Meeting Leelee Sobieski

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Meeting Leelee Sobieski

By RichM

It was a good show, I suppose. But once you turn twenty you realize you can’t be “punk rock” anymore. you have to grow up a little. Yet, there I was, almost 21, slamming along with sixteen year old kids at the local punk bar. they have “all-ages” shows every other Friday, so all us suburban wanna-be punks can mosh and skank and have a good ol’ time.

So there I was, taking a break from the action (after having been almost kicked in the head with some kid’s doc martins), leaning against the wall, trying hard not to look too old. Glancing around the small bar, I quickly
did a double take. Holy fucking shit.

It was Leelee Sobieski.

No, really…it was. She was on the other side of the wall, bopping along to the band, a bottle of water in her hand. To say I was stunned would be an understament. She was my goddess, ever since I saw her in that flick ‘Never been kissed’. I followed her career ever since, even buying a dvd copy of ‘Here on earth’, which sucked despite her wonderful presence. I had to talk to her. What the hell was she doing here? Was her boyfriend here? Did she have one? I must know. I walked over to her. She was wearing a very small black tank top, black leather pants, and a spiked dog collar. Leelee was a punk! who’da thunk!?

“hum, hey…are you…huh, that…Leelee?” I’m a dope.

She looked at me with those soulful eyes. She had been discovered. “Yep, the very same!”, she responded with a smile.

“Wow! I mean, i…you’re…Leelee”. I’m an ass.

She nodded her head. “Yes…can I help you?” She seemed a little confused, “wanna sit down?” The music blared around us, so much in fact I suggested we go outside to talk.

The outside of the bar was surprisingly empty. This is where kids usually hang out to smoke and drink, but now they were all inside rocking away.

“So…”, Leelee said, “What’s up?”

“This is so cool….do you come here often?” I tried to act casual.

“Oh, no, I shooting a movie across town. I asked somebody if there were any cool punk kids around here, and, well here I am!”

“That’s awesome. You’re a great actress, you know. It’s very refreshing these days.” I’m a movie geek, and it’s starting to show.

“Thanks. You know…” I could tell she wanted to ask me something.

“Yeah?” I played dumb.

“Do you have a girlfriend” She asked with a smile.

“Nope.” I was dying inside. My legs became jell-o.

Leelee put her hand on my shoulder. “want a blowjob?”

I could have passed out. “huh…wha?” I could hardly speak.

“Do…you…want…a…blowjob?” She was smiling radiantly now.

“Uh…yes…?” I tried to pass my answer off as a joke, in case she was kidding.

“Let’s got back to my room.” She took my hand and led me off down the street. Her hotel was only a few blocks down, and before i knew it, we were in her room. She closed and locked the door, and pushed me on the bed. Leelee walked over and got on her knees. she undid my pants, pulled my already rock hard cock out, and got to work.

Leelee had done this before, that was obvious. He head bobbed up and down on my dick, faster, then slower, the faster again. This was fucking crazy! She took a break and licked my head. She asked “Do you like…?”

“Oh, yes.” I sleepily replied. I was in another world altogether.

“Good. Tell me when you’re gonna shoot, okay?” and she went back to work. Having Leelee suck my dick was magical. Not soon after, I was ready to cum.

I looked up at her, “okay, I’m gonna blow…”

Her face lit up and she pulled my cock out of her warm, wet mouth, and aimed it at her young face. She jerked me off until I came. I shot steams of my white, hot cum all over Leelee’s face. Some hit her eye, a wad smacked her forehead, and a load shot right down her throat. She was as happy as I was. “Would you please fuck me?”, Leelee asked with a pout. “pretty please?”

She didn’t even know my name, but I was about to fuck Leelee Sobieski. She got up, whipped her face clean, and took off her top. Those breasts…man, I’d dreamed about them almost everyday. A nice, firm B-cup. I pulled off my pants and looked up: she was already buck naked. Leelee jumped on top of me and quickly glided my new erection into her pussy. She let out a slow moan and began riding me like a horse. Her tits bounced, her hair flowed, and her soft moans became audible requests.

“Ohhhh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me……fuck my pussy. Goddammit, fuckkkkk meeeeee!!!!”

All I could do was comply. We rolled over on the bed and now i was on top. I pushed my prick deeper into Leelee. I was gonna make this fuck count. I alternated between sucking her tits and kissing her, all the while, humping her like mad. Her yells became almost rhythmic, every time I pumped her, she let out a gasp. She was in heaven more than I was. finally, I felt my balls swell, and I shot my new load deep inside Leelee. We must have climaxed at the same time, because she let out a shattering “Yeeeesssssssssss!” as I came inside her.

I pulled out and rested on her tits. We were both beat. She kissed my head and I caressed her thigh. We soon fell asleep.

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