Shadows Of Hollywood – Chapter 6: Forgotten

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“Shadows of Hollywood”

Chapter 6: Forgotten (M/F, oral, anal, cons, viol.)

By Smackdown

Rose just stood in the same spot unable to move any part of her body. The sound of the shot was still ringing in her ears and the silence that followed was just as deafening. She could barely breath, it was so bad that she literally had to remind herself to bring air into her lungs and release it. Her eyes were still focused on the wall painted with the dark red substance, the splatter pattern a dark reminder of what had happened.

She had walked into a very hostile situation, forced into the position of having to talk a man she really barely knew from blowing his brains out. She did a shitty job, she knew it but there was no real way she could have been prepared for it. But she should have been, she should have been prepared to stop him instead of just coming to discover a body so a little kid wouldn’t.

Derrick had placed the gun under his jaw; the look in his eyes as he looked right at her was something she wanted to forget but knew she never would. Those eyes would haunt her for a long time.

The silence in the room was broken down by the sound of crying. She finally moved her eyes and looked down at Derrick’s body slumped against the wall, his hands cupped against his face as he cried. The gun sitting in the spot he had dropped it, one less bullet in the clip but a bullet that had done no damage other than the shattered lava lamp that it ripped through.

Things had moved so fast, Rose had just yelled ‘no’ when she heard the shot. If she had been looking at the gun and not at his eyes she would have seen him turn the weapon from his face at the last second. But she had been looking in his eyes and when his eyes fell out of her line of sight then they focused up when she saw the red cover the wall. For a little while she thought he had done it, that he had fired the shot into his skull and blown his blood all over the wall right in front of her.

But even after she realized it was just a lava lamp she couldn’t move, couldn’t breath, she just couldn’t do anything. A lava lamp she never even noticed before, a lava lamp sitting on a small pillar in the room that had been right behind him sitting against the wall. A lamp that had left her petrified when the fluid sprayed across the wall like a blood pattern as though he had pulled the trigger against his chin. Those eyes would haunt her but not as long as they would have if he had done the deed.

Her mind was slowly starting to come around, her focus returning to the human being sitting on the floor after nearly taking his own life. She didn’t understand; what did he do to deserve this?

Then again, what did she do to deserve this?

But this wasn’t about her; it was about the man on the floor. She couldn’t imagine the hell he went through every night or imagine the hell he put himself through in his mind. She could always feel it around him; a sense of hopelessness ever since he found out he had something evil inside. He basically gave up his life for this and his reward seemed to be he was losing more and more of himself each and every day.

It had boiled over in front of her almost with a very dark and sad ending to it all. She felt horrible for what Simon was going through but she never really thought about what Derrick was going through. She always assumed that being the Protector he could handle it but the truth was he was just as human as Simon. Who had been there for him when Father Martin had died?

But then something else stuck in her mind, he had mentioned a she when he was babbling. Did he lose someone else in the short time he was away? Was that even possible?

But he was fine when he came to get Simon, other than looking like a damn nightmare he seemed fine. She offered him the option of calling her if he needed to talk but he didn’t call. It was too much thinking, not enough talking. Rose walked up close to Derrick and with her foot she kicked the gun away from his reach before leaning down next to him.

“Derrick,” she whispered close to him.

“I…can’t do this anymore,” sobbed Derrick as he moved his hands from his face. “I just can’t be the one, it’s too much. I just wanted to be free of it all, of all that I had done and all I had lost.”

Rose looked at his face, the dried blood and the tears leaving a grim picture of what he was becoming. With her left hand she wiped some of the water from his face, some of the dried blood wiping off as well leaving a small line of clear on his cheek. Her gentle hand touching his face seemed to pull Derrick back into the real world some; free from the darkness that was clouding his mind.

“Why did you come?”

“I came for you,” said Rose as she wiped another spot like he was a child. “I heard something was wrong so I figured I might be able to help.”

“You shouldn’t lie Rose, it’s not like you,” sniffled Derrick as he looked at her wiping his face. “Tell me the truth, why did you come?”

“I came because I didn’t want Simon to,” she looked at his face and she couldn’t say it. “Derrick please, let me lie to you about this.”

“You came because you didn’t want Simon to,” he looked deep into her eyes; she turned away from his gaze and looked at her wet hand. “Find my dead body lying on the ground.”

“Damn you Derrick,” said Rose as she wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. “Yes ok, I came so he wouldn’t find you dead. Do you think I wanted to do it?”

“No, I don’t think you wanted to come at all,” he said as he looked at the floor.

“Fuck you, you know that’s not what I meant,” she said still not looking at him. “Why is it so hard to believe you’re my friend and I care what happens to you? My worst fear was coming in here and finding you dead on the floor or at least I thought until I walked in.”

“You shouldn’t care what happens to me.”

“Well I do so deal with it,” said Rose as she looked back at him. “I don’t know why but I consider you a friend, a friend that I don’t want to see anything happen to. Christ Derrick, I almost cried with Simon when he talked about what would happen if you didn’t come back.”

Derrick turned his eyes away as she talked, he couldn’t stand for her to see his face.

“Simon told me about your life while you were gone Derrick,” she said grabbing his attention. “He told me about how you were guarding him from the truth about his sister, even the little kid could tell it was killing you. Then he told me about your sister and I guess I just started caring what happened to you. You saved me and my friend, that’s the guy I choose to be friends with cause I knew that was the real you.”

“I didn’t want any of this to happen,” he said looking away. “I’m sorry for accusing you of not caring what happens to me, I guess I never thought you could care what happened after…that night.”

“That night you saved my life,” Derrick was about to reply but she started talking again. “If you didn’t fight what had taken control of you, I would have died. You saved me that night Derrick, hell you saved me plenty more times than that night.”

“I never thought of it that way,” he said as he finally looked at her again. “I just always thought you were disgusted with me and that day I showed up I thought the only reason you agreed was cause you felt you owed me.”

“Well, that was part of it,” said Rose, as she felt sad inside looking at him. “Listen, we can talk about this later ok?”

“Why later?”

“Derrick, you need to sleep,” said Rose as she grabbed his arm and started to stand him up with his help. “I don’t want to get any more emotional after the shit we just went through, it’s the last thing we both need.”

“Ok, I guess we can talk about this some other day then,” said Derrick as Rose helped him toward his bed. Derrick was just lying down when Rose grabbed a chair and sat it beside his bed.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m staying right here,” said Rose as brushed off the seat of the chair. “You think I’m leaving you alone after what just happened? No fucking way.”

“You don’t have to,” said Derrick as he looked at her sitting beside the bed.

“Yes I do, so shut up and go to sleep,” said Rose as she walked towards the end of the bed. “I’m going to go talk with Simon about what happened, you get some rest. You need it.”

Rose was about ready to turn the corner of the wall when Derrick called her name, she stopped and looked back at him lying on the bed.

“I didn’t tell you,” said Derrick.

“Tell me what?”

“Thank you.”

Derrick’s eyes slowly opened to a pitch-black room, if he didn’t know better he could have swore he was still asleep. Just a few hours before he was thinking about being in a world just like this, dark with no signs of life or escape. But Rose had prevented that, of all the people he thought could stop him the name Rose McGowan never entered his mind. Maybe that was because he believed she truly hated him, hoping that he would die so she could get back to her normal life.

He didn’t know if he could call her life normal but she had people who loved and cared for her, that was normal enough. Derrick sat up in the bed as he thought about things; he rubbed the back of his neck before reaching over fumbling for the switch on his bedside lamp. When he finally found the lamp he felt something soft on the handle, he sat puzzled for a moment till the lamp clicked on. Derrick surged back some, falling off the side of the bed and smacking the back of his head hard on the floor.

Derrick blinked his eyes and looked up, staring up into the quizzing face of Rose as she said, “Well, that makes me feel good about myself.”

“I forgot you were here,” he said as he pulled himself up. “You scared me.”

“Nice way to thank me, admit I terrify you,” said Rose as Derrick sat on the bed. “Good thing you didn’t have a gun nearby or I’d been in deep trouble.”

Derrick looked towards Rose and reached his hand under the mattress, pulling a small handgun from under the bed.

“Glad you didn’t go for it then,” said Rose as she sat down on the bed beside him. “Don’t you worry about that going off?”

“Not really, didn’t even remember I had it under there,” he said as he tossed it onto the same stand as the light. “How long have I been out?”

“It’s a little past midnight,” she said as she glanced down at her watch. “I’d say about 13 hours give or take a few minutes.”

“13 hours? How long have you been in here?”

“12 and a half,” said Rose as she rubbed her eyes. “Told you I wasn’t leaving.”

“You didn’t have to sit there all night you know.”

“Who said I did,” she said with a smirk.

“Rose, should I check to make sure my underwear is on right?”

“Ha Ha, very funny,” she said hitting him lightly in the arm. “I laid on the floor for a while and napped, I was shocked when I woke up and you were still out.”

“Well, I never can be sure with you,” he said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, you never can tell can you huh?”

She laughed with him and then the laughing stopped, as she looked at his still bloody face, reminding her why she had been there for half of the day.

“It’s good to see you laughing,” she said as she looked at his face. “You know that was really stupid what you almost did.”

“I know,” he said as he looked down at the floor. “I don’t know what came over me.”

“You should have called me Derrick before it went that far, I told you that you could call me for any reason,” she said looking at the side of his face. “I was worried about you Derrick, especially after you came and got Simon.”

“I didn’t think you cared, I just thought you were being nice.”

“Yeah being nice that’s me, you know I don’t like to tell people what I really think,” she replied sarcastically. “I don’t know what worries me more, your thoughts about me or Simon’s thoughts about you and me.”

“Why Rosey, does little Simon thinks we love each other?”

“Arrgh, don’t call me that,” Rose said angrily as she stood up. “God, you know how annoying that is?”

Derrick just chuckled, looking at Rose getting angry.

“What’s so funny?”

“Your reaction to it, you always looked like you loved being called it,” he said.

“Yeah well I don’t, I think it’s right up there with Simon trying to hook me up with you.”

“Why Rose, I’m hurt you think so low of me,” he said as he looked at her. “Here I was thinking we could get a little farm in the country and have some kids.”

“In your dreams buddy,” she said backing away from him. “You’re the wrong sex for me.”

“I know, I tried to explain it to Simon without going into the details but I guess he didn’t get the message,” said Derrick as he stood up and stretched his back. “Kids getting attached to you, might even stop calling you Rosey at this pace.”

Derrick walked past Rose and headed towards a closed door on the other side of the room, she followed behind him as he opened the door, clicking on a switch inside to reveal a bathroom. She looked at Derrick as he turned on the water and grabbed a rag from behind him off the towel rack to wash his face.

“What are you talking about?”

“Simon, uses nicknames to keep for getting attached,” said Derrick as he got the rag wet with water before rubbing a bar of soap into it. “That’s why he calls you Rosey, did he use any others while I was away?”

“Let’s see, he called Love Lovey, he called Sarah Sar-Sar and he called Jennifer Jen-Jen,” she said remembering the stupid names he was tossing around. “But I don’t get it, why doesn’t he want to get attached?”

“It’s not that he doesn’t, he just doesn’t trust it,” said Derrick as he splashed water in his face, washing away the soap. “Could you hand me a towel?”

Rose reached back and grabbed a towel off the rack and with a quick underhand toss she pitched it to Derrick.

“I’m not sure I’m following you Derrick.”

“The last person he called by their regular name from the start was Rachel, his sister,” said Derrick from behind the towel. “She died and he became fearful of letting anyone get close, he thinks if he doesn’t call them by their real name then if they leave him it won’t hurt as much. Hell, when I first arrived he was calling me Derry, annoyed the shit outta me.”

“So you’re saying that when he calls me Rose, he trusts me?”

“Not just trust you, he thinks of you as part of his family,” said Derrick as he dropped the towel on the counter. “If he calls you Rose then he thinks of you as a sister, just like he treats me like I’m his big brother.”

“Well, I guess that would ruin things if I ever wanted to fuck you again huh?”

Derrick just shook his head and smiled into the mirror so he could see her.

“What? Just because I don’t love you doesn’t mean I don’t think about fucking you again.”

“Is this your idea of counseling people who just attempted suicide?”

“Actually its me trying to forget it nearly happened,” she said before turning and walking away from the bathroom. Derrick walked out of the room, clicking off the light and closing the door to the bathroom behind.

“You scared the shit out of me Derrick, I’ve got that look in your eyes stuck in my head and it won’t go away,” she said still refusing to look back at him. “I mean, some things in life I never wanted to see happen live and a friend blowing their brains out is way on top of that list.”

“I’m sorry, I really am.”

“Are you? I mean do you even care what almost happened? Do you even know what that would have did to that kid?”

“Rose listen I don’t know…”

“No, you know perfectly well that he thinks of you as a brother,” said Rose, her voice with a small amount of building anger as she looked back at him. “He’s lost everything Derrick, all he has left is you and you nearly left him alone. Like you said, he doesn’t trust me and I’m damn sure he would never trust anyone else if you had done it.”

Derrick couldn’t even look up, his head down as Rose got angrier with him.

“I can’t make up for what I almost did, strange things have been happening to me Rose and I just wanted to stop them. I shouldn’t be afraid of myself Rose but I am and I’m more afraid than ever that I might do something to the people I care about. I guess I thought the pain of me killing myself would be less than what would happen if I lost control.”

“Derrick, what has happened between the time you dropped off Simon and the time you almost did what you did?”

“I don’t know, just encountering some demons and stuff like that, nothing that could have caused this,” said Derrick as he stared straight ahead with his eyes wide. “Listen, I think I need a shower, I don’t…yeah, I think I need a warm shower.”

“Derrick, calm down,” she calmed down as she realized he was starting to snap again. “Just breath ok, everything is fine.”

“I’m fine, I just want a shower ok,” he said as he pulled his t-shirt up and over his head. As he was walking towards the bathroom again Rose noticed something on Derrick and she quickly rushed up and grabbed him on the shoulders.

“When did this happen?”

“When did what happen?”

“This,” said Rose as she pointed to the long deep scar across Derrick side.

“What the hell?”

“I thought you healed every injury Derrick?”

“I do, at least I did,” said Derrick as he looked down at the scar that looked like it came from a whip. “Rose, I need you to call a Dr. Matthew Turner for me, his number is beside the phone in the rec room next to Simon’s room.”

“What’s going on Derrick?”

“I think I might be infected with something,” he said as he looked at the scar.

“What would happen if you are?”

Derrick looked up at Rose; it was that look of death again. She knew what it meant if he was right. If he were right, Simon would be alone. Rose left the room in a hurry as Derrick continued to look at the gash in his side.

“Well, it’s not infected Derrick. I don’t know what else to tell you.”

“How about why the hell do I have a scar? Wasn’t my advanced healing supposed to take care of this?”

“Actually yes it was, I can’t explain it Derrick,” said Matt as he shined a flashlight on the scar. ” I just know you’re not infected, well not by anything that would cause this.”

“Excuse me? What did that mean?”

“Well, Ms McGowan…”


“Right, well Rose, you see something is in Derrick’s blood stream,” said Matt as he looked at the read out. “You see, the transfer of power between Protectors sometimes alters the blood stream so that the body heals quicker, regains energy and adrenaline can kick in at any moment.”

“So in English talk, his blood gets infected with a super juice that leaves a trail.”

“Well yeah, I guess that would have been simpler.”

“Little bit yeah.”

“Matt I did something bad last night,” blurted out Derrick. “I didn’t tell you Rose, I couldn’t.”

“What? What did you do?”

“I can’t say it with her in the room,” said Derrick as he sat up in the bed. “Last thing I need is for you to feel guilty about what you did.”

“I’m not leaving this room Derrick, just tell him what the fuck happened,” said Rose with her arms crossed above her chest.

“You don’t want to hear this Rose, believe me.”

“Too bad, I’m not moving.”

“Shit,” he said under his breath. “Alright, last night before I returned here I used the Vernato ceremony and sent someone’s soul to hell, my sister Megan.”

“Jesus Christ Derrick, why the hell did you do something like that?”

“I thought she was a breeder, but that wasn’t the worst of it,” he said as he brushed his hair back. “I raped my target because I thought she had been a breeder, I thought she sent little kids to their deaths.”

Both sat in disbelief but the worst in the room was Rose. Her mind was knocked for a loop; she kept saying to herself that he didn’t say it, that there must have been some mistake. She knew him he wasn’t capable of it.

“No, you didn’t, you couldn’t,” babbled Rose as she looked at Derrick, her mind filling with confusion and at the same time filling with anger and rage. He saved lives, he almost gave his life countless time, and he couldn’t have raped a poor innocent woman.

Her anger built as she looked at him with disgust. Soon the anger became too much and even though she wanted to disbelieve everything, something inside of her snapped.

“You sick fuck!” Rose stood out of the chair and slapped Derrick hard across the face; her hands balled up and she started to beat him on the chest as she yelled and cried. Her mental image of Derrick was shattered, she couldn’t believe he did it and she was beating on him almost as a plea to tell her it wasn’t true.

“Why god damn it!”

He didn’t struggle, he let her do it while she cursed and spat in his face like she was possessed, her hands just pounding softly against him as she filled with anger. Her eyes watered up and tears coming down as she continued to just beat on his chest.

“Rose, stop it,” yelled Matt as he grabbed Rose and pulled her away from Derrick screaming.

“I should have let you blow your brains out, you fucking bastard,” she yelled while Matt held her back. “Let me go or I’ll rip your dick off!”

“Listen to me, ease down right now!”

“Fuck you!”

“He may not have done it!”


“What,” echoed Derrick as he looked at Matt.

“Do you promise to stay calm,” asked Matt as he looked at Rose.

“Fine, but this better be good.”

“Derrick, what did you encounter the nights before you did what you did?”

“Nothing unusually, some mercs and a demon that looked like a child one minute and a demon the next.”

“Did you enter its mind?”

“Yeah, it was a little girl named Sandy, her parents sacrificed her to a demon. But it was killed before it planted inside her but somehow it became part of her.”

“A setrimental,” said Matt as he searched around in his bag. “Derrick, before the ceremony or the rape did you see anything out of the ordinary?”

“A quick flash, like a beam of sunlight blinding me for a second.”

“Derrick, you didn’t rape anyone.”

“What? I know what I did Matt, I raped that girl.”

“Were you having sex with her at the time the flash occurred?”

Derrick sighed and nodded his head.

“Rose, I need you to come over here please.”

“I don’t want anywhere near him,” said Rose as she looked at Derrick.

“Rose please, I need your help.”

Rose walked over; she didn’t look one bit happy to be near Derrick but at the same time a small part of her wanted to help prove that her image of him wasn’t false.

“Ok, I need to ask you a personal question here Rose but I need the truth,” said Matt as he pulled a syringe out of his bag. “Have you had sex with Derrick?”

“Yeah, we fucked,” she said not looking happy about it right now. “Why do you need to know?”

“I need you to kiss him.”

“What? Hell no.”

“Doc, what are you up to,” asked Derrick as he looked from Rose to Matt.

“Listen to me Rose, Derrick didn’t rape anyone and I can prove it right now,” said Matt as he stared at Rose. “I want you to kiss him and Derrick I want you to open your mind when you do, I bet money when the kiss breaks you’ll think Rose is a breeder.”

“That’s crazy, she’s not a breeder.”

“Excuse me, what the fuck is a breeder?”

“Not important right now, just kiss him please.”

“Fine, whatever,” said Rose as she leaned down and kissed Derrick on the lips. Derrick entered her mind and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary in her mind. Rose pulled back and Derrick just looked at her, he stared deep into her eyes and something happened.

His mind flooded with images of things, of Rose dressed in a long black robe tying a young girl to a stone table as she screamed for her mother. Of Rose watching and laughing as her face was splattered with blood, a blood curling scream of pain from what sounded like a young voice filling his ears around the laugh. Of Rose on her knees, her face a crimson mask as she looked up at a black demon.

“What the fuck,” yelled Derrick as he jumped off the bed, his legs gave out and he struck the floor hard. “Stop it, get it out of my head!”

Derrick was on the ground twitching, his hands against his ears as he yelled in pain.

“What the hell happened?”

“Stand back,” yelled Matt as he quickly grabbed Derrick’s arm and shoved a needle into his flesh. The liquid left the needle and plunged into his blood stream, the injection made Derrick scream in pain and his eyes start to bleed.

Derrick rolled onto his back, blood flowing from his closed eyes. He coughed and blood came out the sides of his lips as his eyes opened, the entire white replaced by blood.

Derrick’s chest surged off the ground and the veins in his arms pushed against the skin, lines that looked like veins popped up on his exposed chest and stomach.

“What did you do to him,” screamed Rose as she watched the horrifying show happening before her eyes. Just as Rose asked, the motions stopped, Derrick’s eyes closed and he was completely motionless. He didn’t appear to be breathing; he just lay on the floor with lines of blood still seeping out of his eyes. The veins had slowly sunk back under his skin, leaving no signs that anything had happened to his arms or chest.

“You killed him.”

“No, I didn’t,” said Matt as he backed away.

Just as quickly as his breathing had stopped it was started again, his eyes shot open and he took a deep breath as images flooded his mind.

Derrick was behind Jamie-Lynn Sigler, her body bent over his car as he pounded into her body. He remember this scene, it was just seconds before he had raped her. He didn’t want to see this again; he didn’t want to see any of what he had done again. He saw the flash but the memory paused when the flash occurred, the flash seemed to separate like it was a tarp covering up something. He didn’t understand but then he saw himself pull out of Jamie Lynn, she looked back confused as he leaned forward and kissed her on the back of the neck.

He felt his cock rubbing between her asscheeks and she looked back and smiled.

“Do it, fuck my ass.”

The memory sped forward, he watched her withering body as he slowly eased inside her ass and fucked her with her consent. His face looked dead though, like he wasn’t even their when it happened. But Jamie was screaming in pleasure, pushing her tight ass back against him as his cock fucked deeper and deeper inside of her. She was rubbing her hands against the hot car hood, her breathing fast and furious as he fucked her in the ass.

Her smaller body pushing back hard, her hands went under her body and rubbed her breasts as Derrick’s cock pushed deeper into her tight ass. Her hair trashing as she screamed in pleasure, her hands rubbing her hardening nipples as he worked inside of her anal passage.

The memory ended before the climax, like it was telling him he didn’t need to see anymore to know what really happened.

The memory flew backwards to the Megan encounter, he saw another flash rip in half and he saw the zombie he had thought was Megan. The zombie didn’t talk, it didn’t say a thing and it didn’t look one damn bit like Megan. The zombie had long brown hair, it had been pudgy and the face was distorted.

Again his mind pushed forward, past the sexual encounter with Jamie to a new scene. He was walking behind Jamie to her apartment; she put the key in the door and opened it.

“Are you sure I’ll be ok now?”

Derrick didn’t answer, just nodded his head.

“Are you ok?”

Again just a nod.

“Thank you Derrick, for everything,” said Jamie as she leaned up and kissed him on the cheek.

“Derrick, can you hear me?”

Derrick quickly stood up, his legs suddenly working as he looked from Rose to Matt and back to Rose as he said, “I didn’t do it.”

“I know, you entered the mind of a setrimental,” said Matt as he placed the empty needle back into his bag.

“What’s a setrimental?”

“Setrimental is a demon that blends with a human, not unlike a breeding process but in most cases the demon is able to gain a mind altering ability when the process happens. If you happen to be in the mind of the human form when the change occurs you become infected, you end up seeing the worst of anything it wants you to.”

“I killed the demon, why did it still have a hold?”

“Cause it was still in your mind, call yourself a setrimental child so to speak. It was inside your mind, the only way to get it out was either you die or it’s control died.”

“So he didn’t rape anyone?”

Matt could hear the hope in her voice, the rage had calmed down when Derrick struck the floor replaced by worry and fear.

“No, just an illusion that turned his mind against him,” said Matt as he motioned Derrick to lie back down on the bed. “Did you happen to try and kill yourself today?”

“How did you know that?”

“In most cases the setrimental loses its hold for brief periods, the actual memory is cloaked but the little items that kept you from feeling guilty break away. It’s how the setrimental kills, it can’t take over your body so it tries to take revenge and I’m guessing you stopped him Rose.”

“Not really, I think I got lucky.”

“Lucky nothing, you’re the first person I’ve ever met that was able to stop a setrimental from killing like this.”

“I guess I owe you an apology,” said Rose as she looked at Derrick lying back on the bed. “I’m sorry for what I did, I’m just glad I get to say I was wrong.”

“Sorry for thinking you were a breeder.”

“Ok again, what the hell is a breeder?”

“Humans that hand over other humans to be used by the demon for the purpose of creating another demon. The demon rapes the human and plants its seed inside of them, the seed grows and a demon bursts from their body, in most cases the stomach region although sometimes it will exit through the back.”

“Like Alien burst?”

“Like the person swallowed a grenade burst,” said Matt as he checked Derrick’s pulse. “When planted the human is dead, the demon can’t be removed because it grows too quickly. It usually only takes 20 minutes for the demon to be strong enough to break through.”

“Some people let the demons do it voluntarily, those are minion breeders, breeders who are corrupted into believing that receiving a demons seed is the most important thing in the world.”

“That’s sick, how could a woman do that?”

“Who said it was just women,” said Derrick as he looked at Rose.

“You have got to be kidding me. You mean, some men actually bend over and let a demon…”

“Demons aren’t picky, if it’s human they will plant inside of it,” said Matt as he looked over Derrick’s arms and chest where the veins had pushed up. “Wish setrimentals were like the breeder demons, would make them easier to track down.”

“What happens now?”

“Nothing Derrick, the cure is already done its job,” said Matt as he walked away from Derrick; he was about to turn the corner of the room when he stopped. “Alicia gets released in a few days, I thought you would want to know.”

“I made my decision Matt, it’s over,” said Derrick as he leaned back and laid his head on the pillow.

“Alicia who? You don’t mean Alicia Keys do you? I heard about her wreck on the news but now I’m guessing it wasn’t a wreck was it?”

“Not important Rose, not at all,” said Derrick as he sat back up. “It’s nothing.”

“It’s not right Derrick, you haven’t seen her crying,” said Matt as stood in the same spot, not looking back at the two people. “That girl actually does seem to love you a lot, you can’t put her through this.”

“What is going on? Alicia Keys is in love with Derrick?”

“No, she’s not, she doesn’t even know me and that’s the end of the story,” said Derrick as he quickly stood up and stormed past Matt. “You remember that Matt, she doesn’t even know me.”

Derrick slammed the bathroom door as Matt still stood in the same spot.

“How bad has she got it?”

“Worst than him, he just doesn’t want to admit it,” said Matt as he looked back at Rose. “You shouldn’t even know this Rose, hell I wish I didn’t know.”

“Wish I didn’t know a lot of this shit but I do. I guess I know the she he was talking about now.”

Derrick was washing his hair when the door to the bathroom opened, he didn’t really think much of it until the shower curtain was yanked back leaving him completely exposed.

“Am I ever allowed to take a shower and not worry about you popping in?”

“Why? Didn’t like the last time?”

“No Rose, I remember I could barely feel my back when you were done with me,” said Derrick as he let water blast the shampoo from his hair. “Was there something you wanted Rose?”

“Nope, just enjoying the view.”

“Ok, Rose, what the hell is going on?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I’m in here showering and for some reason you’re watching me,” said Derrick as he spit out some water and looked at Rose. “And you’re still wearing clothes so it’s not about that.”

“Actually yeah, it is,” said Rose with a smirk.

“You are a strange one Rose,” said Derrick as he turned off the water and turned towards her. “First you want to kill me and now you want to kiss me.”

“You think you could talk like that while I’m fucking you? Always had a little Ash fantasy.”

“Ok look, I’m not understanding you one bit right now,” said Derrick as he looked right at her but her eyes weren’t looking at his. “Do you mind if I at least towel off and then we can talk about it?”

“Talk is cheap, I’ll be on the bed,” she said as she turned and left the room, closing the door behind her.

“To think, I used to dream of her saying that,” said Derrick to himself as he climbed out and grabbed a towel. “Great, I can fuck my fantasy woman again and I’m afraid of her.”

Derrick opened the door and immediately got a hard on as he looked into the room. Lying on the bed wearing absolutely nothing was Rose, her full milky white breasts sitting almost perfectly on her chest as she rubbed her hands up and down her lovely firm hips. Derrick wouldn’t admit it but long before he met Rose he had dreamed of one day opening the door to his bedroom and finding her naked on his bed. Or in a schoolgirl outfit, or a black dress with black stockings, or black heels, or jean shorts or hell in a clown suit it didn’t really matter since the dream would always end with him fucking her.

“You look speechless,” said Rose with a wicked grin. “I guess you like the outfit I picked huh?”


“Hmmm, wow he says. How about you come over here and fuck me before I go find someone who will?”

Derrick just let his towel drop and walked towards the bed. When he got close enough Rose handed him a small plastic package and smirked at him.

“Hurry up and put that on, I need to fuck right now.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t, I mean,” Derrick didn’t get to finish as she quickly grabbed his cock.

“Either you put it on and fuck me or I put it on you and make you fuck me!”

Derrick knew which one he could survive so with Rose holding his cock tightly, Derrick ripped open the package and got the condom ready.

“You have to let go uhh so I can mmm put it,” he stammered as she reluctantly let go of his cock.

“Make it snappy,” she said with a giggle that Derrick didn’t get or did he think he wanted to get. He slid the condom into place and just as the rubber was down his cock, Rose grabbed him and pulled him on top of her body.

“You better make this good or I’m taking over.”

He nodded as he pushed inside, her legs coming up and hooked just above his ass as he slowly started to work his cock into her.

“Did I fucking stutter? I SAID FUCK ME!”

Her ankles locked and pulled, shoving his cock harder inside of her body and making it clear how she wanted it. Derrick lifted his upper body on his arms and looked down at her full sloping breasts and her smooth pale skin, it was still like a dream mixed with a almost nightmare. He did as asked, pushing his cock deeper into her pussy, the muscles contracting and getting just about a death grip on his smooth shaft as he started to pound away at her wetness.

Derrick slammed away as hard as he could, using all his speed and strength to push inside of her gripping pussy. Yet Rose still looked at him like he wasn’t giving her enough, and she was mocking him even though she was obviously enjoying every second of it.


The bed was shaking and slamming hard against the wall as Derrick slammed away at Rose’s tight pussy, his arm bent straight up as her ankles saved somehow wrapped around his lower back above his ass.


Derrick growled and moved one of his hands down between their bodies, his fingers rubbing through the black hairs above her pussy before slamming down against her clit. Derrick started rubbing her clit just as fast as his cock was slamming inside of her cunt.


His cock was wrapped deeply inside of her pussy only for a few milliseconds at a time but it was long enough to push them both very hard and fast towards the peak of their sexual mountains. Well, Derrick’s peak since Rose didn’t seem to have one or it just still remained undiscovered. As her rubbed her clit roughly and pounded her pussy so hard that her ass was bouncing off the mattress, Derrick wondered if Rose could ever reach her peak. He wondered if maybe all the women she lived assaulted her with tongues, tits and toys for three whole days none stop if she would ever say no more.


Derrick was almost in another zone as he pounded at her, slamming his cock deep inside and slapping her clit with his hand as she tried to make her orgasm. He knew it didn’t take too much to make Rose come but it did take tons to make her satisfied and Derrick didn’t have it in him to make her satisfied.


He felt the grip inside her pussy tighten and her nails come up and slice across his back as she reached her first orgasm, one that she had been letting hold inside of her body all day and all night.


Rose’s body lifted up and her breasts pressed against his chest, bending her body as her nails racked across his back and her ass tensed up as he slammed his cock into her. He had to slow when her grip tightened inside; the muscles were way to powerful to keep fucking her at top speed without causing her pain. Derrick didn’t want to go there with Rose, he feared just fucking her regular and he didn’t want to enter any dark sides of her.

“Oh man, I’m getting close!”

Rose just growled at him, rolled them over and suddenly climbed off his cock, Derrick was confused until she reached down and pulled the condom quickly off his cock and threw it to the floor. She grinned devilishly up at him before opening her mouth and sliding his cock inside.

Derrick had felt her mouth around his cock before and he knew he had no chance in hell of holding out for long with her talented tongue and tight lips working on his rod. He couldn’t imagine what she did with that mouth to those girls she lived with, it was no wonder that he could always sense they feared her and yet couldn’t keep away from her. The way her mouth rapidly slid up and down his shaft while her right hand jacked on the exposed meat was driving him crazy. Even if she wanted to be with a guy there was no way in hell Derrick could keep up with her, hell odds are no man on the planet could last more than six days with her sex drive. No wonder she was with a house full of women, they were the only ones who could survive her.

“Oh shit!”

Derrick unloaded inside her mouth, his cum spraying across her tongue. Derrick’s cum filled her mouth, not one drop escaping the tight suction that she had on his cock as she swallowed his cum. Rose licked the sensitive head inside her mouth causing Derrick to tense up some before she slipped her mouth up and off his dick. She climbed beside him with a smile and opened her mouth, Derrick was again at a lost for words as he saw she had swallowed every last drop that he had given her.

Derrick laid on his back huffing and puffing, Rose was just lying beside him with a neutral expression.

“Still not as good as the girls,” she said wiping her mouth with the back of her hand as she sat up on the bed. “But for a guy, you’re not bad at all.”

Derrick watched as she stood up, her full breasts shaking and her perfect ass flexing as she bent over and grabbed her t-shirt off the floor.

“Ok, why did you do that?”

“I can read signs, Turner took the kid for a bite to eat and before he left he was talking about having to make sure your system was cleared out,” said Rose as she pulled her t-shirt over her head and past her full breasts. “I remembered the little thing where you were having sex and suddenly believed you raped the girl, so.”

“So you decided that Matt must have hinted you should fuck me and see if I thought I raped you?”

“Actually I think he just wanted me to watch you but a girl has to release stress doesn’t she?”

“Rose, I think the male population should be glad your living it up with a house of women,” said Derrick as he shook his head. “I have super strength and your little stress release about killed me.”

“You caused the damn stress!”

“So this was punishment?”

“Oh no, you would KNOW if I punished you,” she said with a devilish grin as she sat on the bed and started pulling on her pants. “That was just for fun.”

“In a sense, yeah it was.”

“So, you ready to talk about Alicia with me?”

Derrick looked at her an frowned as he said, “Nice change of pace Rose, why didn’t you just rip my balls off first and then ask me?”

“So you do have feelings for her,” she said calmly as she zipped up her pants. “So why aren’t you with her then?”

“What ever happened to Ms keep her nose out of my business?”

“She’s on break and Ms ‘almost watched you die so you owe me an explanation’ came in,” said Rose with a frown as she looked at Derrick. “So what gives?”

“Nothing, I made a decision and I’m sticking with it,” said Derrick as he sat up on the bed, looking on the floor next to it for his clothes. “It’s already over and done with.”

“Do you love her?”

“No Rose, I can’t love her,” said Derrick as he reached down and grabbed his pants.

“Why? Whole ‘I’m the protector’ thing?”

“Yeah, this whole protector thing.”

“Big cop out if you ask me,” said Rose as fluffed and then rubbed down her hair. “Listen, I have to run, Love is probably pissed I didn’t come back for our fun and I think you’re ok now after fucking me.”

“How do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Change conversations in mid point like that, how did you go from asking me if I loved someone to saying I should feel better after fucking you?”

“I’m just good,” said Rose with a smirk as she turned the corner and left the room.

Derrick just shook his head as he heard her footsteps going up the stairs.

“Yeah, yeah you are good,” sighed Derrick as he lay back down on the bed wearing his black pants. “But you’re no Alicia Keys.”

The sun was beating down on the hospital parking lot as Matt waited for Alicia Keys to finish with her paperwork inside. It had been two days since he had talked with Derrick about Alicia and for two more days he had held the secret tight inside. She had seemed to move on, kind of accepting the story but Matt could still tell she was just putting on an act for her agent and for him to get out of the hospital. The media had handled things well considering the paparazzi couldn’t get into the special wing Alicia was in.

Some had come to the hospital pretending to be relatives, poor saps didn’t realize that a camera hooked the image of their face and had a full print-out of their life before they could even finish the bullshit story. Too much stuff was in the special wing, from the cure for AIDS to a skin gel that healed burnt tissue. Matt was working hard with a large group of doctors trying to fix the AIDS cure but the pill still had too nasty a side effect to be released to the population yet. Crack pot conspiracy theorist thought the government was holding it for profit, if they only knew that missing a dose would cause a humans organs to melt in a matter of seconds they would be glad they were taking the extra time to do the tests on it.

The skin gel was the same way, only it turned the human into a cannibal until their heart gave out and they become a full-fledged zombie. All the cures had the same drawback, that’s what you get when you use demon and vampire DNA to make them. But if the media learned of them they would leave out the details so getting into the secret zone was like trying to break into Area 51 with an ID badge made out of Twinkie wrappers.

All the secrets he already knew yet the secret that Derrick was making him keep was killing him the most. He had to look into her eyes, listen to her cry herself to sleep, and watch helplessly as she realized that her two friends were dead and the man she thought she loved never existed. Its not nice being told that your happiest moments in a long time were only a dream and that your last few minutes with your friends never happened.

Matt turned back towards the door when he heard them open; her agent was wheeling out Alicia. She looked better except she couldn’t move too much because of the stitches and her eyes still had the signs of some of the crying she still did.

“Dr. Turner, thank you for taking care of my client,” said the dark haired man dressed in a business suit pushing Alicia up to Matt and the limo he had brought with him.

“Yes, thank you Dr. Turner for everything,” said Alicia as she also shook his hand.

“No thanks needed Alicia, now remember if you have any pain just give us a call and ask for me,” he said as he gentle shook her hand.

“I will, thank…” Alicia paused in the middle of her sentence as a slight wind blew through the sky.

“Alicia, what’s wrong?”

Alicia glanced across the street at the roof of one of the buildings, she stared at it for a couple of seconds before shaking her head some and saying, “It’s nothing, it’s just great to be outside again. I’m ready to go, thank you again doctor Turner.”

Alicia’s agent walked in front of her and opened the limo door. Matt and the man helped Alicia slowly stand up from the seat and climb into the car, the agent shook Matt’s hand one last time before he climbed in with his client and closed the door.

The limo drove off but Matt wasn’t looking at the limo, he was looking at the figure on the rooftop across the street. He shook his head as he watched the figure turn and the long black duster whip in the wind before it was out of sight.

“So what’s the news Malcolm?”

“I’m afraid we have learned nothing new Derrick,” said the older man as he sat at the table while Derrick looked through many old books. “Things are looking grim my friend, we have only one month before the day.”

“I know and I just don’t know what to do.”

“Have faith Derrick, we will find something before the dark day and I am sure of it.”

“I don’t think so, things are changing very rapidly around us,” said Derrick as he rubbed his eyes. “What happens if you don’t learn what the elements are?”

“I’m afraid that is not an option, the elements must be discovered.”

“I appreciate that the council is trying hard but I’m running out of time,” he said as he closed one of the books. “I might be walking blindly into something and I need all….”

Derrick’s fingers crumbled the pages of one of the books in his hands as he froze on the spot. Father Thomas quickly backed away from the table as Derrick suddenly jerked, ripping the pages out of the book. His breathing increased and his muscles twitched right before the eyes of Father Thomas.

His eyes closed and his head dropped back like he was receiving a signal from someone. His eyelids opened revealing his eyes rolled back into his head for only a second before they returned to their normal state.

“My god, was that what I think it was,” said Father Thomas as he slowly moved towards the table.

“I have to go, I have a target,” said Derrick as he quickly stood up and moved out of the room. “If the council finds out anything then come and tell me.”

“Understood Derrick and good luck.”

“This has nothing to do with luck,” he whispered under his breath as he descended the stairs towards the lower levels of the church.

Two hours later, Leelee Sobelski was in the Shelby with Derrick driving down the road in the middle of the night. Leelee didn’t need much convincing after she watched a valet ripped completely in half by a giant scale covered creature. She had thought her death was coming but this man appeared and destroyed whatever it was before it could do her harm. She was leery of going with him at first but when she saw six more of the creatures leap over a stone wall and crush an elderly couple in the middle of the road, her instincts told her that the man was probably the lesser of the two evils.

She had been right, the man had gotten her away safely but now she was riding with him after listening to some crazy story about demons, vampires, and the end of the world. She thought the guy may be nuts but after what she had seen her mind was a little more open to the insane.

“So why are you dressed like Blade?”

“Why do people keep asking me that?”

“Would you rather I say you looked like Johnny Cash?”

“No, I’ll stick with the Blade reference,” he sighed as he looked at the road. “Some of the creatures still have human sense so they can’t see well in the dark, dressing all in black enables me to get the jump on them.”

“So why the duster?”

“Hides weapons, some people tend to overreact if they see a guy walking down the street with a giant sword hooked to his back and a sawed off strapped to his leg.”

“Oh, well I guess that makes sense,” she said before looking out the window at the highway in front of them. After a few minutes of silence, Derrick looked over at her.



“That’s all the questions you have?”

“Yeah, I guess that’s about it,” she said as she looked over at him. “I mean, I think you’re a fucking nutcase so why should I ask you a bunch of questions.”

“What is it with you people,” questioned Derrick as he shook his head. “You see a big ass demon rip someone in two and you still doubt they exist!”

“Well, how do expect me to react? I mean, I’ve just gotten my life on track, I have a loving boyfriend who cares about me very much, I have a great career that’s going in the right direction and you come running up dressed like that and tell me that demons exist and they want to kill me.”


“So? Have you ever listened to yourself lately?”

“Yeah, I know what I say sounds like a bunch of bullshit but what can I do? Should I say well these things might be demons and they are trying to drag you to a chess tournament?”

“No, but maybe you should try telling people what’s happening without sounding like you’re reading from a script.”

Derrick glanced over at her with a look of confusion as he said, “Have you lost your damn mind?”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m trying to protect your ass and the rest of the world from total destruction and you’re telling me I should work on my delivery.”

“You don’t have to be rude about it.”

“Oh I’m sorry, after I kill some more blood thirsty monsters we’ll stop for some cookies and milk or maybe a slice of pecan pie. Would that make you happy? Maybe then you can help me on my delivery, you know toss me a few pointers.”

“Are you always this mean?”

“No, only when I meet people who say stupid things,” he said as he adjusted his body in the seat. “Christ lady, I’ve got enough problems without wondering if my story is having a positive impact. Frankly I don’t give a shit if you people believe me, all that matters is some evil shit wants you dead and it’s my job to keep you breathing long enough to blurt out more ignorant ass statements.”

“I don’t want to talk to you anymore,” she said as she looked out the passenger side window.

“Fine, save me from that blood vessel popping in my head when your next stupid statement gets trapped inside my brain,” he said as he shifted into fourth gear.

They stayed silent for another 20 minutes before Derrick exhaled a breath and said, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been so rude.”

“You’re right, I’m the one whose life is in danger and I don’t appreciate being belittled by the person protecting me.”

“I know, just…never mind, it would just come out sounding bad.”

“I guess you were kind of right,” she said as she looked out the window again. “I shouldn’t be treating you like shit either.”

“I’m used to it,” said Derrick as he looked at the road. “So what’s your story?”

“What do you mean?”

“Any idea why these things are after you?”

“Yeah right, all I know is I was stopping to have some dinner alone and these things showed up followed shortly by you.”

“Dinner alone? Thought you had a boyfriend?”

“I do,” she said looking at Derrick. “He’s away on business, he’s probably leaving a message on my machine and is going to get worried when I don’t call.”

“I can fix it so he thinks you had to leave town for some meeting, throw him off the trail.”

“Thanks but no thanks,” she said with a wave of her hand. “So what about you? How’d you get stuck with this?”

“Here we go again.”

Derrick quickly told his story, leaving out the little details but giving the young woman all the information she needed. Leelee listened to every word and summed up her thoughts the best she could.

“That’s fucked up,” she said looking at him with a shocked expression. “So, has anyone died under your protection yet?”

“No, injured yes but not dead,” he said as he kept his sense open and waiting for an attack.

“You must be good.”

“I do my best.”

Many miles away Mepisto walked slowly behind his master, the shadow form bringing along a cloak of pure darkness as it walked up the long stone staircase out of the deep basement of the mansion.

“The girl saved his life master, as you expected her to,” hissed Mepisto. “But the human thinks the protector is getting stronger.”

“I do not care what that mortal believes,” said a voice from inside the shadow. “The Protector will never be strong enough to stand against me.”

“Unless he finds out the secret master.”

The Shadow stopped and turned back towards the snake creature, dark red eyes appeared and looked down at the demon. The snake demon lowered his eyes, looked at the ground and said, “I am sorry my master, he will never be as strong as you.”

“No Mepisto, you were correct the first time,” said the shadow. “Bring me the Reader, I want to make sure all is going according to plan.”

“Yes master,” said the snake as the shadow separated and vanished leaving the demon a clear path up the stairs.

The snake demon made it to the top of the large staircase and signaled one of the guardian demons, a black skinned creature with features similar to a wolf, to bring the Reader down the stairs. Mepisto immediately returned to the bottom of the staircase and waited for the Reader to be brought down.

“Tonight is an important night Mepisto, we must show the human the fate that awaits him,” said a voice from the darkness filling the deep basement room. “Once I am done with the Reader, go show the human the truth.”

“Yes master,” hissed the demon as it knelt down in the middle of the room before standing up and walking over to the center of the room

The snake demon stood directly on a large symbol with three snakes forming a triangle with a strange black orb at each point.

The human whom had found the large stone basement area with the symbol did not understand what he was doing when he cut his hand and dripped blood on the symbol nor did he understand why after he was able to see the future, a dark future where males were cattle and females were impregnated by strange creatures. The images had tortured the man, driven him so insane that he slit the throat of his elderly wife just so she could avoid the horrible fate that lay ahead for humanity.

The poor man lost his mind as the images continued to haunt him and make him wish he were dead. But something inside his mind wouldn’t allow him to end his life and wouldn’t even allow him to leave the mansion. He was there when the master and the guardian demons had arrived from the middle of the symbol, confused as to why he had come down to the symbol and terrified when the symbol opened up and the demons rose from the hole.

He thought his life was over but all that he lost was his soul. Now he was being led around by a giant blackened monster, his skin covered with deep red welts like he had been infected by some kind of disease that was eating his skin away. His eyes were sealed shut, the lids sewn closed. He had seen the master burn his wife’s corpse, slice off thin strands and then he closed his eyes and allowed the monster to sew them closed with the charred flesh of his true love.

When his eyes were sewn shut he was able to control how much of the future he saw, only now able to see the answers to the questions that were presented to him. He had become the Reader, a mortal ‘blessed’ with the gift of dark sight in the final days of the battle between good and evil.

“Reader, I wish to know about the Protector,” said the voice he knew, the voice of the creature that had sealed his eyes closed. “Can he defeat me?”

“No, he still shall die at your hands,” said the old man’s scratchy and weak voice. “However he shall receive help.”

“From who?”

“Betrayal,” said the old man.

“I said, stay away from the car!”

Derrick finished his statement with a shotgun blast to the chest of the zombie, sending it flying against the wall of the mostly empty building. Leelee was crouched down behind him like instructed, her hands covering her ears as he fired another shot dropping another member of the undead.

“God, this is so damn easy,” he said as he hooked his shotgun back into his hustler. “I mean, do any of you things even try anymore?”

They had entered the city just before dawn, thinking the night was clear and safe to finally just rest and relax before checking into a hotel to sleep the day away. He had been wrong as a few zombies appeared, they had offered no trouble but it was still annoying and risky with people within reasonable distance. The owner of the hotel had been one of the people at risk but he quickly escaped the risk by running inside the large building and locking himself in the lobby out of fear. Derrick hadn’t even told him to do it.

“You are very cocky Protector,” said a voice from behind Derrick. He turned around and looked at the creature standing behind him.

“Almost daylight, sure you don’t want to leave now so you can see another nightfall?”

“Daylight does not bother me human,” Mepisto hissed at Derrick. “Arrogance from a mere mortal does.”

Derrick pulled one of his Berettas from his side hustler and said, “Fuck you,” before firing two shots at the snake demon. The demon somehow spun down avoiding the bullets as they whizzed by its body.

“Leelee, get behind the car right now,” said Derrick quietly to the young woman. Leelee didn’t need to be told twice as she quickly hopped up and ran behind the Shelby.

“All right, lets make this quick,” said Derrick as he drew his sword from his back sheath. “I’m too tired to deal with your kind right now.”

Derrick walked slowly towards the demon, he didn’t charge since he didn’t know what it was truly capable of and after the display of speed he definitely didn’t want to take a risk. With his sword at the ready Derrick attacked, the snake side stepped his swing and whipped its tail into his chest sending him flying backwards.

‘Fuck,’ thought Derrick lying on his back before leaping back up and slicing at the demon with his sword. Again he missed and again the long tail knocked him down. Before he could get back up the demon grabbed him and tossed him through the air onto the Shelby. He slammed into the hood, denting the top of the mustang and pissing him off.

Derrick sprang up and once again advanced, this time adding some hand to hand combat with his sword. The faster creature blocked his kicks and the claws of the snake blocked the sword, sending sparks into the air. Derrick avoided the tail this time, ducking under the swinging appendage but ducking right into a claw to the face. The skin on his cheek cut open, blood dripped from the wound as the demons tail came on the back swing and nailed him hard across the back. Derrick struck the ground with a thump and was kicked in the face when he looked up sending him end over end before smashing to the ground with his sword coming free of his hand.

He tried to get up before Mepisto could attack but he was dazed allowing the demon to pick him up and toss him hard into the wall of the building. Derrick collapsed against the wall, his blood smearing a spot as his face crushed against the concrete breaking his right cheekbone. He was dragged back up and slammed hard face first against the wall, his right eye started to swell shut as the demon continued to slam his face against the cold gray concrete. Blood was leaking out of his mouth but he didn’t know that Mepisto wasn’t trying to kill him or even knock him unconscious.

Derrick could feel the strength this thing had and if it wanted Derrick dead he would have been dead by now. Mepisto released him and allowed a bloody Derrick to fall to the ground; the demon whipped its tail down across his back one more time. Mepisto looked down at him and spit a small needle like projectile from his mouth, the needle stabbed into the back of Derrick’s neck but didn’t cause any pain to alert Derrick to the fact it was there. The needle dug inside of his skin and vanished, leaving no trace that it ever was there.

Mepisto left the crumbled body of Derrick on the ground and turned his attention towards Leelee hiding behind the car. He hissed as he looked at the young woman and began to advance towards her.

Leelee didn’t know what to do, Derrick was down and the door to the lobby of the hotel was locked. She was trapped outside all alone with this thing advancing towards her as she hid behind the car. She thought about running into the car but knew that was pointless. She was in trouble.

Mepisto hissed as he moved towards her, ready to cause her pain and maybe impregnate her lush body with one of his children. Mepisto turned the corner and looked down at the cowering young female, his tongue coming out and licking the air near her. He was about to lean down and grab her when someone crushed into his side and sent him flying. Mepisto rolled across the hard parking lot before being able to regain some control of his body and looking at what had hit him.

“Fights not over bitch,” said Derrick out of the left side of his mouth since his right side was a bloody and bruised mess. “You want the girl, you have to kill me first.”

Mepisto looked at Derrick and filled with anger, he wanted to kill the Protector right then and there but knew he would die the second he tried not by the human’s hand but by the hand of his master. Mepisto hissed and his tongue whipped out and wrapped around Derrick’s leg, knocking down the slow and weakened man. Mepisto spit a projectile from his mouth, Derrick reached his hand to catch it but the tongue pulled him away and the needle struck Leelee in the neck. She collapsed against the car like she had been shot as Mepisto’s tongue released Derrick’s leg. Derrick turned to look for the demon but just as quickly as it arrived it was gone.

Derrick crawled over to Leelee with all the strength he had in his damaged body, pulling himself to his feet and picking the young woman up. He pulled the needle from her neck before it could sink in, tossing the strange thing to the ground where it just evaporated into thin air. He looked at her neck and saw a small welt on her neck as he carried her to the car.

“Is she ok doc?”

“Yes, nothing in her blood except some trace amounts of a tranquilizer,” said the elderly doctor as he looked at Derrick’s face. “You on the other hand are a mess, are you sure these wounds will heal?”

Derrick glanced at Leelee, as she lay unconscious in the bed next to him. Derrick was sitting and allowing Dr. Bentley, an elderly gentleman with gray hair and balding patches, to examine his face. The bone had already started to heal but the swelling and broken blood vessels remained as a clear reminder of what had happened in the parking lot of the hotel. He had somehow driven Leelee to the hospital without causing an accident despite his impaired vision and heavy pain that was surging through his face. Tests were performed on the sleeping woman while Derrick had refused any medical attention until he was sure she was ok.

“In about an hour or two I think, stuff has been working faster lately,” said Derrick as he tried to open his right eye. “But I’m more concerned with her.”

“I’m telling you she is fine, we ran all the tests we have twice on her Mr. Holton,” said Dr. Bentley as he touched the dark blue bruise under Derrick’s eye. “Believe it or not, Dr. Turner isn’t the only one at this hospital with half a brain.”

“Sorry how it sounds.”

“It’s fine, I’m just stunned you got her here with one eye swollen shut,” he said as he looked at Derrick. “Can we give you anything for the pain?”

“I’d rather remember that I just got my ass kicked.”

“Ok, but tell me if you change your mind. Spend the day here and then you can leave before nightfall, ok?”

“Yes, thank you doctor.”

“No, thank you,” he said as he shook his hand. “I owe you a great deal Mr. Holton.”

“What? How so?”

“My daughter was at that club the night you got Ms. Sigler, I didn’t even know my daughter was part of them. You saved her life, she was scared straight after that night and we are helping her through it.”

“I’ll be killing the demon when I get a chance.”

“Thank you. Now then, perhaps you should get some rest.”

Derrick watched Dr. Bentley leave the room, until that moment Derrick had never thought that some of the breeders might still have family that cared for them. He apparently had changed the life of one just by showing up and doing damage. Maybe she wasn’t the only one; maybe more had decided it wasn’t worth it that night. He still didn’t understand them or his opinions of the people involved but he now knew that some of them could be saved. It wasn’t much, but it was at least a small amount of hope.

One hour before sun down Derrick and a surprisingly refreshed Leelee Sobelski had left the hospital parking lot on their way out of town. Derrick’s face wasn’t bruised anymore, in fact the only reminder of the ass kicking he had received was a slight headache and the memory of it. No marks remained on his face, the cheekbone was fully healed and the swelling that had closed his eye was no more. He had spent the entire hour in the car explaining to Leelee about the little benefits that being the protector had like the all important ability to heal mild wounds very rapidly, an ability that seemed to be becoming quicker and more effective with each passing day.

A little while after four in the morning nothing had happened creature wise but Leelee was beginning to act very strangely. She was acting like she wasn’t feeling well and at times looked like she was going to be sick in the car. Derrick didn’t know what was wrong with her but he could see she was becoming increasingly worst as he drove.

“Just take slow deep breaths.”

“I am, it’s not working,” she said as she held her stomach with both hands. “I feel like I’m going to throw up.”

“Do you need me to pull over?”

“I think so but is it safe?”

“Yeah, nothing within a 10 mile radius of us right now,” said Derrick as his mind scanned the energies surrounding him. “Let me pull over and see if that helps.”

Derrick pulled the car to a stop next to the road, it was amazing how many deserted roads surrounded the city but that was a major plus when it came to protecting civilians. The first night with Leelee hadn’t worked out that way but then again, most first nights didn’t. He couldn’t control where the targets were when they were chosen and he couldn’t protect the humans around them without endangering their life. He hated that sacrifices had to be made but he had no other choice in the matter. The elderly couple that had been brutally smashed was part of the unavoidable sacrifices that were made, as had been the security guards when he first saved Charisma.

“Feel any better?”

“I’m not sure,” said Leelee as she leaned her head back on the seat. “Maybe I should get out and get some air?”

“Alright, why don’t we both?”

Both passengers exited the car and stood next to their respective door, the cool night air gently moving through the sky keeping the temperatures down. The moon kept the night from being pitch black, another plus when it came time to do battle with the forces of the dark. Derrick took off his duster and laid it on the hood of the car as he enjoyed the cool breeze. He rubbed his fingers through his hair before looking over at Leelee.

Her head was pressed to the roof of the car, the cool metal feeling good on her forehead as her body felt like it was becoming increasingly hotter. But that wasn’t what was strange; it was another feeling washing over her body that was confusing her.

Derrick turned his head to look out at the desert but when he turned back, Leelee was not there. Derrick quickly yelled out her name and heard a weak reply from the other side of the car. He hurried over and found Leelee leaning against the car door clutching her stomach. He kneeled down next to her and noticed her flushed face as she rubbed her arm against her stomach.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m not sure, something just doesn’t feel right.”

“Hold on, I think I have something in my aid kit in the back that might help.”

Derrick rose up and started towards the back of the car but just as he got past Leelee his feet became tangled in something and he hit the ground hard. Dust flew up as he struck the sand, his hand coming down hard on the road causing still discomfort. Derrick turned over to see what he got tangled in and the minute he was on his back he received a major surprise.

Leelee crawled up and kissed him hard on the lips, her hands holding the sides of his face as she pressed their faces together. When the kiss broke Derrick looked at her with a bewildered look and said, “What was that about?”

“Fuck me!”


Leelee didn’t seem to be asking his permission as he felt one hand untie his sawed off holster and the other undo his pants. Derrick reached down and grabbed one of her wrists, trying to stop her from doing what she was doing.

“We can’t, not here.”

Leelee looked at him with a look of frustration as she used her free hand to lift up her tank top shirt, exposing her white bra holding her full breasts.

“Don’t you want me?”

“Leelee, what has gotten into you?”

Her hand grabbed the bottom of her bra and managed to pull the fabric up, her breasts spilling free and sitting with just the right amount of sag on her chest. Usually Derrick would have been all over her know but he could tell something was not right, this girl was committed to her boyfriend and this made no damn sense for her to be acting like this.

“Leelee, stop it. Pull your shirt down and just tell me what is,” Derrick was about to finish his statement when she suddenly leaned down and bite the hand that was holding hers. He released her hand in shock and she immediately finished opening his pants and reaching in to grab his cock through his briefs. Derrick flinched out of relax as her hand reached inside his underwear and massaged his cock. He knew he had to stop her, if for the only reason that it was nightfall and the danger was too great. But the other reason was he knew something was very wrong with her and he was worried.

His concentration was being thrown off some though as his head still held some mild effects from the fight with that snake thing and Leelee’s hand was jacking very quick and hard on his cock. Every time he reached down to pull her hand away she would nearly crush his cock in her hand, causing him extreme amounts of discomfort. He was still at a loss on what to do when Leelee pulled his cock out into the open and lowered her mouth.

“Leelee, no stop!”

Any other time the sight of Leelee Sobelski opening her mouth and sliding his cock inside would have been unbelievably exciting but not here and not now. She wasn’t in control of herself as she frantically bobbed her head up and down, shoving his cock deeper into her mouth and throat. She would gag every once and a while but she never slowed down her base, clamping her mouth tightly around his dick while her tongue licked across the underside of the head as she slammed it deeper and deeper.

Derrick reached down to try and pulls her head off but the second he tried to pull her mouth up and off, she immediately started to bite down as a warning. He was trapped, she was not going to let him stop her from what she was doing to him and if he tried she would bite his dick off. With no other options Derrick backed his hands away from her head and allowed her to continue her deep slutty suction of his cock.

Leelee continued to slurp, suck and slobber on his rod as she worked the stiff meat in and out but never letting it completely leave her mouth. She wasn’t sure why she was doing what she was doing but a burning in her pussy made sure that she really didn’t give a shit. Her head bobbed faster as she shoved the cock down her throat, making herself cough around the meat and coat it with a large amount of saliva.

Although he didn’t want it to happen, Derrick couldn’t help but feel the excitement level in his body climbing as he was forced to allow someone to suck his dick. No way he would ever turn down a blowjob from someone who looked like Leelee under normal circumstances but here he was asking her to stop sucking him. He continued to tell her to stop but the only response he got was the sloshing sounds of the wet blowjob she was giving him. He didn’t know how long he could last but that was a good thing, the quicker he came maybe whatever was controlling her would lose some grip on her mind. If he could just come, everything would be ok.

If he had been paying attention he would have noticed Leelee’s hand going under her short jean skirt. As she slurped away on his dick and rubbed it with her left hand, her right hand was stretching her panties to the side clearing a path to her pussy. She had to feel his dick inside of her pussy; she had to satisfy the itch inside of her cunt before it drove her insane.

When her mouth lifted off his saliva soaked cock, Derrick thought maybe she had gotten back control and stopped. But he was wrong as she moved quickly over his cock, holding it steady with her left hand she sat down on the smooth shaft impaling herself as deep as she could on the downward motion.

Derrick moaned out involuntarily as she sank completely onto his dick, her warm and very wet pussy making a squishing sound as he entered her against his will. He knew now he could stop her but something inside wouldn’t let him stop, something inside wanted to let her use him to fuck. It was a depraved thought but as her tight wetness gripped his cock and massaged it like a pair of hands, he let the thought take completely over. He just groaned and watched her full breasts swaying as she started to bounce her body on his lap.

“Oh god feels so good!”

Leelee started to move quicker on his lap, slamming her swollen and hot pussy as hard as she could onto his cock. The muscles inside her flexed and pulled on his man meat, jerking off his cock inside of her body and trying to use it to extinguish the fire deep inside of her. She felt so incredibly wrong doing this but she couldn’t help herself, she was so hot and she needed to come so badly that it hurt.


She didn’t know what was wrong, she never screamed during sex and she never slammed down so hard and fast that she literally started to feel like she was causing bruising deep inside of her body.


Derrick was powerless; he was lost in the sight and sensations flowing through his body. He couldn’t take his eyes off her large shaking tits or prevent the extreme pain and pleasure he was feeling as her ultra hot pussy squeezed his dick. He could feel her panties every once and a while as they scraped across her pussy and his cock causing an almost burning feeling as the cloth rubbed roughly across his skin.


Leelee was being pushed to a painful orgasm as her panties rubbed violently against her pussy and shoved deeply into the crack of her ass as she forced his cock as deep inside as it could go. She tried to go deeper, slamming against her insides and making her groan and cry out in pain every once and a while. But she didn’t care; she was lost to the building burn of her climax that was closing rapidly on her.


Derrick groaned as he felt his pain start to give way to his climax, he couldn’t fit it off. Just as the building started he suddenly realized he wasn’t wearing a condom, she was riding him bareback and he couldn’t stop her. He tried to stop himself from coming, tried to fight off the tingling in his balls as her pussy massaged him roughly. But he couldn’t.


Derrick couldn’t help it; with a grunt he surged upward and fired a hot load of cum deep into her pussy. More and more slipped out of his body as she continued to slam her pussy onto his cock through both of their orgasms. The fluid began to slow down just as Leelee stopped bouncing and started rocking back and forth, milking the final few drops that her pussy could get.

“Ooohh shit, fuck!”

Her rocking stopped and she collapsed forward onto his chest, her firm breasts pressed tightly against him for the first time. But it wasn’t a happy time, he felt sick about how he acted. It was careless to let it happen, it was nightfall and she wasn’t in control of her body and yet he didn’t try to stop her when she climbed onto his lap. He could have stopped her but he didn’t, he let it happen. Leelee pulled herself up, his cock exiting her pussy as she leaned against the Shelby door with a look of fear and shame etched on her face. Derrick couldn’t look at her face as he pulled on his pants, hooking the buckle and standing up on his weakened legs.

“We have to go right now,” said Derrick as he helped Leelee stand up and away from the door. “Get in the car.”

They were silent for a good ten minutes before Leelee finally spoke up.

“I couldn’t control myself, felt like something was just burning inside of me and I just had to…oh god, what have I done?”

“Are you protected? I mean are you taking anything to prevent pregnancy?”

“Yes…what is wrong with me, I didn’t want to but I couldn’t…I feel strange.”

“I’m getting you back to the hospital, something isn’t right with you.”

As Derrick drove a wooded area on his way back to the city something leapt on top of the Shelby with a loud thumping sound. Leelee screamed causing Derrick to look over and see a man’s face looking in the passenger window at Leelee. They were traveling at well over 90 miles per hour and yet the man was hooked firmly on the side, his fangs flashing as he started to crawl towards the hood of the car. The loud thumping on the roof was moving closer to the hood as well becoming very apparent that whatever was on the roof had the same plan as the vampire hooked to the side of the car.

Derrick didn’t understand why he didn’t detect them but as the figure from the roof climbed onto the hood from the top, he found out that both figures were in fact vampires and now both were blocking his view of the road.

“Shit,” said Derrick as he swerved the car trying to fling the vampires off the hood but it wasn’t happening. He tried to figure out what to do next when he felt something creepy up his leg. He looked over and saw Leelee’s hand moving up his leg towards his crotch area, he glanced up at her face and saw that same lustful look in her eyes from just a little while ago.

Derrick heard a loud horn and saw flashes of light around the figures on the hood, he turned the car hard to the left. The car struck a bump and launched up into the air, crashing down in the middle of a grassy area becoming unstable. Derrick had no choice; he slammed on the brakes of the car making the muscle car slide across the wet grass before stopping in the open. The sudden force of impact on the ground and stopping the car knocked the wind out of Derrick.

Before he had a chance to react the door to Leelee swung open, a vampire reached in, sliced off the straps holding Leelee in and dragged her from the car. Derrick tried to grab her but he wasn’t fast enough as the vampire dragged her into the night. Derrick quickly undid his seat belt and climbed out the passenger door, chasing the vampire carrying Leelee into the woods next to the field. He ran as hard as he could, his senses enabling him to keep track of the running vampire as he slowly gained on the undead creature.

After running hard for about two minutes he finally caught up to the vampire, the creature threw Leelee to the ground and turned towards Derrick. The vampire swung for Derrick’s face, the protector easily jerking his back to avoid the swing.

Derrick blocked the creature’s swings, backing up as he allowed the vampire to stay on the offense until he grew tired of playing around with it. Derrick caught the vampire’s fists and twisted its arms, the bones cracking making the vampire hiss in pain. Derrick released the creature’s arms and grabbed its head; the vampire was experiencing pain making it easier for Derrick to get a firm grip on the vamp’s head. With a hard turn the neck of the vampire shattered and the creature fell dead to the ground.

Derrick heard hissing in front of him, he looked up and saw three vampires standing in front of him. Two males and a female, each with a different shade of hair going from blonde to dark black to red on the female looking at him with their fangs out, ready to attack. He reached for his guns but before he could he heard a voice.

“No you don’t Protector,” said a voice from behind him, Derrick turned and saw a vampire in a cloak with one of his hands on Leelee’s right shoulder. He lowered the hood, his face showed signs of aging and he looked like one of those people you see in old time paintings from colonial times. His mustache as white as his hair, the hair long and flowing under the cloak as his hands moved to Leelee’s neck.

“You move and I snap her neck like a twig.”

Derrick looked at the vampire; he was forming a plan in his head when a sharp pain shot through the back of his neck. The blonde haired vampire had just struck him hard across the back, the impact sending a jolt of paralysis down his spinal column numbing his hands.

The vampire holding Leelee sniffed her hair and her skin as the young women shook not in fear but something else.

“I sense something in your blood stream little one, herbnack I do believe,” said the vampire as he licked her arm, her whole body shivering as he did. “Yes, herbnack.”

The two male vampires grabbed Derrick’s limp arms while the red haired young female vampire pulled all his weapons off, the female slapping him hard drawing a small amount of blood.

“Elisa, don’t be rude,” said the one holding Leelee. “The Protector is our guest at the moment.”

The red haired woman backed away from Derrick, licking the small spot of blood off her fingers as her long black dress swishing as she tossed his weapons to the ground well off to the side and out of Derrick’s reach.

“Funny, I don’t remember anyone telling me we were having a party,” said Derrick as the two vampires held his still numb arms. “Don’t you think it’ll be ruined when I kill all your friends here?”

“Oh I’m not worried about you killing them Protector, but you should be worried about this lovely young woman,” said the white haired obvious leader vampire as he touched her face making her close her eyes and shake in something other than fear. “She is infected with herbnack, a rare little potion that causes the infected one to crave sexual attention. I’m guessing you took her to a doctor yes?”

“Yeah so?”

“Didn’t find anything correct?”

“I’m sorry I must have missed something, when exactly did we become friends,” asked Derrick, his insult coming at a price as the dark haired vampire holding his left arm drove a nail into his hand making him flinch in pain as the numbness had started to subside.

“Herbnack is not detectable in the daytime but at night it flows through the blood stream,” said the leader as he released Leelee but she quickly grabbed back onto his hand and rubbed it against her face. “You see? Any contact feeds her need and if she isn’t satisfied or the herbnack removed then she can die.”

“If you think I’m letting you touch her, you’re nuts pal.”

“My name is Ezekiel, if you wish to know.”

“Actually no since I won’t need it for burial since you guys tend to become dust piles.”

“I like you human, it is ashamed you must die,” said the Vampire as he looked at Derrick. “But don’t worry, I’m not going to harm her. We Vampires tend to avoid turning celebrities, unfortunately the minion I sent to kill you was foolish and tried to turn one.”

“You’re the master guy? Funny, you don’t look like you could create Satan.”

“Me? The master?”

The tall man dropped his head back and laughed loudly, the wind seemed to change with his laugh.

“Protector, I am not the master, I actually want you dead,” said the vampire as he looked at Derrick. “You see, we vampires are humans just like you but slightly more advanced of course. The master doesn’t control us since he sees us as mortals and that means we are expendable. You on the other hand, he doesn’t want you dead since you are the key.”


“Oh come now, haven’t you ever wondered why all those demons and zombies that had the chance to kill you went after the target instead and only my minions tried to kill you? YOU are the one that will bring about darkness, YOU are the element of power my friend and YOU will slaughter the two other elements bringing about the ultimate end of mankind.”

“And you don’t want that because?”

“Demons use us as breeders just like other humans or treating us as food. We are mortals to them and they do not wish our survival. In this world we are gods if we choose, in their world we are cattle to give the master power. We must stop the coming darkness and the only way to prevent it is to kill you now.”

“Fine, but you let her go.”

“Let her go? How? She refuses to leave unless the herbnack is removed or her craving is soothed for the time being.”

“So heal her damnit,” yelled Derrick, the vampire holding his right arm hitting him hard in the jaw after he yelled.


“Sorry my lord,” said the blonde vampire as he went back to holding Derrick.

“As much as I would like to, I do not have the cure for it but you’re doctors do,” said the leader. “I believe it is penicillin.”

“Fine, if you know so much why won’t you help me?”

“Help you? Help the one that kills my kind? It would be easier just to exterminate you right now.”

“Yeah, except you know what happens when one of your asshole ghouls bites me,” said Derrick before Rasputian smacked him hard across the face yet again. Derrick spit blood out of his mouth and Elisa leaned down and licked the spot off the ground with a smile on her lips.

“Ezekiel, what’s the penalty for your minions disobeying your orders?”

“It is severe injury, not life threatening but something they will remember.”

“Mind if I enact it on these two assholes?”

“By all means, I love a good show and if you feel you can punish them then be my guest,” said Ezekiel as he looked at Derrick with a fanged smile.

Derrick just smiled and pulled his arms inward, the two vampires slammed hard together, their arms buckling and snapping from the quick motion. Derrick held the arms and pulled, the loud ripping echoed throughout the night as he tore the shoulders from the sockets and twisted the broken bones. The two vampires hit the ground in a great amount of pain before Derrick released their arms and glanced at Elisa.

“What’s the penalty for incompetence?”

“Death,” the vampire stated simply, given Derrick the go ahead to enforce the rule if he had some kind of proof.

“Would letting me still have a weapon count?”

“Yes, I do believe it would.”

“That’s a lie! You have nothing on you,” screamed the red haired vampire standing in front of him.

“Oh no,” said Derrick as he tried a straight kick into the vampires chest, the kick was weak and the woman quickly grabbed his foot.

“I shall enjoy feasting on your entrails Protector,” said the female as she hissed with her fangs at the ready.

“Sorry bitch, not today,” said Derrick as his right foot left the ground, a blade extending from the tip before the female could react. Her face still contained the expression of surprise as her head rolled across the ground.

“Impressive Protector, I thought Elisa would have picked up on what you were doing,” said Ezekiel as he walked over and picked up her head before it crumbled into dust. “But Elisa was never a bright one, can’t say I didn’t enjoy her company in bed but her incompetence was inexcusable.”

“So hard to find good help to eat these days I guess,” said Derrick as he tapped his heel making the blade retract. “So what are you going to do now?”

“I am going to have you killed, it is the only way to prevent the coming.”

“No it’s not, you can help me stop this,” said Derrick as he walked up to the older vampire. “Look I hate everyone of you blood sucking bastards but you and I know that this fucker won’t give up, he’ll just come back at another time and crush the mortal race which includes you.”

“I am sorry Protector, I know of the future risks but you are not able to defeat him,” said Ezekiel before turning and walking back towards Leelee, who was still lying on the ground shaking and sweating. “If I believed you could I would help you even at the risk of you killing more of my kind. But I have seen your soul and I’m sorry to say you can’t defeat him the way you are.”

“If you help me I can, you must know how!”

“Of course I know how, I gave you the answer and you ignored it,” said Ezekiel as he waved his hand in the air, suddenly dozens of vampires appeared out of nowhere and surrounded the trio. “This must end here, I cannot risk your failure.”

Ezekiel looked at Derrick then at Leelee, he shook his head in what appeared to be sadness, lowered it and walked away from the pair before saying in a voice barely audible, “Kill them both.”

The vampires slowly moved towards Derrick and Leelee, hissing and baring their fangs, as they got closer to the pair.

“I thought you said she would live,” hollered Derrick as he ran over to Leelee lying on the ground.

“It is too late, you have no time to get her to the cure now,” said Ezekiel as he looked at Derrick holding the shaking young woman. “She will die no matter what, but don’t worry I saw personally make sure she does not rise from the dead.”

“Damn it Ezekiel, I know what your thinking,” said Derrick as he looked at the vampire. “You don’t want this, you know I can defeat him and you refuse to help me!”

“It is not true,” hollered the vampire, the wind seemed to intensify with the words. “YOU cannot defeat him, you refuse to accept what it takes to stop him!”

“I won’t refuse, tell me,” said Derrick as he looked at Leelee. “I will do anything to save my friends, I’ll do anything to save this woman!”

“How do you propose to save her?”

“You said either the cure or fulfill her need, I already fulfilled her need once and I can do it again,” said Derrick as he brushed Leelee’s red flushed face. “You let me live and I can save her and if you tell me how I can stop the master once and for all, you know it!”

Ezekiel lowered his head, the vampires continued to advance on the pair. Derrick looked around and knew there was no way he could fight through them without his weapons. The circle became tighter as the vampires prepared to feed on Derrick and Leelee, their deaths would be slow and painful and the rebirth would hurt even more than the death. Derrick knew that he wouldn’t go down quietly though; he would turn into the demon and kill everything in this field including Leelee.

The first bite was just about to come when a sharp clap of thunder shook the sky and a voice bellowed, “Stop!”

The vampires froze and looked back at Ezekiel, his face that had been that of a dignified gentleman was now replaced by a dried husk of blue wrinkled skin. His white hair appeared brittle and some even appeared to have fallen out of his scalp. His face of death was revealed, the true form that he died in and not the mask that his power allowed him to wear. His eyes were a dark glowing yellow, the power oozing off his body and making the other vampires slowly back away from the two humans sitting on the ground.

“I shall help you,” said the decayed corpse as the other vampires backed away from them. “I shall tell you how to kill him.”

“How? What do I have to do?”

“I have already given you the answer, the one who delivered it disobeyed my rules but he gave you the message. I knew he might fail in his task to kill you so I sent him with the words, just in case.”

“The Meclahalo? You were the one who told me?”

“Yes, I thought you would learn from it but you didn’t learn, you thought I was talking about the Meclahalo itself,” said the vampire as he looked at Derrick, the glowing eyes too strong for him to gaze into.

“I don’t understand.”

“The human knew more than he let on, the entire document was contained in that song.”

“You mean?”

“Yes, the entire song has meaning,” said the vampire as he looked at Derrick. “Though they have been changed some the answer still lies in the words of the song.”

“But where?”

“The answer is in,” before he could say another word a loud rumble filled the air like another thunderbolt was coming. Derrick looked around and felt a strange pain in his side; his body felt like it was burning up from the inside. He lifted his head and looked at Ezekiel, the vampires face had returned to normal as he looked down at Derrick.

“Good luck my friend,” he said before an unseen force lashed off his head. No blood came from the wound, it was almost as if the wound was sealed as his head was removed. Derrick looked around and watched, as the vampires seemed to burst into flames one by one, some tried to run but an unseen force lifted them into the air and ripped them in half. All around the vampires were bursting into flame or crumbling into dust, the one called Rasputian seemed to be trying to fight the darkness with his one arm broken but he lasted only a millisecond before his head was ripped from his body.

Derrick looked at the areas as the vampires fell and noticed it always seemed to be darker around them, like a figure was cloaked as it moved through the vampires destroying them one by one. And just as quickly as it started, it was over.

Derrick looked around and noticed not one vampire had survived; nothing remained in the middle of the field but Derrick and the sweating young female.

“Come on Leelee,” said Derrick as he helped the young woman into the car. “I can get you to the hospital in plenty of time.”

Once he was inside the car Derrick looked at her face, drenched in sweat as she breathed heavily looking at him.

“You’re not going to make it are you?”

“Derrick, help me please, help me,” she said as her hands grabbed him weakly, rubbing his arms. “Please, it burns so much. I need you now.”

Derrick touched her forehead with his lips; her skin was on fire like she had a high fever. Her arms felt the same, her body close to him felt like an electric blanket wrapped around his skin. He looked at the sky, in the time it took to get her back to the car the sky had started to lighten. He didn’t know what would happen if daylight came and she was still in this condition. She was shaking like she was cold but her skin was covered in a thin sheen of sweat.

‘I have to do it, it’s the only way,’ thought Derrick as he looked down at the young female he was holding.

“Leelee, can you hear me?”


She wasn’t able to get out a whole sentence. She was dying from it and he had only one option at the moment. But this time was different, this time she was barely able to move and her body temperature was already way too high. Even doing what he knew he had too was risky, he could end up sending her into a seizure if her body heat rose any higher.

‘But it’s going to happen anyway, you have no choice,’ his mind told him as he looked at her eyes glazing over and her shivering body. Derrick lifted her chin and kissed her on the lips, he felt an intense heat transfer from her lips to his body.

He reached down, lifted her jean skirt, removed her panties and pushed her back onto the bucket style seat. Once her panties were off he lifted her body into his arms again and slid into the passenger seat, sitting her shaking body on his lap.

“Stings…hurts so much….please,” she moaned but it was obviously a moan of pain.

He quickly undid his pants and pulled himself free of his underwear, he felt so wrong doing this but he had no option. The thought crossed his mind that the vampire might not have told the truth to him but he couldn’t take the risk, he knew she would never make it to a hospital and despite how wrong this all felt it had to be done.

Being as gentle as he could he rubbed his cock around her opening and slowly eased in, her body shook and she made a shivering noise like she was very cold as he entered her.

“It’s ok, don’t worry,” he said as he started to slowly work her up and down on his dick.

He felt the heat transferring out of her body into his through the joined parts, the heat made his penis sting and he felt like he was on fire. But his pain didn’t matter, all that mattered was he could feel her body cooling down in his arms as he eased her up and down on his dick. Her head was buried in his covered shoulder as he moved inside of her, the intense burning making him want to stop but her improvement making sure he didn’t do anything of the sort.

Derrick wondered if this could end up killing him, saving her life like this. Last time he had felt no burning heat coming from her body, hell last time Leelee practically raped him. But now was different, her overheated body was slowly becoming cooler but not to extreme degrees while Derrick’s body temperature was slowly rising with every stroke.

It hurt both of them as he fucked her, the heat burning him while she felt the pricking of needles as the herbnack began to weaken inside of her. Derrick had to stop for one second, the heat was making him sweat but the second he stopped her felt her skin began to burn up and become red again. The vampire was right, he couldn’t stop until he had fulfilled the need of her body. Despite the extreme amounts of pain, he started moving inside of her again and once again he felt her skin cool and the coloration return to a closer shade of normal.

Derrick’s hair was starting to sweat as he continued to work her body onto his rod, the small beads slowly becoming lines of water as his blood started to literally boil inside. His heartbeat was increasing and it was starting to make him cringe in agony. Leelee was starting to regain some movement, her glazed eyes slowly starting to come back around as Derrick worked himself inside of her body.

His hands started to shake as he continued to move her body; the skin on his hands had become a deep red like they had been put in scolding hot water. His head was starting to hurt like the blood vessels in his brain were about to explode from the rise in heat. The pain was becoming too great but he kept going, knowing if he stopped now he would never be able to finish and she would die in his arms.

Leelee looked into his eyes and saw the pain in them, she knew that whatever was happening to her was transferring to him and she didn’t want to let that happen.

“Derrick, don’t do it,” she said quietly with the energy she had. She lifted her weak arms and put them on his shoulders, she was so tired that she couldn’t figure a way to stop him.

Derrick breathing started to increase, his shirt was matted to his body with sweat and his skin was on fire. Leelee could feel the heat of his body, it made her want to jerk away like she was touching a hot stove but she was just too weak. She begged him one last time not to do it but deep down she knew he wouldn’t stop; he wouldn’t let her die when he had an option.

Derrick’s eyes rolled back as he came inside of her, all the heat left her body and slammed into his. Leelee was fine but she watched in terror as he started to convulse. Leelee quickly got off of him, her strength returning enough for her to slide off of his body into the driver’s seat of the car as she watched his body shaking.

“There you go Ms. Sobelski, good as new,” said the nurse as she pulled the needle out of Leelee’s arm. “I’m sorry we didn’t pick up on it sooner but we have never encountered this before.”

“It’s ok, really,” said Leelee as she rubbed her arm.

The nurse excused herself leaving Leelee sitting alone with Derrick.

Leelee had watched him come down from the seizure that had hit his body. When he returned to a normal state in the car something about him seemed changed, she couldn’t tell what considering the state of her mind but she knew something had.

She was still searching for the right words to say to him, she didn’t know if anything she came up with was going to make sense but she knew she had to say something.


“Leelee, it’s all right, it wasn’t your fault and you don’t need to try and explain things to me. Actually I feel like I should be the one apologizing.”

“No Derrick, if you hadn’t…helped me then I wouldn’t be going home,” she said as she rubbed her arm. “I’m grateful but you shouldn’t have put yourself at risk for me like that, I know you do it a lot but that was different.”

“I should have found another way but I didn’t have enough time to think, I’m sorry I scared you like that,” said Derrick as he sat down next to her. “Leelee, I can offer you the chance to wipe this from your mind if you like.”

“No,” she said as she brushed back her hair. “I shouldn’t forget this, it’s a dangerous world and it’s better to know that than to go about not.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m not guilty about it Derrick, it was wrong yes but it was either that or death,” she said looking at Derrick with a small smile. “That came out sounding bad about you didn’t it?”

“No, I understand,” he laughed before patting her on the hand. “Listen, this is good-bye. You’re in the clear.”

“Thank you Derrick, for everything,” she said as she kissed him on the cheek. “Good luck saving the world.”

He chuckled as he stood up and walked out the door leaving Leelee sitting quietly in the room as he headed for home.

Derrick walked up the steps of the church, he was tired and his head was killing him. The sun seemed especially bright this morning. Even with his sunglasses on the glare was almost blinding off the windows of the building. He shook his head as he opened the door, he saw Rose and Matt inside talking about something but the sun obstructed his view for a short period of time. He squinted his eyes as he walked in, the door closing behind him. He slowly walked up to the chattering and laughing pair, he didn’t know what they were talking about but odds are it wasn’t about him with the way they were chuckling.

“Hey Derrick, how was your day?”

“Fine honey, and yours?”

“Oh shut up,” smiled Rose as she punched Derrick in the arm.

“Oww, that hurt,” he said mockingly as he rubbed his arm. “So what are you doing here Rose?”

“Came to make sure you’re fine plus wanted to say hi to Simon, nothing more than that. So, are you ok?”

“I’m fine, not going all crazy if that’s what you want to know.”

“That’s good, well listen I have to get going,” she said as she hit Derrick on the arm again.

“What was that for?”

“No reason, just fun to do,” she said as she walked towards the doors and out of the church.

“Derrick, a man named Malcolm or something was here earlier when I was talking with Rose, said it was important he talk with you.”

“About what?”

“Well, he didn’t say but he told me to get you to call him about it immediately,” Matt was interrupted as Rose came back into the church looking upset about something.

“What’s wrong?”

“Fucking car isn’t starting that’s what,” she said as she walked up to Derrick and Matt. “Can you give me a ride home?”

“Yeah sure,” said Derrick as he turned back to Matt. “I’ll call him when I get back, keep an eye on Simon for me.”

“No problem,” said Matt as he watched Rose and Derrick walk down the aisle and out of the church.

“When did you get this thing?”

“What? The Shelby?”

“Yeah, last time you showed up you were in a generic mustang,” said Rose as she looked at the belts crossing her body.

“Got it a day before the stuff happened. Why, don’t you like it?”

“Kind of makes me hot,” she said with that devilish grin.

“Down girl.”


“Rose, you know you’re my fantasy girl and all but you scare me big time,” Derrick said as he glanced over at her. “Honestly, I liked it but I’d rather not end up your sex toy.”

“People don’t usually turn me down for sex.”

“Probably can’t get out of the handcuffs you put them in,” he said making Rose chuckle. “I don’t know what it is about you but…”

Derrick stopped talking and zoned out, he pulled the car over before he lost complete control as his mind filled with images.

He saw Sarah Michelle Gellar screaming, something striking her hard across the face and blood splattering a tile floor. He saw Jennifer Love Hewitt being pinned to the ground, her lip split open as she screamed and begged for help. He saw someone he didn’t quite recognize, she had blonde hair and he didn’t get a good look at her face before her body was thrown through a glass door. Then he saw it, the outside of the building and he knew where it was all happening.

“Derrick, what’s wrong,” asked Rose as she looked at Derrick shaking in the seat. He quickly slammed the gas to the floor, stones flying from under the tires as he quickly started shifting and getting the Shelby up to top speed.

“Rose, call your friends right now.”


“Just do it Rose,” yelled Derrick as he kicked the car into fourth gear. “Tell them do NOT open the door, do not let anyone in!”

“What’s going on? Tell me god damn it!”

“They are going after your friends Rose,” said Derrick as he glanced over at Rose.

“No, no,” she didn’t seem completely there when he told her. “They didn’t do anything!”

“Call Rose, call now and tell them to get away from the doors and windows!”

“Derrick, you have to save them,” yelled Rose in a panic as she quickly started dialing her phone. “It’s busy! Shit, not now damn it! Get off the fucking phone!”

Rose quickly clicked the phone off and dialed again and once again she heard a busy signal.

“Get off the damn phone! Please, get off!”

Again she dialed as Derrick weaved the car down the highway, his enhanced senses the only thing keeping them from slamming into one of the other vehicles on the road as he tried his damndest to get to the Mansion before it was too late.

“Shit! I can’t get through, why can’t I get through!”

“Just keep trying,” said Derrick, as he stayed focused on the road. Rose was on the verge of tears, it wasn’t like her to be like this but she had a damn good reason for breaking down at this moment. Derrick knew that if he didn’t get there in time her moment was only going to get worse.

“Spike, I’m not in…man, I’m tired of reading that stupid line,” said Sarah Michelle as she looked over the script while sitting on the small couch. “How many times does this girl have to say this, I mean really?”

“Things could be worse, they could kill you again,” said Jewel as she took a long drink from her bottled water. “You decided if your going back next year or not.”

“Bigger issues to worry about right now thank you very much,” said Sarah as she looked down the script. “God, I dread my week. Love, are you going to help me with this or not!”

“On the phone right now,” hollered a voice from another room.

“Why am I not surprised by that,” asked Sarah as she looked at Jewel. “Bet if you announced you were naked and horny she’d come running.”

“Well, I am horny, think I should get naked?”

“No, need work, sex later,” said Sarah. “Did I just say that?”

“Good thing Rose isn’t here, she’d take that as a personal insult,” said Jewel as she looked at the extra copy of the script. “Why don’t they just make Buffy a lesbian with that Willow chick?”

“No, not talking about sex,” said Sarah as she dropped the script on the table. “I’m going to go get Love, literally keep your clothes on.”

“You’re no fun today,” pouted Jewel as she crossed her arms on her chest.

“Yeah, yeah,” said Sarah as she stood up and walked out of the room. She was just about to enter the kitchen and get Love when a knock at the door caught her attention.


“Thank you Love, are you off the phone yet,” asked Sarah as she turned and walked towards the door.

“Just got off of,” Love didn’t get to finish as the phone started ringing. “Hold that thought.”

“Just not my week,” said Sarah as she got to the door and prepared to unlock it.

“What, Rose slow down,” she heard Love say; the loudness of her voice distracted her some as she turned the lock on the door.

“What do you mean? Rose that makes no sense!”

Sarah opened the door; her eyes went wide when she saw who was standing in the doorway.

“FREDDIE! Wha…how did you?”

“Sarah, don’t open the door!”

Sarah turned as Love came running into the room, the cordless phone still in her hand as she looked at Freddie Prinze Jr. standing in the doorway. It was too late; the door was open and Love’s eyes widened as she backed against the wall, dropping the phone to the ground with a clank.

Sarah turned back towards Freddie and saw the blood dripping from his forehead.

“Sarah, I’m sorry,” were the last words he ever said as a claw shoved into his heart, his lungs exploding sending blood up his throat and spewing out of his mouth all over a stunned Sarah. His body fell forward knocking her away from the door, her body slid some as Love screamed in terror at the large green demon creature standing in the entrance, his claw shaped hand covered with red.

A small hole was in Freddie’s back, Sarah was too stunned to really react as Jewel came in and yelled in horror at the dead body lying on the floor. The horror grew as she watched a claw come from the inside of Freddie’s lifeless corpse, ripping the small hole in his back open more as a smaller demon cracked open his body and began to crawl free.

The demon in the doorway entered and an invisible forced slammed the door behind him.


Derrick’s turned the car hard, the back wheels smoking as he made the sharp turn into the driveway. It had been just 30 seconds after Rose had heard the screaming over the phone. The phone fell from her hand when she heard the screams of terror and she had just sat shocked repeating the word no over and over again.

Derrick slid the car to a stop, he told Rose to stay in the car but he doubted she really heard him. She was gone, the shock compounded with the fear had shut her mind down and he knew it. But that wasn’t his main concern, his main concern was to get inside and try his best to save her friends, her loved ones, it didn’t matter what they were he just knew he had to save them.

Derrick pulled his sword; the guns would be useless since too much of a risk of hitting one of them. He ran as hard as he could for the entrance, it seemed like it was miles away as the images started playing in his head. One of them was already lost; he was already too late to save her. He had to get in and save the rest; he couldn’t let anyone else die because of him.

He was mere yards from the steps when he felt an intense heat rise up from the ground, like the gates of hell had just opened up in front of him. He didn’t have time to react before a fireball exploded from the building, the wood and brick shattering as the building collapsed, his body blasted away from the crumbling mass. His body flew through the air until he landed hard on the concrete drive, his body rolling a good twenty yards before it slammed hard into the front of the Shelby, the metal slicing across his back and the top of his head but the real damage had been done to his hand. The blast had been so strong the car had lifted almost onto its side just for an instant but that instant was enough for the car to be airborne when his hand fell under the wheel. The tire came down, the full weight of the car crushing the bones in his left hand. But he didn’t yell in pain, his face was blackened from the intense heat and he was unconscious from the blast.

The last thing he remembered was hearing the surviving ones scream before the building exploded.

“Derrick, can you hear me?”

Derrick blinked his eyes, the small amounts of light from the lamp hitting him like a ton of bricks.

“Was it a dream?”

“No, I’m afraid not,” said Matthew as he sat next to the bed, his head down. “I was at the hospital when the call came in, Protector is down, I went with them.”

“I can’t feel my left hand,” said Derrick as he looked at the ceiling.

“It’s still there but every bone is destroyed, we had to numb it until your healing kicks in to fix some of them,” said Matthew as he looked at Derrick’s partially red and black face.

“Why am I here? Why not the hospital?”

“The hospital is gone Derrick, went down en route to take you there,” said Matt as he looked at Derrick. “Everyone inside is dead, not even rumble remains.”

“Where is Rose?”

“She’s alive but she’s mentally gone Derrick. She hasn’t said a word, I think we may have lost her.”

Derrick sat up, he looked at his un-taped hand covered with deep purple bruises and sharp red cuts where the bones looked to be pushing against the skin trying to rip free.

“Jewel was dead before I got to the stairs, Love was being stabbed,” said Derrick as he looked at his hand. “Sarah was…. she would have been dead in an hour. I failed, there were only two of them but they moved so damn quickly it was just…I never had a chance to save them.”

“Derrick, I don’t know what to say,” said Matt as he stood from the chair beside the bed. “Lots of people have died today, it was like an all out assault.”

“But I lived Matt, that blast should have killed me,” said Derrick as he continued to look at his crushed hand as the bruises slowly started to fade off. “Everyone she loved died in there, she counted on me and I failed her. If I hadn’t involved her, they would still be alive right now.”

“Derrick, I did something stupid yesterday,” said Matt as he turned away from Derrick. “I know this isn’t the best time to tell you this but…I told Alicia you existed and were alive.”

“You what?”

“She knows Derrick and she’s here.”

“What do you mean she’s here?”

“I didn’t know this was going to happen today,” he stuttered somewhat. “I told her to come today, she arrived about an hour after we did.”

“Damn it Matt, why the hell did you do that,” yelled Derrick as he jumped up from the bed and grabbed Matt around the back of the neck with his good hand, slamming him hard into the wall. “Why?”

“Because I had the right to know,” said that familiar voice from the doorway to his room.

“Alicia, this is not the best time for this,” said Derrick, not even wanting to look at her.

“Would there have been a good one? Maybe you should tell me when since you make all my decisions for me anyway.”

“Christ girl, the fucking gates of hell just opened up and you want to get into this now?”

“No, but I don’t know when a good time would be now Derrick,” she said, her voice hurt and angry at the same time.

Derrick let go of Matt and walked up to Alicia, he was about to say something to her but she slapped him hard across his red face. She didn’t care about his pain; she didn’t care about anything at that moment.

“Fuck you Derrick, fuck you for making me fall for you and fuck you for leaving me like that,” she said in a hatred filled voice. “You could have just said you didn’t love me and never wanted to see me again, it would have hurt less.”

She didn’t wait for his answer; she just turned and walked fast towards the stairs.

“I didn’t need this Matt, not now and not ever,” said Derrick as he glanced over his shoulder, the skin on his face starting to return to normal. “Alicia! Alicia wait!”

Derrick hustled up the stairs the best he could, his body was in a great deal of pain but he couldn’t let her leave like that. Not now, not when things had went from bad to unbelievably worse.

Derrick had just come up the stairs when Alicia reached the door leading outside; he was about to say something when she opened the door. She didn’t even get the chance to holler.

The claw sliced across the front of her throat, the skin opening and the blood started to run through the open gash. Derrick watched in almost slow motion as her body just collapsed on the spot, the blood pouring from her opened throat.

“NOOOO,” Derrick charged full force at the demon unarmed, he grabbed it around the throat with his good hand but the monster was stronger as it shoved him hard against the wall inside the church. Derrick drove his broken hand into the monster’s stomach; the bones that were brittle breaking but that didn’t matter anymore. A few of the bones popped through the skin making blood drip quickly to the floor but it didn’t stop him from driving his hand into the demon again.

He squeezed with all his might with his right hand, he yelled out as he snapped the demon’s neck somehow with his one hand. The creature fell lifeless but the damage was already done. He looked at Alicia’s body and he hit his knees next to her.

He lifted her head with his right hand, the blood still coming slowly from her neck soaking his clothes as he looked into her lifeless face. Already she was beginning to feel very cold in his arms and it only made him cry harder. Everything he had done to protect her failed, she found out and his worst nightmare came true. She was dead in his arms and this time no doctor was going to work a miracle to save her. She was gone and she wasn’t coming back.

It was then he finally heard screaming from the front of the church, he looked and for the first time saw Simon, looking horrified beyond belief, and Rose just sitting with a blank expression on her face.

“Derrick, my god,” said Matt as he rushed over and looked at him holding Alicia. “My god, what have I done?”

“It was me, I should have told her,” said Derrick as he looked at Simon while still holding Alicia close. “I killed her.”

“Derrick, your hand,” said Matt as he noticed the exposed bone. “We’ve got to get you away from here, we all have to get away, they know where we are.”

But they didn’t get the time as the windows in the church shattered and demons came flying into the room. Derrick was up quickly, leaving Alicia’s body as he rushed towards Simon and Rose with no weapons determined to protect them both.

Matt was running with him but he didn’t get to Simon and Rose before a large claw like projectile ripped through his back and came out his chest. His body fell, the blood pouring from the wound covering the floor. Derrick didn’t glance back, he had to save Simon and Rose, and he knew what had fired the projectile. More of the spikes fired around him, Simon ducking and pulling Rose down behind a pew as the spikes fired from the demon’s skin at the pair.

Derrick got to Rose and Simon, Rose blinked when she saw Derrick almost like he was able to pull her back some.

“I’ve got to get you out of here,” yelled Derrick as the spikes quit firing and the demons moved towards them. Simon was scared beyond belief and Rose seemed to be coming around but she had a look of not caring anymore in her eyes. Derrick didn’t know what to do, he was unarmed and the demons were moving in on them. He looked back at the cross with pleading eyes, wondering why he wasn’t getting any help when he needed it.

“Derrick, you’re hand,” said Simon as he pointed down at the bone hand.

“I know, don’t look at it.”

“Its…it’s a claw,” he stammered making Derrick looked down. Simon was right; the bones had seemed to extend into a claw shape not unlike the claws of the demons. Usually this would have terrified him but right now he needed a weapon, evil or not it didn’t matter as long as it saved these two.

A demon struck the pew they were behind; Derrick wasted no time as he came up with an uppercut using the claw hand. The demon’s rough exterior shredded like paper as the monster fell lifeless to the ground, the display made the other demons turn and run almost as though they were showing fear. But that made no sense because demons don’t know fear.

The floor suddenly burst from under the three, Rose flew through the air as her body smashed through a glass window on the ceiling. Derrick reflected off to the side of the burst, his body slamming hard into a wall leaving a large dent as his shirt tore open and his flesh scrapped against the splintered wood. He adjusted quickly and watched as a demon some 13 feet tall rose from the hole holding the unconscious body of Simon.

“Simon,” said Derrick weakly as he somehow pulled himself to his feet. “No, no!”

But he couldn’t get there in time as the demon ripped the young boy in half, flinging his body in different directions as Derrick cried out. He didn’t stop running, slamming full force into the taller demon in a fit of pure rage. He sliced away with the claw, ripping open the howling monsters chest and pulling his black heart free was the creature flapped its scaly wings. The wind generated knocked the remaining pews into the air as Derrick pulled the demon apart.

The demon collapsed backwards as Derrick leapt clear, the creature falling lifeless into the catacombs that it came from. Derrick hit the floor sobbing, he couldn’t stop any of this and he knew it. They were all dead, all of them.


He heard the scream coming from the roof and it was Rose. He rushed for the stairs leading to the roof, he didn’t know what he was facing but it no longer mattered. He didn’t care if he died or not now, he just lost all hope of surviving the ordeal if all of the people he cared for were dead. He shoved the door to the roof open and saw a strange dark shadow hovering over a badly cut up Rose about to attack her.

“Get away from her!”

The shadow looked at Derrick as he charged it, he crushed the claw into the shadow but it didn’t seem to do much of anything except piss the thing off. The shadow pulled the claw from his stomach and flashed a pair of red eyes before grabbing his arm and lifting him in the air by it. The eyes glowed darker as a shadowy hand wrapped around his arm and snapped his claw hand off, the hand hitting the rooftop away from the shattered window as Derrick fell to the stone covered top as blood squirting from his arm. All that remained was a bone sticking out as he hit the ground in pain.

The shadow was about to strike Derrick dead and he didn’t care when suddenly three shots rang out and struck the shadow. The Shadowy figure looked over Derrick and Derrick turned his head in horror to see Rose with a gun. He didn’t know where she got it but he knew what she had just done.

“No, Rose no,” said Derrick weakly as he tried to stand between Rose and the Shadow. But the Shadow just grabbed him and threw him off the roof with such force that he struck the building across the street, his back breaking and his spine cutting inside. His body plummeted to the hard sidewalk, blood splattered from his mouth as he hit the ground. But he wasn’t dead, he could still hear shots ringing out from the roof and then they stopped. Somehow Derrick was able to lift his head toward the rooftop and he watched as the Shadow lifted Rose in the air by her throat and held her over the edge.

He watched the Shadow snap her neck like a twig and drop her now dead body to the stairs below, the once lively woman’s body rolling down the stairs. Derrick looked up at the Shadow as it raised its arms and then it was gone in a flash. That flash was a hung explosion of flames as everything in front of Derrick exploded, his body again flinging up and slamming him against the wall of the building as debris fell down on his body as he landed in a sitting position against the wall and he was still alive when the flame formed a fiery face with giant smoke horns.

The face, made of fire and smoke, looked at him and growled out as the entire city before his eyes exploded into flame. He watched helpless as people came running out of buildings engulfed in flames, their skin melting off the bone as they screamed in pain. Little children were screaming from somewhere but he didn’t know where and it didn’t matter because he could do nothing about it. His spine was severed in half; he couldn’t feel his legs or his arms as he just stayed with his back against the broken wall of the building behind him. The flames glistening off his eyes as darkness started to overtake him. He longed for the death now, he had failed and nothing more remained for him.

“Wake up,” a voice said just as the darkness held him. Again it said wake up only the voice sounded oddly familiar.

“Wake up Derrick,” yelled Rose as his eyes popped open; he became startled and quickly sat up. He looked down and saw the syringe plunged into his chest. All his clothes remained on only a syringe was shoved through his shirt into his chest cavity.

“Derrick, calm down, it’s ok,” said Rose as she looked at his eyes looking around in fear. “You blacked out, doc here gave you something for whatever was infecting your blood stream.”

“Simon, where’s Simon!”

“He’s downstairs, everything is ok.”

“No, everything is not fucking ok,” yelled Derrick as he pulled the needle out, the sharp pain ripping through his heart as he yanked it out. “They are playing with me, these damn fuckers don’t think I can stop them so they are playing mind games.”

“Derrick, it’s not uncommon for mind games to occur in the demon world,” said Matt from behind and above Derrick.

“Well, I’ve got a little surprise for them. Something changed inside of me, something they may not like.”


Derrick quickly sprung to his feet, grabbed his sword from his sheath and threw it like a spear right past Matt’s head. Matt looked at the sword flying towards the cross, it was just about to hit it when Derrick lifted his hand and the sword stopped in mid air.

“Shit,” said Rose as she looked at the weapon just floating in mid air.

“Fuck,” said Matt as he stared at the floating sword.

Derrick closed his hand into a fist, the sword came back at a high rate of speed and he caught it in his left hand.

Matt turned and looked at Derrick’s eyes, they were completely white with no signs of a pupil.

“Play times over.”

End Chapter 6

Coming soon…the final chapter of ‘Shadows of Hollywood’

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