked into the gym to
meet Jake.

Jake walked up to meet them as they walked in the door.

“Hello Torrie. How ya doin’ Billy.”

“Just give me the tapes,” Torrie said.

“Oh, right, just let me go get them. I’ll be right back,” Jake said as he
went back to his office.

Jake came back a few minutes later with the tapes.

“Here you are Torrie. I guess I won’t be seeing you anymore after this,
although I do wish we could talk about this.”

“There’s nothing left to talk about Jake. Goodbye,” Torrie said as she
walked out the door.

Billy stayed behind.

Jake looked at him and said, “You know what to do Billy. I’ll be watching
from the window.”

Billy nodded and then walked out the door and raced to catch up with
Torrie. Torrie sat up on the hood of the car, and waited for Billy to come
towards her. He walked up to her, and she reached out to kiss him.
“Thank you, Billy,” Torrie said.

“Oh no Torrie, thank you,” Billy said as he pulled her near him.
They kissed again, and Billy sat her up on the hood of the car. It was
late at night, and no one was around in the deserted parking lot of the gym,
so Torrie didn’t care about what anybody might say about her and Billy
out in public.

Billy got up from their kiss for a minute, and said, “You know Torrie,
Jake let me watch those tapes.”

“What,” Torrie said with a look of shock on her face.

“And let me just say, you looked pretty damn hot. How come you never let
me fuck you in the ass.”

“Billy, no not you too. You don’t have to do this.”

“Yeah, but I want to,” Billy said as he turned Torrie around, and forced
her up against the hood of the car.

“NOOOO, Billy, please don’t do this,” Torrie said as she tried to struggle

But Billy had a good hold on her. He pulled her pants down to her ankles
and continued to hold her up against the hood of the car.

Torrie began to cry. She couldn’t take this anymore. First Jake, and now
Billy. This was just too much.

She heard Billy unzipping his pants behind her, and knew this was her only
chance. She slid across the hood of the car on her stomach as Billy undid his
pants, and fell over on the other side. She pulled her pants up and started
to run. Billy quickly pulled his pants back up and chased after her.

The problem for Torrie was she didn’t know where to run to. She couldn’t
run into the gym because Jake would just be waiting for her. It was late at
night and no one was around to help her. All she could do was run. And then
she saw Jake come out of the gym. Jake and Billy were in this together, she
now realized. She ran back behind the gym, with the two men in hot pursuit.
And then Torrie lost all hope. In front of her was an eight-foot high
chainlink fence. She had to try to climb it, but it would be difficult since
she hadn’t had time to fasten her pants. She tried to climb the fence, but
her pants were falling down as she climbed. She was almost to the top when
Billy grabbed her ankle, and pulled her back down to the ground. Billy caught
her in his arms and forced her back up against the fence.

“Hold her arms out against the fence,” Jake said, as he pulled out two
pairs of handcuffs. Torrie struggled, but she couldn’t get away from Billy
holding her up against the fence. Jake handcuffed her right wrist to the
fence. And then he cuffed her left wrist to the fence.

Both men just backed up for a minute.

“Well, it seems you like being chained up don’t you Torrie,” Jake said.
“No, please don’t do this (sob),” Torrie said from behind her tears.
“She’s all yours Billy,” Jake said as he walked away.

Billy advanced towards Torrie with a grin. He knelt down in front of her
and pulled her pants down to her ankles. Torrie tried to wiggle, but he
managed to rip her panties off of her and began to finger her pussy. Torrie
was crying heavily now, but she still managed to get wet as Billy forced his
tongue into her cunt.

“Ooohhh, Billy please don’t do this.”

Torrie continued to lick away on her wet pussy. Torrie’s hips bucked and
slammed into Billy’s face, as he forced her to orgasm.

Billy got up and gave another devilish grin.

“I thought you didn’t like this Torrie. But with an orgasm like that, I
might’ve been wrong.”

Billy grabbed Torrie’s blouse and ripped it off as well. Then he
unstrapped her bra and began fondling her tits. He licked her nipples and
Torrie moaned, as he once again fingered her clit.

Torrie’s back arched once again, as she tried to control another orgasm.
She didn’t want Billy to think he was doing a good job, but in all honesty he
wasn’t doing bad at all.

“Alright you little slut, now its time for you to be fucked with your back
against a wall.”

Billy slipped off his boxers and reared back with his six inches. He
forced his entire length up Torrie’s wet snatch, and started slamming her
hard. Torrie’s back slammed painfully into the chainlink fence, and she could
feel her plump ass and legs scraping painfully against the links of the

“Unnnggghhh, ugh, ungh, agh ahh,” Torrie screamed as Billy slam fucked her
against the fence.

Billy grabbed the fence above Torrie’s shoulders and fucked her even
harder, but he was still holding back his load. And then Billy stopped for a
minute, and just left his dick up inside of Torrie.

“Hold her still for a second,” Jake said from the other side of the fence.
“Nooo, don’t do this. I can’t take it anymore,” Torrie screamed.

She tried to wiggle, but doing so just caused her to grind on Billy’s dick
and made her accidentally have another orgasm.

Billy thrust into her, forcing her to stay still up against the fence, as
Jake slipped his dick through one of the links in the fence and up Torrie’s

“Unngghh,” Torrie moaned as she now took it in both holes at once.
Both men could feel one another up inside of Torrie at the same time. As
Jake pounded her forward from behind, it caused Billy to pound her even
harder in the front, and vice versa.

Billy, who had been up in her longer couldn’t hold back any longer, and
blew his load up Torrie’s snatch. Billy knelt back down in front of her, and
held her legs back up against the fence so Jake could continue stuffing her
from behind. While he held her, Billy again licked her pussy.

Jake was unrelenting. No matter how many times he fucked her, Torrie still
had an amazingly tight ass. And he loved tormenting her by building up a fast
rhythm, and then all of sudden just slowing down and grinding on her plump
toned ass.

“AaaaGGGHHH,” Torrie screamed as she orgasmed once again, causing her
juices to shoot onto Billy’s face, and Jake to blow his load in her from

Torrie just went limp with tears streaming down her face. Once again she
had been fucked beyond all reasonable belief, and thought to herself that
this would never end. Especially now that Billy had turned against her. Jake
and Billy got dressed, and Jake tossed Billy the keys to the cuffs so he
could release Torrie. Torrie fell to the ground in a heap, just crying.
“You can go now Torrie,” Jake said, “and you can keep your tapes. I got a
new client at the gym, and she’s just as fuckable as you.”

Torrie heard these words, and wondered who signed on for a membership at
the gym. She couldn’t let this happen to anybody else, but what could she do.
She just continued to lay on the ground behind the gym crying at what Jake
and Billy had done to her, and what they would do to somebody else.

Torrie hadn’t been back to Jake’s gym for a couple of weeks now. But
something inside of her kept telling her to go back. The thought of him
and Billy doing to somebody else what they had done to her was a terrible
thought. She had to go back to the gym, and try to warn who ever it was
before it was too late.

Torrie resigned herself to go back to Jake’s gym. She knew she was putting
herself at risk doing this, but she had to try to stop them. She decided to
go when she usually went to the gym because she figured that was when the
other woman would be there also. She walked into the gym wearing her usual
spandex jumpsuit with tennis shoes, and carrying her bag.

Billy and Jake were sitting at the front desk when Torrie walked through
the door. They were both very surprised to see her.

“Torrie. I never expected to see you back in my fine establishment again,”
Jake said as he got up to greet her.

“Cut the crap, Jake. I’m just here to work out.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Torrie. Like I said, I have a new client,” Jake said
with a grin.

“Yeah, and man is she hot,” Billy said sitting behind the desk.

“You guys are watching her on the security cameras. That’s sick. Are you
gonna chain her down like you did me?”

“That’s not a bad idea, but I don’t usually do tie up gigs on the first

Torrie was reliefed to hear that they hadn’t molested who ever it was
just yet. Torrie just shook her head, and walked towards the weight room.

As she walked into the weight room, Torrie went over in her head, what
she was going to say to this individual. At first, she thought she was the
only person there. And then she saw her, Pamela Paulshock. Pamela noticed
Torrie walk in.

“Torrie, what a surprise. I didn’t know you worked out here,” Pamela said
as she walked over towards Torrie.

“Well, uh, I don’t work out here much anymore. Infact, when I heard you
signed up for a membership, I thought I’d talk to you about something,”
Torrie said with a look of concern.

“Well, what is it,” Pamela asked in with a look of concern as well.
“You’ve gotta get out of here. Billy and Jake are sick. You don’t want to
be around them.”

“What, you’re just trying to get me to leave so you can have them all to
yourself. Well I’m not leaving. I’ve seen the way Jake looks at me, and I
think he’s interested in me.”

Torrie knew this was going to be difficult. Pamela had always been
difficult to work with when she worked with her in WCW. But Torrie was
resolved to keep trying.

“No, you don’t understand. They’ll rape you. Just like they raped me.”

Pamela looked at her and said, “You’re lying. And I’m keeping my
membership, so get over it.”

“Fine, but don’t come crying to me when you get fucked like a whore,”
Torrie said as she turned to leave.

Just then the door to the weight room opened and standing there were Jake
and Billy.

Jake stepped into the weight room and said, “Oh good, I’m glad you two
were able to get reacquainted. Me and Billy were just thinking you’d like to
join us for a swim at the pool.”

“I’d love to,” Pamela said, “Just let me go put on my swimsuit.”

Pamela went to the womens locker room. Torrie tried to leave, but the two
men were in her way.

“We know where you live, Torrie. Go get changed,” Billy said.

“Oh no, please. Just leave me alone. You have Pamela.”

“Well, just think of it as the more the merrier,” Jake said.

Torrie just looked at them in horror.

“You’re gonna regret you ever set foot back in my gym. You had your
chance to leave, and you didn’t take it. Now go get changed,” Jake said.
Torrie slowly made her way into the locker room just as Pamela was coming
out. Pamela was wearing a hot little two piece bikini.

As Pamela walked towards Billy and Jake, Billy reached out towards her
face with a rag and covered her mouth and nose. Pamela inhaled the liquid
that Billy had soaked the rag in and passed out. Jake caught her before she
could fall.

Jake laid Pamela on the floor gently, and he and Billy waited for Torrie
to come out of the locker room. Torrie came out wearing the same red thong
she had worn the first time Jake fucked her. With a quick move forward Billy
covered Torrie’s face with the rag as well.

Torrie woke up lying on her back in the shower room. Billy was standing
over her with a piece of smelling salt in his hand.

Torrie looked around and saw Jake standing by Pamela over near one of
the faucets. Something was wrong with Pamela. She was still unconscious,
but something was strange. And then Torrie realized, Jake and Billy had
tied her to the ceiling so that she was hanging by her wrists about six
inches off the ground.

Jake turned on the faucet near Pamela, and she woke up.

“Unngh, what happened,” Pamela said as she woke up.

“I wasn’t lying afterall,” Torrie said as she got to her feet.

“Oh my god, what are you going to do to me,” Pamela said as she now
realized her predicament.

“The same thing we did to Torrie here,” Billy said, as he forced Torrie
back down to the floor onto her stomach.

“Oh, I’m sorry Torrie. I’m sorry I didn’t listen (sob),” Pamela said.
“Shut up,” Jake said as he started to undress in front of her.

Torrie just looked on with tears in her eyes. She couldn’t do anything
because Billy was holding her down. She didn’t realize that he too was
getting undressed behind her.

Now both men were undressed and ready to fuck these two women’s brains

“Hey Torrie,” Billy said, “I’ve been a little jealous a how many times
Jake has fucked your ass. I think it’s my turn.”

“Aaaagggghhh,” Torrie screamed as Billy moved her thong to the side and
forced his whole six inches up her ass.

Billy had never done some one up the ass before, so he just blew his load
up Torrie’s ass before he could even start pumping her.

“Unngghh,” Torrie moaned as Billy’s load shot up her ass and he pulled

“Damn, I couldn’t hold back on an ass like yours Torrie. I guess I’ll
just have to try again in a minute.” Jake moved towards Pamela.

“Oh no please don’t hurt me,” Pamela said through her tears as Jake
approached with his eight inches fully erect.

“You’re gonna enjoy every minute of this,” Jake said as he undid Pamela’s

“Oh my god,” Pamela said as she looked at Jake’s eight inch tool, “You’re
gonna fuck me with that?”

“And you’re gonna enjoy it,” Jake said as he knelt down to slide off her
thong and start letting his fingers do there magic.

“Ooooh,” Pamela moaned as Jake gently massage her cunt.

Pamela started getting wet in no time at all, and soon her clit made its
first appearance. Jake leaned forward to suck on her clit, and caused Pamela
to have her first orgasm.

Pamela was obviously enjoying this, and Torrie just thought to herself
what a slut Pamela was. Billy was getting hard again watching Jake do his
number on Pamela. Billy reared back and decided to work his way slowly up
Torrie’s ass, inch by inch this time.

“Unnghgh,” Torrie screamed as Billy once again started working his way
up inside of her.

Billy finally got all the way up inside of her, and just stayed still
for a minute while he practiced holding back his load. Then Billy started
pumping her hard. Torrie screamed in pain with every thrust. She just
couldn’t enjoy this. Jake got up in front of Pamela and looked her in the

“Oh fuck me, Jake. Don’t make me wait anymore. I need your big cock
inside of me.”

Jake grabbed Pamela’s plump ass and rammed his entire length up inside
of her snatch.

“OOOHHH,” Pamela moaned as she orgasmed.

Jake didn’t go slow either. He pumped Pamela hard from the start, causing
her to orgasm every few seconds.

“OOOHHH, OOOOHHHH, OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, fill me up, fill me up, fill me
UUUUNNNGGHH,” Pamela had another gigantic orgasm as Jake blew his load up
in her.

“AAAGGGHHH,” Torrie screamed as Billy rammed his cock deep up inside of
her and blew his load. Billy just stayed up inside of her still and grinded
on her perfectly shaped ass.

“Ow, oooh, ouch,” Torrie screamed as Billy blew another small load up in

“Ohhh, how come Torrie gets all the fun. I’ve never had it up the ass.
Jake fuck my ass. Fuck me with your giant tool,” Pamela said with a whine.
How much more of a slut could Pamela be, Torrie thought to herself.
Jake positioned himself behind Pamela and lined up his once again erect
cock with her virgin ass.

“Unngghh,” Pamela moaned as Jake slowly worked himself up inside of her.
Jake reached around the front to finger Pamela’s clit again as he enjoyed
her tightness.

“Aaaghhh, ooooohhh,” Pamela orgasmed again.

Torrie was just disgusted at what a slut Pamela was, and then she felt
something hard on her ass again. She looked around expecting to see Billy
lining up his cock. Instead, Billy was getting ready to shove a dildo up
her ass. It had come to this for Torrie Wilson. She was no longer even good
enough to get a real dick shoved up in her.

“Unnghgh, no (sob) don’t (sob) do (sob) this (sob sob sob).”

Billy didn’t say anything. He just reached down and started fingering
Torrie’s snatch. Jake was holding Pamela so she was almost horizontal with
the floor pumping her with an incredible rhythm.

“OOOHHH, OH OH OH. OH my God this is incredible,” Pamela said as Jake
continued to pump her from behind and finger her clit.

With a hard deep thrust Jake blew his load up Pamela’s tight ass, and she
fell limp as she had another mind-blowing orgasm.

Jake got her down and laid her down on the floor in front of Torrie so
her pussy was right in front of Torrie’s face as Billy shoved the dildo up
her ass.

“Lick Pam’s pussy,” Jake told Torrie.

Torrie did as she was told, in fear of what would happen if she didn’t.
Pam just moaned in pleasure as Torrie ate her out.

Torrie screamed and cried as Billy shoved the fake dick deeper and deeper
up her ass. Jake knelt over Pam and put his dick in her mouth. Pam started
sucking him off like a Hoover, causing Jake to shoot his load down her

Torrie screamed as she orgasmed. She didn’t want to, but Billy’s fingers
were incredible rubbing against her clit. Billy thrust the dildo up her ass
one more time and just left it there, as he got up. Jake lifted Pamela’s
naked body up off the floor.

“Hey, Torrie. We’ve got a special surprise for you,” Jake said as he and
Billy left the showers with Pamela, “This was all caught on my own personal
hidden camera.”

Torrie just stayed there on the floor of the shower room bawling with
the fake dick still up her ass. She was in an even worse situation now,
than what she was in before.

Things certainly hadn’t been going well at the gym Torrie Wilson had
gotten a membership at. She constantly found herself being raped by Jake,
the owner. And to make matters worse, her old boyfriend, Billy Kidman had
started assisting in her abuse. And to top it all off, another former
coworker, Pamela Paulshock, was simply a disgusting slut.

Torrie didn’t know what to do. They had all of the rape sessions on tape,
and if she told anybody, Jake and his goons would give copies to anybody who
wanted them. Jake told her if Torrie didn’t come to his gym, he’d go to her
house, and Torrie sure didn’t want that. But still, what could she do? The
last time they humiliated her more than ever by forcing a fake dick up her
ass, and making her go lesbo on Pamela.

Everyday she went to the gym not knowing what to expect. Not knowing if
she would end up being the victim of their perverted desires.

As Torrie walked into the gym, Billy was sitting behind the front desk.
Pamela was there sitting on his lap.

“Hey Torrie, good to see you tonight,” Pamela said with a grin, “Jake
wants to talk to you in his office.”

Torrie shuddered to think what Jake wanted with her this time, but she
knew better than to try to leave. She just walked into Jake’s office, not
knowing what to expect, leaving Billy and Pam at the desk. As she walked into
Jake’s office, Torrie didn’t see Jake. She saw that Jake’s chair behind his
desk wasn’t facing the doorway, and it looked like somebody was sitting in
it, but it didn’t look like Jake.

“Where are you, Jake?”

“I’m right behind you, Torrie.”

Torrie turned around and saw Jake setting up a video camera in the corner
of the room.

“Oh no, not again.”

Torrie knew Jake was getting the camera ready to film him fucking her
brains out yet again.

“Torrie, I want you to meet a new client at the gym,” Jake said as he
looked towards the chair behind his desk.

The chair turned around, and sitting there was Scott Steiner with Midajah
sitting on his lap. Torrie’s heart just sank. Getting fucked by Jake was bad
enough, but she had never gotten along with Scott Steiner when they were
still employed with WCW, and he had a reputation of getting a little rough
with his women.

“I’ll just leave you guys alone now,” Jake said as he left his office and
shut the door behind him.

Midajah walked over to Torrie and held her hand.

“Come on Torrie,” Midajah said as she led Torrie over to Scott.

Scott just sat there with a big grin on his face.

“Billy told me about you, and I thought that was just too good to pass up.
Now get on your knees bitch.”

Torrie just looked at Steiner with a dumb look on her face, but Midajah
forced her down on to her knees in front of Scott.

“Now suck my dick you whore,” Steiner said as he started unbuckling his

Torrie just stayed there, and didn’t move, but Midajah forced her face
down towards Steiner’s massive cock.

“You should be honored to know you’re about to get fucked by a genetic
freak,” Midajah said as she forced

Torrie’s face towards Steiner’s dick.
Scott grabbed Torrie’s blonde hair and pulled it, causing her to scream.
As she opened her mouth to scream, Scott shoved her mouth down around his
pulsing dick. Steiner’s tool was huge. Even bigger than Jake’s and Torrie
grabbed on to the base of his cock with both hands to keep herself from
choking on it.

Steiner was unmerciful, and started pumping his dick up into her mouth
causing Torrie to accidentally pump it with her hands, and causing his erection
to just pulse even more.

Torrie didn’t have time to lick his shaft. All she could do was suck and
hope she didn’t choke. However the unknown handjob she was giving him
combined with his hard pumping caused him to blow his load down her throat
without any warning what so ever. He just grunted as his juice spilled into
her hot mouth. Torrie gagged as Scott’s jism shot down throat, and the excess
that she couldn’t swallow spilled out of her mouth. Steiner pulled her up
from his cock. She couldn’t say a word, her mouth hurt from how hard he had
just fucked it.

“I’ll teach you to talk shit about me you little bitch,” Steiner said as
he pulled her to her feet and forced her stomach up against the desk.
Torrie felt Scott pull down her pants and rip off her shirt. And without
any other lubrication other than the rimjob she had just given him, Steiner
forced his whole length up her tight toned ass.

“Aaaaggghhh,” Torrie screamed as Steiner violated her insides.

Steiner’s rough reputation was true to form as he didn’t do anything slow.
He pumped her hard from the start. Causing her to unwillingly orgasm every
few seconds.

“Aaaagghhh, ungh, ungh ungh ohh ohh ouch ouch oooohhhh,” Torrie screamed.

Steiner held on to her breasts and sat back down in the chair with his
dick still all the way up inside of her. He grabbed her hips and started
bouncing her ass up and down on his cock. For Torrie this hurt like hell.
She started trying to claw her way across Jake’s desk, and off of Steiner’s
gigantic cock. This just caused him to pump her harder against the desk.
Steiner just let Torrie lay on her stomach now across the desk as he
continued to assault her ass. He was pumping her so hard that she slowly
started inching off of the desk. Finally he pumped her so hard she fell off
the desk and onto the floor.

Torrie couldn’t feel her legs, and the worst was yet to come. Scott picked
her up and forced her pussy on to his dick. He just stood there for a second
and pumped her in the standing position. He grabbed her sore ass to keep her
balanced on his dick, and placed her back on the desk, where he now furiously
pumped her snatch.

“Oooohhhh, oooohhhh ooooohhhhh, unnngghhh” Torrie screamed as she arched
her back in a mind-blowing orgasm and Steiner released his load up inside of

Midajah was actually jealous. For as long as she had been with Scott, he
had never come close to fucking her that hard.

Midajah and Scott left the office, and just left Torrie lying on the desk,
who was passed out from the slamfuck she had just had.

Scott and Midajah walked out of the gym.

“Hey, thanks a lot guys. Send us a copy later,” Scott said.

“Oh don’t be surprised if there isn’t a little bonus footage, Jake said
with a grin.”

And with that Scott and Midajah left Jake’s gym. However, it would take a
while for Torrie Wilson just to get out of his office.

Torrie woke up feeling a little disoriented. She didn’t really remember
where she was at. And then she remembered. She was in Jake’s office, and
Scott Steiner had fucked her brains out. She was lying on Jake’s desk. She
realized she was still naked. Steiner had fucked her good. She tried to get
up and now realized that she was tied down to the desk. Her arms and legs
were each tied to one of the legs of the desk. What was going to happen now,
Torrie thought to herself.

“Glad you finally woke up, Torrie,” she heard Jake say, “Steiner did you
good. Got the whole thing on tape too. You’ve been out for a few hours. So I
thought we’d help wake you back up.”

“Lemme go you bastard,” Torrie said with tears starting to well up in her

“Did you really think it would be that easy,” Jake said as he walked over
to her. Jake undid his pants revealing his eight inch tool, and stood over
Torrie. He could see the look of helplessness in her eyes, and it turned him

He reared back and shoved his whole eight inches into her snatch.

“Aaaghhh,” Torrie moaned.

With her limbs strapped to the legs of the desk, all she could do was arch
her back as Jake penetrated her, and started to slowly and methodically

“Unngh, unngh, ungh,” Torrie screamed.

Jake reached down and grabbed her tits as he continued to pump away.
“Ooooghhhh,” Torrie screamed as she had her first orgasm.

“You like this don’t you little slut,”

“Unnnggghhh, Oooh, oh, oh, Noooo, stop this, Aaaaggghh,” Torrie moaned.
Jake just kept pumping Torrie slowly, letting her wait for his load.
Torrie hated the way Jake toyed with her, but she really couldn’t do a
damn thing about it.

“Oooohhhh,” Torrie screamed as Jake drove home on her clit.

Jake just kept slowly pumping her, letting her tightness cling to him.
“Unngghh,” Torrie moaned once again, this time arching her back as Jake
released his load up inside of her.

Jake still stayed up inside of her and now started pumping her fast and

“Aggh, ungh, uhh, uhh, uhh,” Torrie screamed as Jake released another
small load up inside of her.

Torrie laid still on the desk as Jake untied her. Then Billy Kidman walked
into the room with Pamela Paulshock.

“Hey, Torrie,” Billy said, “hope you still got something left for me.”
“Oh no,” Torrie sobbed.

“Oh, well then I guess I’ll just have to fuck you later,” Billy said as
he helped Jake finish untying her. Torrie fell off the desk and started
crawling towards the door.

Seeing her beautiful ass, Billy jumped on top of her and pinned her to the
ground. He slid off his pants and jammed his fully erect cock right up her
ass, causing Torrie to scream in pain.

“Ohhh, god stop,” Torrie cried.

Billy pounded her ass hard and fast causing him to shoot his load in no
time. He got up leaving Torrie to lay on the floor of Jake’s office with
blood and semen running down her ass.

“See you around Torrie,” Billy said as he, Jake, and Pamela left.
Torrie had no idea if this would ever end, and she was too upset to think
about it. She just passed out crying on the floor of Jake’s office.

The night had just ended for Torrie Wilson on Raw. She hadn’t wrestled
that night, so she was only wearing a blouse and mini skirt with high heels.
She went to her locker room, and shut the door behind her. Things had been
going pretty well it seemed. Jake and Billy had been leaving her alone,
although her and Billy still pretended to be a couple to help their PR. She
heard a knock on her door, and went to answer it. Standing outside her locker
room was her new boss Vince McMahon.

“Vince, what are you doing here?”

“I’m just making sure one of my biggest stars is okay,” Vince said with a

“Yeah, I’m fine. Come on in.”

Vince stepped into Torrie’s locker room, and sat down on the couch.
“You know Torrie, there’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you
about,” Vince said.

“Oh, what’s that Vince,” Torrie asked.

“Well it seems you and Billy aren’t happy together.”

“Well, actually, me and Billy are just an act. We do it because people
think we’re happy together.”

“I see. Well what if I made you a bigger star than Billy Kidman. I could
make you the biggest female star in this business, if you’re willing to
cooperate,” Vince said with a grin.

Torrie knew what Vince meant.

“But Vince, you’re married.”

“Oh please, Linda and I screw around behind each other’s backs all the


“No buts,” Vince said as he got up from the couch, “This is a one time
offer, and you have until I walk out that door.”

Vince started to leave Torrie’s locker room, when Torrie realized she
might not have to eve see Billy again with Vince’s help.

“Vince wait,” Torrie said as Vince started to walk out the door.
“Yes,” Vince said.

“I won’t have to work with Billy anymore?”

“Whatever you want, Torrie,” Vince said as he walked over to Torrie.
“Then I’m yours Vince.”

Vince shut the door and then went back over to the couch and sat down.
“Ready when you are Torrie.”

Torrie went over to Vince on the couch and knelt down in front of him. She
undid his pants and his erection popped up from his boxers. Torrie slid her
sexy lips down around his shafts and massaged his balls. She slowly began to
pump his shaft with both hands as she continued to suck. Vince reached down
and held Torrie’s blond hair, and slowly started fucking her face.

“Oh yeah Torrie, suck me good.”

Torrie continued to suck on Vince’s rod, and soon caused him to blow his
load right down her throat. Something about this didn’t seem right to Torrie.
She felt like a whore. She felt almost as bad doing this as when Jake and
Billy had tormented her. Torrie pulled up from Vince’s shaft.

“What, why the hell did you stop?”

“This just isn’t right Vince,” Torrie said.

Vince got up from the couch and walked around behind her.

“Don’t worry Torrie. You’re making a better future for yourself,” Vince
said as he pulled her skirt down and then her panties.

“Just bend over the couch, and give me what I want Torrie. And then I’ll
give you what you want.”

Vince eased Torrie back down to her knees, and bent her over the couch.
Vince knelt down behind her and entered her snatch.

“Ooooohhhh,” Torrie moaned as Vince slowly started to pump her from

Vince started pounding her pussy hard and fast.

“Oh Ungh Aggh Ah Uhn Uh Uh Uh OH,” Torrie orgasmed.

“Yeah you like that don’t you Torrie.”

“Uhngh, this is wrong uh.”

Suddenly Vince stopped but stayed up inside her.

“Stop your damn complaining bitch,” Vince said.

“Vince this isn’t right stop it,” Torrie whined.

“Oh, Billy was right. You really are a whining little bitch.”

“What, when did you talk to Billy.”

“Oh I know all about you and Mr. Kidman. He showed me all those tapes.
Lemme see, you don’t like being fucked in the ass do you little bitch.”

“NO, don’t do this pleeeeeaaaaasssseee,” Torrie screamed as Vince slipped
out of her snatch and impaled her ass.

“I’m gonna fuck you hard Torrie. And you can forget about moving up in
this business,” Vince said as he began pumping her ass.

Torrie tried to wiggle away, but Vince had her stomach forced up against
the couch.

“Pleeeeaaaasssse stop. (sob) ungh uh stopppp.”

Vince fucked Torrie hard. After a few minutes, Torrie stopped struggling
and just buried her face in the cushions of the couch.

Vince’s pace started to quicken even further and Torrie knew what was
coming. Vince was about to blow his load right up her ass.

“Ungh, uh uh ungh, noooo, don’t do this, aaaarrrgghhh,” Torrie couldn’t
help orgasming as Vince blew his load.

Torrie went limp across the couch as Vince pulled out and got up.

“You might want to talk to Billy before he shows those tapes to anyone
else,” Vince said as he left the room.

Vince was right, Torrie had to make sure no one else saw those tapes.

Things definitely were not going well for Torrie Wilson. She thought her on
going nightmare was finally coming to an end now that she was in the WWF, but
she couldn’t have been more wrong. Vince had seen the tapes that Jake and
Billy had made of them raping her. Vince himself had even taken liberties
with her in her own dressing room a few weeks back.

Vince had told her not to worry about anymore confrontations with him. After
all, Vince had fucked every woman on the WWF roster at least once. It was a
sort of unwritten rule that all the girls in the WWF knew about. Although,
Vince had told Torrie, it had been fun doing things against her will. All the
other girls had just given Vince what he wanted from them with no questions

Still, Torrie had become something of a loner in the locker room. She didn’t
go out of her way to talk to anyone else, particularly the male superstars.
Torrie was in her locker room, packing up, and getting ready to go home, when
she heard a voice behind her.

“Hey, Torrie, you got a minute?”

She turned around to see who it was. “Shane, what are you doing here,” she
asked with a look of apprehension.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Is this a bad time. Your door was open, so I thought I’d stop
by and see how you were doing.”

“I’m fine, but I’m kind of in a hurry.”

“Oh, well in that case let me help you pack.”

“NO! I, mean, I’m alright. I’m almost done.”

“Oh, alright then, I’ll just leave you alone. Goodnight, Torrie.”

“Goodnight,” Torrie said as she turned to finish her packing.

Torrie didn’t pay any attention as Shane left. She heard the door close
behind her and continued packing. It only took her another minute to finish
up. She zipped up her bag and turned to head out.

To her surprise, standing there in front of her was Shane McMahon, still. He
hadn’t actually left, he had just shut the door behind him.

“Shane, what are you still doing here,” Torrie asked with a worried tone in
her voice.

“Well, it’s quite simple. My good ole dad told me what a great fuck you were,
and I’ve decided to see for myself,” Shane said as he stepped towards her.
Tears were starting to well up in her eyes. “No, please. (sob) You don’t have
to do this. (sob)”

“Listen, Torrie, I’m only gonna fuck you once. Just like my pop did. Now we
can do this the easy way or the hard way. So what’s it gonna be?”

Torrie dropped her bag. “Just get it over with,” she replied as tears
streamed down her face.

“That a girl, now sit down on the couch over here.”

Torrie did as she was told. Shane walked over to her and gently removed her
shoes. He then slid her pants off and onto the floor. Torrie continued to cry
as he undid her blouse and unclasped her bra. Shane knelt down in front of
her and slid off her panties. He leaned forward and stuck his tongue into
her snatch. He went slow at first and then picked up speed. By the time he
started letting his fingers get in on the action Torrie was already good and

Even though she was crying, Torrie still had to let out a few moans. Shane
definitely knew what he was doing.

“(sob) Uhn uhn Unnnggghhhh,” Torrie arched her back as a flood of warmth
spread over her and her juices shot out onto Shane’s face.

Shane stood up with a grin on his face. “You liked that didn’t you, Torrie?”
Torrie curled her body up into a ball on the couch.

“You liked that,” Shane said again.

“No,” Torrie whispered through her tears.

“Yeah, you liked that Torrie, and now you’re gonna return the favor,” Shane
said as he undid his pants.

He placed his cock near her mouth, but she wouldn’t open up to suck it.
“Return the favor, Torrie,” Shane said as he placed his dick on her lips.
Reluctantly, Torrie grabbed on to his shaft and placed it in her mouth. She
slurped off Shane’s precum, and then went to work sucking his cock with tears
still flowing down her face.

“Oh yeah, Torrie. I never would’ve guessed you’d give such a great blowjob,”
Shane said as she started to pump his shaft with her hands.

“OOOOOHHHHHH,” Shane moaned as he released his load down Torrie’s throat.
Torrie tried to pull back as Shane released his jiz, but he held her head,
keeping her hot lips around his dick. When she refused to swallow, Shane’s
cum started to trickle out from around her lips, and on to her chin and down
to her breasts.

Now crying furiously, Torrie again curled up into a ball.

“Relax baby, it’s time for the grand finale,” Shane said as he spread her
legs and slowly penetrated her pussy.

Shane reached down to rub her tits as he pumped her. He made upward thrusts
towards her stomach, causing him to really drive home on her clit.

Torrie let out a loud moan again, “Unh Unh Ungggghhhhh.”

Shane started to quicken his pace, and she knew he was about to release his
load. She started to involuntarily arch her back. Shane was gonna give her
one hell of an orgasm, whether she wanted it or not.

Torrie arched her back again, “Unggghhhh unnngghhhh uhn uhn UUUNNNNGGGHHHH,”
Torrie screamed as Shane released his load up inside of her.

Shane pulled out of her and got up from the couch. As he pulled his pants
back up, he turned to Torrie who had once again curled herself up into a
little ball.

“If it makes you feel any better, Torrie, at least I didn’t do your ass. I
don’t know why my dad enjoys that so much. But, like my old man, I’m only
here for one night only,” he said as he left the room and closed the door
behind him.

Torrie just continued to stay curled up in a little ball and cry on the

“Hey, Torrie. Torrie, get up.”

Torrie awoke to find Deborah shaking her. She must have cried herself to
sleep after Shane left.

“Torrie, what happened to you,” Deborah asked.

Torrie couldn’t answer. She just cried when she tried to answer.

“I think I understand,” Deborah said, “You just stay here. I’m gonna go get

Deborah returned a few minutes later with her husband, Stone Cold Steve
Austin. Torrie couldn’t believe it. She had had trouble getting along with
Steve since she had come to the WWF, and yet here he was ready to help her.
“Come on now, lets get you out of here,” Steve said as he picked her up off
the couch.

Torrie was just getting her bearings back when she felt Steve grab her wrists
and put them behind her back.

“Alright, Deborah, cuff her.”

“What are you doing, why,” Torrie screamed as she felt Deborah slap a pair of
handcuffs on her.

“You’re gonna learn why you don’t get on Steve’s bad side, Torrie,” Deborah
said as she walked over to her bag.

“No please, I’ll do anything, please (sob).”

“No, we’ll do anything,” Deborah said as she walked towards Torrie with a
ballgag and small leather fetish whip.

“We’re just gonna put you in your place, Torrie,” Deborah said as she
fastened the ballgag into Torrie’s mouth.

Steve dragged Torrie back over to the couch and bent her over it. Deborah
walked around behind her with the whip.

“Okay, Torrie, time to put you in your place,” Deborah said as she reared
back with the small whip, and proceeded to spank Torrie’s ass with it.
“Mmmmmppphhh, mmph,” Torrie squealed from behind the gag, as Deborah spanked
her ass.

After what seemed like an eternity Deborah stopped the spanking. Torrie fell
to her knees beside the couch. “She’s all yours Steve,” she said with a

Steve walked around behind Torrie and propped her back up over the couch.
Torrie knew what was about to happen as Steve undid his pants. She could
offer no resistance what so ever, with her hands behind her back. And her ass
and the back of her thighs stung like hell.

“MMMmpppphhhh mmmmppppphhhh mmph mmph,” Torrie squealed from behind the gag
as Steve penetrated her beet red ass.

Tears flowed down Torrie’s face. Steve had no compassion for her already sore
ass. He drove his dick up her toned ass fast and hard, as he kept her cheeks

Steve slowed down for a minute in his pumping. Torrie thought he might be
done. She couldn’t tell if he had blown his load because her ass hurt too

“Mmmmmppppphhhhh,” Torrie squealed again as Steve started pounding her again.
Steve’s pace was even faster than before. “Aaaarrrgghhhh,” Steve moaned as he
released his load up Torrie’s sore ass, and fell down across her back.

“Mmmmppphhh mmm mmph,” Torrie winced as Steve slowly pulled out of her ass.
“I think she’s learned her lesson,” Steve said, “And I know she ain’t gonna
tell anybody. Because if she does we’ll come back.”

Deborah uncuffed Torrie, and took the gag out of her mouth as Steve fastened
his pants back up.

They left Torrie’s locker room, and just left Torrie there bent over the

Again Torrie passed out. This time she was awoken by William Regal and Tajiri
standing over her. Since they had been working with her a lot lately they had
decided to check on her.

“Quite an interesting position to sleep in, Torrie,” Regal said as she came

“Leave me alone,” Torrie cried.

Tajiri said something in Japanese.

“What an excellent idea,” Regal said.

“Oh no,” Torrie whimpered.

“Stone Cold told us about you, Sunshine,” Regal said as he pulled Torrie up,
“And Tajiri has given me a wonderful idea.”

Regal dragged Torrie through the now empty locker room area, and Tajiri
followed. The arena had been empty for hours, but the ring was still set up.
A crew would be by to get it in the morning.

Regal dragged Torrie out into the arena and threw her into the ring. Regal
and Tajiri climbed into the ring after her. As Torrie tried to get up, Tajiri
grabbed her and leaned her against the ropes. Then, Tajiri put Torrie Wilson
in the Tarantula.

Torrie screamed as a wave of pain rushed through her body. Regal stood in
front of her as Tajiri held on to the hold, and took off his pants. With
Torrie tied up in the painful submission move, Regal slid his cock into
Torrie’s snatch.

“Noooo,” Torrie cried as Regal pumped her.

With the awkward position, Regal couldn’t really get a good rhythm going.
“Alright, let her go, Tajiri,” Regal insisted.

Torrie fell to the mat in a heap. She couldn’t feel her lower back or legs.
Regal rolled her over onto her stomach.

“Well, that’s more like it,” Regal said as he knelt down behind her and
penetrated her ass.

“Noooo, noooo, no (sob),” Torrie screamed, “Ungh uhn uhn ouch (sob).”
Regal released his load up into Torrie’s ass. Her body went limp as he pulled
out. She had passed out from the exhaustion of being used like a piece of
meat three times in one night. Regal and Tajiri left the arena, leaving
Torrie Wilson passed out and naked in the center of the ring.

Torrie Wilson was excited about her photo shoot. It wasn’t like the ones
that she had been doing for the WWF magazines. She was once again going to
be modeling for Muscle magazine. They had approached her with the idea of
her doing a shoot with some of the other fitness models who had had careers
in the wrestling business. She arrived at the shoot and was excited to once
again be working with Tylene Buck and Chae An. She hadn’t seen them since
the old WCW had shut down. Also posing for the shoot was Trish Stratus, who
Torrie had been working with in the WWF. Trish had brought along Amy Dumas,
better known to the WWF fans as the lovely Lita. All the women were so
excited to be working with each other. They weren’t going to actually be
doing any shooting for the day. They were just there to meet the photographer
of the shoot. All of them except Lita, who was just there as Trish’s guest.
After meeting with Mike, the photographer for the shoot, the five ladies
decided to go back to their hotel and have dinner together.

The ladies went to their rooms to unpack, and then met in the hotel’s
restaurant. As they were having dinner, they talked about what they had been
doing. Chae and Tylene were particularly interested with what Torrie had
been doing, since they hadn’t talked much since the old WCW had closed up.
Torrie just smiled and told them things had been great. In reality, however,
Torrie’s life had been a living hell. She had been totally violated by the
owner at the gym she had been working out at, and he had video taped the
whole ordeal. He’d also shown those tapes to quite a few people, and they
also had taken advantage of her situation.

As the ladies were starting to finish with dinner, Mike the photographer
for the shoot walked into the restaurant. He noticed them all sitting at the
table, and walked over.

“Good evening, ladies,” Mike said as he walked up to the table, “Torrie,
can I please have a minute with you.”

“Sure, Mike,” she said as she got up and excused herself from the table.

They walked out of the restaurant. “Torrie, I’m afraid I have to show you
something, lets go to my room for a couple of minutes.”

“Uh, okay,” Torrie said hesitantly, “is there a problem?”

“I think I’ll let you decide for yourself,” Mike said with a shake of his

Torrie wondered what was going on as they walked to Mike’s room. They got
to Mike’s room, and he told Torrie to have a seat as he set up the VCR, and
started the tape.

Torrie watched the tape in horror and tears began to well up in her eyes.
Jake, the owner of the gym she used to work out at had given one of copies of
the tapes he had made when he raped her to Mike.

“What do you want,” Torrie said with a whine.

“Pamela Paulshock brought that tape to me this afternoon after you and
the rest of the girls had left. She was sent by Jake and Billy. I must say,
Torrie, I’m quite impressed. Tell me something, do you like getting abused
like a little whore?”

Torrie looked at him with tears running down her face. “What do you want,”
she begged.

“It’s quite simple really. I sent my regular crew home, and Jake, Billy,
and Pamela will be taking their place. Tomorrow, all you have to do is sit
back and let us have our way with the rest of the girls.”

“I-I, I can’t do that,” Torrie cried.

“Oh yes you can, and you will. Jake and Billy have quite a few copies of
this tape and many more. So don’t think there’s any negotiating.”

“But please, I’ll do anything.”

Mike walked over to her and held her in his arms. He leaned in to smell
her hair and took a deep breath. “Oh, Torrie, I can’t wait until tomorrow.
But don’t you worry, because tomorrow, you’re gonna do anything and
everything that we tell you to.”

Torrie walked back to her room. When she walked in she noticed that the
lights were already on, and sitting in one of the chairs was Pamela

“What the hell do you want,” Torrie screamed, “haven’t you people already
done enough to me?”

“I’m sorry, Torrie,” Pamela said, “Jake and Billy are getting bored. I’m
sorry I didn’t listen to you in the first place, you have no idea what they
do to me. They go too far, making me do all sorts of S&M. I’m really sorry

“Enough, just get out.”

“Torrie, you don’t understand…”

“I said get out!”

Tears ran down Pamela’s face as she walked towards the door. “I’m really
really sorry,” Pamela sobbed as she walked out the door.

Torrie just cringed as she thought about what was going to happen the next

The day of the shoot was going very well. The rest of the girls beside
Torrie were surprised to see Billy and Pamela. Jake didn’t seem like a bad
guy to any of them either. Mike started off by doing a few single shots of
each girl, but mostly group shots with all the girls under the docks down by
the beach. Then he sent the girls back to their trailers to have them get
ready for more solo shots. Every girl went to their trailer except Torrie,
who Mike asked to stay behind.

“You ready for the real fun, Torrie,” Jake asked.

“Just get it over with you perverts,” Torrie said in disgust.

Trish Stratus was the first to be brought out. Mike asked her to lay down
and close her eyes so he could take a few shots. While Trish had her eyes
closed, Jake and Billy jumped on top of her tied her wrists and ankles to
stakes they had planted into the sand. Trish struggled against her bonds.
“What’s going on here,” Trish protested.

Without a word Billy strapped a ballgag over her mouth.

Chae was the next girl they sent for. “What the hell,” Chae exclaimed as
she saw how Trish was bound and gagged.

Quickly Jake and Billy tackled her and secured her the same way they had
done to Trish.

“That’s enough guys,” Pamela said.

Jake walked over to Pamela. “What did you say?”

“Leave them alone,” Pamela said.

Jake grabbed Pamela and shoved her back against one of the tiers of the
dock and held her there. “Cuff her,” Jake said.

Mike walked around behind Pamela and cuffed her wrists behind her back
around the tier. To keep her quite, they put a strip of duck tape over her

Just then Lita came walking out from Trish’s trailer. “What the…”

Before Lita could say another word, Billy had shoved her face first
against another tier, and slapped a pair of handcuffs on her. Jake came over
and secured a ballgag around her mouth.

Finally, Tylene was sent for. Tylene came out with a look of amazement on
her face. “Oh my god, you guys actually did it.”

“What!” Torrie yelled, “you were in on this, Tylene.”

Mike walked over to Torrie with a grin on his face. “Ms. Buck here works
for XPW now, Torrie. She’s practically a porn star, how hard could it have
been to convince her.”

“Nooooo,” Torrie whined with tears in her eyes.

“Ladies, you have Ms. Wilson here to thank for the pleasure we’re about to
give to you,” Jake said as he took out a pair of scissors. “Let’s start with
little Ms. Chae shall we.” he said as he walked over to her and cut the tiny
strips of her bikini.”

“Oh yeah, let’s,” Tylene said as she licked her lips. Tylene had wanted
the hot little Asian nitro girl for a long time, and now she had her right
where she wanted her.

Jake removed Chae’s top, as Tylene finished removing her bikini bottom.
Chae bucked her hips slightly as Tylene leaned down with a sultry smile and
licked her cunt. Jake removed the gag and fondled her tits.

“Suck my dick, you little Asian cunt,” Jake said as he placed his member
on Chae’s hot lips.

Hesitantly, Chae opened up and started letting Jake fuck her mouth. She
didn’t know what these people were capable of, so she just sucked and
swallowed as Jake rocked back and forth inside her mouth. She could feel
herself starting to get wet as Tylene’s tongue worked against her clit.
Billy bent down behind Tylene as she continued to eat out Chae. He got his
member ready and pulled down Tylene’s thong. Without any warning or
lubrication, he stuck his dick right up Tylene’s ass.

“Ahhh,” Tylene moaned and momentarily stopped working on Chae as Billy
inched his way up her anal passage. Once he was all the way up inside of
her, Tylene stuck her face back down into Chae’s pussy. Chae bucked her
hips as her juices shot onto Tylene’s face. She must have been enjoying her
predicament somewhat because she continued to buck her hips as Billy pumped
Tylene’s ass furiously. Jake removed his cock from her mouth and squeezed
her tits together. He placed his member between her two beautiful tan mounds
and started titty fucking her, making the tip of his enormous cock touch her
lips with each thrust. Chae still kept bucking her hips into Tylene, as
Billy rode Tylene’s rock hard ass.

Torrie just looked on in disgust at the sick foursome. Billy blew his
load right up Tylene’s ass, with one final thrust as she bucked back up onto
his cock. He held her hips and blew his load up her ass for nearly a minute.
Tylene collapsed face first into Chae’s crotch, and Billy collapsed down
right on top of her and laid on her back. Chae was starting to get worn down,
and was no longer bucking her hips. Jake was approaching his own orgasm and
blew his load all over Chae’s beautiful tits.

“Leave them alone,” Pamela screamed.

Mike got a dildo out of another bag and walked over to Pamela. “We told
you to be quite bitch,” he said as he ripped off blouse. He pulled her pants
down, and then undressed himself. His nine-inch cock stood fully erect. He
reached around the tier Pamela was cuffed around and shoved his entire member
up into her snatch with one swift thrust.

“Owwww, no please stop, I’ll be good, OOOOWWWWW, oh uhn, please stop uh

“It’s too late for that you little slut,” Mike said as he reached behind
her and shoved the dildo right up her ass.

“Oooohhhhh, oh oh god no. God please help meeeee, uhn uhn uhn uhn arrgh.”
Torrie couldn’t believe the way they treated Pamela. It was nearly as bad
as some of the things they had done to her.

Mike kept fucking Pamela against the tier hard. He’d jam his cock way up
her snatch while simultaneously forcing the dildo up her ass.

“Ohhh, ohhh ohhh ungh,” Pamela popped as Mike bust a nut up inside of her.
Pamela’s legs were wobbly from getting fucked so hard in both holes at once.
Mike left the dildo up her ass and let her slip down onto the sand. Pamela
winced as she accidentally forced the fake dick further up her own ass. She
tried to find a way to sit, so it wouldn’t hurt as much.

“It’s your turn, Trish,” Jake said as he walked over to her.

“Mmmmph, mmmmmppppppphhhhhhh, mmphm,” Trish tried to protest from around
her gag.

Jake undid her bikini top, and pulled down her thong. He grabbed her
voluptuous tits as he worked his already wet member up into her snatch.
Trish tried to struggle from underneath, but to no avail. Jake pumped her
hard and fast. It didn’t take long for him to blow his load since he had
already covered Chae’s chest with his seed just a few minutes earlier.
“Mmmmmmppppphhhhh,” Trish squealed from behind the gag as Jake released
his seed. He stayed up inside her for a minute. The tears streaming down her
face were a huge turn on and helped him stay hard, and he blew another small
load up inside her. “Mmmpphh,” Trish squealed once again as he got up off of
her. Jake stood over her for a minute and pissed on her lovely stomach. Trish
just tried to wiggle away from the golden stream, and continued to cry.
Mike walked over to Lita and removed her gag. “What are you doing to me,”
Lita whimpered.

Mike cut away Lita’s shirt with a pair of scissors and pulled down her
pants. He moved her thong panties over, and placed his cock at the crack of
her ass. “No,” Lita screamed as she dropped down to her knees, trying to
prevent Mike from sticking his dick up her ass.

“You really think that’s gonna work,” Mike said as he grabbed Lita’s
ankles and pulled her straight out, so she was now lying flat on her stomach.

“Noooooo,” Lita screamed as Mike forced his way up Lita’s ass. She tried
to wiggle, but got no where. She was cuffed to the tier and could do nothing
to keep his dick out of her ass. Mike went slow to keep from blowing his
load. He pulled her back up to her knees and reached around to grab her
luscious tits, and forced her ass back onto his member.

“Uhn uhn uhhhhnnnnn uhhhhhnnnn uhhhnnnnnn,” Lita screamed as Mike coated
her anal passage with warm white goo. Lita fell face first into the sand as
Mike let go of her tits and pulled out of her ass.

Jake, Mike, and Billy got dressed. They got Tylene up and took her with
them. Mike took a few snapshots of each one of the freshly ravished women.
“Torrie can untie you ladies,” Jake said as he tossed her the keys to the
handcuffs for Pamela and Lita, “and we got pictures of every one of you
sluts, so don’t think you’re gonna go turnin us in.”

Torrie released Lita, Chae, and Trish. As soon as she was done releasing
them, all three of them jumped her.

“You let us get raped, you little bitch,” Trish said.

Trish and Lita continued to hold Torrie down while Chae went over and
uncuffed Pamela, and took the fake dick out of her ass.

“Let’s see how you like it,” Chae said as she held the dildo up in front
of Torrie’s face.

Chae shoved the dildo in Torrie’s mouth, while Lita and Trish ripped her
bikini to shreds. The three women pinned Torrie down to the ground. Chae took
the fake dick out of Torrie’s mouth and stuck it in her cunt. Then Chae sat
on Torrie’s face and made her eat her out. Trish manipulated the rubber dick
inside of Torrie’s cunt, and saw she was starting to get wet.

“This little whore is liking this,” Trish yelled, “turn her over. Lets
stick this thing up her ass instead.”

“Nooooo, don’t I didn’t mean it. I didn’t want this to happen. They’ve
done it to me too,” Torrie protested as the three women flipped her over onto
her stomach.

Lita took the dildo from Trish and stabbed Torrie’s asshole with it. Lita
jammed it in hard and fast.

“OOOOoooohhhhhhh, stop pleeeeeaaaasssseee,” Torrie screamed.

Lita kept pumping the fake dick into Torrie’s ass until blood started
dribbling out the crack of her ass. Then the three women got up and went back
to their trailers, so they could get changed and leave.

Pamela went over to help Torrie.

“I’m so sorry, Torrie,” Pamela sobbed.

“I am too Pam, but this has to end.”

Torrie Wilson and Pamela Paulshock had had enough. They had been tormented for long enough. After their last
sexual humiliation at the hands of Jake and his crew, they had decided they needed to find a way to bring this to
an end once and for all.

Several weeks had passed since the so-called photo shoot, where Torrie and Pamela had inadvertently dragged in
several other poor women into their nightmare. Lita and Trish, who Torrie still had to work with, had kept quiet.
They both thought Torrie had been a willing participant in what had happened to them. They knew Jake and Mike
had pictures of them raping the ladies, and didn’t want to think about what would happen if they were ever
exposed to the public. Torrie’s friend Chae An, whom had also been an unwilling participant had thought the same
thing, and cut all ties with Torrie and Pam as well.

“What are we going to do, Torrie,” Pamela asked.

“I don’t know, Pam,” was Torrie’s depressing reply, “what do we really have to bargain with.”
“They have all chips, don’t they?”

“The only way we’ll really know what they want is if we ask them.”

“Oh, no Torrie, anything but that. You know what they’ll do. They’ll just turn it into one of their sick little games.”
Torrie knew that Pamela had a point. Everytime she thought she was free from their torment and abuse, something
new had always come along. First Jake had convinced her ex-boyfriend, Billy Kidman to get in on the action. Then
Pamela had sided with them until she realized she was nothing more than one of their puppets. Then Vince and
Shane had seen the tapes of Jake raping her. Jake had even let Scott Steiner have his way with her at his gym.
Now they had Mike, the photographer to worry about. But Torrie couldn’t stand the thought of them continually
walking into her life and having their way with her whenever they wanted. She was not somebody’s little

“No, Pam, this can’t go on. We have to find out what they want once and for all, so this can all be over. We’ll give
them whatever they want for one time and one time only. And then that’s it.”

“Torrie, are you sure about this,” Pamela asked hesitantly.”

“Pamela, I’m positive,” Torrie said as she reached for the phone to call Jake.

Torrie and Pamela walked into Jake’s gym with an uneasy feeling in each of their stomachs. Neither one of them
liked the thought of being here, too many bad memories, but Jake wasn’t about to tell them what they wanted
over the phone. They knew he loved making them feel uncomfortable. They knew it made him hot, and they knew
it let him continue to have all the power.

As they walked into the gym they saw Jake and Billy sitting behind the front desk of the gym.
“Well, hello ladies,” Jake said with a grin, “it’s so nice to finally see you again.”
“What, you mean Tylene isn’t here, Jake,” Torrie asked, trying to sound as confident as possible. Torrie and Pam
hadn’t known it at the time, but Tylene Buck was in on the last rape session all along.
“Tylene Buck is practically a porn star, Torrie. We could do whatever we want to her, and she wouldn’t care. But,
you two, on the other hand. You whine and whimper at whatever we do to you, and that’s what makes it so fun.”
“You’re all sick,” Pamela said.

“Hey, do want this to end or not, bitch,” Billy said.

“Fuck you!”

“I will!”

“Now, now,” Jake interrupted the argument, “let’s set the terms of this agreement. Ladies what is it that you really

“What Pam and I want, is to finally be left alone,” Torrie said, “we don’t want you holding what you’ve done to us
over our heads for the rest of our lives. We’ll give you whatever you want one last time, and you give us every
last copy of every tape or photo you’ve ever made of you guys raping us.”
“You’re asking an awful lot, girls. But, I think what Mike and us decided on just might cover that,” Jake said as he
walked into his office.

Jake returned from his office after a minute with a fairly large box.

“Here you are,” Jake said as he set the box down on the desk.

Torrie and Pamela looked inside the box, and to their amazement found all the tapes and photos of them being
fucked against their will.

“And this is everything,” Torrie asked.

“Everything except the material we took of Lita, Trish, and Chae,” Jake said with a grin.
“You’re sick.”

“Forget about them, this is about you. Besides, we need some one to play with. Just be glad it will no longer be
you after tonight.”

“What do you want,” Pam asked.

“Well, Pam, you’ll stay here with us while Torrie goes and gets her.”
“Gets who,” Torrie asked.

“One Ms. Stacy Keibler,” Jake answered with another one of his grins.

Torrie’s stomach sank as Jake said Stacy’s name. Stacy was such a nice girl. So young and innocent, she couldn’t
stand the thought of these monsters doing to Stacy what they had done to her.
“Do we have a deal,” Jake asked.

“Under one more condition,” Torrie said.

“What now,” Jake asked impatiently.

“You don’t film or photograph anything. You can have me and Pam one last time, but you’ll only have Stacy for one
night and one night only.”

“Fine, just go get her, and do it before somebody changes their mind.”

Torrie couldn’t believe what she was doing. She sat in the lobby of the hotel she had asked Stacy to meet her at.

She had on a tight black dress and by her chair was a little black handbag. She had already ordered herself a

drink, and took the liberty of ordering one for Stacy as well, before she arrived.

“Stacy, over here,” Torrie yelled to get her attention as she walked in.

“Torrie, hi,” Stacy approached with a smile, “how are you?”

“I’m great,” Torrie said with an uneasy smile of her own, “I already ordered you a drink.”

“Oh, thanks a lot, you wouldn’t believe the kind of day I’ve had.”

The two women sat in the hotel lobby making small chitchat while sipping their drinks. Stacy Keibler was getting

very tired and groggy, thanks entirely in part to the stuff Jake had given Torrie to slip into it. Stacy sat back in

her chair, and fell asleep. Upon seeing her finally pass out, Billy, who had been watching the whole time, came

over. With Torrie’s reluctant help they dragged her into the elevator and up to the suite they had acquired for the

evening’s festivities.

As Stacy came to, she realized her hands were bound. As her vision cleared, she realized she was in handcuffs. As

she tried to ask what was going on, she also came to the realization that she was wearing a ballgag, and hunched

over a table. Her handcuffs had been attached to chain that was in turn attached to the table.

“Well, hello Stacy, it’s so nice to finally meet you,” Mike said as she looked around the room.

Torrie was sitting on one of the beds in the room. “I’m sorry Stacy,” she said with a slow shake of the head.

“Mmph mmph,” Stacy tried to ask what was going on from behind the gag.

“Now now, you just calm down, and let us do all the work,” Mike said.

Stacy continued to look around the room, and noticed that sitting on the other bed was a man she had never

seen before in her life, and over in the corner next to the bathroom was Billy Kidman.

“Well, let’s get started with things shall we,” Mike said, “Billy, I believe you have some business to attend to.”

Billy stepped away from the bathroom door holding a chain. As he walked over to the table where Stacy was at,

she noticed that the chain was part of a collar that Pamela Paulshock was wearing. Pamela was wearing a tight

fitting latex body suit that had no material to cover her ass. Billy positioned her on the other side of the table so

she was face to face with Stacy.

“I’m sorry Stacy,” Pam said, “Owww, Oh no. Ouch, stop it,” she screamed as Billy began spanking her with a small

leather whip.

Stacy just looked on in horror as Billy spanked Pam with the small whip.

Billy quit spanking her after a few minutes. “Hey Pam, remember when you told me to fuck you. Well get ready,

cause here it comes,” he said as he undid his pants.

“Just get it over with,” Pam said with a sob.

“Oh no, I’m gonna take a good long time,” Billy said as he spread her cheeks and shoved his dick up her ass.

“Oooooohhhhh,” Pamela moaned as Billy penetrated her anus.

Stacy just looked on in horror. She had never taken it up the ass, and she was sure, if Billy was doing this to

Pamela, some one in the room would want to do it to her.

“Oooh oh oh oh agh ah ah ahh ahh oh ah,” Pamela whimpered as Billy slammed into her ass.

Billy reached around to grab her latex covered tits, the feel of the tight material around her supple breasts making

him even hornier, and causing him to thrust even faster. “Aaaaghhhhh,” Billy moaned as he released his warm goo

up into Pamela’s ass.

“Ahh,” Pamela let out a soft moan as Billy pulled out of her, letting the last of his cum cover her sore anus.

Pamela fell to her knees beside the table. Before Billy took a seat in one of the chairs over by the window, he

cuffed her hands around one of the legs of the table.

Mike walked over to the bed Torrie was sitting on, and looked at her with a look of lust.

“Get up, Torrie,” Mike said, “and lose the clothes.”

Torrie did as she was told. There she was standing naked in front of Mike. Stacy couldn’t believe what she was


“Now get on the bed, on your hands and knees.”

Again without any protest Torrie did what Mike told her to do. Mike stripped down and crawled up behind Torrie.

With one hand he reached around to grab her tits, and with the other reached down to finger her clit. It didn’t

take him long to get her wet.

“Ooooohhhhh,” Torrie let out a long slow moan, as Mike found her sweet spot.

Slowly, Mike positioned his throbbing cock up into her moist snatch.

“Aahhh,” Torrie moaned again, putting her own hand down on her wet pussy.

Torrie knew she wasn’t supposed to be enjoying this, but Mike was just doing way to good of a job. She put her

other hand up on the head of the bed, and began pushing herself back onto Mike’s cock.

“Oooohhh, oh oh oh ahh ahh oh ah ah oh ah oh,” Torrie orgasmed as Mike continued to thrust deeper and deeper,

“oh yes, oh god oh oh oh AAaaaggghhhh.”

Stacy couldn’t believe what Torrie was doing, and frankly neither could anyone else in the room.

Mike continued to pump her. He hadn’t even shot his load yet as Torrie hit another huge orgasm. Torrie was

starting to tire out. She no longer had her hand up on the head of the bed; she just put her head down on the

pillows and continued to enjoy the unexpected pleasure Mike was giving to her.

“Ooohhhh ohhh ohhh AAAAggggghhhhhh,” Torrie screamed this time as Mike suddenly thrust his cock into her ass,

“NO, don’t do this to me. Don’t do this, please,” she begged as she tried to wiggle away. I’m Torrie Wilson. I’m

fucking Torrie Wilson dammit.”

“No no, you’ve got it all wrong, I’m fucking Torrie Wilson,” Mike grunted, “and up until a second ago, she was

enjoying it,” he said as he reached down again to finger her clit. He pulled her back up to her knees, and held her

straight up so he could pound her ass longer before he came.

Torrie looked up at the ceiling as she orgasmed again. “Oooooohhhhhh oh aaaagghhh ohh ohh ohh aagh ohh

ahggh,” she let loose again as Mike shot his load up he tight ass, coating her anal passage with warm goo.

Torrie fell down face first onto the pillows. Her ass hurt like hell, and she wasn’t sure if she could move her legs.

“Now for Ms. Keibler,” Jake said as he walked over to Stacy.

“Mmph,” Stacy shook her head as Jake approached.

He got behind her and pulled down her skirt to reveal her thong. He tore off her blouse to reveal her perky little

breasts. He knelt down to feel up and down her long smooth silky legs, all the way up to her gorgeous little ass.

“Mmmppph,” Stacy screamed from behind the gag as Jake spanked her ass with the little leather whip. Tears

began to trickle down her face. Then suddenly Jake stopped beating her ass, and took off her gag.

“Ah, what why what’s going on,” Stacy asked with a sob.

“You see, Stacy,” Jake said, “Torrie and Pam here want off the hook. But in order for us to leave them alone, we

get to fuck the shit out of you,” he said as he tore down her thong.

“Noooo, please agh,” Stacy screamed as Jake shoved his dick straight up her tight virgin ass. He reached down to

finger her clit, forcing her into an unwanted orgasm.

“NO ohh ohh ahh ah agh ungh,” Stacy cried as she was raped by this man she had never seen before in her life,

“no please god let this be a dream.”

“Oh it’s a dream baby. A dream come true,” Jake said as he continued to pound away on her ass.

“No, no no I’m cumming I’m cumming no please no ungh ohh ahh ohh ohh ohh AAAaaaagghhhh ungh,” Stacy

screamed as Jake bottomed out in her virgin ass.

Stacy stayed slouched over the table for a minute, and then Billy came and lifted her up so he could have at her


“Nooooo,” Stacy screamed again, “Ungh,” she moaned as Billy quickly came in her ass.

Mike came over and undid the chain attached to the handcuffs, and threw her onto the unused bed.

“No no, please stop,” Stacy whimpered as Mike grabbed ankles and spread her legs up over her head, “Ungh,” she

moaned as he penetrated her pussy, and pounded away on her clit.

As she was approaching orgasm, Mike pulled out and turned her over onto her stomach. “No, not again,” she

whimpered as the third man’s cock impaled her tight toned ass. Mike reached around to finger her clit, and drive

her towards another orgasm.

“Ungh oh oh no oh ohn uhhn oh uhn ah uuuunnnnnggghhhh,” Stacy came and orgasmed one last time as Mike

released his seed up her ass.

Mike got up off of the bed, and he and the other two men got dressed.

“Torrie, Pam, and especially Stacy, thanks for the memories,” Jake said right before the three men left the room.

Stacy was in shock as Torrie got up off her bed and uncuffed Pamela. “Please let me out of here. Take these cuffs

off of me. I want to go home,” Stacy whined, “What are you doing,” she asked as the other two women got

dressed and ignored her.

“Don’t worry Stacy, it’s over,” Torrie said as her and Pam got dressed.

Torrie reached into her handbag and got the key to Stacy’s handcuffs, and put it on the nightstand beside Stacy’s

bed. She then reached back into her bag and pulled out a camera.

“What are you doing,” Stacy cried as Torrie took a few pictures of her.

“Pam and I went through their hell for months, Stacy,” Torrie said as she finished taking a roll of pictures of the

freshly raped Stacy Keibler, “Thankfully, it was only a once in a lifetime experience for you. Unless you go talking

and then I show these pictures to people. Understand?”

Stacy nodded through her tears.

“Good,” Torrie said matter of factly.

Torrie and Pam left Stacy in the room where she was. In a way neither one of them could care less about Stacy

Keibler, because for them thankfully, their nightmare was finally over.

The End

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